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About the group

The Systems and Control group, which is jointly headed by Prof. Peter Young and Dr. Arun Chotai, concentrates on the development of novel 'systems' methods for the modelling, forecasting and control of environmental systems. However, the wide background experience of its senior members, means that the group tends to interpret the 'environment' in the widest possible sense and this has led to research on diverse dynamic systems, from the environment, through biology and engineering, to socio-economics.

The over-riding philosophy of CRES is the encouragement and exploitation of inter-disciplinary research between scientists and engineers. In this spirit, the Systems and Control group works in close collaboration with numerous partners, including Hydrology and Fluid Dynamics, as well as other research groups here at Lancaster University and elsewhere; authorities such as the Environment Agency; and private industry.

Our research includes applications in fields as diverse as the calibration of weather radar; the statistical modelling of biological systems and their application to plant physiology research; the development of detailed non-linear simulation models; flood forecasting and the adaptive modelling of catchment flow dynamics; the control of motorway traffic networks; and many other areas, as illustrated by the list of our current research activities.

Our full address is:

Professor Peter Young or Dr Arun Chotai,
Centre for Research on Environmental Systems and Statistics,
Department of Environmental Science,
Lancaster University,
Lancaster, LA1 4YQ, United Kingdom.

Alternatively, you may contact individual members of the group.

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