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Here are the staff and postgraduates of the Systems and Control group. Click on the appropriate name to go to their home page, if they have one.

Academic Staff

Associate Members

Former members of the group

  • Dr John Bruun
  • Dr Jamie Butler
  • Dr Roger Dixon
  • Dr Chris Fawcett
  • Dr Hattan Filimban
  • Dr Miranda Foster
  • Dr Farideh Ghavipanjeh
  • Dr Periklis Kontoroupis
  • Dr Dave Leedal
  • Dr Matthew Lees
  • Dr Andy McCabe
  • Dr Diego Pedregal
  • Ian Pomeroy
  • Dr Laura Price
  • Dr Hab. Renata Romanowicz ()
  • Dr John Rothwell
  • Dr Jafar Sadeghi
  • Dr Lukasz Sochaczewski
  • Dr Vanessa Stauch
  • Dr Chris Tomlin

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