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photo from history of Ethel Hedley Hospital
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This incarnation of TarBoard, April 96 - October 08, dedicated to the memory of

William Ernest Edmondson

January 1925 - April 2005

My father lived strapped flat on his back to a bed on the banks of Windermere for two periods, with a ten month break, between 1935 and 1940. Outside all day and night, unable to move from his bed, as a patient at the Ethel Hedley Hospital for Crippled Children at Calgarth at the north-east of the lake. He was suffering from TB of the spine, and to start with such exposure was the only known treatment. From his bed he could see the lake, and glide paper planes over the grass sloping down to it. His mother visited once a month (bar one month when snow stopped the train getting beyond Kendal) and brought him ....
Arthur Ransome books...............

TarBoard has now moved to http://www.tarboard.net/

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