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My friend Rachel's Home Page
Nikki & Eric Freed's Home Page
Ayal's Home Page
Childrens' Page (Italy) 
Net Chicks Clubhouse
Emma Mackie and Chips 
Celina Yavelow's Home Page
Danielle's Favorite Things
Petry Family Home Page.
Jessica Taglia's Home Page.
Flat Stanley's .
Alice & Emma Bowen's Home Pages.
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Cress Home Page


Fan Site 0f The Month

Eeeeek I've been Splammed !


I've been Splammed !

Yes I'm a Xena fan

Nickelodeon  The ("Manchester", my dad says) Guardian. 
Johnson Space Center (Still thereNorma?) Sputnick Studios 
Things To Do.  Unearthed 
Cress Watch Out on the Web (BBC Nature Program) 
Education During the Revolutionary War  University Of Alberta Museum Of Zoology 
PAWS  Xtal Set Society. 
Get knotted  Mamamedia 
Number Naming (does roman numerals).  Archeological  Excavation at Colchester. 
Surfers Against Sewage.  Chicago Children's Museum. 
The Mary Rose Maritime Museum.  Solstice 
Oneworld   Premiers pas sur Internet at CNAM 
Lewis Carroll Home Page  The Exploratory Hands-on Science Centre 
The Byres.  The WWW Anagram Generator 
Zuma Jay (hey work on this site!)  Sarah Ormes' Resources for and about Kids 
Borneo Books  Interesting Places For Children 
Science Museum  The Scots Guide to Electronics 
REBETIKA (If you don't know - find out).
Newspaper of the Elementary School of Mandamados
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