Kate's Pony Page

Riding other ponies.

Amber, our new pony.

William, our previous pony.

William's Jumping Game (best with netscape)
Horse Hangman
BHS Horse Sense for Riders

Horse Sense for Motorists

BHS Frequently asked questions about Access

The World Equine Resource List
Kirkcarrion Highland Ponies

Carousel equestrian equipment supplies and accessories
Lakes Forge Supplies Local Distributors of Horseshoes and tools to the Farriery trade.

Farrier UK

Hillam Feeds, Leeds.

Kim Middel's Icelandic Horse Page.
Little Bit Farm
Tilly's Tale
Joost van Gestel's Welsh Pony Page
North American Welsh Cob Connection
Gait Barrows Reserve - Exmoor Ponies in Silverdale as part of a grassland management strategy!
Brewster - a Clydesdale cross.
American Association for Horsemanship Safety.
Horses in the News.
Laura's Pony Page.
Fancy a gallop?
Christina's Horse Homepage.

Robinsons Country Leisure, equestrian retailer.
EquiLife Ltd

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