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space Hi Kate, I'm a Kate too! I signed your guest book a couple of years ago after one of my triplet sisters (Emma) told me about your website. I think she's just signed your guestbook again, too, in fact. Nice that you updated your main webpage to tell your readers about what you're up to nowadays. :)

- Fri Jun 7 00:15:58 BST 2013 from
Just checking if this still works as I'd like to leave a proper message too....
St Albans, UK.
- Fri Jun 7 00:10:30 BST 2013 from
Builder of Obsession Thanks
stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
- Sun Jan 6 17:13:17 GMT 2013 from
Hey, loving your site! Especially the colours, they stand out to me for some reason. How long have you had this site? Katja
London, http://www, UK.
- Wed Jul 18 15:26:52 BST 2012 from
Wow you're all grown up now. I'm so happy for you. Do you have a new web page?
Denver, Colorado, USA.
- Thu Mar 22 21:22:39 GMT 2012 from
I am a triplet :) One of three girls. My sisters are genetically identical and I am fraternal, but I still look a lot like them. We also all share many interests and personality traits.
St Albans, England.
- Wed Aug 3 01:49:22 BST 2011 from
I signed this a couple of years ago and I think it's a shame hardly anyone has signed since then. Your website seems to have been incredibly popular in past years. I've put a link to it on Facebook and another site in order to try and get more people to view it. Hope you approve!
St Albans, Herts, England.
- Tue Aug 2 03:57:03 BST 2011 from
Hi Kate I see you are engaged to be married perhaps you will get some ideas from my blog about buying a wedding dress online congratulations and good luck
Mary McGuire
Liverpool, Merseyside, England.
- Mon Oct 26 20:08:41 GMT 2009 from
I'm an old married lady in Nashville, TN. I have a little boy named Oscar who is keeps me busy...laughing. He is 8 years old. He attends Waldorf school, so he doesn't use the computer yet. Congrats on yuor engagement! May your marriage be filled with much love and happiness.
Kathryn a/k/a Oscar's mama
Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
- Fri Jul 31 03:40:46 GMT 2009 from
Hi Kate! I'm 24, just married my husband who I met at Lancaster University (I see you're from near Lancaster - it's a lovely part of the country!) I'm a triplet, the middle of three girls one of whom is also called Kate...I studied Music and English Literature at uni and now teach the flute and recorder. I remember looking on here a few years ago when I was at uni, wish I'd signed it then now. Anyway, best of luck for the future!
St Albans, Herts, UK.
- Mon Jul 27 03:47:07 GMT 2009 from
I'm a cheerful happy girl of ten and I love animals!!!
Annie Spencer
Bedhampton, Hampshire, England.
- Sun Jan 18 15:58:24 GMT 2009 from
Heya! My name is dani, I'm 14 years old moving 2 america soon! So excited, tell me what its like! x
Wales, Wales, UK.
- Wed Dec 17 15:35:47 GMT 2008 from
I signed your guestbook when I was 7 and just recently found it through a google search of my name. I was shocked haha and had no recollection of doing it.
Katie Lukins
Eugene, OR, USA.
- Wed Oct 15 07:04:30 GMT 2008 from
Hi Kate my name is also k8 exept thats not how u actually spell my name(kate). I love to play music, I have been playing since I was 6. I played the violen. Now I am playing the flute piano and recorder. My favourite animal is the horse. U know K8 some of the things u like I like as well. I have 3 dogs 2guinea pigs and 6 chickens. we have 5 acreas. I go horse riding for 7 hrs every saturday. Thats how much I love horses.I think you and I could be alot of fun and very best friends. anyway I think I have to go so by!!!!! lOVE k8
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
- Mon Sep 22 22:30:52 GMT 2008 from
Hi. I was wondering if you do know Claire Willis (previously Claire Pollard). I used to know her through the Kirkby Lonsdale Brass Band and have been trying to get back in touch with her as an old friend for years.
Tim Green
- Sat Sep 6 21:32:18 GMT 2008 from
i have been trying to get hold of paula robinsons web page to buy a horse from her, i have had two from her but need to get in touch with her, do you know if she has a new web address at all please.i would be very grateful indeed. thanks
bath, somerset, uk.
- Tue Aug 26 13:38:26 GMT 2008 from
dunno who this person is sent no contact details :- hi, kate, i was wondering if u could remove my comments from nearly 10yrs ago? the mini-me back then innocently put up my home address n all, n there's no way to contact u without having the message shown to the public as well. hope its not much of a trouble for u. thanx!

- Fri Nov 9 09:38:03 GMT 2007 from
One of my favorite teachers Joe Chidester signed this guest book in 1996 I miss him dearly. I was one of his dyslexic students he taught. I am a computer engineer who loves air planes, helicopters, climbing, electronics, cars, learning friends, and family
William Ebeling
Cockeysville, MD, United States.
- Tue Jul 1 00:48:42 GMT 2008 from
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ritknbu tzpbdv
swtbf, CA, USA.
- Fri Jun 20 13:36:10 GMT 2008 from
Wow, I (lol) just googled myself and found that I had written in this guest book sooo many years ago! I was such a dorky kid!
Arielle Smith
Morgan Hill, CA, USA.
- Wed Apr 23 05:50:42 GMT 2008 from
Just thought id let you know I somehow found this page and we share the same name, haha. :P I'm 15 and from oxfordshire ^^
Kate amelia!
- Sat Apr 12 21:13:53 GMT 2008 from
Wow Kate! You are all grown up now. Congratulations on your engagement. I hope he is a really wonderful man. Best wishes, Huy
Boulder, Colorado, USA.
- Tue Mar 25 16:45:25 GMT 2008 from
I have six dogs thee kittens and 3 big siters and i love my teacher and my mom
alabama, ga, goriga.
- Sat Feb 16 01:24:35 GMT 2008 from
Hi Kate, I don't know if you remember me. I was called Claire Pollard when you knew me,my name has changed now. You bought Taffy from me in Wennington about 9 years ago now. Your mum was lovely to me and helped me out a couple of years later when I was having trouble after having my daughter (who is now 6 yrs old and has a pony of her own!). I wanted to thank you for giving Taffy a good home and to thank your mum for being so kind to me. I really want to find Taffy now and wondered if you know where he went after you? Hope that you are doing really well - it looks like it from the website! We are doing fine now after a few rough years. Thanks for reading this. Kindest Regards.
Claire Willis (previously Pollard)
ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - mistaken identity ???? Lancaster, Lancs, UK.
- Tue Dec 11 19:20:41 GMT 2007 from
hey hey hey iam omar and iam 13 years old from egypt the pharos country from cairo and i would like to have a girl key pal cuz i like girls very much . iam intrested in reading and collecting sowrds and guns from diffrent types ilike drawing and playing basket ball soo hurry up i want a cool girl to be my key pal p.e:ilike harry potter very very very much omar
omar (
cairo, others, egypt.
- Fri Dec 7 23:11:17 GMT 2007 from
hi, kate, i was wondering if u could remove my comments from nearly 10yrs ago? n there's no way to contact u without having the message shown to the public as well. hope its not much of a trouble for u. thanx!
please use Admin Contact ES Webmaster for stuff like this, cheers
- Fri Nov 9 09:38:03 GMT 2007 from
I am 10 years old, I love reading,Drawing and playing.I have 2 pet turtles. I am half chinese half American.I have two younger siblings.I love going to a book store empty and coming out with a pile of mystery and detective books. I am really shy,not-cool,not-sassy,not a love-shopping,person.I also like geloto and Ice cream.I like hiking with my family.
Teresa Roland
Beijing, China.
- Fri Aug 10 11:32:34 GMT 2007 from
Hello I am from turkey but I am kirdish poeple. I am working I am repoter. I need new firends.
�stanbul, Turkey �st, Turkey.
- Mon Aug 6 08:57:03 GMT 2007 from
Im 10 years old, I have Brown hair. I have a big brother.Im in swimming class.
Nabila Ramirez
NEW YORK, Bronx, United States.
- Tue Jul 17 22:15:07 GMT 2007 from
hey Kate! I'm just checkin' in... :)
avital saad
cheltenham, pa, usa.
- Tue Apr 17 14:47:13 GMT 2007 from
I am 12 years and I have 2 ponies and I live to read the saddle club books I love boys and i want to be a coriner
churubusco, USA, Indina.
- Sun Apr 15 19:35:25 GMT 2007 from
I am eight apslotly love animals. hate boys love to sing stay with my gran have a brother have a auntie how stays with us my brother is 15 my auntie is 24 and my gran is 52 my brother is anoying
carly turner
scotland, scotland.
- Thu Mar 15 17:03:48 GMT 2007 from
i love to chat in chat rooms but my moms want me in christian chat rooms.i love horse to.
shelby wagner
dubois, pa, usa.
- Sun Mar 4 21:29:29 GMT 2007 from
hi my name is penolope I'm 14 years old I'm a girl i like play basketball but I'm swimmer. I listen to rock.hip-hop and technobeast music:) please add me and plss write me....i like yellow hairs blue eyes(handsome) boys :):)
- Sat Mar 3 21:10:05 GMT 2007 from
Nice page. URL
Frank and linda
Trondheim, Norway.
- Wed Feb 14 12:44:51 GMT 2007 from
I am a girl I am in grade six I am twelve year old
dubai, u.a.e, u.a.e.
- Mon Feb 12 15:31:44 GMT 2007 from
hiya, lets chat me msn addi is I' 13 and have cam and love animals chat soon x
wales, newport, uk.
- Fri Feb 9 20:14:01 GMT 2007 from
I love love love love love love love horses!!!
England, Britian, England.
- Fri Feb 9 20:02:24 GMT 2007 from
hello friend,my name is mahida mans i am from india we meet at DIU .U remember me?
Amreli, Gujarat, india.
- Wed Feb 7 14:50:18 GMT 2007 from
i am 14 i have a 4yr old chestnut section d and a 7month old bay sectionm d foal colt x x x x x x x what horses do you have
manchester, england,
- Fri Jan 12 13:41:15 GMT 2007 from
Hi! I'm Katie! I'm very athletic and i'd like to make my own page but, my parents say it's unsafe and waste of money even though thats totally not true! I'm also intelligent [not to flatter myself or anything but...]
Brookfield, CT, United States of America.
- Sat Dec 16 03:27:30 GMT 2006 from
I love animals.I enjoy games & pulzzels.And like school.
cotingham, e.yorks, england.
- Sat Dec 9 18:37:33 GMT 2006 from
i'm katie if ya have msn plz add me anyway i searched the name of ma horse cwrtash boneddwr also know as kit lol and urs came up. ur horse had the same sire as mine thats so call! anyway add me if ya have msn i would loove 2 talk more bout are 2 pony (who have the same dad :P how cool) wb love katie x
katie smith
northampton, england.
- Fri Nov 3 18:26:43 GMT 2006 from
im 14 female out going love to type and have an interest in young children and babies and i love to do hair and when i graduate from high school im goin to college to major in cosmetology
champaign, illinois, united staes america.
- Thu Oct 12 14:46:57 GMT 2006 from
curious elf
david johnson
london, london, england.
- Tue Oct 10 18:46:55 GMT 2006 from
Hiya, it's Alice again. How are you? I have nearly finished paying for Amber now, YIPPEE! Just wanted to know where she was bred/ where you first got her from. She's now listed on Cool to see her family tree. Maybe gonna breed from her next year. Looked at a lovely stallion on Monday (Minyffordd Democrat)he scored 85% on a dressage test! Take care Alice xx
Alice Beardsworth
Cheltenham, GLOS, UK.
- Thu Sep 21 12:43:55 GMT 2006 from
Hello Kate. Funny story. I was Google-ing my name just sorta wanna find out if my name has been tag by the search engine. Suddenly bumped into your page and saw my name in the guestbook. I don't ever remembered I signed into your guestbook. Probably it was me but how could I remembered, right? It was like 11 years ago. Haha! Maybe it was my mum. I could never remembered my English was that good! Anyways, I'm in the UK now. Studying in Manchester (very hard!). And, I just wanna tag you back, is all! Bye!

Ahmad Ebak Malik
Manchester, England, United Kingdom.
- Thu Aug 24 23:28:38 GMT 2006 from
i love cheerleading. i think u'r site is the bomb
- Sat Aug 19 02:55:01 GMT 2006 from
hey!! i love your site it's so awesome.i am a huge fan of hilary duff i have every one of her movies and songs she has ever made i am even doing a school project on hil right now ....leah
leah pulat
uk, england.
- Wed Jul 26 14:03:47 GMT 2006 from
Tashi Delek hello I am paljor and I support you always and I am really addicted with football. Hai guys best wish for the coming matches special Mr Drogba
paljor dhondup
bhunter,kullu, ., India HP, Indai.
- Wed Jul 26 13:06:31 GMT 2006 from
am 11 and i like your pic there cute
mckinney, tx, usa.
- Thu Jul 13 04:56:21 GMT 2006 from

kate spade
Toronto, Hungary.
- Fri Jul 7 20:56:23 GMT 2006 from
I like ure websyt

- Sat Jul 1 16:18:52 GMT 2006 from
Hi my name is Kate and I would love a key pal... I am 13, ill be 14 in December
London, England.
- Sat Jul 1 15:50:07 GMT 2006 from
Excellent, love it!
- Wed Jun 28 23:57:06 GMT 2006 from
Im 26 yrs 4108686113
MD Laurel, Usa, Usa.
- Thu Jun 22 03:19:59 GMT 2006 from
I am sweet and kind and good as gold and pretty.
manchester, england.
- Sun Jun 18 13:54:41 GMT 2006 from
< hello all i`m egyption writing and drawing and music ..whatever everyone does ? ? guys i hope i be agood friend of yours ..babye
alexandria, egypt, egypt.
- Fri Jun 2 06:18:57 GMT 2006 from
Hello Kate! I've visit you webpage once in a while. I hope you and your family are well. I hope uni is going great. Take care. :)

- Tue May 23 10:31:35 GMT 2006 from
Dear webmaster, Hello! i just wanna thank you for your page!
Moskow, Hungary.
- Sun May 21 13:36:01 GMT 2006 from
hi kate im 15 and iadore dogs i have 6. thier names r sheba, princess, dainel,olivor, caramel,vanilla. i also have a big family. 4 sisters,5brothers,grandma and papa, 3 of my aunts and uncles,7 of my cousins and my dad and mom all lve together. so its a good thing we have a 80 room mansion,not including our 6 kithons,6 livingrooms,and plenty more. tata yours truly,samantha gerenser
samantha gereser
berlin, germany.
- Sat May 20 15:49:33 GMT 2006 from
Hello. I'm wondering if you know of these people: Ivyrose (Kelly) Neaton Jovysavannah Amberleigh If you do, please reply. Thank you for your time, Brian
burbank, california, usa.
- Sat Apr 29 00:00:38 GMT 2006 from
i want to know about hitmotising people
england, england, england.
- Tue Apr 4 09:50:04 GMT 2006 from
mitchell, NE, USA.
- Wed Mar 29 02:42:42 GMT 2006 from
im ten years old and love shopping
jacksonville, florida, usa.
- Mon Mar 20 15:32:26 GMT 2006 from
I rock

- Sun Mar 5 12:53:45 GMT 2006 from
hi i got 4 hammys for christmas 2 girls 2 boys. the 2 girls had babies!! the mom (tina) had 10. the other mom (millagon) had 8. the husband of tina (tino) almost ate 1 of the babies! same with the husband of millagon (jasper) what do i do? i want to keep tino and jasper!
chachi arcola
Honalulu, kachiwawa, hawii.
- Sun Feb 26 23:05:10 GMT 2006 from
hey my names nikki im 14years old from the united kingdom, i was wondering if you had hilary duffs msn address for me thankyou i would also like people to add my msn address if you like its thankyou
stoke-on-trent, staffordsh, england.
- Thu Feb 16 17:14:42 GMT 2006 from
Hi, Kate! I'm Tomek and I'm 17. Your homepage is very interesting and I've found here a lots of informations. I wish you'll continuing your good work. Good luck! P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Z�ot�w, Wlkp., Poland.
- Wed Feb 15 17:03:21 GMT 2006 from
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istanbul, turkey.
- Wed Feb 15 13:45:10 GMT 2006 from
I'm Annie. I found your page years ago after my oldest (now 30)left a comment in your guest book. Since then, she and I have played tag, each leaving a comment for the other to find every year or so. Now, Jan. 06, I found a comment left by her little brother. Kate, it's a family tradition you are!
Annie Gabston-Howell
Long Beach, California, USA.
- Sun Feb 5 08:48:07 GMT 2006 from
My name is Laura and I thought I would write and say hello. I dont know if you know me but i am a relative of the halstead's who sold you Amber. I am tony's niece. Hope Amber is doing well It would be great if you would e-mail me and let me know how she is doing then i will report back home and let them all know!! take care Laura ( ) x
Laura Halstead
Preston, Lancashire, England.
- Sun Feb 5 00:37:20 GMT 2006 from
hi kate my names kamil. i love chelsea fc...i'm my english is bad write anything
Bielsko_Bia�a, Poland.
- Thu Jan 26 18:57:12 GMT 2006 from
hiiiiiiiiii im bored yay!
emma mccabe
ingleton, north york, england.
- Sun Jan 22 01:21:06 GMT 2006 from
I am now 16 years old and I go to Laurel High school in Laure Maryland. I've signed the guest book once before when I was 7 so I just thought I would do it again.
Alexzandra Bardwell-Morgan
- Wed Dec 7 01:51:32 GMT 2005 from
- Sun Nov 27 21:08:16 GMT 2005 from
Las Vegas , Nevada, USA.
- Thu Nov 24 06:32:02 GMT 2005 from
hie kate my name is T.A and i have never had a pen pal ever this my first time i have 2cats 4 dogs 10 rabbits some goldfish and a hamster i am 11 born on the 20th of September 1994
Aurburn, Sydney, Australia.
- Mon Nov 21 20:17:02 GMT 2005 from
Bad news everyone! I'm afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!
Mitchelton Milo

- Mon Nov 21 02:04:50 GMT 2005 from
I like your pages.
QWesley Chapel, FL, USA.
- Fri Nov 11 00:53:10 GMT 2005 from
Hey we have the same last name!!!! wow my mom is Annie Gabston-howell see ya.
Phillip Gabston-howell
LongBeach, CA, USA.
- Tue Nov 8 22:10:00 GMT 2005 from
hehe, u know me kate!!!
Frances Tolmie
Banbury, Oxon, Britain.
- Mon Nov 7 18:33:23 GMT 2005 from
Have you ever read a book called 'The Tale of The Keeper'? I've boon looking for it, but cannot find it for sale anywhere. I've hear very good things about it, but noi one can say where I can get a copy.
Michael Night
New York, New York, USA.
- Fri Nov 4 00:55:43 GMT 2005 from
I am a senior at Oxford High School. I love horses too!! Do you like horses? How old are you now? I wrote you 3 years ago. Why didn't you write back? I like horses. Kate
Kate Sinervo
Oxford, MS, United States.
- Tue Oct 4 22:12:02 GMT 2005 from
i an the best
lui, jyflyr, [p7953qskf.
- Sun Oct 2 16:33:32 GMT 2005 from
Hi Kate! You're a tradition. I found your site years ago by doing a search on my (then) last name. I found that my oldest (then only) daughter had once signed your guest book, so I did too. Every so often, she and I drop by and sign your latest guest book. I'm looking forward to the day that one of our other kids discovers Kate's millionth guestbook and leaves a note for us to find.
Annie Gabston-Howell
Long Beach, California, USA.
- Thu Sep 29 05:40:47 GMT 2005 from
Very well done. We miss our pets after they become a very real part of our daily living Everett Alger
John Smith
Dallas, Texas, USA.
- Wed Sep 28 20:53:30 GMT 2005 from
Wow, a website from when you were seven that is impressive! That was about the time I started using the Internet myself, the time when the browser was called Mosiac (later Netscape v1.0). Hope you have a good time at Uni...
Tim Rigden
York, UK.
- Wed Sep 28 20:13:13 GMT 2005 from
Eddie Connor
Lumberton, N.C., U.S,A..
- Sat Sep 24 14:46:30 GMT 2005 from
My name is as above I am a Architect and a Author, well soon to be, My book called The Chronicles Of Alloding is soon the be released first in the U.K then China then America tehn the rest of Europe. Thank you for your spare time to be shared on my peice of writing.
Benjamin Ashley Brittain
Birmingham,, Midlands, England.
- Thu Sep 22 10:20:36 GMT 2005 from
I am yet to ride but am eager to do so, to describe myself I would say that I am sort of a cross between a horse whisperer and the Lone Ranger!
Lone Ranger (
The Big A, UK.
- Wed Sep 21 18:09:37 GMT 2005 from
well i love ur site but i gtg so bye
hilary duff
private, private, private.
- Tue Sep 20 23:01:18 GMT 2005 from
I we have the same name.
sum place, America.
- Tue Sep 20 07:25:49 GMT 2005 from
i am pog
- Mon Sep 19 18:30:16 GMT 2005 from
hi kate, this my first time here so like the background. do u hav hilary duff hotmail address or something like that? can u send me her addy plz if u hav it here my addy the way i'm turning 13 soon...yeaaa!!!!
Belconnen, ACT, Australia.
- Sat Sep 17 00:53:43 GMT 2005 from
hi, hi, hi.
- Fri Sep 16 07:54:39 GMT 2005 from
Im 10 tears old and I Irish Dance.I go to LNS . My boy friends name is Jack Sherwood.Im infifth grade.
Nokomis, Florida, U.S.A.
- Thu Sep 15 21:15:48 GMT 2005 from
I am yet to ride but am eager to do so, to describe myself I would say that I am sort of a cross between a horse whisperer and the Lone Ranger!
Lone Ranger
The Big A, UK.
- Tue Sep 13 18:24:00 GMT 2005 from
Like Site!
NewYork, NY, USA.
- Tue Sep 13 15:37:26 GMT 2005 from
An active easy-goin person
Joseph Hannah
Isle of Wight, East Susex, England.
- Mon Sep 12 14:11:59 GMT 2005 from
hi i luv ur pics i do horse ridin i luv it its me bst hobbie. :P:P i was at bentham shhow on the kendal/lancaster auction mart stand with me gran. oh well thats all iv got to say so cya xxxxxxx
lancaster, england.
- Sat Sep 10 15:50:39 GMT 2005 from
hello i throt it wud be funny to leave a message as im also called kate hey :) xxxxx
Rhyl, Denbighshi, wales.
- Fri Sep 9 21:35:22 GMT 2005 from
Reise, reise, Seemann reise,Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
- Tue Sep 6 17:59:00 GMT 2005 from
My best wishes are with you.
Los Angeles, CA, US.
- Tue Sep 6 08:14:56 GMT 2005 from
mona waller
Leesport, PA,
- Fri Sep 2 01:59:31 GMT 2005 from
My name is Kierra I am from Washington Pennslyvaina but I am makeing a big move to South Carolina.I am really worried about this move because there are tornadoes and hurricanes down there I wish I didn't have to move.
Washington, PA, Usa.
- Mon Aug 29 04:33:52 GMT 2005 from
i love japan
sala al jadida, sale, sale.
- Fri Aug 19 20:52:21 GMT 2005 from
My name is Ellie and I love animals. I go to a farm every year! I need some help though. I would like to publish my web page to the web, it's all made and everything! So I saved it with the URL (www.___.htm) (exept thats not the real URL!) and I added the link to my space. It didn't work when I clicked on it? Maybe you could help me :) hehe. That would be great! My email address is Thanks Kate!
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Aug 16 02:36:30 GMT 2005 from
good site
lome, togo, togo.
- Tue Aug 2 17:19:35 GMT 2005 from
cool im a animal rights activist peacefull tho
lloyd lol

- Sat Jul 23 20:42:46 GMT 2005 from
WOW, u actually update u site, for how many years!!!?? GOOD JOB! do u have msn messenger, i seriously need help with html
Richmond, BC, Canada.
- Wed Jun 8 03:32:17 GMT 2005 from
- Wed Jun 1 16:52:37 GMT 2005 from
I am 11 years old Ihave a mum a dad an older brotherthat is 15 and a smaller sisterthat is 9
Kate Grant
Newcastle, England, England.
- Sun May 29 21:14:57 GMT 2005 from
Please check out our website and leave a message on our guestbook.
Northampton, uk.
- Sat May 28 15:08:44 GMT 2005 from
Hi Kate, this of course is your eldest cousin! Very good website. Hope to see you soon.
Lancaster, England.
- Tue May 24 16:29:49 GMT 2005 from
im 12 and i love shopping
perth, wa, austalia.
- Wed May 18 10:07:19 GMT 2005 from
I am 14 years old. My birthday was last week on May 13. It was soo fun!!! I like kates page because i think its funny.
Avital Saad
cheltenham, PA, USA.
- Mon May 16 14:55:26 GMT 2005 from
Great site!!! I will defo be back again!!! Why not take a look at ours at: or our forum board at:
- Tue May 3 17:52:01 GMT 2005 from
lukin for bf, aged 11 - 12 txt on if intrstd.
sheffield, dunno, england.
- Sun May 1 21:05:07 GMT 2005 from
I am an telecom engineer,23,male.
cochin, Kerala, India.
- Sat Apr 30 06:32:36 GMT 2005 from
Used to live in Manchester. Had a 400f then. Then Houston Texas T160v. Dundee 250 Mack 1 wannabee. London T140 78 version. Tacoma Washington and another 78 140, but wait there is light at the end of the tunnel, in Dec 2004 I bought a 620Monster, tell your dad that might be the way to go. Its on the cheap side but has hugh grin factors. Your lucky livng where you do, with all those realy good bike roads. Oh and the beer and the pubs etc. Does anyone want a 78 Bonnie?
Kurt Kurtz
Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A..
- Fri Apr 29 19:45:59 GMT 2005 from
84 year old retires forester. I like your website
Trevvor Edmondson
welwyn Garden City, Herts, UK.
- Fri Apr 29 16:38:42 GMT 2005 from
i have a 14.2 hh new forest mare called mitchigan shes a pain in the bum
walsal, west mids.
- Mon Apr 25 14:56:37 GMT 2005 from
Well, I tried your Kate's Katastrophe board, but after registering and all that, I can't post or reply or do much of anything. I get a "you don't have permission" msg. You may want to change the permissions...maybe that is why it is so dead at the moment. Nobody can post? Other than that, this is quite an extensive personal site. Good job. I actually got here by accident, Googling "kate maberly christian", and I ended up here. Nice diversion. I've been wanting to visit England for a while now and may do it this year. I work for an airline and the flight is free, plus we get deep discount on nice hotels, too. That might make up for the exchange rate. Not much pound for my dollar!
Atlanta, GA, USA.
- Fri Apr 22 23:41:25 GMT 2005 from
Hello Kate. I signed you guestbook in August 1995. I remember coming here when I was just a wee little boy now I am 18. Good luck in life, I hope you do well for yourself. My e-mail address is if you or ayone else wants to e-mail me for any reason.
Garrick Rawls
Jacksonville , Florida, United States.
- Wed Apr 20 05:52:15 GMT 2005 from
i also have a welsh section d gelding called cwrtash the barron by the same stallion as yours. We are trying to find out some imformation on other cwrtash ponies. if you could email me on thankyou.
derby, england,
- Tue Apr 19 16:33:30 GMT 2005 from
I like to skateboard my family owns a shop.

- Fri Apr 15 01:52:00 GMT 2005 from
i'm looking for a boyfriend age 11 where i live and THAT EXACT AGE!!!!!!!!! and love me. bye!
> Yelverton, Devon, UK.
- Thu Apr 14 18:55:53 GMT 2005 from
G'day from sunny Adelaide, South Australia, Down Under! Very nice and useful website Kate. Please visit my website and South Australia!!! :)
Adelaide, SA, Australia.
- Mon Apr 11 03:18:46 GMT 2005 from
Very nice site, like to be here. Enjoyed surfing in and visiting. Hilary Duff. Visit the page of my friend: El jardin de Angie
Hilary Duff
LA, California,
- Sat Apr 9 20:28:55 GMT 2005 from
hi! i think you all are very grear and i like that. keep up the good work.
Gwendoline dias
mumbai, mashratar, India.
- Wed Apr 6 10:09:42 GMT 2005 from
I love motorcycles!!!!
- Tue Apr 5 03:26:53 GMT 2005 from
Hi i'm 11 years old and i go to Bangkok Patana school. Me and my brothers and sister are modles in Bangkok.
Bangkok, Thailand.
- Sun Apr 3 08:47:29 GMT 2005 from
I wtote to you many years ago now about my dad and his Triumphs. I was really pleased to see how your site has progressed, and how grown up you are now. I'm teaching 9 year olds in Leeds, and my dad is still busy restoring Triumphs. Thanks for the mention on the site, which is great fun by the way. Good luck to you and your Jane
Jane Hopwood
Leeds, West Yorks, UK.
- Thu Mar 31 17:31:02 GMT 2005 from
im gorgeous dunno how i landed on here but ya pages were fun thanks xxxx vamp )
england, uk.
- Thu Mar 10 18:29:02 GMT 2005 from
love the the site. want 2 hook up?love ya baby doll.
hot roxy
new york, united states.
- Thu Mar 10 02:23:43 GMT 2005 from
i am vampire!looking for so people and my nickname is Vamber i'm 112 year old. i live in a old home too>
- Fri Feb 25 14:12:41 GMT 2005 from
i am 12 years old i am a lonley girl and i want a pen pal 2 talk 2 on the internet
doncaster, england, england.
- Sun Feb 20 20:53:17 GMT 2005 from
Hiiiiiii kate. First of all i'm hussein from Mauritius!!!! . Well i love mostly the cats!!! i just wanna to get some girl friends because i like and love girls<<>>> . My favorite hobbies are surfing on the net, playing beach volley and swimming !!!! if you wanna to make friend wiz me gurrrlls just mail me on : , i'll wait for you ....... bye byeeeee
Port-louis, - , Mauritius.
- Sat Feb 12 09:45:53 GMT 2005 from
Murat T�RKO�LU
- Thu Feb 10 17:50:02 GMT 2005 from
i have three ponies called fizzy,doris and willow also two dogs called trouble and fleur.Three kittens called Milky,pilchard and tulla and two cats called christle and donkey called murphy and five llamas called Mick,elizabeth,tom,jane and henry.About a hundred sheep and thousand cows.
york, yorkshire, england.
- Thu Feb 10 16:25:45 GMT 2005 from
i love horses im in third grade
san jose, california, usa.
- Wed Feb 9 01:51:37 GMT 2005 from
Nice site, thanks
- Sun Feb 6 01:54:30 GMT 2005 from
hi kate this is my first test for a penpal. i adore animals i have 19 sheep,1dog,2 cats, 3 cows, 3 rabbits,6 horses. my e mail address is now i am only 9 so i hope you dont mind as you are are so much older than me! and i have 1 older brother called Charlie and a younger brother called Harvey. My mums name is Dawn and my dads name is graham. i live in the sw of england i have brown eyes and brown hair just say if you would like a older penpal speak a lot eleanor nick name (bubs)xxx
eleanor isaac
glocouster, uk, england.
- Fri Feb 4 22:56:30 GMT 2005 from
My name is Amelia Kate and I just thought I'd tell you since your name is back-to-front! btw im 19
Amelia Kate

- Sun Jan 30 22:21:50 GMT 2005 from

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