Peggy's Ninth Golden Book

Bill LEE
- Sat Aug 2 08:34:58 BST 1997

- Thu Jul 24 22:17:09 BST 1997
space I'm 13f and I love your page! be sure to visit mine sometime and sign the guestbook! join me and my friend's club too if you want! I'm adding your link to my page!

( USA.
- Wed Jul 23 21:30:08 BST 1997
11 years old march 1 birthday
sf, ca, usa.
- Wed Jul 23 05:14:26 BST 1997
:-) I'm a father of two girls younger than you. We like walking and cycling and the sea. I enjoyed your page.
Charles Coull
Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland.
- Fri Jul 18 10:52:12 BST 1997
Ashley Moore
Arlington, Texas, United States.
- Fri Jul 18 02:16:45 BST 1997
We are looking at you on PTA evening
Amanda Lester
Low Bentham,
- Wed Jul 16 20:23:31 BST 1997
:-) That is a smile by the way. I like sailing and making web pages and teaching sailing to children and reading and drawing and visiting new places in Japan with my friends in the Arthur Ransome Club. I like eating Japanese food and musicand talking to people. Yesterday I lost my hat in a train, and rode on a Helical Escalator, a very special type of Escalator [ask Ian to explain what it is]. I visited two very big sailing ships and helped one of them to dock on the pier in Yokohama Harbour. Last night I had raw fish for tea, it tastes better than you think! Please say hello to Ian for me, Peggy.
Peter Dowden
Chofu-shi, Tokyo-to, Nihon [Japan].
- Mon Jul 14 05:58:59 BST 1997
Hi, I'm new on the internet. I like your page. I'm making one too. I'm 7 years old, just like you! If you want, you can email me at .
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
- Mon Jul 14 01:14:08 BST 1997
=>D I'm glad you created this web page. Looks like you had lots of fun. My mom and dad are scuba divers and I want to get certified as soon as I'm old enough. Mom home-schools me and I really like that. Lots of my friends are homeschooled too but I have friends in public school too. I get to ride horses when I visit my aunt in Okla who is a veterinarian. She has a farm.
Enterprise, AL, USA.
- Sun Jul 13 19:30:32 BST 1997
hello Peggy
I'm a medical student - I'm training to be a doctor - I hope to be qualified in a year's time. I want to be a paediatrician - that means I will be a children's doctor. (hopefully!!)

Mary Green
Sheffield, S Yorks, England.
- Fri Jul 11 16:27:49 BST 1997
Peggy! What a sweet page! You sound like a very clever little girl! I hope you are enjoying summer vaction! Betsy Jones
Pleasanton, Alameda,CA, USA.
- Wed Jul 9 07:17:19 BST 1997
Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I live in Australia. I've really enjoyed looking at your homepage. See you later.
Elizabeth Australia.
- Sat Jul 5 09:21:08 BST 1997
Hi Peggy! I almost feel like you are my sister. Please e- mail me
Shayla Marie
Seneca, Kansas, USA.
- Tue Jul 1 19:59:10 BST 1997
Hi Peggy! Great page
Shayla Marie
Seneca, Kansas, USA.
- Tue Jul 1 19:52:34 BST 1997
I am 10 and I love to write. My real name is Amrita but its kinda hard to say so I changed it. I'm from India and moved to Atlanta a year ago. In India It gets so hot!!!! But so does Atlanta in the summer. I hope other people sign your book too! Write me a letter. Bye!!!!
Ashley Rawat
Atlanta, Georgia, America.
- Mon Jun 30 01:24:24 BST 1997
Hi!! I'm 15 years old, 5'2" tall, and have brown hair and eyes. I found your web page on a search and I like it. If anyone wants to e-mail me the address is
Sidney, Ohio, USA.
- Fri Jun 27 22:01:37 BST 1997
I tried to get Kate's pictures. I could not. I'll try to get yours.
Karen Boyle
Richmond, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Jun 27 21:44:43 BST 1997
Hi, Peggy! You and Kate are both awfully lucky girls to have such a neat family, don't you think? I don't have children, but if I did, I don't think I'd be a great Mom. I have a cat that really likes me, though, so maybe I'd be good, after all. I'm 28, and where I live that's considered pretty old to be a single woman. I think it is more important for me to have a career so I can take care of myself, first, and so I feel good about what I've accomplished before I have children. I think it is okay to be a Mom full time, too.
Your pages are great.
Have fun growing up :>

My mum was 31 when my big sister Kate was born, my dad says take your time -it's yours.

Dwala Wishon
Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
- Fri Jun 27 17:57:48 BST 1997

Ok, I'm smiling :) To find out about me, go to my webpage, it's really cool! While you're there, please be kind and answer the poll question and sign *my* guestbook!
Cincinnati, OH, USA.
- Wed Jun 25 17:22:56 BST 1997
i am 8.i am going in to 4th grade.i like dogs
claire usa, usa.
- Mon Jun 23 18:03:35 BST 1997
That's wonderful page! Please visit here!!
Niihama, Ehime, Japan.
- Thu Jun 19 01:56:34 BST 1997
I am an artist, and I am developing a web domain for kids. I am really impressed with your page, Peggy! keep up the good work. :-)
Boston, Ma, USA.
- Tue Jun 17 20:53:33 BST 1997
i'm 13 years old and have been riding and interested in horses for most of my life.i own a 15.2HH PALOMINO MARE NAMED CASSY HER FULL NAME IS CHARISMA AND HER SHOW NAME IS GOLDEN PROMISE. SHE IS 10 YEARS OLD AND IS A VERY PRETTY HORSE.
jess gannon
esher, surrey, england.
- Sun Jun 15 11:44:40 BST 1997
:) I'm thirteen years old and have been horseback riding for seven years and I have my own horse. Rock on!!!
Lisa Andrews">
Burnaby, B. C., Canada.
- Sun Jun 8 06:40:48 BST 1997
- Sat Jun 7 20:40:46 BST 1997
B- > ¤ I am the Greatest Rebel Hero, this side of the Galaxy! ¤ Jet-RayŠ
Jetropolis, §§, YouessayY.
- Sat Jun 7 18:55:02 BST 1997
Look at some kids stuff from Sweden!

- Thu Jun 5 17:45:03 BST 1997

!! I'm 11.In the 5th grade.I have two siters.
valerie va, usa.
- Wed Jun 4 20:12:13 BST 1997
Hey kids!
- Wed Jun 4 05:50:49 BST 1997
I am a 9 year old girl, and I have a brother named Spencer. He is six. Great page you got here, consitering you are only 7! I have a home page too! I share it with my brother and my dad, here is the address if you want to check it out: It only has information about us. I really hope you want to check it out! GREAT PAGE! BYE!!!!!
West Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Sun Jun 1 20:57:52 BST 1997
Just wandering the Internet and found your page... very nice. Its good to know that a young woman like yourself has alot of talent! :) Keep up the good work.
Ross Herman
Chicago, IL, 60622.
- Sat May 31 15:50:07 BST 1997
Hi! Cool page you have here! Whoever's reading this and needs a penpal---WRITE TO:
Greenville, SC, USA.
- Tue May 27 18:58:41 BST 1997
Hi! Cool sight! I'm 21, 5'10", 165, blonde hair died black and I play guitar! Looking for other musicians to JAM with in the Mpls area! KT!
Kevin Thompson
Roseville, MN, USA.
- Tue May 27 04:41:03 BST 1997
I have short Blond hair and blue eyes. I'm 11 years old. I've lived in Mo. for 2 years. I'v lived in every state in N. America accept for Alaska and Hawaii. I have a seven year old sister.
Lindsay Douglas
Marshall, Missouri, N. America.
- Sat May 24 21:04:29 BST 1997
My name is lauren, I am seven, I have two rotten brothers 5 and 4, they really annoy me, there names are Jeremy, he is five and Mitchell is four. They get into my stuff all the time. My mum just had a new baby, mum and I picked the name, we called her Mikaeli Hanna Lalor, She is really pretty and we picked some nice clothes for her. You can call me back on my dad's e-mail Banora Point is on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Lauren Lalor
Banora Point, NSW/Qld, Australia.
- Wed May 21 17:01:45 BST 1997
i had fun going through your homepage (and your sister kate's, too!). i will surely make a link of your homepages in my website soon. please visit my homepage too and i will appreciate it if you can create a link of my website in yours. let's be friends.... LUIS
alexandria, la, usa.
- Wed May 14 22:23:04 BST 1997
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Mon May 12 05:13:56 BST 1997
Hi Peggy! This is a very nice Site! I am German, but in the moment I live in Belgium. I have been learning English for three years. I love horses and ponies. My nick-name is Tine. Bye, Tine
Christine Klepsch
- Sat May 10 13:59:26 BST 1997
:OP I am 10 years old, and I loved your web page. It's really neat! When I do make my own web page, I'll tell you what it's called. We have someone visiting right now from Birmingham, England. I love her accent! Her name is Pam. Do you have an accent? You can e-mail me at
Hollie Bailis
Sayville, NY, USA.
- Fri May 9 01:45:37 BST 1997
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The Gadfly
Somerville, MA, 02144.
- Wed May 7 09:36:22 BST 1997
i am 10 yrs old. i like basketball. i have a sister who is 16 yrs old.
bill jones
vanc, bc, canada.
- Sun May 4 06:06:19 BST 1997
I like your page.Please check out mine and please sign my guestbook.
Philadelphia, PA, USA.
- Sun May 4 01:42:17 BST 1997
i am smiling and i am 11/g. nice home page Peggy=)
Kristen Fritz
Bethlehem, PA, USA.
- Sat May 3 23:34:31 BST 1997
i am 7 years old
joel green
airdrie, alberta, canada.
- Sat May 3 03:03:54 BST 1997
Nice site!
Beverly Allen
Montgomery, AL, USA.
- Thu May 1 13:03:55 BST 1997
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Lockport, NY, USA.
- Wed Apr 30 20:31:44 BST 1997
This is very good place.Great job done.Keep on working this way.
Zagreb, CROATIA.
- Wed Apr 30 11:23:30 BST 1997
:) Very nice page, Peggy. My father is from the UK and my older sister lives in London. Take care, Laura
Laura Bowly
Sonora, CA, USA.
- Tue Apr 29 03:18:18 BST 1997
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Rio Rancho, NM, USA.
- Mon Apr 28 06:12:18 BST 1997
morgantown, west virginia, u.s.a..
- Sun Apr 27 20:49:02 BST 1997
:> I have enjoyed visiting your page. I am only new to the net but I am still very impressed by your page!!! :>
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Sun Apr 27 01:09:44 BST 1997
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Heather Dismore
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
- Fri Apr 25 22:21:09 BST 1997
Great page!
Beverly Allen
Montgomery, AL, 36117.
- Wed Apr 23 14:11:02 BST 1997
Hi, I am Isabelle I am 8 years old and I live in a marina on Lake Vernon with my parents Billy and Barbara, I have a big brother Steven who is 14 years old and I also have a big sister Catherine who is 18 years old. I love Sailing, Swimming, Dancing and all kinds of animals. I am using my dads computer and his e-mail is it was nice talking to you Peggy. bye.
Isabelle Cairns
Hunstville, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Apr 23 08:50:20 BST 1997
I found your page while looking for childrens books for my new baby daughter (she cant read yet, but I thought I had better get a head start).. Hopefully she will be as clever as you are
Rob Askew
Durban, KwaZulu, South Africa.
- Tue Apr 22 22:07:53 BST 1997
Hello, What a lovely homepage! My name is Leanne Alizzi.It is early spring here,the crocuses are blooming and daffodils on the way. The weather is cloudy and 8C.
Leanne Alizzi
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Apr 22 20:00:37 BST 1997
I always wanted to come to your part of the world, lots of relatives there somewhere. I haven't me most of them yet, but that's okay cause I have alot of relatives here in Canada too. Well have a good time on your computer......Bye Bye....
Victoria, BC, CANADA.
- Tue Apr 22 04:09:08 BST 1997
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Mr. Joe Jitsu
Mt Sinai, Suffolk NY, USA.
- Mon Apr 21 19:46:20 BST 1997
Great Pages!! I enjoyed my visit

West Palm Beach, Fl, US.
- Mon Apr 21 00:26:42 BST 1997
Just stopping by. I have a white arab/appaloosa/shetland (mouthfull huh?) mix pony. Her name is Trixie. Quite a mess she is. Loves to be hugged, scratched, and loves oatmeal cream cookies. I hope to train her for my son, Nathan. He's only 6 months now. Trixie is 3 1/2. They should be just right for each other in 3 or four years. Take care and tell William we said "Hello!".
susan williams
Whiteville, NC, USA.
- Sun Apr 20 19:44:45 BST 1997
Hi! I'm Stephanie, and I'm 7 too! Like your mom helping you, my big brother is helping me surf the Net and is also helping me to type. I think that you have a cool page! I like it!
Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Apr 14 03:55:10 BST 1997
Za lijep i boravak na Internetu: CHAT U HRVATA
- Sun Apr 13 17:37:47 BST 1997
I found your site because I am looking for fun Web sites and ideas for children. I am a teacher in Connecticut, and of course, I just LOVE meeting people who's name is also Peggy. I live with six wonderful cats, and hope to be an elementary school librarian next year. Keep up the good work! Your website is fun to visit!
Peggy Bresnick

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.
- Sat Apr 12 18:21:14 BST 1997
- Sat Apr 12 04:27:01 BST 1997
Hello, Peggy, I'm Dave Thewlis. I am the U.S. TARS coordinator. I just signed Kate's guestbook and wanted to sign yours as well. Good show!
Dave Thewlis
Eureka, CA, USA.
- Thu Apr 10 01:34:41 BST 1997
Sauk-Suiattle Tribal Member here, in the North Cascades Mountians of Washington State. Great WebSite!! Click HereTo Visit our WebSite and sign our GuestBook
- Mon Apr 7 07:19:40 BST 1997
A Picture of Tony
Greetings from Germany.

This is a very nice site !

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Antony Georg Arendt
- Sat Apr 5 17:53:50 BST 1997
Im 18 y.o, (although i look only about 12, no joke!!!) i recently finished high school & am currently in the first year at the University of Newcastle (Australia) & wish to complete my degree in biochemistry. I love sports especially cricket & enjoy going out with my friends, & as you have probably figured im also out & about the Internet ... well gotta go ive probably already got a huge debt from all the time i spend here (on the web that is!!!). Goodbye from down under!!!
Nathan Peters
Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
- Sat Apr 5 11:46:35 BST 1997

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