Peggy's Eighth Golden Book

space 8-) Hi Peggy -- I visited your page a while ago and here I am again !!! it's even better than last time. Love from my dogs and me. Swallows and Amazons for ever !!!<
> And Ever !
Will Mc Kenna

Ridgefield , CT , USA.
- Sat Apr 5 05:45:01 BST 1997
Hi, I'm looking today for another lady called Peggy. Peggy Bates is her name, unless she is married. Today (April 4th) is her birthday. I knew her very well in England many many years ago, and every now and then I do a search on the web, from my desk at work, to see if I could find her. But so far, I've had no luck. Your page is very nice and interesting. I am leaving this message because I think it's impolite to visit with somebody, and not even introduce yourself. My email address is
Tony Wyard
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Apr 4 21:44:50 BST 1997
hi i live in canada it rocks here!! i'm 14 and signed your sister's homepage yesterday. i'm in communication tech and we are suposed to communicate well i shall go bye Kara
Kara Noland
Gore Bay , Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Apr 4 20:50:00 BST 1997
I am 17 years old. I live with my parents and very affectionate dog, Scout. I'm a junior (11th year) at Sgt. Bluff-Luton High School. I came across this page while searching for play dough recipes for a demonstration speech. Right now, I'm in the middle of planning our high school prom (Spring Formal, juniors and seniors ONLY!). I'm involved in many school activities: track and field, band, basketball, (American) football managering (taking care of injuries, washing uniforms, keeping stats, driving the golf cart all over the field :) ). When I'm not busy with school or activities, I can be found working at a clothing store or running around with my friends. Actually, it's more like driving around. We go shopping, to movies, dancing,and to parties. Most of the time, my girl and guy friends do stuff all together-we're one big happy family!
Laura Marsh

Sioux City, Iowa, United States.
- Thu Apr 3 04:57:59 BST 1997
I love to play sports. Especially baseball. I love to read. I have blond hair, blue eyes, brown eyebrows.I like football. Do you like sports? My town is pretty. Bye!
Alexandra Paschenko

West Nyack, New York, United States.
- Thu Apr 3 02:57:25 BST 1997
:) :P hi! I like your page and I have a pretty good idea that you like ponies!
Jocelyne Meggee

- Thu Apr 3 00:47:38 BST 1997
As you should already know my name is Jamie I'm 12 yrs old and I go to St. Catherine of Siena school. I am in the 6th grade. Well I am running out of room,so I better go.
Jamie Menesses
Metairie, Louisiana, U.S.A..
- Wed Apr 2 03:38:17 BST 1997
I came, I saw, I signed. Come on over and sign my guestbook at
Wazat Web Wide

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Sign mine and I'll sign yours.....

Newcastle , Natal, South Africa.
I would like more Links on Peggy's Pages
- Tue Apr 1 08:31:38 BST 1997

Olin Kirby's Back In Town!

I think I signed your other guestbook, but I need to eliminate any uncertainty. Meanwhile, check out my killer page! You will be stoked.

- Mon Mar 31 20:14:38 BST 1997
:) Just playing arround
- Mon Mar 31 10:51:39 BST 1997
Now..have a look at the pages of the village I live in If you like....

Marc van den Boomen
deurne, netherlands.
- Sun Mar 30 17:24:53 BST 1997
Peggy you have a very neat page. I enjoyed looking at it. Keep up the great page.:)

- Sat Mar 29 19:09:06 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy. I am a student at Michigan State University. I am studying to be a primary school teacher. I will be in England this summer. I hope you write back and tell me about yourself.
sarah heatherly
east lansing, michigan, usa.
- Fri Mar 28 14:51:01 GMT 1997
Nice homepage!!! Good work dad!!!! Click here to visit Edward`s DRI
Edward Bolseth

Aalesund, NORWAY.
- Fri Mar 28 11:14:05 GMT 1997
Greetings from Canada.

My robot and I were led here by the great list of

My homepage contains no useful information but it contains a weird and wonderful links page. Drop by and add a link!

Yesterday upon the stairs, I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today. I wish that man would go away!

( )
Ottawa , Ontario , Canada .
- Thu Mar 27 20:37:39 GMT 1997
Great pages! Have a look at the village I live in on my homepage!
Marc van den Boomen
Deurne, Netherlands.
- Thu Mar 27 09:21:56 GMT 1997
I'll smile if you smile too! What is this Golden Book? Do you know about Billy and His Boggle Bag? I'm 12 and tall. What about you?
Marco Warburton
adelaide, australia.
- Wed Mar 26 09:21:41 GMT 1997
Dear Peggy, Isn't the internet neat? I think so. I like your dad's semephore page! I love Pidgeon Post on tape. Sincerely, Owen
Owen Bauer">
Homer , Alaska, USA.
- Sat Mar 22 07:40:28 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy, hello Kate My name is Thomas and I live in germany. I found our e-mail adress on birthday search engine. My birthday is the same we there from kate; August 13th. The Year I was born is 1960. Our homepage ist beautiful. Greetings to your family and your friends ! Thomas
Thomas Simmel">
Düsseldorf, Deutschland.
- Wed Mar 19 19:19:47 GMT 1997
:-) Dear Peggy, my name is Stephanie, I'm eight years old. I love horses. I like your homepage. Is it fun to have a horse??? I think that it's fun to have a horse. Please write a letter back to me!!! Thank you. Lo LOVE Stephanie.
Stephanie Yavelow">
Zandvoort, North Holland, Netherlands.
- Tue Mar 18 18:53:50 GMT 1997
Hi, this is Jessica what is your name well send me something and even more if you can send a picture!!!

Huh ? Peggy

Maidstone, Ont., Canada.
- Mon Mar 17 19:04:49 GMT 1997

I am now 45 years old (ancient huh?) When I surfed into your page and read you were 7 years old I knew I had to at least sign your guest book. Good job. I just got contected to the internet two weeks ago so I am a real newbie! God bless you Peggy!
John Wagner">
Grand Junction, CO, USA.
- Thu Mar 13 17:49:20 GMT 1997
We are training to be teachers at Leeds University. We were surfing the net and found the page about you and your school. Are you having a good day, we certainly are.Keep working hard and we hope to hear from you soon, keep smiling, see you soon. Susan, Joy and David
Susan, Joy, David">
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:20:07 GMT 1997
:D Hello, we are Nicky Jones and Sheryl Capper - you have Nicky's address. We are student teachers at the University of Leeds, infant school age. We are in a geography lesson at the moment learning about computers and geography. You will probably have lots of messages like this from people on our course because they are the ones who told us about your page!!!! Do you have many e:mail friends across the world??? That must be very exciting!!!!! Nicky has 4 but they are all in England!!!!
Do you like school?? Are your teachers friendly and is it fun??? We hope to be very good teachers very soon!!!!!
How is your horse??? We are going to read about that in a minute!!!!
Bye bye,
Love Nicky and Sheryl xxx

Nicky and Sheryl">
Leeds, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:19:38 GMT 1997
Hi I like your home page! I'm training to be a teacher at the moment and i'm 23 years old, hopefully soon I will be teaching children just like you! Goodbye.
Leeds, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:13:47 GMT 1997
- Thu Mar 13 14:12:11 GMT 1997
I am a Year 2 teacher, who enjoyed reading your page!
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:10:24 GMT 1997
I am a trainee teacher from Leeds University and am 22 years old. Keep the hard work up !!!
Vicky Smith">
Leeds, W.Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:07:14 GMT 1997
I am a Year 2 teacher, who enjoyed reading your page!
Miss Gardner">
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:06:34 GMT 1997
I've enjoyed reading your pages.
kati Rhodes
huddersfield, w. yorks, Britain.
- Thu Mar 13 14:03:58 GMT 1997
- Wed Mar 12 23:38:51 GMT 1997
My name is Laura and I am seven years old also. I live in canada and I am looking around on the internet. It is nice out today, March,12/1997. I am off all week from school because it is march break and my brother is off also. Well I guess I just wanted to say Hi. Bye for now. Your friend Laura.
london, ontario, canada.
- Wed Mar 12 14:31:39 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy. I am learning to teach school children. Your school looks very pleasant. I would like to teach in a school just like it.
Jenny Fairley">
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
- Wed Mar 12 14:16:38 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy!   x     x
               x  x  x
                x   x
I hope you like my smile! I live in a place called Headingley in Leeds.

my daddies friend Tricia lives there with David and their children Sarah, Elizabeth and Alex. They are the Kytes. They live very near the cricket. Kate's friend Charlotte lives in Meanwood. Peggy.

Its got lots of shops and a cricket ground. I hope you are having a nice day. love Davinia xxx
Davinia Evans">
Leeds, West Yorkshire,
- Wed Mar 12 14:14:22 GMT 1997

I am 23 and work at primary schools in Yorkshire. I was very interested to hear about your Dad's Triumph. My Dad is called George Hopwood, he restores Triumphs for people all over the world! He is quite famous really,and really cool! I wonder if you Dad has heard of him?

My dad says, WHAT George "Thruxton Parts" Hopwood... Top Man, and my dad says he rode his T110 up Leeds Uni Union's steps. Peggy.

[*give me a go Peggy* My T120 is in bits, its gearbox is goosed, I'll have to phone your dad to see if he's got a 5 speed cluster he doesn't want.
Oh and tell your dad about SRM's Site Ian.]

I'm really glad people as young as you are interested in motorbikes. Thanks for cheering me up...your page is great!
Jane Hopwood
- Wed Mar 12 14:13:44 GMT 1997



High Performance T120 and T100
Spitfire Cams, Tappets, Exhausts, Thruxton
Silencers, Gas Flowed Heads, Dynamic
Balancing, Alloy Tanks, Racing Seats,
Fairings, Close Gears, Rearset Footrests
and all parts to improve the T120 and T100

George Hopwood

Racing Preparation since 1960

0181 300 9573

112 Wren Road, Sidcup,Kent DA14 4NF

I play the cello, and I enjoy singing with my friend Julia.
helen masters">
leeds, w.yorks, England.
- Wed Mar 12 14:10:57 GMT 1997
I am learning to be a teacher. one of my teachers told me about your page and I like it a lot.
leeds, yorkshire, england.
- Wed Mar 12 14:10:12 GMT 1997
I like custard and animals. I am studying at Leeds University to become a primary school teacher.
Leeds, Yorks., England.
- Wed Mar 12 14:10:05 GMT 1997
I am smiling! I am at Leeds University, and I am learning to be a teacher. I like your home page. Did you do it yourself?
Lois Povey">
Leeds, England.
- Wed Mar 12 14:08:50 GMT 1997
hello peggy, we are student teachers at the university and we are enjoying looking at your home page. Keep smiling, love jo and Tom xx
joanne pitcher">
leeds, uk.
- Wed Mar 12 14:04:36 GMT 1997
I am 7 also and I love horses too!!!!! This is my first time online and I think I'm going to like it! I would like it if you could write me back and tell me about more about you and your horse Mickey. Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon!
Bowie, MD, USA.
- Tue Mar 11 00:03:58 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy, I am pleased to be able to write to you. Hopefully when I am a teacher I will have good hard working children like you in my class. I am really pleased to learn about you and William and hope you both are well.
Alison Keys">

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
- Mon Mar 10 10:07:14 GMT 1997
read your page at university in a geography lesson and found it very interesting, well done.
leeds, yorkshire, england.
- Mon Mar 10 10:07:08 GMT 1997
I am a student teacher at Leeds University. I like your home page!
- Mon Mar 10 10:04:05 GMT 1997
I am smiling. Hello I am a student at the University of Leeds. I am training to be a teacher and this is the first time I have sent a message on the Internet.
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
- Mon Mar 10 10:03:21 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy, I am a student at Leeds learning to be a teacher, What are your teachers like?
Leeds, Yorks,
- Mon Mar 10 10:02:21 GMT 1997
:-) ...........Hi I am 10 yaers old and I LOVE HORSES!!!!! I like your page allot and I copied some of the horse-stikers. I am a American but we (my famely and me) moved to the NL. Here I'm taking riding-lessens on a great riding-school. I am trying to make some money to buy a horse although I know that it whould take so long. But because the saying "never say never" I still have some hope.
Celina Yavelow">
Zandvoort, (North-Holland), Netherlands.
- Sat Mar 8 09:52:28 GMT 1997
if you can read this you are too close to the monitor
Waylen Bray">
Hilton, NY, USA.
- Sat Mar 8 02:26:02 GMT 1997
I am 10 years old. I would like to write to each other.
Lauren Nawrocki :ckn@globaldialolog">ckn@globaldialolog
Stoughton, WI, U.S.A..
- Fri Mar 7 01:48:23 GMT 1997
we just wanted to say hello to you. We are smiling.
nikolaj and Christian
Copenhagen, DENMARK.
- Thu Mar 6 14:30:01 GMT 1997
9/m 10 in april i've been on the computer since i was 3 so i know alot about it. bla bla bla. I'm in 4th grade, bla bla bla i really like ice cream bla bla bla
Chicago(Evanston, it's right north of chicago), U.S.A. IL, U.S.A..
- Wed Mar 5 23:58:30 GMT 1997
;-) Hello Peggy. I just wrote in Kate's guestbook. For more info pls check hers. I like yours too. Bye


Stockholm, Sweden.

- Sun Mar 2 23:23:43 GMT 1997

Special ! A MESSAGE FROM My Friend Jing Jing !!!!

Hello, Peggy. How are you? I'm Jing Jing. I'm now in Hong Kong. Hope I can see you again when I go back to Bentham to see my Mum in the summer. Bye now.
Jing Jing">
Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
I would like more Art on Peggy's Pages
- Sat Mar 1 05:15:48 GMT 1997
Hi, I have just turn 8 years old the other day (February 21), I am in 2nd grade at Epiphany Catholic School. I love my school and my friends. I want to meet new friends around the world and send out lots of email. Will you be my friend, I hope so.... I love friends. Signed Lourdes P.S. Write me back......
Lourdes Machado">
Miami, FL, USA.
- Sat Mar 1 01:38:42 GMT 1997
- Fri Feb 28 02:01:33 GMT 1997
Hello Again Peggy... This is John... the school teacher sending another E-mail message to you. There are about 18 students from grade 8... Mrs. Walsh's Computer Class watching me send this message to you.
Hope you have a good day and thank you for letting us visit your page again... 3 times now.
Bye. John

Byfield, MA, USA.
- Tue Feb 25 17:40:27 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy... I contacted you on Sunday and told you that I would try to get back to you with a class of students.... Well here I am with about 17 grade eight students... I think they will all say "Hi"...there...did you hear them?
We liked your picture and hope that we can put some web pages up soon
Take care and we will talk to you again.


Byfield, MA, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Tue Feb 25 16:32:00 GMT 1997
I am 10,I'm in 4th grade.I like soccer,basketball and American football. I have 2 penpals and I love writing letters and reading. I have 2 little sisters,Rachel and Emily:.} Sarah

Lexington, MA, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Sun Feb 23 17:36:45 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy. Your webpage is very well done. I am a school teacher who is looking at sample web pages to show my students at Triton Regional School in Byfield, Massachusetts.
I will show them your page in a few days. Thank you for sharing your page with us.
Best Wishes. John


Hampton, NH, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Sun Feb 23 15:40:02 GMT 1997
I was born in Minnesota. My grandma can drive me up the wall.
Taryn Krug">

Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA.
I would like more Games on Peggy's Pages
- Sat Feb 22 18:23:28 GMT 1997
I'm in 6th grade. Loves Mysterys. Would like to make a home page of my own.
Amanda Berkley
Racine, WI, USA.
- Thu Feb 20 23:40:05 GMT 1997
nice's the smile =]
Heather Taylor">
col. hgts., VA, USA.
- Thu Feb 20 03:03:02 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy, I thought I'd sent you a short message to say HELLO!! I'm a student at St. Martin's College in Lancaster. I like your school's web site very much. It would be nice if a few more of the children in your school also got their own pages done.
Goodbye for now,

Lancaster, England.
- Wed Feb 5 10:21:25 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy
I'm visiting through my mum again. I am now a real school-pupil, in the 1st grade, and it is fun ! I'd love to have a pony of my own. But maybe I'll start riding again in spring. Nowadays it's mostly skiing. Bye for now ! Love from Margrete

Malvik, Trĝndelag, Norway.
- Wed Feb 5 09:27:58 GMT 1997
Dear Peggy I think your homepage is excellent. I particularly liked the recipe for dough models, which will be a wonderful idea for an activity with my nephew. Bye Gayle
- Mon Feb 3 15:01:26 GMT 1997
Have a good life. Preserve what is most precious, and leave behind distractions of no value. Rejoice with those with the wisdom to understand, and pity those who don't.
Tom Hagstrom">
Sandy, UT, USA.
- Mon Feb 3 06:27:19 GMT 1997
Hi!I like baseball hockey and video games.My brother's name is Bryan Great webpage!Bye!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Feb 2 14:32:38 GMT 1997
I am 9,from North America,I like sports,animals,biking, swimming,and art!If possible respond please I am very interested in England I'd be there if America wasn't discovered!
Richmond, Virginia, North America.
- Sun Feb 2 01:47:42 GMT 1997
I used to live in Giggleswick a long time ago until we emigrated to Canada in 1977. It is nice to see my old neighbourhood accounted for on the WEB. Your page is very nice. Keep up the good work.
Sheron Cooke">
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Feb 1 16:53:53 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy, Keep up the good work... just like my uncle seems to have written in September, it's a nice home page you have !!! I'm 12 years old and learned English at school. I think I would like to make a home page of my own!
Matti Eklin
Espoo, Finland.
I would like more Motorcycles on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Jan 31 16:41:17 GMT 1997
Am 50 year old computer programmer. Have written software to share with the world which is available from my home page. Basically a blank book or scrap book for text and images. Has some nice search and print capabilities so you can find things again and even print out copes of images for friends. If you are like me you forget things quickly. It is a good way to remember the things that make you who you are. If you run Windows on your computer you might enjoy giving this software a test drive. Best wishes always and in all ways. Life is precious - ENJOY it.
Trumansburg, NY, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Jan 31 10:39:46 GMT 1997
:)College student at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Ks. Fort Hays State Tigers NCAA Division II basketball champs. GO TIGERS
william c. bachman
hays , Ellis, kansas, usa.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Jan 31 07:31:57 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy! I am a mother of two children, 12 and 4. How did you create your own web page? This is terrific! Good for you!
Stacey Rittenberg">

Worthington, OH, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Thu Jan 30 15:16:12 GMT 1997
:-) @>--^--- I am 5 yr old in kindergarten. I want to be your friend. I copyied your picture and am bringing it to school for show and tell tomorrow. I liked your web site . It was really neat. I like to draw alot. I copy words off of everything. My mom helps at school in my class. She reads to my mates. What is your favorite toy. Mine is a doll baby that looks real. I take her to stores and people think im holding a real baby. I hope you like my class at school tomorrow. I will write you if you write me back. Your new friend, Nicole
Nicole Krueger">
Rocky Mount, NC, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Thu Jan 30 00:17:25 GMT 1997

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