Peggy's Sixth Golden Book

space I am 11 years old. I enjoy reading,swimming,playing soccer, horse backriding,drawing, and going to the beach.I like animals and I have two dogs.Their names are julliet and CoCO.
Carolyn Horne
Martinez, Georgia, USA.
- Wed Nov 13 23:48:40 GMT 1996
Ceres, California, USA.
- Tue Nov 12 17:50:54 GMT 1996
:-) Hi!!!!!!!!!!I am a girl.I am Hillary.Good day.This is for you.Peggy,i have one hat. My mum likes a nice girl.
- Tue Nov 12 01:22:44 GMT 1996
:-) Here's your smile. I looked at your pictures while you were sleeping. Hillary.
Hillary Bruce
Coquitlam, BC, Canada.
- Mon Nov 11 04:15:44 GMT 1996
I'm 13 and in grade 8 will you come to my page and sign my guestbook
Victoria, BC, Canada.
- Sat Nov 9 19:18:09 GMT 1996
Hi, my name is Lara Merkey and I am 7 years old and I live in the Rocky Mountains. I would like to be your pen pal--can you write me. I like gymnastics and like to play soccer. I go to Bauder Elementary School--it is a big school. We have 3 play grounds. Good Bye. Lara.
Lara Merkey
Ft.Collins, Colorado, USA.
- Fri Nov 8 04:34:32 GMT 1996
hello, I'm smiling!
- Wed Nov 6 14:53:37 GMT 1996

Hello Abilene

This is Samantha again. I like your drawings. Bye!
Samantha Chevrie
- Tue Nov 5 17:19:53 GMT 1996
Peggy, I wrote to you before and I'd like you to write me back please. love Brianna
Brianna Boggs
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Nov 5 17:17:13 GMT 1996
I am 8 years old......and I love sports!!! I go to ALPS at Bowie. I really like your picture book!! I am going to look at the rest.I'm sure I will like the rest.............BY!!!
Emily Foster
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Nov 5 17:14:01 GMT 1996
I am learning about email. I am 9 years old and in third grade. I like your home page.
Julia King
Abilene, Texas, U.S.A..
- Tue Nov 5 17:11:51 GMT 1996
Hi, I like your home page.You seem very nice. I wonder what it is like in England?
Abilene, Texas, U.S.A..
- Tue Nov 5 17:10:38 GMT 1996
I am eight years old.I am learning about France.You sound cool. I like your web page.
Samantha Chevrie
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Nov 5 17:07:08 GMT 1996
I would like to visit Englind one day. I am just learning how to do email. It is fun!
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Nov 5 17:06:27 GMT 1996

Hi Peggy! My wife Jean is a school teacher. She teaches 5 year olds. I have a 19 year daughter. She is in college studying to be an interpreter for the deaf. I hope you are enjoying school.
Ken Eister
Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
- Sun Nov 3 17:54:05 GMT 1996

I have brown hair and hazel eyes.Enjoy swimming and surfing the net.I am 5 feet tall,9 years old,and I am in 5th grade.Please write back very soon and maybe we can become pen pals.
Tasha Crabtree
Camarillo, California, USA.
- Sun Nov 3 01:45:38 GMT 1996
Hi, really great site. I love the graphics. If you get a chance, check out our site at
Denver, CO, USA.
- Sun Nov 3 00:52:43 GMT 1996
I am 11 years old. I love you and your sisters homepages. I live in a small country called New Zealand, which is a great place to live. I have some penpals that live in England like you. I found your homepage from Rachels homepage, which is a really good page too. I don't think you need much more on your homepage, but maybe a few more colourful pictues (even though you have lots of those all ready).
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.
- Sat Nov 2 01:36:42 GMT 1996
James Michael Edmondson
Albany, Georgia, United States of America.
- Fri Nov 1 05:41:35 GMT 1996
I am 14 years old and love to play volleyball, basketball and I run in track
Jessica Pearson
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.A..
- Mon Oct 28 23:39:33 GMT 1996
Just surfing the net and came upon you. God bless you, by-by.
Gary Hurst
Howey, Florida, USA.
- Mon Oct 28 04:10:59 GMT 1996
I'm 27 years old, and really I don't know how I found your page, but it was a very nice surprise to me. Congratulations, and regards from Argentina !!
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
- Sun Oct 27 07:17:33 GMT 1996
:-) Hi, My name is Irene and I have an eight year old daughter in the third grade. I volunteer in her class two hours a week. One thing I would like to do is introduce our class to yours. I don't really know how to go about this, but if you would help us we'd really appreciate it. I remember seeing a page where you asked some questions about us, but I can't remember where it was, can you help me? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Write me soon, Irene Simpson.
Irene Simpson
Lancaster, South Carolina, USA.
- Sat Oct 26 01:45:40 BST 1996
;-) I Like Biking And rolaskating at the Waterfront.
Wellington, NZ.
- Fri Oct 25 08:24:15 BST 1996
Hi! I wrote a short note to your sister, so I dropped by your page to say "hi!' to you. As I told your sister I don't have a good E-mail line set up, so I can't tell you one right now. But, I might drop by at another time. I really like you and your sister's pages. As I was going through home pages you and your sister's caught my eye because you live in England. If you read the note I wrote to your sister you will find out about a trip I took this past summer with my parents and brother to Europe. I really enjoyed it and miss all the people we met. I hope to come back one day. Well, maybe I'll drop by again sometime. Bye!!!
Greensboro, N.C., USA.
- Fri Oct 25 03:15:28 BST 1996
Hi Peggy,
I live in Bolton - le - Sands and work at Lancaster University. I went to school at Bentham Grammar 8 years ago and I found your page while searching for theirs.
Best wishes

G Bentley

Lancaster, England.
- Wed Oct 23 16:54:21 BST 1996
Hi Peggy, I love your page, do you like horses? I have a horse named Pepper I love riding him. He is an applalosa.I also love whales & dolphins. On the internet I saw a thing on Keiko.(Ka-ko) (he's a killer whale.) (orca) PLEASE! write me back. Bye! Brianna
Brianna L. Boggs
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Oct 22 02:15:07 BST 1996
I am a clown So I just thought I would say Hi my clown name is Happy. I work with children and I take classes to work with children. good luck
HappyGig :same">same
Vista, CA, USA.
- Sun Oct 20 07:22:04 BST 1996
Last summer I went to horse back riding camp. Do you like horses?
Oh by the way, I am 7 years old.

Kanata, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Oct 19 23:23:01 BST 1996
I'm ten years old . i am in Tumbling . im state & national champion.3 years in a row. i like the cowboy's i like to whach T.V i like school and my friands
chris thornton
melcher, iowa, u.s.a.
- Sat Oct 19 05:44:56 BST 1996
Hi!!!! I do not know what this but I'm writing anyway!!! I'll be back
Toronto, ontario, Canada.
- Fri Oct 18 01:18:12 BST 1996
Hi Peggy! I am a third grade teacher at Black Fox Elementary School in Mufreesboro, TN. I am tickled to be able to write you and sign your Golden Book.x I hope to hear from you. Lauren
Lauren Turley
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.
- Thu Oct 17 21:56:07 BST 1996
I have a little sister who is six! We live in Texas and are homeschooled! Keep up the good work on your page!
Erin Jones
- Wed Oct 16 21:40:42 BST 1996
You've done a fantastic job on your page. I would like to teach my 8 and 9 year old gifted students to do the same thing. Any pointers?

Save other peoples pages to your hard disk and cut and paste and add to them and look at them with your browser - Peggy's dad.

We would love to correspond via email with other children. Have a great day.
Jeanne Wray
Abilene, Texas, USA.
- Tue Oct 15 20:44:03 BST 1996

I am 7 yrs old. I have a brother(Justin) he's 9 yrs old. I like horses a lot, my friend takes pony riding lessons. She lives a long way away from my house. I go to Hellings Elementary School. On Wednesday's I go to B G Clubs my parents are leaders at the club. We had a camp-in a little while ago in the church. It was fun. I like your page
Delta, BC, Canada.
- Mon Oct 14 20:31:24 BST 1996
Hello from one Peggy to another!
Peggy Boyles
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
- Mon Oct 14 05:38:25 BST 1996
Hi, Peggy! I am a second grade teacher in a small city of 7,000. We are located in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. It is autumn and the leaves are quite beautiful this time of year. Have you ever visited the United States? Well, I'm supposed to be working on report cards , but I decided to surf the Internet instead. It's so much fun. Have a great day. Sincerely, Terri Lowder
Terri Lowder
Buena Vista, VA 24416, USA.
- Sun Oct 13 19:28:09 BST 1996
Nice work, please, come and sign a Canadian Guest Book! Thank you!
Claude Deslandes
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Oct 12 04:53:48 BST 1996
I am 16 years old. I go to Springville High School. I love animals! I play sports, ride horses and I have played the piano for 9 years.
Lisa Peterson
Springville, Utah, USA.
- Wed Oct 9 15:56:27 BST 1996
Peggy, I think that your page is excellent! Keep up the good work.
Ambleside, Cumbria, UK.
- Tue Oct 8 10:28:46 BST 1996
I'm A 9 year old girl, whose interests run from girl scouts to dancing (tap, Jazz and Ballet).I'm interested in learning about Great Britain.
Ashley June (AJ) Tennyck
Flanders, NJ, USA.
- Tue Oct 8 01:24:21 BST 1996
Have you ever haved to move away from your old house I have. I am 11 years old.How old are you. I miss my freinds.I bet you would are you do.You can write back if you want to.Speak to you to you soon. Kimberly Courtright
kimberly courtright
ceader rapids, IOWA, USA.
- Sun Oct 6 04:10:19 BST 1996
I am 12 years old. I think this page is really cool. I don't know how to make my own page, but this one is good enough for me!
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A..
- Sat Oct 5 22:15:48 BST 1996
My name is Frankie Anderson and I come from Bristol. I love horse riding and have a horse called Tom in Ireland
BRISTOL, Bristol, England.
- Sat Oct 5 12:48:21 BST 1996
- Tue Oct 1 00:46:16 BST 1996
Hi Peggy! Im Kaisa and Im 19 years old. My hobbies are riding, reading and skiing. I have one sister and one brother.
Kaisa Sillanmikko
Espoo, Finland.
- Mon Sep 30 21:13:13 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, you know me already, you have been to enough of my parties.

Annie Thistlethwaite
High Bentham, Yorkshire, U.K.
- Sun Sep 29 14:16:23 BST 1996
Hi I'm Alex and I'm nine years old. I am an American living in the Philippines because my Dad works here. I have lived in Thailand and China too. I am from Arizona. This is my very first E-mail letter that I have sent. Your Home Page is really cool. P.S. I am a girl.
Alex Nicole Drew
Manila, Philippines.
- Sun Sep 29 11:06:14 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, it's a wonderful thing to be six. My sister Betsy didn't always think it was such a good thing to have a big sister, but I suspect that your sis behaves so much better than I ever did. Destin and I think your mum is pretty and your dad looks like fun. Destin's grandma and his auntie will be visiting England in the spring. Bye Bye. Gayle and Destin from Alachua, Florida, USA (about 2 hours from Disney World).

- Sun Sep 29 01:11:53 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, greetings from Finland! It was nice to pass by your page. Lauri
Lauri Eklin
Helsinki, Finland.
- Thu Sep 26 13:50:41 BST 1996
Hi Peggy I am a 63 year old pentecostal preacher living just outside of San Diego, California. I think that your page is wonderful and really well done. I am a descendent of a William Forman that lived in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England about 1545. I was searching for information on William and his son Sir William when I found your page and decided to stop and say Hi.
John Foreman
Spring Valley, San Diego/California, USA.
- Tue Sep 24 08:07:30 BST 1996
ben :ben">ben
mass ush,
- Tue Sep 24 02:00:03 BST 1996
:) :) :) :)Hello my name is Micaela. Peggy, I think your homepage is really cute! It is really cool! Also, how did your dad make this guestbook?
Micaela Bontje
Thorndale, Ont, Canada.
- Tue Sep 24 00:13:20 BST 1996
IM 6 years older then you i have a dog and i like horeses
Cara Berk
dallas, Oregon, usa.
- Mon Sep 23 23:22:01 BST 1996
I am an elementary teacher. You have a Kool page.
Fred Siler
Bardstown, KY, USA.
- Mon Sep 23 02:22:29 BST 1996
I am 6 and I like doing art projects and going to camp. I also love the Beatles and Madeline.
stamford, CT, USA.
- Mon Sep 23 02:00:54 BST 1996
Hello, Peggy. I leave near the Rocky Mountains. I have never been to England, but would like to see it some day, including Yorkshire. My daughter, Alice is nearly six. She would probably like to get e-mail from you, and might reply. Yours, Richard Ware
Mr. Richard
Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA.
- Thu Sep 19 15:11:26 BST 1996
I'm 14 and I ummmmm...... I like to play Nintend of anykind and bike ride
Joshua Allmond
Robot1 Since Idaho's very own haven on the web)
Pocatello, Idaho,
- Wed Sep 18 00:08:16 BST 1996
:-) Hi Peggy!! Your page is AWESOME keep up the good work!! Sincerely, Kellie Symington P.S. You pictures are so cute!!
Kellie Symington
Vancouver, Washington, USA.
- Mon Sep 16 05:16:18 BST 1996
hullo, peggy -- i'm a rather overweight american of 48 years... i came to your page by searching for "swallows & amazons", which i first read when i was seven years old, myself (and then read all of the other books in the series as well). because of reading those books, i became very interested in england at a quite young age, and that interest has lasted me all of my life. i have been to england twice (in 1990 and 1992) to attend a music festival at cropredy, oxfordshire, that is run by the band Fairport Convention, whose music is the OTHER great thing that makes me love england. if you would like to send me e-mail, please do.
(by the way -- are you named after peggy in the s&a books?)

mike weber
atlanta, georgia, usa.
- Sun Sep 15 14:47:25 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, I am a student at Deakin University. I am 27 and am married to a girl whose surname was Edmondson and also who lived in England. Her family came from Clitheroe, Lancashire. I am just trying to find some connections for her family tree. Nice to talk to you. See you soon! From Wayne.
Wayne Landkroon :Waynel"> Waynel
Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
- Fri Sep 13 04:08:43 BST 1996
Hi Peggy. It was lovely to find your home page. I grew up in Barnoldswick, Lancashire not too far from you, I also worked in Caton for a while. Now I live in Mississippi. I like living here, it's very different driving past fields of cotton and soybeans than the lovely scenery in Lancashire. Also the weather is very hot here. Next time I bring my little girl to England to visit her grandma, I will be sure to show her Low Bentham. See you Peggy. Send me some mail!
Water Valley, Mississippi, USA.
- Thu Sep 12 20:05:22 BST 1996
kyle watts
- Thu Sep 12 01:01:05 BST 1996
Im 17 years old girl. Im in school and studying computers. I found your homepage and decided to say HELLO!! KEEP SMILING!!! Jessica
Tampere, Finland,
- Wed Sep 11 06:31:17 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, I just sent a message to your sister. I would like to hear from you to. I am six years old also. I would be nice to have a message from you and I will send back a message to you.
Hope to hear from you and your sister.

Toronto, Canada.
- Sun Sep 8 00:58:36 BST 1996
Nice page! I've got a son aged 6.His name is Alexander.
- Sat Sep 7 02:20:01 BST 1996
My son David, who is 12, would say Hello, but he is envious that you have a HomePage on the Web and he hasn't. How do you do it? He and I are descended from Lancastrian Edmundsons. Kinfolk?
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
- Wed Sep 4 22:41:33 BST 1996
Mother of 3 grown children, Granny of 1 small boy, husband is a veterinarian and we live on a small farm. Raise sheep. I teach piano in my private studio. We love animals and have horses, dogs, cats, etc. etc. It was fun to visit your page.
Mrs. Hansen
Corvallis, Oregon, USA.
- Tue Sep 3 15:40:43 BST 1996
I have been having fun looking at you and your sisters web pages...the drawaings are really nice. who did them? was it you or somebody
John Taylor
hunnerdacre wood, Maryland, USA.
- Mon Sep 2 02:36:52 BST 1996
Hi, girls. I was doing some research at work, happened to stray off into an inquiry on my own about the Child ballads, and found your Hobie Noble page. What strange connections we make on this Net! I'm working so I won't go into a long message, but I live in Washington, I work for a law firm, and my husband works for a member of our Congress (like your Parliament), and I have a son, Trevor, who's 3. When I was very young I happened to find the Child ballads and that was the start of a life-long interest in the old ballads. You know, they got carried over here to the new land, and many of them ended up in mountain music in our Blue Ridge! (That's in the Southeast, part of the Appalachian chain). I'm glad you like the ballad enough to put it on the Net, and I enjoyed looking at your pages.
Washington, DC, USA.
- Fri Aug 30 23:08:14 BST 1996
Hello Peggy!! I enjoyed your page. I,m very impressive. You are only six years old!!! Congratulations. Bye bye...
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Sun Aug 25 01:42:05 BST 1996
Hi Peggy, I can't believe you are so young and have your own page! If you like ALF visit me at my homepage :)
Sydney, NSW.
- Sat Aug 24 12:16:56 BST 1996
Great page you two have! I will show them to my 2, one of whom is 9, the other 7. They play soccer (football) all winter and sail in the summer. They are learning the internet slowly, and will be keen to see your pages...Thanks!
K. Davies
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- Fri Aug 23 06:29:29 BST 1996
8-) I'm the headteacher of Kingsway First School in Blyth, Northumberland and I have a cousin who lives and works at Keer Falls. I think that this place is near to your school. I have 2 children James (11) and Christina (16), a Samoyed dog called Storm and I'm a keen follower of football!
Charles Ellis
Longframlington, Northumberland,
- Thu Aug 22 20:31:26 BST 1996
Peggy, I loved your home page. I used to go to school in Lancaster a long time ago. Now I'm a teacher in Canada
Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada.
- Tue Aug 20 22:59:32 BST 1996
Mt.shasta, CA, USA.
- Tue Aug 20 04:26:41 BST 1996
:) Cool beans! I really enjoyed your page...You can write ne if you want (for address look on your sisters page) Bye-Bye
Josh Edmondson
Springfield, Missouri, USA.
- Tue Aug 20 04:17:41 BST 1996
Wanted to say Hi! and let you know how much I've enjoyed this cool site... Great Job! Please come visit me and check my page sometime at:
Jang Hee Yun
Yongin, South, Korea.
- Mon Aug 19 01:20:33 BST 1996
*great huge smile* hi, how are you peggy? i've blonde hair and blue eyes, enjoys alot of sporty things.
Hannah Russell
looe, cornwall, england.
- Sun Aug 18 15:39:56 BST 1996

OO     Hi Peggy,  I like your
\_/     Home page It is really Cool.
           Do you like my smile?  I like horses too.  Bye Cliff



Cliff Binion
Cleveland, Tn, USA.
- Fri Aug 16 00:10:27 BST 1996
Visited Low Bentham May 1996. Say hello to Mrs Tomlinson at Wenningdale.
Richard Bentham
Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
- Thu Aug 15 04:21:49 BST 1996
I am six years old and I am going into the first grade. I like to ice skate and roller skate. I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona. My dad got transferred.
Lisa Mattox
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.
- Wed Aug 14 19:21:33 BST 1996
Hello Peggy! My name is Johanna and I am 12 years old. I signed your sister`s guest book. I love both of your homepages! You are just 6 years old and have an own homepage! That`s just fantastic!!!! I don`t have an own!! Your homepage is wonderful! PLEASE write to me! I love horses, reading, writing novels, piano and much more! I have blonde hair and my eyes is blue and grey. I have two brothers (that`s Fredrik and Patrick) and one sister (that`s Josefin). My best friend`s name is Stina and she are very nice. Please (one more time) write to me!!!! My idols is Backstreet Boys! Johanna.
Johanna Lundholm
Falun, ??? What?, Sweden.
- Tue Aug 13 18:44:36 BST 1996
Hey, Peggy, I just signed your sister's guestbook. You both have very nice pages! -DeeDee :)
DeeDee Baldwin
Quitman, Clarke, MS, U.S..
- Tue Aug 13 18:05:55 BST 1996
Very nice and cool... Your homepage give lots of
information on how I can improve mine.
Come visit me and check my page sometime at:

Jang Hee Yun
Yongin, South, Korea.
- Sun Aug 11 05:45:02 BST 1996
Well I like you sisters page. And if your wondering about my name it is a family name. Dayton is a beautiful city it has 200 years of history. I once was in a Dayton historical play. Dayton is also famous for its wide streets.
Zornah Etter
Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Thu Aug 8 23:23:56 BST 1996
You can see my picture on our Home. Iam also 6 and shall be 7 in October. My Mums aunty lives in Hunstead in Lancs. I come from York and moved to Australia in 1992. I would love you to be my pen friend - would you like that? Maybe our mums can help us. From Ian
Ian Costley
Perth, WA, Australia.
- Mon Aug 5 09:46:29 BST 1996
Really cool page!
- Sun Aug 4 19:15:36 BST 1996
Hi Peggy, I LOVE your homepage!!!!!!!!!!.My name is Callie Steve- ns,and I'm 10 years old.I enjoy all of the sports,and I don't mean to brag but I'm prety smart for my age.Now I have to ask you something,how long did It take you to put together your Homepage?It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I have to go,WRITE ME from Your Pal,Callie Stevens
Callie Stevens
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Aug 4 18:16:38 BST 1996
Hi Peggy!! You have a very nice page!
Lindsay Darling
Abington, MA, USA.
- Sun Aug 4 16:27:06 BST 1996
: ) Love your page! Visit mine!
Lowell, MA, USA.
- Sun Aug 4 01:36:41 BST 1996
Hi, this page is really cool and so are you. :)
Andrew Levin
Aspen, CO , USA.
- Thu Aug 1 18:14:10 BST 1996
Hi Peggy! Great homepage! I'm eleven. You or your sister can write me back! Please write soon! Bye!
Bridget Tucker

Westminster, Mass., USA.
- Wed Jul 31 15:28:40 BST 1996
Hi Peggy!! I am called Julie. I signed Kate's guest book too. Your pages are cool!! I am 11 years old and I have brown hair. I love horses and I am interested in history. William sounds really sweet! Do you and your sister share him? I am very bored so please write back. Luv, Julie( Juliet)!!
Juliet Dawkins
Oxford, England.
- Sat Jul 27 19:21:03 BST 1996
I am Catherine. I am seven. I like what you have done. Please write to me. Love.
Wakefield, W Yorks, England.
- Thu Jul 25 19:46:18 BST 1996
Hi! I like your page. Very nice. Nice to meet you. Come visit my page sometime. God bless...
Owosso, MI, USA.
- Mon Jul 22 19:51:28 BST 1996
Hazlelton, USA.
- Sat Jul 20 05:15:02 BST 1996
13/f/br/br/Tae Kwon Do-purple belt found this on Erica Blairs homepage!
Danielle Martin
Rushvile, In, USA.
- Thu Jul 18 21:56:02 BST 1996
:) I live in PA and it sucks there

WE think this means she doesn't like it there..

Hazleton, PA, USA.
- Thu Jul 18 02:21:13 BST 1996

I am a Mom of 7 children, ages 3 years old to 17 years old. I have 4 daughters, one of which is Joy, six years old. I enjoyed looking at your homepage.
Wesa Brantl
Manhattan, KS, USA.
- Tue Jul 16 07:36:33 BST 1996
My children attend St.Wilfrid's C.E. School in Halton and it is a delight to have found your home page and read about the school
Halton, Lancaster,
- Mon Jul 15 21:42:33 BST 1996
I am 6 years old and will be going into first grade in September. I have a dog named Archie. He is a fun and goofy dog. I am going to a concert next month to hear Trisha Yearwood. I am also going into Brownies (a part of Girl Scouts). Please write back so we can be friends. Renae
Renae Schurbon
New London, Iowa, United States.
- Sun Jul 14 23:42:59 BST 1996
Josh is 6 and goes to Cayton County Primary School near Scarborough. alex is 4 (nearly 5) and will be starting at Cayton CP School in September.
Josh & Alex Howells
Scarborough, N. Yorks, U.K..
- Sun Jul 14 12:07:11 BST 1996
:-) Hi! My name is Jodi, I live in the USA, I love to get pen-pal! My hobbies are, reading, writing, swimming, and surfing the net. I am ten years old, it doesn't matter how old you are to e-mail me! I have red hair, brown eyes, many freckles (I hate them, I hate my freckles!), and I'm going to get braces soon! E-mail me! Note to Miss Peggy!:-D: Hi Miss Peggy! Your page is adorable! I think it's funny at the end of the form, how it says, Bother, start again! It's probably normal in England, and I'm not making fun, but it's kind of funny in the USA when someone says something like that, Bother...! I don't mean to be rude! I love your page! Signed, jOdI eRiN rOwElL
Jodi Rowell
Arlington, Texas, USA.
- Fri Jul 12 19:45:46 BST 1996
Hello I am 13 years old. And I go to St. Monica's school. I like to play the guitar and roller-blade.
Krissy :b.bayn">b.bayn
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Jul 10 20:26:20 BST 1996
I am 6 years old. I love animals I love kids and I love my home. I hope you are doing good & well. Bye!
Mendota Hts, Minnesota, USA.
- Tue Jul 9 02:45:40 BST 1996
I like to draw and I like to sing songs. I like to read and dance. I am 7.
danielle cox
Mandeville, LA, USA.
- Sun Jul 7 21:02:46 BST 1996
muskego, wis, Usa.
- Fri Jul 5 18:16:07 BST 1996
Hi, I have been to Lancasire,I love your potrait of yourself I am 12 years old in two months. Bye
Rhiannon Partington
Sydney, N.S.W, Austraila.
- Fri Jul 5 02:15:51 BST 1996
Hi ! I run a zine called Riot and if you are intrusted in recieving a copy e-mail me!
ca, usa.
- Wed Jul 3 21:19:34 BST 1996
My name is Devon and I am turning 5 years old on July 13. I have a sister whose name is Morgan. I like to paint. Yours truly, Devon
Devon Ward
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Jul 2 22:56:52 BST 1996
:) Hello, I'm Bridget. I like animals and books and the internet. Write to me!
Westminster, Massachussetts, United States.
- Tue Jul 2 01:58:15 BST 1996
tory is 3 and her mommy and daddy run soho cybercafe. she wants to make a homepage too!
st. louis, mo, usa.
- Mon Jul 1 18:43:13 BST 1996
I am 13 and I am visiting Napier University where my mum works. I have 1 dog, 5 cats and 2 gerbils. I have 1 sister called Gillian. I am horse mad and I love all animals. bye.
Pamela Fulton
Edinburgh, E.Lothian, SCOTLAND.
- Mon Jul 1 10:53:11 BST 1996
We live in Texas, near the coast. There are only a few cowboys here.
Darby Byrd
Orange, Tx, USA.
- Mon Jul 1 05:26:10 BST 1996
I am 21 years old and I was just wandering the net looking for horse treat recipes. Your page is really cute. I liked William. I just stumbled upon your page by accident. thank you for the fun and have a great day!
Cassandra Choate
Salem, Oregon, USA.
- Sun Jun 30 20:45:43 BST 1996
I am 7. I like Toysrus
Alex Boucouvalas
Poole, Dorset , U.K..
- Sun Jun 30 17:04:00 BST 1996

- Sun Jun 30 15:17:02 BST 1996
:-) My name is Kristen (-: I like to write stories. I am 9. I like the color purple. I am going into the 4th grade.
- Sun Jun 30 03:23:10 BST 1996
- Sat Jun 29 14:17:08 BST 1996
I'm 10 years old , I like oasis and pulp. I've two cats and two sisters who are older than me. Sive is 15 and Bevin is 17. I was born in Africa in a part called Swaziland. Ireland is lovely though at the minute I would like to go back to see my mum and dads friends. I read about your life and looked through your pictures I hope you will write to me soon! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fiona McCartan
Belfast, Ireland.
- Fri Jun 28 16:19:27 BST 1996
I am 11 years old.I cant stand you because you are a bore I am sorry to have to tell you that but you should know. Im only joking you, I have liked looking through your file it took ages to come up but when it finally came up I enjoyed it .please write back if you can Im bored . bye.
fiona kelly
belfast, Ireland.
- Fri Jun 28 15:38:48 BST 1996
I am 6 years old. I like swimming in the sea, and playing on the beach. I have four brothers and I love7:33:32 BST 1996
Hi!!!!!! My names Louise i am 6 years old i have got a cat called Tuppence and a sister calles Sarah who is 9 i like your page.
Oswestry, Shorpshire, England.
- Sun Jun 23 12:03:51 BST 1996
Hi, Peggy! My name is Leah.I signed your sister's guest book. I love both of your homepages! They are wonderful! Here's some stuff about me: I love horses, reading, writing stories or poems, piano, soccer, volleyball, school and a whole brunch of other stuff! I have blonde - ash hair and green eyes. I also wear glasses. I am eager for penpals! Please write to me! Leah.
Leah DeBlock
Brudreheim, Alberta, Canada.
- Sat Jun 22 02:25:58 BST 1996

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