Peggy's Fourth Golden Book

space Hi, Peggy! I am 6 years old. I'm in kindergarten. I spend lots of my time playing with my friends. Your web page looks really good. Well, gotta go, bye!
Kaydee :jfry@ok*">jfry@ok*

Clinton, MI, US.
- Mon Apr 8 00:39:28 BST 1996
Hi Peggy! I'm an 18 year old Swedish exchange student in the US. I was looking for information about Astrid Lindgren when I ended up on your page. You've done a great job with it, I like it alot. Bye Malin:-)
Malin Andersson :manders@ok*"> manders@ok*
Lawrenceville, NJ, US.
- Sun Apr 7 22:34:35 BST 1996
I'm 14 almost 15. I just got the internet so I'd love for you to E-mail me. I'm trying to meet people from all over the world.
Susan :wallbrid@ok*">wallbrid@ok*
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Apr 7 21:18:02 BST 1996
Im a swedish teatcher and this is the first time I use WWW. Im working as teacher in a small school in Sweden at the west coast. Thank you for your homepage as I liked
Maj-Britt Andersson :per.andersson@ok*"> per.andersson@ok*
- Sun Apr 7 20:06:26 BST 1996
Hiya fellows! Sending some sunny greetings from Sweden! Feel free to look at my HOMEPAGE !
Ewa :sk95-eac@ok*"> sk95-eac@ok*
- Sun Apr 7 15:11:33 BST 1996
Hello Peggy, my Mom and I were just looking for Easter cards and we came to your golden book. It is very cool. If you happen to know where Easter cards are or if you just want to e-mail someone e-mail me. I'm 11 years old and if you do E-mail me please tell me how to make my own home page. Bye,Lauren.
Lauren Ruiz :LMRuiz@ok*">LMRuiz@ok*
Indio, Ca., U.S.A..
- Sun Apr 7 04:21:02 BST 1996
i'm 7 years old. i have curly hair just like my dad. i'm in the first grade. my dad raises beagles. my favorite color is green and i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and 5 beagles. we are getting ready to have some puppies.
megan bates :jbates@ok*"> jbates@ok*
piqua, ohio, usa.
- Sun Apr 7 04:18:09 BST 1996
Hi again. I just read what I wrote and it didn't make sense. My grandfather was in the army and my grandmother was in the red cross. I also spelled studying wrong! My brother-in-law is from England. I'm not sure where. I hope you can help me with my recipe problem. Thanks again.
Rachel :scig@ok*">scig@ok*
LaGrangeville, NY, USA.
- Sun Apr 7 02:46:48 BST 1996
I found you on the Internet looking for a English recipe for a class in school. It is supposed to be from Elizabethan England, we are studing Shakespeare, but anything close would do! I am 13 and live an hour north of New York City. My grandparents were both in England during WWII, my father was in the army and my mother was in the Red Cross. They actually didn't meet until Germany in 1945 and they got married in Heidelberg. I hope you can help me with my assignment. I guess it would really be your parents, so thank you Peggy's parents. Rachel
LaGrangeville, NY, USA.
- Sun Apr 7 02:40:57 BST 1996
bryan lewis - Sat Apr 6 18:33:11 BST 1996
Very nice page Peggy !! I have just started my page and want to add a page for my daughter Lauren who is 3. My sister lives in Merton Park just outside of London. She has a son Christopher who is 10 and a daughter Elizabeth who is 8. Keep up the good work. Larry
Larry Firth (
Sierra Madre, CA, USA.
- Sat Apr 6 17:38:31 BST 1996
hi i like to watch tv my faverite show is rugrats i don't like math i have a penpal her name is katie
kamica )
Mohawk, ny, usa.
- Sat Apr 6 00:53:12 BST 1996
I am 5 years old. I have lots of pets. I live in the desert. Please write back. I have a backpack that my daddy's friend got at the London Zoo. Have you ever been there?
chelsea el paso, texas, usa.
- Fri Apr 5 17:49:37 BST 1996
Okay, I'm smiling. Nice Homepage! I'm living in America now, but I have lived in England for 5 and a half years (Over a fourth of my life!) It's our second home. I lived in Epsom, Surrey for most of it. Two of my brothers were born there. I want to go back soon! I work for an internet company here, and I have to say your homepage is "smashing!" Cheerio!
Joshua Eyre (
Provo, Utah, USA.
- Fri Apr 5 06:57:33 BST 1996
:) I am a 40 year old Industrial Controls Designer / Installer.
Mark Kelley Mt. Morris, MI, USA.
- Wed Apr 3 00:50:27 BST 1996
Just to let you know, your guestbook is on the useless list of guestbooks ( and yours is #19). -Erica

Palo Alto, CA, USA.
- Sun Mar 31 18:34:39 BST 1996

Katie Demeyer :i%20don't%20know">i don't know
- Sat Mar 30 23:31:06 GMT 1996
:) I really liked your page and your sisters page! I am just starting a page and this is a good page for me to get some ideas!! :)
Emily Hodson

Emily Hodson :mhodson@ok*"> mhodson@ok*
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
- Fri Mar 29 22:25:42 GMT 1996
no thanks
Oooooooooooooh grumpy - Peggy
nicolle corr :User875393">User875393
Gutersloh, Germany.
- Fri Mar 29 21:16:43 GMT 1996
I'm nine years old. I love to get on the internet and look at other children's web pages. I saw your sister's web page. I thought it was really cool like yours. I love to listen to music, play the piano, write letters , play outside, rollerblade, and much more. I really want to be an astronaut or a science and math teacher. My favorite actor is Bob Saget and my favorite actresses are Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. They live in California,USA. We are on our spring break. I don't know if yall have that or not, but that is when you are off school for a whole week during the school year. Gotta go, Katy Coleman
Katy Coleman
Palestine, Texas, USA.
- Thu Mar 14 21:29:57 GMT 1996
Peggy I am impressed by our home page, mine does not even look this good
Laurie :tiller@ok*"> tiller@ok*
Oswego, New York, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 23:50:16 GMT 1996
hello peggy, tu vois nous portons le meme prenom!j'ai 19 ans, bientot 20, le 23.04.96, et je suis heureuse de te parler. A bientot!
Nancy, france.
- Tue Mar 12 18:50:49 GMT 1996
Hi, Peggy ! I have now translated Margrete's page into English, and hope it is a little more fun to read. I also have a lot of links which I shall put into her page, and gradually there will be more to watch and check out. Have a nice day all of you ! (I guess your Dad will change the link to Margrete's page into the English version ?) Bye !
- Tue Mar 12 12:37:05 GMT 1996
I love to smile and visit People's homepage's.By the way I'm ten.
Katie Mckay :bbrown@ok*">bbrown@ok*
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Mon Mar 11 23:11:06 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy, I am now 11 years old. I am in sixth grade and go to the middle school. We change classes, and have different teachers for different subjects. Some of my hobbies are: collecting rocks, roller blading, knitting, and cats. I am a twin. My twin sister's name is Rose. We are not identical (thank God) but we are obviously sisters as we do share some of the same features. I have a little brother named John. He is seven years old. Please write back . Riva
Riva T. :sewingmd@ok*"> sewingmd@ok*
Schenectady, New York, USA.
- Mon Mar 11 02:15:25 GMT 1996
I'm 9 years old.I have brown hair and blue eyes.
Lindsey Burd :JCBURD@ok*MO.NET">JCBURD@ok*MO.NET
St.Louis, MO, USA.
- Sun Mar 10 16:43:50 GMT 1996
Hi, Peggy I think your home Page is brilliant! I love the Swallows and Amazons books. I only started to read them last year when I was 31.I just wish there were more of them! Love and best wishes from Sian
Sian Anderson :sian.a@ok*"> sian.a@ok*
Porthcawl, Mid_Glam, Wales.
- Sat Mar 9 21:46:56 GMT 1996
Hello this page is great
fh, dyhy, k.
- Sat Mar 9 21:37:10 GMT 1996
Peggy + Kate, why are your pages the same? (almost)
House style

- Sat Mar 9 21:34:51 GMT 1996
:-) Hi, I'm Sarah. I like to play horses. I am 4 years old, almost 5, and I love to play on the computer. Your page is fun. My birthday is May 18. I live in Cleveland, Ohio.
Sarah D'Agostino :dagosti@ok*"> dagosti@ok*
Cleveland, OH, USA.
- Sat Mar 9 20:53:46 GMT 1996
:-) Hi, I'm Sarah. I like to play horses. I am 4 years old, almost 5, and I love to play on the computer. Your page is fun.
Sarah D'Agostino :dagosti@ok*"> dagosti@ok*
Cleveland, OH, USA.
- Sat Mar 9 20:51:45 GMT 1996
Hi. I'm a Primary teacher. I teach children in year 4. They are a little bit older than you. We will be getting the internet into our school soon and I hope that some of my children will be able to write to you. I hope you get lots of replies to your peggy's page. Mrs. Craig
Mrs S A Craig :101336.131@ok*"> 101336.131@ok*
North Shields, Tyne & Wear, England.
- Sat Mar 9 09:55:16 GMT 1996
hello peggy. i'm learning how to use the internet, and did a search on all the edmondsons. i hope you have a lovely day. farewell from australia, kirsten.
perth, australia.
- Sat Mar 9 09:19:57 GMT 1996
Hello there, Im looking at your pictures. I think it's very much alike Ilon Wiklnads pictures. Do you know about her. She belongs to my family. Hello from Matthias
Matthias Wikland :carlsson.wikland@ok*"> carlsson.wikland@ok*
stockholm, Sweden.
- Sat Mar 9 09:12:17 GMT 1996
Hi, Peggy, I work as a television news producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in their Perth newsroom. (That's Perth Australia, not Scotland). Hope you get a lot of signatures in your visitors book! Good luck. Cheers, Mike.
Mike Edmondson
Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
- Sat Mar 9 04:05:51 GMT 1996
I'm 8 years old, in the 3rd grade. I like art. My birthday is 27 July 1987. I like to write stories.
Kathleen Murphy :murf@ok*"> murf@ok*
Newport News, VA, USA.
- Fri Mar 8 00:39:29 GMT 1996
=^..^= Hi, my name is cassie. I think your page is nice. I am looking for pen pals. I promise to write. I love school,biking, swimming, and my dog, Pebbles. I would like to learn about different countries. Bye
Cassie R. :CDRamp@ok*"> CDRamp@ok*
Plantation, Florida, USA.
- Thu Mar 7 21:03:22 GMT 1996
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Media Haus Inc.
- Wed Mar 6 23:56:20 GMT 1996
:) Hi Peggy ! In English-Norwegian wordbooks it says Peggy=Grete, so I guess we have the same name (well, almost...) We both have short forms from the name Margaret. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm impressed of your work, and I will bring my kids to your pages. My son is seven and my daughter is five. If you visit my homepages you can see pictures of them. I'm afraid my homepages are mostly in Norwegian, but the pictures will show ! Have a nice day !
Malvik, Trondheim, Norway.
- Wed Mar 6 09:31:51 GMT 1996
I'm 29, almost 30 (04-02-66).
Danny Dowler :ppdanny@ok*"> ppdanny@ok*
Santa Monica, California, USA.
- Sun Mar 3 02:31:32 GMT 1996
I'm much older than you Peggy and have a grandaughter 10 years old. My grandfather's father was from Grevesend, England. Do you know where that is.? I hope you get a lot of people to sign your book. Herb
Herbert Davis :hdavis@ok*"> hdavis@ok*
Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA.
- Fri Mar 1 02:43:28 GMT 1996
I'm ten years old. I like your page. Bye
Ben Torode :btorode@ok*">btorode@ok*
Dublin, Ireland.
- Thu Feb 29 20:53:51 GMT 1996
I am 9 years old, and in third grade. my great grandfarther was from lancaster, his name was bertie leadbeater.
Rachael c. Swift :RSwift2802">RSwift2802

Danvers, Massachuseetts, U.S.A.
- Tue Feb 27 01:19:44 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy My name is Roger, I live in a small village in North Wales. I'm a bit older than you, almost 40 years. If you would like to know more about me and where I live have a look at my homepage. Best wishes to you and all of the staff and pupils at your school. Have fun on the Internet. Regards Roger
Roger Thomas
Llanbedr, Gwynedd, Wales.
- Tue Feb 27 01:00:29 GMT 1996
Hi! *************************
- Mon Feb 26 22:30:05 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy! My name is Molly and I am 16 years old. This is a very cool page!
Molly Stehn :cubsfan@ok*"> cubsfan@ok*
Emmetsburg, Iowa, USA.
- Mon Feb 26 22:25:48 GMT 1996
Congradulations on all of the people from different countries. I'm 14 years old and I'm in the 8th grade. I like horses and the counry side.
Kylin Skyla Long
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
- Sun Feb 25 17:05:22 GMT 1996
I'm 13 years old and am in the 7th grade. I like cats and space.
Alesis Aquiel Bentley
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.
- Sun Feb 25 17:00:17 GMT 1996
WE LOVE PONIES! we have a cute pony called William.He is welsh, and he is 14.2hh. He's also a rather cutesome bay,and he LURVES jumping. I,(emma)LOVE Pulp and Jarvis Cocker(well done for making the Brits!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Bye!!!!!
Emma + Micha
london, islington, GB.
- Sun Feb 25 15:19:29 GMT 1996
I'm 28 years old, born in Moscow, live in Moscow 'n' as I think I'll die in Moscow :(((
Aleksey Fomin
Moscow, Russia.
- Thu Feb 22 15:59:25 GMT 1996
I am a teacher showing another teacher how the WWW works
terry russell
London, England.
- Mon Feb 19 10:35:01 GMT 1996
My name is Jessica.I'm 9 yrs.old. I live in Collins MS.I really like your home page.See Ya!
Jessica Broadus
Collins, MS , USA.
- Sat Feb 17 23:27:48 GMT 1996
Hi my name is Karryn. My birthday is July 12th. I am six years old. I like stories, drawing, and make believe.
Karryn Bavin

Foxboro, MA, USA.
- Sat Feb 17 01:14:09 GMT 1996
I really like your homepage, It has a great sunny quality that I haven't seen anywhere else. It really made my day. Thanks.
Dan Hughes
Sunderland, England.
- Fri Feb 16 12:04:11 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy! Did you really do this on your own? Even if not, its great! Were a young family from Germany. Our daughter is 4 years old, shes called Anouk, but wants to be called Pippi Langstrumpf (Longstocking), and shes going to have a sister in about two weeks' time. Do you enjoy Astrid Lindgren-Books, too? By the way, if any student couples with children should read this, send me a line about your experiences in studying with children... Bye, Anne
This was Anne's part and here's mine !!!
First of all I wish you a happy birthday for the next 52 years, and hope you will keep being six for the next 53 years !!! Tell me, are parents really as mean and stupid as they are described in these children's books ??? Well, I hope not !!! Have a good time: Bye Yoram ! (Anouk just went to bed, but she loves to come to England and play with you one of these days....

Anne, Yoram and Anouk
Trier, rheinland-pfalz, germany.
- Thu Feb 15 20:42:59 GMT 1996
:) I work in a college computer lab helping people to understand how to use computers. I was surfing the net and found you page!...take care!
Douglas Harding
- Thu Feb 15 03:35:03 GMT 1996

Hi from a Swiss in Sweden

Ronneby, Sweden.
- Thu Feb 15 01:57:09 GMT 1996
Hello Peggy. I think your homepage is amazing. Especially the photo's of you and your sister in Cornwall. Please write to me. I'm from Nottingham but I'm at Hull University at the moment. My sister likes horses too, but I was never into riding, I go to aerobics instead. Bye bye, Catherine. P.S.but donkeys are nice.
Catherine Davis
Nottingham, Notts, England.
I would like more Donkeys on Peggy's Pages
- Wed Feb 14 14:05:23 GMT 1996
I just wrote this to your sister but I'll write it to you again. I am sorry but I can't give out the info. on where I live. I like yours and your sisters pages alot. ( tell this to your sister to, I forgot tell her. I would appreciate it if you wrote back) I am nine years old.
- Wed Feb 14 04:05:57 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy, My name is Tad. I'm 24 and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I searched for the name Peggy because Peggy is one of my best friends. I visited England this Christmas for the first time. My friends live in High Wycombe. England is very pretty. I think you have a very good home page. Keep up the good work. Tad Reynolds
Tad Reynolds
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
- Wed Feb 14 00:04:48 GMT 1996
Peggy, Lovely page. More kid's should understand how you can make friends around the world using the net.
Kevin Davies-Walters :kevindw@ok*"> kevindw@ok*
Bristol, Avon, UK.
- Tue Feb 13 22:46:40 GMT 1996

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