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Your Name Here :-)

:-) Your family's home pages are brilliant! I like horses a lot and I miss my horse Cloud because I am at University in Hull. Keep smiling!
Gemma Teed :G.C.Teed@ok*"> G.C.Teed@ok*
Hull, Humberside, England.
- Mon Feb 12 15:07:47 GMT 1996
Hi my name is Briana Morella. I am 10 years old, but I still enjoyed your page a lot! Keep uo the GREAT WORK, Peggy!
Briana Morella :morella@ok*"> morella@ok*
Dundas, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Feb 10 15:52:38 GMT 1996
Great to see your work well done
Gwyn Davies :gwyn.davies@ok*"> gwyn.davies@ok*
- Fri Feb 9 22:34:54 GMT 1996
Greetings & salutations, You show much promise. You have great skill and intelligence for one so young. Very pleasant page. Goodbye.
Russell Morris
Camden, Arkansas, USA.
- Fri Feb 9 02:10:10 GMT 1996
hi peggy. i stumbled upon your page by accident and am leaving a message as a courtesy. i have friends whou once lived in lancaster but they moved to windermere. they are the capps. good luck with your page! jc
Joe Carelli :gothicjc@ok*"> gothicjc@ok*
new york city, new york, usa.
- Thu Feb 8 20:55:38 GMT 1996
:-) Hi Peggy, I am IT Coordinator at The LAKES SCHOOL in Windermere, not far from you. It was nice dropping in on your page. I imagine you make lots of new friends like this! I hope you are enjoying the snow. Duncan.
Duncan Rhodes :lakes@ok*"> lakes@ok*
- Thu Feb 8 16:26:28 GMT 1996
Hello peggy, I was very impressed with your homepage which is much better than
mine but I will be improving it later hopefully.
It appears to be one of those which is eternally under construction.
Am I the only University student who looks at home pages for primary schools instead of going to lectures?
If there are any more of you out there then drop me a line
Keep smiling!

Andy :mbge5amw@ok*"> mbge5amw@ok*
Manchester, UK.
- Mon Feb 5 11:00:36 GMT 1996
Hi my name is Lindsay and Im 11 I have my own home page to but it is not colerful but how did you get yours so colerful? It is very unique!

Lindsay Honaker :Lhonaker@ok*"> Lhonaker@ok*
Parkersburg, USA, USA.
- Mon Feb 5 03:39:12 GMT 1996
It was fun finding your page. My wife is from Harrowgate, UK,and we will be visiting there next month. We have two little girls, ages 8 & 5. Best regards, Michael
Michael :mkitt@ok*">mkitt@ok*

Warrenton, VA, USA.
- Mon Feb 5 02:33:52 GMT 1996
I am a first grade teacher and I am looking for a good play dough recipe. That is how I found your page.
Lori Payne :lori.payne@ok*"> lori.payne@ok*
Heber, Utah, U. S. A..
- Fri Feb 2 00:27:31 GMT 1996
I'm a technology coordinator/instructor for my school district. You have a very nice page! Are you really 6?

Only just!

Richmond, California, USA.
- Thu Feb 1 21:42:56 GMT 1996

:* :) 8) These are the best smiles I can do witout pictures! I teach computers to students in Kindergarden through 6th grade at Fredon Twp. Elementary School. I was exploring the internet and I found your page. Very nice!! We are looking for pen pals in other countries for 4th grade students. Please let me know if any children in your school are interested. Thank you :)
Mrs. Opitz :sopitz@ok*"> sopitz@ok*
Newton, New Jersey, USA.
- Thu Feb 1 16:55:55 GMT 1996
It's me again. Have you forgotten me already
Uncle Malcolm
- Tue Jan 30 12:23:43 GMT 1996
- Mon Jan 29 01:29:30 GMT 1996
ken jones :kenny@ok*"> kenny@ok*
lewisville, denton/tx, usa.
- Sun Jan 28 16:29:08 GMT 1996
I am five years old and I like to go rollerblading with my mom. I go to kindergarten. I have lots of friends! Write back to me!
Cammey :cynthia_koral@ok*"> cynthia_koral@ok*
San Francisco, California, USA.
- Sun Jan 28 00:47:06 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy My names Jody. I'm 12 and I realy enjoyed looking though your homepage Bye Jody
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
- Sat Jan 27 23:52:26 GMT 1996
Hello, Peggy! When I was a little girl, we didn't have things like internet connections in our schools. And guess what: even though I am living far away from you, in America, I actually grew up in a little town called Ramsbottom, which is in Lancashire! Perhaps you can find it on a map! Where I live now is much different than Lancashire, but it is a nice place to be.
Tracey :merya@ok*">merya@ok*
Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA.
- Fri Jan 26 23:55:19 GMT 1996
I'm a mom with a 2 year old and 5 month old, and my husband and I founded a software co. called Vividus which creates children's software. Our first title is Amazing Animation. I am also a violist. I love your page.
Wendy Cornish :wcornish@ok*"> wcornish@ok*
Palo Alto, CA, USA.
- Thu Jan 25 03:28:09 GMT 1996 from
I am almost 8 years old, like you. I used to take horseback riding and I might again in the spring. The pony that I ride is named Magic. I am in the second grade. I have a brother in Kindergarden and his name is John. I have another brother named William who is 5 months old. I take Irish step dancing lessons. My brother takes piano lessons. We use a Macintosh computer.
Julianne Tylko :btylko@ok*"> btylko@ok*
Boston, MA, USA.
- Thu Jan 25 00:09:48 GMT 1996 from
Well, I just surfed into this page by mistake really. I'm a bored student at the university of Newcastle, England. Everyone who reads this, drop me a line via e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.....It beats work!
Wendy Taylor :n4124330%25town4@ok*"> n4124330%town4@ok*
Sheffield, England.
- Tue Jan 23 21:28:34 GMT 1996 from
hi cool page jen
jenny :jah595@ok*"> jah595@ok*
southampton, hampshire, uk.
- Tue Jan 23 10:16:54 GMT 1996
I am a teacher searching the net. I am very impressed by your home page. I teach government and American History.
Columbia, MO,
- Sun Jan 21 22:33:25 GMT 1996
Hi, I am fourteen and I just thought it was quite a coincidence that my name is Peggy and my older sister's name is Kate!! I like your home page, it is so cute and i am sure you worked really hard on it too! It shows!!!
Peggy Madonna
Aliquippa, Pennsylavania, US.
- Sun Jan 21 19:37:08 GMT 1996
MORGAN HUBLEY :lhubley@ok*"> lhubley@ok*
dartmouth, nova scotia, canada.
- Sun Jan 21 15:20:05 GMT 1996
Hidie ho from the colonies. Canada that is (Snow, Beavers, igloos) Happy birthday from all of Canada your Friend ZERO
Matt Hudson :Ajiwani@ok*"> Ajiwani@ok*
Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada.
- Sun Jan 21 06:48:27 GMT 1996
I am children's author. Perhaps you'd like to visit my page and learn all about me and my family? We were in the UK in 1991, and we long to go back.
Stephen Gard :sgard@ok*"> sgard@ok*
Thirlmere, NSW, AUSTRALIA.
- Sat Jan 20 01:52:16 GMT 1996
i am a bit older than you peggy and have three children, Elizabeth,12, Emma, 8 yesterday, and William , 5. you have a very fine home page for someone so young. keep up the good work.
kevin :kmackie@ok*"> kmackie@ok*
boston, MA, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 13:33:56 GMT 1996
:) I'm a tuba player who thinks he's a penguin. Mostly I like to surf the net, and explore homepages. It was your birthday, so I went to yours.
Donald Adamek :dsa@ok*">dsa@ok*
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A..
- Thu Jan 18 09:25:28 GMT 1996
Hello Peggy
I wish you a veryvery nice day!!!
Greetings from Switzerland (Cheese, mountains, chocolate, ... ).

   ;-) Frank

*          _______                                                      *
*        ______   |                                  ___________        *
*       ______  | |         catch the wind           \    _    /        *
*     ______  | | |         and fly a kite            \  /_\  /______   *
*           | | |                                      \/ \ \/ _    /   *
*           | |             Frank Ellerkamp                \  / \  /    *
*           |               fellerka@ok*                 \/   \/     *
*                                                                       *
*                 Visit my Homepage:               *
*                                                                       *

PhoKite :fellerka@ok*">fellerka@ok*
Rapperswil, ZH, Switzerland.
- Thu Jan 18 09:04:01 GMT 1996
Happy Birthday Dear Peggy And Happy New Year To You ! Best Wishes, Mikko
Mikko Rantakallio :mikko@ok*"> mikko@ok*
Lappeenranta, Finland.
- Thu Jan 18 07:29:29 GMT 1996
Just a note from a complete stranger: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Donovan Ethier :ethid@ok*"> ethid@ok*
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
- Thu Jan 18 05:26:11 GMT 1996
I am a chinese male. 20 yrs old. working now.
Rossi Kwan :rossi@ok*"> rossi@ok*
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
- Thu Jan 18 05:20:24 GMT 1996
and Happy Birthday!!
- Thu Jan 18 04:30:22 GMT 1996
Very nice web page!
- Thu Jan 18 04:27:56 GMT 1996
Very nice, indeed! It was a pleasure to visit your page. Regards, Nick
Nick Moore :walrus@ok*"> walrus@ok*
Findlay, Ohio, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 04:10:13 GMT 1996
Aloha Peggy, I am writing this to you to send you a Happy Birthday greeting from Hawaii. In Hawaiian Happy Birthday is "Hauoli la hanau", pronounced How O Lee La Ha Now. Today my third grandson was born. His name is Cameron Kimo Maluhialani Keats. Maluhialani means the "divine giver of peace". If you would like to learn more about Hawaii the following link will get you just about everywhere If you want to see my older grandsons Cody (4 1/2) or Kyle (2 1/2) check my daughters page above. They live in New York and have a catalog business, "Jamin' Leather" The kids are on the childrens apparel page. Other pages are for grown ups. Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY and a great year. Aloha, Dennis
Dennis Huddy :dhnavph@ok*"> dhnavph@ok*
Wahiawa, Hawaii, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 03:33:38 GMT 1996
:O) I am working late tonight, and I found your page by a random link. I needed to smile a bit and I did. I am leaving now, my friends and I are going out for pizza. Bye!
John :johnb@ok*">johnb@ok*

Berkeley, CA, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 02:35:31 GMT 1996
Hi! I am 7 years old. I like to read.I have been to London and it's a nice place to live! I have four people in my family. Please write back. From: RACHEL
Rachel Engler :engler@ok*"> engler@ok*
Washington, U.S.A..
- Thu Jan 18 01:53:26 GMT 1996
About me... Hmmm, I'm a computer nerd who actually gets paid to do something he enjoys. Check my home page for all the details.
Dale Miller :domiller@ok*"> domiller@ok*
Little Rock, AR, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 00:53:20 GMT 1996
I'm 52 years old, but it doesn't matter. Happy birthday to you. Be happy...
Armando Miller :amiller@ok*"> amiller@ok*
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
- Thu Jan 18 00:32:04 GMT 1996
Peggy, Happy birthday. What a wonderful page you have. Don't let anyone tell you that math and science are beyond your talents. Keep up the good works. Eat a piece of cake for me.
Wayne Patterson :wayne@ok*"> wayne@ok*
San Diego, California, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 00:16:49 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy! Lovely page you have! I found your school's site from an internet search for 'Bentham'. I work at Avnet here in America and am responsible for the development of our own web site. The content may be a bit technical for a home audience, but it is great fun to work on. See you on the i-net! John C. Bentham site.
John C. Bentham :jbentham@ok*"> jbentham@ok*
Tempe, AZ, U.S.A..
- Wed Jan 17 19:24:50 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy, I like to start my day off with a happy note. I select at random a celebrant from the World Birthday Web. Guess what Peggy? Today I selected you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and many more my little friend. I hope that your special day brings you joy and lots of gifts. As for me, I am meek mild mannered, Duke ordinary. Sometimes known as the Archivist for Woodstock Ventures. Producers of Woodstock (69) and Woodstock(94) and much more. I even bookmarked your page, so when my Grandaughter comes she can see it. Bye bye Peggy.... Peace and Love Duke Devlin
Duke Devlin :yasgur69@ok*"> yasgur69@ok*
Bethel, New York, U.S.A..
- Wed Jan 17 14:46:12 GMT 1996
Congratulate You with the coming up Day of Your Birthday and wish You the best
Denis :diskiyae@ok*"> diskiyae@ok*
Netanya, Israel.
- Tue Jan 16 13:48:08 GMT 1996
I am a Grade 11 student who is very interested in Acting. I live by a lake that has beautiful swans that stay here all winter. I am also very active in the Girl Guides of Canada. Have you ever been a Brownie? Have a very nice day! and thank you so much for the Play dough recipe. I am making artificial food for my stage craft class out of it. Cheers from Sunny Savona Carrie Jones
Carrie Jones :creative@ok*"> creative@ok*
Savona, B.C., Canada.
- Tue Jan 16 02:50:34 GMT 1996
I am 11 years old.I liked your page
Holly Cuningham :mcunnig@ok*"> mcunnig@ok*
- Sun Jan 14 23:11:46 GMT 1996
Greetings from Switzerland Vili GrŁess us de Schwiz
zuerich, zh, ch.
- Sun Jan 14 13:23:08 GMT 1996
Hello I am 11 years old.My B-day is Jan 26.I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Kristen l Gold
Bethlehem, Conaicate, U.S.A.
- Sun Jan 14 00:11:16 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy!
Thanks for posting your recipes for play dough and paper mache on the Internet. My son, Evan, is 4 years old, and we are making a model of a volcano. If you'd like to see a picture of the volcano near our house, see Mt. Rainier at
Thanks again!

Andy Thomas :althomas@ok*"> althomas@ok*
Redmond, Washington, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 23:37:31 GMT 1996
I am twelve years old and new to this Internet thing. I have gotten quite a lot of fun out of these home pages. I love looking at all these pictures! Keep up the good work!
Grantham, NH, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 17:37:49 GMT 1996
Hi Peggy, nice to see that you have a home page. I have a daughter Lucy aged 11 and a son James aged 7. I am trying to get their school on the net. Bye for now
:70374.3506@ok*"> 70374.3506@ok*
Aylesbury, Bucks, UK.
- Sat Jan 13 11:54:08 GMT 1996
Edmonton, ALTA, CANADA.
- Sat Jan 13 09:10:41 GMT 1996
Wow - how do you do it? I am over four times your age and can't do the things you do.
Graham Foulds :G.A.Foulds.01@ok*"> G.A.Foulds.01@ok*
Carmarthen, Dyfed, Wales.
- Mon Jan 8 17:33:45 GMT 1996
Hello, Peggy. I happened to find your sister Kate's web page, and of course I didn't want to leave you out. I did enjoy many of your links. I do wish I had your play-dough recipes when I was teaching children your age! Well, I hope you have a wonderful and happy time learning and growing. Best wishes.
Brett Nishikawa :s99nishikawa@ok*"> s99nishikawa@ok*
Rockville, Maryland, USA.
- Sun Jan 7 04:32:12 GMT 1996
Hello Peggy ;-) I found you while searching for Astrid Lindgren. You must be one of the so called "future kids" already working professionally with your computer. You have a very nice home page - well done! Best regards from Anders in Sweden - the country of Astrid Lindgren!
Anders Bergquist :anders.bergquist@ok*"> anders.bergquist@ok*
Vrnskvldsvik, Sweden.
- Fri Jan 5 14:38:56 GMT 1996
miss; i have a hard time beliving you are 6. however, i can get over it. i hope your new year is going well! Happy, happy---joy, joy. CHA!
bob dobbs :bdobbs@ok*">bdobbs@ok*
lexington, ky, usa.
- Thu Jan 4 23:17:21 GMT 1996
Well done titch. You seem to be a computer expert. I am studying computer science at durham university and can't even create a home page! All the best and keep up the good work. By the way alexia isn't going to have a baby, I was just showing her how to use the internet and thought it would be funny to annoy her!
Mike armer :M.S.Armer@ok*"> M.S.Armer@ok*
- Thu Jan 4 21:33:07 GMT 1996
I am 19 years old and am about to have my second baby. I am studying combined arts at Durham Uni which is hard work
- Thu Jan 4 21:28:04 GMT 1996
To Peggy, your page is brilliant. I am an nine year old girl who goes to St Conaire's school.I am in third class.My only other e-mail was to your sister about a month ago. Bye for now Louise
Louise Butler :gbutler@ok*"> gbutler@ok*
Shannon, Clare , Ireland.
- Wed Jan 3 20:16:16 GMT 1996

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