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Nice place!Write to me.... :)
Dan Persson
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Tue Jan 2 12:51:31 GMT 1996
Hi! I'm Marisa, 13 years old, living and loving it in California. I love dogs, my Compaq 486 computer, the internet, and the corals in my dad's fish tank. My favorite sports are football, skiing, swimming, and soccer. I also play a bit of basketball. How are things in England? Please write a little note back and visit my homepage! :)Marisa
Marisa Louie
San Bruno, CA, USA.
- Mon Jan 1 06:41:25 GMT 1996
Just thought I'd say hello!
L. A., California, USA.
- Mon Jan 1 06:04:16 GMT 1996
Hi! I wrote to your sister Kate.She is my age.I like your homepage.I'm in third grade at Linden Elementry.I'll try to get you my e-mail address. Bye, Dierdre
Dierdre Shea
Pittsburgh, Pa, USA.
- Sun Dec 31 20:28:09 GMT 1995
Hello Peggy, My name is Rachel I am 9. I enjoyed your pages. Happy New Year.
Rachel Burke
St. Helens, Merseyside, England.
- Sun Dec 31 16:20:00 GMT 1995
My name is Kate Linner. I have brown eyes and blond hair.
Homer, Alaska, USA.
- Sat Dec 30 21:05:32 GMT 1995
Greetings! Merry Christmas to you from Canada, home of the tall snow drifts. My name is Peggy too, so I thought I'd sign your guest book. Take care and best wishes for 1996.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Thu Dec 28 02:15:50 GMT 1995
Hello my name is Joanna I am 4 years old
Joanna Lundbladh :100337,3656">100337,3656

Stockholm, Täby, Sweden.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Tue Dec 26 11:45:38 GMT 1995
Hi,Peggy. I came here from Kate's Page. I'm teach Economics at a community college near San Diego. Have a nice day!
Bruce Barnett

San Diego, California, USA.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Dec 22 18:33:07 GMT 1995

Ronja Halling
umeå, västerbotten, sweden.
- Fri Dec 22 14:16:55 GMT 1995
hello peggy, I hope santa brings you a lovely present.
graham lee
lancaster, england.
- Fri Dec 22 10:07:06 GMT 1995
i am an adult who likes computers alot and play video games. never been to uk before just in the states/
lowell elliott
mechanicsville, virginia, usa.
- Fri Dec 22 06:01:48 GMT 1995
Hi. I,m in 6th grade at Roosevelt Elementart. I,m 12. Other kids from my class may write.
Sarah Kay
Elkheart, Indiana, America.
- Tue Dec 19 15:47:54 GMT 1995
Just rah ok?
Cardiff, S. Glam, Wales.
- Tue Dec 19 15:03:08 GMT 1995
Hi Peggy! I haven't written to you before but I've written to Kate. Your page is brilliant! Write back if you want, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love Becky xxx
Cardiff, S.Glam, Wales.
- Tue Dec 19 14:54:38 GMT 1995
I am including your homepage, yours sister's page, Astrid's Page, Stephanie's Page and Stephanie's sister's page in my homepage.
Palo Alto, California, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 20:01:48 GMT 1995
I was researching the Amazon and stumbled upon the page. Oops! Best wishes, Bob
Bob Loveland
Gainesville, GA, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 19:36:45 GMT 1995
We are twins seven years old.
Connie & Lena Page
Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 01:48:34 GMT 1995
Halló ég er 10 ára stelpa og ég er sætasta stelpan í bekknum mínum. Ég er líka svakagóð í körfubolta.
Elísabet Margeirsdóttir
Reykjavík, Ísland.
- Sat Dec 16 18:23:47 GMT 1995
You have wonderful homepage :)
Valdo Praust
Tallinn, Estonia.
- Sat Dec 16 14:13:47 GMT 1995
Hello Peggy! I really like your page and Kate's page. I think you're a great girl. I have a page too, visit it! Oh well! Got to go, and keep up the good work
Marie Claude Dussault (11 years old)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Sat Dec 16 13:21:08 GMT 1995
:) Hi Peggy, I'm originally from Hull and came to the US in 1974. I love it here though tonight I'm just back from walking my 2 dogs (Dalmatian and Greyhound) in 9" of snow !! I found your page thru Swallows and Amazons - aren't they just wonderful books ? Does your Dad/Mom read them to you ? Or am I so out of touch that it's a TV series now ? I saw them listed under Blue Peter - still going eh? I loved the sneaky eyes on your page !! You've inspired me to go back and read the books again - thanks !!! Take care Will
Will Mc Kenna

Ridgefield, CT, USA.
- Sat Dec 16 03:43:55 GMT 1995
;-) I am 10 years old. Ilive on an island,just like you. It's hot here even though it's December, 15. What is the weather like in England?
Mary Schuckhart
Galveston, texas, U.S.A.
- Sat Dec 16 01:56:28 GMT 1995
We are looking to see how other schools are getting on with being online. We like your work.
Millfields School

- Thu Dec 14 13:54:02 GMT 1995
Hi little one, intersting page you have, very nice - I have a 4 year old son myself but unfortunately he is not on my webpage I will consider putting pictures of him up at some time in the future but my page is mostly for my musings on life. You take care and enjoy life. Ivan
ivan williams
fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.
- Thu Dec 14 08:12:49 GMT 1995
Hi, I love your home page! Merry Christmas! Lynn
Lynn Thompson
Los Angeles, California, USA.
- Tue Dec 12 20:39:55 GMT 1995
Here's a big smile from the land of Mickey Mouse!
Orlando, FL, USA.
- Tue Dec 12 03:44:01 GMT 1995
Hi Peggy, I love your page ! Well done - have a good christmas - you deserve it. Have a look at my homepage too... Bye
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.
- Sun Dec 10 14:39:19 GMT 1995
Hello sunshine! :)
Da Zupa Babe
Ronneby, Sweden.
- Sat Dec 9 20:58:01 GMT 1995
:-) Hi Peggy. Well what can I say, I have seen many Home Pages of Computer Professinals but yours is by far the best! It's so simple and clear. Please keep up the good work here and at school, also good luck in the future!!! Yours Chris :-) (Turn your head to the left, you should see me smile!!) ;->
Chris Cullen
Manchester, Greater Manchester, England.
- Sat Dec 9 12:03:07 GMT 1995

Kansas, USA.
- Sat Dec 9 06:51:31 GMT 1995
Well, I'm 18 and I'm jealous that you know more about this stuff than I do! I'm just kidding , I'm really impressed. Good luck, Peggy!
Rachel McGrew
Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA.
- Sat Dec 9 00:02:14 GMT 1995
I am a 8 year old boy. I live in Hollviken, a very small town very close the south coast. My best friend is called Bjorn.
martin löwgren
höllviken, sweden.
- Fri Dec 8 19:28:50 GMT 1995
Hi Peggy! I just want you to know I LOVE your page and Kate's page. I'm going to make a link to both of them on my page. I have a section of Girls pages on my page!!! It's for girls 6-16 but even though your 5 your almost 6!!!! I'm 11. Danielle
Danielle Coffey
Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A..
- Fri Dec 8 09:17:17 GMT 1995
I'm 47 years old. I like meditation, surfing and cats.
Jerry L. Pianka
Mtn. View, California, USA.
- Fri Dec 8 05:57:02 GMT 1995
My name is Matthew and this is my first time on the internet. I think your home page is very good. How did you make it? Why doesn't Mathew have a home page? How long have you been using the internet for? I am 12 years old and enjoy being chased by Magpies while riding to school. I have a bomb of a motor bike. I ride it on my farm. Iwould love to hear from you. Matthew
Amamoor, Queensland, Australia.
I would like more Motorcycles on Peggy's Pages
- Thu Dec 7 00:01:54 GMT 1995
I am a beauitiful caring amd lovable Library Information Specialist, That simply adores and loves her work and children. You must be a loveable little girl and very smart to already have the skills to network. Continue to grow. Let me hear from you. Where do you live and attend school?
MF Williams :William1">William1
Pinellas , Florida, USA.
- Wed Dec 6 17:16:48 GMT 1995
Hi ! I was looking for my favorite children's author (Astrid Lindgren) when I found you. I work in an elementary school with second and third grade children. I have six dogs and twelve cats, as well as sheep, goats, a donkey, some chickens, ducks, and geese. Do you have any pets?
Grafton, NH, USA.
- Tue Dec 5 01:20:57 GMT 1995
hello! i hope you fell asleep already
salzburg, Sbg, Austria.
- Sun Dec 3 22:37:23 GMT 1995
well i'd like to do a guestbook but i don't know how to do in perl could you please send me your perl program thank you
marseille, france.
- Fri Dec 1 19:46:54 GMT 1995

Jim Cousins
Durham, Durham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
- Fri Dec 1 04:18:41 GMT 1995
Well there´s not much about me, but I must say I am wey impressed finding such a young girl with a home page of her own. Best regards from Sweden
Åke Bergkvist
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Thu Nov 30 23:32:32 GMT 1995
Okej! I´m a 24 years old and very tired!
stockholm, sweden.
- Thu Nov 30 21:49:45 GMT 1995
hi peggy i'm french and i'm in an engeneer school your page is really nice.
marseille, france.
- Tue Nov 28 18:31:40 GMT 1995
i am 9 years old .bye
lindsay clary
barriere, b.c., canada.
- Sun Nov 26 22:42:42 GMT 1995
Hello! I am eight years old. I go to New End School. Soon my school will be on the internet.
hannah tait
- Sun Nov 26 11:45:05 GMT 1995
Nice work! We at Burley Middle would like to get a home page on the web. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. PS Apple gave you a mention at the Resource conference at Doncaster on Friday.
David Womersley
Bradford, West Yorks, England.
- Sat Nov 25 11:30:22 GMT 1995
I am 5 and a half years old. I go to St Michael's Infants School. I like playing with my Barbies.
Hannah Farrington
Maidstone, Kent, UK.
- Sat Nov 25 09:19:30 GMT 1995
I am 6 years old.How do you do? my name is Abby. Do you have a pet? You sound nice.Do you have a sister? I do have a sister? Do you get sick a lot? I got sick on this Thanksgiving day.How many friends do you have? I have seven best friends.Write me back. Abby
abby mcmanus :j.k.macman">j.k.macman
augusta, ga., U.S.A..
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Nov 24 01:56:52 GMT 1995
I came upon your home page by looking backward from the Swallows and Amazons map, which I found in a search for things about Arthur Ransome. I first read the Swallows and Amazons books when I was about seven; at that time it was really hard to find them in the United States. My grand- mother, who read them when they were published, when she was a girl, found them for me through bookstores that did searches for her. A few years ago it was a lot of fun to read the whole series out loud to my own children, who have since gotten to be nearly college age, but enjoyed them a lot, too. I still test them periodically to see if they remember which hand is starboard. The part of Illinois I live in is sadly without lakes big enough to sail on, so they need their nautical knowledge refreshed periodically; I'm afraid they could no longer tell me the difference between peak and throat halyards... Thanks for your homepage (and Katy's, too) - it was very to meet you. scott
Scott Preece
Urbana, IL, 61801.
- Wed Nov 22 22:37:23 GMT 1995
Peggy, I'm the education marketing manager at Apple Computer, your home page looks great! Phil
Phil Hemmings
Oxford, UK.
- Wed Nov 22 09:32:26 GMT 1995
Hi Peggy, How are you? I am called Emma and I am student at UEA Norwich. I hope you will write to me soon. Bye for now Emma
Emma Wood
Norwich, Norfolk, Norwich.
- Tue Nov 21 18:55:50 GMT 1995

Keep on the good work.

Ronneby, Sweden.
- Mon Nov 20 22:02:05 GMT 1995
I don't know how I got here but it sure made me smile. Keep up the good work. Your pages are adorable.
Aurora, Colorado, USA.
- Sun Nov 19 20:59:16 GMT 1995
Hi! I'm 12 years old, a girl. Your page is cool. Check out mine!
Monika Bough
- Fri Nov 17 03:34:13 GMT 1995
Hi! I'm Chelsea. I am 6 years old, in grade 1 at Greenfield Elementary School. My Mom found your page and signed your guest book for me. I would love to hear from you! I like books, Barbies, Legos and teasing my 9 year old brother!
Chelsea Moulins
Summerside, P.E.Island, Canada.
- Thu Nov 16 04:48:17 GMT 1995
Well done, Peggy. I am going to show your page to some children soon who have never used the Web before. I bet you'll get lots of replies from them.
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire, UK.
- Wed Nov 15 23:20:24 GMT 1995
Hi, Peggy! You got me smiling, thank you!
Mikko Hamalainen
Espoo, Finland.
- Wed Nov 15 15:04:49 GMT 1995
My name is Sandy and I do computer support for schools. I think this will be a very fun page for students to visit.
Sandy Courter
Willard, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Nov 14 16:30:35 GMT 1995
Hi! We're a group of teachers from California playing on the internet today.We teach 3rd grade at North Beardsley School.Have a nice holiday! Bye!
cheryl vance
bakersfield, california, usa.
- Mon Nov 13 18:10:19 GMT 1995
:-) Hi! I'm a twelve year old blonde Canadian! I have a dog and three rats as my pets. I also have tropical fish. Write to me!!
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Nov 12 20:49:45 GMT 1995
Hi!, I am 9 years old, I have blond hair and blue eyes, and I am also partly from Sweden. I enjoy rollerblading,basket ball and socker. Your page is OK for a kid your age.
Amanda Larsson
LaConner, Washington, America.
- Fri Nov 10 22:19:06 GMT 1995
We are just a couple of typical parents. Hello Peggy.... I just want to know which Pegee, Peggy, doesn't know how to spell her name.
John and Pegee Laugenour
Woodland, Yolo, U.S.A..
- Fri Nov 10 02:23:02 GMT 1995
:-) Hello Peggy, I am 6 years old, I live in Portskewett (South Wales). Thank you Peggy for your page.
Caitie Dally
Newport, Gwent, Wales.
- Wed Nov 8 20:25:29 GMT 1995
I am teacher on a primary school in Schiedam, soon making home-pages with the kids.
Fred Leliveld
Schiedam, Z_Holland, Holland.
- Sun Nov 5 19:12:59 GMT 1995
Iam 11 year old female just playing on Internet. I liked your home page it was pretty cool for a five year old girl like you . I liked your play dough thing .When I was five I loved play dough I still do kinda because I babysit and all so it was cool. When we walked in the store a lot I would go totolly radical about it I would beg and beg for it until my mom said yes or until she got mad at me but she still said yes.I am sorry I dont have a home page yet but I am getting one . I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am short not to short well maybe around 4'8 4'9.Please write to me at my fathers e-mail address and I will answer any questions you may have .Thanks
Trivona Gainer
ColoradoSprings, Colorado,
- Fri Nov 3 21:50:39 GMT 1995

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