Peggy's Thirteenth Golden Book

space I am smiling right now......good hey.
Steven Miles
Andover, Hants, uk.

- Sun Sep 9 16:14:16 GMT 2001
Links to Main Site for help, repairs,Support and parts in Northamptonshire...A number of services offered,a good clean site...Plenty of freebies as well!
Action Computer Support Services
Northamptonshire, UK.

- Sat Aug 18 21:12:41 GMT 2001
Elena:* hi, ya my I'm 11 years old. I love basketball, music, riding my bike, dogs, & daaaaaaaaa*shopping*!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can be penpals! ~Elena~

BloomField Hills, MI, U.S.A..

- Thu Aug 9 19:04:13 GMT 2001
Hi Peggy, My name is Rida, I am from Algeria and I am looking for an American friends. Could you please help me to do it? Bye Rida

Tlemcen, ALGERIA,

- Sat Aug 4 23:18:33 GMT 2001
Hi Peggy, My name is Rida, I am from Algeria and I am looking for an American freind. Copuld you please help me to do it? Bye Rida

Tlemcen, ALGERIA,

- Sat Aug 4 23:12:46 GMT 2001
:) hiya peggy :) :) :) :)

bentham, uk, uk.

- Fri Aug 3 18:57:48 GMT 2001
Thanks for the link to swallows and amazons-great to find it!!!!

leeds, yorkshire,

- Mon Jul 30 17:58:16 GMT 2001
> FUN pages. something for everyone. you're very creative. keep it up. Mum and Dad sound like a lot of fun too. thanks, Mark

Pasadena, California, USA.

- Thu Jul 26 06:24:40 GMT 2001
Hi Peggy, take a look at please and sign our guestbook please ('gastenboek' in Dutch! and click on 'teken', the rest is in English). It's a page of all our best friends! C U
Barendrecht, Holland.

- Sat Jul 21 18:56:07 GMT 2001
Hi im lorenzo im ten and three quarters old,my hobbies are BASKETBALL,baseball,and football


- Fri Jul 6 04:30:14 GMT 2001
I like to surf the websites and play on-line games

Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A..

- Sat Jun 30 18:11:59 GMT 2001
:) Finally we have the gear to say hello and to have a shuftie at your page, and leave rather envious of the savoir faire. BFN
David and Anne

- Fri Jun 22 22:35:44 GMT 2001
:) hi im 11 and my names louisa. i like dolls and horses will you be my bestest friend????? i really like you if you want 2 b my friend please i also have msn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alabama, noyb, why?.

- Fri Jun 22 09:11:22 GMT 2001
"Hello, I'm Isabella, I'm 8 and I think your site is great"

camberwell, london, uk.

- Sat Jun 16 14:28:35 GMT 2001
Hello I'm Andrea, just checking out ur page. Nice work

- Tue Jun 12 12:26:05 GMT 2001
Hello Peggy Your page is the greatest
- Sun Jun 10 18:21:07 GMT 2001
I live in Ct, U.S.
- Sun Jun 3 23:05:10 GMT 2001
Like your place
Pedro Vala
- Thu May 31 15:03:22 GMT 2001

En attendant que la page de lien du CP soit mise à jour,

vous pouvez accéder au site des pompes en cliquant là

PS : Je remercie la petite fée...


ds, de.

- Fri May 25 03:55:30 GMT 2001

Ceci est un test TEST

yo, yu.
- Fri May 25 02:47:34 GMT 2001
Just testing your guestbook...
Brussels, Belgium.
- Fri May 25 02:39:20 GMT 2001
i am very fit and i love to smile at people like you.
sara moore
coventry, england.
- Thu May 17 13:58:33 GMT 2001
I need food! send money to 21 larkman lane A.S.A.P
eddy smith
london underground, england.

- Sun Apr 22 20:24:25 GMT 2001
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) There I smiled hope you like it! PLEASE VISIT MY HOMEPAGE!!!!!!!!!!
Auckland, X, New Zealand.

- Sun Apr 22 01:45:03 GMT 2001
War ganz nett Dein Gast zu sein - ich schau bestimmt bald wieder rein!
Ilmenau-Manebach, Thüringen, Deutschland.

- Thu Apr 19 01:48:46 GMT 2001
hey there ! have a look on - an legal austrian music-server with a lot of music in all genres
martina kiss
vienna, austria, austria.
- Mon Apr 2 16:03:55 GMT 2001
hello! I saw your pag3e and we looked at it all abit. Your are very good at writting pages and adding things. We live in Wales and have a dingy. I have been writting a specil web sit about SWAMs It is for children to proctect were they live.

please look at it and say what yiou like.

Bye now! Bethany.
Bethany Alice Nicholson
Rhostryfan, Caernarfon, Gwynedd.
- Sun Apr 1 21:24:47 GMT 2001

You will not want to know .
Mitchell Davis
Checota, Oklahoma, America.
- Sat Mar 24 15:23:14 GMT 2001
testing this guest book
B. Krishna Kumar
- Tue Mar 13 18:06:19 GMT 2001
hi we are the spice girls and we really like your site peggy it is ACE ACE and MORE ACE say your be there c ya gotta dash
Spice Girls
new york , usa,
- Fri Mar 9 15:09:27 GMT 2001
Peggy i am a 19 year old and i really have enjoyed your website also my 5 yaer old daughter really loved it keep up the goood work and i hope to return again soon :-) <3 <3 love Sophie and kaytlin
leanne jones
worcester, uk.
- Fri Mar 9 15:06:04 GMT 2001
just interested to see how the script worked thnks
sydney, nsw, australia.
- Thu Mar 8 07:02:01 GMT 2001

Me and Mindanao

- Thu Mar 8 02:36:52 GMT 2001
Leigh Hewson

Bristol, Avon, England.

- Mon Mar 5 20:33:36 GMT 2001
Hi Peggy, my name is Peggy also. You have a great looking site. If you did this all by yourself you have a wonderful career ahead of you as a web designer!
santa rosa, CA, USA.
- Sun Feb 25 07:52:26 GMT 2001
THis is a good site but i think it needs working on I eam it isnt very good.Im nasty arnt i From *********
Taz, OZ.
- Fri Feb 23 12:47:26 GMT 2001
hi,i really like your page bye
uniontown, Pa, Pennsylvania.
- Sat Feb 17 14:57:20 GMT 2001
I just saw your sisters page..they're both great
Mike Berg
Santa Clarita, CA, USA.

- Wed Feb 14 16:08:04 GMT 2001
Great site! Keep up the good work :o)
A Pony For Your Thoughts

Amarillo, Texas, USA.

- Mon Feb 5 21:10:22 GMT 2001
United States.

- Mon Feb 5 03:15:32 GMT 2001
Hi!!! Like your site!!!! Will you please check out my site and tell me what you think in my guestbook????? I g2g.
- Sun Feb 4 21:15:03 GMT 2001
hello i was just cruising along the long internet road and took a short break
tom brakl
skive, denmark.
- Fri Jan 12 13:30:17 GMT 2001
Great place you have here.
Santa Clarita, Ca, USA.
- Thu Jan 11 16:49:33 GMT 2001
i was just looking in your sisters web site and i saw Peggy's page .its really cool! @ @

Tiffany Thompson

Oroville, California, U.S.A.

- Sun Nov 19 06:15:27 GMT 2000
I love Nsync .I love to horse ride. I want to go to the Usa I like to meet new people I want to be a super Star I want to do new things

Nerang, Qld, Austraila.

- Sat Nov 18 00:34:00 GMT 2000
Hello I dont like you . you are dum . Not! just kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!! QT
Jeri and Trista

Canton, Fulton County, america.

- Tue Nov 14 22:04:47 GMT 2000
I am surfing around trying to figure out why my own guestbook is on the fritz.. I am trying to set mine up like yours... a working one. I have a site dedicated to much of my photography. Fun, scenic stuff anyone can view. I love visitors but never know how many I get b/c of the low signage rate and my guestbook server bing down all the time. I will visit your main site after this.. backwards I know but still getting there! jim
Jupiter, Florida, USA.

- Fri Nov 10 21:49:36 GMT 2000
I am looking for some kind of greating because i got sent one

Yakima, wa, united states.
- Sun Nov 5 06:04:37 GMT 2000
This is my first time on the web. I'm quite nervous but i like it.
southampton, hampshire,
- Thu Nov 2 12:14:22 GMT 2000
Enjoyed visiting your site...
KT Racing Team
Nokomis, Sask., Canada.
- Thu Oct 26 06:09:29 BST 2000

karachi, sindh, pakistan.
- Sun Oct 22 15:44:36 BST 2000
hi you like sauce?do you like pizza?i like it.i am 10.
- Sat Oct 21 18:28:57 BST 2000
i like you.
- Sat Oct 21 18:27:02 BST 2000
Hi Peggy, your page is cool!!!!! i've got a Dun connamara. Her name is Disco,she is 6 years old and I'm 13 years old. Love Cori
Cori Wemyss
Kilkenny, Ireland.
- Sat Oct 21 00:56:29 BST 2000
i like vengaboys. do you?I like dancing and swimming.I like your home page. What are you doing now?do you like kate your sister?Please answer me on the internet.Tell me what you think by putting it on your home page.Please hurry!!!
- Fri Oct 20 18:26:43 BST 2000
- Sat Oct 14 11:18:50 BST 2000
I am 10 yrs. old. I go to Leeds Elementay School. I like all kinds of animals.
Karianne Lowe
Leeds, Alabama, USA.
- Sat Oct 7 18:15:48 BST 2000
Keep up the good work, Like the guest book
Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
- Wed Oct 4 12:07:40 BST 2000
very nice web page, i like it very much. i have an email friend in london. she will be starting college soon. good luck and best wishes....
palo alto, california, u s a.
- Wed Oct 4 06:44:39 BST 2000
i really enjoyed you site. keep up the good work. I am a teacher and my students have enjoyed you.
jennifer smith
mt holly, nj, usa.
- Mon Sep 25 03:09:10 BST 2000
I was searching for Little Golden Books and found your website. How charming!! Have fun!!
Judy Rieken

Suffolk, VA, USA.
- Sat Sep 23 06:39:16 BST 2000
i m a computer professional indulge in developing a software
Gajendra Singh
kanpur, up, india.
- Fri Sep 22 08:01:27 BST 2000
I have a twin sister called charlie (short for Charlotte)and an older brother called Robert.I have loads of pets rabbits horses dogs hamsters fish i also have two cats parrots budgies and some more.I enjoybasketball,trampolining,martial arts,netball,volleyball,tennis, table tennis,hockey. I like reading Harry Potter books and Goosebumps.I also enjoy reading my emails and playing on the net.
Claire Foster
lanarkshire, Scotland.
- Thu Sep 21 18:52:11 BST 2000
I am your sister am I not
Kate Edmondson
low B, Yorkshire, kookdom.

- Sun Sep 10 13:28:25 BST 2000
Im 11 and i like horses. i have light brown hair and blue eyes. I have a brother who is nine!
Nicole sweeting
Essex, England.
- Mon Sep 4 20:27:41 BST 2000
my name is Eric Gross,Im a 29 year old man,what do you think of my name.
Eric Gross
alpine, ca, usa.
- Tue Aug 22 04:45:39 BST 2000
I am 10 years old and I like to play football,hockey,volley ball, and laccrosse.
Baldwin, New York, U.S.A.
- Thu Aug 10 15:14:25 BST 2000
Hi Peggy, i am a girl from Beijing, the capital of China. My puppy and me like your site. ÔÙ¼û!
Claire Yo
Beijing, China.
- Sun Jul 30 12:59:47 BST 2000
I have 2 ponies,2 horses,2 cats,and 2 dogs.I do novice eventing on my pony Blinken. She is a 6 year old Chincoteague paint mare. I am 10 years old and thought I would drop by=-)
Andrea Townsley
Joppa, Maryland, USA.
- Wed Jul 26 17:08:08 BST 2000
Hello I found your site by mistake, its very nice, good work, FYI Canada is made up of provinces not counties or states. Have fun!
Raquel Kerr
Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Jul 19 18:01:20 BST 2000
matthew newall
barwell, england.
- Tue Jul 11 21:21:57 BST 2000
Hello Peggy, my age is 7 and I am very playfull. I have lots of friends and I like you too. I will come back to your site very soon. Bye


- Sun Jul 9 13:15:28 BST 2000
Hello beatiful girls and bad boys. I'm happy and not undesteand english speak :o]
Prague, Czech Republic.
- Sat Jul 1 03:12:02 BST 2000
I have two daughters aged 11 and 4 who both ride Ben, 12.2hh grey gelding. He belongs to a friend of ours. Ben was stolen from his field, which inspired Anna, his owner, to set up our local 'Horsewatch'. She never stopped looking for him and she was contacted by a lady in Somerset who had recently bought him at a local sale. Anna bought Ben home 5 years to the day after he was stolen. So if anyone has had a horse or pony stolen never give up, it may take a long time but there are happy endings!!!
Belinda Martin


- Thu Jun 29 23:20:07 BST 2000
Hey Peggy! I was looking for something else completely but for some reason your web page came up when I searched! I'm very impressed - and you're only 9??
Swindon, England.
- Thu Jun 29 00:20:15 BST 2000
- Sun Jun 25 17:52:27 BST 2000
hi there ,whats the weather like ,my husband came from high bentham ,keep up your good work joan
joan capstick

whangarei , newzealand.

- Sat Jun 24 06:07:13 BST 2000
i am 12 i think you site is great coulkd you email me with more about you so we can become friends.
aylesbury, buckinghamshire, england.
- Thu Jun 22 20:32:09 BST 2000
hi,my name peggy too.I am 14 years old.I am female. Thanks.
Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

- Mon Jun 19 12:58:48 BST 2000
Hi!My name is Mandy Dyan Morris.I live in Nova Scotia,Canada Please vist my page.I am 11 years old (I'll be 12 on Auguest 2) thanks! -Mandy
Mandy Morris
N.S, Canada.
- Sun Jun 18 13:52:22 BST 2000

- Fri Jun 16 20:30:08 BST 2000
name is Olivia, I am 4 years old. I like to go to the park. I like to play dress-up. I really like to eat. I also like to watch nickelodeon.
Olivia Bruno
> neewport , RI, United States.
- Thu Jun 15 20:42:26 BST 2000
HI, my name is adrienne. I like to go to the park. Im 5 years old. How old are you? I like to play with my toys. Im about to have a new baby sister. I like to go to the park, and I like to play dress up.
newport, RI, United States.
- Thu Jun 15 20:38:36 BST 2000
Iam 13 and love to make homepages!
Matt E
- Thu Jun 15 03:31:42 BST 2000
Wow, you're nine years old....what a nice site. (I just signed Kate's book... are you related?) Anyway, maybe I can share again... I think "Wonderguy" is the coolest superhero, with jokes, and monsters and stuff. Maybe you'll like him too, check out the web address. And brush your teeth!
- Thu Jun 8 06:51:17 BST 2000
..Well I'm nice very nice and I am 9 year old. I got to go bye
Rock spring, GA, USA.
- Tue Jun 6 14:02:39 BST 2000
i am 7 and one half. i am in first grade.
Tina Ash
east greenwich , rhode island, USA.
- Sun Jun 4 23:02:24 BST 2000
Just surfin'the net and came across your site. Enjoyed my visit.

Katy, Texas, USA.
- Thu Jun 1 20:46:30 BST 2000
Hello Peggy , This is one of the best guestbooks I've seen on the net . Ingo .
- Thu May 18 02:44:59 BST 2000
Well my is martin and i live in Nottinham. Am 38 Years Old And i just Love writing Music. I done About 150 Tracks to date. I have`t made any money from my tracks yet cause No One has not herd my tracks for 3 years. Maybe u want to hear my stuff?
Nottinham, uk.
- Sat May 13 17:25:50 BST 2000
- Wed May 10 09:27:33 BST 2000
- Sat May 6 23:33:05 BST 2000
Hi, Peggy. I'm very curious as to how you are able to get your guestbook entries formatted so nicely. The other guestbooks I've seen that used Matt's script have simple line breaks. I like the way you have the date placed on a line by itself (instead of location followed by date). Is this due to the modification your Dad made to the script? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
- Sat May 6 06:05:50 BST 2000

brantford, canada,
- Wed May 3 19:09:32 BST 2000
Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm 11. I live in Edmonton and go to St. Catherine Catholic Elementary/Junior High School. I'm in grade 6. I enjoy reading and playing different sports including soccer. I have a great flair for fashion and am very popular at school. Well, I guees that's it. Your web site's excellent! Bye........
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
- Sat Apr 29 02:42:57 BST 2000
Hi I was just serching for ''How to make web page's ' and your page can up.Please E-mail me with how you made this web page ta
Middlewich, Cheshire, England.
- Sun Apr 23 18:58:20 BST 2000
- Fri Apr 14 19:03:37 BST 2000
Hi, just surfing through. Excellent site, keep up the good work
Richard Balfre

Hayes, Middlesex, UK.

- Sat Apr 8 15:06:58 BST 2000
Just to say HELLO...from the Orchid City
Dipolog, Philippines.

- Fri Apr 7 17:39:57 BST 2000
Hi Peggy, I am a mother of two children and they love Golden Books and your page. Keep up the good work. Bye for now


- Thu Apr 6 16:01:09 BST 2000
Hello, I'm Annelies.I'm 13 years old.I live in Belgium. I love to watch your homepage and all the nice pictures on it. I'm sure I will visite your homepage again. Greatings from Balegem, Belgium.Bye!
Gabriels Annelies

Balegem, East - Flanders, Belgium.

- Wed Apr 5 21:02:06 BST 2000

Gabriels Annelies
- Wed Apr 5 20:57:02 BST 2000
Please help me get my guestbook up

- Tue Apr 4 00:32:25 BST 2000
Hi my name is Peggy too! I was just looking up stuff on the internet and saw "Peggy's Page" so I thought I'd read about you. It is great to know somebody that lives in England. I am 34 and a Nurse Practitioner.

Chandler, AZ, USA.

- Sun Apr 2 05:06:44 BST 2000
Hey kid. I dig your style. Keep eatin' cheese and you can't go wrong!
Alibi Gulch, WI, USA.

- Sun Apr 2 04:23:23 BST 2000
I found your page while trying to find out hom much money a 'Monkey' and a 'Pony' is.
Southend on Sea, Essex, UK.
- Wed Mar 29 17:05:43 BST 2000
Hi there! I visited your page several years ago and signed your guest book. Here I am again, and I thought I'd tell you I still think your site is GREAT! Keep up the good work.
Dwala Wishon
- Sat Mar 18 04:38:03 GMT 2000
I have 7 horses,2 dogs and 2 cats.My pony's name is Blinken and she is 5 years old and does baby novice eventing.I am nine like you!
Andrea Townsley-Sapp

Joppa, Harford,MD, U.S.A.

- Fri Mar 17 12:33:23 GMT 2000
Luis Guilherme Braun
Sao Pauo, Sao Paulo, Bazil.

- Thu Mar 2 18:28:26 GMT 2000
Paul Judge
Mars, Space, Milky Way.

- Thu Mar 2 03:33:10 GMT 2000
Hi Peggy, I have an internet cafe in Clitheroe and will put your url on the board, some of my customers might say hello. Nick
Nick Hayes
Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK.

- Tue Feb 29 17:05:12 GMT 2000
Just passing through.. great site
on, ca.
- Wed Feb 16 21:28:42 GMT 2000
:-) Hi Peggy! I was looking for information on "Peggys" as I am getting ready to start a web page for Peggys and I came across your home page. You have a wonderful site!
Peggy Cashmer
Chenoa, Illinois, USA.
- Mon Feb 14 01:42:50 GMT 2000
I work at a Golf Course. I was surfing the web, and came across you web page. Very nice. Take Care. Henry B
Penryn, California, USA.
- Sat Feb 12 05:47:20 GMT 2000
Very neat and tidy homepage, keep it up.
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- Fri Feb 11 20:20:09 GMT 2000
Just thought I'd leave ya a "Hello!"
Indianapolis, Indiana, usa.
- Fri Feb 11 06:33:14 GMT 2000
Dear Peggy This is Lucy (Jing jing) Xu From Hong Kong. Do you still remember me? From Lucy Jing jing Peijing Xu
Jing jing
Hong Kong, China.
- Sun Feb 6 06:04:50 GMT 2000
Hallo, I'm 48 and work as a heating engineer fixing boilers in Brixton. However, yesterday I was viewing a house in Low Bentham I might buy as I want to move to the area, and I particularly want something up a hill a bit and with a south facing garden. I used to visit the Dales years back and like the area and hill walking.I thought I'd look up Low Bentham on the web and so I did a search for Low Bentham on my favourite search engine - SavvySearch - and found your Home Page and lots of references to schools. I'm quite impressed that this site even has a form. I'm a bit bored with fixing boilers and want to learn about making web pages. I had a hotel in Sardinia that wanted one a few months ago, and when I get less busy (March onwards) I'm going to sit down with my friend Marco and get learning.
Lachlans house !

Above this form is a picture about 1mm high with yellow in it and some faces I think, but it is very squashed! I haven't yet tried all your links, or the Grauniad, and its getting a bit late today
Must go. Pete

Peter Lennard
Brixton, London, England.
- Fri Feb 4 22:49:16 GMT 2000
goettingen, germany.
- Mon Jan 31 23:15:22 GMT 2000
We just left a message on your fridge. Looks like you've had a lot of fun creating and maintaining your website. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Karen Kolavalli & Chhaya
El Dorado, Kansas, USA.
- Fri Jan 28 17:06:30 GMT 2000
I'm smiling too
- Wed Jan 26 12:47:10 GMT 2000
- Mon Jan 24 10:26:49 GMT 2000
luv ur page! check mine out to find out what my personality is
Raleigh, NC, USA.

- Sat Jan 22 22:13:28 GMT 2000
Hi Peggy! I found your site by searching for "Peggy"! As you can see, that is my name, too! I especially like finding sites that are from other countries. We have a web page, too. My son, who is 10, and I like to work on it together. If you visit it, please e-mail me and let me know!
Peggy Young
North Mankato, MN, USA.
- Sat Jan 22 03:20:43 GMT 2000
I am looking for help in making my own guestbooks... please help me!!
Westcoast, SoCal, US.
- Fri Jan 21 21:28:25 GMT 2000
Hi Peggy.. Nice site. Well done
Lincoln, Lincs, UK.
- Sun Jan 16 13:57:23 GMT 2000
I am 17 and I whant to know more about volly ball
Crystal Robbins
- Thu Jan 13 19:11:57 GMT 2000
calgary, Alberta,
- Sun Jan 9 22:31:07 GMT 2000
im 8 i just turned 8 januray 4 and i got lots of stuff i live in canada i live by the falls and i see the fireworkes every friday and my name is alisha and maybe we couldbe friends online...!!!! bye
NF, ontario, CANADA.
- Sun Jan 9 06:13:54 GMT 2000

- Wed Jan 5 22:09:10 GMT 2000
You and your dad have done a wonderful job on this website. I truly enjoyed visiting here. Thank You
Deborah Nunan

Perkiomenville, PA, USA.

- Wed Dec 29 04:47:14 GMT 1999

- Sun Dec 19 21:45:38 GMT 1999
Hi Peggy, This is Jack. I'm writing to say that my website Friends on Planet Wob is working now. It's with no gap in between. Your page looks just great than ever. Congrats.
Jack Dave
Houston , Texas, U.S.A.
- Wed Dec 15 01:48:45 GMT 1999
Hello Peggy, I'm a 19 year old college student. I am getting an associates degree in equine science then going to vet school at OSU. I had 2 horses, a mustang I trained and a paint filly, both were solid black. Unfortunately my filly died after a severe injury to her leg. I ride english and western. Anyways, talk to ya later ! Sue
EL Reno , OK, Canadian.
- Tue Dec 14 20:41:21 GMT 1999

Russel D
London, U.K.
- Tue Dec 7 11:51:43 GMT 1999

I loved your consequences and I think I gonna play consequences with my pupils who learn English.
chantonnay, france.
- Mon Dec 6 14:45:23 GMT 1999
Hi Peggy, Would love to know how you developed such a cool web site when you are nine years old. Your already a pro!
Tucspm, Arizona, United States.
- Mon Dec 6 04:09:30 GMT 1999
Hi peggy! My name is alison. I live in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I am in grade six and am 11 years old. Thanks! Bye!
vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Fri Dec 3 03:58:45 GMT 1999
I am 8 years old and i play alot of sports and i have bin dancing almost all my life.
Park Ridge, U.S., N.J..
- Wed Dec 1 02:01:59 GMT 1999
i'm 16 years old and i'm a student
kulim, kedah, malaysia.
- Tue Nov 30 05:37:18 GMT 1999
Hi dear Peggy, I've found your site by mistake but I really enjoyed it! I am writing from London but I am originally from Venice, in Italy. Have you heard something about this city before? I can tell you that it's almost magical because it is built on a lot of small islands, all connected by little bridges and altogether these islands form the shape of a fish. We do not have cars there, and instead of public buses we've got " public motor-boats". I swear that it's all true' and if you would likeme to tell you more about it, Irene
london, uk.
- Mon Nov 29 16:01:56 GMT 1999
Hiya Peggy, I am from Lancaster too but at University in Sheffield. It was nice to find somebody from home. I went to Skerton High School and Lancaster Girls' Grammar School. Keep smiling.
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.
- Wed Nov 24 17:31:16 GMT 1999
Hi Peggy, I found your site by is very cute. I have a niece that may be interested in creating a website also. I'll have her take a look at yours.
Christine Robles
Los Angeles, CA, usa.
- Wed Nov 24 06:51:09 GMT 1999
Hello !
Lee Chin Piu
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malayisa.
- Wed Nov 10 14:51:22 GMT 1999
: - ) hello i am a poet and artist i have about 7 or so children's poems on my list page of poetry but please have someone help you find them -like a mother or aunt i just got published last summer by 2 river view which is a great place for poetry if you go there and go to online books and then to dorothy surrenders you will find great new poem and art of OZ -- have a nice day pmk
Peggy Meeks-King
dugger, ind, USA.

- Tue Nov 9 15:20:37 GMT 1999
dubbo, nsw, Australia.
- Sun Nov 7 03:27:06 GMT 1999
:-) HI PEGGY, I was looking for Golden book publishers and stumbled across your magnificient page. Congrats! and a great load of fan mail, I must say. Well, do check out my webpage by December. It's under construction as of today Nov.3,1999. It's about five friendly aliens and I plan to develop on them. Love, Jack Dave. P.S: All of your fan mail is quite interesting.
Jack Dave
Houston, Tx, U.S.A.
- Thu Nov 4 03:25:59 GMT 1999
i am silly
Silly Solly
east bibble , Bibble, UK.
- Sun Nov 0 23:02:24 BST 2000

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