Peggy's Eleventh Golden Book

space We are employed by our college which is the CTC Kingshurst to complete tasks such as creating web pages for schools. As we were surfing the net to get ideas's we noticed your home page and thought it was very good. It was an ace idea to record your voice saying hello, very impressive!!!
Keep up the good work.

Gareth & Farah
Birmingham, W.Mids, England.
- Tue Sep 8 09:49:48 BST 1998
My father-in-law and I really enjoyed your web site. You annd your sister seem delightful. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. We especially liked the Christmas dinner one.
Rebecka King And Dad

Mackinaw, IL, USA.
- Sat Sep 5 16:18:33 BST 1998
I'm a nine year old girl from anchorage, alaska. I am homeschooled with my sister who is 8. I love the summer, but it is gone now. I have brown hair and brown eyes. That's all I can think of right now. ;)
anchorage, alaska, u.s.a.
- Sat Sep 5 02:00:36 BST 1998
Nice page.
Trenton/Hamilton, NJ,
- Sun Aug 16 23:01:13 BST 1998
I come from near Lancaster too - Brookhouse. I am 7 years old. I am just about to start going to Brownies. I am learning to play the violin and recorder. I love reading. Please go to my home page and e-mail me.
Becky Johnes
Lancaster, Lancs, England.
- Sat Aug 15 10:53:11 BST 1998
My name is Brittany, I love your website. I am currently a Freshman in my second semester in a University in Texas.I spent most of my childhood until High School in Corpus Christi. In High School I was very active in extra curricular activities. I was captain of the cheerleaders, play volleyball and basketball as well as ran track.

- Fri Aug 14 01:43:57 BST 1998
I am a librarian at the St. Petersburg Public Library. Today I was looking at some home pages that kids designed and I found yours and your sister Kate's. You both have lots of interests and I enjoyed looking at your site. Keep up the good work! -- from sunny Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
- Tue Aug 11 15:04:07 BST 1998
I'm 13/f and I love home pages. I'm going to get my own soon! Keep up the good work, bye! ~Breezy~
Near Philadalphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A..
- Wed Aug 5 22:27:54 BST 1998
I was on your sisters page and I told her the same thing that I want you to have more games for get togethers!
Altona, Pa, USA.
- Tue Aug 4 19:42:22 BST 1998
12.Has Hearing aid .
My grandad has had one since he was very young. He says they used to be huge !

7th grade
Amber Ricker
Archbold, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Aug 4 01:22:45 BST 1998

MY name is Laura. I have 3 older sisters. I am 6 years old. I do not have a web page so I sent you my email address.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
- Sun Aug 2 17:10:55 BST 1998
Good luck!
Weird Web World
- Tue Jul 28 21:02:47 BST 1998
Im a mother of 5 children and I am an accountant.
Peggy Simmonette
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., USA.
- Sun Jul 19 19:14:50 BST 1998
Hi I amam ciara I am ten years old and I am lucky enough to own a four year old 13hh mare
ciara morris
crossabeg, wexford, ireland.
- Sat Jul 18 19:20:18 BST 1998
Hi Peggy, I'm having a great time in Canada. Hope you can vist me soon
Jing Jing
Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
- Thu Jul 16 20:28:41 BST 1998 Hi Jing Jing

Hi! I am eight years old, too. This is my first time to do this. I am enjoying learning about people from different places. I am using my grandma's computer.
Bremerton, WA, USA.
- Sun Jul 12 02:38:13 BST 1998
I live here with my two sons who are almost out on their own now. I practice aikido and even get to assist with some of the weapons classes. I also like to bike ride, hike, windsurf and play paintball and when I'm not doing those I like to curl up with a good hard-sf novel or play with the computer. Hope your days are going well.
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County/ Utah, United States.
- Sat Jul 11 04:51:31 BST 1998
hi I've come to see your homepage
( http://www/
Va, USA.
- Mon Jul 6 16:29:47 BST 1998
I love the drawings on your pages:)!
Efland, NC, USA.
- Sat Jul 4 18:43:58 BST 1998
i am living in America for 18 months but i really come from England! I am eight years old have green eyes and blond hair. in England i live in a county called "Lancashire" & in Lancashire i live in a place called "Lytham St. Annes". Here in California there is a town called Lancaster about 6 miles away! My dad hasn't got his webpage yet 'cause we have only been here a little time Bye-bye
Palmdale, California, USA.
- Fri Jul 3 20:58:44 BST 1998

ws, ca, usa.
- Wed Jul 1 16:20:53 BST 1998
Hi Peggy,
How are you? I am on my summer break,hope you are on your summer break too.

Not for two weeks love from Jing Jing
Jing Jing
Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
- Tue Jun 30 22:57:20 BST 1998

I'm a really nice brunette who likes web pages.
Trabuco Canyon, CA, USA.
- Fri Jun 26 18:09:39 BST 1998
- Fri Jun 26 15:40:40 BST 1998
Dear Peggy,
You have a nice guestbook. I alaways wated to know what it is like in England. Could you tell me? Like are there lots of fields or lots of buildings? What is your family like? My family is very nice. Ihave 1 sister who is 7, and Iam 10 just like your sister. My birthday is September 10, 1987. Thank You, Bye!

Alicia DeHart
Howard City, Michigan, U.S.A..
- Thu Jun 25 17:57:19 BST 1998
I am 8 years old.I would like for you to make a bigger page. I like what I have seen so far.I will be in third grade when I go back to school.I go to Rehobeth school.
Cottonwood, Alabama, U.S.A..
- Sat Jun 20 03:13:54 BST 1998
I like apples!I am 8!I am in third grade.I go to Rehobeth school.
Cottonwood, Alabama, U.S.A..
- Sat Jun 20 03:02:24 BST 1998
Hi Peggy! I am writing you from Canton, Ohio home of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. I am a teacher at St. Louis Grade School in Louisville, Ohio. I teach computer to grades K - 8. I like your Web Page. You did a great job! I don't have a web page at present. Hopefully, I'll have one later. Have a great summer!!
kathy rogers
canton, ohio, stark, usa.
- Thu Jun 18 14:55:28 BST 1998
HI!I am roxy.Ummmm cute site
- Thu Jun 4 16:35:14 BST 1998
Hi, Peggy, my name is Peggy, too. I am 41 years old, have 2 sons (13 and 14) and live near Chicago, IL. I really like your home page, including your great drawings. Did you do these yourself?
St. Charles, Illinois, USA.
- Fri May 29 03:42:27 BST 1998
I am 8 years old. I have a pet rabbit and two white mice. My hobby is swimming and my favourite music is jazz music. I like painting and drawing and I love animals a lot. I go to Moorside Primary School, and my best friend is called Rosie.
Lancaster, Lancs., Britain.
- Thu May 28 20:59:20 BST 1998
As it turns out I have friends in London. If you visit my site you will see that I teach school part time and am an artist and metaphysician. In fact got connected to your page round about through a metaphysician friend of mine(Catheanne) here in CA. It is a surprize. I opened email and here you are and here I was.Bye!!!!!!!!!Nat
California, USA.
- Mon May 18 03:57:59 BST 1998
I work for Hershey Chocolate Company planning production. I have 7 (yes, 7) children; 5 boys and 2 girls. The site listed was done by the oldest boy,Blake 18. His first attempt. Next is Lauren (16), then Erik (14) who has I web page someplace but I'm not sure where; it's all about basketball. Then there is the younger group: Brendyn 8, Cameron 5, Caleb 3, Elise 1.5 yrs. I'm still working on building our house. The kids are home schooled. I have a brother and 3 sisters. My oldest sister is married to a classical music composer; trained at Julliard and primarily interested in opera (published & performed) but also has just completed a symphony, performed by the Lake Charles, LA Symphony. Good bye.
Richard Irvin
Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Wed May 13 04:52:56 BST 1998
Thank you Peggy for a most enjoyable visit. I think you live with a wonderful and exciting family. Thanks again.

Wentworthville, NSW, Australia.
- Wed May 13 00:47:15 BST 1998
Hi. I'm a 3rd year last year!) law school student at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis. Best of luck with your rather bizarre and interesting web page.
Richard Bash
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
- Tue May 12 23:30:42 BST 1998
Great effort, good to see what the young people can do. I am a grandfather 72 years old. Keep up the good work.
Long Beach, California, USA.
- Tue May 12 22:28:04 BST 1998
Hello I am a 45 year old mother of two girls ages 17 and almost 13. We live in the city of Quincy, IL. which is located on the Mississippi river. I am a nurse (LPN) and am currently studying to be a register nurse. I like crocheting and cooking. Your page has not been updated since 1996, so I hope that you get this message. I would love to hear from you. The most unique thing I probably could tell you about myself is that I home educated my two daughters for six years.
Quincy, Illinois, usa.
- Tue May 12 18:27:18 BST 1998
barry, v glam, wales.
- Mon May 11 18:54:12 BST 1998
brantford, canada, canada.
- Sat May 9 20:42:19 BST 1998
Hi Peggy! My name is Andi> I am 24 years old and about to have a baby! My husband and I hope our child is as smart and sweet as you! Keep up the good work! Your page is impressive!
GROVE CITY, Ohio, usa.
- Sat May 9 06:12:26 BST 1998
I love horses. I wish I owned one. I am tall for my age(11) and have blonde hair and brown eyes.
Cynthia Morris
Modesto, California, United States.
- Sat May 9 02:16:34 BST 1998
Hi Peggy, just showing Terrie (your Grandmas sister) your page. She loved the photo of your Mum and Uncle with the monkey.
Jancy & Terrie
Eastham/Preston, Wirral/Lancs, UK.
- Thu May 7 22:04:49 BST 1998
im 19 male , cool as nice i liketo play volley ball i, study computational engeneerieng, im in 4th semester i like to have many friends from oround the world
christian Vizcarra guerrero
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
- Wed May 6 19:43:59 BST 1998
Hello Peggy!
I am a primary school teacher and I am on a course to learn a bit more about the internet. I was very impressed with your pages and will go back to school and tell them all about you. I may even let some of them write to you.

Sarah Hennessy
London, England.
- Wed May 6 17:42:02 BST 1998
I like your pages a lot. Please visit me if you get a chance.
Amy Amy
- Mon May 4 14:06:43 BST 1998
good good good
london, 14, uk.
- Mon May 4 13:43:48 BST 1998

- Fri May 1 23:19:25 BST 1998
I stumbled in here doing a search on Ash Ra Temple. You have a very interesting CD/LP collection

- Fri May 1 00:12:19 BST 1998
Hi Peggy,
loved the page, it's brilliant. ( Liked the Escher picture.) Say hello to your Mum for me.


Eastham, Wirral, England.
I- Wed Apr 29 21:32:14 BST 1998
hi! my name is anina rosina and i`m 8 years old like you!
anina rosina
silvaplana, engadin, switzerland.
- Wed Apr 29 14:26:51 BST 1998
I live in a igloo. I'm a eskamo. I EAT SEAL BLUBBER AND walrus fat i'm very COLD!AND WHERE I LIVE THERE IS ALWAYS AN "ICE BURG RIGHT AHEAD".

juneau, Alaska, usa.
- Sun Apr 26 22:37:09 BST 1998
I love horses! I am in the third grade and like to read. I have a black and white cocker spaniel whose name is Crissy.
Tori Holman
Perkins, Oklahoma , USA.
- Sat Apr 18 05:31:33 BST 1998
Hi my name is Sarah and I live in Canada. I am 7 1/2 years old and I have a little sister Angela who is 3 1/2 years old. I love to dance and have been taking ballet since I was 3 years old. I think your page is pretty cool.
sarah kovacs
delhi, ont, canada.
- Mon Apr 6 03:27:56 BST 1998
Have fun in life, you only have one chance at it :-)
Long Island, New York, USA.
- Wed Apr 1 00:12:33 BST 1998
Um, hey. how's it hangin'? I have no idea what guest book I am signing, but I'm sure you have one heck of a home page. Hey, while I'm here: HI AL, KAT, BETH, *DEREK*
Massachusetts, U.S.A..
- Sun Mar 29 20:07:20 BST 1998
I am 5 years old. I have a little brother named Harry. I am very smart.
hannah leopold
falls church, virginia, usa.
- Sat Mar 28 21:34:05 GMT 1998
I am a first year primary education student at Middlesex University. We have been told to check out your school's web-site. Keep up the good work! Maybe I'll get a job teaching at your school one day! Bye....
London, Middlesex, England.
- Thu Mar 26 14:36:05 GMT 1998
Hi, i am 19 years old and i am currently doing a teaching degree at Middlesex University. I love singing in my spare time and come the weekend i enjoy a good night out on the town. You seem to be a popular girl.
Mili Prakash
London, Chingford, England.
- Tue Mar 24 12:46:47 GMT 1998
I am 18 years old. I go to middlesex university and I am studying primary teaching. In my spare time I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend, Adam. He is 21 years old and lives at home with my parents. During the week I live in Tottenham in London.
Lucy Stephens
Essex, England.
- Tue Mar 24 12:39:18 GMT 1998
Hello Peggy! We are studying Primary education at middlesex university and we have been asked to look at your web page. We are very impressed and think that you have made a great acheivement in aiding your information technology curriculum. well done!
Rachel and Jenny.
London, England.
- Tue Mar 24 12:35:18 GMT 1998
Hi! I loved your page...I bookmarked it so I can come back again :-)
Plymouth, IN, USA.
- Wed Mar 18 13:32:17 GMT 1998
I was born in Lancaster, but I don't live there anymore. I enjoyed your page!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
- Tue Mar 17 08:21:55 GMT 1998
I'm eleven-years-old. I have a bunny named Chester, & two dogs named Tischer & Tobie. I love animals.
Duluth, MN, U.S.A..
- Sat Mar 14 21:33:35 GMT 1998
I'm a grandmother with two grandaughters. They are 11 and 5.
Niceville, FL, USA.
- Sat Mar 14 03:43:05 GMT 1998
Dear Peggy I'm impressed with your pages. Do make sure, though, that you don't let your dad take over completely! "Oi! Shove off dad! I can do this now." Of course, you have to say it more politely than that, or he might not help you next time you need help! All the best, Jane xxxx
Jane Astrid Devane
Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 12 10:05:51 GMT 1998
Hello. What a coincidence - I picked your page at random from the worldwidemart guestbook page Lancaser and Viana are twin towns and on my site you will find out why Lancaster is so famous in Portugal - but you have to search. John of Lancaster (John O'Gaunt) signed the treaty of Lancaster for the king and his daughter, Phillipa of Lancaster was mother of Henry the Navigator. My children used to have birthday parties at Lancaster Castle because my Dad was High Sherrif one year.My brother is coming to stay later this month. He was vicar of Gisburn and before that Melling (Nr Liverpool.While at Melling his donkey was in the paper for eating the flowers people had left on the graves!
Nice to chat with you
David Lumby

David Lumby
Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
- Wed Mar 11 06:45:11 GMT 1998
What a neat site! I really enjoyed my visit!
Kettering, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Mar 10 05:43:17 GMT 1998
Hello Peggy, I enjoyed looking at your page
Leeds, England.
- Mon Mar 9 10:17:57 GMT 1998
Let's see. I'm 22 and currently studying jewelry making at the University of Houston. My mother's maiden name is Atkinson, so who know maybe we have some of the same ancestors from way back when. I especially liked your donkey page of links.
Good luck with your website!
Ann Bewley

Ann Bewley
Pasadena, Texas, USA.
- Sat Mar 7 19:29:07 GMT 1998
HI Peggy, I'm a 15 year old girl who absolutely adores horses. I have 2 horses named Bob and Rasberry. they are both georgus. well I better go. I'll write back soon.
Martine Chambellant
Brisbane , Queensland, Australia.
- Fri Mar 6 08:37:19 GMT 1998
I am 7 years old. I have 9 pets. Last July one of my Guinea pigs had a baby, so now I have 3. I have 6 fish. I'm in second grade. My teacher is very nice. I enjoy rollerblading. Do you?
Duluth, Georgia, United States.
- Fri Mar 6 00:51:13 GMT 1998
Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
- Thu Mar 5 00:18:07 GMT 1998
To Peggy,
Hello its your cousin Laura here!I liked your page very much.I hope my messages get to you ok as I'm not too good on the internet just yet! I'm at college today doing my work but I finish soon so Im watching the clock!!
I hope you are well and that I see you soon.
Love from Laura.

Laura Noble
- Wed Mar 4 13:21:31 GMT 1998
my name is robbie, i like to watch xena and i am going to school in pennsylvania usa... we have bear, deer and live on a mountain, it is so wonderful here, in the summer my famiily will move to ohia usa, i go to gifted classes and like to sing
robbie lessmeier
williasmport, pa , usa.
- Wed Mar 4 00:11:34 GMT 1998
Hello my name is ERIN and I'm 8 too. I have a Dog and I am in grade two at school. What grade are you in ?
toronto, ontario, Canada.
- Tue Mar 3 22:53:04 GMT 1998
I am glad to visit your page. I visited Kate's page and got your address from her page. My sister, Leeandra and I are having a good time visiting my grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather has a computer and is on the internet. I hope you are having a good day.
Lyndsey Cleaver
Benton, Marshall/KY, USA.
- Sun Mar 1 01:51:32 GMT 1998
I'm a girl, I'm 11 year old and I have long brown hair.
( Forest/Dell/4047/)
Adelaide, S.A., Australia.
- Sat Feb 28 11:26:22 GMT 1998
I'm a rather old Swallows and Amazons fan and found your page doing a search. I'm currently enjoying reading Winter Holiday to my ten year old son Alexander.
Lionel Hill
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.
- Tue Feb 24 03:53:55 GMT 1998
Elizabeth Vuolo
Freeport, N,Y,, U.S.A.
- Fri Feb 20 15:19:29 GMT 1998
valencia, California, USA.
- Thu Feb 19 23:08:17 GMT 1998
What are the books you like? I like BabySitter Little Sister books and The American Girls Premiere (it is also a computer program). I am 8 yrs old. I have fun in school. I like Tennis ,Ice Skating,and Bike riding do you.
Leah G.
Freeport, New York, USA.
- Thu Feb 19 03:00:41 GMT 1998
Hi. I'm 13 years old. I love reading(Swallows and Amazon books mostly) and gymnastics. I just refound this site today so I might have signed befor I don't know. Well I must say I am not the most exsiting person. I have been to England one time and loved it I hope to go again. I live near San Fransico. Just so you know I'm writing off the top of my head. I like photography, black and white. Well I can't think of any more to say.(*o*)
Orinda, CA, USA.
- Thu Feb 19 02:16:10 GMT 1998
Hi. I'm a 22 guy from Spain. Your page looks very nice. Keep doing it so well. Best regards...
Alicante, Alicante, Spain.
- Tue Feb 17 13:25:39 GMT 1998
Hi Peggy Happy Valentine day
love Jing Jing

Jing Jing
burnaby, vancouver, BC.
- Thu Feb 12 23:52:22 GMT 1998
I try to smile all the time! I have certainly gotten a smile from your and your sister's web pages. You should be really glad that your dad and mum are helping you learn about computers. Keep up the good work!
Rick Luquette
Houma, Louisiana, USA.
- Wed Feb 11 03:32:10 GMT 1998
Aloha-Greetings from Hawaii!!! I was born and raised in the county of Essex. I really miss it. Now living in Hawaii for the time being - we have seven children and are enjoying life, especially with the part time venture we have going. Keeps me from feeling too homesick. Nice meeting you, I really miss home, give my love to all in the U.K......( my dad and brother live in North Walsham,Norfolk. Aloha.
Linda Malyan-Rickard
Hilo, Hawaii, USA.
- Mon Feb 9 03:14:17 GMT 1998
Hello Peggy, It is my birthday. I am Six years old. thanks for letting me see your picture Matthew
matthew urbanek
East Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Sun Feb 8 21:19:21 GMT 1998
We really like your HOME PAGE !!!!!!!!
Jenna,and Carley
Jonesboro, arkansas, usa.
- Sun Feb 8 19:08:19 GMT 1998
I was a teacher in London up till a year ago. I now live and work in Romania, but am visiting relatives in Manchester as it was my birthday yesterday. I think your page is amazing. I shall tell people in Romania about it. I cannot get an internet connection in the town I work in in Romania, but I shall visit again in the future.
John Farrell
Comanesti, Bacau, Romania.
- Fri Feb 6 19:01:12 GMT 1998
I like your page very much.I am 12years old now .I don't like school.I like Spice Girls.
Moscow, Russia.
- Fri Feb 6 14:47:39 GMT 1998
I am seven i have brown hair and brown eyes i am in first grade i have two younger brothers one is 5 and the other is 1. i like everything but onions.
canton, ga, usa.
- Thu Feb 5 15:44:21 GMT 1998
i dont really like smiling. too many things can go wrong with a smile. well, ok, not that many things, but i'm sure something could go wrong if you weren't careful.
edinburgh, scotland, uk.
- Thu Feb 5 14:36:14 GMT 1998
Hello Peggy. I am a teacher at Coolgardie Primary School. I teach year 4/5 children. I was playing around on the computer after school. I am over 40 and not very good at this new technology stuff and found your page accidentally.
Diana Frewen
Coolgardie, W.A., Australia.
- Thu Feb 5 08:32:00 GMT 1998
Hi Peggy, now I am in vancover. I have been to school 5 weeks.
Did you see the Christmas card I gave you? Jing Jing

Jing Jing

Yes thankyou ! We sent a happy chinese new year message to your Hong Kong email love to you and your mum and dad. Peggy(K&I&D)

burnaby, canada,
- Thu Feb 5 00:00:48 GMT 1998

- Mon Feb 2 21:27:15 GMT 1998
hello, my name is lauren le cheminant. i live in guernsey an i have 2 cuddly toy dalmatians. Father xmas brought one of them.
st.martins, guernsey, channel isles.
- Sun Feb 1 12:31:08 GMT 1998
My eyes look kinduv brownish and greenish mixed. My hair is a light brown.
Emily DeAnna Scribner
Jasper, Minnesota,
- Fri Jan 30 02:09:10 GMT 1998
Hi! visted Rachels web page. I is not good
Amanda Driggers
Sante Puale, Minasoata, U.S.A.
- Fri Jan 30 00:07:59 GMT 1998
I am African-American. You sound like a real nice person so I wanted to check you out! I like to run, read in school, and come to tutoring, which is where I am now. What is it like in England? Could you please write me back?
Tanisha Moore
Chicago, IL, USA.
- Thu Jan 29 00:30:35 GMT 1998

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