Peggy's Tenth Golden Book

space Hello! I have just been on your sister's page, you both have really good pages, Well done!

London, Herts, England.
- Wed Jan 28 18:36:20 GMT 1998
We won the Superbowl.

I'm glad you've won a nice bowl, Peggy ;-)

We are the champions of the world.Colorado.
Broncos are #1
Broncos Salute
Sharpe, Elway, Davis.
- Tue Jan 27 20:42:36 GMT 1998

- Mon Jan 26 02:51:41 GMT 1998
I don't know about me, but I'm smiling.....Fun page!
Seabrook, Texas, U.S.A..
- Mon Jan 19 21:02:28 GMT 1998
Me and Mallory are both kind-of weird and stupid.
Corri Peck
McMInnville, Tn, U.S.A..
- Sun Jan 18 01:12:54 GMT 1998
mallory cantrell
Mcminnville, TN, U.S.A.
- Sun Jan 18 01:07:30 GMT 1998
I am age 3.I like kitties.Hello.My mom is an Elliott they were from Liddesdale many years ago. Gooodbye!!!
Jade Dorman
Greenville , South Carolina, USA.
- Fri Jan 16 20:48:43 GMT 1998
Hi! I'm 13, and in the eighth grade at Saint Thomas Aquinas school in Provost, Alberta. I enjoy skiing, basketball, soccer, curling, reading and golfing!
Erin Raab
Provost, Alberta, Canada.
- Fri Jan 16 00:49:55 GMT 1998
A wonderful page filled with lots of really neat stuff. I'm 28 and spent lots of time here, coool page! Thanks!
Rob Pefferly
Edinburgh, Scotland.
- Wed Jan 14 20:44:22 GMT 1998
Did you have any trouble getting this script working - it wont work on my site (
- Sun Jan 11 11:40:04 GMT 1998
I'm cool, please send me your version of (please)
London, Surrey, UK.
- Sat Jan 10 17:50:13 GMT 1998
:-) Hi, my name is Anders I am from Denmark. I go to highschool and want to be a Engineer
Anders Pederssøn
Tølløse, Westzealand, Denmark.
- Tue Jan 6 14:04:47 GMT 1998
i'm smiling!!!! Hi my names Anna. I was connected to the internet yesterday and have already been on it for half an hour. i have a pony who is called Flare. Bye!!!!!
Manchester, Cheshire, england.
- Tue Dec 23 20:22:49 GMT 1997
I'm ok
- Tue Dec 23 01:40:01 GMT 1997
I have 1 brother.
Cary, NC,
- Mon Dec 22 23:44:12 GMT 1997
Bored PhD student just messing about on the web. Hope you are well. I like your page. Goodbye and Happy Christmas!
Annette Daly
- Mon Dec 22 17:37:57 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy, I am Kalyn and I am eight years old. I love cats and horses.
Phoeinx, AZ , USA.
- Fri Dec 19 18:29:10 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy!
I came across you website while looking for salt dough recipes. My co-workers and I were amused by your page. I am an interior designer in Atlanta. Please feel free to respond to this. We would love to hear from you!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
- Wed Dec 17 19:49:43 GMT 1997
I am 8.
Kelvin Jorge C. Rodeo
Saipan, MP, USA.
- Wed Dec 17 03:44:17 GMT 1997
My friend Stacy and I were looking at your page, and we loved it! I lived in London from January to May of this year, and I had such a good time. I can't wait to go back. Have you ever been to the USA? Thanks again for making us smile!!!
Mike (21 yrs old)
Stacy (22 yrs old)

Ithaca, Tompkins/Ithaca, USA.
- Mon Dec 15 03:34:08 GMT 1997
im in seventh grade tell me about your family and show me pictures
Annie Judd
Cedar rapids, iowa, usa.
- Sun Dec 14 18:44:46 GMT 1997
:) ;) :D :P :o :b I love smileys! I know a ton more, :} :] etc. My name is Jessica Hallock, and I'm eleven years old. I go to the Chambersburg Area Middle School, where I'm in the 6th grade. This is a great site! I'm looking through your guestbook and seeing tons of people from different places signing, you've done a good job. I'm using the local library's internet. Keep up the good work on your web site!!
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Fri Dec 12 21:39:15 GMT 1997
I am married to Phil and we have a son, Philip. Philip is 4 year old. Right now I am at Virginia Commonwealth University and have just finished my last exam for the semester!!!! Yeah! I am an accounting major and will graduate in May 1998.
Sherri Hudgens-Wyatt
Richmond, VA , USA.
- Thu Dec 11 16:30:08 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy! My name is stephanie King. I am 21 years old. i live in Atlanta Georgia. I go to college at Emory University. I have been to England once. I went to London. I absolutely loved it. It is beautiful. Have you ever been to USA? One more question- I was wondring if you get alot of Emails because of your web page and if so do you make a lot of friends from your page? We are studying web pages in school, that is why I ask. Please Email me back if you have time. I love your page!
Stephanie King

stephanie king
atlanta, georgia, usa.
- Mon Dec 8 20:52:14 GMT 1997
I came looking for pictures of play dough, but could not find any. May be the search engine was mistaken.

They're here silly :-)

Any way, have a good time, and keep a rainbow in your heart
Raza Jaffri
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
- Mon Dec 8 11:46:15 GMT 1997

My coat of arms has the same motto: Sine manicus ne tange felem
Eugene McComb

Lake San Marcos, California, USA.
I would like more of the same on Peggy's Pages
- Mon Dec 8 03:26:31 GMT 1997
Hi Peggy: I am a graduate student, studying History of Art at the University of Michigan. I really like your home page, and your sister Kate's page too! Your pages are very colorful and creative. I like art, bicycling, stamp collecting and surfing the Web. My grandfather came from Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Have you ever been there?
Allison MacDuffee

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
I would like more of the same on Peggy's Pages
- Sat Dec 6 17:16:22 GMT 1997
I am 13 I live at Blakiston in South Australia I have six animals two of them are horses one is a Welsh Mountain pony and the other one is an ex pacer/Standard Bred.
kate phillips

Blakiston, Sth.Aust., Australia.
I would like more of the same on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Dec 5 11:59:46 GMT 1997
nice page

la, ca, 90027.
I would like more Music on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Dec 5 05:05:36 GMT 1997
I rote to your sister to.I'v never been on the internet.Iam nine years old .Iam in third grade now.Ilove to ride horse when I can.Isee your sister loves horses.
Rio, WI, USA.
- Sun Nov 30 02:02:21 GMT 1997
Hi, my name is April. I'm nine years old. I realy like your page.
Beaufort, S.C, U.S.
- Thu Nov 27 19:09:15 GMT 1997
Peggy, Hi my friend Bonnie told me about you and your family. Your family sent her a book for her Mother. That was such a nice thing to do. Thanks for being so nice!! Tiffany Trent
Tiffany Trent
Kingsport, Hawkins/Tennessee, U.S.A.
- Sun Nov 23 23:59:04 GMT 1997
Hi, you page is cool! Just kidding! The page of kate is better than you. I don't speak English very good. But i learn day to day. HABLAS ESPANOL, ERES BIEN PEDO Adios- Cinga tu madre
Guadalajara, Mexico.
- Sun Nov 23 20:10:40 GMT 1997
- Sat Nov 22 19:49:23 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy, My mummy and I first timers on the Net and we found your page quite by accident.... My mum is helping me write this e-mail. I am a girl, 6-/12 years old and next week I will finish Grade 1. I found your page to be very interesting. I love animals and when I leave school I would like to be a zoologist. We have a German Shepherd named Blaze and a black hooded rat named Flower. I have asked Santa for a Brown Burmese kitten for Christmas, but I don't know if Santa will bring one for me. Have a lovely Christmas in England, ours will be very warm . From Kireina
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
- Sat Nov 22 06:47:54 GMT 1997
well, I like to have a key pal, so send away
NSW, Australia.
- Thu Nov 20 10:51:31 GMT 1997
I am 18 years of age. I don't know any thing about horses. I had to do some reasurch on them, and I came across you page. It is nice to see that your father has helped you to develop this page. ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS SMILE :-)
Bliden Nedilb
Houston, Texas, U.S.of A..
- Thu Nov 20 02:54:03 GMT 1997
I am 9 years old and I go to fourth grade. We have a very small school so my older sister and I are in the same classroom with the same teacher but we are in different grades. I like animals. I have parrots that talk sometimes.
catherine rose dougharty

St. Johns, Arizona, usa.
I would like more of the same on Peggy's Pages
- Sun Nov 16 01:48:03 GMT 1997
Albany, New York, USA.
- Sat Nov 15 20:47:28 GMT 1997
Your form says "Please smile", so here it is :{)} it's a bearded smile! Thank you for a fun page, Peggy. I haven't followed all your links yet, since I'm saving some for later, but I did enjoy your Dad's Scientific Nonsense Generator and your Windows Horse. "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." - Garrison Keillor
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
- Sat Nov 15 15:17:28 GMT 1997
Nice homepage! Please visit mine. I'll be looking for u in my guestbook!
Danville, VA, USA.
- Wed Nov 12 22:19:34 GMT 1997
Hi. My name is Wendy. I'm totaly crazy about horses. I'm 12 and I'm in grade 7 at Pioneer school. My home room teacher just won the outstanding Biology teacher for all of canada!!! Well;I have two horses, Tasse, a dapple grey QH X Arab X Appy and Duchess a QH i have a little kitten named lucky. He's a Orange Tabby. On Nov. 28 he'll be 3 monthes exactly!.

Rocky Mountain House , Alberta, Canada.
- Mon Nov 10 20:45:35 GMT 1997
Hi, I'm 13 and I think u have a wonderful site.Well,I like reading and making new friends in the internet.Would u like to be my net friend ?

klang, selangor, malaysia.
- Mon Nov 10 06:08:01 GMT 1997
Jennie Turchi
Jonesport, Maine, U.S.A.
- Sun Nov 9 22:33:17 GMT 1997
- Sat Nov 8 06:06:18 GMT 1997
Hello Peggy!! I come from England but I am spending this year in Canada, working in a primary school and helping the children to learn English because in Quebec they speak French!! Have Fun :-) From Dev
Dev Nicholls

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Thu Nov 6 15:54:47 GMT 1997
my name is carly.I live in Fresno,California.i like your web page > it is really cool
fresno , usa, ca.
- Sun Nov 2 23:33:30 GMT 1997
:o) I'm 12 I live in the USA and I love having e-pals and surfing on the internet.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Sun Nov 2 16:57:40 GMT 1997
why do you have more entries in your book then your sister? I like to watch t.v. and playing with my cat monkey. Halloween was fun and I got to go to three haunted houses and two carnivals. Do you like Halloween, I like it second after Christmas.
salem, oregon, usa.
- Sun Nov 2 03:13:06 GMT 1997
I came upon your page by chance. Although I'm 57 years old, it's nice to see young people like you doing something besides playing games on the Net. You've got a real good page. Keep up the good work and add some more when you can.
John Stevenson
Kingman, Arizona, USA.
- Sat Nov 1 09:44:00 GMT 1997
Hello, I am 9 years old and I enjoy searching around the Internet and making new friends. I like the Spice Girls and drawing and playing football.
Steven Matthews
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.
- Thu Oct 30 18:53:49 GMT 1997
I am 9 1/2 years old and I love Swallows and Amazons I have been to England to go to the AGM in the Broads, and to the Lakes to find the places in the books. I hope I can go again! Sometimes we play S&A here in Alaska. I like the semaphore program. Thanks.
Owen Bauer

Homer, Alaska, USA.
- Mon Oct 27 05:50:19 GMT 1997
Fc Akranes
Ingunn Dögg
Akranes, Iceland.
- Sun Oct 26 12:18:14 GMT 1997
- Wed Oct 22 21:34:26 BST 1997
hi peggy cool page will u vist mine :-) gotta go bye!
College Station, Texas, USA.
- Thu Oct 16 15:47:58 BST 1997
HI! I am a student studying education at Reading University. I am interested in looking at the pictures you have drawn.
Farnham Cmn., Bucks., UK.
- Tue Oct 7 11:35:27 BST 1997
I am seven years old and will be eight on Dec 12. I am in grade three and I like school. I have two sisters and I am in the middle they are ten and five years old. I like to paint and draw and do other crafts too.
Caitlyn Cheverie

Rolla, B.C., Canada.
- Tue Oct 7 03:33:04 BST 1997
:) I am rapidly learning use of the internet to assist my son in his business. I have a grandson who will be surfing the net before long, and I wondered about your page. My wife and I travel in the UK, usually flying in/out at Manchester. We have seen the beautiful backroads of Lancashire. Yorkshire is our most common holiday area after Scotland. We hope to holiday in York around Christmas. Grandson is Danny. I'm sure he'll have fun when he visits your pages.
david vowell
gainesville, Florida, usa.
- Mon Oct 6 22:01:32 BST 1997
Just a note from Model Laboratory School on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University. Have a good day.
Jenny Giles
Richmond, Kentucky, Madison.
- Sun Oct 5 21:56:29 BST 1997
I'm a homeschooling mother of two - a 9 year old boy and 6 year old girl. I'm just surfing the web! Have a good day!
Connie Dean
Onalaska, WA, 98570.
- Sat Oct 4 05:37:29 BST 1997
Stacy Shaunce
Geneva, MN, USA.
- Thu Oct 2 15:28:55 BST 1997
Hi Peggy, I just sent your sister a note. Now I know what a URL is. I think it's an E-Mail address, right? How come your book don't have that block....? Gee I thought I saw it a minute ago but now I don't. OK, I sent you my Home page URL as noted. Actually, that's my headquarters URL. I do have a home page also that you may be able to look at throught the headquarters one. Look for "CAS SITES" (CAS = Contract Administration Service). My site in Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia, USA, Hey Peggy and Kate too. I have a really fun address for you to look at. it's: "". Go there... you'll not regret it. John.
John Cicio
Roswell, Georgia, USA.
- Wed Oct 1 15:32:03 BST 1997
I am 7 and live in Threshfield. I like playing football and running. My dad was helping me to find the blue peter page when we found you. Great page speak to you again Peggy.
thomas anderson

- Mon Sep 29 20:19:18 BST 1997

Great page you have here..


Mr Magic
- Mon Sep 29 15:27:25 BST 1997
My name is Millie Wilson my birthday is April the 3rd I am 7 years old. My friend Billie Win rides horses.My teacher is Miss Mitchell. I love the spice Girls I have the CD of them and cassette.I like reading,drawing,playing. I read books called babysitters club little sister.These are my friends
friends:Billie,Abbey,Jessie,Katharine,Jenna,Jana,Kate. you friend Millie

Millie Wilson
Wellington, New Zealand.
- Mon Sep 29 10:16:49 BST 1997
I came to this page to have a look at it after reading about how well it was put together. Good job!
Brook Thomasa
New Boston, Michigan, USA.
- Fri Sep 26 14:40:32 BST 1997
Hi! You have very nice home page's. It is nice to look them. Have a nice autumn!
Mari Koivuneva
Porvoo, Finland.
- Fri Sep 26 12:00:19 BST 1997
Was looking for a different Peggy ... I live in the "great northwest" and work for Microsoft. I liked your dads semaphore program. I liked your page ...
Bob Welland
Seattle, WA, USA.
- Tue Sep 23 04:41:00 BST 1997
- Sun Sep 21 07:48:51 BST 1997
- Sat Sep 20 20:23:06 BST 1997
Hi Peggy (is that short for Margaret?).

No, it just is ! I already signed Kate's book, so I thought I should also sign yours. I guess you must like horses. I used to have three - they were trotters, which is a kind of racehorse we have here in North America. They weren't very fast, though, so they didn't win many races, but I liked them anyway.
Pat Bryan

Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 13 18:42:31 BST 1997

Hello, My name is Eddie and Fred,Annie and Sarah are my children. We were traveling around and found your page. We are just getting started so we will report back later.
Fred, Annie & Sarah Watson
Erath, Louisisana, USA.
- Sat Sep 13 16:45:20 BST 1997
hello again
Michel Fontaine
Edmonton, Alberta, canada.
- Tue Sep 9 20:23:10 BST 1997
I'm an 13 year old male, and I like to play soccer, and other sports. I'm starting a web site called (BABE ALERT) look for it!!
Michel Fontaine
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
- Tue Sep 9 20:19:51 BST 1997
I like girls Iam 8 years old Do you like guys because i like you
craig Olson
edmonton, canada.
- Tue Sep 9 20:16:26 BST 1997
I'm 28 years old. I have 2 horses and 3 cats. Your homepage is really neat! Good work.
Kim :D

Ridgecrest, CA, USA.
- Tue Sep 9 06:55:58 BST 1997
i like this page it is funny
vännäs, sweden.
- Mon Sep 8 07:38:43 BST 1997
Hi! Your Page Is Really Nice! Please Vist Mine & Sign The Guestbook
Hugs Minnie

( MD, USA.
- Thu Sep 4 00:29:00 BST 1997
hello peggy, i am 6 years old and started 1st grade last week. i have an aunt kris that used to live in london. why don't you send some more pictures in? my dad helped me type this. i like beanie babie, my favorite is nip the cat. goodbye for now
Ellen Rull
Godfrey, Illinois, USA.
- Wed Sep 3 02:08:19 BST 1997
peggy keep smileing from
lottie smith
- Sun Aug 31 18:58:57 BST 1997
peggy your cute! love & kisses
Alice Baillie
- Sun Aug 31 18:56:51 BST 1997
i am 14 and like your page
frank smith
galena, K.S., U.S.A..
- Fri Aug 29 15:02:44 BST 1997
Gorgeous website!
- Sun Aug 24 21:49:20 BST 1997
hi hay macerana
jungle harry
- Sun Aug 24 18:58:00 BST 1997
i am a new user of the internet and do not know what i am doing. want to uderderstand this complicated communication so i can make use of it, learn, share, and have others share with me what is important to them. a new way to share life isn't it.
bethlehem, pa, usa.
- Fri Aug 22 19:11:20 BST 1997
Hi Peggy! I was surfing the net and found your page. We have the same last name. My family is from North Carolina, in the United States, and I am now a student at Florida State University. Study hard and have fun in life.
Elie Edmondson
Tallahassee, Florida, US.
- Sun Aug 17 02:54:44 BST 1997
Hey Macarena!!!!
Don Schmidt
Redwood City, CA, US.
- Sat Aug 16 02:45:26 BST 1997
Hello, Dear! Sounds like you are from the noble family ;) So many people here!! You have a nice page for your age. Well, and you have a great Dad I see :) My own web-site is now under heavy remake...sorry. As for me I'm BS in Computer Science and working as a web-site designer, internet consultant and so on.
Alex D. McRay
Chernigov, Ukraine.
- Thu Aug 14 22:07:32 BST 1997
Warwick NY, Warwik,
- Wed Aug 13 15:03:46 BST 1997
I'm older than most here and i don't know who Peggy is. Just browsing.
rwc, ca, usa.
- Wed Aug 13 06:50:18 BST 1997
Hello from Oklahoma! Just passing through. I'm pretty new to the internet.... I am writing from the public library in town being as I don't have a computer yet! I also LOVE horses. I had a Palomino quarter horse when I was in high school. I had to sell her go to college. Someday I'll have another one!
wilburton, ok, latimer.
- Tue Aug 12 22:22:52 BST 1997
Terrific site.
Thought you'd like to see some of mine:
  • Little Leonardo
  • Justin's Wishing Well
    Mtn. View, CA, USA.
    - Mon Aug 11 18:12:56 BST 1997
    My reason for being on the internet is to try to get kids to play marbles. That is what I do in my spare time. My webpage talks about these efforts. I work at the Post Office. I sell stamps and receive packages for mailing. On this visit I checked one of your local schools. If you need to know about playing marbles, let me know. Some people in London play marbles in the pubs. We play a different game. I met some people from UK when I was in Tennessee last year. They were very interesting people. You may not be able to answer this but I would appreciate your telling other people about marbles and our web page. Thank you.
    marvin george
    Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA.
    - Sat Aug 9 04:39:54 BST 1997
    :) I'm 16 years old and in March of '98 i'm traveling to Europe with my church youth group. We'll be going to London, Ireland, and Scotland.
    Ailey, Georgia, USA.
    - Fri Aug 8 03:33:54 BST 1997
    I ice skate and cheerlead at my high school. I am 15 and well be sixteen this month.
    Ola Oyinsan
    Detroit, Michigan, United States.
    - Thu Aug 7 17:57:56 BST 1997
    =) Hi I'm Chevauna, I'm 7 years old, and I'm going into 2nd grade. I like to swim a lot, and I'm on the local swim team. I have a big sister (Who's helping me with this). Her name's Veronica, and she's 13. She's going into 8th grade. I like your home page a lot.
    Chevauna Illinois, U.S.A..
    - Sun Aug 3 00:30:22 BST 1997
    Hi :o) my name is Micaela and I'm 13 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada. I'd like everyone to visit my homepage (address below). Peggy & Kate - I really enjoyed your pages and I'm going to show them to my friend because she loves horses too probably almost as much as you two. Sorry that this is going to be such a long letter! Do you guys have a scanner? You sure do have a lot of pictures! I have some that a friend scanned for me If you want to see it, I'll show you it:
    If that worked, it's me playing my flute! Sometimes I pretend I have an English accent it's fun. Well I better make this short, bye!!!!!!!!

    London, Ontario, Canada.
    - Sat Aug 2 14:16:27 BST 1997

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