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space Hi Peggy ! Im 21 years old finnish boy. Do you know where Finland lies? It is in nothern europe, in Scandinavia. Your page is really good! I study in Tampere School Of Art And Communications, and I am new netsurfer, I read about your page from newspaper called Helsingin Sanomat, they said that your page is nice and you are really young to have your own page. Have nice life ! Arttu
Arttu Hamalainen
Tampere, Finland.
- Fri Nov 3 10:20:27 GMT 1995
Hiya My name is Jasper. I'm 19yr's old and I think your homepage is cool
Jasper Renow-Clarke
Stafford, Stafforshire, England.
- Wed Nov 1 17:16:43 GMT 1995

Ian Mackenzie
Addlestone, Surrey, England.
- Tue Oct 31 18:09:18 GMT 1995
Hi, Peggy! I'm originally from Russia but live in the U.S. now. I like your homepage. It's full of laughter and sunshine.
Kate Pokorny
Ames, Iowa, USA.
- Mon Oct 30 22:45:30 GMT 1995
October 27, 1995 Dear Peggy, I hope this letter will get to your school, because someday I would like to visit your part of the world. I live in the United States. We are about to begin Winter, in fact a mountain nearby has already been open for downhill skiing. My name is Amanda Legasse. I am 10 years old and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in New Hampshire. I horseback ride and play the piano. I also have 10 fish, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 horses & 2 lizards. My famliy and I just came back from Georgia in Southeastern United States. We did a lot of fun things and I'll tell you a few, I can't tell you all of the places because it would take a year or 2. My family went to a gold mine. My cousin and I found some raw jewels. My Mom and Dad panned for gold and they found a few gold flakes. My Dad acted like he discovered a million dollars. Another day we went to the river to visit cousins and my brother and I drove a golf cart all afternoon. We went there because my grandfather owns an island near the beach. We had to ride a boat to get to the island, but someday they hope to have a bridge. I found a lot of interesting rocks on the island. I might put some of the rocks on a necklace. My favorite subjects in school are science and art. I also like to watch Nicolodian television for kids and I really love Goosebumps books, too! And I love to play games on the computer. Drawing pictures on the computer is a lot of fun. Maybe I can send one to you on the net. My computer is not only a computer but is also a TV with a remote control and everything. It is a Macintosh TV. They didn't make very many, but I like mine. On Saturday's I take a drama class, but there are only a few lessons left. I feel funny saying so many things about myself when I don't know anything about you. I hope you or another girl my age will write back to me real soon. Maybe we can become keypals. Bye for now! Amanda Legasse PS: My email address is my Dad's, but he will make sure I get your letter.
Walpole, New Hampshire, U.S.A..
- Sat Oct 28 02:08:55 BST 1995
Impressive, I raise my cap,
Roman Helmer
Berkeley, Ca, USA.
- Fri Oct 27 03:32:20 BST 1995
:) Hi Peggy. I like your page. I just visited your sisters, and I like it too. I wrote in her guest book, so I thought I should write in yours too. :) Kenny
Kenny Richmond
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.
- Thu Oct 26 01:06:45 BST 1995
Wow, I'm impressed. You must be the youngest person with an internet home page. Well done and keep up the good work.
Nottingham, England.
- Wed Oct 25 15:22:41 BST 1995
Hello Peggy, My name is Speer(really!). I get paid to make Web Pages. Keep up the good work. Hope you stick with it and enjoy yourself. Speer
Speer Macartney Chicago, IL, USA.
- Tue Oct 24 21:39:08 BST 1995
- Tue Oct 24 02:46:59 BST 1995
see my webpages!
Jon Rouse
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.
- Mon Oct 23 18:45:32 BST 1995
Hi! I'm almost 12, but I have a cousin that's your age. Her name is Marian.
Bethany Andrews
Bloomington, Indiana, United States.
- Sun Oct 22 21:58:38 BST 1995

Fernando Dos Santos
Esslingen, Germany.
- Sun Oct 22 00:46:06 BST 1995
i'm eleven and go to school at spaulding.
Heather Bass
spring hope, nc, nash.
- Sat Oct 21 23:04:56 BST 1995
Hi Peggy, I found your great page on the Birthday site...we have the same Birthday. Happy Birthday!! Mark....
Mark Khatiblou">
Lexington Park, MD, US.
- Sat Oct 21 05:37:24 BST 1995
Hi I'm 7 years old. I like to eat ice cream and my best friend is Brandy.
Magnolia, Texas, USA.
- Thu Oct 19 00:28:31 BST 1995
Hello Peggy, thank you for giving me something fun to do while resting from my work. I am a student at Staffordshire university and a relaxing page is something I need occasionaly. Keep up the good work :) BJ (I prefer this name) **SMILE**
Paul Johnson
Stafford, Staffs, UK.
- Tue Oct 17 20:04:44 BST 1995

My Uncle Malcolm !

Hello Peggy,
Hopefully see you soon.
Uncle Malc

Uncle Malcolm
- Tue Oct 17 18:20:27 BST 1995 *********************************************************

Hi Peggy I work for Research Machines and am currently looking at most of the schools web pages for a project that I am involved in that is investigating how schools and pupils use the Internet. Simon
Simon Wright
Wantage, Oxfordshire, England.
- Tue Oct 17 10:43:13 BST 1995
Well done Peggy. I wish I had a daughter like you who could teach me things about writing pages for the internet!
Paul Darcy
University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales.
- Mon Oct 16 13:55:28 BST 1995
I've just left a long message on Kate's page so you can always ask her about me! Before I go I'll just say that you should visit Bangor sometime as it is the most beautiful city in Wales, and I'm not even from here (ask Kate to explain.) Call me sometime. Bye! Can I stop smiling now? Please, it's starting to hurt a bit.
Matt Ibbotson
Bangor, Gwynedd, U.K..
- Fri Oct 13 21:37:17 BST 1995
=) There's a smile for you! Great Job Peggy! I couldn't say Hi to your sister and not say Hi to you as well. Have a fantastic time with this...Tim
Tim Weakley
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
I would like more Charlie Chalk on Peggy's Pages
- Tue Oct 10 05:42:46 BST 1995
I am Paul, i live near Amsterdam in the netherlands and my englisch is not so very good. How are you. My age is 35 years old and i am a t.v. repair man for the Thorn Emi company. I have a bird named Taco its a sort of Parrot.(in dutch we called it a valkparkiet) He speaks some words en wizzle some songs. This is all i now for now. Greatings from the netherlands. Paul.
amsterdam, n-holland, netherlands.
- Tue Oct 10 00:49:43 BST 1995
We are two teacher in Central California looking for other students for our students to meet and exchange interests and information. We are very impressed with your Home Page Peggy! Hope to hear from you soon! Brenda Sage and Laura Williams
Laura and Brenda
Bakersfield, California, USA.
- Wed Oct 4 22:47:45 BST 1995
Peggy G'day from Australia. See you when I come to Disney Land
Penrith, NSW, Australia.
- Tue Oct 3 11:17:51 BST 1995
I am four years old. I like Thomas the Tank Engine.
Michael Allen

Oxford, Ohio, USA.
- Mon Oct 2 21:14:16 BST 1995
Hello there, Peggy! I love your homepage. I am an unemployed teacher visiting lots of homepages for inspiration!
Kirsty Coleman
Coventry, West Midlands, U.K.
- Mon Oct 2 18:54:57 BST 1995
My name is Grace and I am 12 years old. I was born at Lakenheath, Suffolk, England. I love cats and dogs and my grandparents own cattle ranches. My hobbies are listening to music, playing softball and making jewelry. Do you have a new address for Blue Peter?
Grace Tuttle
Kenesaw, Nebraska, USA.
- Sun Oct 1 20:44:49 BST 1995
My name is sarah i have got brown hair and brown eyes. I am 8 and i go to Trefonen school. i have got a sister called Louise she is 5. i have got a cat called tuppence. i play the piano and recorder. I am doing this on my dads computer at work !.Bye bye
Sarah Evans
Oswestry, Shropshire, England.
- Sun Oct 1 11:46:35 BST 1995
Peggy, I have some friends in computer science whose pages are less original than yours. And most of them don't have your sense of color and art. I loved your homepage and plan on showing it to all of them. You put them to shame. Love, Moira P.S. I hope you go into computer science when you grow up. My friends could use the competition.
Moira Indianapolis, IN, USA.

- Sat Sep 30 06:25:21 BST 1995
I have two kids a boy Lance, age 20, a girl Alyson, age 5. I was just cruising the net looking at peoples birthdays. Have a nice day. Great pictures etc.
Garland, Dallas/Texas, USA.
- Thu Sep 28 15:19:12 BST 1995
Brilliant work Peggy! Loved the page!
Oxford, England.
- Mon Sep 25 16:10:33 BST 1995
:) I like to write. I mainly write poems (not for children yet) but hope to write more kid orientated stuff in the near future. I think your Home Page is the most adorable I have ever seen Peggy. I think you have a way cool dad too!
Sheila De'Maris
Piscataway, New Jersey, USA.
- Sun Sep 24 22:38:03 BST 1995
Hi Peggy My name is Sarah. I like your home page. Please write back soon.
Sarah Lambert
London, Ontario Canada, Canada.
- Sun Sep 24 18:56:00 BST 1995
Heyyy!!!, What a nice page ...
Menton, France,
- Sun Sep 24 14:18:02 BST 1995
I really like to figure skate and act. And I think that your web page is way cool.
Emily Harris
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 20:07:29 BST 1995
I am smiling after seeing your page, thank you. It's very nice I am quite impressed. I'm a computer scienc major but don't have nearly as much talent as you do! Good luck!
Northampton, MA, USA.
I would like more Charlie Chalk on Peggy's Pages
- Sat Sep 23 01:22:13 BST 1995
Hello, Peggy. How nice to read your page. I teach third grade students in the middle of Indiana in the middle of the United States. My students have enjoyed reading your page.
Mr. Ellars
Greenfield, Indiana, USA.
- Fri Sep 22 23:27:22 BST 1995
Hi Peggy. I'm glad to sign your golden book. You have got a nice home page, here. Keep on working with it. Good luck from Bochum, Germany!!!
Robert Kehl
Bochum, NRW, Germany.
- Fri Sep 22 14:08:52 BST 1995
Tina Deman
Ljubljana, Slovenia.
- Thu Sep 21 13:04:59 BST 1995
Hi Peggy, I am the father of two, Joey age 3 years and Stacey age 1 1/2 years. Along with their Mother, we live in the country outside of Chicago, Illinois on 5 acres of land where my wife keeps her two horses. Joey and Stacey do not use the computer yet, but I'm sure Joey will be into it soon enough (he just started pre-school this year). Both Joey and Stacey enjoy swinging on our swing set and playing in the sandbox. And I like baseball, American baseball, not your cricket (sp?). Well I have to get back to work for now, write if you get a chance.
P.S. Your Homepage is really excellent, keep up the nice work.

Jim Moorhouse
Marengo, Illinois, U.S..
- Wed Sep 20 20:07:03 BST 1995
hi peggy! i'm a phd student working with kids on different kinds of networks, so i was very glad to see your page. thanks for sharing it with us all!
Michele Evard
Watertown, MA, USA.
- Tue Sep 19 18:27:07 BST 1995
SMILE ;), Visit the Home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial Museum. Canada's famous "Mounties".
Rick McIntyre
Regina, Sask, Canada.
- Sun Sep 17 06:46:21 BST 1995
What a wonderful home page, Peggy! What do you think about how this WWW links all of us into one family?
Dave Jacobs
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Sat Sep 16 18:13:56 BST 1995
Hi Peggy: I work in the Education & Information Services Branch at the NASA Johnson Space Center. One of my grand- daughters is your age. I will be travelling to Europe in October (England, Wales, Scotland, France & Switzerland) and decided to see what schools might be on the World Wide Web in England and Scotland. I thought I might check out their Web Sites and learn a little about the schools in the U.K. I like your Home Page. I am in the process of developing an Education Home Page for our space center. You might want to visit our Space Shuttle Mission Home Page. It tells you about what is happening with the current Shuttle mission. The address is If you should ever want any NASA pictures or information, just email me at 888888888888888 Best of luck with your studies. Norma Rhoads
Norma Rhoads
Houston, Texas, USA.
- Tue Sep 12 16:00:47 BST 1995
:-) i am 5 years old and i will start kindergarten in 2 weeks. i cant read or write yet so my older sister Kaitlyn is writing this for me. it is late now and we must both go to bed good night. :-) :-)
red deer, (province) Alberta, canada.
- Mon Sep 11 04:16:58 BST 1995
Well, I am smiling. I am 10 1/2. I live in the awesome state of Minnesota. Here, we have the spacious Mall of America, 10,000 Beauty-filled lakes and much, much more!
Cottage Grove, Minn., USA.
- Sun Sep 10 22:33:26 BST 1995
Hi Peggy! I`m 23 years old, but I really love your page. It is funny that your counter starts just at my birthday, and I`m glad to be number 52. Have a good time. Bye!
Matthias Rausch
Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany.
- Sun Sep 10 21:40:39 BST 1995

Greetings from the

University of Missouri - Columbia

Great Page! I love it! :)

John Lipskoch
Columbia, MO, USA.
- Sat Sep 9 05:01:22 BST 1995
Being the first down here to have a web page feels good I would like you to visit my page and see how us Country Folk live in Australia. Plenty of things to do as I have used many interactive web ideas on my page. I like this guestbook too.
Elton Taupin
Churchill, Victoria, Australia.
- Thu Sep 7 15:04:27 BST 1995
Hi Peggy, I like your home page.
Guidlford, Surrey, UK.

- Wed Sep 6 09:55:48 BST 1995
I am 12 but will be 13 in a month. I've never been to England but my family is going maybe next year =)!
Kate Bushman
Salem, Oregon, USA.
- Tue Sep 5 17:02:25 BST 1995
Very charming home page. Mind if I link to it from my kid's page? Say hi to your parents, you're all doing a fantastic job.
Chicago, IL, USA.
- Thu Aug 31 02:13:12 BST 1995
J'aimerai echanger avec mes eleves qui ont entre 11 et 15 ans
Menton, France.
- Wed Aug 30 21:49:00 BST 1995
Hi from us :-D. Stuart and Sarah are the dad and mum of Jamie (age 8) and Bethany (age 5) Thank you to both you and your sister for lovely pages. They made us smile! Bye and please mail us if you would like to!
Stuart, Sarah, Jamie and Bethany Miller
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.
I would like more Games on Peggy's Pages
- Mon Aug 28 22:53:06 BST 1995
I am a teacher in New York city and I was seeing what was on the web for kids. You have done a great job. Keep it up. :)
Scott Wickham
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Fri Aug 25 19:38:16 BST 1995
My second daughter, Elizabeth, will be 5 in a few weeks. I'm sure she would like to meet you some day - if you ever get a chance to visit the Northeast region of the US, try to give us a call if you want. Best Wishes.
Tom Peacock
Stow, MA, USA.
- Wed Aug 23 18:17:21 BST 1995
Peggy, This is a great page, one of the best I've seen I'm just a beginner on the Web, so it was great to find your charming page. Keep learning, Best of Luck, Denise
Denise Lottman
Urbana, Illinois, US.
- Tue Aug 22 22:37:18 BST 1995
doing market research for internet provision for schools. Nice page Peggy :-)
thorpe, nr skipton, n. yorks, england.
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Wed Aug 16 22:58:39 BST 1995
Hi! Your page is cool and you work well for a 5 y/o girl!
Marie Claude Dussault
Montreal, Canada.
- Sat Aug 12 19:38:32 BST 1995
Great Page. I'm another one who shares your birthday.
Hugh Stickley Romford, Essex, U.K..
I would like more Links on Peggy's Pages
- Thu Aug 10 10:12:22 BST 1995
I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
- Wed Aug 9 22:14:57 BST 1995
  • Prat Pitharat, University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA.
    Hello from the USA. I mailed your sister too.... just want to let you know how impressive your page is... take care
  • Simon, Univ. Aberystwyth, Wales. Hi Guys,
    Your page looks really good...could we have a picture of Ingleton and Ingleborough, as my friend Claire is going to live there in September. Keep up the good work, it looks really good so far! Just tooling about the 'net. We share a birthday..that's how I wound up here!

    Great Home Page.
    I like your home page! I started with your friend Kate"s page and ended up here. If you don't mind I will pass on your home page to other parents in the San Antonio Texas area. I wish more kids would have there own pages!
    Hello from sunny California Hey, We have the same birthdate. Great home-page. Very cute. Keh Yoe
    good home page peggy! keep up the good work. My son is five too, but I don't think he's quite up to making his own home page yet. I'll come back soon to see how your pages progress (I've added you to my bookmarks.) So long from California! george
  • Brad Haugaard, Monrovia, near Pasadena, California
    I like your pictures. My daughter Kirsten is 5 years old, and she really likes to paint and draw too.
  • Hi Peggy! My name is Mariah and my friend's name is Nicole. We were doing things with the computer and we found your home page, we love it! We don't use computers often but we are trying to use them more often.We are from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania USA. Have a great day!!!
  • Peggy, this is my first time on the internet, even though I am 19 years old! I found your page through the pages on Blue Peter and then through Kate's school. I think your family are very clever to know so much about the internet and home pages. Well done. Lots of Love. Angela.
  • I think you and your sisters pages are GNARLIC! I send greetings from Courtice Ontario Canada! Dawn Whitney

  • kim
    Well, at least we share same birthday sign. I like your Web page a lot. Visit to look at what I am doing for fun %). IF you come to USA, I will show you around. Bye.

  • I think you and your sister have a great set of pages, I love your picture album, and the your dad's bikes. Keep up the good work! It was great finding these pages when touring the net. Have fun Lots of Love, Craig (from Cambridge ;-) )

  • Hi! My name is Tara. I think your page is sooo cool! I love playing on the computer. See ya! Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • Thanks for the Birthday message. As you know, birthdays are a lot of fun, and can be very special days. Your birthday message has made my day even more special. Thanks again... KJ
  • Hi Peggy,
    Thank you so much for the mail and card for my birthday! (May 12) That was very thoughtful of you, and I enjoyed looking at your home page. Please give my regards to your sister Kate too! Best, Armando Fox
  • A kiss for you
  • Hi Peggy!
    I was searching for a KSelect algorithm and I somehow found your page! :)
  • Peggy,
    My name is Shauna and I'm 12 and a half years old. You sound very nice and I would love to get mail from you. From Shauna Finlay
    P.S. Your page is cool!
  • Great Page, Peggy! My name is Andy and I live in Washington DC in the US. I'm 23 and I'm a writer who writes about the Internet and education. I think you've got a wonderful web site!

  • Tue, 30 May 95 15:03:20
    Hi! I'm Becky and I'm 14. I've just written to your sister. I live in Cardiff and I'm writing to you on my mums computer Your page is brilliant!Love Becky

  • Sat, 20 May 95 11:02:45
    I like your page.

  • Sun, 21 May 95 07:42:05
    Hi Peggy!
    I was searching through the Birthday Web Browser for January 18 and found your home page. It turns out that my birthday is also on January 18!!! I really like all of your neat pictures.
    That's all for now from Chicago.
    Bruce Patterson

  • Wed, 24 May 95 14:02:57
    Thank you for letting me share your WWW page.

  • Fri, 26 May 95 02:50:08
    Hello from New Jersey in the United States. You and your sister are very lucky to have such a nice daddy to put up homepages for you. It must be neat to get mail from all over the world.
    Betty Anne and Lisa (8 next week!)

  • Mon, 29 May 95 15:35:18
    University of Bath
    Hi Peggy - cool web page for a 5 year old!

  • Mon, 29 May 95 15:35:35
    University of Bath
    Ace pages Peggy! Wish I had access to the Internet when I was five. But never mind - I'm still a big kid!

  • Tue, 6 Jun 95 00:51:54
    Hello, from California, USA
    Hello Peggy!
    Wanted to tell you I was around, & your pages are very good! Everything works fine, and looks nice.
    Big hug, & keep up your nice work here :-)

  • Sun, 25 Jun 95 16:15:16
    Mary Scallion
    Hi Peggy!
    My name is Mary Scallion and I live in Hamden, Connecticut in the United States. I am 10.5 years old and have a brother named John who is 7.5.
    I have been to England twice and once we stayed in a cottage in Sedbergh which must be close to you. Write back if you have time!

  • Thu, 22 Jun 1995 14:26:20
    Hi, what's up in England? :-)
  • Wed, 14 Jun 95 18:31:18
    Message for Peggy and friends
    Love your page and the whole site.
    Hope you don't mind us pinching some ideas from you!

  • Wed, 28 Jun 1995 17:31:47
    Hi Peggy,
    I am from West Allis Wisconsin. We could be Key Pals If you want I am 9 and a half. I like playing on the computer, (etx)
    Your Key Pal, (If you want.)
    Abby Guenther

  • Sun, 2 Jul 95 23:46:46
    You're a star Peggy!

    I just think it is great that a family is able to share time together in working up a home page together. Your father is very wise.
    Vic Page
    Conway , AR, US.
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Mon Jul 3 17:28:24 BST 1995
    Hi, Peggy! I am a third grade (ages 8-9) teacher near San Francisco, California. I teach computers to kids and I am very impressed with your home page! Congratulations!
    Judy Garber

    San Carlos, CA, USA.
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Fri Jul 7 14:05:32 BST 1995
    Beautiful!!! I love your homepage. I teach the second grade students I'd like to tell our students about your page. And if you please see my homepage, at Thanks for your beautiful page. Isamu Shimazaki
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Sat Jul 8 06:53:09 BST 1995
    Hi Peggy,
    I thimk your page is wonderful and I am going to show it off to the children in my class. I am a year 5/6 teacher at Wanniassa Hills primary School in Canberra, Australia. We are in the process of creating web pages and a couple of my children have got some things up, but they aren't as wonderful as yours. If you want to have a look at our home page it is at
    Cheers from Down Under!
    Natalie Wise
    - Tue, 11 Jul 95 10:52:04

    Hi Peggy Your homepage is really really really cool. Keep up the good work. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Megan Renee Godfrey
    Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A..
    I would like more Donkeys on Peggy's Pages
    - Thu Jul 13 21:27:44 BST 1995
    Hi Peggy! I enjoyed visiting your page! I found it linked to Kids Corner, which I designed. It is so much fun to see kids' pages on the Web!
    Anabella Wewer
    Whitehall, PA, USA.
    I would like more Charlie Chalk on Peggy's Pages
    - Thu Jul 13 20:07:55 BST 1995
    Hi Peggy, Your home page is fantastic! I wish I had one.:( I would love to hear from you but remember to put Emily in the subject line so my sister will know it is for me. I'm 11 years old and I love playing the violin and tennis. I also do a lot of swimming. I can't wait to hear from you. Emily
    Emily Arensman
    Louisville, Kentucky, America.
    I would like more Music on Peggy's Pages
    - Thu Jul 27 03:49:49 BST 1995
    Hi Peggy, Your page is great I love your opening picture. I was born in England and then moved to America when I was little. When I was your age I came back to visit. Have you ever visited the United States? I'd love to hear from you. allison

    Louisville, Kentucky, America.
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Thu Jul 27 03:43:11 BST 1995
    jaclyn michelle smith
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Sat Jul 29 20:36:54 BST 1995
    Peggy, It is really nice to meet you and see your pictures. I am an internet surfer. May God bless you!
    Albert Heinrich
    N. Canton, Ohio, U.S.A..
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Sat Jul 29 03:57:14 BST 1995
    doing very well! There are some adults out there whose pages you put to shame. :) I look forwards to seeing changes.
    Doris Hernandez
    Poughkeepsie, New York, USA.
    I would like more Music on Peggy's Pages
    - Tue Aug 8 21:02:39 BST 1995
    Hi Peggy. I really liked your HomePage - it is really excellent. Keep up the good work. Regards Steve
    Steve Brigden
    Maidenhead, Berks, UK.
    I would like more Motorcycles on Peggy's Pages
    - Tue Aug 8 09:07:56 BST 1995
    I like your page. Very nice
    Mariah Smith
    Ventura, California, U.S..
    I would like more Pictures on Peggy's Pages
    - Fri Aug 4 05:31:37 BST 1995

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