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space Hi, Kate! My name is Kate. I'm 26 and originally from Russia. I have lived in London for about 7 years but now I live in the U.S. I love Britain and hope to come back. I just signed your sister's guest book. I think you are both a lot of fun and smart. Love your pictures.
Kate Pokorny :katephil@ok*iastate.edu"> katephil@ok*iastate.edu
Ames, Iowa, USA.
- Mon Oct 30 23:04:30 GMT 1995 from card89.card.iastate.edu
Well, I'm 22 years old and currently in my last year at college. I'm studying art and philosophy, and am considering the possibility of doing postgraduate work in England. I play guitar with a band, and like to write and arrange songs. OK?
Jon :cj4424@ok*hope.cit.hope.edu"> cj4424@ok*hope.cit.hope.edu
Holland, MI, USA.
- Mon Oct 30 17:33:15 GMT 1995 from cdr06.lab.hope.edu
I am a friend of a friend of your dad. His name's Pete Owens and he was telling about your school home page. I looked at it and then I thought I'd look at your page too.
Simon :S.Letts@ok*dl.ac.uk">S.Letts@ok*dl.ac.uk
( http://www.dl.ac.uk/ASD/NPSG/people/Simon.html)
Warrington, Cheshire, U.K..
- Mon Oct 30 17:06:20 GMT 1995 from nns5.dl.ac.uk
I know your dad
He does! Kev Buckley :k.buckley@ok*lancaster.ac.uk"> k.buckley@ok*lancaster.ac.uk
Lancaster, Lancs, England.
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Mon Oct 30 16:09:18 GMT 1995 from kemibu.lancs.ac.uk
I'm 11 and in the 6th grade. I think you love horses, right? Do you know Horse Country ? It's a very cool page about horses. It has 2 digests: Jr Riders Mailing Digest & Hock. In HOCK you build dream stables, have some wonderful horses, organize and participate in shows, registering your horses, sell/trade, breed... But it's just a game. It's very cool.
Marie Claude Dussault :dussc@ok*msn.com"> dussc@ok*msn.com
( http://www.homeless.com/homepages/dussc@ok*msn.com.html)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
I would like more Horses on Kate's Pages
- Sun Oct 29 12:32:16 GMT 1995 from slip56.crim.ca
Hi! I am 15 years old. I've been to USA three times. I like it. Bye!
Maria Tegin :ake.tegin@ok*mailbox.swipnet.se"> ake.tegin@ok*mailbox.swipnet.se
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Sun Oct 29 10:34:20 GMT 1995 from dialup98-008.swipnet.se
I'm twelve years old.My favorite animals are cats,dogs and horses.This address is my mums email because I don't have an email.I'm going to school camp on monday the 30th of october.i'm in grade 6.PLEASE EMAIL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
lucy barnett :marybur@ok*ozemail.com.au"> marybur@ok*ozemail.com.au
melbourne, victoria, australia!!!.
- Sun Oct 29 09:56:44 GMT 1995 from slmel2p30.ozemail.com.au
I am 11 years old. I am a girl scout and I like to ski,swim, ice skate,ride horses,and have fun.
Portland, Oregon, USA.
- Sun Oct 29 03:19:11 GMT 1995 from www-e4.proxy.aol.com
Kate, I'm a 57 year old educator. I lived and worked in Edinburgh for nine years during the 1970's, and will be returning there with my wife, children, and grandchildren for Christmas! I love Britain!!!
B. L. Lowe :blowe@ok*rams.nesc.k12.ar.us"> blowe@ok*rams.nesc.k12.ar.us
Paragould, Arkansas, USA.
- Sun Oct 29 03:06:58 GMT 1995 from
cool pages you have!!!!
Ralph Brunner :ralphb@ok*datacomm.ch"> ralphb@ok*datacomm.ch
( http://www.datacomm.ch/ralphb/index.htm)
muttenz, BL, switzerland.
- Sun Oct 29 03:04:17 GMT 1995 from
Im 11 years old
Renee Johnson :joharko@ok*zeta.org.au"> joharko@ok*zeta.org.au
Faulconbridge, N.S.W, Australia.
- Sun Oct 29 01:48:59 BST 1995 from gidora.kralizec.net.au
Im 11 years old
Renee Johnson :joharko@ok*zeta.org.au"> joharko@ok*zeta.org.au
Faulconbridge, N.S.W, Australia.
- Sun Oct 29 01:48:55 BST 1995 from gidora.kralizec.net.au
I am 9 years old and this is my first time on the net.I have a brother and he's 14 years old.Lots of people in cornwall speak french and I'm learing it in school.I like drawing and doing art.PLEASE WRITE TO ME!
miriam elsworthy :kelgie@ok*cnwl.igs,net"> kelgie@ok*cnwl.igs,net
cornwall, ontario, canada.
- Sun Oct 29 01:29:59 BST 1995 from ppp15.cnwl.igs.net
bonjour tu dois apprendre le francais avant
olivier and laurent :tg">tg
strasbourg, france,
- Sat Oct 28 19:03:00 BST 1995 from eahppc6.u-strasbg.fr
hi there young kate you must be the youngest person on the web!! hope you are enjoying yourself and remember to work hard at school, and do your homework!!!! bye eddy
eddy :edward@ok*liv.ac.uk">edward@ok*liv.ac.uk
( http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/users/s5eas)
Liverpool, England.
- Sat Oct 28 15:11:52 BST 1995 from ash-20.liv.ac.uk
My wife and I are possibly the worlds oldest Blue Peter fans and we came across your page whilst looking for something else (The BP Big Bash),Linda wishes we could have more time to explore your Pony page.But we will look at another day. bye the way we are very impressed with your web page,keep up the good work :-)
Ian & Linda Jordan :ijordan@ok*sunhouse.zynet.co.uk"> ijordan@ok*sunhouse.zynet.co.uk
Seaton, Devon, Gt Britain.
- Sat Oct 28 13:28:51 BST 1995 from sunhouse.zynet.co.uk
Hi kate I work at the University of Alberta, at the Zoology Museum. I really liked your page. If you get a chance have a look at the one I made for the museum. I would like to add a link to your page on my list of links. May I? I hope to hear from you Barry :-)
Barry Bayley :uamz@ok*ualberta.ca"> uamz@ok*ualberta.ca
( http://gause.biology.ualberta.ca/uamz.hp/uamz.html)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
- Sat Oct 28 08:06:02 BST 1995 from bbayley.remote.ualberta.ca
I'm 58 'young' and enjoyed your page very much. Keep up the good work John.
John Sauvageau :jsav@ok*islandnet.com"> jsav@ok*islandnet.com
( http://www.geopages.com/Paris/1518)
Crofton, BC, Canada.
- Sat Oct 28 06:59:44 BST 1995 from Valdes.islandnet.com
I am feeling very old at 42 and it is raining and dreary. But I like your page!
Rick Fowler :rickf@ok*erinet.com"> rickf@ok*erinet.com
( http://www.geopages.com/Colosseum/1799)
Dayton, OH, USA.
- Sat Oct 28 06:41:46 BST 1995 from eri2.erinet.com
hi kate. as i said my name is mac and i am a soldier in the canadian army .not a super exciting job but one none the same. excellent home page. mac
petawawa, ontario, canada.
- Sat Oct 28 00:45:03 BST 1995 from pembroke-ts-03.nstn.ca
Hi, Kate. My name is Jimmy. I'm the son of Bryan Martin, who signed your guest book a few days ago. Would you like to be pen pals? Today is my birthday and tomorrow is my party. We are using my babysitter's van to get to the party at "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. There is a food fight room , a water room, a cake room, and a present room. I am 8 years old, just like you. My dad is typing this for me. I have to go and blow out the candles on my cake now. Bye!
Jimmy Martin :martinb@ok*epas.utoronto.ca"> martinb@ok*epas.utoronto.ca
Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Oct 27 22:52:07 BST 1995 from blues.epas.utoronto.ca
I love the Tribe. They will beat Atlanta!
Indian ville, Indian, indians rule.
- Fri Oct 27 22:48:39 BST 1995 from dial25.apk.net
I am the mom of three daughters, Macia 9, Megan 7 and Marla 4. Our family homeschools, which means that the girls go to school at home and I am their teacher. We are just learning about the internet and I am very impressed with your homepage.
Jeanne Noorman :jnoorman@ok*vixa.voyager.net"> jnoorman@ok*vixa.voyager.net
Kentwood, MI, USA.
- Fri Oct 27 22:28:16 BST 1995 from
I'm Kevin and i am 3.5 years old. I like to play with the computer My favorite game is 'clowns'.
Kevin Leijn :rleijn@ok*ect.nl">rleijn@ok*ect.nl
Hellevoetsluis, ZH, Netherlands.
- Fri Oct 27 21:25:10 BST 1995 from solair1.inter.NL.net
Hello from Arizona, USA... Check my home page!
Jeff Hoang :axjdh@ok*imap2.asu.edu"> axjdh@ok*imap2.asu.edu
( http://www.public.asu.edu/~axjdh)
Tempe, AZ, USA.
- Fri Oct 27 21:10:41 BST 1995 from Arch330-30.INRE.ASU.EDU
i'm 28, female ride a cx500 and love rallies/biking
jo dimmock :jo.dimmock@ok*a.prime.ac.uk"> jo.dimmock@ok*a.prime.ac.uk
swindon, wilts, uk.
- Fri Oct 27 19:56:12 BST 1995 from
Hello Kate, My name is Bill, I'm a computer programmer and enjoy surfing the net. I found your page in a "top ten" list on someone else's page and thought I would drop by for a visit. I found it to be a delightful place. If you don't mind, I would like to add your homepage to my "Kid Stuff" links on my own home page. Let me know if this is OK with you. I'm sure my neice and nephew (8 and 5) will enjoy seeing your neat collection of interesting links too! :-) Have fun with your computer, and keep up the good work. -- Bill Godwin-Austen (yep... another "hyphenate")
Bill Godwin-Austen :billga@ok*ix.netcom.com"> billga@ok*ix.netcom.com
( http://www.geopages.com/TheTropics/1399)
San Diego, California, USA.
- Fri Oct 27 18:05:12 BST 1995 from
JooLs wuz in da haos
ALiVe aNd HakKiN'

Jonas Lindborg :di94jli@ok*pt.hk-r.se"> di94jli@ok*pt.hk-r.se
( http://www.pt.hk-r.se/~di94jli)
Ronneby, Sweden.
- Fri Oct 27 17:23:23 BST 1995 from pisces.pt.hk-r.se
I'm the mother of Orsola, 8 years old, who is attending the primary school "Aristide Gabelli" in Lido (Venice). I should like to have some informations about your school so we could try to arrange some information exchange about tradition, little works, didactics, friends, and so on. Really I think you have a fantastic Page. Warm regards Alessandra and Orsola
ALESSANDRA ORI mother of ORSOLA :ori@ok*vega.unive.it"> ori@ok*vega.unive.it
- Thu Oct 26 11:01:52 BST 1995 from
Hi, Kate. I'm a musician who belongs to a group called Sine Nomine. We play medieval music. We were in England this year to record a CD (for Saydisc Records in Gloucestershire) and to give a concert in Leeds. I have two sons. Jimmy will be 8 on Friday, and Sandy is 5. It's very late here, but I can't sleep. Must go. Bye!
Bryan Martin :martinb@ok*epas.utoronto.ca"> martinb@ok*epas.utoronto.ca
( http://www.epas.utoronto.ca:8080/~martinb/sinenomine.html)
Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
- Thu Oct 26 06:31:33 BST 1995 from blues.epas.utoronto.ca
I am a college professor who has corresponded with Rachel Williams for the past year. I got to your page through a link from hers. I enjoyed your page very much. My family was in London in 1993 and loved England very much. We only took two trips out of London--to Bath/Salisbury and to visit friends at Cambridge. Good luck to you.
Patsy West :etrh55a@ok*prodigy.com"> etrh55a@ok*prodigy.com
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
- Thu Oct 26 06:29:39 BST 1995 from piweba4y.prodigy.com
Dear Kate, I am a teacher at a primary school and I am learning about Home Pages so that I can teach students how to make one. Thanks for sharing yours with me! Maureen
MAUREEN CIARNIELLO :mciarnie@ok*cln.bc.ca"> mciarnie@ok*cln.bc.ca
West Vancouver, B.C., CANADA.
- Thu Oct 26 01:11:39 BST 1995 from DIALIP157.gov.bc.ca
Hi! I like your page. I found it from someone elses guest book. I've seen your links on Rachel's page too! I'm friends with her mom and her. Take care, Kenny
Kenny Richmond :kray257@ok*igc.net"> kray257@ok*igc.net
( http://www.igc.net/~kray257/)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.
- Thu Oct 26 01:01:00 BST 1995 from runabout1-6.igc.net
Hello, I'm at Nottingham University studying civil engineering. I'm originally from Mirfield in West Yorkshire. I'm a big fan of Huddersfield Town AFC
Alex :evyjap@ok*evn1.civeng.nottingham.ac.uk"> evyjap@ok*evn1.civeng.nottingham.ac.uk
nottingham, England.
- Wed Oct 25 15:14:39 BST 1995 from phdasc.nottingham.ac.uk
I am 20 yrs. old. I go to Berkeley University. I love to listen to music , and play the harmonica and guitar. I am studying in Sheffield England for a year. I used to teach at a summer camp for kids, and I love ice cream.
Peter Marietta :zza95spm@ok*sheffield.ac.uk"> zza95spm@ok*sheffield.ac.uk
Mission Viejo, Ca, USA.
- Tue Oct 24 15:00:38 BST 1995 from pc077075.shef.ac.uk
I am 25 , in college and I'm doing a report on english schools . Your pages are wonderful. Please keep it up.
jen caldwell :crumisjm@ok*snycob.cobleskill.edu"> crumisjm@ok*snycob.cobleskill.edu
worcester, new york, america.
- Tue Oct 24 14:22:46 BST 1995 from

Matthew Sloan
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Tue Oct 24 00:41:57 BST 1995 from ottgate4.bnr.ca
See my webpages!
Jon Rouse :jon@ok*timewarp.demon.co.uk"> jon@ok*timewarp.demon.co.uk
( http://www.geopages.com/Athens/1992)
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.
- Mon Oct 23 18:43:32 BST 1995 from gatekeeper.uk-po.com
- Sun Oct 22 22:08:19 BST 1995 from watson-d220.foothill.net
I am almost 12 years old, I have an older brother who is 15 named Nicholas, and I like to swim and ride bikes.
Bethany Andrews :bethanyb@ok*bluemarble.net"> bethanyb@ok*bluemarble.net
Bloomington, Indiana, United States.
- Sun Oct 22 21:28:37 BST 1995 from xyplex4-1-11.ucs.indiana.edu
Hi Kate! My name is Bronwyn and I live in Mobile, AL. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. When I grow up I would like to work at Walt Disney World and be an animator.I am 12 years old. Nice Page!!!
bronwyn coffeen :coffeen@ok*maf.mobile.al.us"> coffeen@ok*maf.mobile.al.us
mobile, alabama, usa.
- Sun Oct 22 19:02:53 BST 1995 from ppp23.maf.mobile.al.us
I was surfing the net and came upon your home page. I 42 years old and live in the midwest of the United States. I enjoy snow skiing, SCUBA diving and other outdoor activities.
Don Pierce :dpierce@ok*nemonet.com"> dpierce@ok*nemonet.com
Hannibal, Missouri, U.S..
- Sun Oct 22 17:52:11 BST 1995 from
That is my fathers E-Mail address but I use it sometimes. I am 9 years old.I enjoyed reading about you. Now it is your turn to learn about me. I have 2 dogs named Rudy and Tina. My favorite color is aqua and pink.I also like making things. I go to a catholic school named St. Leo's. I hope you come to New Jersey in America some day. I also am in the fourth grade. My dad is from Germany. BYE!!!!
Natasha H. Morozov :morozov@ok*c2east.convex.com"> morozov@ok*c2east.convex.com
Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA.
- Sun Oct 22 01:47:50 BST 1995 from ppp-35.ts-5.hck.idt.net

Fernando Dos Santos :641492@ok*rz.fht-esslingen.de"> 641492@ok*rz.fht-esslingen.de
( http://www.ti.fht-esslingen.de/~641492/)
Esslingen, Germany.
- Sun Oct 22 00:41:47 BST 1995 from tihx14.ti.fht-esslingen.de
I'm Jennifer Daisy van Dam and live in Delft/Holland. I'm 11 years old and I play football by KFC'71. I'm a right-back-player. We won today with 5-0 from our neighbourclub (SEP). I'm in group seven at school and have after this year another year to go. Then I can to highschool. The E_mail adress is from my father Gerard. Let me know soon something about you.
Jennifer van Dam :gerard@ok*dataweb.nl"> gerard@ok*dataweb.nl
Delft, zuid holl., Holland.
- Sat Oct 21 19:06:17 BST 1995 from sunshine.delft.dataweb.nl
Hey! My name is Marit. I`m 9 years old. How are you? I'm fine..
Marit :Bjorn.Aakre@ok*not.hit.no"> Bjorn.Aakre@ok*not.hit.no
Kongsberg, Norway, Norway.
- Sat Oct 21 13:08:41 BST 1995 from ppp2.tmlh.no
This is my first time on the internet. I don't have a computer but I am visiting my mom and dad's friends. I am in grade six and I am ten years old. I really like your home page. We will be getting a computer very soon and I will look you up!
Lyndsay Pouliotte-Beneteau :dalehube@ok*village.ca"> dalehube@ok*village.ca
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Oct 21 02:15:59 BST 1995 from ts1-3.icis.on.ca
I am 13 and have a younger sister who is turning eight in December. I really liked the pictures you had and was wondering if you got them from a book or some one drew them. I think it's cool that you have your own home page
Emily Askinazi :aaskinazi@ok*li.com"> aaskinazi@ok*li.com
Sharon, CT, USA.
- Sat Oct 21 01:48:19 BST 1995 from
I live in Houston, Texas with my husband and two pussycats. I'm a transplanted Brit from Guildford in Surrey. One of my cats is a breed that I don't think is recognized in the U.K. yet - it's called a Scottish Fold - she has very little ears that fold forward to the front of her gorgeous little head. She basically looks like an owl!
Ann Shelah :duffer@ok*hic.net">duffer@ok*hic.net
houston, texas, U S A.
- Fri Oct 20 23:36:21 BST 1995 from ppp.hic.net
Dear Kate,
I am a systems engineer at Apple Canada in Markham, Ontario, Canada which is just north of Toronto.
I just want to say I love your page, I think it's simply terrific! Next week I will be teaching people in our office all about the Internet and what they can do with it and I am going to show them your page.
Keep up the good work.
Regards, Janet

Janet Bell Crawford :jbc@ok*apple.com"> jbc@ok*apple.com
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Oct 20 21:57:09 BST 1995 from mac234.apple.ca
Kate: I am 7. I like to swim. The name of my school is Bear Lake Elementary. I like to go to Disney World because it is fun and it is close. You are a great artist. I like your home page. From Brittany.
Brittany Cahoon :bcaho@ok*worldramp.net"> bcaho@ok*worldramp.net
Orlando, FL, USA.
- Fri Oct 20 20:53:26 BST 1995 from port1-16.worldramp.net
Kate: You have a wonderful home page. I am 51 years old and work for a company called Xerox ( in England it's called Rank Xerox). I have a 7 year old daughter named Brittany and I hope to have her read your page and write in your vistior's book. We live very close to Disney World. If you ever visit, I am sure Brittany would love to meet you. Bye for now.
Barry Cahoon :bcaho@ok*worldramp.net"> bcaho@ok*worldramp.net
Orlando, Florida, USA.
- Fri Oct 20 19:34:01 BST 1995 from spectrum.xerox.com
I stopped in to say hello because my sister's name is Amelia. I think it is a great name!
Lucrecia Wisner :lwisner@ok*kumc.wpo.ukans.edu"> lwisner@ok*kumc.wpo.ukans.edu
Kansas City, Missouri, United States.
- Fri Oct 20 19:23:40 BST 1995 from
Hi! We are Jodi and Christy, moms of too many children to name (but two of them are 8 years old). Loved your home page. Lots of fun stuff to read.
( HTTP://www.bconnex.net/)
Innisfil, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Oct 20 18:34:21 BST 1995 from www.bconnex.net
I am an Elementary School Principal. I am learning how to do E Mail on the Internet. In 1986 I toured parts of England. Hopefully, I'll return again. My students will be on the internet in a few months. I'll have them contact you when we get our equipment. Have a wonderful day!
Regina B. Holley,Ph.D. :holley@ok*pps.pgh.pa.us"> holley@ok*pps.pgh.pa.us
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan, United States.
- Fri Oct 20 16:11:42 BST 1995 from lab23.woolslair.pps.pgh.pa.us

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