Kate's Eighth Guest Book

space 30 yr old s/w company person, obvisouly with too much time on my hands...
ashley :droog@ok*eor.com">droog@ok*eor.com

- Thu Oct 19 20:13:31 BST 1995
I´m a 18 years old schoolboy trying to find myself
Mathias Åhlén
Kungsängen, Stockholm, Sweden.
- Thu Oct 19 08:43:38 BST 1995 from
How are you Kate? I am Stephen, and I saw your page. I'm originally from Hong Kong but am living in the USA now. I spent 8 years in England while attending boarding school (nr. Sheffield) and university (Liverpool) there. I am in the business of bringing network technologies and products to make networking possible for the next generation like yourself. I have two children, Nicholas who is 5, and Noreena who is 1. I love them dearly just like your daddy loves you. Bye bye now.
Stephen Lau
- Thu Oct 19 01:57:35 BST 1995 from gateway.synoptics.com
I wrote you before but I wanted to get back into looking at all the other people who wrote you and couldn't. It's a great page, lots of people seem to visit. Thanks again.
Trish Sale :umsale01@ok*cc.umanitoba.ca"> umsale01@ok*cc.umanitoba.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Wed Oct 18 23:06:36 BST 1995 from mac11.educ.umanitoba.ca
I am a university student in Canada. I work in a couple of the computer labs on campus at the University of Manitoba I really enjoy camping and canoeing in my spare time. I enjoyed your page,Trish
Trish Sale :umsale01@ok*cc.umanitoba.ca"> umsale01@ok*cc.umanitoba.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Wed Oct 18 22:05:13 BST 1995 from mac11.educ.umanitoba.ca
I am 8 too. I have 2 sisters aged 6 and 3. I am writing this through compuserve's Mosaic connection. It is my dad's compuserve account. I would like a web page. Yours is very good. Did you have a lot of help from your teacher? Is HTML hard to learn? Dad says you need to learn HTML to make web pages. Alari (8)
Alari Naylor age 8 :100144.610@ok*compuserve.com"> 100144.610@ok*compuserve.com
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.
- Wed Oct 18 21:04:43 BST 1995 from dd41-158.compuserve.com
Kate...Hi! I'm 28 years old and I live in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. I am studying to be a teacher (I hope to teach 5th grade) and think it's GREAT that you are using the Internet! There's so much information out here about everything...my favorite subject is science... what's yours? Happy October...do you all celebrate Halloween? Have a good day! Beth K
Beth Kazlauskas :BethK%20@ok*%20sseinc.com"> BethK @ok* sseinc.com
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
- Wed Oct 18 13:56:30 BST 1995 from
Instructional Technology graduate student at CSU,Chico...emphasis on the effects of edutaiment/educational software on K-12 students. I have a multiple subject teaching credential (k-6) and I enjoy kids, as well as kid's stuff!!! I'm very impressed with your home page. Great job. You earn an A+!!!
Cassandra Queen :cqueen@ok*ecst.csuchico.edu"> cqueen@ok*ecst.csuchico.edu
Chico, California, USA.
- Wed Oct 18 05:53:01 BST 1995 from thma226-mac26.lab.CSUChico.EDU
LARRY TSAI :ltsai@ok*extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU"> ltsai@ok*extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU
- Wed Oct 18 03:20:07 BST 1995 from extra.ucc.su.OZ.AU
Greetings from The Republic of Texas. Actually, Texas was only a republic from 1836 to 1845 when it became one of the United States.
I visited London in 1993 and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there. I was limited to touring London/Westminster. The best part was when I abandoned the bus tours and walked down Regent Street, Picadilly Circus, and so on. I was there in the month of May.
I hope to one day visit England again.

Pete Wurzbach :wurzbach@ok*onramp.net"> wurzbach@ok*onramp.net
Dallas, Texas, USA.
- Tue Oct 17 21:48:16 BST 1995 from central42.onramp.net
Two sisters who think alike :) I love this page as well :) ** SMILE **
Paul Johnson :cm5bcprj@ok*bs47a.staffs.ac.uk"> cm5bcprj@ok*bs47a.staffs.ac.uk
Stafford, Staffs, UK.
- Tue Oct 17 20:09:26 BST 1995 from bsm2ab.staffs.ac.uk

My Uncle Malcolm finally hits the Web !

Have you forgotten me already?
Lots of love

Uncle Malc :edmondsj@ok*INTERNET-PILOT.UK-PO.COM"> edmondsj@ok*INTERNET-PILOT.UK-PO.COM
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Tue Oct 17 17:55:23 BST 1995 from gatekeeper.uk-po.com
Hi, I am Ebak, going to be 11 yrs old coming Dec. 10. I have a twin brother his name is Ahmad Farouk and his e-mail add. is rayden@ok*pl.jaring.my. Both of us love computers esp. computer games. We would like to be your friend if you like. We'll tell you more about ourselves later. Bye and salam. Ebak
Ahmad Ebak Malik :ebak@ok*pl.jaring.my"> ebak@ok*pl.jaring.my
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
- Tue Oct 17 03:03:42 BST 1995 from j7.ptl4.jaring.my
Nice page, Kate! Just saying HI!!
Monika Bough :irvbough@ok*whidbey.net"> irvbough@ok*whidbey.net
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.!!!!!!
- Tue Oct 17 02:01:41 BST 1995 from asn8.whidbey.net
Hi Kate! My name is Monika Bough and I'm 12 years old. I think your page is great! I'd just like to say to everyone who's reading this and is a girl 8-14, that I have a penpal club for girls ages 8-14. If you want to join write me with your name, age, and e-mail address. Cool page!!!
Monika Bough :irvbough@ok*whidbey.net"> irvbough@ok*whidbey.net
Oak Harbor, Washington, U.S.A.!!!!.
- Tue Oct 17 01:57:13 BST 1995 from asn8.whidbey.net
I'm mike a fellow Lancastrian, at university in Durham. I've just been learning to surf the internet and found your name. Hope you have a nice life.!
Mike Armer :M.S.Armer@ok*durham.ac.uk"> M.S.Armer@ok*durham.ac.uk
Lancaster, lancs,
- Mon Oct 16 14:36:29 BST 1995 from ed244-10.dur.ac.uk
I am a 10 year old who attends school on Long Island. I am a big fan of the Marx Brothers. In my spare time, I get involved in theater projects for kids. I am currently rehearsing for my appearance in "42nd Street".
Andrew Jacobs :GrouchoA@ok*htp.net"> GrouchoA@ok*htp.net
Commack, NY, USA.
- Mon Oct 16 03:53:42 BST 1995 from wa76.htp.net
I live in an old dusty mill with a lot of bats, and make robots.
Norm :normill@ok*maple.net"> normill@ok*maple.net
Durham, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Oct 15 07:06:03 BST 1995 from
I am a 26 year old male and live in South Africa (where ever that might be) I work for a company called ESKOM in the Information Technologie section as Operator on mainframe platforms. I stay in a suburb of Pretoria called Verwoerdburg (named after the founder of apartheid, Dr HF Verwoerd) The most enjoyful time pasing is my 1993 Yamaha FJ1200, which I worship. I also enjoy a lot of different sports (Watching and playing) and most of all just to chat to interesting people.
Borne' Denyschen :a66598@ok*it1.eskom.co.za"> a66598@ok*it1.eskom.co.za
Johannesburg, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa.
- Sat Oct 14 20:24:36 BST 1995 from
Hi Kate, I came and read your story "The Ferry". One of my stories is on the Web, but I think your story is much more scary than mine. I didn't like the people bleeding very much, or the shark. It was too frightening.
Dave Whiteland :dave@ok*beholder.co.uk"> dave@ok*beholder.co.uk
Hailsham, UK.
- Sat Oct 14 00:57:58 BST 1995 from
Hi there Kate! As you have probably guessed my name is Matt (well, Matthew really). I am 19 years old (fogie) and although I am in Bangor I am actually from Rochdale (yes, that is Lisa Stansfield country). So why am I in Bangor? Well I'm currently doing a degree course at the university in Bangor. My degree is Computer Systems Engineering, that may sound a bit of a mouthful but I'm really enjoying the course! O.K. time for a description of me..... I am 6ft tall and weigh about 10 stone. I have short brown hair and really nice brown eyes. My hobbies include painting lead minatures, listening to music, and watching Blue Peter, when I can (I don't have a TV). Speaking of Blue Peter, that's how I found your page! I have to say that it is really good. My family (who I left in Rochdale): 1 dad called Martin, 1 mum called Kath, 1 (annoying yet loveable) brother called Robin (18), and 2 sisters called Claire (16) and Ruth (12). Well that's all I can think of right now so I guess I'll say goodbye. Perhaps you would want to write back? I'm a nice guy really! Bye!
Matt Ibbotson :m.j.ibbotson@ok*sees.bangor.ac.uk"> m.j.ibbotson@ok*sees.bangor.ac.uk
(Don't have my own. Yet!)
Bangor, Gwynedd, United Kingdom.
- Fri Oct 13 21:21:23 BST 1995 from com1171.sees.bangor.ac.uk
Hi! I teach grade 7 and 8 science french immersion in Ottawa, Canada. I am very impressed with your page! Continue the great work! Chantal Bissonnette
Chantal Bissonnette :paradis@ok*ottawa.net"> paradis@ok*ottawa.net
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Oct 13 01:05:29 BST 1995 from slip-ppp17.ottawa.net
Hi Kate! I'm a 17-year old girl from Finland. I love music and arts but my favorite subject in the school is history. I love life!!!!
Elina Viitaniemi
I don't have an e-mail adress
Jyväskylä, Finland.
- Thu Oct 12 19:55:26 BST 1995 from seitti.funet.fi
I am a mother of a 18 month girl named Kelly and was looking for some parenting info and found my way into your site. You did a great job! My little girl also likes the computer she likes KidPix ( a drawing program) and LOVES ducks. We are having great weather in the Midwest today it is in the high 80s F. We've gone apple picking and will go to a pumpkin patch this weekend. We love doing outdoor activities
Kelly and I will dress up as Cats for Halloween!
Good luck with your site!

Tricia Wilson :mtwilson@ok*magic1.org"> mtwilson@ok*magic1.org
( http://www.sunflower.org/~mtwilson)
Overland Park, KS, USA.
- Thu Oct 12 18:56:21 BST 1995 from
Hello Kate. What is it like in Lancashire. Do you like your school. What's your Mum's and Dad's name.
kaylee :t.g.pett@ok*rl.ac.uk"> t.g.pett@ok*rl.ac.uk Oxford,
- Wed Oct 11 11:53:10 BST 1995 from
webmaster at briar cliff college, http://academ.briar-cliff.edu (but, we're not on-line yet)
sinisa radovcic :radovcic@ok*briar-cliff.edu"> radovcic@ok*briar-cliff.edu
- Wed Oct 11 06:14:12 BST 1995 from
Hi Kate! My name is David, and I'm a 24 year old guy from the province of Ontario in Canada. I'm a big fan of all the Star Trek series and I like dabbling with food (cooking). If you like, you're welcome to drop me an E-mail note sometime.
David Piper :voyager@ok*maple.net"> voyager@ok*maple.net
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Oct 11 05:47:37 BST 1995 from
I live in Washington state and am an avid biker, rollerblader, soccer player, and golfer. My husband doesn't ride, though, so I usually take my bike on the road by myself. (It's a Suzuki 450 - the biggest one I can get on and still be able to pick it up if I lay it down ) Do you and your Dad ride a lot? You sure seem to have a lot of interests! Hope you continue to have as much fun learning so much about everything!
Jani Mahoney :jmahoney@ok*on-ramp.ior.com"> jmahoney@ok*on-ramp.ior.com
( http://www.ior.com/~jmahoney/jani.html)
Spokane, WA, USA.
- Wed Oct 11 05:36:52 BST 1995 from cs3-23.ior.com
Marvelous job on your Homepage! =) I've been looking at quite a few and yours is one of the best. I'm 30 years old...My wife's name is Barb...and we have three kids. Willie...10...Erin...8...and Zach...6. Maybe you could e-mail me with some advice on setting up my homepage? =) Have fun...and keep up the great work...Tim
Timothy Weakley :tweak@ok*mbnet.mb.ca">tweak@ok*mbnet.mb.ca )
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Tue Oct 10 05:32:59 BST 1995 from dial080.mbnet.mb.ca
Hey Kate, Whats up? How are ya I'm in 5th grade and like sports My favorite team is the Indians check out the web site it is very cool!! I'm ten. My favorite movie is Die Hard 1. My favorite T.V. show is The Simpsons. Feel free to E-mail me!!!
Dave Patrick :mmdp@ok*apk.net">mmdp@ok*apk.net
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Mon Oct 9 22:28:33 BST 1995 from dial4.apk.net
I'm ten. I live in Rocky River (cleveland) Ohio. I like sports.
Dave :mmdp@ok*apk.net">mmdp@ok*apk.net
Cleveland, OH, USA.
- Mon Oct 9 22:20:18 BST 1995 from dial4.apk.net
Chuck Warrix :chuck@ok*coil.com">chuck@ok*coil.com
Hilliard, OH, USA.
- Mon Oct 9 19:49:18 BST 1995 from
There is not a lot to say I was just surfing and come upon your page You see my Mum lives in Lancaster and I was just trying to find out a little about the town
Carl Campion :carl@ok*oncomdis.on.co"> carl@ok*oncomdis.on.co
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Oct 9 15:44:27 BST 1995 from
Nice home page keep up the good work. By the way your visitor count tells me I am calling from the USA, I am not I am calling from Canada. Bye for now Brian.
Brian Turner :bturner@ok*synaps.net"> bturner@ok*synaps.net
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Oct 9 04:51:03 BST 1995 from harp-12.synapse.net
I'm 9 years old. I like hockey, soccor and I'm in grade 4. I like Sega and Nintendo. I'm new on the net so I am learning as I go. Hello England and Hello to Queen Elizabeth II ! My Dad, sister and I will be coming to London Dec 31 1999 to celebrate the year 2000. Bye for now. Chris T.
Christopher Thomas :dgathomas@ok*ccinet.ab.ca"> dgathomas@ok*ccinet.ab.ca
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.
- Mon Oct 9 03:50:56 BST 1995 from fortmacr8.ccinet.ab.ca
We are two boys age 10 (Alex,who is in 5th. grade) and 5 (Rudy, who is in third grade-Kindergarden) who like to explore the Web with our dad by using his Internet access. We think this is neat and want our dad to help us set a similar Home Page here in Tijuana (Yep, we are in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico!). Maybe you could help us? Do you want some penpals? You can write us at our dad's e-mail address above, in either Spanish or English, and we will try to reply fast.
Bye for now.
Alex, Rudy and Alex Sr.

Alex and Rudy Lujan :nemesis@ok*dns.cincos.net"> nemesis@ok*dns.cincos.net
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico.
- Mon Oct 9 01:16:45 BST 1995 from
student at washington university. into computer graphics and art, along with video games. I like horses and all other animals Like vampyres and other mysterious things. have a passion for ferraris.
Justin Luttmer :jpluttme@ok*art.wustl.edu"> jpluttme@ok*art.wustl.edu
st. louis, mo, usa.
- Sun Oct 8 22:07:43 BST 1995 from
I am 10 years old and I go to Percy Pegler Elementary School where we are learning about Internet. My Papa lets me use his computer but he won't let me have his password until I am older. So if you want to contact me you will have to use my Papa's address. I live in a 4 person family with my Papa and two sisters. I am the oldest in my family and I am 10. I can't believe that I can talk to someone in England! My mother has Internet too but she lives with her boyfriend in Calgary. My parents split up 3 years ago and they are divorced. Next week my mother and Pat, her boyfriend , are getting married. I am invited to the wedding and I am suped to hold the wedding rign for Pat to give to Mama. My mother's parents are flying in from Germany tomorrow. they want to be at the wedding too. My Dad's parents are both dead. My grama died from cancer and my grampa died of a heart attack. My grama's family came from Perth England about 100 years ago. Their name was Randel, does that sound familiar? Now I want to ask about you. Are you a kid? How old are you. Are you a girl? Do you like art? If you have time can you send me a message? email Helena Mosher care of mosherd@ok*cia.com Thanks
Helena Mosher :mosherd@ok*cia.com">mosherd@ok*cia.com )
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Oct 8 19:36:31 BST 1995 from terex.cia.com
I am 8 years old too. I am in the third grade. My brother Matt and I swim on a YMCA swim team. My favorite strokes are backstroke and the breast stroke. I just joined Brownies. I have and older brother David who is in the ninth grade. We have a black cat named Andy,
jocelyn parks :bobparks@ok*nai.net"> bobparks@ok*nai.net
danbury, ct, usa.
- Sun Oct 8 18:56:48 BST 1995 from naidp8.nai.net
We are 5 year old twins. We just started kindergarden this year. We go to swimming lessons after school. Sam likes to play power rangers at school. Sunni likes sitting in the Circle and singing songs. Typed by Dad
sam and sunni Whitney :billw@ok*supernet.ab.ca"> billw@ok*supernet.ab.ca
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Oct 8 18:43:26 BST 1995 from rd-p19.supernet.ab.ca
- Sun Oct 8 16:32:30 BST 1995 from ping2.ping.be
I am seven years old. I love gymnastics. My dad is helping me make my own home page, but I don't have any pictures yet. My home page is going to have pictures of me doing tricks on the balance beam and parallel bars and trampoline.
Meili :mcarp@ok*csn.org">mcarp@ok*csn.org
( http://www.csn.net/~mcarp/meili.html)
Boulder, Colorado, USA.
- Sun Oct 8 14:09:31 BST 1995 from p18.Boulder-2.dialup.csn.net
Hi, Kate! My name is also Kate as you can see. I enjoyed visiting your page especially your birthday list. I entered mine! I'm a college student in Minnesota and would like to become a high school teacher some day. I hoped your school year is going well for you! Have a wonderful day. Keep SMILING...Kate Mayer
Kate Mayer :kmmayer@ok*csbsju.edu"> kmmayer@ok*csbsju.edu
Sauk Centre, Minnesota, USA.
- Sun Oct 8 04:48:53 BST 1995 from MH368L.csbsju.edu
I'am just checking out sites for my 6 year old daughter, Katie, and I saw your name on your site. You have done a wonderfull job with it and I will be showing it to her tomorrow.
George Abrahamson :gabraha@ok*ibm.net">gabraha@ok*ibm.net )
Attleboro, MA, USA.
- Sun Oct 8 04:02:14 BST 1995 from slip65-142.ny.us.ibm.net
Hello Kate, My name is Erin. I am seven years old. I go to school at Broadview elementary school here in Ottawa. My sister is named Katie. She is three and a half. I liked your home page. and I like your jokes.
Erin Montague :s_cmonta@ok*globalx.net"> s_cmonta@ok*globalx.net
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Oct 7 16:22:51 BST 1995 from Ci.globalx.net
This is my first day on the net and I'm just looking at home pages.
Mark DeKoster :mdekoster@ok*vixa.voyager.net"> mdekoster@ok*vixa.voyager.net
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
- Sat Oct 7 16:06:04 BST 1995 from
I'm almost 13 years old. I think your page is GREAT!!! How did you do all those things?
Adva :adva@ok*shani.co.il">adva@ok*shani.co.il
( http://www.geopages.com/RodeoDrive/1895/)
Tel-Aviv, Israel.
- Sat Oct 7 15:44:51 BST 1995 from ts34p10.NetVision.net.il
I've been married (to the same lady) for 30 years. I have two daughters. Kerri is 25 years old and received her Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech in March of 1994 - she said her graduation was a birthday present to me, because it was one day before my birthday. Karen is 20 years old and is a Junior at Berry College in Rome, GA (Berry College has the largest campus in the world - 26,000 acres). My wife Carol teaches 3 year olds at our church's kindergarten. I am a computer person for AT&T (help desk, programming, teaching) (http://www.att.com - see our olympic page). I also volunteer one morning each week at Addison Elementary School (http://www.mindspring.com/~addison) where I lead a computer class for 4th and 5th grade kids (ages 9 and 10). I like your pages! I would like more pictures and stories.
John Carter :72236.154@ok*compuserve.com"> 72236.154@ok*compuserve.com
( http://www.mindspring.com/~addison)
Smyrna, GA, USA.
- Sat Oct 7 01:16:33 BST 1995 from ad35-136.compuserve.com
Very nice guestbook, Kate ! I really enjoyed it ! Bye !
Annemieke Blank :140201@ok*studnt.fbk.eur.nl"> 140201@ok*studnt.fbk.eur.nl
Amsterdam, Holland, Europe.
- Fri Oct 6 15:24:13 BST 1995 from bets.fbk.eur.nl
I work for a big computer company in the states called Hewlett-Packard I have two children - Ralph who is 5 and 1/2 and Tori who is 1 and 1/2 Tori has a broken arm and has had three casts so far A white one, a pink one and a purple one.
I like work - I work on Unix workstations (from Hewlett-Packard) and PC's (from Hewlett-Packard) ....but my family takes a lot of my time.
...I like your page just the way it is. How long have you been doing this????
Oh by the way we have a big office in the UK which services Ford Motor Company. A very good friend of mine Jane Fitzsimmons works there.
Good job on this???
Marci Fisher

Marci Fisher :marcif@ok*gr.hp.com"> marcif@ok*gr.hp.com
( http://www.gr.hp.com/marcif/index.html)
Greeley, Colorado, USA.
- Thu Oct 5 23:15:25 BST 1995 from palona1.cns.hp.com
I have just finished studying at The University of Liverpool and I am about to start studying again in Manchester. I study mathematics and find it good fun!
Colin Desmond :cdesmond@ok*liv.ac.uk"> cdesmond@ok*liv.ac.uk
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK.
I am 7 years old. I am interested in a lot of things.
Nicholas :julie@ok*pobox.com"> julie@ok*pobox.com
redlands, CA, USA.
- Thu Oct 5 06:08:27 BST 1995 from sbd0127.deltanet.com
I Have three grown children and one grandaugter who is 15 mo. old. Her Name is Kasey Jo, and she is lots of fun. You have a lovely home page, and I hope you enjoy working with your computer. Maine is a beautiful state, but I have always wanted to vist England, maybe someday I will.
Izzy Sander

Izzy Sander :izzy@ok*mint.net"> izzy@ok*mint.net
Fairfield, Me., USA.
- Tue Oct 3 21:19:23 BST 1995 from slip-4.mint.net
I'm a chinese boy in Malaysia that likes to make friends. I'm "10" years old.I love music and I play lots of tennis. please send an e-mail to me from GEORGE
GEORGE SOO :PAUL%20SOO%20@ok*%20pl.jaring.my"> PAUL SOO @ok* pl.jaring.my
- Mon Oct 2 12:46:40 BST 1995 from j6.glg4.jaring.my
I'm nine years but will be ten in November. I've just began to learn English in school. I've got a hamster. His name is Skorpan (=Rusk). He's two years old. I play the guitar. Love Maria
Maria Persson :Per-Evert.Persson@ok*pers.lu.se"> Per-Evert.Persson@ok*pers.lu.se
Malmö (Malmoe), Sweden.
- Sun Oct 1 19:33:07 BST 1995 from peper.dial.pers.lu.se
Hi Kate I'm Helen. I am 11 years old and play on a vollyball team. Do you play any sports? I am going to play on 4 more sports team this year. Well bye LOVE Helen
HELEN :nfn00393@ok*naples.net"> nfn00393@ok*naples.net
Naples, FL, USA.
- Sun Oct 1 13:19:17 BST 1995 from port20.annex1.naples.net
I am Sarah and I've written to your sister. I have a sister called Louise aged nearly 6. My favorite pop bands are PJ and Duncan and Eternal. My favorite TV programme is neighbours but I like Fan TC too. My dad hates Neighbours but like Man United. My sister is doing ballet and learning the recorder.My hobbies are bike riding and playing with my cat who is called Tuppence. We both go to Trfonen School in Shropshire. My friends are Bethan and Elenor. My sisters friends are Cherida and Clair.My dad does not know if you will receive this.
Sarah Evans :D.L.Evans@ok*WHT1SY.Boat.BT.Com"> D.L.Evans@ok*WHT1SY.Boat.BT.Com
Oswestry, Shropshire,
- Sun Oct 1 12:02:06 BST 1995 from
I am 7 years old. I now live in Kingston Ontario while my dad goes to University. Normally I live in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. It is in Northern Ontario, located in the centre of Canada right beside the United States.We have the Great Lakes all around us. I attend a French Immersion School, to become bilingual and I like to play soccer.
Michael Burmaster :4sdb@ok*qlink.queensu.ca"> 4sdb@ok*qlink.queensu.ca
Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Oct 1 00:47:46 BST 1995 from toll1-slip135.tele.QueensU.CA
I am a librarian in a Catholic school in Erie, Pa. We have 500 students in grades kindergarten through 8th. Our students are studying water quality in a local creek and comparing data with children from other states and countries. Our Web page is only 5 days old, please visit it. September is our best month for weather here. It is sunny and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. Hope your weather is equally nice over there! Best wishes, Susan Miceli
Susan Miceli :smiceli@ok*moose.erie.net"> smiceli@ok*moose.erie.net
Erie, Pa, USA.
- Sat Sep 30 21:40:26 BST 1995 from boris.erie.net
Well i'm thirteen years old I rollar blade,water ski.swim fence and just about most others things
Halifax, N.S., Canada.
- Sat Sep 30 19:37:20 BST 1995 from ccn.cs.dal.ca
My name is Cailee. I am four an a half years old. My dad ia helping me type this. We are starting to make our family page. Soon I will have my own page with pictures. Can you show me how to have a guest book like yours. Bye for now. Cailee
Cailee Storrs :exuian@ok*whtel.com">exuian@ok*whtel.com )
( http://www.whytel.com/home/exuian/)
Dallas, TX, 75044.
- Sat Sep 30 07:11:23 BST 1995 from dal13.whytel.com
- Sat Sep 30 05:45:48 BST 1995 from area1s150.residence.gatech.edu
i am 6 years old and i have a kitten named dodger. i am in grade 1. i like to draw and go to school and dance..
mara :farrout@ok*icom.ca">farrout@ok*icom.ca
dundas, ontario, canada.
- Sat Sep 30 03:25:31 BST 1995 from farrout.icom.ca
I am the webmaster for Northeastern University (http://www.neu.edu) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I have to say that I look at oodles of pages a day and you have one of the best. Keep up the good work!
kevin montuori :montuori@ok*neu.edu"> montuori@ok*neu.edu
( http://www.neu.edu/acs/montuori)
Boston, MA, USA.
- Wed Sep 27 19:07:33 BST 1995 from aphrodite.acs.neu.edu
Hello from another Noble! I am a professor of Economics at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
Nick Noble :noblenr@ok*muohio.edu"> noblenr@ok*muohio.edu
Oxford, Ohio, U.S..
- Tue Sep 26 20:32:17 BST 1995 from
I work at the University of South Florida and came to you through Rachel's page. I started out the night visiting "The Wall" in Washington, D.C. and read Rachel's poem. I visit it every few weeks and remember... Rachel's and now your pages have brightened up my evening. Thank you.
Who am I?
I am married to Diann (Who's mother came from Scotland... So don't hold that against me.) I have a daughter who is 24 (Meredith) and a granddaughter who is almost three (Ashley).
I have some very distant relatives in Leicestershire, which if my memory serves me is not too far from you. (Then again, I'm not sure.) How distant... My Great-Grandfather came to the US in the 1850's.
I enjoy playing golf and driving my 1959 Triumph (TR3). It is white and I have had it now for 31 years... It is my second child (really my first since it is older than Meredith).
I was born in Springfield, Illinois (Home of Abraham Lincoln) and went to school at The University of Texas in Austin. I have a degree in Music and Arts Administration.
I am at work (and should be getting back to work). It has been nice visiting with you and I really like your page which tells me where I am... Sometimes I really do forget... Peace...

Carl Musson :musson@ok*satie.arts.usf.edu"> musson@ok*satie.arts.usf.edu
Tampa, Florida, USF.
- Tue Sep 26 04:22:40 BST 1995 from box_off1.arts.usf.edu
Hi Kate! Did a search on the name Lindgren and it took me to your page. I'm not sure why, but have a great day!
Glenn Lindgren :glenn77@ok*primnet.com"> glenn77@ok*primnet.com
( http://primenet.com/~glenn77)
Minneapolis, MN, USA.
- Tue Sep 26 03:14:31 BST 1995 from
I am verry impressed in your home page. And I hope everything goes so good as possible Greetings Laurens de Weijer from Netherland (16 Years old)
Laurens de Weijer :koers@ok*hacom.nl"> koers@ok*hacom.nl
Amersfoort, Utr, Netherlands.
- Mon Sep 25 19:20:32 BST 1995 from dyn098.hacom.nl
I have a new daughter named Kate.
Dave Monahan :rdmonahan@ok*aol.com"> rdmonahan@ok*aol.com
Nevada City, CA, USA.
- Mon Sep 25 03:20:14 BST 1995 from
Hi kate. I am 8 years old and I am in 4th grade.My parents used to live in England.My sister is at oxford attending school. please write to me. bye:samhitha.
samhitha Rai :prai@ok*wincom.net">prai@ok*wincom.net
ontario, canada.
- Mon Sep 25 00:37:18 BST 1995 from asyncb7.wincom.net
Hi!Iam 12 years old,I just started using internet. I go to Chalk Hill Middle School.I have twin brothers. I like your web page.Mabey you can E-Mail me,and tell me about yourself.
Viviana Atienzar :faa@ok*nai.net">faa@ok*nai.net

Monroe, Connecticu, U.S.
- Sun Sep 24 22:00:41 BST 1995 from naidp2.nai.net
I am 7 years old. I have a younger brother named Heath and a kitty named Zoe and a guinea pig named Spices. I am in Grade 2. I like school. I like reading, writing stories, math and drawing.
Sarah Lambert :plambert@ok*serix.com"> plambert@ok*serix.com
London, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Sep 24 18:45:42 BST 1995 from
I live in a country far away called Iceland. I have a 2 year old daughter who I think one day will have a really neat home page like you. My daughters name is Kristin Steinunn Helga Thorarinsdottir.
Sigrun Sveinbjornsdottir :tstefansson@ok*icetrade.is"> tstefansson@ok*icetrade.is
- Sun Sep 24 03:17:17 BST 1995 from tungl-21.centrum.is
Hi my name is Kailey Harvey and I live in Bilambil Heights which is on the border of Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. I have 2 sisters and a brother I am the eldest in my family I am 10 yrs old. Please could you email back to me when you receive this as I would like to have a penpal.I am interested in music and dancing. I like to play Netball and our team came 3rd in a competition we just played. My hobby is making jewellery with beads and I have sold these at a market and I would like to do this again sometime.We also own an English Mastiff and she is also 10 yrs old and has had 2 litters of pups. Thank you.
Kailey Harvey :marvey@ok*ozemail.com.au"> marvey@ok*ozemail.com.au

- Sun Sep 24 02:56:23 BST 1995 from slgol1p30.ozemail.com.au
Hi! I'm 12 years old. I have blonde hair and big blue eyes. I go to St. Theresa C.S. I love animals. I own 3 pet rats, 1 dog, and 2 aquariums full of tropical fish. Well, nice talking to you, Kate!
Katherine (Kat) Burns :don't%20have%20it%20yet"> don't have it yet
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Sep 24 01:13:16 BST 1995 from wilma.durham.org
I am 8, too! I just got glasses on September 23rd. Do you have glasses?
Kate Ashley Campbell :occupant@ok*datanet.ab.ca"> occupant@ok*datanet.ab.ca
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 23:15:28 BST 1995 from dialin5.datanet.ab.ca
I like to Figure Skate.
Emily Harris :daharris@ok*interlog.com"> daharris@ok*interlog.com
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 19:57:30 BST 1995 from daharris.interlog.com
Your home page is supercool.
Le'Nise Brothers :pass@ok*enterprise.ca"> pass@ok*enterprise.ca
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 19:14:53 BST 1995 from ppp105.ts0.enterprise.ca
I am taking a course on the internet. I am also intrested in magic, as a matter of fact why my class is done i will be doing a magic show today for a birthday party. when and if i get on the net at home i will also write to you again so my 3 children can speek to you also. Have fun kate hope to see you soon.
Mike Murphy
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 14:47:04 BST 1995 from c132.wincom.net
Hi Kate, I'm in a classroom right now called "Navigating the Internet" and chose your home page out of interest. This is my first time on the Net and unfortunately I'm not as young and keen as you are! (I'm 35 and just getting started) Good luck Kate - nice "netting" to you!
Kim Ryan
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 14:45:38 BST 1995 from C133.wincom.net
I am 23 years old, I work at a Plastics Factory, I enjoy bike riding, roller blading, swimming, listening to music and relaxing with a good book.
Michelle Gates
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 14:45:28 BST 1995 from c105.wincom.net
RAI PREM windsor ra

Windsor, ont, CANADA.
- Sat Sep 23 14:45:27 BST 1995 from c107.wincom.net
I'm a computer software instructor in Windsor. I visited England last fall for 3 weeks mostly the London and Leeds areas
Rob Kerr :rkerr@ok*tlc.wincom.net"> rkerr@ok*tlc.wincom.net
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 14:45:25 BST 1995 from c101.wincom.net
Hi Kate, I'm a 38 yr. old Tool & Die Maker for Ford of Canada.
Rob McLean :rmclean@ok*wincom.net"> rmclean@ok*wincom.net
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Sep 23 14:45:10 BST 1995 from c106.wincom.net
Hello! Im interested in computers, as you can see. Im soon 15 years old. Im here with a friend called Nina. We are sitting at a cyber- cafe. Bye .
Caroline Näslund

Stockholm, Sweden.
- Sat Sep 23 11:46:56 BST 1995 from
I'm a computer science major and I row crew. I'm so impressed by your guest book. I'm jealous that you are so talented.:) Good luck with everything Kate though I don't think you will need it.
Courtney :clgarcia@ok*smith.smith.edu"> clgarcia@ok*smith.smith.edu
Northampton, MA, U.S.A..
- Sat Sep 23 01:04:24 BST 1995 from
I am six years old and in the first grade at Rainier Elementary School. My dad is from the northernmost city in the USA, Barrow, Alaska. My best friend at school is Emily Bogardus, Justyne Zimmer, and Tayla Roberts. I love to get e-mail messages from people I meet on the Internet!
Emma Oomittuk :roomtemp@ok*aone.com"> roomtemp@ok*aone.com
Rainier, Oregon, USA.
- Fri Sep 22 23:51:32 BST 1995 from
I teach third grade students (most of them are also 8 yrs. old) at Lincoln Park Elementary School in Greenfield, Indiana, usa. Our city is the home of a famous American children's poet - James Whitcomb Riley. Mr. Riley wrote in the 1890's and was a good friend of Mark Twain. We are just about 15 miles east of Indianapolis - the home of the famous race. My students have been very excited to see such wonderful work that has been done by someone their own age. Congratulations!
Mr. Jim Ellars :gmellars@ok*indyunix.iupui.edu"> gmellars@ok*indyunix.iupui.edu
Greenfield, Indiana, USA.
- Fri Sep 22 23:37:48 BST 1995 from indyunix.iupui.edu
Hi Kate, my name is Bill. I found you because my girlfiend's name is Kate and I was looking for something I could print up for her on the internet. I am 19 and a sophomore in college here at the University of Missouri at Columbia. I like to write and read and draw. I also like hacky-sack and sports, movies and people who are nice. Peace.
Bill Moschella :c645255@ok*showme.missouri.edu"> c645255@ok*showme.missouri.edu
Columbia, Mo., USA.
- Fri Sep 22 22:34:47 BST 1995 from
See My Page It Will Tell You ALLLLLLLLLL
Hallie Kean :pkean@ok*gti.net">pkean@ok*gti.net
( http://www.kba.com/home/hkwebpg/homepage.html)
N.J., U.S.A..
- Fri Sep 22 01:25:43 BST 1995

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