Kate's Seventh Guest Book


Hi I am in 4th grade and I love horses too. I am 8 years old
Fairfield, ct, usa.
- Thu Sep 21 00:32:25 BST 1995 from www-c2.proxy.aol.com
Blonde Boy
Sean Neeley
( http://hillres170.cc.purdue.edu/~neeley/)
- Wed Sep 20 23:23:23 BST 1995 from hillres170.cc.purdue.edu
Hi Kate, I work at Motorola (in the U.S.) and I am involved with developing a web server for Motorola. Even though we have one already, it is rather simple and not maintained very well (www.motorola.com). We hope to have the new server up by the end of the year (you would not believe how slow companies the size of Motorola move). Anyway, one of the ideas that I had for our new server, was to include a Just for Kids section. I'm having trouble selling this idea to my upper management and was wondering if you had any ideas as to what a Motorola Just for Kids section should contain? I've had a couple of thoughts, like technology tutorials geared towards kids, but I'm not sure what else kids would find interesting and worth while, maybe you could share some ideas with me? By the way, I think your server is great and really well done. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you in the future. Regards Jim
Jim Moorhouse :atlm29x@ok*email.mot.com">
Marengo, Illinois, U.S..
- Wed Sep 20 19:19:12 BST 1995 from webgate1.mot.com
Hello dear Kate! I am very pleased that I found your Homepage. Maybe I am the first visitor who comes from Austria. So my Muttersprache ist eigentlich Deutsch...
My Homepage is in English, but the page, where you can read more about me, is in German...
I am 26 years old and I hope I will finish my study this year. Best wishes! LEO
PS.: I would not like more anything on your page. It is quite OK and wonderful!

Christoph Enzinger
( http://www.cosy.sbg.ac.at/people/leo.html)
Salzburg, Salzburg/Austria, Austria.
- Wed Sep 20 11:16:36 BST 1995 from biber.cosy.sbg.ac.at
- Wed Sep 20 09:55:47 BST 1995 from
- Wed Sep 20 09:47:37 BST 1995 from
I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan. I ran into your web page when I was doing a search for "Kate Bodwin," who is a friend of mine from home. I like to take pictures. Black and white, specifically, and I really enjoy developing and printing my my own pictures too. Wow, that sentence is really long compared to the size of the box. Neat. Well, I don't know quite what else to tell you about me, being that it is pretty late at night here and I have to get up for class sometime tomorrow morning ( I kind of wish that I was 8 again, instead of 18. You probably think the opposite. I know I did when I was 8 :) If you really want to know more about me, feel free to email. Or, if you want to know more about Cadillac, the itsy-bitsy town of 10,000 people that I'm from, visit their web page http://www.iquest.com/michweb/cadillac Good luck with your page and everything else you're doing. :) ben
Ben Bowes
Cadillac, Michigan, USA.
- Wed Sep 20 04:29:03 BST 1995 from aha130.ccs.itd.umich.edu
i'm a phd student working with children communicating over networks. i found your page from http://www.osc.on.ca/kids.html which had several interesting sites. i really enjoyed your stories, pictures, and seeing links to places you found interesting--including your little sister's web page. i wish my little sisters (who are 21 and 24) had pages i could point to. thanks for putting yours up! michele
Michele Evard
( http://www.media.mit.edu/~mevard)
Watertown, MA, USA.
- Wed Sep 20 01:59:40 BST 1995 from bounce.drave.org
Hi Kate! Did You know, that Your page is on No.6 in the useless guestbook contest? I don't know, if this page is useless at all, because I haven't even seen your home page. I enjoyed reading the guestbook entries though.
Frank Pohler
Cologne, Germany.
- Tue Sep 19 17:40:08 BST 1995 from www.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE
I'm a computer Engineer in the world's largest software company and think that your page is cute .... :) Bye Bharat
Bharat Shyam
Redmond, WA, USA.
- Tue Sep 19 08:35:48 BST 1995 from anthonyl.seanet.com
I also sent a e-mail to you.
yuki akagi
yokohama-shi, kanagawa, japan.
- Tue Sep 19 06:17:10 BST 1995 from
I have one cat named Krispy. Im 10 years old, and im in fith grade. I play volley ball,and basket ball, and I play the saxaphone. I have one older brother who is 13 years old. I live in a pretty small town. I recently moved here from anchorage Alaska I was only there for 8 months.Before I lived in alaska I lived in MINNESOTA. can you please write back to me I would realy apreciate hearing from you.
Christina Van Nurden
Chippewa Falls, WI , USA.
- Tue Sep 19 02:08:07 BST 1995 from rvlink.rvlink.com
Hi Kate, I searched on the name "Kate" on Netscape this afternoon because my friends, Dave and Teresa, just had a baby girl they named "Kate", too. Delighted to find you on the Internet. When I have more time, I will read more on your home page. Have a wonderful day! Fay
Fay Harmon
Palo Alto, CA, USA.
- Tue Sep 19 01:35:47 BST 1995 from hpccoa.corp.hp.com
I'm a sophmore pre-vet student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute here in Worcester, MA. I found your page by browsing, as I often do, and I think you did a great job.
Heather Mazzaccaro
Bristol, CT, USA.
- Mon Sep 18 21:12:15 BST 1995 from godot.res.WPI.EDU
Hi I am a 13year old. Dancing is my favorite thing to do. The kinds are ballet, jazz, tap, modern,charecter, and pointe.
Kristi Reim :KrisReim">KrisReim
Medford, NJ, USA.
- Mon Sep 18 20:27:53 BST 1995 from www-c6.proxy.aol.com
Hi, I'm just visiting your home page together with my daughter. She's 8 and is today with me at my work (at Uppsala university). Bye Stefan Palsson
Stefan Palsson
Sala, Sweden.
- Mon Sep 18 19:50:09 BST 1995 from beid.tdb.uu.se
Well, I just happened on your page in my search for Aladdin pictures. I'm pretty old though (26, yuck!). I just couldn't leave without signing in and telling you that this page is really cool! I'm kinda a kid at heart (my girlfriend says I act like one). I have two little sisters, Nancy (12) and Amy (10) and they're the greatest. Too bad I don't live at home or I'd let them write to you. If I happen by again, I'll be sure to say 'Hi.'
Ben Craigo
Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
- Mon Sep 18 19:40:41 BST 1995 from ip150.pittsburgh.pa.interramp.com
I am seven years old and in Grade 2 at an Alternative School. I am interested in space and computers.
Sam Ellens
Ottawa, ON, CANADA.
- Mon Sep 18 19:00:38 BST 1995 from yellow.osc.on.ca
Hi I got to your page by an indirect route from the Ogri Motorcycle page. Good for you for running such a brill home page. Wish your mum and Dad safe riding from me.
Daniel Quick
oxford, UK.
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Sun Sep 17 19:21:21 BST 1995 from dd4-017.compuserve.com
I maintain the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial Museum in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. I also have some other interests. Like your site.
Rick McIntyre
( http://www.cs.uregina.ca/~mcintyre)
Regina, Sask, Canada.
- Sun Sep 17 06:49:11 BST 1995 from dial186050.wbm.ca
Hello, Kate! Just stopped in to take a peek, I haven't seen it all yet. (by the way, I'm 11) See ya around! Bye!
St.Paul, Minnesota, USA.
- Sun Sep 17 03:03:46 BST 1995 from dialup-11-b-147.gw.umn.edu
I'm 9 years old. I just got internet on my computer. I like swimming, acting, drawing, and I love animals. I'm reading about an English vet named James Herriot. I am working on a picture postcard collection by snail mail for my girl guide badge. I hope you'll write back .I liked your home page. Bye for now.
Danielle :-D
Summerside, P.E.I., Canada.
- Sat Sep 16 20:17:14 BST 1995 from sumpm1-d157.atcon.com
- Thu Sep 14 23:31:11 BST 1995 from

Haydn Morris
- Thu Sep 14 16:58:43 BST 1995 from bsa044000001.lancs.ac.uk
im a 25 yr old mom of a 4 yr old very new to computers i would love if you had a quick tutorial on how to set up a www page so i could do this for my son you are the site i have ever visited hope you could respond. thank you melissa, sabatinee!!!!!
melissa whitman
orlando, fl, usa.
- Fri Sep 15 00:58:56 BST 1995 from www-c3.proxy.aol.com
Hi, I am the Chair of a Science Centre and am working closely with local schools on using the Internet. I like your School pages and your home pages
Anthony Vickers
( http://www.essex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/physics-count.pl)
Colchester, Essex, UK.
- Thu Sep 14 13:20:14 BST 1995 from phymac13.essex.ac.uk
I am a headmaster at a school for 10 to 13 year old students and my wife Madeline teaches students at a Primary school. She has 6 year olds in her class. We live in a small town (village) in the geographic center of British Columbia, Canada. We are just starting to surf the 'Net' and enjoyed reading your page We wish you success and wish that our girls - now 21 and 18 years of age had the opportunity to work on the computer the way you have been able to! Goodbye for now and we hope you enjoy your production of Web pages.
Ken and Madeline Robertson - Thu Sep 14 04:25:08 BST 1995 from DIALIP111.gov.bc.ca
I'm a children's songwriter. I'm working on a web page about my music. I want to put links on my page to pages done by cool kids. I hope you don't mind if I include you. Don't email me yet. Cowboy.net is brand new, and it can't get email yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get it in about a week, so try then if you want. (today is Sept 13)
Monty Harper
Stillwater, Ok, USA.
- Thu Sep 14 00:15:19 BST 1995 from
Hello from New Jersey,USA
Amanda Sebba
Glen Rock, NJ,
- Wed Sep 13 23:28:08 BST 1995 from ppp-51.ts-5.hck.idt.net
Hi Katie, We're a bunch of people at an advertising agency and we're just learning to surf the net. We love your site. Bye. From Ann-Marie, Joseph, Marnie, Jonathan & Kevin!
Harrod & Mirlin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Sep 13 17:14:05 BST 1995 from ts9-09.inforamp.net
Hello Greetings from Finland. Have a nice time. Martti H,
Martti Hyvärinen
Kerimäki, Mikkelin l, Finland.
- Wed Sep 13 16:07:01 BST 1995 from smtp.inet.fi
Hi Kate: My name is Norma Rhoads and I work at the NASA Johnson Space Center. I just finished looking at your sister's home page. So, there's more information about me in my message to her. I am travelling to Europe in October and decided to look at the U.K. school home pages to learn a little about schools in the U.K. If you or your family ever want any pictures or information about the U.S. space program, just email me. I'll be glad to send you some free items. NASA has many home pages and one of the most interesting ones is the Shuttle home page I wrote about in Peggy's message. Best of luck in your studies. Norma Rhoads
Norma Rhoads
Houston, Texas, U.S.A..
- Tue Sep 12 16:20:17 BST 1995 from
- Tue Sep 12 12:35:11 BST 1995 from mac-john.eken.lu.se
I go to university, and I am studying to be a teacher. I love your pictures and your stories are very good. Could you write to me and tell me all about when you use the internet, and what you like to do on it? Thankyou very much Erica.
Perth, W.A., Australia.
- Tue Sep 12 05:26:22 BST 1995
:-) I'm 7 years old. I play soccer.The day before school started i got a new swingset :-)
Kaitlyn Fedorkiw
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
- Tue Sep 12 01:45:50 BST 1995 from rdr5.ccinet.ab.ca
Hi! my name is Thea and I like to play badminton and soccer. I have shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and I am only 5'2" tall.My great grandfather was a guard at the House of Commons in London.
Sarah Thompson (15) & Thea Daily (14)
Delaware, Ontario, Canada N0L 1E0.
- Tue Sep 12 01:12:32 BST 1995 from forest.hometown.on.ca
Operate two Italian restaurants--Lubbock is birthplace of Buddy Holly.
Loyd Turner
Lubbock, Texas, USA.
- Mon Sep 11 02:36:15 BST 1995 from lub03.onramp.net
I'm 11 and love Computers. I love Sports and and other outdoor thing (Like bike riding) I'm in 6th grade and like it alot. My hobbie is reading Books and comic collecting.
Tyler :None">None
Baltimore, Perry Hall, Maryland.
- Sun Sep 10 21:51:09 BST 1995 from bahlfeld.charm.net
I am 7 and this is my first visit to the WWW.
Lisa Edwards
Canberra, ACT, Australia.
- Sun Sep 10 13:09:32 BST 1995 from t31.dialup.peg.apc.org
Hi Kate! You are now listed in my homepage.
Marie Claude Dussault
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Sun Sep 10 13:08:04 BST 1995 from slip56.crim.ca
I am 11 years old and live near Cambridge in England. I have just started secondary school this term. I love Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving and guides. Bye for now ... toooooodle pip!
Katie Joel
- Sun Sep 10 10:13:16 BST 1995 from ad09-14.compuserve.com
Hi Kate, We were surfing the web and found your home page. Kevin is 9 years old. I'm the old mom and I won't tell how old I am! We have a home page too, but my husband set it up and I can't remember the address. If you're using Netscape, do a netsearch for Blair and we should pop up. Bye!
Lynette & Kevin Blair
Moorestown, New Jersey, USA.
- Sat Sep 9 22:41:03 BST 1995 from cherryhill08.voicenet.com
- Sat Sep 9 20:24:21 BST 1995 from lh.dial.ldc.lu.se
ruth horne
letchworth, herts, england.
- Sat Sep 9 16:29:42 BST 1995 from grhorne.demon.co.uk

Greetings from the

University of Missouri - Columbia

Great Page! :) Maybe stop by my page and sign it too?

John Lipskoch
( http://www.missouri.edu/~c622431)
Columbia, MO, USA.
- Sat Sep 9 04:56:27 BST 1995 from mizzou-ts9-11.missouri.edu
age 6, just learning the net ( with help from dad )
trillian nahser
titusville, fl, usa.
- Sat Sep 9 02:09:49 BST 1995 from pm4_9.digital.net
I am in the first grade. I go to Camelot Elementary School in San Antonio , Texas. My family is really nice and I have 2 dogs. I like your page very much.
Brittany Mueller :PVVQ73A%20(Prodigy)"> PVVQ73A (Prodigy)
san antonio, Texas, USA.
- Sat Sep 9 00:20:16 BST 1995 from piweba5y.prodigy.com
Hi, I am a debater from America.
Haley Berryman
Atlanta, GA, USA.
- Fri Sep 8 21:51:07 BST 1995 from
My name is Holly Nielsen I am also 8 years old. I have two horses, one is named Gentle Ben, and the other is named Kit. Kit is really my dads horse. I like to ride English and show Ben in "walk trot" classes at our local shows. My dad does'nt care for showing his horse. My dad likes to go on trail rides. I'm sending this to you from my dads work place. But he said that it would be ok. Maybe I could send you a picture of my horse next time. I'll try to write to you again soon, us 8 year olds have to stick together!
Holly Nielsen
Ft.Walton, Bch., Florida, US.
- Fri Sep 8 21:31:01 BST 1995 from
Hello I am 12 years old. I am playing with my computer. This is via my daddys office account. This was fun. Great stuff. In swedish: häftigt. BYE
Stockholm, NA, Sweden.
- Fri Sep 8 21:15:47 BST 1995 from pc105.sth.frontec.se
Amy Blackmond
pittsburgh, pensylvani, USA.
- Fri Sep 8 02:49:29 BST 1995 from
10 1/2 From Cottage Grove, Minnesota In 6th Grade Please Write Me!
Cottage Grove, MN, USA.
- Thu Sep 7 13:23:09 BST 1995 from ix-min2-29.ix.netcom.com
Hi Kate, my name's Kate too but I'm 22 years old! I live in a suburb of Melbourne call Brighton, in Australia. I live at home with my Mum, Dad and big brother. At the moment I am a nanny to two boys aged four and two, but hopefully I will go overseas soon. I have just come back from Ohio, USA. I was in Ohio because I am part of a world wide organisation callled Children's Internationl Summer Villages (you can find out more from the CISV web pages)and I took four eleven year old Australian kids to a camp there. We were there for a month along with kids from 12 other countries. We had a great time, and made lots of friends. I'm just new to the internet and I think your home page is fantastic! I wish I could do stuff like that! I really liked your jokes and your song! It sound like you do a lot of really fun things, the horse riding sounds especially good! Well, that's all from Down Under. Please feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you!
Kate Fairlie
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
- Thu Sep 7 12:49:32 BST 1995 from fairlie-b.remote.dsto.gov.au
I am High School Student. I don't do to much, but I like working on my home page. This is actulally the only thing I like...
Andrei Nedashkovsky
( http://ugweb.cs.ualberta.ca/~mentor02/)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
- Wed Sep 6 21:21:18 BST 1995 from falun.cs.ualberta.ca
http://www.aracnet.com/~ckron - Visit the Kronderosa Ranch in the beautiful coast range of Oregon.
Chuck Kronschnabel
( http://www.aracnet.com/~ckron)
Hillsboro, OR, USA.
- Wed Sep 6 21:10:25 BST 1995 from
Hi Kate I like your home page. I have a daughter called Kate too. She's 9. Bye
Guildford, Surrey, UK.
- Wed Sep 6 09:51:43 BST 1995 from teuchter.cre.canon.co.uk
I am almost 11 years old. I love singing and playing all kinds of things . I am 5th grade this year. I also love the computer and Internet because I can meet nice friends like you.
Sarah Riffe
Grayson, Ky., USA.
- Wed Sep 6 01:22:18 BST 1995 from
Parent of four children. My youngest is a girl your age, Kate. Good for you! You should be proud of what you've done. Is it fun to be known by people all over the world? I think I'm visitor #100. Do I win a prize?
Sorry, due to a glitch on the counter (it keeps resetting) there have been umpteen visitor #100s, but here's a prize anyway, a link to my favourite picture.
David Tao
West Chester, PA, USA.
- Tue Sep 5 23:22:51 BST 1995 from westchester01.voicenet.com
I was just doing a search on the name Morphet for my Dad, who is trying to compile a Family Tree for us, and I found your page with Vaughn Morphet of Tasmania. Do you have his email address by any chance?? I think your page is excellent, i wish there were more like it! I'm originally from Caton near Lancaster, so I know the area pretty well!
Helen Morphet :
( http://info.mcc.ac.uk/CGU/staff/morphet/morphet.html)
Manchester, UK.
- Tue Sep 5 13:50:05 BST 1995 from cguhpb.cgu.mcc.ac.uk
"Satire has created less social depredation than the very politics that feed it." I'm a physicist, musician, artist, cinematographer, director, producer, composer, mathematician, philosopher, etc. Who knows what I've got going next week.
Jeffrey Gold
(http://www.math.utah.edu/~gold )
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
- Tue Sep 5 11:42:01 BST 1995 from ceslab05.math.utah.edu
I am a nurse at the Mayo Clinic. I don't have an e-mail address but I do have access to Netscape 1.1. I have a yearling Arab colt, a pony, & lease an Arab mare that is in foal for late March 96. My regular mail address is 1955-19th St NW #1, Rochester, MN 55901, USA. I found your home page while surfing. Just thought I would let you know! Have fun! Bye!
jane boots
rochester, mn, usa.
- Tue Sep 5 11:12:06 BST 1995 from lundbergb.mayo.edu
- Tue Sep 5 05:35:11 BST 1995 from wfld-s9.intac.com
I like to read, watch T.V., ride my bike , and travel. I am 12 but will be 13 in a month. My dad is building a huge addition on my house which will be really cool if it ever gets done! =)
kate bushman
Salem, Oregon, U.S.A..
- Mon Sep 4 23:33:05 BST 1995 from
Daddy of Jonathan (3 1/2) and Joshua (1 1/2) I like your school's pages .. time our local school in Blackrod had a presence on the Internet!
Dr. Dan Kidger
( http://info.man.ac.uk/~mbgasdk)
Bolton, Lancs, Uk.
- Mon Sep 4 18:00:24 BST 1995 from mw18.eng.man.ac.uk
I am an artist,. I sclup paint some. Am dyslexic. So please forgive any miss speeling.
David M. Gallagher
Exeter, RI., USA.
- Mon Sep 4 07:46:22 BST 1995 from pslip193a.egr-ri.ids.net
Don Holland
Buffalo, NY, USA.
- Sun Sep 3 23:06:49 BST 1995 from dppp4.buffnet.net
I'm 25 years old and looking for pen pals who are into quarter horses. I will write anyone regardless of age. BTW I breed horses at my home.
Kathy Stamps
DeSoto, Missorui, USA.
- Sun Sep 3 15:11:52 BST 1995 from ix-stl3-16.ix.netcom.com
I'm 25 years old. Married and have 2 kids. My husband and I breed Quarter Horses. I hope that there is someone out there who is also into quarter horses. It seems like everyone that I have seen out there on the web is into TB's and Warmbloods. I have nothing against them but it would be really nice to hear from someone who is into quarter horses and maybe even western riding. I like your home page I just stumbled across it by accident. Very nice indeed! :-)
- Sun Sep 3 15:00:57 BST 1995 from ix-stl3-16.ix.netcom.com
I am 10 years old and live in Ankara, Turkey. I was born in England but moved out here when I was 14 months old and have been here ever since. I am just discovering the World-Wide-Web and liked your home page very much. I have started making one myself, please visit and let me know what you think. I like writing stories and am trying to form a writer's club for young children. If anyone is interested please contact me.
Derya Davenport
( http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~david/derya/derya.html)
Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey.
- Sun Sep 3 13:16:39 BST 1995 from
Hi. I'm 24 years old. My husband & I are still learning our way around the internet. You have a wonderful home page; any tips? We're trying to learn how to create our own. I'm a pharmacist at a chain pharmacy here. My husband, Darrin, is a manager in training at a local sports store. I enjoy lots of reading, cross-stich embroidery, travelling, and now we've adding the Internet to our list of hobbies.
Dorothy (Dottie) Daniello
Budd Lake, NJ, USA.
- Sat Sep 2 14:11:46 BST 1995 from www-c4.proxy.aol.com
I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I like swimming, long-distance running, and cycling, playing flute and recorder. I like writing and recieving mail.
Bronwyn Lee
( http://www.usyd.edu.au/~mslee/bronwyn.html)
Artarmon, Sydney, Australia.
- Sat Sep 2 11:26:47 BST 1995 from ts-h08-15-4.ucc.su.OZ.AU
aged 9, new to the internet, like exploring, biking, computers, reading, school and drawing
jonathan peter white

stockport, cheshire, england.
- Sat Sep 2 09:07:13 BST 1995 from whitcj.demon.co.uk
I just hooked up to the Internet two days ago and I am simply amazed by it.
Ron Sheyan
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Sep 1 12:10:39 BST 1995 from enigma.idirect.com
I'm 4!
McLean, VA, USA.
- Fri Sep 1 05:58:22 BST 1995 from sbv.cais.com
this is my first visit to kate's home page
mankato, mn, usa.
- Fri Sep 1 02:50:03 BST 1995 from Dialin-012.Mankato.MSUS.EDU
I am 6 years old. I like to do Kenpo karate and origami. I make braclets and pot holders. I got a bird and an ant farm. I saw the picture of you on your bike. My bike is pink and white. I like to ride around with my friend C.J. his rel name is Cody but he likes C.J. better. I loved your page. especially the jokes. Why did the spider spin a web? Because she didn't know how to knit one!
Arielle Graham
Boise, Idahao, U.S.A.
- Fri Sep 1 01:59:17 BST 1995 from cs002p14.micron.net
Lily Harowitz
San Rafael, CA, USA.
- Thu Aug 31 21:30:45 BST 1995 from www-e8.proxy.aol.com
Sam Harowitz
San Rafael, CA, USA.
- Thu Aug 31 21:29:24 BST 1995 from www-e8.proxy.aol.com
I was just surfing and I stumbled across your page. I¹m impressed I¹m 32 and I am just begining to develope this part of my brain to accomodate this world. Take care, Bye. Chris
Christopher Brauss
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
- Thu Aug 31 21:03:01 BST 1995 from SecurIt-ext.stlnet.com
Mom to Laura Elizabeth Newman, age 8 as well. If you would like some eight year old pen pals, Laura would like to write to you, I'm sure. She's in school now. Also I have a niece named Sarah Pickett who is 8 years old as well, and lives in Trabuco Canyon, California USA. She has an annual pass to Disneyland in case you wanted to ask her about that. I know her mom, my sister, Amy, would like Sarah to have penpals from different countries. Thanks for letting me see your home page, Kate. I will show it to Laura when she gets home from school (school bus brings her).
Lillian Newman
kokomo, Indiana, USA.
- Thu Aug 31 19:13:30 BST 1995 from 6k039.netusa1.net
Hi Kate, I'm at university studying what people do with computers and things like them. I think that your page is absolutely brilliant, and that you do do exactly what you want with it.
Robert Norfolk

Birmingham, West Mids, UK.
- Thu Aug 31 12:09:27 BST 1995 from met42.bham.ac.uk
Hello. I am a third grade teacher at Ellwood School. I have been working in my classroom to get ready for my new class of students. Their first day will be next week (Thursday, September 7).
Kathleen Miller
Goleta, California, United States.
- Thu Aug 31 01:39:24 BST 1995 from port79.rain.org
I am a 20 year old colllege student sitting in class waiting for my instructor to arrive. It has been a pleasure visiting your page!
Christine Milligan
Boston, MA, USA.
- Wed Aug 30 22:51:09 BST 1995 from
I'm a mom of an 8 year old girl named Lily and an 11 year old boy named Sam. They have been visiting their grandparents in San Diego, California and I wanted to show them around the WWW when they got home. I love your homepage Kate and can't wait to share it with them. If you ever get to San Francisco let us know. We are just over the Golden Gate Bridge!
Rita Harowitz
San Rafael, California, USA.
- Wed Aug 30 19:00:10 BST 1995 from www-c5.proxy.aol.com
i am an information librarian at the science museum library in london
prabha shah
london, united kingdom.
- Wed Aug 30 16:57:25 BST 1995 from sg1.cc.ic.ac.uk
I work as a graphic designer at a company in stockholm sweden and i am also a computer artis twith several exibitions here in stockholm Right now i am working on my homepage. Bye Fredrik marcus
fredrik marcus
stockholm, --, sweden.
- Wed Aug 30 08:27:07 BST 1995 from erika.fdata.se

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