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Hi i am nearly 11 and i am a good drawer and i wanted to sign your guess book so i did so by.
anna conner
MOUNT MAUNGANUI, tauranga, newzealand.
- Sun Feb 18 06:15:31 GMT 2001 from

hi,i am 12 and my name is Tiffany and i really like your pege it is cool!
Pennsylvania, Pa, United states.
- Sat Feb 17 02:14:11 GMT 2001 from
I am interested in studying children's web-sites for a research project I am doing. My daughter also has a web-page but not as extensive or well-maintained as yours. The collaboration between you and your Dad is very interesting to see.
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

Montreal, Quebec, , Canada.

- Fri Feb 16 17:52:31 GMT 2001 from
Great guestbook. Good luck!
Mike Berg
Santa Clarita, CA, USA.

- Wed Feb 14 16:07:05 GMT 2001 from
i am age 6 i go to st johns rc school my hobbies are reading and computers
rayner vella
london, se167tr, england.
- Mon Feb 12 21:54:01 GMT 2001 from
i love animals i have 14 animals they are cats,dogs,crabs,birds, and dogs.i want a poine
loucst grove, Ga, United States.
- Sun Feb 11 03:34:57 GMT 2001 from
i am 10 and i love poines they are very pretty. i used to have 2 guenea pigs but they died .I have a lot of cats
locust grrove, ga, united states.
- Sun Feb 11 03:25:36 GMT 2001 from
My favorite animal is a miniature horse.I live on a big farm. I'm 11 years old!! How did you get your own guest book on the internet? How old are you? Where do you live? There is a book call Kate's secret plan! it's really good !!!
Moncton, Canada, N.B.
- Thu Feb 8 18:35:14 GMT 2001 from
imma 9.........imma like art,math.........
KaTe LeE
No!, No!, du.........us!.

- Wed Feb 7 05:35:00 GMT 2001 from
I just visit your homepage nice homepage :)
kl, selang, My.

- Mon Feb 5 22:43:37 GMT 2001 from
Hi! Cool site! Will you check out my site? And tell me if you like it in my guestbook????
- Sun Feb 4 21:06:27 GMT 2001 from
Hiya Kate hows things? I'm 17 and from Loftus,Cleveland. My interests are Scuba Diving,messing about in boats,cars and been part of the local Lifeboat Crew.
Fil Williams

- Sun Feb 4 17:38:04 GMT 2001 from
Found your site via the CGi/Perl Cookbook - looks good Kate!!! I am writing a site for my wife. She has a business selling high quality skin products. I wanted a guest book & comments area - hence me buying the Cook Book
Bolton, England.
- Sun Feb 4 17:31:31 GMT 2001 from
I am about 6ft tall dark skined blue eyes medium built. I am a pretty nice person.I am just a good old american boy.Oh yea I am 16 years old I also have dark hair. I am a student at Lynn Camp high school.I am on the weight lifting team.Thats all I can say for my self,so see ya later.........
james boswell
london, kentucky, unined states.

- Sun Feb 4 05:20:05 GMT 2001 from
I like your web page
Richard usher
whitby, N.Yorks, ..................
- Wed Jan 24 22:38:47 GMT 2001 from host62-7-183-21.host.btclick.com
I am of 23 have done M.B.A from local university.I am your zealous fan and wish God bless you ever and ever. samar_siddique2000@yahoo.com
samar siddique
islamabad, punjab, pakistan.
- Wed Jan 24 17:50:04 GMT 2001 from
great site, enjoyed the jumping, keep up the good work
- Wed Jan 24 01:41:18 GMT 2001 from inktomi1-bri.server.ntl.com
I'm 10 years old I like to be a TOMBOY. From Kate.
sydney, N.S.W, Australia.
- Tue Jan 23 08:56:17 GMT 2001 from syd-cache01.one.net.au
just checking out your site...
bob bennett
deland, florida, USA.
- Mon Jan 22 18:39:05 GMT 2001 from oc-ts1-65.totcon.com
Hi Kate. My name is Kierla, I am 16 and I live in Witchatau. I am moving out of home in three months to be with my boyfriend in Queensland.
Kierla Landey
- Mon Jan 22 08:47:43 GMT 2001 from cache.net2000.com.au
Hi Kate. My name is Kierla, I am 16 and I live in Witchatau. I am moving out of home in three months to be with my boyfriend in Queensland.
- Mon Jan 22 08:47:17 GMT 2001 from cache.net2000.com.au
I like your page, super!
Zrich, Switzerland.
- Fri Jan 19 22:36:32 GMT 2001 from hs1a09h01-e0.dplanet.ch
Love to read, have 2 computers, and work for one of the biggest Universities in Southern California. When I'm not working, I do music. Take care Kate!
- Thu Jan 18 19:49:55 GMT 2001 from pool0555.cvx1-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net
the girls at school say i am sexy
london, n.e.lincs, england.
- Thu Jan 18 16:43:07 GMT 2001 from
Do you still have your pages? It is 5 years!
Yup - still here

- Wed Jan 17 20:25:43 GMT 2001 from cache1.kolumbus.net

o.k i thought you lived in America never mind luv Claire
- Sun Jan 14 18:50:57 GMT 2001 from
Hi i'm Claire i live in Manchester England, i love your site, i'm 13 too did you know there's a Birmingham in England too i think we invented it first but i could be wrong it must of taken you ages to invent this site it's wicked!!! luv Claire
Claire Andrew
Manchester, England.
- Sun Jan 14 18:49:16 GMT 2001 from
i love chocolate and pepsi
mcminnville, tn, usa.
- Sun Jan 14 05:27:29 GMT 2001 from proxy-1348.public.svc.webtv.net
I like to play the netendo. I like to go to my friends house Nick nadeau. I live in grand haven. I like foot ball. I like aly In my class she is vary cute. thanxs 4 the site kate im 10
zach pinder
grand haven , mich,
- Sat Jan 13 20:32:32 GMT 2001 from 011gra150.chartermi.net
you can talk to me on icq and if kelsey you see this ilove you. and i like foot ball I live in grand haven michagan im 10 I like limp bizket the insiderz the honted. wewll I would like to thank Kate for this page is great
NICK nadeau
grand haven, mich, usa.
- Sat Jan 13 16:21:04 GMT 2001 from 011gra150.chartermi.net
im 10 I like foot ball .and just a friendly person and i love kelsey kate you are rilly cool
grand haven, mich, usa.
- Sat Jan 13 16:15:02 GMT 2001 from 011gra150.chartermi.net
Hi. Im from Honduras and i'm in a hurry i need de area code of england and the area code of kinsbridge I need to talk with Gerald and Molly Lonsdale
Norma Cerrato
Honduras, Central, America.
- Sat Jan 13 04:09:45 GMT 2001 from
Hi! My name is Kate. I live in a village called Hartshill which is close to Nuneaton. I am 15 years old.
kate brown
coventry, warks, england.
- Fri Jan 12 22:02:09 GMT 2001 from host62-7-52-11.btinternet.com
love you, Bye, also your page is 110% great


- Fri Jan 12 16:19:36 GMT 2001 from
i'm 9, i live in a home for the elderly,Bye
- Fri Jan 12 16:17:45 GMT 2001 from
If I am not mistaken you said you were 53 and worked for GM Powertrain in Ypsilanti Michigan. I am 19 years old from Canada and came accross your site looking for my cousin through his work. His work happens to be GM Powertrain in Michigan :) I was just looking for an email for him and his wife. If you could let me know weather or not I have my info correct I would appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon. You're very, very, very mistaken

Marathon, On., Canada.

- Fri Jan 12 05:55:00 GMT 2001 from

Torsten Pohl
- Thu Jan 11 22:24:26 GMT 2001 from
I paint oil paintings. Please stop by and visit my site. i love your site, its really cool.

- Thu Jan 11 21:03:34 GMT 2001 from 1Cust130.tnt1.st-cloud.mn.da.uu.net
Sailor wannabe
Father tobe
Traveller hasbeen
P.S. Nice web site.

Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway.

- Thu Jan 11 12:59:45 GMT 2001 from upc-gw.upc.no
greets from germany - please visit my soccer site and sign the guestbook! thanks

- Thu Jan 11 07:50:48 GMT 2001 from f-118-215.cvx-munchen.ipdial.viaginterkom.de
I am a student teacher at St. Martin's College, Lancaster. As part of our ICT seminar we are looking at designing web pages. Yours is a great one - well done!!
Sarah Gibson

Burton in Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

- Tue Jan 9 12:41:23 GMT 2001 from
Hi Kate. I just stopped by to look at your site. It is very nice!
Norcross, GA, USA.

- Tue Jan 9 00:45:33 GMT 2001 from ifitl-61-190-205.atl.bellsouth.net
helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo is this really your twenty fifth guestbook??????? god your page must be good or your just popular ok c u byeeeeeeeeeeeee

a place where no one knows,

- Mon Jan 8 18:31:49 GMT 2001 from inktomi1-man.server.ntl.com
im 12 years old .im horse and pony crazy and just plain crazy. i have a pony called sparky shes 13 years old and 13.1 hnds a roan cheeky, sweet, podgythe bst
phoebe morris colton

lancaster, lancashire, england.

- Mon Jan 8 17:06:54 GMT 2001 from wwwcache0.lancs.ac.uk
Good to see your Dad likes the right bikes (Triumphs & Dukes). Cheers from Oz!
Sydney, NSW, Australia.

- Thu Dec 21 03:36:26 GMT 2000 from nsw-proxy.csiro.au
Hi Kate. I was just surfing and saw your website, and you must be an artist. Your name is really a work of art. I didn't understand your semaphore converter, guess it's too late right now or else I'm just a ding-a-ling. I just built my first website, www.shepherdsnorthwest.com, boy was it alot of work. I hope I get it done someday. If you like puppies take a look at our pictures. Take care! John
Vancouver, WA, USA.

- Mon Dec 18 09:14:06 GMT 2000 from


- Fri Dec 15 00:36:56 GMT 2000 from netcachedet1.ozemail.com.au
Hey There, Kate
My name's Declan and I am 13. I like making websites because I have so much free time!

Declan Snowden
Dublin, Leinster, Ireland.

- Sun Dec 10 14:06:12 GMT 2000 from p172.as1.castleblaney1.eircom.net
Hey! Kate I'm back.

Oroville, california, Usa.

- Wed Dec 6 05:05:54 GMT 2000 from ip-111-112-160.stockton.navipath.net
I am 8 yrs old and live in Morecambe.... saying hi to you !

Morecambe, Lancashire, UK.

- Tue Dec 5 20:41:17 GMT 2000 from du-018-0234.claranet.co.uk
G'Day Kate You have a wonderful site and I have had a good time here it was really fun. I made a mistake when I signed your book before I forgot to leave you a little graphic and I am so sorry. Thankyou for sharing your site with me. Wishing you all the best. Love Kiddos

Sydney, NSW, Australia.

- Mon Dec 4 10:56:23 GMT 2000 from
G'Day Kate Your site is wonderful. I have enjoyed visiting and it was fun. It shows that you have put a lot of hard work into creating it. Thankyou for sharing it with me. Wishing you all the best. Keep up the great work. I hope your guestbook can accept HTML if not I am sorry about the mess. Love Kiddos
Sydney, NSW, Australia.

- Mon Dec 4 10:49:30 GMT 2000 from
Hi, I wanted to tell you I like all of the pages I looked at. I am 11 years old. I am in the 6th grade. I go to school at Widefield Elementary. My teacher is Mr. Hage. I have a little sister Jonna who is 8 years old. We live with my mom Terrie. My dad lives in Florida - he is coming to visit at Christmas!! I can't wait to see him!! It is hard on my mom taking care of us by herself. My mom is a pipefitter apprentice and has to go to school two night a week. She works so much so we can have what we need. I don't like her working twelve hours a day. I miss spending time with her. Do you celebrate Christmas there? Does your mom have to work all the time? It must be great to live with both your mom and dad? I wish I did. We have a house in Florida that my dad lives in. We have to live in an apartment, I don't like it I miss living in a house, but my dad does not help my mom with money, so now we have to live in an apartment. I had my own room in our house. Now I have to share a room with my sister!! I don't like that either. My mom does the best she can and I love her with all my heart. I think she is the #1 mom in the world - she works so hard so we don't have to go on welfare. If you can will you please write to me? I would like to get mail from everyone around the world. That would be exciting!! Good job on your pages. I love horses too. Write if you can. Kristina
Kristina Elizabeth
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

- Sun Dec 3 20:57:04 GMT 2000 from PPPa55-ResaleColoradoSprings3-1R7012.saturn.bbn.com
Hi, I am 11 years old. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but now I live in Colorado Springs with my 8 year old sister Jonna and my mom. My mom works for the Union, Plumbers and Pipefitters. She works very hard so we can have everything we need. I like your webpage, please write if you can.
Kristina Elizabeth
Colorado Springs, USA.

- Sun Dec 3 20:26:38 GMT 2000 from proxy.iad4.netsetter.com
I am 12 years old. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and I am 5"3". I love to sing and dance I love 'N Sync and The Backstreet Boys. My favorite movies are Saving Privet Ryan and Pkemon 2000.
Brittany Cole


- Fri Dec 1 01:12:10 GMT 2000 from bc-vic-a53-01-22.look.ca
I am 12 years old. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and I am 5"3". I love to sing and dance I love 'N Sync and The Backstreet Boys. My favorite movies are Saving Privet Ryan and Pkemon 2000.
Brittany Cole


- Fri Dec 1 01:09:26 GMT 2000 from bc-vic-a53-01-22.look.ca
hey my name is kate to. i luv ur site and if u could sign my guestbook that would b kewl. o
MA, usa.

- Thu Nov 30 00:02:29 GMT 2000 from h0001022eed97.ne.mediaone.net
I am someone who waits to dream untill i am alone. babies are people too. education means the opposite of ignorance. let them know about the world from you, an educated source, rather than some random kid. let the child build off of what you already have, rather than making them start all over again. i am just a creative source that passes by. - Wed Nov 29 16:45:30 GMT 2000 from pcat099.lib.uwm.edu
Hi! I live in Nanaimo too! I swim with the team 2! Hope too see you soon

Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

- Mon Nov 27 04:33:27 GMT 2000 from bngs5824y42xi.bc.hsia.telus.net
Kate: I am looking for a friend of mine name Gary Liddard. He lived in Orillia, Ontario, Canada until the beginning of the summer of 2000. He left without saying goodbye. My boyfriend and I really miss him. I am wondering if you would be able to help me. I was told that he moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. When I tried beefore to locate him with my computer, I got an address and phone number, but when I tried to phoone him I got told that he does not live there. Donna Armstrong
Orillia, Ont., Canada.

- Sun Nov 26 00:13:02 GMT 2000 from ppp11639.on.bellglobal.com
I'm 15, from Kent in England. Dont Americans annoy you. Everyone who is interested in the excellent SMASHING PUMPKINS should visit my site.
Rochester, Kent, England.

- Sat Nov 25 20:25:43 GMT 2000 from webinterceptorW05c.cache.pol.co.uk
Hi My favorite books are RL Stines I signed up for his book club By the way I'am 11 years old.

north dakota ,

- Sat Nov 25 19:53:12 GMT 2000 from max1-350.ndgateway.com
hi great site think i'm a little old but it made me smile, liked the voting, found your site after seaching for some info on bentham as I travel through the place on the train seems a nice but quiet little place. ps only 13 and you have a favourite pub! hope thats only when accompanied with your dad.
Craig (25)

Haworth, W Yorks, Gess.

- Sat Nov 25 16:12:41 GMT 2000 from


- Sat Nov 25 15:31:45 GMT 2000 from modem-71-29-60-62.vip.uk.com
I'm 9 and I came across your page chance. I like it Meme1

here, there, everywhere.

- Sat Nov 25 14:00:28 GMT 2000 from

CASS LAKE, M N, 56633.

- Thu Nov 23 21:31:52 GMT 2000 from eb187.ips.PaulBunyan.net
hey i'm kate too, i live in birmingham, alabama, USA. I'm 19, and i go to school at the university of south alabama. you hgave a cool page, never loose your imagination, cause thats the most important thing you'll need. being that your name is kate you need to try to hear a song by ben folds five, called kate. its a good song.
birmingham, alabama, the united states of america.
- Mon Nov 20 03:00:18 GMT 2000 from dormgate.usouthal.edu
I teach second grade in Hampton, Georgia. I just purchased two guenea pigs for our class. My students just love them. We hope to have babies before long. The boy "FuzzBall" is black and white with lots of rosetts. The girl "no name yet" is brown with soft fur. Tell me about yours. I will share your web page with my class. My E-mail is teacherkimberly@netscape.net.eeek
Mrs. Norman
Hampton, GA, USA.
- Fri Nov 17 21:47:09 GMT 2000 from 01-053.011.popsite.net
I am a freshman in college and my roommate and I were looking up our names. My name (Elva) was found but Kate's came up to your page. Your page is very interesting. What does "touch not the cat bot a glove." email me @ edezerna@centenary.edu.eek
Elva Ezernack

Zwolle, Louisiana, United States.

- Fri Nov 17 17:30:00 GMT 2000 from spider-tf024.proxy.aol.com
Hello kate,I love your page! I came about it by happenstance... I live in Texas about 50 miles from Austin,the state Capitol.I have Multiple Sclerosis,a nerve disease. I write poetry,prose,songs,and childrens stories .. It is presently 3:17 in the morning I had been doing some work on the computer when I came to your site. It is reasonably cold here tonight (about freezing) and I thought I'd write something for you. "My name is Kate and I live on a farm out in the country... Though we may live half a world apart I know you're just like me... We work and study and hope and dream and think and learn and play... And try to change our world with love through each and every day... So stop and visit and sign in,please and and write a line or two... And I will hold you in memory and surely remember you! And visit me in the future for I hope you'll keep a date... And remember me with a love we share,as friends forever...Kate! Kate,I wish you health,wealth,love and happiness. your friend , Christian Braun
Christian Braun
Bartlett, Texas 76511, Texas , USA.

- Wed Nov 15 10:22:20 GMT 2000 from jarpm3.s36.igg-tx.net
I'm a software designer. Happened to stumble upon your page while doing research. Good to see kids using the internet for productive purposes. God bless.
Keith Finnegan

Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

- Wed Nov 15 03:21:50 GMT 2000 from

Christa Rebel
Veenendaal, Utrecht, Holland.
- Tue Nov 14 20:35:23 GMT 2000 from ipd54b3994.free.wxs.nl
Hello Kate, I enjoyed your website very much. I love to go horseback riding but don't own any horses. I do own 3 cats. Their names are Nikki, Mandy and Tyler. I live in the United States but my family originally came from Exeter, England back in the 1960"s. I'm 30 years old and work as an "Aircraft Electrical Tech." with the U.S Air Force. I'm a MasterSargent (MSrg.). Maybe some day you would like to join your country"s military. There's a lot of good benefits that you could use for the future. Like schooling, extra money to help buy things (maybe horses?). But thats in the future. Right now just have fun being yourself. :) I almost forgot to tell you that you have one of the most wonderful and talented bands right there in your homeland. Their called "Iron Maiden". Give them a chance and listen to them, for me o.k., PLEASE? Take good care of yourself Kate. Bye Jo Ann
Jo Ann Danforth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

- Tue Nov 14 19:14:14 GMT 2000 from proxy-532.public.rwc.webtv.net
13, born in janruary,

brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

- from wdcax2-021.dialup.optusnet.com.au


- from dialup-
i love horse riding and helping my friend with her ponie.
Jade watts

carshlton surrey london,

- Sun Nov 12 11:49:10 GMT 2000 from webcacheH06a.cache.pol.co.uk
I am 16 and live at my house

summerland, b.c, canada.

- Fri Nov 10 02:13:37 GMT 2000 from h24-67-187-36.ok.shawcable.net
Howdy doody
- Wed Nov 8 02:09:49 GMT 2000 from pc145.gswinc.co.jp
i am 10 and my best friends are called roseanne and charlotte i really wana be a cheerleader so if you know any where near carlise were i could go wright to s_bubbles_s@yahoo.com
carlisle, england/cu, england.
- Tue Nov 7 19:48:59 GMT 2000 from dyn36-ras25.screaming.net
i 21 and live in the country..."back woods" country. i love music and basketball. i'm studying to be a music producer in college as well as learning how to start my own music company. i write lyrics for a local band. e-mail: withmynakedeye@hotmail.com
the countryside,
- Tue Nov 7 15:25:54 GMT 2000 from cache.blue.net

Bethan Noble
Hiya cousin !

- Tue Nov 7 08:52:52 GMT 2000 from

I'm 25 years old I'm from Stillwater mn i have one brother and one sister my sister is 28 and my brother is 23 my dad is a teacher at Stillwater area high school he teaches history and its 12 grade my mom works at a book store called valley bookseller and i work at a place called american polywater
barry spreeman
stillwater, mn, 55082.
- Mon Nov 6 03:01:23 GMT 2000 from nas-2.ties.k12.mn.us
Hey your page is really cool!!!! ByE
- Mon Nov 6 02:26:17 GMT 2000 from modext01-31.midwest.net
I am a 38 year old uPVC fabricator who likes rock music and science fiction. I am working on a science fiction story of my own and I was looking for pictures of Kate Capshaw the actress when your site appeared in the list. I like your site, it is very interesting and really brightened up my day. Well done!
Rob Hazelwood
Mansfield, UK,
- Sun Nov 5 12:18:05 GMT 2000 from inktomi1-not.server.ntl.com
i am ten years old.
sulphur, la,
- Sat Nov 4 21:53:49 GMT 2000 from usr8-dialup32.mix1.Irving.cw.net
I am 10 years old and in 5th grade.I like horses and dolphins.
sulphur, la, 70663.
- Sat Nov 4 21:51:50 GMT 2000 from usr8-dialup32.mix1.Irving.cw.net
I love horses. I am in the 5th grade.
Florida, USA.
- Sat Nov 4 13:36:01 GMT 2000 from spider-wj062.proxy.aol.com

noe klue
- Sat Nov 4 04:24:45 GMT 2000 from ip187.chicago38.il.pub-ip.psi.net
I"m very smart and pretty!!
Samantha Schwarz
winona, mn, 55987.
- Fri Nov 3 13:49:34 GMT 2000 from
HI there! im anne- 18-year-old girl from Thailand and my fav boy band is Point Break :) i would like you to check out my PB site :)and sign my guestbook Thank you
Chonburi, Thailand.
- Fri Nov 3 10:39:15 GMT 2000 from
hi kate my name is also kate and i must admit i came aross this page by accident but i like Westlife and singing i can sing really good and love doin it and i do karate which i am a Brown belt so if any one wants to e-mail me please do!!!!!!!!
walsall, Cheslyn Ha, England.
- Thu Nov 2 17:23:35 GMT 2000 from
I am 8 years old and have ginger hair and LOVE horses and poines.Does anyone know about more brill pony pages?
England UK.
- Wed Nov 1 17:19:18 GMT 2000 from m353-mp1-cvx1b.che.ntl.com
i read your guestbook which is pretty cool.
gold coast, QLD, Australia.
- Sun Oct 29 23:40:55 GMT 2000 from prx1.qld.schools.net.au
Hello Kate Hello Kate, Hello Kate, Stumled on your site when I was serfing Preston, is that were you are from, just curious that is all, nice to talk to you, I was born in Preston moved here in 1948. E Mail, GUMMY_MITT@hotmail.com
- Sun Oct 29 21:27:26 GMT 2000 from wc2-int1.nbnet.nb.ca
I'm 12 years old i have a pony called polly shes 8year old i live in nottingshire. I'm mad on ponys. I like sports and animals.
Rachel Headland
- Sun Oct 29 08:46:33 GMT 2000 from inktomi1-not.server.ntl.com
I am 9.I go to Columbia Elementery School. here is my e mail adress at school,tdaniels09 @columbia schools.org.
Tarica Daniels
Columbia, U.S.A, United States Of America.
- Fri Oct 27 21:38:11 BST 2000 from
i love hores and garage pops is ok im am fond of shopping and jewlarry and i love chinese i dont no my email but my adresse is 27 mendip road newbury park Ig2 7pn
jenna green
london, essex, britain.
- Fri Oct 27 17:58:16 BST 2000 from
Enjoyed visiting your site...
KT Racing Team
Nokomis , Sask., Canada.

- Thu Oct 26 06:08:38 BST 2000 from cacheflow1.sasknet.sk.ca
Well, I was looking for a web site on Poetry, because I needed some ideas for my mother birthday. I'm 16 years old, I go to Sir Winston Churchill High School. In Calgary Alberta. I moved here about a yaer ago from Windsor Ontario. I like to sing,dance,draw,write poetry,play lots of sports. Like football, Basketball,etc.
Jacklyn Lewenza
- Wed Oct 25 20:59:23 BST 2000 from
I am 10 yrs old from Kentucky. I am in the fifth grade. I play on the basetball team. I am in the science, and ecology club. I am the police chief of our mock society called MuldraughPolois. I am looking for penpals from every where.
Susan Webb
Muldraugh, KY, 40155.

- Wed Oct 25 01:48:15 BST 2000 from 1Cust129.tnt7.louisville.ky.da.uu.net
HI KATE, my name is also kate. i am a college student. and will go in a year to graduate school to continue studying art. i like to paint! i love the color pink. i am 22. i was in england this summer for a month and traveled to scotland as well, it was beautiful. i'm glad i found your site! thankyou for sharing. - kate.
kate diago
albany, NY, U.S.A..
- Wed Oct 25 01:26:27 BST 2000 from dsl-20-141-241.boston.navipath.net
I'm an 18 year old single white female. I have hazel eyes,shoulder length curly brown hair. I love writing poetry and reading other young poets work too. I love the Backstreet Boys and I am planning a trip to Mexico for early February 2001!!!
Lindsay Marie
Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
- Tue Oct 24 22:50:29 BST 2000 from host.angusreid.com
i love your page, and i'm very lucky that we share the same bithday
i'm xim/20
- Sat Oct 21 18:05:47 BST 2000 from
Hi Kate, Love your page. Willaim is lovely.Iv'e got a Connamara Dun. Her name is Disco.I'm 13 years old. Love Cori.
Cori Wemyss
Kilkenny, Ireland.
- Sat Oct 21 00:36:03 BST 2000 from p9.as1.kilkenny1.eircom.net
I am a Married man to my wife Tina. I am the oldest of ten Children. I had no education. I am a self educater. I only went up to the sevent grade. In a Catholic School in Lawrence MA. My Parish was Sacred Heart Parish. That is where I went to school. Now I have a home page. I would like to find a guest book for my home page. I do not know how to go about it? Could you help me on this? Thank you ever so much. Eddie & Tina Croteau
Eddie Croteau
O.O.B., ME, U S.
- Fri Oct 20 19:49:16 BST 2000 from netcache-1112.public.svc.webtv.net
wazzup is my name and I am saying Hi
winfield, wijnfild, putiom.
- Thu Oct 19 17:48:24 BST 2000 from
Wow what a site I am still looking come see my page.

- Thu Oct 19 17:18:48 BST 2000 from
Hello Kate from New Zealand
Regards, Les

Les Finch
Nelson, New Zealand.
- Thu Oct 19 06:45:14 BST 2000 from AKCF1.xtra.co.nz
well kate dont know how i got in here but.......not bad. mick_martinez@hotmail.com
london, england,
- Mon Oct 16 20:53:10 BST 2000 from async124-14.nas.onetel.net.uk
I support chess in the schools of California. for more information go to http://members.aol.com/chesslessons
Chris Torres
San Jose, CA,
- Mon Oct 16 08:28:42 BST 2000 from spider-tk044.proxy.aol.com
hi kate, i was looking for stuff for a school prject and i came across you web page,in am 12 7th grade and love hangin with friends.well i better be goin ttyl ~katie~
north wales, pa, usa.

- Sun Oct 15 13:07:49 BST 2000 from spider-th082.proxy.aol.com
I've just got a new website so anyone please come visit it And maybe give me some tips the address is: http://www.oe-pages.com/ARTS/RB/roisinanne thanks
I'm Roisin
- Sat Oct 14 11:15:16 BST 2000 from
i have 5 ponies 50 birds 30 fishes 31 guinea pigs and 2 dogs. I really like horses and show jumping the names of my ponies are lady red, dexter, wally, mickey and flash im a hores crazy
Katie-Marie White
Cardiff, wales, rumney.
- Sat Oct 14 09:34:47 BST 2000 from m995-mp1-cvx1c.car.ntl.com
I am love horses but cannot ride very well. In fact I love all animals, I used to have a little dog called Maisy but now only have a hamster called Misty. I have a brother who is 10 years old and I am 9 years old. I do not have a home page but now I have seen yours I might try and set one up with my mums help. I have enjyed looking at your page. Did your family help yu set it up? write soon Felicity (my friends call me Lissy)
felicity Dyson
Walton on Thames, Surrey, england.
- Sat Oct 14 08:16:33 BST 2000 from p137-spurfowl-gui.tch.virgin.net

- Sat Oct 14 01:12:58 BST 2000 from
G`Day from Australia..
Sue and Ian
Adelaide, SA, Australia.

- Fri Oct 13 14:46:54 BST 2000 from cf1.adl.au.asiaonline.net
pg, italy, umbria.
- Thu Oct 12 21:54:25 BST 2000 from an1-623.dialup.tiscalinet.it
My name is Angel. I am 13 years old. I go to York Elementary school and am in the 8th grade. I have short black hair and brown eyes. I have a big family with 5 brothers and sisters. I really like your music. I love my teacher. She is the best teacher I ever had.
jamestown, Tn,
- Thu Oct 12 16:15:26 BST 2000 from e0.filt2.davidson.tn.ena.net

- Tue Oct 10 00:55:16 BST 2000 from slip-166-72-152-55.fl.us.prserv.net
Hi, my name is Kate aswell (great name) but my friends call me Kat. Come visit my sites at www.expage.com/pebblebeach and www.expage.com/katshome. Pleeeze sign the guestbook!!
(www.expage.com/pebblebeach& www.expage.com/katshome)
Worcester, Midlands, England.
- Mon Oct 9 18:11:33 BST 2000 from host213-120-1-3.host.btclick.com
I am 1o yrs old. I go to Leeds Elementary SChool. I like cats,horses,bunnies,and dogs.
Karianne Lowe
Leeds, Alabama, USA.
- Sat Oct 7 17:00:42 BST 2000 from spider-tp031.proxy.aol.com
my name is michael i live in liverpool am 14 year old do not go to school i woud like to hear from you
michael moriarty
liverpool, england, england.
- Fri Oct 6 13:21:49 BST 2000 from host62-7-47-15.btinternet.com
It is wonderful that you've kept this Guestbook active for so many years; the last time I signed in, I was a 50-year old computer consultant and it was 47 months ago. Now I'm a 54-year old volunteer tutor and just happened to be going through hits from a search engine for my name and city and found this was the first one which obviously contained my information and the same old email address I've always had, at least since April of 1996. And to keep the spam coming, my unhidden email address is mailto:erickson@csnsys.com - all email answered promptly. Napster 4ever!
Donald E. Erickson
Riverside, CA, USA 92504.
- Wed Oct 4 09:21:43 BST 2000 from uia.gst.pm102.cyberg8t.com
I am pratica I have the coolest cloths on earth
gorgia, usa, cherekee.
- Tue Oct 3 19:13:19 BST 2000 from bess-proxy2.cherokee.k12.ga.us
I stumbled onto your page while looking for other things such as motorcycles. I just purchased a 1969 Triumph Bonneville and I was looking for parts, and your cute site showed up. It's amazing what kids are learning these days. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your youth.
The cat
Hartford, Ct., USA.
- Tue Oct 3 03:29:28 BST 2000 from spider-wi062.proxy.aol.com
Well i really dont know what to tell you but i dont have much friends so i find myself on internet alot and i really enjoyed stopping by your site it was really fun and britened my day
Crystal Kerr
Garnett, Ks, USA.
- Mon Oct 2 04:38:42 BST 2000 from port010.garnett.idir.net
Hello Kate, it's Jane's dad here. I've just learnt to get onto the Net, and was very pleased to see your mention of me. I've got a web site now at www.georgehopwood.co.uk with pictures of some of my bikes. Hope it interests you and your dad. Best wishes George.
george hopwood
sidcup, kent, england.
- Sun Oct 1 15:18:41 BST 2000 from host62-7-185-140.host.btclick.com
Hi, I want if it is possible to write you a little bit, because for me it's very interesting to found an other people with the name Amelia. I'm Romanian, but now we live in Germany, and I like cats very good.
My cat is calling Antonia von elltal ( Toni ) and she has got 8 kilos.

Amelia Balan

Eisenach, Germany.
- Fri Sep 29 17:34:28 BST 2000 from lpz2-t3-2.atm-bb.de
Hi Kate Amelia. I live in Germany and I found your page when I was looking for the name Amelia in the Internet. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will get 16 years old. Sorry, My english isnt't very good. But I want to say, that your site is very beautiful and nice.
Amelia Balan
(amelia_balan@web.de.eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek )

Amelia Balan
Eisenach, 99817 , Germany.
- Fri Sep 29 17:31:53 BST 2000 from lpz2-t3-2.atm-bb.de
WE live on Deep River and we are a retired couple who have raised seven boys who have five sisters who we have also raised. (We have 12 Offspring!) WE are now emptynesters and have started to cross the digital divide and found your web site. We too are impressed with your work. I was taught some by third grade class at a local school that teaches Seniors in our area to use the computer.
We had breakfast with a WW 11 Bride from England she goes to our church and she tells of her former home. We hope to visit England in the near future.
Good Luck and God Bless.

William and Dottie Hebert
Lake Station, Indiana, U.S.A..
- Fri Sep 29 00:00:45 BST 2000 from spider-tj064.proxy.aol.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
- Thu Sep 28 19:26:48 BST 2000 from mail.kosd.org
I think you're web site is real cool and it gave me an incentive start my own. After all it is a creation and you can put anything you like on it. Just one question: how come you get listed by Lycos if I do a search on Mavis Beacon? See you & take care Sylvia
- Tue Sep 26 18:28:22 BST 2000 from SBPub74.pc.lse.ac.uk
ALTOONA ,PA, penna, blair.
- Sat Sep 23 18:12:04 BST 2000 from proxy-1378.public.svc.webtv.net
hello kate how are you .i wait yoube my friend.faryil@hotmail.com
urfa, turkey, br> - Sat Sep 23 16:51:06 BST 2000 from north.ixir.net
Good Morning Kate, I was searching for more info on a nurse in our Civil War named Kate Cumming, who was actually born in Scotland, but grew up in Mobile, Ala, where my gg grandparents lived during our Civil War. Any way, up popped your site, which I enjoyed very much. My daughter is also named Kate. She's 18 and a freshman in college, as it happens also in Mobile. There's a small town in Yorkshire named Tankersley where my family is from before moving to Virginia around 1700 or so. I've got to get ready for work, so long, best wishes. Bill
Bill Tankersley
Birmingham, Alabama, usa.
- Fri Sep 22 12:05:03 BST 2000 from host-209-214-104-24.bhm.bellsouth.net
I enjoy sports such as- basketball,volleyball,netball,hockey,trampolining, tennis,table tennis badmington,martial arts horse riding. I have four rabbits, three dogs,twelve hamsters,nine horses,two parrots sixteen budgies and one fish. I enjoy reading Harry Potter books and scary books and I love reading my email and playing on the net.
Claire Foster
- Thu Sep 21 18:45:46 BST 2000 from
hi kate , thats a fine web page, hey i i like to make friends , if some one like me can mail me at skimpygirld@yahoo.com.eeek
ahmedbad, ind, ind.
- Thu Sep 21 18:01:55 BST 2000 from
Google thought this was the best place to read the lyric of The World Turn'd Upside Down. Much of the edge of Port Meadow here in Oxford is having fake Victorian and Georgian estates built on it and the song came back to me cycling along the canal -- but I'd forgotten the words. Thankyou, Kate. Onwards! Dan B. Pearl
Dan B Pearl
Oxford, Oxon, England.
- Wed Sep 20 23:01:34 BST 2000 from neptune.oucs.ox.ac.uk
Hi Kate, you have a nice site here! I am 28/f and have 3 very fat kitty cats, Leo, Trigger & Emmitt! Have a great day! :)
Irvine, CA,
- Wed Sep 20 21:20:18 BST 2000 from fw.stjoe.org
hey were tony and Noreen if u eva wanna e-mail us DO cause we will reply i promise djnortuk@yahoo.com.eek
Tony And Noreen
Ireland, UK, Belfast.
- Wed Sep 20 18:09:33 BST 2000 from inktomi1-bel.server.ntl.com
hey were tony and Noreen if u eva wanna e-mail us DO cause we will reply i promise
Tony And Noreen
Ireland, UK, Belfast.
- Wed Sep 20 18:09:12 BST 2000 from inktomi1-bel.server.ntl.com
- Tue Sep 19 18:15:59 BST 2000 from inh1ts01-qfe0.ims.bt.net
I'am afraid I was looking for Jane's dad's web site and arrived on your by mistake - Bonneville obscessed or so I am accused.

steve simon
Winchester, uk.
- Tue Sep 19 00:18:18 BST 2000 from savan.demon.co.uk

Hello... I was looking at your site the other day and was impressed by your list of collected links on the links pages, please consider adding a link from our site : http://www.horsecrazy.com/html/affiliate.html You can go to our site and drag a banner from there, adding a variety of places to visit for your customers encourages them to come back and visit your site. If you like you can send a link back to me via this e mail address. Thankyou very much.. Zac Brookes c/o www.horsecrazy.com
zac brookes

- Mon Sep 18 13:26:03 BST 2000 from
if ur relly 10 thats cool if u know html,javascrift,dhtml,or java thats plidygood im only 11 and i know html and javascript so that relly cool

PS: i dont like ur site
- Mon Sep 18 02:04:06 BST 2000 from A090-0441.LSAN.splitrock.net

Visit www.myhorseonline.com for horse classifieds! Special-Advertise your ad along with a photo for $10/YEAR!!

- Sun Sep 17 22:51:40 BST 2000 from d39.as2.wmch.oh.voyager.net
I just luv Devan Sawa so i say more girls make Devan web pages
Nikki Lock
Surrey, Uk,
- Sun Sep 17 18:03:23 BST 2000 from inh1ts01-qfe0.ims.bt.net
i had a dalmation named mookie and a few weeks ago he got ran over and im looking for a new puppy dalmation if u find one around mass please email me with directions and a phone # at miggitbitch@ureach.com.eeeek
holland, mass, usa.
- Sat Sep 16 01:08:34 BST 2000 from 209-94-153-230.s230.tnt2.spng.ma.dialup.rcn.com
Tonio Schembri

- Fri Sep 15 13:11:33 BST 2000 from as3p56.maltanet.net
I am a senior geology major at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri--USA. I was just browsing through and wanted to say hi. Bye
Burt Thomas
St. Louis, MIssouri, USA.
- Thu Sep 14 04:37:14 BST 2000 from proxy1-external.clmba1.mo.home.com
what about me?
lj, slovenia,

- Wed Sep 13 17:42:23 BST 2000 from rtvnetra.rtvslo.si
I have just started to set up my own ,,,partynails mobile going to peoples houses to paint their nails in nailart come see my web site and email me to tell me what you think
galsgow, scotland,

- Mon Sep 11 23:41:30 BST 2000 from m367-mp1-cvx1b.edi.ntl.com
Hey, i am angie i show hunters :) check my page for mu pony pix
miami, fl, usa.

- Mon Sep 11 21:27:02 BST 2000 from spider-ta087.proxy.aol.com
I was wondering if anybody out there wanted to join a club to help a girl I know. A llite while back she lost all her bsb pics in a house fire. I made a club to help collect pics, but not too many people are intrested, so if anyone out there is please e-mail me @ a.littrell@mailcity.com.eek
Ally L. littrell

Orlando, fL., USA.

- Sat Sep 9 17:40:50 BST 2000 from
hi kids, how are you out there?
stuttgart, germany, germany.
- Sat Sep 9 00:06:04 BST 2000 from 40EC8A38.ipt.aol.com
- Fri Sep 8 22:39:51 BST 2000 from spider-te012.proxy.aol.com
b>Hi, Kate. I found your page from the search engine called Excite.co.uk. Yes, I like your homepage. I play guitars. I don't know your favorite band, but I am glad that you also like music. Bye bye!!

- Tue Sep 5 16:34:19 BST 2000 from cse-46.kashiwa.mbn.or.jp
My name is Nicole I am 12 on the 8th of october. I like horses i go riding every monday. I have light brown hair and blue eyes.
Nicole Sweeting
Essex, England.
- Mon Sep 4 20:22:33 BST 2000 from inh1ts01-qfe0.ims.bt.net
i have blonde hair and i am mad about horses.youre sooo lucky to have your own.i ride loads at wellow treking centre and i have been riding there 9 years i am 12.i ride a horse called indi she is a coloured horse at about 15.2 hh your web page is great love kylie
kylie light
bath, somerset, England.
- Sun Sep 3 12:43:16 BST 2000 from click-cl4-cache4.ilford.mdip.bt.net

carmel, Indiana, usa.
- Sat Sep 2 20:52:08 BST 2000 from spider-wd021.proxy.aol.com
I have been riding about six months I put a ad for any free motercycles in my area and got 16 bikes 1971 cl350 honda all there but the side cover on one side jumped on your site to see your picture so i would know what to look for thanks your photo helped also got 1971 honda 175 1980 hawk 400 auto kawa 440 yama 350 and many more.
Mr Randy Ishman
sheffield, pa, usa.
- Sat Sep 2 04:39:23 BST 2000 from tnt2port326.warren.pcidu.com
I love the Backstreet Boys. I am 14 1/2 and a proud hispanic!
Melissa Gutierrez
Laredo, Texas, Usa.
- Fri Sep 1 00:16:26 BST 2000 from
Well, Im 16 years old 3rd Year Senior High School in Tokyo Japan. Im studying COMPUTER GRAPHICS, aside from studying Computer Graphics Im teaching ENGLISH but Im not a TEACHER. Im half Japanese and American. I love to DRAW something. So Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Algeria Nicole Anne
Tokyo, Adachiku, Japan.
- Thu Aug 31 04:38:20 BST 2000 from akasaka-ppp-210-253-108-128.interq.or.jp
I like cats my sister loves siamese. We have a siamese cat his name is Lucky. whats your cats name write back at puppypower_21@yahoo.com thank you
Zumbrota, MN, USA.
- Mon Aug 28 16:27:13 BST 2000 from 1Cust47.tnt1.rochester.mn.da.uu.net

Rahul kamat
- Sat Aug 26 19:08:25 BST 2000 from mid-tgn-npv-vty149.as.wcom.net
i like swimming singering running horse riding bowling
england, uk, uk.
- Sat Aug 26 15:06:48 BST 2000 from
:) I have blonde hair,blue eyes, tan, and am tall, I like to watch sports an am the only girl who knows that a Quaterback in football isn't a refund but anyhow I hope you like what I just wrote, Bye!
Newport Beach, Ca, Cali would be in U.S NOT Italy...LOL :).

- Fri Aug 25 21:07:55 BST 2000 from spider-wc054.proxy.aol.com
Hey my name is Amanda Thank you! *****************************************************
- Fri Aug 25 18:02:01 BST 2000 from spider-tn014.proxy.aol.com
Heya Kate... just surfed on by looking for kewl sites... yours looks really nice. .. maybe check out my site sometimes... http://www.ivideocafe.com ... it's a free music/video site for musicians... upload your music/video/image files for free to promote your music around the world. See you there :)
Hollywood, CA, USA.

- Fri Aug 25 02:30:52 BST 2000 from
Hi I'm interessted in pony racing.. do you know anything about it??? I really need to know!!1 EVA

Stavanger, Norway.

- Thu Aug 24 17:27:31 BST 2000 from s01i30-0162.no.powertech.net

- Wed Aug 23 18:04:42 BST 2000 from ppp172.mecdc.net
I ride my xs650 everywhere, rain or shine, just not in the snow. I,ve customized it, and I use my playstation and sell restaurant parts when I,m not riding. I sleep and eat too, a little.
Waukesha, WI, USA!!.
- Tue Aug 22 02:39:03 BST 2000 from spider-to047.proxy.aol.com
hi from tasmania .checked out out that nice steam engine. i liked the illustrations on your home page . see ya...
jeremy noble
hobart, tas , australia.
- Mon Aug 21 11:08:29 BST 2000 from
I am Twelve years old, have a younger sister called zoe and lots of pets. I enjoy art, and all aspects of wildlife. I used to ride ponies but not for a few years. I enjoy gymnastics.
stephanie disley
preston, lancs, england.
- Sun Aug 20 21:32:00 BST 2000 from cache-cro-e3a.cableinet.net
Hi I am from Ontario Canada. I work in a factory and I am now starting to raise Paint horses. I show on a regular basis and my favorate horse right now if my Reg Arab mare. On her I show games. I have one daughter who is 20 and a wonderful husband who puts up with my horse hobby. It was nice to find your page. Ellen
Ellen Kochut
Ontario, Canada,
- Sun Aug 20 16:31:00 BST 2000 from AS53-05-89.cas-kit.golden.net
Hi i am an 11/f and i live in candad (as i said) i live with my family and i have lots of friends!
- Sat Aug 19 21:48:07 BST 2000 from port63.usrtc2.speedline.ca
Nsync is the #1 !!! i love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll do anything for them and my wish is to meet them in person and talk to them. if that is to much. maybe just see them in concert but front first row/seat. that's my dream since i saw Nsync on TV
i wish that my dream will come true hehehehehehe

isabel nadine
- Sat Aug 19 20:27:55 BST 2000 from rm01-24-29-194-64.ce.mediaone.net
hi! i love Nsync so much! i'll do anything fr them. they'll always be in my heart they will alway be #1. I LOVE YOU *NSYNC :D
isabel nadine

- Sat Aug 19 20:18:17 BST 2000 from rm01-24-29-194-64.ce.mediaone.net
Im 25 years old and could not figure out how to make a cup out of a piece of paper today so I went thirsty and the rest is history........
Juan Robles
escondido, ca, usa.
- Thu Aug 17 06:21:52 BST 2000 from 40bc712a.dsl.flashcom.net
I am 12 and i live in Sneads Florida. I enjoy playing softball, talking on the phone, guys, surfing the net, and reading.
Kerri Maphis
- Thu Aug 17 00:37:14 BST 2000 from
Hi!I'm 17 yrs. old and I just wanted to say hello and that I love your page. ......Smooches!

birmingham, alabama,

- Wed Aug 16 07:04:03 BST 2000 from spider-wa024.proxy.aol.com
Dear Kate, I am a big fan of Ashley and you.
Emily Moore
- Sat Aug 12 00:27:12 BST 2000 from rdu162-247-120.nc.rr.com
im 11 years old -ive got my own pony -the one the only fat sparkie -she's 13hnds and strawberry roan and i love her to bits -im going to ripley -and i lived in high bentham till i was 2 -your web site is rockin- rsvp -phoebe
phoebe morris

lancaster, guess.
- Fri Aug 11 14:04:33 BST 2000 from halifax.lancs.ac.uk
I was looking on the net for trains and found the nice photo of the one named after your Great etc. Grandfather then I browsed the rest of your site and found it quite interesting, very well set up, bye for now.
Tony West
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

- Fri Aug 11 11:40:09 BST 2000 from spider-wg063.proxy.aol.com
I am bob.
bob, bob, bob.
- Thu Aug 10 07:25:44 BST 2000 from spider-tl052.proxy.aol.com
hello.....just thought i would sign your book...nice page.... i thought so at least....anyway....so how's england?
Fresno, Ca., US.
- Thu Aug 10 00:53:29 BST 2000 from PPPa27-ResaleFresno3-2R7048.saturn.bbn.com

- Wed Aug 9 17:00:39 BST 2000 from p5Es01a02.client.global.net.uk
hi i am 12 years old and i love you site and your name
auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

- Sat Aug 5 21:17:40 BST 2000 from cache5.ihug.co.nz
Kate, jolly good website! I'm glad I found it when I looked at Peggy's site. You are doing quite well, actually, in developing your pages, and I hope you are having lots of fun with them. It was nice to meet you and to hear about you and your friends and family, and I hope that this year will be especially pleasant and successful for you. Please take care.

Quin McWhirter
Houton, Texas, USA.

- Fri Aug 4 21:04:47 BST 2000 from general.reliantenergy.com
Stumbled on your page while trying to find something on Escher. Of course you had the famous hands image. I'm a designer and have used that image a couple of times. My daughter is the same age as you and as I used to live in London I still have many friends there. My God daughter is in London and her name is Zo and my daughter is named that as well. I see you have an interest in horses as my daughter, She competes in the hunter jumper class and as we don't own a horse yet, we lease a 17.5H dapple grey gelding which she shows. His name is Sir Vincent. If you ever get the chance she's love to talk horses with someone from England. You can reach her at ztay@aol.com. Best of luck and I was impressed with your site. Nice job.
Arthur Taylor
Palm Springs, California, USA.

- Fri Aug 4 19:18:14 BST 2000 from AC938E0C.ipt.aol.com
um....nice site...can you go to mine and sign the guestbook.please

- Thu Aug 3 08:06:06 BST 2000 from BYTNB102-33.splitrock.net
would you like to be flea free the easy way.if so write to peg 15501,s.telegraph,rd. monroe,mich.48161 and send $10.00 for my favorite charity.for information.thank you peg
- Sat Jul 29 18:22:17 BST 2000 from server.provide.net
Hi Kate!
I think it is cool that we both have the same name. I am 10 and I love swimming and reading alot too!. I've always wanted to talk to someone who has the same name as me. I have always wanted to travel to England. Maybe when I grow up I can. Nice talking to you,Kate

Kate Underwood
Wingham, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Jul 29 03:14:28 BST 2000 from clifford-137.wcl.on.ca
Hi Kate, I own 2 horses whos name are Smarties & Anastasia and they are brother and sister and if you could meet them you would love them to bits!!!. I would just like to say that this is the best site about horses ever and you have done a good job doing it. YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!! Love Marilyn xx WRITE BACK IF YOU CAN PLEASE THANKS!!!!!
Edinburgh, Scotland.
- Wed Jul 26 19:27:35 BST 2000 from inh1ts03-qfe0.ims.bt.net
well just enjoyed the page and wanted to write
lucas baker
murphy, il, usa.
- Wed Jul 26 03:52:06 BST 2000 from 1Cust79.tnt6.tko2.da.uu.net
- Tue Jul 25 20:19:15 BST 2000 from webcache04b.cache.pol.co.uk
I was born on march 9, 1988 like ferrets I live in a small town in texas I love riding my moped thats all there is to know about me
riverside texas,
- Sun Jul 23 22:42:47 BST 2000 from hunt-pri7-a83.txucom.net
my name is whitney counter im 10 years old i attend west boron elementery i have 1 brother and 4 sisters there names are Curtis,Dana,Halee,Traci,andTammymy mom and dads names are mike and paula most of my family lives out of statae so i dont ge to see them much i collect porclen dolls and my best friends name is casie canada and she was lttle miss boron for 99 and my boyfriendsa name is trent neely and he is 11 years old you can e-mail me at whitneyrc@ccis.com.
whitney c.
boron, ca.
- Sat Jul 22 19:07:32 BST 2000 from usr-3-35.ccis.com
im 10 years old I have 1 brother named Curtis and four sisters named dana halee traci and tammy they are all in there 20s or 30sand my mom and dads name are paula and mike I live in a small neighboor hood called boron its betweenbarstow and north edwards my favorite food is tacos i collect porclen dolls and globesand i have alot of friends my very best friends name is casie canada she was little miss boron for 99 and we never get in fights well hardlyand my boyfriends name is tent nelly e is 11 years old ok bye.
whitney counter
boron, ca,
- Sat Jul 22 18:59:35 BST 2000 from
none of your bees wax
none of your bees wax
- Fri Jul 21 18:50:56 BST 2000 from
BUTLER, OHIO, 44822.

- Wed Jul 19 03:05:00 BST 2000 from
I am 14 years old and live in Dundee, Scotland. I like horseriding and swimming but apart from that I do not like sports. I have two cats Mitzi and Kizzi.
Lesley Fenton
- Sat Jul 15 14:42:32 BST 2000 from ppp-2-226.cvx5.telinco.net
hi every one whatz up? I am 24 years old I work a golf club.my hobby is doing sports with my friends and going to the west Edmonton mall. ( fun ) my friend is mandy moore .
kelly smith
- Thu Jul 13 22:51:50 BST 2000 from bbs-205.surenet.net
Hello. This is an excellent site you have here. I enjoyed my visit.
Dan Bridge
Azusa , CA, USA.
- Thu Jul 13 16:08:18 BST 2000 from 1Cust152.tnt2.covina.ca.da.uu.net
I love friends, swimming and reading my e-mail address is: monica_l@acmecity .com Please visit my site as above!!!
Lincoln, N.E.Lincs, England.

- Sun Jul 9 20:57:32 BST 2000 from inktomi1-lee.server.ntl.com
I have 2 ponies and one foal and a pussy cat. They are called Dandelion, Foley, Rocky and Topsy. Bye bye, I think your web page is great.
Rowena Buckley

Hankelow, Cheshire, uk.

- Sat Jul 8 19:23:27 BST 2000 from
Hi Kate, very impressed with your site. Was searching for info on my Velo Thruxton but stopped to enjoy what you have done. Sorry your dad likes Triumphs but I suppose someone has to. ( sorry dad)
My mum used to have a Velo - she kept it in our front parlour - but it was only a Valiant - she still wants a larger Velo


Pontefract, West Yorks,

- Fri Jul 7 21:47:18 BST 2000 from host213-1-4-206.host.btclick.com
i am visiting your web site .im 7. years old .
melina t schiff

oberlin, ohio, usa.

- Fri Jul 7 18:43:24 BST 2000 from ip-246-209.oberlin.net
Hello. I want to make my own web page and computer games one day. and I play soccer too. I've scored six goals in my life. cheers, Jermu

springwood, QLD, australia.

- Fri Jul 7 11:10:41 BST 2000 from laura.bris.technet2000.com.au
Im 11 going on 12 next month im interested in a penpal and u are interesting Ilove your web site Ilike reading books listening to britney and insync backstreet boys oh i saw them in concert i like jumping on my trampoline . i doubt will ever be pen pals since you have so many visitors BYE YOUR FRIEND LAUREN
roswell, Ga USA, usa.
- Fri Jul 7 06:34:50 BST 2000 from dialup-
Hi Kate, I'm 15...dark brown hair, blue eyes, etc, things no one cares about...i like your guestbook. However did you get so many people to sign? I personally have about eight entries on mine and would appreciate people signing it. Well keep up the good work and you have a very nice website too.

- Thu Jul 6 23:52:01 BST 2000 from 207-172-129-93.s93.tnt2.col.md.dialup.rcn.com
I am a female from Florida. I love sports especially football even thought I am a girl. I do softball and cheerleading. But I like to do alot of the guy sports.
- Thu Jul 6 18:36:58 BST 2000 from spider-th034.proxy.aol.com
I have 4 ponies and thought your site was good. They are called Tiger,Jinks,Magic And Joker.

Lancaster, Lancs, UK.

- Wed Jul 5 12:52:02 BST 2000 from leicester.lancs.ac.uk
Hey Kate i am 5'1" and i'm a nice and smart boy. I work on computers with my Dad. O and i have a classmate named Kate too!
Jesse Hutton
St.Louis, Mo., St.Peters.
- Mon Jul 3 04:43:30 BST 2000 from 1Cust143.tnt2.ofallon.mo.da.uu.net
Hi; Hello, i like to be like you . Your new friend, Mayla
- Mon Jul 3 03:32:05 BST 2000 from www.digitelone.com
hi kate; I like to meet you in person, you inspire me alot. Iam a computer science student. Your new friend, janeth
- Mon Jul 3 03:25:36 BST 2000 from www.digitelone.com
I think your semaphore converter page is great. Do you know the rinkworks dialectizer?
Translates into cockney rhyming slang, etc

Leyburn, Yorkshire, UK.
- Mon Jul 3 00:45:41 BST 2000 from p45-dunlin-gui.tch.virgin.net
I'm rosie and i'm glad theres an english kids website!!!! UK RULES!!!!!!!
Norwich , Norfolk, uk .
- Sun Jul 2 11:58:54 BST 2000 from
hey guestbooker's my name is adam i'm 6'1 with brown hair ,green eyes .I enjoy going out to clubs and raves ,I went to gate crasher on new years eve ,and i basically think that I was ripped off .If anybody went to gatecrasher at the don valley stadium,Sheffield on new years eve then I would like to here from you ,so send us an E-mail and tell me wether you thought the venue was wicked or a load of .... my E-mail address is (apple_headb@hotmail.com)
manchester, UK, England.

- Sun Jul 2 04:08:19 BST 2000 from tnt-15-130.easynet.co.uk

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