Kate's Sixty-Third Guest Book !

space hey i'm alisha olson, i love horses, mine is kibitz, i ride one hell of alot at my friend celias house.if there is one thing you gotta know about me it is that i am horse crazy!!!! they kick!!! -alisha olson
alisha olson
victoria, BC, canada.
- Sat Jul 1 06:15:58 BST 2000 from

Teenager. live in northern Calf. Check out my page. My pic is on it
Calif, USA, north America.
- Thu Jun 29 20:11:49 BST 2000 from
Hello Kate! Loved your site, esp. the piccys of the horses and ponies...they reminded me of FILAN!!! Btw, did you know that he lives in Sligo??
- Thu Jun 29 15:53:24 BST 2000 from stingray.OntheNet.com.au
I have just visited your homepage-It is great. So keep up the good work Vish
Port-Louis, Mauritius.
- Wed Jun 28 06:35:20 BST 2000 from
Hello Kate--
I really enjoy your page, with the beautiful collages. When I see you page, I feel as if I am visiting England.
Allison (_still_ working on the PhD dissertation!--finished soon, I hope :-) )

Allison MacDuffee
Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
- Mon Jun 26 16:17:48 BST 2000 from pm637-10.dialip.mich.net
I am a model to society, many peoples role model and am a future candidate for prime minister or Zimbabwae to help my good friend President Mugabi
Andy Marshall
Newcastle, Tyne Wear, UK.
- Mon Jun 26 10:55:47 BST 2000 from webcache12b.cache.pol.co.uk
Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Accidentally came across your website and found it so interesting I looked it over. Great job. You are a very smart girl! I love to garden and my 1st grandchild is due next week! Keep up the good work!
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.
- Mon Jun 26 03:37:24 BST 2000 from 1Cust188.tnt6.broken-arrow.ok.da.uu.net
I'm Coolio(my real name is Catherine), I am 9 and I was surfing for a good chat page. Never mind this isnt chat, I still love it! Email me on coolio_a_2k
- Fri Jun 23 16:16:07 BST 2000 from
I am 12 in August and I like Nintendo and SOny Playstation. Pokeman is BIG here. I have a black lab dog named Zak and I live with my mom and step-dad. We are finished school here in 2 weeks, then in September I go into grade 6. I would like an email pal. I have blond hair and green eyes.
Colby Perron
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Jun 21 11:48:33 BST 2000 from cr1016994-a.pr1.on.wave.home.com
Hi! Nice homepage CIAO
Linz, Austria.
- Mon Jun 19 15:53:41 BST 2000 from cache01.netway.at
Hey Kate, I just wanted to say how cool your website is. I guess you've worked very hard on it. I have a dog named Fudge who is so uncontrollable. . . I have to go but keep on adding your site!!!! -Kate from NYC
Staten Island, New York, United States of America.
- Sun Jun 18 22:47:34 BST 2000 from spider-ta057.proxy.aol.com
I am almost 12 years old,my name is Mandy Dyan Morris,I live in Canada,I'd like you to be my penpal and Im in grade 6. Heres my e-mail: mandy_dude@hotmail.com please e-mail me! check ya later! -Mandy
Mandy Morris
N.S, Canada,
- Sun Jun 18 14:07:31 BST 2000 from hlfx37-106.ns.sympatico.ca

- Fri Jun 16 20:29:39 BST 2000 from
Hi.. I love horses too
I am Nick from the BSB
Yeh ? fer sure ?

keep in touch

Nick Carter
Orlando, Florida, USA.
- Thu Jun 15 02:48:03 BST 2000 from cr317116-b.rchrd1.on.wave.home.com
Hi my name is Rachel I like your site it is cool especially Williams Jumping game my friends were hooked on it. I like William he is sweet. I am 12 too. I don't mind ponys but I can't get all exited over them like some of my friends can but I like dogs a lot.Oh and why have you got a teletubby thing on your site?? By the way I love the voting booth.
Derbyshire,England, England.
- Wed Jun 14 18:45:52 BST 2000 from host62-7-13-134.btinternet.com
merseyside, uk, liverpool.
- Mon Jun 12 18:47:24 BST 2000 from host62-7-168-239.host.btclick.com

- Mon Jun 12 16:34:18 BST 2000 from tnt-15-179.easynet.co.uk
Hello Kate, what a fantastic page you have! I came across it while looking for an example of Matt's guestbook script. I'm just learning how to create web sites and hope that some of mine will be as good as this one. My dad also rides a Triumph - he's got a Bonniville. I'm trying to buy another bike myself at the moment (I'm 28)I went to look at a 1979 XS650 last week byt it had gone :( But I cheered myself up by going to see the Wall of Death at the Royal Cornwall Show. It was amazing, there was a boy who was about 12 riding around with no hands. Dead Cool! Keep up the lovely site and keep on biking.
Love Paulaxx

Paula Johnson
Penzance, Cornwall, U.K..
- Sun Jun 11 19:12:22 BST 2000 from webcacheW09b.cache.pol.co.uk
I am 11 years old and I go to Milford Primary School. I have got two mice called Fluffy and Cappucino.
Amy Elliott
Nottingham, Nottingham, England.
- Sun Jun 11 15:15:12 BST 2000 from webcache10b.cache.pol.co.uk
- Sat Jun 10 18:58:18 BST 2000 from
Hello Kate from another Kate,great site you got going. Good luck to you from the state of Arizona!
kate flannery-connor
scottsdale, arizona, u.s.a..
- Sat Jun 10 08:30:18 BST 2000 from 1Cust77.tnt3.phoenix.az.da.uu.net
I am 11. I like sports and Pokemon . Hi!
Milly Saunders
Mevagissey, Cornwall, UK.
- Fri Jun 9 21:22:21 BST 2000 from host62-7-169-80.host.btclick.com
Andy Newland
surry, mytchett, England.
- Fri Jun 9 19:08:16 BST 2000 from m940-mp1-cvx1c.gui.ntl.com
I'm 7 years old. I love horses and school. I ride horses to help with my legs. I have C.P. I walk with a walker. I have a brother. He is 5 months old. I just have a plane web site. Write me please.
Anthony Davis
Dowagiac, Michigan, USA.
- Tue Jun 6 03:48:57 BST 2000 from proxy-562.public.rwc.webtv.net
I am 13 years old in 8th grade. I AM BLACK AND INTELLIGENT YOUNG LADY .
Tenesia Brunson
Laurel, Mississipp, Jones.
- Sun Jun 4 23:38:28 BST 2000 from proxy-718.public.rwc.webtv.net
- Sat Jun 3 12:01:38 BST 2000 from spider-wi031.proxy.aol.com
- Wed May 31 22:23:07 BST 2000 from usercc35.uk.uudial.com
I am 39 years old and have been happily married for 9 years. My wife's name is Brenda and we have a 3-year old boy, Robert. We are expecting our second child in two weeks. We also have a chocolate lab named Molly. It gets very cold here in the Winter (-40F sometimes) and quite warm in the Summer (100F). I enjoyed visiting your page-- thanks!
Gary Finseth
Elk River, MN, USA.
- Wed May 31 06:01:06 BST 2000 from dial-207-225-154-197.mpls.uswest.net
I am 12 years old.My favorite animal is a horse.I have blond hair.bye ah
Sask, Sk, Cananda.
- Sat May 27 19:05:15 BST 2000 from px1he.ss.wave.shaw.ca
Hi my name is theresa and i am 12 i have a pony his name is pablo i go to upper hutt pony club it is fun i have been riding from when i was five
Theresa macdonald
upper hutt, wellington, new zealand.
- Sat May 27 11:49:24 BST 2000 from IPNAK1-C8.xtra.co.nz
Hi! I love animals and nature. I write alot of stories. That is my favorite thing to. Your website is really cool. I like your games. My email is Allison.King@gurlmail.com
Seattle, Washington, USA.
- Thu May 25 03:52:59 BST 2000 from host105.207.55.120.aadsl.com
Congatulations on a fine website! Best I've seen in a while. Please visit us - InjuredBikers - The Website for Injured Motorcyclists. Keep the shiny side up! CHEERS, Jack
Jack Christy
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Thu May 25 02:03:14 BST 2000 from cr559464-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com
Check out my web site for information on the Maris Family who immigrated to Pennsylvania from England in 1683. Great page, please visit my page. Also check out www.maris.net/marissearch.html Later, Robert Maris
Robert Maris
Englewood, Florida, USA.
- Wed May 24 19:08:52 BST 2000 from proxy.ewol.com
well....... where do i start? i am heavly into reading books-about monkeys, i think that your web-site is cool, try to include cool things and oh yes your and i have a red coat too!! thanx for this kate keeeeeeepppppppppppp it up~!!!
kates old reddy
sydney, australis,
- Wed May 24 02:07:04 BST 2000 from sontaran.uow.edu.au
im 12 going to be 13 in june i like sports , horses n' hanging out w/ my friends . i alwayswanted a pen pa from far out there plese write bac:>
kenville, nj , usa.
- Tue May 23 00:02:36 BST 2000 from proxy-618.public.rwc.webtv.net
i'm 12 i have a pony called barney
warrington, cheshire, england.
- Sat May 20 22:04:10 BST 2000 from host62-7-185-73.host.btclick.com
I am 12. I think your page is cool


- Wed May 17 21:16:01 BST 2000 from inh1ts03-qfe0.ims.bt.net
I run a 61 Bonnie and restore bikes as a hobby Keep it up Kate. Do those riding boots fit yet! Dave daveph@eurobell.co.uk


- Sun May 14 18:19:56 BST 2000 from 66-059.cr.access.eurobell.co.uk
Hi, I'm Filbert The Frog. I Was So Bored Surfing The Internet That I Searched For Guestbooks And I Came Up With Yours...That Is All!!!!!!!!
Filbert The Frog


- Sun May 14 09:30:53 BST 2000 from SJIP-A-002-pool-248.tmns.net.au
if suitable?? ur god damn right its suitable
Atlanta, Ga, USA.

- Sun May 14 08:17:30 BST 2000 from dialup-
Well my is martin and i live in Nottinham. Am 38 Years Old And i just Love writing Music. I done About 150 Tracks to date. I have`t made any money from my tracks yet cause No One has not herd my tracks for 3 years. Maybe u want to hear my stuff? end of Message.
Martin Brookes
Nottinham, uk.

- Sat May 13 17:18:04 BST 2000 from m102-mp1-cvx1a.man.ntl.com
HI Iam kayla I have sent lots of e-mails to you. This time I would like you to write me back. from me
kayla dilling

coquitlam, canada, canada.

- Sun May 7 04:17:25 BST 2000 from cr373042-a.mplrdg1.bc.wave.home.com

kayla dilling

coquitlam, canada,

- Sun May 7 04:11:37 BST 2000 from cr373042-a.mplrdg1.bc.wave.home.com
Kate, I think your page is wonderful! I enjoyed reading all about the things you like and enjoy doing. I teach second graders in Perry, Oklahoma, USA. I was searching the net looking at kid made pages and was really impressed with yours. I plan to teach a computer camp this summer and we will be visiting your site again. Thanks
Teresa Jones
Perry, Oklahoma, USA.

- Sat May 6 14:51:55 BST 2000 from swo-201.fullnet.net
Hi it me again So i see you have ahorse I didn't khow that

- Sat May 6 13:31:41 BST 2000 from co74470-a.kico1.on.wave.home.com
Hi I see you like hourse while I love horse too

vancouver, b.c,

- Sat May 6 13:24:21 BST 2000 from co74470-a.kico1.on.wave.home.com

- Sat May 6 09:15:12 BST 2000 from vp239-191.worldonline.nl
Nice work.

- Sat May 6 09:14:22 BST 2000 from vp239-191.worldonline.nl
Nice work!

- Sat May 6 09:10:38 BST 2000 from vp239-191.worldonline.nl
im 9 and i enjoy music,sports and things that have energy and action in them


- Wed May 3 21:33:58 BST 2000 from p47-13.MAX3.ij.net
Hi I need some infermation on Shetland ponys . I have two sisters
Erin Wasylyshen
Canada, Brooks, Alberta.

- Wed May 3 16:52:24 BST 2000 from mail.br.monarch.net
We are 11 years old and go to Fryern junior school. Email us there

- Wed May 3 10:29:56 BST 2000 from
Hello Kate, I am a student at Victoria University of Wellington,doing a Master in Library and Information Studies. At the moment I have to write an html page as part of my internal assessment. Part of this assignment includes a list of my favourite things, and when I found your site, I was impressed and inspired. When I was just six I had a Welsh Mountain Pony called Tania. She was a terrible rascal, and always bucked me off, so unfortunately by the time I could ride well enough to stay on her, I was too big! Once again, I just love your page - very cool. From Kate
Kate Thompson

Dunedin, New Zealand.

- Tue May 2 23:00:42 BST 2000 from p58-max8.dun.ihug.co.nz

jim leake

andover, hants, britian .

- Tue May 2 15:46:49 BST 2000 from p60-chachalaca-gui.tch.virgin.net
I went to Porter High School 7 miles south of Altus, Oklahoma years 1935 thru 1940. email me if you were there at that time jplock@swbell.net.
John P. Lock

Tulsa, 74112 , Oklahoma.

- Sun Apr 30 19:48:53 BST 2000 from ppp-208-189-56-62.dialup.tulsok.swbell.net
Ilove horses. this is a shite page. there is nothing intelligent on this page.Anyway, I ride a pony called Minstrel ,he loves jumping and has won 3 all-Irelands.He isvery difficult to

- Sun Apr 30 15:23:45 BST 2000 from b-airlock193.esatclear.ie
Hi, I am Kate. Ilive on a dairy farm in Erda, UT. I milk Jersey cows. I love school and have a 4.0 G.P.A. Ilove four wheelers and cats. That is about all.

Erda, Tooele, UT, U.S.A..

- Fri Apr 28 01:17:56 BST 2000 from dm3-21.fx.aros.net
I love ponies and have some of my own. There the best animals in the world.

leicester, GB, england.

- Thu Apr 27 21:06:48 BST 2000 from webcache06b.cache.pol.co.uk
I ride sam and Crista. I am 6 years old

Halesowen, England.

- Thu Apr 27 20:43:39 BST 2000 from inh1ts03-qfe0.ims.bt.net
**************KATE **************** I NEED HELP !!! I CAN'T FIND A TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR JEMICY SCHOOL IN BALTIMORE THANKS len@mountainlodge.com 410-276-2800 x 2222 410-662-8804
Len Frenkil


- Wed Apr 26 17:15:06 BST 2000 from
I am in the 7th grade,i am 12,and my hobbies are:riding bike,watch t.v,and talking on the phone.
Houston, T.X.,

- Wed Apr 26 02:27:37 BST 2000 from
I like all kinds of animals

Kent, UK.

- Sun Apr 23 19:33:09 BST 2000 from host62-7-174-166.host.btclick.com

- Sun Apr 23 02:08:02 BST 2000 from Montreal-ppp37990.qc.sympatico.ca
Hoi ik ben Ymara. ik hou van paardn jij ook
Ymara van Wees

Duivendrecht, netherlands.

- Fri Apr 21 20:19:48 BST 2000 from

- Fri Apr 21 16:41:20 BST 2000 from dial44.gtn.net
hi everyone! i'm 14 years old and i really enjoy reading. and i am writing to ask u if anyone knows jtt's email address. if yes please write back at: greeneyes11@usa.com thanx for everything! carmen

usa, ny, elmira.

- Fri Apr 21 15:44:10 BST 2000 from
Dear Kate, I haven't seen your page because all the links are dead. My guess is you're about twenty-eight now? Good luck to you you'll be needing it in this godforsaken world. Take my advice don't trust no-one. The last person I trusted let me down. Now I'm living in a flat on my own. It's hard, it really is. Remember get behind the lads from the off! C'mon City CCFC Great Escape 2000 Robin Davies (co-star of hit TV show Catweazle)


- Wed Apr 19 15:51:09 BST 2000 from cache-server-0.central.cranfield.ac.uk
im an 8th grader and i love to collect things I loved your page i axcidently came oppon it looking for a place on how to fold orogomy?! starnge huh om glad that i found this page its very cool.
Redding, California, USA.
- Tue Apr 18 20:59:47 BST 2000 from spider-tk052.proxy.aol.com
I go to Black Hawk School.We are at a field trip at U.N.I.I like to ride dirt bikes.I have a track in my back yard.I am ten years old.I have alot of frinds.
Steven Henson

Waterloo, Black Hawk, United States.

- Tue Apr 18 16:12:45 BST 2000 from dot.icn.state.ia.us
waterloo, ia,
- Tue Apr 18 16:08:37 BST 2000 from dot.icn.state.ia.us
Hi Kate, my name is Kat and i'm 18 years old! I was reading your page and it says you love horses...well, if you're ever in the U.S...you should consider visiting an Island in Virginia called Chincoteague. Chincoteague is attached to a wildlife preserve called Assateague where wild horses run freely! it's really beautiful there! I know you'd enjoy it!

Binghamton, New York, U.S.A.

- Mon Apr 17 12:48:59 BST 2000 from proxy-CF5K-1-0.nyroc.rr.com
Age: 49. Dead old. Came in for the telly-tubbies material. I'm a Wiccan, so i particularly enjoyed the Beltaine ritual. eh-oh.
Tony Grist

- Mon Apr 17 11:15:43 BST 2000 from
I am 10 years old. I like to play tennis and swim. I live near Sydney. I have a 2 year old brother.
Watanobbi, NSW, Australia.

- Sun Apr 16 14:31:23 BST 2000 from GSIP-T-001-pool-236.tmns.net.au

- Sat Apr 15 10:29:54 BST 2000 from inh1ts02-qfe0.ims.bt.net
Hi kate I was just thught I would try out yours . Its looking great !!! I hope that I will be able to start a home page like you. I am 12 years old and have got to older sisters I have got a pet cat called muffin she is black and white and very fluffy . Nice to met you and your website charlotte
New Zealand.

- Sat Apr 15 03:22:16 BST 2000 from
i am 12 and i rid a frisky part arab x tb called sady i have been riding for 2 years my e~mail address is sophienelson@yahoo.com buy buy
sophie nelson
bromsgrove, worcesters, england.
- Thu Apr 13 22:11:07 BST 2000 from host62-7-144-255.host.btclick.com
Married,34 year old, 5 children and ride a kawasaki zr550. I've restored or rebuilt most of the jap bikes from 76 - 82. T120 is my desire.
Tony Palmer
- Wed Apr 12 20:53:37 BST 2000 from p50-nsv4-cardiff1.tch.dtn.ntl.com
Luv Bikes
Adrian Nicholls
Bucks, England.
- Wed Apr 12 20:10:20 BST 2000 from spider-wj084.proxy.aol.com
hi my name is a Renato I am at school now . I am 10 yers Your page is very nice. bye bye
Renato Ohse Pereira

Pato Branco, Parana, Brasil.

- Wed Apr 12 19:54:03 BST 2000 from
Hello!!My name is Fernanda. I study at Yazigi Internexus School. I am 10. I collect stickers. Congratulations for your site. Bye, Fernanda!!
Fernanda Concolatto
Pato Branco, Parana, Brasil.
- Wed Apr 12 19:52:57 BST 2000 from
Like to ride...especially in the mountains. Current bike is a K1200RS (BMW) Thanks, Dennis
Dennis Murray
Boulder, Colorado, USA.
- Wed Apr 12 19:35:43 BST 2000 from 1Cust180.tnt2.det3.da.uu.net
I teach at the University of Northern Iowa. Next week we have a class of 5th graders (about 11 years old) coming to visit our computer lab and I was looking for interesting sites to show them! I found yours and I like it very much. It must take a lot of time so I hope it is fun for you. :)
Barb Mardis
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA.
- Wed Apr 12 16:31:17 BST 2000 from TEST-ICN-t1.icn.state.ia.us
I am 15 years old and my boyfriend has got me a 14.2hh welsh cob mare called Saffron. She is 5 years old and I love her to bits, I am currently breaking her in, she's liver chestnut with a big blaze. My boyfriend, Sean, is the best ever for buying her for me for valentines day 2000.
Samantha Bowman
Tamworth England,
- Tue Apr 11 13:25:43 BST 2000 from webcache-02.p.ps.ifl.net

Samantha Bowman
- Tue Apr 11 13:22:47 BST 2000 from webcache-05.p.ps.ifl.net
Hi I luv your page. I'm 15 yrs old and in 9th grade. I love to dance ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and hip hop. I also love riding horses. I started in October of 1999 and I am already jumping. I ride an arabian horse named pozar and he is 15.3 hh. I also like high jumping and running sprints. I have long brown hair, contacts, and blue eyes. I'm kind of tall standing at 5ft 6inc. I have an older sister who is totally terified of horses and I also have a pet dog and his name is Crocodile Dundee and he is a sheltee you know the ones that look like collie dogs. I plan on getting a horse soon. If you would like to write to me my e-mail address is ballerina_kat@hotmail.com or twinkletoes1985@hotmail.com Just to let you all know B.C. stands for British Columbia and Port Alberni is located on Vancouver Island.
Kate McGifford

Port Alberni, B.C., Canada.

- Tue Apr 11 03:05:33 BST 2000 from line32.Alberni.Net
I love horses and ponies very much, I have mags, books, figurise and lots of posters. I love to ride but do not have a horse or pony.
SA, ?, ?.

- Sun Apr 9 03:10:21 BST 2000 from proxy1.arcom.com.au
My name is Emma and I am 8years old, I have a brother called Tom who is 6yrs old. Our Pony is called Toby, and he is 9years old, we have had him for 3 years and we ride him and mum and dad drive him to a Bennington Buccaneer. Dad did build the first cart which was a great attempt, and then when mum got this cart for her birthday last year she went wild!! She had no idea at all, and was delighted. We love our pony to bits and I think he loves us, we also have two labradors, half brothers, called Murphy and Cob, they like coming out on the drives with Toby, a real family affair. Well your Web site is great and my brother thinks so too. Bye for now.
Emma Reddock
Hereford, United Kingdom.
- Thu Apr 6 20:59:54 BST 2000 from host62-6-128-65.host.btclick.com
Hu mar du, kate? I am a 24 year old girl from Kiruna in Lapland. I came to your page accidentally by typing in 'something interesting' in the search box at www.ask.co.uk, and your page came up! I like horses two and have three little ones of my own. I live by a lake in a forest, and our house is made of wood! I think that carpets are funny. We do not have them in our country. People even have them in their bathrooms! How smelly and mouldy they must get. I used to have a motor bike too. It was an old triumph motorbike. my dad told me it was called a 'speed twin'. it was a bit rusty but dad helped me get it going and taught me how to ride it. Starting it was very hard and made my legs strong. i used to ride it through the forest roads as nobody ever came there. Sadly a piece broke and we couldnt get a replacement so now it just sits in our outhouse next to our little boat. i used to go fishing with my mother sometimes in our boat on the lake, and she taught me how to catch big, juicy carp. Now i live in england and i am a writer for a girls magazine. Perhaps I should write a story about how i stumbled across this website.
tack! tack! Asa (asa.wallin@swipnet.se)

Asa Wallin
Goteborg, Sweden.
- Thu Apr 6 20:56:05 BST 2000 from inh1ts03-qfe0.ims.bt.net
great site
hollie and kayleigh gray
bonnybridge, scotland.
- Thu Apr 6 19:01:40 BST 2000 from webcache06b.cache.pol.co.uk
Iam 11 years old.I love all sorts of music. I love jazz dancing. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Apr 4 02:24:11 BST 2000 from cr228603-a.cambr1.on.wave.home.com
hey kate your page looks fasenating it seem that you put work on it keep on going with your nice work i'll visit more times in your page.
good luck
avi shatzman

Shatzman Avi

- Mon Apr 3 23:20:27 BST 2000 from RAS2-p107.rlz.netvision.net.il
Hi, I ride an '86 Honda VT1100c Shadow imported from the States When I go to Harley Rallies, it really pisses them off knowing that my bike is probably the only bike truly made in the U.S.of A!!!
Bristol, Bristol, England.
- Mon Apr 3 18:09:03 BST 2000 from cache-5.server.telinco.net
Got cheese? Hold on to your curds, we're puttin' Wisconsin on the map!
Alibi Gulch, WI, USA.
- Sun Apr 2 04:19:37 BST 2000 from cf1000.win.bright.net
i have blonde hair and am 12
laura lewis
birmingham, uk, england.
- Sat Apr 1 16:23:36 BST 2000 from ppp-11b-202.3com.telinco.net
I am eight years old and i save up beanie babys i have 45.
ainsley watson
Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.
- Sat Apr 1 12:40:33 BST 2000 from tnt-18-100.easynet.co.uk
I am 5 years old. I enjoy going to school, playing games on the computer, reading, and going to see my grandad. I have a dog called Whisper who I love very much.I'm going to have a look around your pages, talk to you again.
leicester, england.
- Fri Mar 31 16:52:01 BST 2000 from webcacheH14a.cache.pol.co.uk
I am 15 and I live in Manchester I own two horses 4 dogs 3 cats 1 hamster and fish I am verylucky for all my pets especially my horses, my life completly changed since I had them and I wouldn't give them up for the world
Heather McDonald
manchester, Lancashire, England.
- Thu Mar 30 19:20:39 BST 2000 from webcacheW05b.cache.pol.co.uk
I've just signed your sisters book.
Bye Bye.

- Wed Mar 29 17:07:33 BST 2000 from firewall.awl.co.uk
I like to sing and ride on my bike
Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
- Wed Mar 29 08:38:28 BST 2000 from
Hi Kate! My name is Maggie Smith and I live in Cartersville GA. I draw, paint and I love to sing. I love cats, but my dad won't let me keep one. I'm going into highschool next year! I'm very excited! I have a job now which I'm proud of. I draw charcoal portraits of people or their family. I'ts great cause I feel like a real artist!
Maggie Smith
- Tue Mar 28 18:16:55 BST 2000 from
I'm not as young as you, I could be (quite) your grandma!but you're better than me to use your computer!Congratulations and keep on going!Amicalement � toi, Yvonne
rodez, france.
- Mon Mar 27 20:57:11 BST 2000 from XToulouse-1-1-11.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hello, my name is Fanny.I write on my brother computer.I'm 21 years old.My English is horrible. I hope you understand me. Your site is great. I like horse, music and I have an animal. I have 3 brothers.I hope to call you another time. Bye,Bye. e-mail: thierry.justin@wanadoo.fr
Tancarville, Normandie, FRANCE.
- Mon Mar 27 19:21:08 BST 2000 from Integ-Caen-1-2-86.abo.wanadoo.fr
i am a old man( 49 ) i was on the net and i saw your page while i was looking up a t.v.host also named kate i like to e-mail people in other contries so i thought i would e-mail you, thank you for the chance to do so i live in a small town in wisconsin,my wife is a pre-school teacher,i just became a grandfather i have two dogs,a dalmation named mookie and a jack russel terrier named koko well i must go if you want my address is rjcambel@chibardun.net
randy campbell
cameron, wisconsin, u.s.a..

- Fri Mar 24 04:26:51 GMT 2000 from cf1000.win.bright.net
hay i have one mom one dad and a brother I have 2 dogs one of them is a puppies and the other is 4 years old there names are Nikki which is a Dashound and Buddy which is a Lab She is so sweat well if you would like to email me my e-mail address is peggy@HillsboroIL.com
Jenny Anderson

Butler, IL, United States.

- Thu Mar 23 13:06:30 GMT 2000 from
Greetings from Down Under! Great to see you love bikes......even better to see your Dad loves Ducati's :-}
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Thu Mar 23 02:33:43 GMT 2000 from duke-nk.det.csiro.au
Hi My name is Shelby, I will be 12 next month. I live in a small village on the ocean near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am in grade 6 at St. Margaret's Bay Elementary school. I have a little sister Maxine who is 8 (she will be 9 in July). We have two cats, Midnight and Tigger. I love your home page.
Halifax, N.S., Canada.
- Thu Mar 23 01:52:23 GMT 2000 from hlfx05-143.ns.sympatico.ca

marvin kuehn
redwood falls, minnesota, u.s.a..
- Thu Mar 23 00:35:46 GMT 2000 from pmvest1-126.rconnect.com
im 17 and live in the uk i work in a hairdressers
l'borough, leices, england.
- Wed Mar 22 23:33:30 GMT 2000 from nervous-energy.lut.ac.uk
I�m a really horsecrazy girl at the age of 11. I come from Sweden, but I�ve lived in Australia a year. My e-mail is: horsyjojo@hotmail.com
Johanna Elam

gothemburg, in, sweden.

- Wed Mar 22 10:20:33 GMT 2000 from ip181205.gu.se
hello kate.i am thierry allard and i need british help.Because i've 32 years old , i'm married with Sylvie and i've got a son benjamin who has got 6 years old. In his school he has started to learn english and he likes it so today i scheach a boy or a girl with the same age of benjamin for correspond with him .So i need someone who can help me for schear his friends .i hope it's you because i don't know how to schearch it in england. thank you and see you soon. thierry
thierry allard
antony(near paris), 92, france.

- Tue Mar 21 19:26:29 GMT 2000 from Integ-Boulogne-1-2-216.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hi my name is Kate too. How do you make your own web page? I really want my own!!!

Somewhere, USA, USA.

- Sun Mar 19 06:45:14 GMT 2000 from sdn-ar-001waspokP251.dialsprint.net
I'm 11 years old i have black hair and green eyes i live in Colorado Springs,Colorado.What i like to do on my spare time is play football and hang out with my friends.i'm IRISH and ITALIAN.I like to play the computer and have some fun. love ya!
James Villella

- Sun Mar 19 02:57:34 GMT 2000 from dialupK181.clsp.uswest.net
Hi Kate - I really enjoyed your site - it's excellent. Your Dad is stretching it a bit calling Hazel Grove a 'village' but I'll let him off. We often meet friends there in the Rising Sun - I'll bet he knows it.
he says he does and that the grove _was_ a village when he left !

There are some bikes on our site if you fancy a look. cheers - take care..alan

Alan Richards
Manchester, Lancs ?, UK.

- Sat Mar 18 17:29:59 GMT 2000 from webcache02x.cache.pol.co.uk
Hi Kate, we are just testing - greetings from NZ!

Wellington, NZ.

- Fri Mar 17 00:58:06 GMT 2000 from wel-firewall-dnat.massey.ac.nz
ilike apples and missspelling obvioussly easyu werds

- Wed Mar 15 23:35:38 GMT 2000 from
I have a horse called Jack he is a bay, and he is 15.2 hands. I like your horse William.

Stoke on trent, staffs, England.

- Wed Mar 15 20:22:41 GMT 2000 from
Just want to pass the wor around about my band... Thanx...

- Wed Mar 15 18:05:06 GMT 2000 from proxy-643.public.rwc.webtv.net
Hi Kate ! I'm Linda.I'm 11 and I like dogs n'cats and horses too,but I'm afraid of them.I like music very much and sport too.I think your homepage is very nice

Tunis, Ariana, Tunisia.

- Tue Mar 14 20:00:11 GMT 2000 from
I love horses and ponies and help out at my stables when ever I can. I have been riding for 1and a half years and my instructer says I am just as good as a brilliant rider that has been riding for years.

Glasgow, Scotland, Scotland.

- Sun Mar 12 13:39:32 GMT 2000 from webcache16x.cache.pol.co.uk
Were is the Suzuki GT 380??
Why do you ask ????

Trevor and John

Halifax, NS, Canada.

- Fri Mar 10 00:34:16 GMT 2000 from hlfx32-30.ns.sympatico.ca
Mom & Dad just bought my first Pony.Her name is Foxy.She looks just like the white pony in your picture.She has brown stockings and a tail to the ground.She took first place in leadline and walk trot. I love your web page!! ~~Sarah F.
Sarah Frost

Westtown 10998, New York, US.
- Tue Mar 7 21:59:52 GMT 2000 from m202-1-p26.warwick.net
I am the father of pierre-henri. he is 15 and looks for an three month exchange whith a boy learning french and interreseted by rugby football, football. My son learns english since 4 years and will reach to an above average level in your tongue (better than mine).
Do you know a british boy interrested with the same in french. Our familly is living 25 miles north from Paris 6 miles from Charles de gaulle airport. We are living in a 5500 inhabitants town. my wife and i have 3 children, an other boy and a girl. We are a middel-class family. Please, give my e-mail to a familly looking for an exchange. The boys can get together at school in france following the same courses.

paul drouet

- Tue Mar 7 15:41:53 GMT 2000 from Reims-9-69.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hello I'm Laure from France, I'm 11,and I love horses. Bye
Souvignargues, Gard, France.

- Mon Mar 6 19:23:12 GMT 2000 from Integ-Marseille-2-1-227.abo.wanadoo.fr

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