Kate's Sixty-Second Guest Book !

space I'm a Safari Guide very old (37) Have a few children, 5, 9, 12 and 13 three boys one girl and love Africa with all my heart, my ancestors are originally from Nederland, France and Germany, my wife is German, very cool web page, Best of live to you and all that is yours.
T. Fourie
Walvis Bay, Erongo, Namibia, Africa.
- Sun Mar 5 16:38:54 GMT 2000 from

HI, i'm 11 yrs old and am horse mad!!!!!! i have a pony (ben) a dog(cai) and 2 pigs (Bron+bets!) See ya luv Sinxxxxx

Wilts, UK.
- Sat Mar 4 09:08:54 GMT 2000 from ds-gateway.dauntseys.wilts.sch.uk
Nice site Kate - thankyou for adding to my memories of home: I am an ex-Londoner living in Anaheim California, the land of Disney and sunshine.
Dave (But I want to!.eek)
Anaheim CA, 92801 USA, Southall, London.

- Fri Mar 3 08:27:30 GMT 2000 from proxy-342.public.rwc.webtv.net
I'm an enthusiastic person, which need a lot of friends. I'm 13 now. To check out who I'm just write to me ! justynagumula@poczta.onet.pl
Krakw, Nowa Huta, Poland.

- Thu Mar 2 16:00:35 GMT 2000 from pb102.krakow.ppp.tpnet.pl
Paul Judge
Mars, SPace, Milky Way.
- Thu Mar 2 03:31:20 GMT 2000 from dialup-
Grandmother, live in New Orleans, Louisiana. Enjoyed your page. (Mine is under construction and not near ready to view.) .. Here is a contest, if you should care to enter. page include:http://members.tripod.com/~FREEBIRD_77/awards4kidscon.html
New Orleans , LA,
- Tue Feb 29 12:27:37 GMT 2000 from proxy-562.public.rwc.webtv.net
I am older then 8 and I work for an internet developing software company, we believe that monitoring Internet use instead of filtering it provides the freedom to educate without limitation. so that is why we have the UC2 product for parents bla bla bla
London, UK, London.
- Mon Feb 28 14:04:24 GMT 2000 from
Hi, I really like your web page.Ilive in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island and Ilike to figure skate.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
- Sun Feb 27 23:17:16 GMT 2000 from dunken15.isn.net
i'm 13 yrs old,and enjoyed looking at your web site. I also have a pony who is 13.2hh,bay and is called star. she loves to jump. my hobbies are horse - riding,dancing and drawing. I have one older brother and one older sister. my birthday is 18/08/86. Your web site is really cool. Keep up the good work. all the best amylee. xxxxx
- Sun Feb 27 20:02:18 GMT 2000 from p2Cs10a07.client.global.net.uk
I'm somewhere near the high 20's and low 30's... ;-) Work in the realm where everything is digital, (PC technician) and like nothing better than meeting interesting people when I go for nice long destination-less runs on my '99 CBR1100 Blackbird. Just found your page by chance whilst surfing about. Its about 4 degrees C outside and blowing almost gale force winds and heavy rain.. Im not a fair weather biker but at this time of year, that extreme kind of thing makes me want to keep the Blackbird all nice and cosy in its nest inside the garage... (doesnt eat worms though....) Russ. rscsuk2000@yahoo.co.uk

Aylesbury, Bucks, England.

- Sun Feb 27 16:38:45 GMT 2000 from
married with 2 children, surfing the net and came across my home town of lancaster.
best wishes

David Turner

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

- Sun Feb 27 04:18:50 GMT 2000 from ras4-26.icom.ca
- Thu Feb 24 18:25:35 GMT 2000 from proxy-392.public.rwc.webtv.net
Hi my name is kristin.I am 8. I love books.I have two sisters.And i have one mom.And one dad.One of my sisters names are katie to like you.and one of my sister is brandi.I love them.And they love me to.By.
windors, gftfd, fdgfvb.
- Wed Feb 23 01:19:31 GMT 2000 from cogeco-136-227.cgocable.net

- Sun Feb 20 23:06:18 GMT 2000 from kappa-216-68-182-88.fuse.net
Hi. How I came by your site, I don't know! I just want to say how entertaining I found it and what good taste your father has in motorcycles.
You made this stranger smile. Thankyou. Bye.

Balham, London, UK.

- Sun Feb 20 20:30:34 GMT 2000 from host212-140-18-151.btinternet.com
i like sailing and fishing i also like boats and am joining the navy at 16!
Robert Hamilton (england).
Nottinghamshire, Mansfield, england.
- Sun Feb 20 19:46:55 GMT 2000 from m19-nsv2-wagtail-not.tch.cableol.net

- Sat Feb 19 23:58:02 GMT 2000 from webcacheH14a.cache.pol.co.uk
Hi Kate! My name is Aline i'm 16. i think you home page is very nice, I love England and you are a pretty girl. Bye...
- Sat Feb 19 12:35:02 GMT 2000 from Integ-Nancy-1-2-164.abo.wanadoo.fr
I used to have an English friend named Rachel Taylor, but I've lost touch with her over the years. A search turned up that you know someone with that name. If she's 30 years old, she's probably my old friend. Do you have an email address for her? I'm at dkd@apexmail.com
the one we know is younger -sorry

Endwell, NY, USA.
- Sat Feb 19 06:56:39 GMT 2000 from MCA23-4.hbs.edu
Hi! I really loved your page so keep it up and more fun 'n' games to come hopefully!
May Kingston
- Fri Feb 18 19:57:37 GMT 2000 from host213-1-56-133.host.btclick.com
i like photography, airplanes, and horses. i have a dog named budreaux and his sister jeva. my own little sister's name is kate.
john bishop
athens, ga, usa.
- Thu Feb 17 19:08:00 GMT 2000 from pool-207-205-134-207.atln.grid.net
Hi there... Greetings from Southern California I also own a CL350 (1968) and love it!!!
Rick McGuire
Buena Park, California, USA.
- Thu Feb 17 18:55:32 GMT 2000 from spider-ta054.proxy.aol.com
Hey Kate, I'm a Kate, too! Just wanted to let you know that I really dig your page. I'm a 21 year old journalism major at the University of Washington. I was just wandering around and I happened to come across your page. This is pretty swell, nice work. Kate Blood
Kate Blood
Seattle, Washington, US.
- Thu Feb 17 16:47:15 GMT 2000 from proxy-653.public.rwc.webtv.net
Hey Kate..are you the least bit shocked at hearing from me? Maybe on my next tour I can look you up and give you back stage passes. See ya...
Ricky Martin
Miami, Fla., USA.
It would be La Vida Loca if I believed you!

- Wed Feb 16 03:47:14 GMT 2000 from proxy-321.public.rwc.webtv.net
Well... just testing the script :)
Schagen, Holland.
- Tue Feb 15 16:46:04 GMT 2000 from dc2-isdn444.dial.xs4all.nl
Very neat and tidy homepage, keep it up.
Vancouver, Bc, Canada.
- Fri Feb 11 20:21:09 GMT 2000 from lan11.lib.bcit.ca

sally childes
bournemouth, dorset, england.
- Fri Feb 11 15:10:38 GMT 2000 from pc3919.bournemouth.ac.uk
found your site so I thought I'd leave a "hello!" tjamers
Indianapolis, Indiana, usa.
- Fri Feb 11 06:31:04 GMT 2000 from IPLSB204-30.splitrock.net
I think your site rocks! I am looking to buy a Triumph Bonneville T120 60's model and accidentally stumbled on to your site. Keep it up!
Andrew Beachum
Dallas, TX, USA.
- Thu Feb 10 23:48:57 GMT 2000 from ppp-208-188-28-13.dialup.rcsntx.swbell.net
I have 7 horses,2 dogs and 2 cats.
Andrea Townsley-Sapp
Joppa, Harford,MD, Uninted States.
- Thu Feb 10 14:52:31 GMT 2000 from dhcp172-96.hst.nasa.gov
Hello, I roamed around net sites and ended up here thry "the useless sites" -site, so there, but it's not useless at all. Take care, Sanna.
Helsinki, Finland.
- Thu Feb 10 01:26:07 GMT 2000 from gw.mtv3.fi
Hello, Kate! Greetings from the Great and Sovereign State of Texas!!! I have had many British friends as I flew in England as an Airline Captain. I lived in West Hallam near Ilkeston and have many happy and vivid memories of your beautiful country. I flew out of East Midlands airport for quite a few years for a British company called Air Bridge, which late became known as Hunting Cargo Airlines. I have flown into Stansted, London, Manchester, Coventry, East Midlands,and Liverpool and at each of these places always made friends. I enjoyed your page very much.
Charles L. East
Tyler, Texas, U.S.A..
- Wed Feb 9 13:44:09 GMT 2000 from 208-21-232-251.lsn.net
Hallo Kate, my mother is english so i can speek it .Iam 10 .My father is french .I am in secondery scool ,in my first year. I am also learning german.
Laura Sponti
Marseille, France.
- Tue Feb 8 14:53:59 GMT 2000 from Marseille-13-220.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hi Kate. I just found your page because I was checking out Matt's Cgi Guestbook script. I stayed awhile and really enjoyed it. I love the big picture you had displayed. I think it is wonderful to learn about different people in different places. You and your Dad have done a wonderful job on your site. I really enjoyed my visit. If you enjoy poetry & art vist my site sometime. I have a free card page with children's poetry. http://www.sixdogstudio.com/cards/page6.htm Pat
Patricia (Pat) Walter
Marietta, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Feb 8 12:51:11 GMT 2000 from cache.1st.net
Found your site because one of my Information Retrieval students did. I was checking out websites and met yours. Nice site.
London, Ontario, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Feb 7 01:32:11 GMT 2000 from c6.fims.uwo.ca
Hellow my name is Katie Plantus and I am 11 years old.I have 2 sisters and a mom and dad.My birthday is October 2.
Katie Plantus
Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
- Sun Feb 6 17:21:57 GMT 2000 from cogeco-136-227.cgocable.net
Hi Kate. My name is Mardie, I'm 33 years old (but I still *feel* 12, honest), I live in New York City, and I found your web page (and your sister's) by doing a search on HotBot for "Mardie." That's when I learned FOR THE FIRST TIME that there is a book called "Mardie's Adventures." I was so excited! I've just spent the last 3 hours surfing the web for a copy, but I can't find it!!! Can you tell me, please, where you found yours? Obviously, I would love to own it. :-) You can reach me at MardieMill@aol.com. By the way, your website is *beautiful.* I had a lovely time visiting.
Mardie Millit

New York, NY, USA.
- Sat Feb 5 03:46:01 GMT 2000 from ksgate2.kayescholer.com
I like talking in english and I like the horses ,I'm 13 please write me Tiphaine for the moment the email is my father
Boutervilliers, Essonne, France.
- Fri Feb 4 22:18:01 GMT 2000 from Corbeil-19-64.abo.wanadoo.fr
I am 15 , Catholic and Irish.I like Celtic and hate rangers. I used to live near northen ireland so i hate prodistants . I hope you are catholic .
keith johnston
castle bar, mayo, ireland.
- Fri Feb 4 22:01:41 GMT 2000 from newcache2.indigo.ie
Hey im 15 cathiloc and fron ireland . Just flicking through some web pages thought i would say hello .
keith johnston
mayo, ireland.
- Fri Feb 4 21:46:08 GMT 2000 from newcache2.indigo.ie
I am 15 years old and I have two horses, 1 Welsh section D gelding and 1 Welsh x Arab mare, I like to do showing with my horse as he is champion bred. I am in 4th year at St Matthews High School.
Heather McDonald
Manchester, Lancashire, England.
- Fri Feb 4 21:21:20 GMT 2000 from webcache12b.cache.pol.co.uk
Hi Kate, I will be visiting England in March and staying in Lancaster with two of my friends. From the pictures I have seen, it is beautiful country and look forward to seeing its beauty with my own eyes.
Jo Ann Magaruh
Reston, Virginia, United States.
- Fri Feb 4 17:43:29 GMT 2000 from disawks64mh.ncr.disa.mil
I Love Horses!I Have A lot of frieds!I am a sriaght a student And Have a hot boyfriend!!!!
Angelica Lancaster
Highland, N.y., United States.
- Thu Feb 3 01:27:00 GMT 2000 from spider-tj012.proxy.aol.com
Hi, waz up. How are you?
Kate Nesbitt
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Mon Jan 31 18:31:06 GMT 2000 from
Hi I live in Gt. Harwood Lancashire and own 2 horses, Coco and Edward.I liked the site well done,loved the hangman game.You can E-mail me at michael.mouse@lineone.net
Judith Barker
- Sun Jan 30 15:42:54 GMT 2000 from host212-140-8-91.btinternet.com
I'm 28 years old.I'm studying to be specialist in diagnosing dental diseases. I am looking out for the right girl to come along to marry and settle down. I enjoy good books, music and food. I think that British rock groups are the best in the world, as are their books. I'm also a very happy go lucku person.
shabeer alam
mysore, karnataka, India.
- Sun Jan 30 11:06:14 GMT 2000 from
I am nine years old and I love animals,too - escpecially dolphins! Really cool website. Kathryn
Kathryn A
Clifton, TX, USA.
- Sat Jan 29 17:03:06 GMT 2000 from ascend6p25.htcomp.net
Just surfing about... Nice web pages you have. I prefer to be unknown.
Soul King
- Thu Jan 27 20:12:59 GMT 2000 from
I'm a university student who has decided to major in mathematics and business administration. I thought that your page was very cute. I hope that didn't offend you. It's winter right now, and I hate it because I have to wear pants and jumpers all the time. But contrary to popular belief, Canada is not THAT cold.
London, Ontario, Canada.
- Thu Jan 27 16:33:43 GMT 2000 from pc21.scilab.publab.uwo.ca
i am 13 yrs old,I go to boarding school in warkishire, but am of sick at the moment, i have 2 dogs 3 cats and a donkey called lola, one sister and my dad is a piolet in the airforce.
linda noakes
birmingham, w.midlands, england.
- Wed Jan 26 23:40:31 GMT 2000 from spider-wb062.proxy.aol.com
I like to hunt and fish and ride horses.
Pike Norris
Parma, ID, USA.
- Wed Jan 26 21:45:16 GMT 2000 from
hi kate how are u ? i'm 13 years old i live in jordan next to jerusalem i beeb to englan alot my e-mail is : sharawi@email.com plzzzzzz send me something i liked ur webpage get to go know byeeeeeeeeeee
yasmin sharawi
amman, jordan.
- Wed Jan 26 18:53:48 GMT 2000 from
my name is Tiffany, I 'm 12, I like sweets, chocolates and dogs. I live in France, near Paris. See you soon ! Tiffany
Tiffany Woimant
Savigny le temple, France.
- Wed Jan 26 17:59:06 GMT 2000 from Meaux-11-145.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hello from the USA!
Bangor, Maine, USA.
- Tue Jan 25 16:36:57 GMT 2000 from d-207-5-173-194.gwi.net
kewl site. check mine out
Raleigh, NC, USA.
- Sat Jan 22 22:12:18 GMT 2000 from 1Cust48.tnt1.raleigh.nc.da.uu.net
hi i don't know what to say bye
lauren lavery
St. Catharines, ont., canada.
- Fri Jan 21 23:23:13 GMT 2000 from cgowave-0-224.cgocable.net
I am looking for guestbook scripts. Please help me!
Westside, CALI, Southern CA.
- Fri Jan 21 21:25:26 GMT 2000 from TITAN.PHDNSWC.NAVY.MIL
Love your Pony Page.
Wishaw, Scotland.
- Fri Jan 21 21:20:21 GMT 2000 from
We are doing this for a class.
Sarah, Weda, Stephanie

Galena, KS, USA.

- Thu Jan 20 18:47:07 GMT 2000 from
I live in a small town, I move here in 1995. I retired from the Navy. I visited your country in 1985.I saw the city of London, Winsor Castle, Harrod's Deptment Store & a lot of other sites. I hope to visit there again someday. I work here at a Hardware store. I meet a lot of nice people we have fun talking about what's going on around the area. I hope you will write me if you wish and tell me about your town. Thanks for reading my note. God Bless, Ed. Michael
Ed. Michael Thomas
Newport, Maine, USA.

- Wed Jan 19 04:44:29 GMT 2000 from proxy-542.public.rwc.webtv.net
Static-X is the Best Band in the world, listen to their music sometime....it'll get your mind off horses...
pampa, tx, us.

- Wed Jan 19 00:39:40 GMT 2000 from

New Woodstock, New York, US.

- Tue Jan 18 20:33:46 GMT 2000 from host-288.borgdialin.thebiz.net
Hi Kate Still young enough to ride a bike. Liked your site. Take care and safe riding

Lincoln, UK.

- Fri Jan 14 08:25:53 GMT 2000 from p147-harc2-kirklees1.tch.dtn.ntl.com
Hey!I'm Janine from Leeds.I am 14 years old.Over the last 7 years I have had 5 ponies and I've just sold my beloved Showjumping pony Total Eclipse.To a loving home where they will care for her.I have just bought Nostrama my connemara jumping pony.Anyway well done on the site.keep up the hard work.Williams a babe!!
Janine Hawkins

leeds, England.
- Thu Jan 13 21:36:50 GMT 2000 from webcache11b.cache.pol.co.uk
I'm Chris from Sussex, UK and i noticed the millennium bug has got ur "how long till whenever page, i put in my birthday and it says
Countdown to: January 1st, 2000 0:00:00

-17101 Years
11 Months
19 Days
2 Hours
46 Minutes
35 Seconds
It is currently January 12th, 19100 21:13:25

oooooops sorted, thanks

Sussex, UK, What goes here????.
- Wed Jan 12 21:17:36 GMT 2000 from wwwcache2-he.global.net.uk

Katie Mc Garry
Droylsden, manchester, England.
- Mon Jan 10 18:56:10 GMT 2000 from webcache11b.cache.pol.co.uk
hi it is alisha im am 8 years old and i have a sister and a brothar and my sister is 5 years old my brithday is january 4 maybe we could be friends bye!!!!!!!!1
- Sun Jan 9 06:29:10 GMT 2000 from cgowave-0-225.cgocable.net
- Sat Jan 8 21:43:26 GMT 2000 from 1Cust85.tnt1.coos-bay.or.da.uu.net
I am a really horse mad 13 year old and I think that your website is WELL cool!


- Wed Jan 5 20:20:06 GMT 2000 from m83-mp1-cvx1a.gui.ntl.com
Hi Kate, I found your page by accident and it has taught me a lot about what you can put on the internet. I have two horses, Skippy B. Franklin and Gentle Ben. I like the photo of your pony, Willliam. It was great fun reading your web sit. Keep riding!!!!!!
Kate Burgess

Ravena, New York, USA.

- Tue Jan 4 18:57:35 GMT 2000 from punch.dot.state.ny.us
I am 15 years old and I have two horses a welsh cob gelding called Taffy who is 6 in April 2000, my other horse is a welsh x arab mare called melody who is 29 but still has alot of life, i really like your website and think that everyone should have one, great one for having a top site.
Heather McDonald

Manchester, Lancashire, England.

- Tue Dec 28 21:38:00 GMT 1999 from webcache12b.cache.pol.co.uk
I am 7 and I like riding, swimming and riding my bike.
Becky Baker


- Tue Dec 28 20:47:41 GMT 1999 from webcacheH07a.cache.pol.co.uk

- Mon Dec 27 18:54:33 GMT 1999 from
Hey, I stumbled on your site and i think it's awesome! Great work!
Rawlins, Wyoming, United States.
- Mon Dec 27 06:43:46 GMT 1999 from raw1p11.trib.com
I am 9 years old I love to start my awn web page but I don't know how.I love to surf the internet and reading most.I just hope some one will just e-mail me at: calissaleowyinin@hotmail.com and say that he or she would help me on starting my own web-page.
Calissa Leow Yi Ning
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore.
- Sun Dec 26 09:46:27 GMT 1999 from galaxy.singnet.com.sg
Well, I love England...I was there in the summer of '99 with my choir, we went everywhere it was so awesome! I go to a performing arts high school and I'm there for singing...I also luv acting, tennis and running and writing.
Ottawa, ON, Canada.
- Fri Dec 24 03:20:14 GMT 1999 from proxy3-external.rdc1.on.home.com
I'm a 15-year-old sophomore at Westhill High School in Syracuse, NY. I love acting, singing, playing piano, and the TV show "Law & Order". I also love the Teletubbies and I thought your page was very funny! Keep up the good work! :)
Katherine McNall
Syracuse, NY, U.S.A..
- Thu Dec 23 01:11:23 GMT 1999 from gdh1-2ba.twcny.rr.com
Yo Kate I found your website by looking up Pokemon. U sound really nice + I luv the website. Congrats and best wishes Teza
London, Middlx, England.
- Tue Dec 21 12:24:58 GMT 1999 from p65s05a07.client.global.net.uk
me ist yo biggerest fan and yo ist dee coolerist pirson on dee intronity!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!
- Tue Dec 21 01:44:16 GMT 1999 from ci578726-a.lusvil1.ky.home.com
Hi my name is Abbey and I live in Devizes, Wiltshire. My favorite animal are horses and ponies and I have spent a long time looking for Kates page and I am so happy I have found it. I love most animals and at home we have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rats, 1 hamster and 5 rabbits. We have recently sold my lovely pony Bess who we had for 6 1/2 years but now she is too small for me. We found her a lovely home so that makes me happy. We will look for another pony soon.
Abbey Shenton
- Mon Dec 20 20:08:00 GMT 1999 from webcacheH02a.cache.pol.co.uk
Abbey shenton
- Mon Dec 20 19:58:32 GMT 1999 from webcacheH02a.cache.pol.co.uk
I haven't had time to look through it all properly, but I was really impressed by your whole family's web pages, and the links they lead to. Some really good stuff, and it made me realise there's a lot more you can do with web pages than most people realise. I was actually searching for a charity in York, and your url came up as it must have the keywords in that I used (william, york, uk). As I did my PhD at Lancaster, I thought I'd take a look. Keep up the good work!
Paul Rosen
Cambridge, UK.
- Mon Dec 20 13:54:59 GMT 1999 from k2b-b-1.satsu.anglia.ac.uk

- Sun Dec 19 21:44:35 GMT 1999 from spider-wo021.proxy.aol.com
- Sun Dec 19 13:29:09 GMT 1999 from Toulouse-16-13.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hi kate i love your page very good. I'm 11 years old i like reading,art,
Cardiff, Untied kingdom.
- Sat Dec 18 14:05:55 GMT 1999 from
I am 12 and will be 13 in April. I have two horses. A 5 yr. old bay pinto gelding and a 12 yr. old palamino gelding. I'm on the internet alot with friends. I used to live in New Castle England but now I'm in the states(I've also lost my accent),
Andrea Little
Marquette, Nebraska, United States of America.
- Fri Dec 17 03:37:52 GMT 1999 from router53-d71.hamilton.net
i am in grade 6,age 11 and i love boys!
sarah hawksford
maple ridge, bc, canada.
- Sat Dec 11 04:19:45 GMT 1999 from proxy1-external.poco1.bc.home.com
hi, my name is dalen. i like soccer, bowling, football and swimming. i will be six years old on christmas day. my birthday party is going to be this sunday.
saskatoon, sask., canada.
- Sat Dec 11 03:50:13 GMT 1999 from proxy1.sshe1.sk.wave.home.com
I was just surfing and found this web page.
Nate the Great
Geronimo, Arizona, United States.
- Fri Dec 10 18:11:37 GMT 1999 from DLNT6.EAC.CC.AZ.US
Hy! My name is Semen (or Simon). I am 14. I from Russia, i live in Moscow, in center of the city, i love Kreml, Arbat, my sreet and my friends. You know, you have a cool page! I have page too, but now she is "destroy". And I have " ", or E-mail: semen@sch518.mccme.ru. By!
Moscow, Moscow, Russia.
- Fri Dec 10 14:08:35 GMT 1999 from
You have a nice home page. I am 8 1/2 years old. the drawing of the horse is nice. Did you draw that? Do you have a brother? Do you like motorcycles? Do your parents have motorcycles? Mine do. They have Harley Davidsons. You are cool You can write back to my moms email, kalanne@hotmail.com. do you have a sister? bye from A-Bear in maine
Biddeford, Maine, USA.
- Thu Dec 9 00:34:14 GMT 1999 from kenn004a-p7-205.cybertours.com
I like to chat a lot!! I am a 13/f from Ohio who has no luck with school or making friends. I like listening to anykind of music as long as it's not classical or jazz. Thanks. I enjoyed ur guestbook!! Ashley
Canton, Ohio, USA.
- Wed Dec 8 02:43:01 GMT 1999 from c3-1e253.neo.rr.com
I am 9 and I have brown hair, hazel eyes.I have 11 animals.7 horses 2 dogs and 2 cats. My faverite are Blinken the Chincoteague, Allie the Jack Russlle,and Mickey the cat.(I do not know what he is)I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE HORSES!In fact I love animals altogeather!!!!!!!
Andrea Townsley-Sapp
Jappa, Harford,MD, USA.
- Mon Dec 6 16:14:52 GMT 1999 from dhcp97-96.hst.nasa.gov
I like to go on the computer. I like reading books.Ilive in a small town near a big city.I like to travel.I am a 10 year old boy.
noah cebuliak
Bragg Creek, AB, Canada.
- Mon Dec 6 00:49:04 GMT 1999 from cacheflow1-1.cadvision.com
I like to go on the computer. I like reading books.Ilive in a small town near a big city.I like to travel.I am a 10 year old boy.
noah cebuliak
Bragg Creek, AB, Canada.
- Mon Dec 6 00:48:03 GMT 1999 from cacheflow1-1.cadvision.com
I have a pony named April . we ride western and love to play and run . we have lots of fun.
can't say, ky, USA.
- Sun Dec 5 04:05:11 GMT 1999 from spider-wj053.proxy.aol.com
Hi kate! My name is Alison. I m 11 years old and I live in Vancouver,Canada. Nice to meet you! I think your page is really cool! I just found your web page by accident. I like ponys too! Last summer i went on a horseback/pony riding trip in northern B.C. It was really fun! My ponys name was Teddy.Please e-mail me at ajperry@home.com thanks! Bye!
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Fri Dec 3 04:25:30 GMT 1999 from proxy1-external.crdva1.bc.home.com
Hi Kate and Dad, I have a '71 CL350, which I love, but haven't ridden much. Has had some carb problems that local shops don't seem to be able to deal with. So I'm going to tear into it myself this winter. Then I'll be tooling in style again for the spring of the new millenium! I'd love any info you might have re: the CL350, such as sources for parts (I'd like to get a new set of exhaust pipes), Tune-up ideas, etc. I'm a massage therapist/holistic health practitioner living and working in this beautiful state of Vermont. I'm also a jack-of-all-trades, getting myself into all kinds of trouble. I constantly have dozens of projects going at one time. But winter is a time to get caught up, so I'm going to get off this computer and get back to work. Take care, and happy riding! Ra
Ra Van Dyk
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.
- Thu Dec 2 19:48:21 GMT 1999 from dial-55-tnt-03.btvt.together.net
Hi Kate! I loved your page and the picture of Lancaster - I have saved it as my desktop here at work. I am from Lytham St. Annes in Lancashire which is on the coast near to you. I have lived over here in Seattle, Washington for the last eight and a half years but I would like to move back home soon. I love horses and share one with a friend of mine - she is a part arabian paint (the horse, not my friend!), which I think is the same as skewbald (brown and white patches). Anyway, I just wanted to say HI - I'm not sure how I got to your page!
Take care and have fun.
from another Kate from Lancashire!

Seattle, WA, USA.
- Wed Dec 1 19:21:07 GMT 1999 from wally.avtcorp.com
HI I have just read your site and I think that it's a very good site : congratulations!! My e-mail is : perrin.frederic@lemel.fr.eeek
See you soon
A bientt

- Wed Dec 1 09:37:38 GMT 1999 from bourges-32.abo.wanadoo.fr
IM 13 years old and Im in grade 7 and Im going to high School next And I love the sport Netball and going out with my friends to the shops and the movies and I have to brothers and thay are Harley and Thorn. And I live with my Mum and Gary he is really nice but a bet crazy he is really funny and I go to my dads on weekends I love listening to music and I have my own stereo in my room my room is dowm stairs and it really cool I would love it if you could chat with me Tara
Tara parcell
Brisbane , QLD, Australia.
- Sun Nov 28 02:19:05 GMT 1999 from p59-max1.brs.ihug.com.au
Hello again Kate, This is Alana form Canada I'll tell you more about myself, I'm turning 13 on December 9, (1999) obviously 1999. I have pretty much looked over your website and it's very good, I didn't do very well on your games because I don't know a lot about horses. Maybe you can tell me more, because I'd like to know, I've been trail riding about 5 timees and I really enjoy riding, but it's very annoying in trail riding when you don't get to manouever the horse yourself. I know you have different slang terms than we do in Canada, so if you don't understand some of the words I'm writing, just e-mail me and I will tell you. Are you in grade 7? I'm in grade 8 and attend school at Johnson Heights Secondary School (it's a public school). My schools website is www.jhss.cjb.net I don't know if its very good or if I'm on it. I don't have a webpage yet, because I just got the internet on Thursday November, 25 1999. I submitted two jokes to your joke page and I hope you like them. I know you probably get a lot of e-mails tto answer, but I hope you can e-mail me soon at calvin2015@home.com. From Alana
Alana Benes
Surrey, B.C., Canada.
- Sat Nov 27 22:03:56 GMT 1999 from proxy3-external.rdc1.bc.home.com
Hi, Kate
I'm a twelve year-old girl who just recently got the internet. I think it's very interesting that you live in England and I live in Canada, that is very far away. I hope I can e-mail you sometime. I like music, friends, my family, animals, school, playing the piano, playing soccer and many other sports, shopping and many more things. I am writing this at 10:05 am, but it probably isn't that time in Lancaster. Oh, I'm going on and on but I'm very excited to learn more about you. I want to know the time difference between Lancaster, England and Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. From Alana (or if you want you can call me Lana)

Surrey, B.C., Canada.
- Sat Nov 27 18:03:12 GMT 1999 from proxy3-external.rdc1.bc.home.com
hi.very nice site.
mandy walden
perth, wa, australia.
- Sat Nov 27 13:35:34 GMT 1999 from mdm-041.nettrek.com.au
Married Father of two, Just back into riding with a pristeene 1982,BMW R65LS.
San Antonio, Tx, USA.
- Fri Nov 26 03:36:22 GMT 1999 from spider-ti041.proxy.aol.com
I'm 14 going on 15 just surfing the web
Aaron udy
syracuse, Utah, United states America.
- Thu Nov 25 02:33:45 GMT 1999 from
well i am 24 years old indian engineer
jamshedpur , bihar, india.
- Tue Nov 23 15:00:29 GMT 1999 from
HELLO, your site is great!
- Mon Nov 22 23:06:23 GMT 1999 from ppp-prato82-252.iol.it
I am a college student in the USA. I'm trying to do an essay on Montessori Schools when I came Across your home page..............I think I'll use you as an example of some of the things students like you do!!! By the way I have a sister about your age and I know she would think it wonderful if someone from a different country used her work as an example. Any way I have much more work that I have to do before class.......Wish you the best of luck in all that you want to accomplish in life......and remember if work hard enough you can be anything you want :-)Bye for now
Near Seattle, WA, America.
- Mon Nov 22 18:14:15 GMT 1999 from sos-dialup79.nwlink.com
Hope I typed my URL in right. I'm going to build my page bit by bit, but I'm still learning how to do it. I want my page to be a good, kid-friendly page like yours is; I found yours on a site listing various kids' pages (a webring, I believe.) Also really enjoyed the "random scientific nonsense generator" - used some of that nonsense in a parody I wrote which included Star Trek, several other shows, and a species called "Teletubbies From Space," that talk and act just like Teletubbies! Let me know if you want me to e-mail it to ou, it's funny. Especially when they start throwing pies...:-) Once again, I enjoyed your site. WHen my 8-year-old cousin gets an account I'll have to send her your URL, because she *loves* horses. b>
Doug Fowler
Canton, OHio, USA.
- Mon Nov 22 01:51:18 GMT 1999 from spider-tq062.proxy.aol.com
I like your homepage. I like horses. I have a friend in my class who loves horses. I think I should tell her about your homepage. I am eight years old and in the third grade. I have one pet, my brother Christopher :)!!! (haha)..I am on the swim team and I am presently a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do. I will be testing for my light blue belt next week (wish me luck). Have a nice day!..Sasha
Sasha Jiron
Falls Church, VA, USA.
- Sun Nov 21 20:16:37 GMT 1999 from 1Cust202.tnt4.manassas.va.da.uu.net
Nice site, William is a very pretty pony!
If you know anyone with a dun, please get them to visit our new site, the URL is http://welcome.to/dhaps. We're the Dun Horse & Pony Society UK.
See you there!

Halesowen, West Mids, England.
- Sun Nov 21 18:58:40 GMT 1999 from finch-06.www-cache.demon.co.uk
I'm an englishman (from Wigan)living in France and I stumbled on your web site more or less by accident but I enjoyed my visit and I hope to call again soon. Have fun
Tom Marsh
La Rochelle, France.
- Wed Nov 17 21:36:26 GMT 1999 from Poitiers-9-75.abo.wanadoo.fr
I am American but lived in Leeds for a very long time. I was looking for information on Kate Sanborn, who was a librarian in the 19th cent. but found your page instead. You've obviously worked very hard on it. I'm sure Kate Sanborn would have approved.
Beverly Holbrook Treen
Winchester, MA, USA.
- Tue Nov 16 02:15:19 GMT 1999 from
Hi My name is Nadia I am 12 and LOVE Sports and Horses I love the Picture you made its great!!!! I am happy to sign your Guestbook!
> - Tue Nov 16 02:10:28 GMT 1999 from spider-wl051.proxy.aol.com
Nice one.

St.Ives, Cambs, UK.
- Mon Nov 15 20:21:12 GMT 1999 from webcacheH07a.cache.pol.co.uk
Kate Sorry your page is so cool I would have liked to have spent a moment with you. to bad !!
- Sun Nov 14 20:49:29 GMT 1999 from Rouen-11-22.abo.wanadoo.fr
Hi Kate! you have a lovely site.I have been browsing the English sites trying to find one dealing with music from WW 11.I've had no luck with that but I have enoyed your page.Good luck sweetie!
Parma, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Fri Nov 12 04:10:12 GMT 1999 from proxy-562.public.rwc.webtv.net
i like the beach, i like listening to music
Perth, WA, Australia.
- Thu Nov 11 04:08:06 GMT 1999 from jtc2.johnxxiii.edu.au
I'm 69 years old and a retired school teacher int he state of Georgia, USA.....I collect baseball cards....and I sing in a four part barbershop harmony quartet...I like singing!!!! There is a British Association of Barbershops Singers (BABS) that is affiliated with the International Barbershop Singing Society of SPEBSQSA... Have a good day Kate and Dad... Warmest regards OK
Owen Knox
- Wed Nov 10 05:45:54 GMT 1999 from host-216-78-37-54.ath.bellsouth.net
Hello Kate, I am 13 and live in Sydney. You sound really nice. I like to swim, play cricket and my favourite animal is the horse. You're page is really cool keep it up Kate.
Pete O'fyle
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Mon Nov 8 22:41:57 GMT 1999 from async119-syd-isp-3.nas.one.net.au
hey! my name is kaleb brian black and I am 5 years old. I live in Tremont Mississippi. I have got a younger brother he is 2 years old and his name is kolby black. My parents names are brian and krisenda black. I love to go deer hunting with my daddy and uncle. I am in headstart this year my birthday is October 25, 1994 I would like to keep in touch with you please e.mail me back look forward to hearing from you soon.my email address is brianb@intop.net
kaleb brian black
tremont , ms, 38843.
- Mon Nov 8 21:34:10 GMT 1999 from ppp-dFULIP097.intop.net
hi my name is charlotte ,i am 11/f and my birthday is in march .my favorite animal is a horse and i go to the waldorf school of maryland.and sorry i don't have a homepage yet .we just got comcast the other day .bb
riesterstown, maryland, united states.
- Sun Nov 7 17:11:30 GMT 1999 from proxy1-external.owml1.md.home.com
I am 12 years old.I live in a small village called black torrington.with my mum and dad.I have two dogs, acat and a rat.
Why are you on the TELETUBBIES site!?
Which Teletubbie page ??

I take it that you like horses!

Do you have a horse?
Yes - William

stephanie trimby
Beaworthy, DEVON, England.
- Sat Nov 6 13:13:26 GMT 1999 from

Stopped by for a second to say hello from another 'Kate' I grew up in Hitchin, Herts but have been in the US for 17 years (I'm 27) Bye! kate28@usa.net
Kate Carman
Denver, CO, USA.
- Thu Nov 4 07:01:00 GMT 1999 from ldialup65.dnvr.uswest.net
I work at a Medical College and found your website on my computer. Just wanted to say "Hello".
Beverly Bello

Valhalla, New York, USA.
- Tue Nov 2 17:46:50 GMT 1999 from ns2.nymc.edu
Hi, I think that your Web site is great. Kate, I was wondering if you could tell me a little about Lancaster, because I'm maybe going next year for the University. I would like to know where exactlyit is in England, and more... France

Canada but living in France,

- Mon Nov 1 16:53:01 GMT 1999 from BMontpellier-1-1-21.abo.wanadoo.fr
i have a pony called holly who is 13h i am 13
flash, Nr, Buxton. My dad used to sail at Rudyard near you !

- Sat Oct 30 19:53:51 GMT 1999 from webcache14b.cache.pol.co.uk

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