Kate's Fifty-Fifth Guest Book !

Becky Kahle
Lynchburg, VA., AMERICA.
- Tue Jun 23 18:40:25 BST 1998 from Max120.CentralVa.Net

Kate ,a beautiful girl in the world !
Peter Wong
Hong Kong, China, China.
- Tue Jun 23 07:18:15 BST 1998
- Mon Jun 22 16:55:06 BST 1998
- Mon Jun 22 15:34:56 BST 1998 from 189.philadelphia-06.pa.dial-access.att.net
Dear Kate,the above address is a place in the middle of nowhere in wine and grazing country in the NE of Victoria. I am also a father of a Kate and I also want a Ducati, an ST2. Thus I cannot help, but I do notice your father has had Ariels. I am after a set of engine plates and an alloy barrel for a swing arm Red Hunter 500cc. single. Can either of you help? See how you go. Nice to be able to leave message, keep up the good work. Neil
Neil Barclay
RMB 2162 Markwood Via Wangaratta, Vic 3678, Australia.
- Mon Jun 22 08:52:40 BST 1998
I'm 12 yrs old this year . I like reading , cycling , computer , pets . I have a pet hamster named Flffy at home .
S'pore, Singapore, Singapore.
- Mon Jun 22 05:24:35 BST 1998
Kate, We found your page in the Kids do the Web book. I like your pony William. I like ponies and horses too. My name is Kate and I am 6. I went to England - London - before when I was 2. Have you ever been to the United States?

No, but my mum has.

Lutz, FL, U.S.A..
- Mon Jun 22 03:32:07 BST 1998

Dear Kate, I share computer programs with my Dad.Sometimes I get board with a computer and netendo.I sometimes find something to do. I am 8 years old.My Dad and I share a netscape and a webpage.
Cottonwood, Alabama, U.S.A..
- Sat Jun 20 03:28:31 BST 1998 from alawan5-asab.ala.net
Hi!! My name is Nicole Luther. I was chatting and I came acrossed your web site. I am 10 years old and in 4th garde. well... On Friday, Tommorow, June.19th is my last day in the 4th grade. I enjoyed your web site. I am working on my web site still. I love horses and Winnie the Pooh. I go to Loma Elemantary.
Nicole Luther
Spring Valley, California, San Diego.
- Fri Jun 19 01:47:28 BST 1998 from proxy3.rdc1.sdca.home.com
I'm 13 years old. I came to see your homepage and it's really nice.Will you please come to my homepage.
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1688/)
New Jersey,
- Tue Jun 16 16:59:15 BST 1998 from 51.newark-02.nj.dial-access.att.net
My name is Katelin. Iam 12 years old. Iam going into the 7th grade. I love to play softball. The sports I play are: basketball, volley ball, cheerleading, and softball. I have 3 dogs. They are a sheltie named Bonnie (my dog), Hollar a humongous yellow lab, and a small miniature dauschund named Taffy. I also have a cat and 2 fish. My cat is a siamese her name is Beauty. The fishes are a goldfish named BOB BUBBLES (my fish) and a Beta named MAX. That's mainly my life. BYE! PLEASE E Mail me back.
Amarillo, Texas, USA.
- Mon Jun 15 00:56:47 BST 1998 from s55-as1.amar.tcac.net
I love the Spice Girls,did you know my best friend Geri H. left with out even saying good bye, well I have to go I have a concert to go to, well bye
Emma B.
Pashie, London, Egland.
- Sat Jun 13 22:10:00 BST 1998 from 1Cust247.tnt2.phx1.da.uu.net
Hi!! my name is Jannika.Iam now 11 years old. I come from sweden./Jannika
lund, Sweden.
- Sat Jun 13 08:37:31 BST 1998 from dialup154-1-24.swipnet.se
4'10'' dkblonde hair,green eyes,spice girl fan,1boyfriend,in middleschool,12yrsold, nicesometimes,mean family. gotta go c-ya later, mel c
melanie c

col, oh, north america.
I would like more of the same on Kate's Pages
- Thu Jun 11 21:38:24 BST 1998 from ww-tp04.proxy.aol.com
Hi! My name's julie and I'm 13 ears old! Your page is great! I got here through Rachel's Page! I couldn't find her email address on there or a way to sign her guestbook, so it'd be great if you could ask her to get in touch with me sometime! I loved her site! You can also feel free to email me at julie@zakar.com . All the Best! _Julie
( http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/4021/)
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
- Thu Jun 11 02:30:28 BST 1998 from cc232940-a.owml1.md.home.com
I am 7 years old. I like to paint and draw.
Katherine Fowler
Red Bay, Alabama, USA.
- Wed Jun 10 19:31:08 BST 1998
Well I also like antique motorcycles specialy Harleys , my hobbies are collecting stamps surfing the web chatting and so on.I am 5'6,black hair,brown eyes,white skin color.
Stefan Krcelic
Santo Domingo, Distrito N, Dominican Rpublic.
- Wed Jun 10 15:12:50 BST 1998
Hi Kate! My Name is Kim i'm 8 years old from the Philippines here in ASIA, I was doing a search to see what I could find about Kate I came across your page. It's great! I had lots of fun reading at your page. Can you write me too?...Sarah Keine "KIM" A. Corpuz
Sarah Keine "KIM" A. Corpuz
Makati, N/A, Philippines.
- Wed Jun 10 09:14:11 BST 1998

- Wed Jun 10 07:14:43 BST 1998
Moving to Maine, USA, what is your full name ... I found you under the Fahie listing, I'm 15.
Kate Fahie
- Tue Jun 9 05:57:52 BST 1998 from spider-wc043.proxy.aol.com
I like to jump rope, swim, things like that. I also LOVE sweets, my moto is from Strawberry Shortcake:"Life Is Delicious" I have a dog named Gus, and two cats, I'm 5ft and 31/2inches. I'm not sure why i'm tall, because me and my sisters are the only tall people in my family besides an uncle that we're not related to by blood, and cousins. I just logged on your website, looking for people in guest books and stuff to join my club. I'll e-mail u about that though, Bye ~~*~Sunny~*~~
Sunny Cool
( http://expage.com/page/razzlberry)
Carrboro, NC, USA.
- Mon Jun 8 20:37:07 BST 1998 from user-38ld868.dialup.mindspring.com
My 5 year old daughter and I collecto Beanie Babies and are looking for people who would like to trade UK beanies for US beanies..especially the bears that are exclusive to our countries...July3pgk@aol.com....that's us...:o)....
Gail and Kerri - Mon Jun 8 19:54:55 BST 1998 from ww-tc03.proxy.aol.com
I'am eleven years old and I have one dog named Daisy. I love to swim and draw. Your drawing was so; cool and probably you could teach me!!!! Like this so cool oh my God!!!! I 'll give you my e-mail address it's hotmail.comswimbucksn1. I can't wait to talk to you we will have like sooooo much fun together!!!!your page is ok but it is boring I mean it doesn't have barely anything to do on it get like cool music for people to listern to on the web page. If you want more ideas just write me I promise I will write back So get movin and read my letter!!!! BYE!!!!!
Star Smith

Star Smith
Marion, Ohio, ------------.
- Mon Jun 8 16:41:23 BST 1998 from 1Cust88.tnt1.marion.oh.da.uu.net
I am 11- year-old tennis player!
Princess Petunia
Georgia, America.
- Sun Jun 7 14:56:51 BST 1998 from user-38lcbco.dialup.mindspring.com
it's 18.05 and it's saturday and i'm in the office working (well having a coffee break at this time)
Exeter, Devon, England.
- Sat Jun 6 18:05:14 BST 1998 from client14c7.globalnet.co.uk
I am 10 .I love all animals.I play the piano, on the keyboard. I am in grade 4, at Earl Kitcher School.I have one sister and a Hamster named Fluffy.I have had her ever since Jan.4.98. My sister can be so mean at times otherwise she's good.
Kiera Byrne
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Jun 6 16:45:03 BST 1998
I like antique motorcycles - largely because I'm an antique motorcyclist.
Russell White
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Thu Jun 4 15:14:54 BST 1998 from dialin27.syd.auscape.net
I'm 13 years old and I'm in the eighth grade. I like otters, cats, and cute little furry things. I like Kate's page a lot cuz it's cool.
IL, U.S.A..
- Thu Jun 4 01:31:42 BST 1998 from tntmodem2-105.mc.net
I am 9 years old.I have 2 brothers.I have 0 pets. My uncle playes for the Chicago Wolves(hockey).
Ciara M. McNally
St.Charles, IL , U.S.A..
- Wed Jun 3 02:00:43 BST 1998 from rell-102.rell.com
19 male I think you have a realy great page!!!!
- Tue Jun 2 08:56:01 BST 1998 from mega.dynamite.com.au
will you sign my guestbook?
( http://members.aol.com/airhead771/becca)
los angeles, , cali, usa.
- Tue Jun 2 05:45:46 BST 1998 from ww-th04.proxy.aol.com
9th grader.....'n was doin' a project in which I collected stories written by kids of your age 'n put them in a book! Love your stories! Good job Kate.
Saginaw, Michigan, U.S..
- Tue Jun 2 03:22:08 BST 1998 from encnode176.enc-1.com
I'm a girl I am 12 years old.my name is Faith kind.the school i go to is Redbank Plains state school and i'm in grade seven.My name is Christina joyce and I am Faith's friend and I am in grade seven as well.
faith kind
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
- Tue Jun 2 00:43:39 BST 1998 from iccu7.ipswich.gil.com.au
Hi Kate! I have some Welsh ponies. One of them is related to William. I liked your page. Keep up the good work. Meg
Magnolia, Texas, USA.
- Mon Jun 1 20:21:46 BST 1998 from proxy2.ykt.prodigy.net
I'm 16. I thought your web page was really neat
Springtown, Texas, USA.
- Mon Jun 1 04:06:11 BST 1998 from ww-tl06.proxy.aol.com
skater type 11/m 5'6" 105lbs.
Omaha, Ne, USA.
- Sun May 31 22:17:34 BST 1998 from proxy1.omhaw1.ne.home.com
i am going to be in the 3rd grade,i am 8 years old ,i,like rug rats
Kaity Barker
TN. Ridge, TN, U.S.A..
- Sun May 31 16:53:38 BST 1998 from ppp22.dickson.net
- Sun May 31 05:28:17 BST 1998 from ppp-207-214-149-105.snrf01.pacbell.net
I am a 44 year old mother of an 18 year old boy and 16 year old girl. I have really enjoyed browsing your site. It is MUCH more interesting than most of the "old" peoples' sites. My maiden name is Lancaster and that is what interested me in looking here at first. Great pages!!!!!1
Teresa Lancaster Ivey
Springtown, Texas, USA.
- Sun May 31 04:50:55 BST 1998 from ww-te01.proxy.aol.com
Jason "Irish" Clay
- Sat May 30 03:55:02 BST 1998 from ouppp125.modems.ou.edu
I am an University student taking time off from studies to communicate with the world.
Danielle Woodward

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
- Fri May 29 02:08:24 BST 1998 from sim.its.rmit.edu.au
Hi, i'm 13. I read about your site in a book, and I must say, it's pretty cool. That's all for now-- bye.
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/7804/index.html)
United States.
- Fri May 29 01:36:16 BST 1998
I'm 12 years old. I love horses and I have been riding for 7 years. But I love all animals!
Eugenge, Oregon, U.S.A.
- Thu May 28 04:13:13 BST 1998 from hd76-207.hil.compuserve.com
I love soccer, pinao, and singing. I'm 9 years old.
Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.
- Thu May 28 04:08:38 BST 1998 from hd76-207.hil.compuserve.com
I'am 12 years old. I love animals. My favorite animals are horses! I have been ridding for 7 years.
Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.
- Thu May 28 03:53:18 BST 1998 from hd76-207.hil.compuserve.com
- Thu May 28 03:45:29 BST 1998 from hd76-207.hil.compuserve.com
- Wed May 27 12:40:12 BST 1998 from bsoc232.staffs.ac.uk
I am 10 years old. I go to Clarion Elementary School and will be getting out for summer vacation soon
Brandon Means
Clarion, Pa, USA.
- Mon May 25 23:53:49 BST 1998 from dip-15.max-01.Clarion.csonline.net
Kate, I`m a brazilian teacher of English , I loved your page and I`m gonna show it to my students ,they are all around 8, I`m sure theyll `like it.
Brazil, Br, CanoasCity .
- Mon May 25 21:39:53 BST 1998 from ca01.ca.conex.com.br
Hi! my favorite sport is soccor,I love to ride horse's! My old best friends name is kate too. My favorite kind of animal is the zebra then the dog! Bye-Bye
Erica Sinkey
Mercer Island, WA, U.S.A.
- Mon May 25 03:38:12 BST 1998 from c337421-a.mrcr1.wa.home.com
I am 13, and I live in Topeka, Kansas, USA. I like to play basketball, run, play pool, bowl, read, write, hang out with my friends, and surf the net.
Topeka, KS, USA.
- Mon May 25 01:14:31 BST 1998 from proxy-114.iap.bryant.webtv.net
Hi! I am a Mom, I was reading your friend Rachel's page and was sad to hear about her mother. I also lost my mother when I was 13. If you ever talk to her, please tell her that we were both very lucky to have had moms that loved us and cared for us. I now have a daughter, her name is Kaidi. I love her more than life itself and will do anything in this world for her. I make sure to teach her the things my mother taught me, just as I am sure Rachel will do when she has a daughter of her own. If Rachel would like to e mail my daughter (k-dee) she is more than welcome to do so. just send it to rambrose@ncfcomm.com Thank you, I hope we haven't put you to any trouble.
Robin Ambrose
Madison, NE, USA.
- Sun May 24 05:21:34 BST 1998 from madp03.ncfcomm.com
I like horse ridding I ride at Pat Barns and I have my own pony it is cauld Pup's I am 11 and Pup;s is 15.2 hands and I love him and I think your page is grate
woking, surrey, england.
- Sat May 23 19:29:07 BST 1998 from client83fe.globalnet.co.uk
- Thu May 21 23:59:19 BST 1998 from mist.pipex.net
I am 13 years old. I live in Iva, South Carolina in the USA. My dad is a Minister. I have one brother, Cole, that is almost 16. Well, my real name is Kayla. See ya!
Iva, SouthCarol, USA.
- Wed May 20 19:14:35 BST 1998
Hello Kate, we are brazilians and we study English. Send a E-mail to us . We collect stickers and soccer cards, and stationary. Kisses, Rafaela, Gabriel and Joana.
Rafaela S and Gabriel e Joana
POA, RS, Brasil.
- Wed May 20 14:16:07 BST 1998
We are from Brasil. We like to have fun and go to the shoppings and parks.We are 10 years old and we study English at Yazigi International. Come to Brazil and visit us !! And learn how to speak Portuguese !!!!!! Kisses, Luiza, Rafaela, Andrya
Andrya ,Luiza ,Rafaela.
Poa, rs, brasil.
- Wed May 20 14:12:21 BST 1998
We study English in Brazil. We are 10 years old. We like to play soccer and collect. The girls like Leonardo diCaprio. How about learning Portuguese ? Kisses, giorggia, Caroline and Cydne.
gioggia,caroline e cydne
poa, rs, brasil/.
- Wed May 20 14:08:22 BST 1998
HI! I'm 18 years old and I work with children. I teach English for kids who are between six and eleven years old. I'm also a law student. I love learning foreign languages and I intend to live in Spain because I want to learn some more Spanish. I really liked your page, it's really cute!!!
Natal, RN, Brazil.
- Wed May 20 04:07:00 BST 1998 from ufrnet.ufrn.br
aberdeen, sd, usa.
- Mon May 18 16:25:38 BST 1998 from pc-168.pix-pool3.midco.net
Hi kate I realy like your web site I have bin on it about 10 times.I do lots of jumping with my horse. By.
- Sun May 17 18:45:46 BST 1998 from 11-1.ts.mag-net.com
this is my page just having a look - thanks for all the messages

- Sat May 16 13:00:53 BST 1998 from the-stable.lancs.ac.uk
nice page kate.. lot of work for a 10yr old
bay city mi usa, (9 mo) in aberdeen scotland *8-).
- Fri May 15 01:50:52 BST 1998 from usr9-dialup12.mix2.Boston.mci.net
your use of the babelfish puts you at the top of your class

sodus, ny, usa.
- Thu May 14 00:48:17 BST 1998 from slip129-37-221-136.ny.us.ibm.net
I like to design web pages... I also like kewl stuff
Mi, USA.
- Wed May 13 21:05:20 BST 1998 from max-ppp24.michweb.net
Kate Amelia, You have truly been blessed having a Dad with a sense of humor. Practice seeing the funny side of life m'dear and you will remain sane in an insane world. I am a grandma, a nurse, and married to a very nice man who used to be an electrician before he retired. We live in Port Angeles, Washington (almost but not quite the furthest northwestern-most point in the continental US.) The Olympic mountains are to the south of us and just 15 miles away across the Strait of Juan de Fuce is British Columbia. Someday you must come here and watch the whales. PS We like horses too!
Jo Kuhlmeyer

Port Angeles, Washington, USA.
- Wed May 13 20:23:05 BST 1998 from annex-s3-39.olypen.com
I'm a teacher, and father of Christine, 26 and Michael, 29. Christine is a dancer of modern dance, and Michael is a glass blower and builder of archways and skylights. I have taught Russian language, worked at a company to develop super baby diapers, another company to make computers that control mine trucks that are as big as houses, and now working to learn a new language called Java.
My hobbies are flying gliders and learning to say hello, goodbye and thank you in all the languages spoken in Scarborough. So far I can say them in English, Russian, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Jamaican Patois, Amharic, and Farsi.
Thanks again to you and your Dad for your great web pages!
I love your home page!

Jan Carlson
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed May 13 17:37:28 BST 1998 from 209-20-0-207.dialin.interlog.com
Well I signed your sisters book first, sorry, even though I looked at your page first. I work for Hershey Chocolate, and used to work for Cadbury. I am 45 yrs old and have 7 children. I got here beacuse I saw a note on your dads semaphore converter. I've read most of the Authur Ransom books to the kids. They are very relaxing and dreamy, and great to read in the winter.
Good Bye.

Richard Irvin
Wapwallopen, Pennsylvan, USA.
- Wed May 13 05:07:54 BST 1998 from cnyn-2ppp164.epix.net
Hi Kate: My name is Rachel I live in Owatonna, MN. I'll be 10 in 3 days. I'm just finishing fourth grade. I like fishing, reading, school, writing, and music (cello & guitar). I liked your "smile file" best. - Tue May 12 01:53:20 BST 1998 from Cherry.Internet-Connections.net
Hi Kate I have a young daughter named Kate
John Tracy
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon May 11 04:09:01 BST 1998 from sycophantic.dialin.utoronto.ca
I have 3 sisters and 4brothers.I am 9 years (10 in two months) My fave color is pink
wooster, Ohio, U.S.A.
- Sun May 10 20:24:29 BST 1998 from ww-tf04.proxy.aol.com
My name is Stephanie and I am 13 years old and I live in Georgia. My hobbies are gymnastics and soccer. I have red hair and brown eyes. Please email me if you see my page and tell me what you think.

Georgia, USA,
- Sat May 9 21:11:18 BST 1998 from dial-tif-662.surfsouth.com
- Sat May 9 06:26:23 BST 1998 from service.nsk.su
I adore horses but have never owned one. I am an excellent rider. I enjoy playing the clarinet and reading books about horses. I am tall for my age(11)and have blonde hair and brown eyes.
Cynthia Morris

Modesto, California, United States.
- Sat May 9 02:05:24 BST 1998 from 1Cust107.tnt29.sfo3.da.uu.net
Hi Kate! I was doing a search to see what I could find about the author Kate Atkinson and I came across your page. It's lovely! I had lots of fun looking at it. Thanks for the entertainment!
Erica Overstreet
Denton, Texas, USA.
- Fri May 8 21:59:35 BST 1998 from LibMac94-2.art.unt.edu
Just showing Terrie your great page, she's 64 and new to the WWW! (Terrie is your Grandma's sister)

One of my great aunts!
Jancy & Terrie
Eastham/Preston, wirral/Lan, UK.
- Thu May 7 22:00:55 BST 1998 from hme0.serv1.is4.u-net.net

I am 30 and wondering why I am signing your guestbook. Work must be slow. AND I don't even get to see your site. Have a nice day! *S*
- Thu May 7 19:58:58 BST 1998 from hdstude.NMU.EDU
I sent a previous message but forgot our e-mail address. It is: aajbm4548@hotmail.com.eeek
Bonnie & Jeanette Eller
Brainerd, Mn, United States.
- Thu May 7 16:15:13 BST 1998 from
Bonnie is the mom who is taking a computer class in college on designing home pages and she found yours. You did an awesome job!!!! My daugther is Jeanette and she is 11 years old. She loves horses and just started showing in 1997.
Bonnie & Jeanette Eller
Brainerd, Minnesota, US.
- Thu May 7 16:10:57 BST 1998
There, you can email me if you want to know more about the donkeys and horses in Morocco (I lived there for a while) and the donkeys in Mali, as I visited Bamako (the capital) with my parents when they went out with the charity (SPANA).
Lucy Hulme (again!)
- Wed May 6 17:46:50 BST 1998 from plkh-045.publab.ed.ac.uk
My name is lucy and I am at Edinburgh University. Do you read Horse & Pony magazine? Because if you do, and you supported the SPANA Campaign (I think it was to raise money for a Landrover in Mali) then you will have heard of my father who is called Jeremy Hulme, and he featured in some of the articles and photos!
lucy hulme
edinburgh/Colchester, scot/Essex, Scotland/England.
- Wed May 6 17:35:58 BST 1998 from plkh-045.publab.ed.ac.uk
I am in 11 grade I am 16 years old.I love music its cool.By!!!!!!!!!
- Wed May 6 03:05:33 BST 1998 from 56-1.ts.mag-net.com
I am 10 years old. I love animals. I live at 49N 100E nephi utah 84648 USA. I was wondering if you could write me sometime because I think it would be fun having a pen pal in England. Alot of my ansesors come from England and I would like to go there some day. my favorite Cartoon is tweety. I have 1 dog, 3 cats, 7 chickens , 1 duck, and a bunny. My favorite color is putple and I want to see the movie titanic very bad. Have you seen the movie Anastasia or titanic? Please write.
kate bates
nephi, utah, u.s.a..
- Tue May 5 23:37:50 BST 1998 from ip140.nebonet.com
I am 12 years old and i have been riding since i could walk because my dad is a riding instructor . we have about 15 horses and ponies . my 2 sisters ride as well . I have my own horse aswell she is a 15hh Arab cross (chesnut). Her name is Yan and we got her as a foal 3 years ago .
philippa jones
Yatton, Nr bristol, England.
- Tue May 5 15:25:08 BST 1998 from portal.uwe.ac.uk

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