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space Hi kate, I have a dog named Pooch.my page has links. can you join a club I made on the net? it's called the cool club. the home page url for the cool club is http://expage.com/page/coolclubhomepage2
( http://expage.com/page/funpoochspage)
minneapolis, minnesota, usa.
- Wed Feb 25 02:16:04 GMT 1998 from ww-te01.proxy.aol.com

i am 5'6 i have baby blue eyes dark brown hair and i weight 98. my hobbies are running track,swimming,baseball,basketball,soccer,singing,piano,working out , and chatting in chatrooms. please e-mail me and tell me how it i like where you live
Emily Knoth
kuttawa, ky, 42055.
- Wed Feb 25 01:46:05 GMT 1998
I like fishing and biking. I drive a charter bus all over the northwest. You have a great site for your age!
Ron Zuber
Seattle, WA, USA.
- Tue Feb 24 05:18:34 GMT 1998 from stl-wa3-19.ix.netcom.com
I am 23 years old, and I am in my final year training to be a Primary teacher. You are my first contact on the Internet.
Sarah Brookes
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Mon Feb 23 19:45:14 GMT 1998 from p41-canary-gui.tch.virgin.net
I have brown hair brown eyes my school I go to is called farrington Elementry im in fifth grade next year ill be in hogkins middle school Im 10 years old I love your pichere of a horse .My favorit animal is a rabbit I dont have one but I might someday I have 2 dogs kenda and sam well i got to go now I loved your web site alot have fun Amanda.
- Mon Feb 23 00:02:16 GMT 1998 from dialup-a-59.mint.net
I like to play with my hamsters. I like school. I'm 7.
( http://members.aol.com/angleastra/index.html)
North Carolina,
- Sun Feb 22 02:53:26 GMT 1998 from ww-tq05.proxy.aol.com
Hi, nice page! This is an invite to visit mine. It's called Magenta's Mysterious Dream and features Rocky Horror, my photography gallery, stuff about me, stories and more. hundreds of people have visited since August 96, and I have at least 10 awards. Not bad for a 17 year old eh?!

Magenta's Mysterious Dream

Magenta (aka Kell)
Perth, WA, Australia.
- Sun Feb 22 02:33:42 GMT 1998 from global67.global.net.au
I am 5 years old, and Mum and Dad are helping me with my web page, it's fun visiting other people and I like other people visiting me. I learn lots and lots from everybody and I enjoy listening and reading other peoples stuff.
( www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Cottage/4005)
Australia, n.s.w., Port Macquarie.
- Sat Feb 21 08:01:31 GMT 1998
Hi! I really like your page.
- Sat Feb 21 02:44:20 GMT 1998 from piwi0-a16.wi.tds.net
valencia, california, USA.
- Thu Feb 19 23:09:38 GMT 1998 from pool1-45.usr1.smartlink.net
i love soccer and poetry. and i love to be on the net ! to find out more about me check out my pro-file ! :)
ks, usa.
- Thu Feb 19 21:35:11 GMT 1998 from ww-tb06.proxy.aol.com
Hi I like your web sight. It is cool. I am 10. I am a male but I like your web sight. I like how English people eat off the back of the fork. I eat like that and get yelled at by my mom and grammy. Go ahead an write back if you like. I would like to have an English pen-pal. I like how English people talk too. Cool accent!
James Aaron Gamble
S.C., USA.
- Thu Feb 19 17:52:20 GMT 1998 from usr36-dialup59.mix2.Atlanta.mci.net
I am 9 and a half I love dolphins I want to be a vet when I am older I have 1 older brother [ snob] I have no pets but are gona get a dog.
Rachel Bartholomay
Rochester, NY, United States.
- Thu Feb 19 04:55:21 GMT 1998 from spider-to11.proxy.aol.com
Yo, Wuz sup man?
Katie Love :Hi">Hi)
- Thu Feb 19 02:55:34 GMT 1998 from und-as2p28.und.NoDak.edu
I'm 12 years old and I LOVE basketball. Leah
Leah Tompson
Grand Forks, ND,
- Thu Feb 19 02:53:52 GMT 1998 from und-as2p28.und.NoDak.edu
Well I just did that on Peggy's page. I thing your pages are really neat.
Orinda, CA, USA.
- Thu Feb 19 02:26:55 GMT 1998 from ppp-206-170-3-49.okld03.pacbell.net
We found your address in a internet magazine for kids called MaMaMedia so we wanted to check your page out. We enjoyed looking at your page. We have a family page, but we may be making one for just my sister and I.
Great Page
Ryan & Brooke and Family

Ryan & Brooke & Parents
- Wed Feb 18 04:18:39 GMT 1998 from 206-18-112-173.la.inreach.net
I'm 8. I'm in the broneys.
Rachel Perkins
Vacaville, CA, U.S.A..
- Wed Feb 18 01:32:52 GMT 1998 from 1Cust40.tnt16.sfo3.da.uu.net
hi kate very nice page
jerri greenfield
winnipeg, manitoba, canada.
- Tue Feb 17 21:06:40 GMT 1998 from as10c-p05.mts.net
I'm from India originally. Now I'm in the United States working on my PhD with children about your age and younger. I came to your web page to learn about some of the things that young people like. This was really useful. Thank you and have lots of fun on the web :-)
Madras, India,
- Tue Feb 17 04:52:17 GMT 1998
I am 4 years old. I like horses and dogs and cats. I want a dog. (My mom's helping me write this). I like wrestling with my brother and dad and mom.My room is always a mess.We live in the country and I like your web page.
bRiTTNey lystad
Glendive, MT., U.S.A..
- Tue Feb 17 03:07:49 GMT 1998 from dial-08.r01.mtwgln.infoave.net
Hi, I'm a third grade computer ed. teacher out there searching for fun sites to show my students. Thanks, for your homepage. I will share it with my students soon.
Rosanna Sickels
Spring Grove, IL, USA.
- Tue Feb 17 00:20:20 GMT 1998 from dial-up.chicago.avenew.com
- Mon Feb 16 14:51:58 GMT 1998
I like : allsports , and chating on the internet
Roxy Jimenez
Wellton, Arizona,
- Sun Feb 15 02:11:46 GMT 1998 from ip-19-219.yum.primenet.com
I'm 10 years old. I like to play soccer,and dance.
Nederland, Texas, USA.
- Sun Feb 15 00:02:09 GMT 1998
I am 10 years old. I like horses and cats and wolfs. I am a tomboy. Please visit my web page.
Hannah Jones
Richardson, TX, U.S.A..
- Sat Feb 14 15:07:36 GMT 1998 from ppp37-36.ght.iadfw.net
I am 10 years old too. I am in the forth grade. It looks like you like horses. I love them. I am about to make my own web page and happened to stumble across yours. It is very interesting. Visit my web page someday, Kate. Then you could sign my guest book. Have to go. Bye.
Hannah Jones
Richardson, TX, U.S.A..
- Sat Feb 14 15:04:06 GMT 1998 from ppp37-36.ght.iadfw.net
hi there sorry i cannt give u my state and all that i have brown hair and eyes im 12yrs old and im in the 6th grd right now. was i posed to hear music on this page cause i didnt?????
- Sat Feb 14 03:51:42 GMT 1998 from ash-asc4-cs-22.dial.bright.net
I'm an 8 year old boy. Ispeak spanish and English. I play sooccer every weekend. My dad is going to buy me a WebTv so I'll be able to comunicate with the world.
sammy riveros
salt lake city , Utah, U.S.A..
- Fri Feb 13 19:19:18 GMT 1998 from proxy-126.iap.bryant.webtv.net
Dear Kate my name is natasha I am 9. I love horses and ponies. One of my friends owns a hores.

Natasha Dilkie
stittsville, ontario, canada.
- Fri Feb 13 13:53:06 GMT 1998 from borg.dilkie.com
i am ------------------
choctaw, ok, --------------------.
- Thu Feb 12 23:51:42 GMT 1998 from spider-to08.proxy.aol.com
Hello Kate. I'm a French student at Cambridge University. This year I'm working in France, teaching English to French students. At the moment I'm on holiday - French schools have two weeks for February half term, and lots of people go ski-ing. It's a good idea, isn't it? Don't you reckon British schools ought to have more holiday? I really enjoyed looking at your pages. I especially liked your stories. I used to write a lot of stories and poems when I was at school, but now I'm a bit busier so I don't. One of my friends has a web site I think you might enjoy. You can find it at


(this is a virtual location which will take you straight to the actual one). Wyvern is an imaginary world full of beautiful pictures, lovely poems... I guess I'll leave you to see for yourself.
Helen xxx

Helen Wright
Cambridge, UK.
- Thu Feb 12 21:12:30 GMT 1998 from sunshine.clare.cam.ac.uk

My middle name is also Emilia. Just spelled differently. I like to play soccer,basketball,swimming,tennis,and I play piano
( www.svmedia.com/oakhill)
Lincroft , N.J, U.S.A.
- Thu Feb 12 17:55:09 GMT 1998
lincroft, USA.
- Thu Feb 12 17:54:14 GMT 1998
I just loved your pages! You sound like a VERY bright and VERY nice young lady! I am from sunny California! Although, contary to popular belief, it is NOT ALWAYS sunny here!! But most of the time it is! I have a great husband and THE MOST WONDERFUL son in the whole wide world! He will be three in March. Again, you have done a wonderful job on your pages! Tiffany
Tiffany Hull
Lakewood, CA, USA.
- Wed Feb 11 19:49:04 GMT 1998 from ww-th03.proxy.aol.com
Hi Kate! I am 15, in my GCSE year. I am going to do Chemistry, Biology, and English Literature at A - level. I have been predicted 2 B's, 7 A's and 1 A* in my GCSE's. I play squash for my county, badminton, hockey, rounders, netball and tennis for my school. I have four sisters, all older. My Mum is a Librarian, and my Dad is a G.P, opthalmologist, and an optician. Anyway, thats enough about me. This is a cool web site. I am trying to start my own, but i have got no idea how to do it. I would love some help. You can e-mail me at brian.williams5@virgin.net.elk. Keep up with all the hard work you have put into this. Its great. Good luck for the future. Love Ali
(P.S i spent the best holiday of my life so far up in The Yorkshire Dales, on an activity weekend. Do you live anywhere near Skipton? Or Kinsley Crag?, that was a place we visited, not climbed!)

Alice Williams
Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
- Wed Feb 11 19:27:38 GMT 1998 from p24-honeyeater-gui.tch.virgin.net
I'm a grown-up but I sure do enjoy your page. I think it's great that your family has made the Internet a family activity. My daughter just moved away, and I miss her a lot, but I did enjoy spending a few minutes with you and your web page.
I started playing around with computers about 15 years ago (you know, before there was dirt!), and now I have my own computer company. In 1992 I even got to travel to England to do a computer job in the Cambridge area, and my family got to go with me.
Maybe some day you'll be working with computers and you can get a free trip to the United States!

Rick Luquette
Houma, LA, USA.
- Wed Feb 11 02:10:09 GMT 1998 from ad13-125.arl.compuserve.com
Very impressive web site Kate.
Cool bike pics.

London, UK.
- Wed Feb 11 00:02:02 GMT 1998 from cybase23.demon.co.uk
kelsey and Justin

- Tue Feb 10 22:34:21 GMT 1998 from BEDU6.utahlinx.com
Great page Kate! You did an awesome job!
P.A., Sask., Canada.
- Tue Feb 10 01:12:24 GMT 1998 from janus.siast.sk.ca
i love surfing the net!! it is fun!! i like your web site alot! it is very fun!! bye
Lindon, Utah, United States.
- Sun Feb 8 17:22:16 GMT 1998 from gateway6.ey.com
Hi Kate (and Peggy!)
Loved your page - found it whilst searching for my brother's
(He's Zizzin).
I'm getting on in years but have always been a great fan of Nancy, Peggy, John, Susan, Titty and Roger. I was very pleasantly surprised to find others share the same interest.
I don't have a homepage (yet) but if you care to you can Email me at my company 'address':
Keep up the splendid work,

Tony Coultiss
Devizes, Wiltshire, UK.
- Sat Feb 7 23:45:57 GMT 1998 from hgty.capgemini.co.uk
Im a twelve year old boy who owns 13 horses from sattle breads to quarter horses. I havent seen much of your site but I will later. I dont have a homepage but I do get E-mail so please mail me something at Pitke @inetone.net.ek From A unknown friend -- Cameron

Cameron Pitsenbarger
Flat Top, WV, USA.
- Sat Feb 7 21:40:55 GMT 1998 from
I'm not to sure how I found this site or if I'm writing this totaly out of this world. Well , I own 12 horses in one farm then about 3 more over the hills and through the woods. PLEASE send me some E-mail As Soon As Posible!!!!!!! I'd like to notice that someone knows my name.
Thanks, Cameron
Oh, Im 12 and I'm male

Flat Top, W.V, USA.
- Sat Feb 7 04:13:53 GMT 1998
i am a hindu . i live in malaysia.
malaysia, kuala lumpur.,
- Sat Feb 7 03:09:21 GMT 1998 from jrc-5-70.tm.net.my
Katie Iam 9 year's old and I think you are a better drawer then my brother and he is 15 year's old. (man she can draw good).
To:A good drawer Katie
From: Tylee Lantz

Tylee Lantz
Lima, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Fri Feb 6 20:42:17 GMT 1998 from pm6-13.wcoil.com
I forgot to say that I worked at Bentham Grammar School for a year in the 1970s. Long before you were born.
I know Low Bentham very well.
I also used the youth hostel at Ingleton a lot in the past.
It is a bit like that area where I live in Romania.

John Farrell
- Fri Feb 6 19:07:22 GMT 1998 from cyberiaMAN6.cyberiacafe.net
I actually found your site before your sisters.
It is brilliant.
You must run rings round your teachers at school.
Are you a genius or does your dad help just a little bit?
I am going back to Romania tomorrow.
There was over a metre of snow outside my house when I left a week ago.
I hope it is still there. My school was closed.
Yes even teachers like extra holidays.

John Farrell
Comanesti, Bacau, Romania.
- Fri Feb 6 19:04:46 GMT 1998 from cyberiaMAN6.cyberiacafe.net
We are triplet boys age seven living by the ocean in New Jersey USA Our address is 51 South 5th Avenue and we would love to hear from you. Our Last name is Henderson. I forgot, the name of the town is Long Branch. We don't have a computer yet, but we are working on it. Your homepage is beautiful.
Billy, Benny and Robertjohn
- Fri Feb 6 18:51:31 GMT 1998
I am 12 years old.I am from Russia.I live in Moscow.I like horses too.I want to have a penfriend. Dear Kate,please write me.My e-mail is sudar123@orc.ru.ek
Russia, Moscow,
- Fri Feb 6 14:39:01 GMT 1998 from 16.08.dialup.orc.ru
I'm a portrait artist, and I was intrigued by your page whilst surfing for a gallery called Kate Chertavian. I also paint horses!
Peter Mailer-Yates
Lapworth, Warks, UK.
- Fri Feb 6 11:44:47 GMT 1998 from p36-rail-gui.tch.virgin.net
I am 10 I have 1 sister and 1 brother I love horses, kittens and hamsters I live in Savanna ILL.but you probably don't know were that is that's all OH! forgot to tell you my name is Sarah Ritchie.
- Fri Feb 6 00:28:11 GMT 1998
heather byford
McMinnville, TN, U.S.A.
- Thu Feb 5 01:34:51 GMT 1998 from dial-8.r10.tnmmrl.infoave.net
I am 11 years old,Iwant to have a penpal or a cybernetic penpal and I am in 6 grade in a school named colegio anglo mexicano de coyoacan .
claudia villegas servin
mexico,city, d.f., mexico.
- Thu Feb 5 00:34:55 GMT 1998 from inter497.internet.com.mx
claudia vii
- Thu Feb 5 00:29:40 GMT 1998 from inter773.internet.com.mx
Kate, I like your site. I was just wondering around the internet when I found your site. It is neat. I will talk back later because I just got here and need to check it out. Well, this is about all that I will say now except for one more thing. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEBPAGE TOO!!! I would appreciate it if someone would sign my guestbook too. Everyone have a wonderful New Year...I know that I will. Even thought it is February, we can still have a good New Year. Bye. P.S. My e-mail is wman@logicsouth.com.ek
Wilson Kirkpatrick
( http://www.angelfire.com/sc/wmanpage)
Columbia, SC, US.
- Wed Feb 4 22:15:12 GMT 1998 from mx41p1-1.logicsouth.com
Hej jag heter Malin och är 7 år. Jag bor i Färjestaden på Öland i Sverige. Hälsningar Malin
Malin Adréasson
- Wed Feb 4 18:36:41 GMT 1998 from rb3162.dialup.telia.se
Dear Katie and Family: My job here in the United States is helping people with Internet problems for a large internet company. We have your site linked to ours on our 'For Children' page. I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your site is!! You have done an incredible job here! Im going to spend some considerable time here reading all about the stuff that you find interesting. I was just wondering though, do you know what a 'babelfish' really is? :D ...Perhaps if not, ask your parents if youre old enough to read the book called, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! It's kind of a fantasy book about space and the strange stuff that one guy discovers when his home planet gets blown to bits!! But it's really good, and maybe with their help you'd love it as much as I did! Thanks again for a great job out here on the Internet!! Take care and God Speed to you and your family! Jennifer Bankson jennifer@aeroinc.net.ek
Jennifer Bankson
Lena, IL, USA.
- Wed Feb 4 16:31:45 GMT 1998 from karen.aeroinc.net
very good job Kate. I am a librarian at a large two-year college in north san diego county. I'm setting up a study session for a class on child development and am locating web sites to show them. i have two boys who play lots of games and write homework papers on our Mac at home, but do not do much internet stuff. thank you, and use your precocity to better yourself and the world
kelly (male)
san marcos, calif, usa.
- Wed Feb 4 03:02:33 GMT 1998 from issfw.palomar.edu
wichita, ks/usa,
- Wed Feb 4 02:49:20 GMT 1998 from ww-tb02.proxy.aol.com
We are are in an internet class. We really like your page.
sarah, karim, and jessica
Peachtree City, GA, USA.
- Tue Feb 3 21:20:04 GMT 1998 from user-38lcpru.dialup.mindspring.com
- Tue Feb 3 15:11:53 GMT 1998
I'm 9 years old . I'm in 3rd-grade. Iam in Gymnasics I just learned my back tuck. Do you like the SPICE girls? I have a sheltie. It is a collie like Lassie. Have you ever heard of Lassie?
Jenny Rector
ElizabethTown, Kentucky, United States.
- Mon Feb 2 17:38:38 GMT 1998
Linköping, Sweden.
- Mon Feb 2 12:32:30 GMT 1998 from t3o11p56.telia.com
Iam 11 years old. Ilove horses and dogs. I have 3 already
Eliza Dandridge
Earlysville, Virginia, USA.
- Sun Feb 1 21:41:27 GMT 1998 from Dialin1086.cstone.net
I play the violin love soccer,basketballand softball I am twelve years old and my best friend is Alicia Elaine Thompson, We are on a softball team together and I also love to act and hope to be in a movie
Annie Elizabeth Taylor
Louisville, Kentucky, Crestwood.
- Sun Feb 1 17:57:04 GMT 1998 from loukyts228.mis.NET
I'm 37 years older than you. Elderly, aren't I? Not really, my dear. I spent two times in London. First in 1979 and the other time in 1990. I like the English countryside and enjoyed reading books in libraries in London. I,m now working as the editor of an English journal called Thai Development Newsletter (TDN). It's about development work and disadvantaged people in Thailand.
Would this be enough for now? Hope you're a good girl. Will I hear from you some time. My E-mail address is: tdscthai@infonews.co.th.eeeek.
Bye-bye Kate.

Ms Suntaree Kiatiprajuk
Bangkok, Thailand.
- Sun Feb 1 09:21:00 GMT 1998 from jupiter.infonews.co.th

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