Kate's Forty Fourth Guest Book

space well done a good home page. i run a local branch of the moto guzzi club gb. i also have a 1964 650 triumph tiger(not working). hope you get chance to visit my home page and sign the guest book. keith astle
keith astle
( http://freespace.virgin.net/keith.astle/guzzi.htm)
birmingham, w-mids, england.
- Wed Jul 23 21:05:50 BST 1997 from p21-crow-gui.tch.virgin.net
I am an old man Kate. Well not that old. Maybe your fathers age. I just thought that I would say "Hello" since you asked for "me" to sign your guest book. Take care in school and send my regards to your family.
Peter Kepkay
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- Wed Jul 23 07:41:14 BST 1997 from van-52-0812.direct.ca
hello Kate..im 15/m and live in Minnesota(USA)....you have some neat interests......i am a flyer (student pilot) and i also like sports
- Wed Jul 23 07:18:56 BST 1997 from 174.minneapolis-004.mn.dial-access.att.net
I like horses. We live next to yosemite national park, home of half dome.
sarah hebern
mariposa, ca, mariposa.
- Tue Jul 22 19:07:10 BST 1997 from r26.yosemite.net
Hello Kate, I'm no longer a kid and not yet a mother who searches for sites for her kids, but I love your pages anyway! You really made my day.
Munich, Germany.
- Tue Jul 22 18:42:21 BST 1997 from odie.camelot.de
My name is Nicole and I am 8 years old. I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I have a sister Victoria (4) and a brother Craig who is 3 months old. I love to swim and I love to read. My mom found out about you in the Library in a book about Kids on the Web. So she gave me your address and now here I am. I also plan to come to visit often. It's so cool.............
Bay Shore, New York, USA.
- Tue Jul 22 17:43:40 BST 1997 from frame239.suffolk.lib.ny.us
I have two little girls the oldest of whom is 4 and I have just bought a paperback Swallows and Amazons to start reading to them as my AP has our hardback copies and will not part with them! I enjoy running, cycling, reading, sailing and being with my girls. Good home page (Found it doing a search for Swallows and Amazons)! Charles Coull (charles_coull@hotmail.com
Charles Coull
Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland.
- Fri Jul 18 08:26:01 BST 1997 from server1.digital.co.uk
10/F/Green Eyes/Blond Hair
Amanda CA, USA.
- Fri Jul 18 04:43:44 BST 1997 from max10-so-ca-33.earthlink.net
I am 10 years old. You can write me at demaritt@flash.net.
Ashley Moore
Arlington, Texas, United States.
- Fri Jul 18 02:05:39 BST 1997 from tc6-28.flash.net
I am a doctor, an old doctor.I am maried and have 7 sons.
Luis Sanjuanbenito Aguirre
Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
- Thu Jul 17 17:28:14 BST 1997 from sunryc0.hrc.es
I just want to say hello to you.

Hello Jing Jing say hello to your mum and dad for us as well

Jing Jing
Hong Kong, China.
- Wed Jul 16 12:31:47 BST 1997 from s35-2-055.man.stu.mmu.ac.uk

Hello,my name is Katie.Iam 9. I have light brown hair to blond. I have hazel eyes. Its REAL hot here. We go to the beach often I am in 4th. Me and my brother Jantz are adopted....Katie
Katie DeAngelo
North Myrtle Beach, SC, USA.
- Tue Jul 15 17:39:39 BST 1997 from ww-to03.proxy.aol.com
I am a librarian at the East York Public Library. Today I catalogued a book about kids and the WWW and I read about your home page. It's very impressive -- I hope to be able to do all this myself someday. A suggestion: why not include a list of your favourite books? P.S. Your news seems a bit out of date.
Toronto, ON, Canada.
- Tue Jul 15 02:44:04 BST 1997 from cosmo15.slip.yorku.ca
i am almost 5. i like my mom and dad. nothing else.
Tara, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Jul 14 23:39:19 BST 1997 from ppp0004.log.on.ca
I live here in northern Europe Finland, in the land of Santa Claus, in wintertime we have lot of snow and itīs cold, now we have nice summer and the sun i shining almost 24 hours. Greetings from Finland, this page is very nice..keep on good work !
Risto Mattila
Raisio, Finland.
- Mon Jul 14 20:14:18 BST 1997 from ts7-12.icenet.fi
Hello again Kate. I saw a picture of you, Peggy and Ian rowing a boat on a lake. Ian and I maintain the Arthur Ransome pages together. I used to live in New Zealand but now I live in Japan. I enjoy sailing, reading books by Arthur Ransome, Tintin books and sailing. Also sailing and teaching people how to sail
Peter Dowden Chofu-shi, Tokyo-to, Japan.
- Mon Jul 14 05:52:09 BST 1997 from tremaine.cc.uec.ac.jp
Had a Welsh Section A pony as a child. Almost 40 (gasp!) now, just curious to see what's on the web.
Kathy Melton
Pueblo, Colorado, USA.
- Mon Jul 14 00:24:35 BST 1997 from
Hello Kate, I am a Mom of three young men, ages 15, 26 & 28. I live in a small Maine coastal community in the U.S. We are very busy with tourists in the summer, and love our quiet beaches in the fall and winter. The weather has been absolutely glorious this year!!! We are grateful for every day of sunshine!!! I found your home page by looking for Arts and crafts projects from people all over the world. You see, I lead arts and crafts programs in a summer conference center here, for people of all ages. I happen to need to plan a program for 60 children, ages 2 thru 17. I thought that perhaps you could help me out with some ideas. This particular conference is asking me to have projects from different countries around the world.......so, What do you like to create that is popular with children in your country? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, and be willing to share ideas, if you are interested. I will look forward to hearing from you, or anyone else interested. Sincerely, Sue Murphy
Sue Murphy
Saco, Maine, USA.
- Sun Jul 13 23:23:05 BST 1997 from bidd21.gwi.net
I am 10 years old.I live in Canada.I like to swim and play different kinds of games.I like to read.
Claire Mckernan

Oshawa, Ont., Canada.
- Sun Jul 13 23:11:33 BST 1997 from
I'm 37 years old ex-navy, once station in Holy Loch Scotland for submarine duty, also once station on the U.S. Hunley I' m currently living in the state of Ga.,working with the govt. as a research engineer.I'm married with two(2) lads,ages 19 & 15. At times I really miss "BLOODY OLD SCOTLAND"
Elijah B. Thomas
Tifton, Ga., USA.
- Sat Jul 12 22:04:13 BST 1997
I'm almost 10 too. I'm on summer break. This is my first time on the Internet and I like it alot. My birthday is in October. I was born in the 1987's. Today my sister has chickenpox. My sister is 3 years old and her name is Cheyenne. I just got back from Florida. It was sunny every day and the water was a beautiful emerald green. I also swam in a big pool. It was also very good that I didn't see any sharks in the water.
ta-ta for now
Alexandra Crisp
p.s. There was a British actor named Donald Crisp, maybe I am related to him!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Crisp
Clarksville, Ohio, USA.
- Sat Jul 12 14:42:06 BST 1997 from ww-tc21.proxy.aol.com
I Am 14 years old. I am new to the internet. Can any one get a guest book? They are cool. Please write me! I would be delighted to hear from any one.
Jessica Pettigrew

rapid city, SD, USA.
- Sat Jul 12 07:27:48 BST 1997 from rc-pm1-06.enetis.net
I'm a 2nd grade teacher and I was just browsing around and saw your page! Very sharp!
Roswell, GA, USA.
- Sat Jul 12 03:34:39 BST 1997 from ww-tj01.proxy.aol.com
Hi! I live in Pennsylvania in the USA. I LOVE your page- it's hilarious. Especially the random scientific nonsense generator and the jokes page. Thanks for keeping up such a great page!
Pennsylvania, USA,
- Sat Jul 12 01:59:46 BST 1997 from pmwill7-20.csrlink.net
I am a 23 year old medical student studying in Sheffield. I found this page when looking at "Xixix Vscophy"'s page... I met June through role playing and was just having a look round. I am very impressed with your home page and I very much approve of the first joke you have on the jokes page "what's brown and sticky?"... it is one of my favourite jokes!!!
bye bye

Mary Green
Sheffield, S Yorks, England.
- Fri Jul 11 16:19:35 BST 1997 from pc105186.shef.ac.uk
i like ice skating i like to talk a lot i have brown hair and eyes and olive skin
brisbane, australia.
- Fri Jul 11 09:50:07 BST 1997 from rigel.powerup.com.au
I am 10 years old and have a dog named harley. I REALLY love horses. I like to listen to the backstreet boys and the spice girls.
meagan rajotte
hamilton, ontario, canada.
- Fri Jul 11 00:45:44 BST 1997
Hi. I'm Ashley and i'm 11 years old. I'm a tomboy. I love sports, ecspeccily baseball and basketball. I have a four year old brother named nick. I am just starting on the net and really enjoying it. Bye.
11 years old

- Thu Jul 10 02:09:16 BST 1997 from trtn00-sh4-port205.snet.net
- Wed Jul 9 23:16:39 BST 1997 from det-mi1-22.ix.netcom.com
Im 11 years old.I have a lot of friends.
Melody White
I'm at UVic University)
Victoria, BC VAN, CANADA.
- Wed Jul 9 19:03:52 BST 1997 from uvaix1e1.comp.UVic.CA
I'm 14 years old. I think your page is cool!!!
Frisco City, Alabama, USA.
- Wed Jul 9 18:48:00 BST 1997 from beluga47.frontier.gulf.net
I would just like you to know that you have a cool page. Pleasa visit mine.
Alabama, USA,
- Wed Jul 9 18:46:03 BST 1997 from beluga47.frontier.gulf.net

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I have two daughters one is 22 and I have another that is 8 years old. I was checking out websites that would be good for my 8 year old and I think she would enjoy this one very much.
Bonnie Lawson
Union Bridge, Maryland, U.S.A..
- Fri Jul 4 01:03:29 BST 1997 from ww-tl01.proxy.aol.com
I love horses and would ride them every day possible if I had one
Elizabeth Christian
Millport, Alabama, USA.
- Thu Jul 3 23:27:19 BST 1997 from slip8.onramp.sulligent.al.us
Married 35 F, one son, one TB ex racehorse, one 2 yr old Welsh sec D filly. Very interested in cobs especially breeding and showing - I do pedigrees as a hobby. Love to "talk" Welsh Cobs! New to this net stuff but great fun so far!
Lisa Nixon

Glen Auldyn, IsleofMan, Britain.
- Thu Jul 3 16:18:33 BST 1997 from ww-td21.proxy.aol.com
I'm 11years old and I'm in the sixth grade.
Berkeley Spring, West Vir., North America.
- Thu Jul 3 09:09:28 BST 1997 from pm3bky1-66-94.intrepid.net
Jessy Taylor
- Thu Jul 3 09:03:33 BST 1997 from pm3bky1-66-94.intrepid.net
Hello kate i'm 40 yers old and ride motorcycles. My wife is also 40 and she rides horses. Her name is Janet and she has two horses named Schotty and Vinney.
Phillip Doyle
Pulaski, Virginia, USA.
- Thu Jul 3 04:53:53 BST 1997
I'm 12 I have blond hair blue eyes and glasses . I love reading books and DOLLY magazine. I also love shopping and everything in the world especially mum and dad ,my brother and dolphins.My B'day is the 26th Feburary 1985 .
Armidale, NSW, Australia.
- Thu Jul 3 03:05:40 BST 1997
I am almost 4 years old, My favorite color is pink, and I like to play ball and with dolls.
Kalista Long
Boulder, CO, USA.
- Thu Jul 3 01:59:57 BST 1997 from p16.pm-9.pm.dimcom.net
Hi Kate, I just visited Rachels home page and was touched by her story. I can't belive her mom died of AIDS. I think that is really sad. I wanted to write in her guest book, but I couldn't because she doesn't have one any more. Are still 10 years old??

I will be 10 in August

I'm 14.
Katherine Kayes
Woodlands, Texas, USA.
- Thu Jul 3 01:59:00 BST 1997 from slip129-37-236-153.tx.us.ibm.net

i aim 7 years old ,i have tree sisters younger as i stefanie and nathalie this is a twin and cheyenne its 3 monds sorry for my anglais we speak dutchNo problem - better than my Dutch

sabrina blommaert
brugge, belgie.
- Wed Jul 2 22:04:32 BST 1997 from dialup44.brugge.skynet.be

I am 10 years old and really love horses.I love to do art.I have a dog named harley. I like to listen to the spice girls and backstreet boys.I also like to read.
meagan rajotte
hamilton, ontario, canada.
- Wed Jul 2 02:15:23 BST 1997
I'm an 8th grader how do you make a guest book?? pester your APs

Milton , Vermont,
- Tue Jul 1 23:56:58 BST 1997 from ww-tk01.proxy.aol.com

mississagua, ontario, canada.
- Tue Jul 1 20:27:58 BST 1997 from tc3m40s.ipoline.com
I'm 5 years old. I will start kindergarten in the fall. I play t-ball and take dance classes (ballet, tap, and acrobat) I am going to be a cheerleader this fall, too. I have a brother named Kody and a black lab named Chelsea. I love animals, especially cats and dogs. My E-mail address is karah5
Karah Gettleman
Bismarck, Illinois, USA.
- Tue Jul 1 01:36:30 BST 1997 from ww-ti21.proxy.aol.com
hi kate, My name is danieal Loh, your page is very nice so don't let him stop... carry on our bright future.
danieal Loh
Alor Setar, kedah, malaysia.
- Mon Jun 30 16:56:57 BST 1997 from j1.als4.jaring.my
I like books. I have a little sister. I also like playing the piano.
Neha Dhingra
Evansville, Indiana, U.S.A..
- Mon Jun 30 16:27:10 BST 1997 from educ_mac21.usi.edu
I am 10 years old and I like to write stories. I love ice skating and roller blading. I am actually from India where it's really hot!!!! My real name is Amrita. Its kinda hard to say it so I changed it to Ashley. I hope many other kids sign your guestbook! Please write me a letter. BYE!!!
Ashley Rawat
Atlanta, Georgia, America.
- Mon Jun 30 01:02:01 BST 1997 from atl596.avana.net
I'm 13 years old my brith day is September 16, 1983. I like to fish and hike. I live at a bed and breakfast its called Lynx Creek farm. We have a web page about it Maybe sometime you can visit me. My e-mail address is lynxcfbb@ bsl net. com
Lindsey Chewning
Prescott, Az,
- Sun Jun 29 16:46:33 BST 1997
I am 11 years old and I do not have a home page like you. I can get mail through my dad's internet address: KLHull@Jetlink.com. This is a really neat home page. I really like the drawing. Did you draw it? See You! Katie
Katie Hull
Ventura, California, USA.
- Sun Jun 29 05:04:34 BST 1997 from ppp-208-19-49-84.isdn.jetlink.net
i show section A ponies.I have a mare and filly foal and a 2 year old colt which i intend to use for stud .
karen curtis

truro, cornwall, U.K..
- Sat Jun 28 23:09:26 BST 1997 from ww-to03.proxy.aol.com
I am almost 11. I like to swim, dance, and do lots of other stuff too.
Needam, MA, USA.
- Fri Jun 27 22:29:36 BST 1997 from 1Cust22.Max21.Boston.MA.MS.UU.NET
Hi. I'm seven. I love ponies and horses. I just learned to read pony pal books. I've read three. My mom is buying two more for me. I'm looking for pictures of ponies on the internet, and I found your page. My dad is typing this for me, because I can't type yet. Karen
Karen Boyle
Richmond, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Jun 27 21:38:00 BST 1997 from max-port207.cyberus.ca
I have 2 ponies named Hot Shot, and Baby. My Grandpa bought them for my kids. Baby is the prettiest, but Hot shot is the funniest.He can pull a cart, when kids ride him, he has to prove he's as big as the big horses, and his favorite thing in the world is Grape Pop?
Cavecreek, Arizona, Az.,
- Fri Jun 27 16:31:08 BST 1997 from ww-th41.proxy.aol.com
I am a teacher in the fifth grade at Valmeyer, IL. I spent about a month in the UK two years ago. We really enjoyed the time. I'm going to Canada again next month. We go up there nearly every year. I like your page. You have no doubt spent a great deal of time on it. Our school begins near the end of August. I know that some of my students would like to communicate with you. If you would like to E-Mail them, my address is: jhillyar@mail.isbe.accessus.net Hope to hear from you then!
Joel Hillyard
Red Bud, IL, USA.
- Thu Jun 26 16:41:17 BST 1997 from
Hey Katie! Visit my webpage, answer the poll question, and sign *my* guestbook! I'm sure you'll like it!!
( http://members.aol.com/ItchyScalp/index.html)
Cincinnati, OH, USA.
- Wed Jun 25 17:19:17 BST 1997 from ww-tm03.proxy.aol.com
Durham, UK.
- Tue Jun 24 14:00:36 BST 1997 from delphi.dur.ac.uk
I am a Middle School (grades 6,7,8) librarian who is taking a course on designing Web pages. Your Web page caught the of my partner and eye. Very nice job!
Kathy Wickmann
Watertown, WI, USA.
- Mon Jun 23 19:33:11 BST 1997 from
- Mon Jun 23 19:29:43 BST 1997 from ww-to02.proxy.aol.com

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