Kate's Fourty Second Guest Book

space I have dark brown hair.I like ponies,biking,reading,and horseback-ridding.I like the computer, and to have FUN!!!!!!!
Sumter, SC, U.S.A..
- Thu May 29 20:13:25 BST 1997 from dial-152.r11.scsumt.infoave.net
Nicole Surprenant
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
- Thu May 29 03:06:44 BST 1997 from 1Cust121.Max1.Chicago2.IL.MS.UU.NET
I am 9 years old. Out of school for the summer vacation. I have 2 dogs and 4 horses, one is a new foal . I will be in fourth grade next school year. E -mail me so we can talk this summer
huntsville, texas, usa.
- Thu May 29 00:33:33 BST 1997 from hunt-pri1-a3.lcc.net
Heather Hopkinson
Greensboro, N. C. , U. S. A. .
- Wed May 28 21:12:39 BST 1997 from
Im not a loser and i will become one if i stay on the computer so see ya!!!!@#$@~$##****
Timonium, M.D., U.S,A..
- Wed May 28 02:49:48 BST 1997 from proxy1.twsn1.md.home.com
I am horse crazy and I am 9 too.
Fredericton, N.B , Canada.
- Tue May 27 20:40:43 BST 1997 from ras74.brunnet.net
Hi! Cool sight! I'm 21 and bisexual, blonde hair died black, 5'10",1 165. I'm into MUSIC! :) :) KT!
Kevin Thompson
Roseville, MN, USA.
- Tue May 27 04:39:31 BST 1997 from wcm.washington.lib.mn.us
I am an 8 year old boy who likes to draw and loves to read. This is the very first time that I signed anyone's book on the Web! My mom and I are having fun exploring different sites. We really liked your drawing. I like to draw ocean pictures, dinasours, and anything else I can think of. One fun thing I did recently was build structures from toothpicks and marshmallows (I used the marshmallows as connectors). You should try it sometime!. My dad's e-mail address is MJKawles.facstaff.wisc.edu Hope to hear back from you! Dan
Dam Kawleski
Cottage Grove, WI, USA.
- Tue May 27 02:56:41 BST 1997 from F182-160.net.wisc.edu
- Tue May 27 00:03:21 BST 1997 from fa-C7-v39-187.nji.com
I'm 22 Italian boy, really good your page... I have a guestbook too... come to my page and sign it, I'll be grateful... Bye!!
Turin, Italy.
- Mon May 26 17:10:58 BST 1997 oddly from swallow.doc.ic.ac.uk
I am 11 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have a 7 year old sister. I've lived in Mo. for 2 years. I've lived in every state in N. America accept for Alaska and Hawaii.
Lindsay Douglas
Marshall, Missouri, N. America.
- Sat May 24 20:57:39 BST 1997 from
Self employed accountant. Married with two children. Wish you the best. Great web page, did you make it yourself ?

Designed it myself, my dad helped me make it. Kate.

John Dallmann
Oshkosh, WI, USA.
- Sat May 24 18:55:45 BST 1997 from dial232.vbe.com

I am 2 , I live with my mummy and daddy and love Winne the Pooh
Megan Colette Knightley
Cambridge, Cambs, England.
- Sat May 24 13:55:11 BST 1997
I live in Vermont, USA, right in the middle of the state. I work for UVM Extension (University of Vermont) training local town officials on using electronic communications. Some are only at the stage of choosing an ISP, some are just starting to use e-mail and others are starting to put municipal information on the web. I grew up with show horses (hunters and jumpers) and went to the Olympics in Montreal. One of the girls whose ponies and horses I took care of showed in England and married Tim Grubb (now divorced). Michelle is still a good friend. I ski now and do a lot of fishing, mostly flyfishing. I am on the Board of Directors for our svchool district and on the technology committee. I like your page but haven't been here in two years. I am happy to see that you are still active. I will be showing your page to teachers in Vermont to show them what can and will be done by people who have drive, ambition and perseverence. Best wishes...again and have a great day.
David Deutl :ddeutl@sover.net">ddeutl@sover.net
Moretown, VT, USA.
- Sat May 24 00:24:46 BST 1997 from pm0a10.mont.sover.net
I liked your Homepage.
Maria Eduarda Piazza Fazzini
Florianopolis, SC, Brazil.
- Fri May 23 19:40:43 BST 1997
I like your page. My brother Andrew (8 yr) helps mee with the e mail. I'm 2 and a half. Visit my page.
Melissa Oliver :joliver@iswt.com">joliver@iswt.com
Humboldt, USA, Tennessee.
- Thu May 22 23:19:56 BST 1997 from PP51.iswt.com
Kate, I truly enjoyed visiting your site. It was put together well. The link that says "you" told me where I was. How did you do that?

Would you believe magic ? Silly you, my computer has to "know" your computers name so it can send the pages you ask for, youwho.pl is a little script my dad made which just looks at the name and stuff your computer sends.

Thanks, Paul
Paul :Pthiel@coe.uga.edu"> Pthiel@coe.uga.edu
athens, ga. , USA.
- Thu May 22 21:33:18 BST 1997 from coe228-3.coe.uga.edu

- Thu May 22 21:04:49 BST 1997 from ip214.boi.primenet.com
I am 23 years old and the Director of Public Information (Public Relations Director) for the Altus Public School System. I found your web site while doing research on educational web sites. I am currently working on getting a web site up for our school system. Your site is very impressive for a 9-year old!
Valerie Roberts
Altus, Oklahoma, USA.
- Thu May 22 16:59:05 BST 1997 from dialup30.intellisys.net
Just another quick note to give my email address. Sincerely, Katie M.
Kate Elizabeth McDonald
Franklin, VA, USA.
- Thu May 22 04:12:23 BST 1997 from user-37kb9ik.dialup.mindspring.com
I have a brother and a sister. Laura [almost 8] and Joe[4]. I'm 10 and in 4th grade. Laura and I are homeschool[taught at home by our mother]. I like reading and playing the piano. I was going to tell you that I like to read about the Revolutionary War but then I realized that might be a sensitive topic talking to a Brit.

I think most of us have got over you lot escaping. The first nation taken over by the English ruling class was England. Perhaps one day we will be able to hold some truths self evident here...Kate's dad.

Your friend, Katie E. McDonald
Kate Elizabeth McDonald
Franklin, Virginia, USA.
- Thu May 22 04:09:13 BST 1997 from user-37kb9ik.dialup.mindspring.com

Hi, I found your page while searching in Yahoo for my name! Apparently it was found in one of your guest pages (or a near match at least). I am 34 and live in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex (UK)with my wife and three children. I own my own business providing computer software development consultancy. I did like the look of your page but it would take a long time to browse through it all so I'm moving on! Good luck.
Marvey Mills :SevSoft@aol.com">SevSoft@aol.com
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England.
- Tue May 20 16:20:41 BST 1997 from ww-tb21.proxy.aol.com
We are kids from Brazil and we'd like to get email from you. Our names are Alessandra, Victor, Tarsio, Bruno, Rafael, Erica, Luana. We promisse to answer to it soon if you write. Don't forget: yazigi.santos@bsnet.com.br
Yazigi :yazigi.santos@bsnet.com.br">yazigi.santos@bsnet.com.br
Santos, SP, Brazil.
- Tue May 20 14:55:53 BST 1997
I enjoyed reading your page. We are a British family now living in the US. My daughter, Harriet , is 7 years old and her younger brother, Russell, can't wait to celebrate his 4th birthday next week. Harriet was born in England and moved here when she was just 2 years old. We have 2 grey cats, Bruce and Rosie, who are brother and sister and are 2 years old. Have a great summer!
Jackie Morgan
Annapolis, Maryland , USA.
- Tue May 20 03:08:07 BST 1997 from bal-md8-21.ix.netcom.com
My daddy is helping me type this... I am almost 3 years old, and we just got our computer. I really enjoy playing with Elmo's PreSchool and Sesame Street Art Workshop.
malcolm piazza
kitchener, ont., canada.
- Mon May 19 22:24:20 BST 1997 from ts1-02.kit.iSTAR.ca
I like your home page
Maria Claudia Piazza Fazzini
Florianopolis, SC, Brazil.
- Mon May 19 18:52:11 BST 1997
I like your home page
Marcela Klein Schneider
Florianopolis, SC, Brazil.
- Mon May 19 18:49:59 BST 1997
I like your home page
Mariana Tebaldi Madeira Neves
Florianopolis, SC, Brazil.
- Mon May 19 18:41:44 BST 1997
I like your home page
Juliana Arraes Poersch
Florianopolis, SC, Brazil.
- Mon May 19 18:31:32 BST 1997 from
Hi . My favorite animal is a bear.I am 9 years old. My birthday is Jan.14
Beth Schock
Kingston, Ont., Canada.
- Mon May 19 15:31:58 BST 1997 from ts8-12.kin.iSTAR.ca
Hello, my name is Derek. I am looking to setup a big brother/big sister club kinda thing, so if you are interested in becoming a big brother/sister please email me. if you are interested in having an older "cybling" then you can also email me. The point of this "network" is to help kids out with any problems they might want to discuss with some one other than their parents (no offense to all you moms and dads but i've been there. you wont be able to discuss everything with your kids) so if you are interested, like i said just click on that long underlined thing-a-ma-jig (aka email adress). Thank you for your time and help.
Derek USA.
- Sun May 18 04:41:41 BST 1997 from lacd017.lss.emc.com
Hi, I'm in the Fifth grade. I haven't got the chance to explore your webpage but I'm sure it's good. I love pizza and eggs and writing and drawing. I also play this game called blood. It is very fun. I love Star wars, do you like those movies? I have a sister who is 8 and is also in love with horses. Maybe you can e-mail me at nmahlberg@juno.com. BYE!
Nate Mahlberg
Neola, IA, USA.
- Sun May 18 04:33:39 BST 1997 from
Hi Kate, I'm 12 years old and I haven't read you page yet because this is the first thing I clicked on, but I'm sure it will be cool. This is the firt time I ever used the Internet and it is sooooo cool.I loved Rachel's page and I would have signed her guest book if it was still open. See ya!
Mantua, NJ, U.S.A>.
- Sun May 18 03:35:37 BST 1997 from ras13.comten.com
Was looking for nice sites for my two children AMY 7yrs. & Jonathan 3yrs. I am a biker like your dad. Sounds like he likes older motorcyces also. I have 75 Norton,79 CBX,75 T-500 Suzuki. Hope to visit the UK and see the Isle of Man TT soon.Nice web site, good luck!
M Golly
Des Moines , IA, USA.
- Sat May 17 21:02:22 BST 1997 from ww-th21.proxy.aol.com
I am 8 years old. I live on a Kibbutz in the Negev desert. I like to play tennis and swim. I play the piano too. Sincerely, Ms. Maayan Sherris
Maayan Sherris
Kibbutz Yahel, D.N. Eilot, Israel.
- Sat May 17 09:23:52 BST 1997
I am 10 years old. I have 2 ponies , their names are Misty and Blue. I compete in the Hunter/Jumper circuit year round. My E-mail address is suenos@nettally.com.
Lauren Labasky
Talahassee, Florida, U.S..
- Sat May 17 02:55:01 BST 1997 from m4-128.ppp.nettally.com
IM an: 11/f/blond/blue/5'2"/124lbs./Indiana I like: Reading, writing poetry, listening to music, writing to pen-pals, and surfung homepages. If you would like to be my pal, please mail me @: mel_j_chisholm@geocities.com Bye, Nikki Clarkson
Nicole Clarkson
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1162/) Indiana, USA.
- Fri May 16 22:40:32 BST 1997 from dev160.icongrp.com
hi i'm 10 years old and in the 4th grade and i'd like to know Alicia i love rollar blading !!! :) :-)
Brook Park, OH, USA.
- Fri May 16 13:31:24 BST 1997 from ww-te21.proxy.aol.com
I have a little girl called Emilia who loves ponies. Good luck with your fundraising for Brooke Hospital. We fundraise for the Devon donkey sanctuary.
julia mcallister
london, uk.
- Thu May 15 16:42:07 BST 1997 from pc007.active-direct.co.uk
Two big girls surfing in the internet! And we do like horses and ponies...
Sanna and Riikka
Oulu, Finland.
- Wed May 14 15:59:38 BST 1997 from tolpc136.oulu.fi
I am a keen motocyclist and run several different bikes. I am always building small 125cc bikes and under for a hobby. I have been to the isle of man several times and much enjoyed it. I,ll sign off now Kate and wish you happy motocycling days. All the best from lower Ayrshire. (OK, 11,)
Ian Boyd
Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland.
- Wed May 14 15:11:29 BST 1997 from ayrcoll-188.ayrcoll.ac.uk
Hi Kate. I love your page, it's really neat. How's the weather over there in England?
Dennis Lindgren
Eagan, MN, USA.
- Wed May 14 04:54:35 BST 1997 from ip203.msp.primenet.com
I am a mother of two boys ages 6 and 7. We live in Mill Valley which is just north of San Francisco -- just across the Golden Gate Bridge. We are thinking about taking our family to England in a couple of years. We would like to live there for about a year. My husband and I have both visited England. My husband lived there twice as a boy growing up. Your WEB site it great. Keep it up!
Sarah Schwartz
Mill Valley, California, USA.
- Tue May 13 21:39:44 BST 1997
Hey Kate! I found your page totally by accident. My best friend's name is Kate and I was messing about with my computer at work and found your page. And I'm so glad I did - it cheered up what was a pretty horrible day, and now I'm a whole lot perkier.
Thanks muchly,
Mikey. mh51k@clinmed.gla.ac.uk
P.S. I like the Scots' motto at the bottom of your page and your parent's warning. Cool!

Michael S Hoffs
Glasgow, Scotland.
- Tue May 13 17:53:03 BST 1997 from royal-32.royal.gla.ac.uk
im just a biker please can you send me any web pages on bikes or bike chat i ride a gsx1100efe im 41 male thanks jezz.........................
malvern, worcester, u.k.
- Tue May 13 00:30:37 BST 1997 from dialup-18-22.netcomuk.co.uk
Hi Kate! My name is Lori Buchanan. We have the same birthday! I'm a little older than you though I'm 34. I have a daughter that is 9 like you! Her name is Alicia. I also have a son Eric who is 6. Feel free to write to us. Maybe you and Alicia can share "stuff". Take Care... Lori bbuchan1@im4u.net
Lori Buchanan
Wayland, MI, USA.
- Mon May 12 21:33:14 BST 1997 from gra-mi1-20.ix.netcom.com
What music do you like, Kate?
Emma Mackie
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
- Mon May 12 16:50:20 BST 1997 from ac091.du.pipex.com
Deep Red! Did you here about that kasperov bloke who got beaten by a computer! AHhahaha! He was well cheesed off! He's demanding a rematch. I think that sounds fair! So, Kate's dad, Who did you vote for? Labour, I hope....Here in Islington Chris Smith is still our MP. You had Conservative before?
Emma Mackie :emmas@usa.net">emmas@usa.net
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357/)
- Mon May 12 16:47:24 BST 1997 from ac091.du.pipex.com
Wahey! A picture of me and Mr. Chips. I finally found the scanner....

Isn't he Cute!!!!!?????
Emma Mackie
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
London, England.
- Mon May 12 16:40:34 BST 1997 from ac091.du.pipex.com

Hi Kate! I'm an Early Childhood teacher trying to learn about computers. SOmehow I landed on your page and of course was delighted to be able to sign your guest page. Enjoy!!! Chantelle
Gordon, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.
- Mon May 12 05:28:11 BST 1997 from iliad.lib.mq.edu.au

I have a homepage. Please go to it!Could you tell people about it on your page? Please?
San Diego, Ca, United States.
- Sun May 11 21:07:57 BST 1997 from 1Cust70.Max9.San-Diego.CA.MS.UU.NET

I would like more Games on Kate's Pages
- Sat May 10 21:23:11 BST 1997 from arcade-7.chichildrensmuseum.org

We are new to surfing the net. We found your page through links that originated at the Sacramento Public Library Home page. We like your page and will visit again. Thank you!
Walnut Grove, CA, USA.
- Sat May 10 04:57:40 BST 1997 from ww-tl01.proxy.aol.com

I am a fraternal twin. My sister Rebecca and I just turned 8 years old. I like to play Barbies and read.
Robyn Fondren
Blue Springs, MO, USA.
- Thu May 8 23:23:05 BST 1997 from proxy4.nyc.prodigy.net
hi,im cazz
- Thu May 8 13:23:41 BST 1997
Hello, my name is Tine. I only want to say that your Webpage is so funny, beautiful, great...etc... I love ponies, Tine.
Christine Klepsch
Soignies, Belgium,
- Wed May 7 14:27:37 BST 1997 from toaster.skynet.be
- Wed May 7 05:03:24 BST 1997 from dyn107c.egr-ri.ids.net
I really like your page Kate! I went to England when I was in Grade 2. I liked it alot. See ya, Laura
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Tue May 6 21:52:46 BST 1997 from van-as-08c03.direct.ca
I'm a Dutch girl who read your page. It's very funny!! Good luck to you.
- Tue May 6 16:04:51 BST 1997 from dutw835.wbmt.tudelft.nl
I am 22 years old and looking for a penpale on the net. If anyone is interested in writing someone for the fun of it write me. I'm a college student and desperately bored.
Keith Phillips
Livingston, Alabama, USA.
- Tue May 6 02:20:55 BST 1997 from
Kate, My family and I are thinking about moving to England. We're looking at your part of the country too. I'm 12. I have a younger sister(4) and brother(11). Daesha
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A..
- Tue May 6 01:19:31 BST 1997 from bart97.pcisys.net
Hi Kate I am 9 too I really like your page it is cool
York, ME, USA.
- Tue May 6 00:26:52 BST 1997 from cnc19270.concentric.net
I'm a 51 year old businessman with a wife, three grown children, and one seven year old Grand daughter (Julia). I own my own business (High Voltage Electrical Equipment) and I write, travel and take photographs for a hobby. I saw your "link" while researching a book I'm writing on Family Values. Maybe you might want to correspond with my Grandaughter. She's in the second grade, in Rochester Hills,Michigan. If you email me I will ask my daughter to help Julia email you. Julia plays tennis and wants to go to Wimbleton (sp?)some day. I hope you are enjoying hearing from many people around the world!!
Cory Somes :two%20yoopers@voyager.com">two yoopers@voyager.com

Lansing, Mi., U.S.A..
- Mon May 5 03:42:05 BST 1997
I am currently 11, I like to read, draw, sing and act.
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
- Sun May 4 22:41:29 BST 1997
I am a 12 year old girl and I love horses.
Roch.hills, mi, U.S.
- Sun May 4 21:17:47 BST 1997 from
Hello Im Stacey!How the hell are you?
Rockville, Md, USA.
- Sun May 4 18:16:23 BST 1997
I like your page.Please check out mine and please sign my guestbook.
( http://www.byteconn.com/melissa.html)
Philadelphia, PA, USA.
- Sun May 4 01:46:41 BST 1997
i am 11'f.
Kristen Fritz
Bethlehem, PA, USA.
- Sat May 3 23:26:23 BST 1997
I am in the 3rd grade at Garden Grove Elementary. I take gymnastic lessons. I like the vault. I have two sisters and a brother. Sincerely, Katy
Katy Elizabeth
Simi Valley, CA, USA.
- Sat May 3 20:49:44 BST 1997
I'm a mad Horse and Pony lover
Joanne Gardner
Durham, Durham, England.
- Sat May 3 12:41:06 BST 1997 from delphi.dur.ac.uk
Hi ! I am a girl from russia. Iam10. And i like dogs very much. GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yulia Rozhkevich
Khabarovsk, Far East, Russia.
- Sat May 3 06:56:04 BST 1997
Lynne :andrewsg@ktsnet.com">andrewsg@ktsnet.com
- Fri May 2 23:33:25 BST 1997
HI I would Like you to be my friend. I have *blue* eye's .
Brianne Chantel Pickering
Gridley, Butte, U S A.
- Fri May 2 22:52:06 BST 1997
I am 7 years old. I like sports and love writing.
Jayme Tatarzewski
Hurely, New York, 12443.
- Fri May 2 22:39:05 BST 1997
I am a girl. I like sports. I like running. I like kickball.And I am 8 years old.
Jayme Tatarzewski
Hurely, New York, Hurely.
- Fri May 2 22:27:13 BST 1997 from proxy-103.iap.bryant.webtv.net
I am a mom with two children. Abigail is 7 years old and Christian is 5 1/2 years old. I am trying to find a place for them to go this summer while I am at work. Somehow I found your page by mistake. Oh well, I think it is a wonderful page = )
Robyn Hilsher
Houston, Texas, USA.
- Thu May 1 14:41:31 BST 1997 from Cust73.Max6.Houston.TX.MS.UU.NET
Nice site!
Beverly Allen
( http://members.aol.com/Bev672/private/musiclinks.html)
Montgomery, AL, USA.
- Thu May 1 13:02:03 BST 1997 from www-ae1.proxy.aol.com
Hi! Im 20 years old I right now live in Sweden but I have also lived in the US for two years. In Newportbeach, California. Im going to school grqdyating this spring, finaly. Maybe Ill talk to you later. Bye Helen
Helen Persson
Kping, Sweden.
- Thu May 1 11:11:29 BST 1997 from t9o14p3.telia.com
I just wanted to say that my 4 year old really enjoyed your homepage. I love horses too. Have a nice day! Rebecca E-mail me at: refogg@techcom.net
DeWitt, Va., U.S.A..
- Thu May 1 06:10:07 BST 1997 from dial8.ppp.techcom.net

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