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space Left UK 1990. Currently work for Victorian licensing authority as motorcycle consultant. President of the Australian Rider Trainers Assoc, (ARTA). Used to be firefighter in High Wycombe, despatch rider in London for four years. Australia is a fantastic country for riding, it's now late autumn and the temp is 25 degrees! The roads are diverse and and the scenery stunning. Currently ride a Triumph 1200 Trophy as my company bike, and own a hot rod Harley. Cheers for now!! stay safe.
Rob Smith
Melbourne, Vic, Australia.
- Thu May 1 01:13:12 BST 1997 from proxy.monash.edu.au
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Lockport, NY, USA.
- Wed Apr 30 20:29:57 BST 1997 from ppp6.niag.localnet.com
This is very good place.Great job done.Keep on working this way.
Zinka :Zinka@hotbot.com">Zinka@hotbot.com
( http://www.hina.hr:8080/~zika/index.html)
Zagreb, CROATIA.
- Wed Apr 30 11:23:22 BST 1997 from
Erin Poynter
- Tue Apr 29 23:11:59 BST 1997 from Cust61.Max10.Chicago.IL.MS.UU.NET
Emma's Home Page has Changed!!!!

So come and visit it!
Emma Mackie
- Tue Apr 29 20:36:11 BST 1997 from ai050.du.pipex.com

Hei ! I am thirtyfive years old student from Finland. I have two kids Suvi, 11 (it means summer) and Akseli,9. They love computer games and I like to read old detective stories.It has been a pleasure visiting your page!
Anne Mansikkamäki
Tampere, Finland.
- Tue Apr 29 09:35:36 BST 1997 from k12.tamtol.fi
You have a very sweet page, Kate! Keep up the great work!
Laura Bowly :laurabowly@smalldog.com">laurabowly@smalldog.com
Sonora, CA, 95370.
- Tue Apr 29 03:14:44 BST 1997 from AC-059.goldrush.com
HI my real name is Ian Barnacle but my friends call me Luis Pedro Manuel. I am a funny person. uh-huh. that's me! BYE.
Luis Pedro Manuel
Providence, R.I., UsA.
- Mon Apr 28 14:35:53 BST 1997 from sdn-ts-047mdrelRP15.dialsprint.net
Come visit the Slaughter Family at the above Home Page URL!!
Rio Rancho, NM, USA.
- Mon Apr 28 06:10:33 BST 1997 from apm1-26.flash.net
- Sun Apr 27 21:13:49 BST 1997 from wwwproxy2.ac.il
Kazinnik Roman
- Sun Apr 27 21:11:54 BST 1997 from wwwproxy2.ac.il
I'm a 16 year old girl and I love everything about horses and riding!
Louisville, Ohio, U.S.A.
- Sun Apr 27 19:49:58 BST 1997 from viking.stark.k12.oh.us
( www.angelfire.com/ok/richestpage/index/html)
tremonton, utah, usa.
- Sun Apr 27 17:58:11 BST 1997
I am 10 years old I go to Ferry Pass Elem. School.My hobbies are basketball and going to my friends house.I love to swim and I am in the Fourth Grade going on to Fifth grade. My favorite singer is Alains Morrisete and my favorite group is the Spice girls. My favorite songs are Wannabe "Spice Girls", Say you will be there by the spice girls.
Pensacola, Florida, United States.
Hi! Doesn't anyone else from Britain leave you messages? I'm Sally from Leeds, I'm 14 and you can't e-mail me yet 'cos I don't know what my address is!
- Sun Apr 27 16:11:02 BST 1997 from ld17-072.lon.compuserve.com
Your page kicks !!! I totally rocks !! great job !!!
Leonora :-) GymFan#1
( http://members.tripod.com/~leonoraS/index.html)
Tokyo, Japan.
- Sun Apr 27 07:51:35 BST 1997 from tokyo10-30.msn.or.jp
I am Caitlin I am it Second grade.I have a sister her name is Kristen she is going to be ten in May .I am going to be 8 in May.I like pizza.
Caitlin O'Connor

Effort, PA, USA.
- Sun Apr 27 01:42:13 BST 1997 from adu48.str.ptd.net
Kate that is a great banner! I wish I knew where to get a great banner like that for my page!
( http://homepages.tig.com.au/~ancill/index.htm)
- Sun Apr 27 01:15:59 BST 1997 from ausmax-4-27.tig.com.au
Hi Kate, Thank you for looking at my homepage. I have, however updated it to make it really cool. So please take another look at it soon!!!!!! From Emma
Emma Mackie (emmas@usa.net)
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
- Sat Apr 26 14:02:59 BST 1997 from aj089.du.pipex.com
I'm Kyle and I am 6 years old. I am in Kindergarten this year, but my teacher says I should surely be in at least two grades higher. Most kids in my class can not write or read yet but I try to help my teacher by helping them to practice. I like to write stories. I wrote a book for the "Author's Society" at school I won the contest and my teacher sent it to a national contest. I am waiting patiently to see if I win. It was fun even if I don't. I am writing another book now my mom's friend is going to publish it. It is about child abuse and trying to make other kids in this world understand they have to tell someone to help them. My mom works really hard to help the abused kids of the world and she helps them very much. Kid's love her too cause she is realy a cool mom. She's working on a really great web site right now, it's a lot of work but it is going to be very good for helping people to learn more about how to protect us kids and about how much abuse is in the world. My brother and I have just started a web site it's called "Kids Korner" but we have a long way to go before it is ready to see. There are a lot of things there but we have to have Andrew link them all up for us. My brother's Name is Blake, he is 4 years old. He doesn't read really well yet he's just learning. But he loves to make up stories,draw and color, sing, dance and play with his "Elmo". Our grandpa and grandma live in England in a place called Bath. We are going to visit them in the summer. You have a nice site and I will come visit again sometime. If you wait a little while to visit you can see our site. But you Dad and mom can look at my mom's site if they want. There's a link on our site that says "Return to CAWS Homepage" but you should not go there without your mom or dad cause it is about abuse. Thanks,Bye
Kyle & Blake (Kids_Korner@hotmail.com
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/4182/index.html)
Lighthouse Point, Florida, USA.
- Sat Apr 26 04:23:46 BST 1997 from dialup5.iaa-usa.com
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- Sat Apr 26 02:18:52 BST 1997 from bart106.pcisys.net
I am from Memphis, tn, USA. I'm in 6th grade at Grahamwood Elementary. I have my own web page, but it's not as long as yours is. I have one sister who's 17 and just about to graduate from high school. Next year she'll be going to college at Rhodes, which is also in Memphis,but she'll be living in the dorm.
Heather :NDIAZ47@aol.com">NDIAZ47@aol.com
( http://www.mecca.org/~kcotter/heathershomepg.html)
Memphis, tn, USA.
- Thu Apr 24 22:33:14 BST 1997
Hi my name is Lillie. I am 3 1/2 years old. My mommy is typing for me. I have an older brother who is 6. His name is Graham. I also have alittle brother he is just 1, his name is Weston. I like to color and draw pictures. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook. Have a nice day!
Akron, Ohio, USA.
- Thu Apr 24 22:30:46 BST 1997 from www-as1.proxy.aol.com
I go to The Gordon School and we were made to look at sites.
Edward Foster
Providence, RI, USA.
- Thu Apr 24 16:08:03 BST 1997 from sdn-ts-071mdrelRP12.dialsprint.net
I have brown hair hazel eyes. I have 2 sisters named Emily [ oldest] and Laura. My mums name is Trica and my dads name is Terry. I enjoy sport and swimming.
Jane Hallahan
Melbourne, Australia.
- Thu Apr 24 05:38:51 BST 1997 from terryh-t.bf.rmit.edu.au
My family is big. My brother has 1 th his name is Ivam My sister has 16 th
Gabriela e helga.
Bauru., S.P., Brazil..
- Tue Apr 22 22:13:58 BST 1997
My family is very big , she has one mother , one father , many aunt ,uncle and
Bauru, S.P., Brasil.
- Tue Apr 22 22:13:45 BST 1997
My family is big and beautiful My family has one dad, one mom,one broter and one sister. I love my family.
Renato & Guilherme
Bauru, S.P., Brasil.
- Tue Apr 22 22:03:44 BST 1997
Not much to say. Accidently stumbled across the page. Like the pictures
Austin, Texas, USA.
- Tue Apr 22 19:44:38 BST 1997
Just out surfin' & saw your site, cool place!
Beverly Allen
( http://members.aol.com/Bev672/private/musiclinks.html)
Montgomery, AL, USA.
- Tue Apr 22 15:00:06 BST 1997 from www-af1.proxy.aol.com
Hi Kate, I really like your webpage and I would be happy to sign your guest book.... If you ever get a chance to come to Victoria, BC CANADA, you will probably want to come back again and again... Make sure you come when it's not rainy season, otherwise you may never come back....
- Tue Apr 22 04:00:33 BST 1997 from d64.coastnet.com
I have a daughter (Sara) who will be nine in June, and I've just begun exploring Internet sites which might be of interest to her. She likes horses and ponies, too, so I'll be showing your web site to her sometime soon. I am the Director of Career Services (helping college students figure out what they want to be when they grow up) at Ohio Wesleyan University, just north of Columbus, Ohio. Bye!
Stewart Peckham
Columbus, OH, USA.
- Tue Apr 22 02:35:31 BST 1997
I'm 13, I ride American Saddlebreds, and my grandmother is Mrs. F.D. Sinclar
Katy Parr :Gallagher-Parr.@swbell">Gallagher-Parr.@swbell
Oklahoma, Okc, 73112.
- Tue Apr 22 00:17:35 BST 1997 from ppp-207-193-32-62.okcyok.swbell.net
Professionally filmed & edited self defense videos. Protect your FAMILY protect YOURSELF!!! http://shell.idt.net/~jujitsu God Bless!!!

Mr. Jiu Joe Jitsu
Mt Sinai, NY, USA.
- Mon Apr 21 22:55:35 BST 1997 from ppp-51.ts-1.suf.idt.net
I teach history at the Highschool here. Your village is indeed beautiful. Good luck!
James Holder
Brownwood, Texas, U.S.A.
- Mon Apr 21 20:41:23 BST 1997 from wbppp125.web-access.net
I'm Bored-I'm outta here. See ya. E-mail me on emmas@the-simpsons.com!!!!!
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
- Mon Apr 21 19:52:43 BST 1997 from ag019.du.pipex.com
I must have checked out every page on the net. I'm bored. Who made the CGI script for the guestbook? It's cool.

Matt Wright and tinkered with by my dad Kate

How did you get everyone to come to your homepage? How do you get your page listed on Webcrawler? I must have submitted my URL 1000 times but it still doesn't come up when I asked for it. Will you put a link to my homepage on yours? I'm going to put a link to your homepage on mine, but I don't know what graphic to put by it. Why don't you me E-mail one?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey everyone visit emma's Homepage and get a free proffesional fraphic like this one! sorry Kate the other link to the picture was wrong

Emma Again-Call me stupid but I'm bored :emmas@usa.net"> emmas@usa.net
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
- Mon Apr 21 19:43:53 BST 1997 from ag019.du.pipex.com
Touch not the cat bot a glove

It's our family motto Kate

A polite warning from Kate and Peggy's dad - Mess with my children and you'll never need gloves again.... What exactly does this mean?

People who have had their hands hacked off don't need gloves Kate
...it's a threat..and that background is the hunting plaid... Kate's Dad

Katy (Emma's Friend)
( http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Trails/2953)
- Mon Apr 21 19:27:06 BST 1997 from ag019.du.pipex.com

Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies Ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Kate, Pleeeeease put more horses on your site, I think your Pony page is already good, but it would be even better if it was BIGGER!!!! My Dad said that as soon as I got my pony I would get bored of horses, but I haven't!!!!!!! Here is a small but rough picture of Chippie my pony.

Emma MAckie :emmas@usa.net">emmas@usa.net
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357/)
- Mon Apr 21 19:20:29 BST 1997 from ag019.du.pipex.com

Hello Again Kate- You must know me by now. You must think I'm a bit of a pest. Well I was just joking (yeah ha ha I'm so funny (not) ) Well I was bored and had nothing else to do. Sorry. I do it to every guestbook (nearly) I go on. No-one has done it to mine yet though........ Well (there it is again) I looked at your answers. I think you do well in sticking up for yourself. Sorry again. Forgive me?!! :'-( From Emma By the way what does (:-)Joost) mean? I know the :-) part....

Joost was the first person to say they wanted more ponies rather than more horses on my page Kate

A note from Mr.Chips (my pony) Dear Kate- Sorry about Emma- She gets a bit carried away sometimes....especially when I'm naughty. You should hear the names she calls me when I decide to despose her out of the saddle... And refuse 3 times at the first jump in the jump off...And decide to gallop out into the field when she opens the stable door (that's only when my mates are out there, though!!!!But I'm lucky Because she's never dream of hitting me. From Chips
Emma Mackie (emmas@usa.net)
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Dell/1357)
London, The Same as Youuuuuuuuu.
- Mon Apr 21 18:20:25 BST 1997 from an126.du.pipex.com

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