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space Thank you Kate. I enjoyed your web page. You must be a really cool girl! Your village is beautiful. I'm 24 years old and am studying to be a mechanical engineer at the University of Minnesota USA. I live in a small town just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Tonight (March 13, 1997) we are having a blizzard! We are expecting up to 10 inches of snow, and so I'm stuck inside. But you made my evening with your web page, so thanks. Your parents must be proud. Keep up the good work! Your new friend, Dave
Dave :bree0015@ok*gold.tc.umn.edu"> bree0015@ok*gold.tc.umn.edu
Excelsior, MN, USA.
- Fri Mar 14 02:40:53 GMT 1997 from pub-23-a-186.dialup.umn.edu
- Thu Mar 13 23:18:21 GMT 1997 from d045202.aif.or.jp
I'm 13 and I play the flute. I think yer page is cool. Bye!! :)
Eliza :none%20yet!">none yet!
Donnellson, IA,
- Thu Mar 13 22:01:57 GMT 1997 from user30.central-lee.k12.ia.us
Hi, i'm Emma and I'm 13 and I like your page. I am Pony mad and I have a new(ish) pony called Mr. Chips. Where do you keep your pony, William? Is he on Livery? I have a hore mad Homepage. I would love it if you were to put a link on your page! (I need all the more people at the moment-every little helps!)Here's a link- Emma and Katy's Horsey Homepage (My mate Katie also owns the homepage~!!!)
Emma Mackie :emmas@ok*usa.net">emmas@ok*usa.net
( http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite.Trails/2953/index.html)
London, England.
- Thu Mar 13 18:59:52 GMT 1997 from ag020.du.pipex.com
Hello Kate, I am a student teacher at the University of Leeds I have enjoyed visiting your home page, but find the text hard to read as it is white on a grey background. Please could you change it??

Huh, think it's your browser settings.

love Jane xxxx
Jane Penny :edu6jeap@ok*leeds.ac.uk">edu6jeap@ok*leeds.ac.uk
Leeds, England.
- Thu Mar 13 14:14:19 GMT 1997 from webserv1.leeds.ac.uk

Hello Kate! I'm a teacher, and I am at the university in Leeds, looking at all the children's brilliant Home Pages. Yours is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!
Jenny :edu6jlg%20@ok*leeds.ac.uk">edu6jlg @ok*leeds.ac.uk
leeds, Yorkshire, U.K..
- Thu Mar 13 14:10:26 GMT 1997 from webserv1.leeds.ac.uk
Amazing what a Web browser picks up - I searched for a name I'm researching in mu Family History and found the name of one of your guests - so I had a wander round your site - I ride Motorcycles too - Got a Guzzi LeMans Mk1

Nice bike

& the old man has a Guzzi V5 - His works mines a rebuild so I nick his!! Bye
Denny Cornell :DennyCornl@ok*AOL.com">DennyCornl@ok*AOL.com
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Thu Mar 13 10:25:41 GMT 1997 from www-ao9.proxy.aol.com

Randy Shell :randys@ok*bright.net">randys@ok*bright.net
Van Wert, Ohio, United States.
- Thu Mar 13 04:39:44 GMT 1997 from vanw1-cs-3.dial.bright.net
I like animals. I am a ten year old girl and I am in 5th grade. I have 1 brother-4 yrs. old named Rickey and a lot of friends! I have 2 cocatiels and 1 dog. Your page is nice!!!!
- Thu Mar 13 01:03:04 GMT 1997 from man-o-war-76.netrunner.net
Why should I I do not like you

Hmmm... same to you.

Blair Jones :no">no
Craik , Saskatchew, Canada it rocks.
- Wed Mar 12 21:13:59 GMT 1997

hello i am 20 and i am studying at university of barcelona
marta barba :esticalbar@ok*hotmail.com">esticalbar@ok*hotmail.com
olesa de mont., barcelona, spain.
- Wed Mar 12 17:39:57 GMT 1997
Hi, I am a student teacher at the university of leeds and I am enjoying your home page. Keep up the good work and be good for your teachers!! I'll be one in September!!! Loads of love, Tom, PS I am a girl everyone always thinks I am a boy!! My name is really Thomasin.... Bye
Tom Seddon :edu6ts@ok*leeds.ac.uk">edu6ts@ok*leeds.ac.uk
Leeds, UK.
- Wed Mar 12 14:13:44 GMT 1997 from webserv1.leeds.ac.uk
Hey Kate I think I already left a message in your guestbook, but i just can't find it so heres another one. You must be a major computer wiz!! I'll be back!!!!!
Jessica Vander Kooij
Midland , ONT, Canada.
- Wed Mar 12 01:26:55 GMT 1997 from moray.idirect.com
Hi, I was surfing the Net and saw your homepage. My brother has a Greenday homepage you should check it out sometime. I'm 15 and in Grade 10, I enjoy a lot of different things specially sports. Basket ball is my favorite.
Jessica Vander Kooij
Midland, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Mar 12 01:14:11 GMT 1997 from moray.idirect.com
I am a 5th Grade student,at Ames Elementary. I am 10 years old.I have two wounderful parents,and 2 brothers. One is 4 years old . THE other is 18. I have a cocker-spainard.
Vernique Danielle Elliott
St.Louis, Missouri, United States.
- Tue Mar 11 01:54:34 GMT 1997 from CN_IN04.SLPL.LIB.MO.US
I'm 6 years old. I love to play soccer and basketball and anything outside. I have a 4 year old brother and love him a lot.
Kaley Davis
Columbia, SC, USA.
- Mon Mar 10 23:19:05 GMT 1997 from Cust25.Max4.Atlanta.GA.MS.UU.NET
I own a pony named Cricket. She is an appaloosa. I go to school at Chippewassee Elementary. Iam 12 years old. Ilike your page.
Midland, MI, U.S.A..
- Mon Mar 10 21:37:26 GMT 1997 from ip90.midland.mi.pub-ip.psi.net
I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful page. I visited England a few years ago and loved it. My mother is English so we visited our relatives. Keep up the good work. I would show you my home page but I dont know the address! Sorry.Bye for now,Julie
Julie :jwentz@ok*tulip.mtvernon.wednet.edu"> jwentz@ok*tulip.mtvernon.wednet.edu
Mount Vernon, WA, USA.
- Mon Mar 10 17:49:20 GMT 1997
I really enjoyed your web site. I read about you in a book, Kids do the Web by Adobe. Keep up the good work!Brenda
Brenda Bain :bhbain@ok*netally.com">bhbain@ok*netally.com
Tallahassee, in, Florida, U.S.A.
- Mon Mar 10 10:24:50 GMT 1997 from m5-191.ppp.nettally.com
I am a student at Leeds University. I am very impressed with your home page. I am rubbish at using computers. This is the first time I have used the internet.
Leeds, Yorkshire, England.
- Mon Mar 10 10:13:57 GMT 1997 from webserv1.leeds.ac.uk
Hello I,m Elaine and I am pleased to talk to you on the internet. I also like horses and I would like to learn to ride them but I'm afraid that I will fall off1
Bradford, Yorkshire, England.
- Mon Mar 10 10:07:58 GMT 1997 from webserv1.leeds.ac.uk
My name is Kazushi. I'm from Japan. I'm male and 12. I'm looking for female penpal whose age is under 12 years old. Please see my picture at my home page. I am sure to write back to all of you very soon. 100%!!!
Kazushi :f2527729@ok*nv.aif.or.jp">f2527729@ok*nv.aif.or.jp
Tokyo, Japan.
- Mon Mar 10 07:10:50 GMT 1997 from d045106.aif.or.jp
Hi, i was just looking around on the web and saw your page. We have some similarities(i think i spelled it right)I started riding when i was 4.now i'm 16,but i started riding in gymkhana when i was 9.I would like to give you one tip of advice,It gets hard and then harder sometimes, but just keep trying and it will all pay off later .my cousin who is a professional barrel racer said these words to me when i was young and i listened to her . now i am also a profesional barrel racer and i hold many arena records, 4 state championships and i'm one of the California state gymkhana princesses.I hope my words wil help you with your ride up gymkhana road.
Marissa Meisenheimer
burbank, Ca.,
- Mon Mar 10 04:25:26 GMT 1997 from tele-anx0221.Colorado.EDU
I will Like Just about anything you like
nick :Zerocool9@ok*webtv.net">Zerocool9@ok*webtv.net

duluth, MN, USA.
- Mon Mar 10 01:00:07 GMT 1997 from proxy-107.iap.bryant.webtv.net
I really want to know how to make a guestbook I've been trying for about 2 years to make one and....I really want you to teach me.
Briana Belden :Puppiluver@ok*.aol.com">Puppiluver@ok*.aol.com
Emmaus, PA , us.
- Sun Mar 9 20:51:01 GMT 1997 from www-au1.proxy.aol.com
I like horses.
Cara O'Neill
Boston, MA., Us.
- Sun Mar 9 19:24:24 GMT 1997 from
i am ten yo female LOVES HORSES i live i blackstone Illionis
Jessica Storey :rstorey@ok*crtelco.com">rstorey@ok*crtelco.com

blackstone, Ill, usa.
- Sun Mar 9 01:56:49 GMT 1997 from modem70.crtelco.com
Im 12 years old.Im blond and I have blue eyes.My hbbies is riding and live role games.
Susanna Turunen :susanna.turunen@ok*pat.pp.fi">susanna.turunen@ok*pat.pp.fi

Vantaa, uusimaa, Finland.
- Sat Mar 8 20:32:13 GMT 1997 from pat.pp.fi
I am a 12 year old interested in other kid's web pages.
Matt Stauffer :mastauff@ok*geocities.com">mastauff@ok*geocities.com
Dexter, MI, USA.
- Sat Mar 8 15:47:39 GMT 1997 from pm074-01.dialip.mich.net
I like cats and ponies. I am seven years old. I like to read. MY favorite food is cheese.
natalie marin
college station, texas, usa.
- Sat Mar 8 04:28:20 GMT 1997 from xyacport8.tamu.edu
Hi! A great welcome from the "deep south"! Good luck on your search and the peach tree's are blooming and are beautiful this time of year.
Don Moore :dmoo@ok*scescaoe.net">dmoo@ok*scescaoe.net
Johnston, SC, USA.
- Sat Mar 8 03:05:25 GMT 1997 from aiken1-5.ppp.scescape.net
Hello! My name is Sara and I am 11 years old! I hane 3 brothers. One big-brother and two little brothers(they are twins) The email addres belong to my granny! Please write!
Sara Astrom :sibylla.nilsson@ok*helsingborg.mail.telia.com">sibylla.nilsson@ok*helsingborg.mail.telia.com
Helsingborg, skane, Sweden.
- Fri Mar 7 20:02:09 GMT 1997 from t10o15p11.telia.com
Kate's Page is my favorite page
Lauren Nawrocki
Stoughton, WI, U.S.A..
- Fri Mar 7 01:34:31 GMT 1997 from bess-proxy.globaldialog.com
- Thu Mar 6 12:37:38 GMT 1997
my name is kate
kate :stefanb@ok*.cyber.netalt"> stefanb@ok*.cyber.netalt
roswell, 505, ga.
- Wed Mar 5 23:18:50 GMT 1997 from lpm1-8.cyberatl.net
Re: Mary Rose url Hi, firstly, thanks for listing us :-) We are undergoing a url change, could you possibly change the Mary Rose url to:
the one presently listed will soon be terminated. Thanks, Stuart Vine Senior Ship Archaeologist The Mary Rose Trust

Stuart Vine :ecs@ok*cix.compulink.co.uk">ecs@ok*cix.compulink.co.uk
Portsmouth, Hants, UK.
- Tue Mar 4 20:50:36 GMT 1997 from yama.compulink.co.uk
i like to surf the net and i am 11
st.andrews, fife, scotland.
- Tue Mar 4 19:17:05 GMT 1997
I'm from the USA and a mother of two girls, ages 12 & 8. We have 6 horses. My girls are in 4H and raise a hog every year for our local fair.Maybe you could e-mail them.
Peggy Jo :pjpq@ok*trivalley.com">pjpq@ok*trivalley.com
- Mon Mar 3 19:39:44 GMT 1997 from
Please Our Horsey Homepage!!!
Emma Mackie and Katie Reed :emmas@ok*usa.net">emmas@ok*usa.net
( http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Trails/2953/index.html)
- Mon Mar 3 18:40:18 GMT 1997 from am092.du.pipex.com
Hi Kate, My name is D.J. and I am 12 Years old.I ran into your page when I was doing a school project on English Nobles I looked around and the page is really great. I have tried to send a couple letters but always seem to mess up.I like to play all sports but most of all I like to do triathlons, that is where you swim, bike, and run. I have been lucky and have won 4 straight National Championships. This year I hope to win the overall senior title by beating all the 13 and 14 year olds.Last year I was chosen to go to Washington where I got to meet President Clinton and all the US Olympians, it was exciting and fun. If you want to see some pictures you can go to www.ironkids.com and they might still be there. They are kind of fuzzy but my mom says in person I am cute :-) But my dad says that a mom monkey thinks her baby monkey is cute too :-( I better get going, I hope this gets to you. T alk to you again. BYE D.J.
D.J. Mosiniak :Mosi@ok*prodigy.net">Mosi@ok*prodigy.net
Toledo, Ohio, USA.
- Mon Mar 3 17:18:30 GMT 1997 from proxy3.la.prodigy.net
12 years old blond hair quite tall and got bule eyes
Noo :mccalloz@ok*ozemail.com.au">mccalloz@ok*ozemail.com.au
Melbourne, Vic, Australia.
- Sun Mar 2 23:54:25 GMT 1997 from proxy5tu1.proxy.ozemail.net
Hello. I'm actually just passing through on my own little surfin' safari My name is Peter. I'm 31 yrs old. I work as a chief officer on a ship which is named Ivan Gorthon. She goes with Newsprint reels from Corner Brook, Nfld, Canada to the U.S. east coast. Portland, Me, Philadelphia, Pa, Alexandria, Va, Richmond, Va, and (unfortunately much to seldom) Port Canaveral, Fla. I've been there for abt 3,5 yrs now and thinking of trying a new trade. Where the weather is good. Have a good time. Bye,bye. Peter
Peter Nording :peter.nording@ok*swipnet.se">peter.nording@ok*swipnet.se
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Sun Mar 2 23:17:20 GMT 1997 from dialup98-3-13.swipnet.se
Morgan Davis :Davislaw@ok*erinet.com">Davislaw@ok*erinet.com

Dayton, Oh, U.S..
- Sun Mar 2 19:53:01 GMT 1997 from dlp162.dayton.eri.net
adam & julie :tweety@ok*coastnet.com">tweety@ok*coastnet.com

vancouver, b.c, canada.
- Sun Mar 2 03:54:47 GMT 1997 from d23.coastnet.com
- Sat Mar 1 17:47:26 GMT 1997 from d044047.aif.or.jp
Hi Kate!! I love your homepage. I am a pastry chef at a bakery in Massachusetts. My bakery is in the mountains, by a lake with a waterfall. I live with a woman named Rivka. We live in a large house with lots and lots of windows.
Rami Zentgraf
Greenfield, MA,
- Sat Mar 1 06:31:40 GMT 1997 from bootp-148-38.bootp.Virginia.EDU
Hi Kate!! I love your homepage. I am a pastry chef at a bakery in Massachusetts. My bakery is in the mountains, by a lake with a waterfall. I live with a woman named Rivka. We live in a large with lots and lots of windows.
Rami Zentgraf

Greenfield, MA,
- Sat Mar 1 06:31:10 GMT 1997 from bootp-148-38.bootp.Virginia.EDU
Taking a web publishing class at a community college and exploring web pages of individual's with the same birthday as myself. Hope you enjoy motorcycles as much as I do.
J. Smith :guph55a@ok*s2.sonnet.com">guph55a@ok*s2.sonnet.com

Ripon, CA, USA.
- Sat Mar 1 06:16:45 GMT 1997 from ppp7-mod.sonnet.com
hello my name is julia. I am 11 years old and have a pony named Bubbles. I am a member of united states pony club. How did you do your wonderful web page? I am new on the web and look forward to visiting with you .
julia :jack.salter@ok*mci2000.com">jack.salter@ok*mci2000.com

odenville, al, usa.
- Sat Mar 1 03:07:48 GMT 1997 from usr8-dialup5.Atlanta.mci.net
I am fourteen years old and I love searching the web pages. I am the biggest Winnie the Pooh fan EVER and I enjoy rollerblading.
Amanda LEwis

Havelock, NC, USA.
- Fri Feb 28 22:40:25 GMT 1997 from pm-nb3-106.coastalnet.com
I am 15 years old and ride dirt bikes and I thought your page was a dirt bike page but your page is pretty cool!
Josh Azevedo :bigaz@ok*hotmail.com">bigaz@ok*hotmail.com

Fort Bragg, California, United States.
- Fri Feb 28 21:14:57 GMT 1997 from
Myself and my daughter are horse CRAZY. I was just out surf the web and found your page. It is a GREAT page and when my daughter gets home from school I am gonna have her check it out. She will love it!! You did a wonderful job on it.
Morgana Seiberty :smorgana@ok*aol.com">smorgana@ok*aol.com

North Canton, Ohio, USA.
- Fri Feb 28 18:54:53 GMT 1997 from www-am1.proxy.aol.com
- Fri Feb 28 01:01:18 GMT 1997 from arcade-6.chichildrensmuseum.org
Hi Kate, I'm a student at Portsmouth University studying anti-cancer drugs. Outside of uni my main interest is in Guiding, and I'm an Assistant Guider with 10th Portsmouth Guides - a unit in the inner city. As a result of my Guiding I also enjoy walking in the hills and camping. Bye for now. Lesley
Lesley Adams :adamsl@ok*bashir.sci.port.ac.uk">adamsl@ok*bashir.sci.port.ac.uk

Portsmouth,, Hampshire, UK..
- Thu Feb 27 15:06:00 GMT 1997 from bashir.sci.port.ac.uk
Hi Kate, I loved your page! My name is Andrie Christodoulidou and I am from Cyprus. I am currently in Miami, Florida where I study at Nova Southeastern University. I am studying Special education!
Andrie :christod@ok*polaris.acast.nova.edu.">christod@ok*polaris.acast.nova.edu.
Nicosia, Cyprus,
- Thu Feb 27 09:15:40 GMT 1997 from ppp46.acast.nova.edu
my name is leanne marie graham i have blond hair &green eyes my favorite color is purple &ilove winnie-the-pooh.im in 6th gradeand am 12o on line my name is snobunny and i was born 12/27/84
leanne graham
Auburn, wa,king co, united states.
- Thu Feb 27 03:14:47 GMT 1997 from
leanne graham
- Thu Feb 27 02:57:54 GMT 1997
Hello Kate!
I'm pleased to inform you that your wonderful Web page is going to be included in my new book, "Internet Family Fun", which will showcase family-friendly sites on the WWW. It will be published in April '97 by No Starch Press, available through major bookstores here in the USA. It is also being carried by Amazon.com online, so it'll be available to any- one, anywhere!
Kate, what a wonderful thing you've started here! Reading your guests' entries is like stepping into their living rooms for a few minutes. In fact, I ran into a teacher who works just twenty miles from a small town in California where I grew up! I am going to drop her an email.
As for me--I am a fulltime writer (this is my 8th book), and have been writing family-oriented material, and stories for children since 1980. I have been married for 25 years to a wonderful man, and have two grown children, a son (24) and daughter (21). I am also owned by a dog named Sadie, who watches every move I make...and a cat named Ashley, who sleeps all day.
When I'm not working on a project, I'm daydreaming about the next one! I also love camping, and we take our tent trailer out starting in the Spring every year. There's nothing quite like waking up to birdsong and starting a campfire! Lately I've been trying my hand at photographing unnusual scenes in nature.
Recently I talked my dad into buying a computer. He doesn't use it, but my mom is nuts about it. I've given her several lessons, and she is now on the Internet! We exchange email, and it's great fun. She is 74. I am so proud of her!
Thanks, Kate, for providing this ring around the world. You're a remarkable young lady. ~ Bonnie ~

Bonnie Bruno :bonwritr@ok*peak.org">bonwritr@ok*peak.org
Albany, OR, USA.
I would like more Stories on Kate's Pages
- Wed Feb 26 18:56:00 GMT 1997 from midgard92.PEAK.ORG
Hi e-mail back
Jackie :JEWEL603@ok*aol.com">JEWEL603@ok*aol.com
Byfield, MA, USa.
- Wed Feb 26 18:10:30 GMT 1997 from pm16-55.hvhlma.shore.net
i am 8 years old. i go to kes school-kuwait.i am a futurekid i have joined futurekids of kuwait.are you a futurelid too.
amena el-ezaby :ezabyh@ok*ncc.moc.kw">ezabyh@ok*ncc.moc.kw
- Wed Feb 26 17:48:44 GMT 1997 from ezabyh.moc.kw


- Wed Feb 26 15:51:03 GMT 1997 from aegis.hmis.org

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