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space I am a mother of five boys....I came across your page by accident. I then decided to look at your page to see what kids would put on their page. I enjoyed browsing to your page and your links. YOUR PAGE IS WONDERFUL. I have done a page for my kids put I was skeptical about putting pictures, did not want to come across any sickos..it was unfortunate that I could not sign Rachel's page on her guess book, her mom removed the page due to weirdos leaving unwanted messages. Can you ask your parents have they come across any weirdos out there leaving unwanted remarks? My page is only viewed by AOL members, I am still debating whether to releas it on internet WWW. Anyway. the URL has been provided for you, try it, it may not work. It's a remarkable life when you understand the computer technology, in the long run, it is our and your future.
Gina Erestingcol :gehall04@ok*aol.com">gehall04@ok*aol.com
los angeles, calif, originally:PHILIPPINES.
- Wed Feb 26 09:04:51 GMT 1997 from www-av1.proxy.aol.com
As a Kate myself, I get into a bit of mischief from time to time. I live about 50 miles south of San Francisco and work for a transportation company as a project manager. While I'm still single, my sister and family live nearby so my "aunt" skills are tested often. My music collection has about everything but rap, and I love to travel about the United States. What a delight to see a "Kate" page on the web!
Kate Kruley :k8kruley@ok*juno.com">k8kruley@ok*juno.com
Newark, CA, USA.
- Wed Feb 26 01:12:23 GMT 1997 from www-ak1.proxy.aol.com
I'm 13 and I live in a small town called Banchory. It's near Aberdeen in Scotland I love your page Sharon xxx
Sharon Lapsley :D0120307@ok*infotrade.co.uk">D0120307@ok*infotrade.co.uk

N.R Aberdeen, Scotland.
- Tue Feb 25 20:30:09 GMT 1997 from
- Tue Feb 25 18:09:09 GMT 1997 from piweba5y-ext.prodigy.com
We have been breeding Sec. A Welsh Ponies for about 20 years, with strong lines back to Coed Coch Glyndwr. We are presently standing a three year old colt who probably most resembles the "cobby" type, mentioned in Dr. Wynnes books. We like lots of bone and lots of action.
Jay Hubert :jhubert@ok*softcom.net">jhubert@ok*softcom.net

Galt, California, USA.
- Tue Feb 25 05:58:46 GMT 1997 from
Hi Kate, I'm not sure how I ended up here but I really enjoyed your page. The beaches in Ft. Walton Beach are the world's best kept secret! I'm 35 and I'm afraid have no kids to keep up with your ever-expanding mail site. Best wishes, Tom
Tom Miller
Ft Walton Beach, FL, USA.
- Tue Feb 25 05:32:51 GMT 1997 from ppp27.bsc.net
I am nine years old and in the third grade. I like horses like you. In school we talk about England and Queen Elizabeth. I like to play basketball and I have two pet rats, named Rose and Cassady. I have a sister named Brooke. She is in sixth grade.
Kate Nicholson :snicholson@ok*tcgcs.com">snicholson@ok*tcgcs.com

Hastings, Nebraska, USA.
- Tue Feb 25 01:22:34 GMT 1997 from
Hi Kate My friend Leslie and I are doing a research project on web pages by kids! We would like to congratulate you on a great home page. BYE!
Mary :tsiandou@ok*sfu.ca">tsiandou@ok*sfu.ca

Vancouver, BC, CANADA.
- Sun Feb 23 21:55:32 GMT 1997 from morgoth.sfu.ca
I'm 8 years old. I am in Second Grade at Reamstown Elementary. Love horses, too. One day I hope to have one for my very own. I have two sisters and one brother.
Kaitlan :dmtchll@ok*ptd.net">dmtchll@ok*ptd.net

Lancaster, PA, USA.
- Sun Feb 23 21:34:29 GMT 1997 from cs6-01.eph.ptd.net
- Sun Feb 23 20:48:10 GMT 1997 from pm8.montcopa.org
Hi I am 23 years old I am in a wheelchair because I have MD I have a dog and a cat I have a stepbrother he is 9 years old and stepsister she is 8 years old She has a Samantha doll thats her name too. Chris
Christopher Michael Watts :%3ccwatts@ok*nsmailmontcopa.org%3e">
Warminster, Pa, USA .
- Sun Feb 23 20:45:51 GMT 1997 from pm8.montcopa.org
I am 10,in 4th grade.I love soccer,basketball and football.I have 2 penpals and I love reading and writing letters:-}
Sarah :agarber@ok*warren.med.harvard.edu">agarber@ok*warren.med.harvard.edu

Lexington, MA, USA.
- Sun Feb 23 17:43:08 GMT 1997 from p2.ts3.bedfo.MA.tiac.com
D. J. Mosiniak

- Sun Feb 23 11:58:04 GMT 1997 from piweba4y-ext.prodigy.com
I am 23 years old Iam in a wheelchair because i have Muscular Dystrophy I live with my dad brother grandfather stepmother stepbrother stepsister my dog and cat my stepbrother is 9 and stepsister is 8

- Sun Feb 23 01:34:32 GMT 1997 from montco229.montcopa.org
I am 13 years old. I live in Hawaii and I'm in the 7th grade. I found your web page very interesting and I encourage you to do more web pages and better ones of this kind. I love animals!! I have a dog and her name is Hoku,she is 1 year old, and she's a silky terrior. ~~Reinita~~ =)
Reinita :precious_baby@ok*hotmail.com">precious_baby@ok*hotmail.com
Aiea, Hawaii, USA.
- Sun Feb 23 00:45:59 GMT 1997 from wphu128103.pac.gte.net
Hi I am nine years old . I ride two Thoroughbreds. I have been riding for two years. It is alot of fun You are lucky to have your own pony. I wish I had my own pony. Your pony looks nice. What kind of pony do you have. It was nice talking to you. Thankyou and goodbye
Ashley Reimers :Smartash2">Smartash2

Cheektowaga, New York, USA.
- Sat Feb 22 17:19:32 GMT 1997 from www-ab9.proxy.aol.com
Hi I am nine years old . I ride two Thoroughbreds. I have been riding for two years. It is alot of fun You are lucky to have your own pony. I wish I had my own pony. Your pony looks nice. What kind of pony do you have. It was nice talking to you. Thankyou and goodbye
Ashley Reimers :Smartash2">Smartash2

Cheektowaga, New York, USA.
- Sat Feb 22 17:16:49 GMT 1997 from www-ab9.proxy.aol.com
i like grils i am a boy i have short blond hair i am 9 years old and my nick name is HOTDOGGY
hotdoggy :??????????????????????????????????">??????????????????????????????????
?????????????, ??????????, ????????????????.
- Sat Feb 22 15:20:15 GMT 1997 from ts1-56.bford.tima.com
Hello everyone! I am 14 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I love aniamls! I have a golden retriever called Jasper, a pet rat called Hanna and lots of tropical fish. Some of my hobbies are juggling and unicycling. Unicycling is really cool! Anyway, please write to me because I love getting mail!
Adele :adele@ok*morrison.fl.net.au">adele@ok*morrison.fl.net.au
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Fri Feb 21 09:08:27 GMT 1997 from slip1-13.servers.unsw.EDU.AU
I am 8 years old. I like school, especially math and computers. I am using my grandparents computer. Volleyball is my favorite sport. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I am in grade three and would really like to hear from you. Nicole
NICOLE AUDETTE :experienceyukon@ok*polarcom.com">experienceyukon@ok*polarcom.com
- Fri Feb 21 05:49:33 GMT 1997
I am in 6th grade. I live in Racine Wisconsin in the USA. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.
Amanda Berkley
Racine, WI, 53403.
- Thu Feb 20 23:34:53 GMT 1997 from user141.cyberlynk.net
- Thu Feb 20 19:12:04 GMT 1997 from pm30-1-ppp41.alaweb.com
Dear Kate, Hello, it is very nice to meet you. I'm 43 years old and i have two children, a boy ,20 yrs. old, and a girl ,16 yrs. old. I have two cats. A white persian named reggie and a bob tailed cat that is different shades of tan named Nub. I have a siberian husky named Beau. The husky is silver and black with beautiful blue eyes. My husky just had 7 puppies; 3 girls and 4 boys. I enjoyed your web page.
Bauer :bbauer@ok*alaweb.com">bbauer@ok*alaweb.com
Andalusia, Al., USA.
- Thu Feb 20 19:08:48 GMT 1997 from pm30-1-ppp41.alaweb.com
- Thu Feb 20 15:58:47 GMT 1997 from d044190.aif.or.jp
I'm horse crazy. I want to work with horses when I'm an adult I am 11.
Heather :PonyLuv11@ok*aol.com%20or%20BlackAppy@ok*aol.com">PonyLuv11@ok*aol.com or BlackAppy@ok*aol.com
Niantic, CT, USA.
- Thu Feb 20 13:15:38 GMT 1997 from www-ai1.proxy.aol.com
I'm me. I like reading & watching TV. That's me!!!!!!!!
Ricky :great_lord@ok*hotmail.com">great_lord@ok*hotmail.com
waterford, Ireland.
- Thu Feb 20 12:21:36 GMT 1997 from E07.PC19.rtc-waterford.ie
daycare supervisor
c.thompson :rpotschk@ok*direct.ca">rpotschk@ok*direct.ca
surrey, bc, canada.
- Thu Feb 20 04:38:33 GMT 1997 from van-as-10b08.direct.ca
Hi Kate--we live in a log cabin in the middle of a thousand acres of national forest in northern Minnesota. While we love the isolation of the forest, we also love the action and adventure of England. We plan to visit England again next summer and bike from London to Cornwall--home of my grandfather....Loved your page-what a wonderful idea.
Mike Foster :mfoster@ok*uslink.net">mfoster@ok*uslink.net

Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA.
- Thu Feb 20 02:09:15 GMT 1997 from
When I grow up, I want to grow strawberries. I like ballet and gymnastics.
kristen :riesberg@ok*blue.weeg.uiowa.edu">riesberg@ok*blue.weeg.uiowa.edu

Coralville, Iowa, U.S.A..
- Thu Feb 20 02:01:23 GMT 1997 from pa2dsp21.cid.infi.net
I live in Canada and I am originally from England I am 14 years old and I am looking for new e-pals
lucie-anne smith :lucieanne@ok*intranet.ca">lucieanne@ok*intranet.ca
- Thu Feb 20 00:02:41 GMT 1997 from ppp61.intranet.ca

- Wed Feb 19 20:42:11 GMT 1997 from dl0129-mcp.mcp.nutecnet.com.br
Hi Kate, I'm Sarah. I'm 9 years old and I love horses. I think your page is great esspecially the horse picture. Bye from Sarah!
Sarah :wheat@ok*easynet.co.uk">wheat@ok*easynet.co.uk
Hull, East Yorks, England.
- Sun Feb 16 21:50:02 GMT 1997 from wheat.easynet.co.uk
- Sun Feb 16 18:17:02 GMT 1997 from cache1.cache.iol.ie
Hi, I'm 13 years old and I run a ring called the Ring of Young Authors. I noticed your stories and was wondering if you'd like to join. If you're interested please visit: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/6959/ Anyway, I liked the jokes. They made me smile... =) The random words were great, too. ;P That's all for now...
Carmela :duckling@ok*hotmail.com">duckling@ok*hotmail.com
- Sun Feb 16 08:54:02 GMT 1997 from P16.MB04.QZN.SKYINET.NET
Scobey, MT., USA.
- Sun Feb 16 04:05:44 GMT 1997 from 3r82.3rivers.net
my name is Mia, and i'm 6 years old. shaea is 3. One day soon, we hope to visit England and meet you. i (Mia) am a dancer and actress. bye from california. mia
mia and shaea maguire :maguire@ok*eyecenter.ucsd.edu">maguire@ok*eyecenter.ucsd.edu

san diego, california, usa.
- Sat Feb 15 18:27:20 GMT 1997 from eye-mac20.ucsd.edu
- Sat Feb 15 11:36:55 GMT 1997 from ledn71.pi.net
Really nice Guest Book
Xeen :di6imtg@ok*cse.hks.se">di6imtg@ok*cse.hks.se
Narvik, Sweden.
- Sat Feb 15 09:25:51 GMT 1997 from laforge.cse.hks.se
Great page, it's about 10:10pm here in Cleve now, I should have my nephews here with tomorrow, and the oldest is 9. Maybe we'll be back to say hi. I have a Cousin who lives in Bath, her name is Mary, she's from Westport, Co Mayo, Ire. Nice page once again. Oh, my nehew's name who might write tomorrow is Michael. Bye John
John :armalite@ok*cybergate.net">armalite@ok*cybergate.net
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Sat Feb 15 03:11:19 GMT 1997 from clv-shv2-65.cyberdrive.net
Have 3 western riding horses with a foal due in March. interested in team penning
Preston Kennedy :prestonk@ok*atcon.com">prestonk@ok*atcon.com

- Fri Feb 14 23:41:56 GMT 1997 from
katariina Valtonen
- Fri Feb 14 16:22:30 GMT 1997 from field.hut.fi
I am 7 years old. I LIKE to wish YOU HAPPY Valentines DAY! !!! My nick name is KATH!!!!! I LIKE YOUR WEB SITE !.!.! I HAVE TWO NICK NAMES,KATH AND KATE.
Katie Lukins :trl@ok*dnc.net">trl@ok*dnc.net

Albany, Oregon, USA.
- Fri Feb 14 04:15:00 GMT 1997 from sheridan.dnc.net
I like to play soccer, surf the web and take care of my cat named Lacy, my four dogs named Bozzy, Corky, Buddy and Reba. My dog Corky also had five puppies so you could say I LOVE animals and I want to be a vetrenarian. I am 11 years old.
Amber Marie Searcy :SKHQ84A@ok*prodigy.com">SKHQ84A@ok*prodigy.com
(Dont Have one yet but working on it!)
- Fri Feb 14 03:16:31 GMT 1997 from piweba9y-ext.prodigy.com
- Thu Feb 13 18:20:17 GMT 1997 from pm0a21.stj.sover.net
Hi Kate: I like your LOGOs, very nice. My family name is Kato. It is a common name in Japan.
Fumi Kato :fkato@ok*to-in.co.jp">fkato@ok*to-in.co.jp
- Thu Feb 13 11:50:13 GMT 1997 from chaos.dmz.to-in.co.jp
Dear Kate, My sister got Friendship's Field for Christmas. After I watched it I had a really good feeling inside! it's such a wholesome movie, I love it. My brother dude who is two years old and say's, Mommy can I watch Ira? It's so cute! Not to mention he watches it about 5 times a day! Then one day I went babysitting and we watched The Secret Garden, Me and my best friend were like, we know that girl from somewhere. We couldn't figure it out who that beautiful girl was, then it hit me I go that's Ira. The only thing that made me figure it out was I saw dark brown eyes and then I knew!!! What I also liked about Friendships Field was that You guys filmed it where my mom grew up. So that was really cool! I know I shouldn't ask you this but I'm really curious and was wondering if you were Mormon. I mean you look like such a sweet girl and I know your oldest sister in Friendships field is Mormon because she plays in one of the church movies. But I just wanted you to know that I admire you alot and hope that you could email me! Have a good day! Love Hollie/b>
Hollie Dixon :GSDixon@ok*worldnet.att.net">GSDixon@ok*worldnet.att.net
Boise , Idaho,
- Thu Feb 13 02:55:56 GMT 1997 from 67.san-francisco-025.ca.dial-access.att.net
I am thirteen. I have one hore. Her name is Molly she's a Paint.

Circle hill, tx,
- Wed Feb 12 02:27:18 GMT 1997 from 17.houston-004.tx.dial-access.att.net
I am 11.My name is Kate too. I really like your page.I like to go roller blading.I like horses. Ilike to make friendship braslets.I like Klutz website.
montgamery .
- Tue Feb 11 23:41:23 GMT 1997 from dam-as6s62.erols.com
Brittney is 6 and Ashlee is 5, we just bought our first pony, his name is brownie. We live by Coeurd'Alene Idaho and love horses very much.
Brittney & Ashlee Therriault :Therr@ok*hotmail.com">Therr@ok*hotmail.com
Athol, ID, US.
- Tue Feb 11 16:41:18 GMT 1997 from
Hi, my name is Tim. I'm looking for my penpal both famale and male under 12. I love any kind of music, sports I also like campimg, drawing, painting, TV, movies, games, playing music, writing stories...etc. I promise to write very very you soon!
Tim :f2527729@ok*nv.aif.or.jp">f2527729@ok*nv.aif.or.jp
Tokyo, Japan.
- Tue Feb 11 02:43:51 GMT 1997 from d038224.aif.or.jp
I am a mother of two rambuncious little boys. Well one isn't so little. Beau is 10 and is in 5th grade. Dustin is 2 and full of life. You have a wonderful page. Best wishes and keep up the good work.
Debbi, Beau, Dustin & Darrel
Atlanta,, GA, USA.
- Tue Feb 11 01:07:17 GMT 1997 from 174-63-153.ipt.aol.com
I am a Transmission Analyst for General Motors Corporation Powertrain Division in Ypsilanti,Michigan. I am 56 years old married three children,and eight Grand Children. Was born and raised in Harlan Kentucky. My wife and I came to Michigan in 1965.Ilove computers,have worked with them since their debut. Robert Welch
Robert C. Welch :rcwelch@ok*earthlink.net">rcwelch@ok*earthlink.net
Belleville, Mi., U.S.A..
- Mon Feb 10 04:27:41 GMT 1997 from Cust37.Max11.Detroit.MI.MS.UU.NET
I like to swim.Me and my friends talk alot about sports. I'm 9 years old
Sarah Bramble :DropTop%20@ok*msn.Com">DropTop @ok*msn.Com
Balto, Md, 21222.
- Mon Feb 10 02:35:02 GMT 1997 from Cust9.Max5.Baltimore.MD.MS.UU.NET
I love cats. One of my favorite cats is Heidi. She is white. I'm 9 and in fourth grade.
Sara Easton
Willis, VA., USA.
- Mon Feb 10 01:52:53 GMT 1997 from CVA06-03.swva.net
Hi I am a 11 year old boy. I love to play basketball. What Is it like in Europe? I am going to go there this summer!
Marcus Gonzales :Kwsims@ok*aol.com">Kwsims@ok*aol.com
Tacoma, Washington, USA.
- Mon Feb 10 00:41:13 GMT 1997 from www-aa1.proxy.aol.com
I am eight and a half years old. I have a dog and a cat. My dogs name is Sparkles. My cats name is Scooter. Would you like some pictures of my pets? All I need is your home address. But I am giving some to another person her name is Casanna. Write BAck Courtney WArd
Courtney Ward :Court09d@ok*swbell.net.">Court09d@ok*swbell.net.
Independence, Missouri, United States.
- Sun Feb 9 18:00:30 GMT 1997 from ppp-207-193-0-50.kscymo.swbell.net
Hi! I'm 8 years old. I'm in 3rd grade. I'll be 9 years old on May 16. I take ballet lessons and I'm learning how to play the violin in school. Please write to me sometime. Erin
Erin :milliken@ok*cct.infi.net">milliken@ok*cct.infi.net

Westminster, MD, USA.
- Sun Feb 9 00:53:18 GMT 1997 from pa2dsp2.w54.infi.net
Well.. I'm a 10 year old girl that loves the net.. and I love trying to make homepages and visiting my net friends and other kids ones:) And I'd like penpals from where ever:) 9-15
Kelly :christdj@ok*maple.lemoyne.edu">christdj@ok*maple.lemoyne.edu
Syrcause, NY, USA.
- Sat Feb 8 17:31:46 GMT 1997 from lemoyne.edu
I have two girls Gem aged 11 and Kara aged 8. My wife is Brenda. We have a dog called Hana, and two cats (Twinkle and Jessica. We liked your pages very much.
Hogan :hogan@ok*xhogan.demon.co.uk">hogan@ok*xhogan.demon.co.uk
(None at present)
Penicuik, Midlothian.
- Sat Feb 8 02:17:31 GMT 1997 from cache-2.www.demon.net

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