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space Hello! My name is Teresa. I am 17 years old and I really love your page. I am taking a class to learn how to create my own page. In just a few weeks I will have a page of my own. Love the jokes, too:)
Norway, MI, USA.
- Thu Jan 23 17:21:08 GMT 1997 from
You have a really neat page. I like the picture of the girl and the horse.
Missy Pontbriand
Norway, Mi, U.S.A..
- Thu Jan 23 17:20:47 GMT 1997 from
Hey Kate! Your page is really good. I like the pictures. We haven't learned to make web pages yet, but we will. I'm a Senior, 18, and work at a video store. Well gotta go!
norway, MI, US.
- Thu Jan 23 17:17:50 GMT 1997 from
I am 9 also. I have a brother thats 6. I have 2 cats named Mittens and Spooky.Hope you will write back! Mallory
( http://www.mindspring.com/~kdmz/mallory.htm)
Lawrenceville, Ga, USA.
- Thu Jan 23 02:13:54 GMT 1997 from user-168-121-89-98.dialup.mindspring.com
- Wed Jan 22 20:05:37 GMT 1997
texas, usa.
- Wed Jan 22 03:05:01 GMT 1997 from Cust110.Max30.Dallas.TX.MS.UU.NET
Hi, my name is Alex. I am an 8 year old girl. I like your page. Tell me more about where you live. If you go to my homepage you can learn about my hometown ,Boise, by clicking on my sister's page. Do you like horses? My favorite animals are birds, dogs, and cats.
( http://netnow.micron.net/~sdurham/alex/alex.html)
Boise, IDAHO, USA.
- Wed Jan 22 02:24:32 GMT 1997 from cboi092p01.boi.micron.net
- Wed Jan 22 00:39:29 GMT 1997 from annex2-port30.isys.ca
- Wed Jan 22 00:13:59 GMT 1997 from dal03-30.ppp.iadfw.net
Hi Kate, just looking for things my two girls could do on the internet. This is very neat. How do you go about getting a home page and what equipment is needed?
Peggy Hughs :Shguh">Shguh
Tx, USA.
- Tue Jan 21 20:34:03 GMT 1997 from www-az1.proxy.aol.com
Great page Kate I love your graphics!! Check out my page!!
( http:/midxpress.com/midxpress/cos/cos.htm)
Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
- Tue Jan 21 01:35:47 GMT 1997 from kamov26.sk.sympatico.ca
Kate: You have a wonderful home page. Well organized and beautiful. I am from India, came to USA in 1982. From 1976 to 1982 I travelled a lot. I was in London (UK), for about 2 months in 1982. I have a son 10 years, in 4th grade. We are planning to construct a home page. I came across your URL in a book " Kids do the Web.". I do not have time now to go through most of your pages, but I will soon and I am sure I will enjoy them. Good Luck Cyril
Cyril Gojer
Columbus, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Jan 21 00:14:39 GMT 1997 from dd17-114.compuserve.com
I am 9 years old in Grade 4. I like to do crafts, I like animals exspecially moneys, pigs , rabbits and ponies, Please write back soon .
Amanda Sonier
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Jan 20 23:57:05 GMT 1997 from annex1-port20.isys.ca
I like dancing and singing.
Bethany Guy
Overland Park, Kansas, U.S.A..
- Mon Jan 20 17:36:38 GMT 1997 from ad05-062.compuserve.com
I am 9years 0ld. My birthday is May 21. I have a dog named Moxie. She is 5 years old. I read your page and it is great. I love horses I do horseback, piano, girlscouts, gymnastics, and I am on the swimteam. I hope to hear from you soon.
Rebecca Thill
Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
- Mon Jan 20 17:05:31 GMT 1997 from spg-as49s13.erols.com
Just looking around and found your web site. Keep up the good work! I'm a computer programmer. I grew up on a farm and loves horses too.
Greg Hampton
- Mon Jan 20 01:09:26 GMT 1997 from 152.bridgeton-011.mo.dial-access.att.net
Hi, this is my first time exploring web pages. I am getting ready to build my own page with my Dad. I am 10 years old. By for now, Chris
Christine Hevel
Yuma, Arizona, US.
- Sun Jan 19 18:23:15 GMT 1997 from ip186.yum.primenet.com
I am 8 years old and I spend weekends at my dad's house so I can use this computer! I do projects on the computer on animals that I like ~ frogs, birds and other creatures. I also like swimming and I think I swim very well. =)
Hayley Dye
Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, UK.
- Sun Jan 19 15:45:38 GMT 1997 from dyeatribe.easynet.co.uk
Just wanted to say that it is nice to find a clean, nice web site. Keep at it and seek the truth in life.
Michigan, USA,
- Sun Jan 19 06:08:28 GMT 1997 from anxport5f.teleweb.net
I am 9 years old.I like your page.I hope you'll check out my page.Bye!
Chantessy :None">None
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1996/)
- Sat Jan 18 23:55:00 GMT 1997
I am 12. I love computers. I like Mamamedia's homepage. I tried Build a Town and it was cool.
Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A..
- Sat Jan 18 21:05:58 GMT 1997 from pm4_83.pionet.net
Roseville, MN, USA.
- Sat Jan 18 19:53:23 GMT 1997 from
I am seven years old, and I live in a very small town called Occidental. I go to Harmony school and am in 2nd grade. I have two dogs named Ted and Josie. I liked hearing your voice say hello. I like your pictures and your stories that you wrote. Maybe i will send you a story sometime. Have a good weekend, From Jaffray
Jaffray Montague
Occidental, CA, USA.
- Sat Jan 18 19:52:21 GMT 1997 from d109.pm3.sonic.net
Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm 14 years old. I really enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work!!! It's grrrrr8!!!
Sarah Gillenwater
- Sat Jan 18 18:25:38 GMT 1997 from pm-nb2-92.coastalnet.com
Just browsing Kate and saw your home page - great stuff!!
Walter Neild
Ceresco, MI, USA.
- Sat Jan 18 01:25:48 GMT 1997 from clmx52.dial.voyager.net
Im a girl. My name is Morgan. Im 11 yaers old.I have two brothers a mom a dog and a passed(dead) dad. My brothers are 20 and 8.My Birthday is 10/26/85.Im in 5th grade. I have a beanie baby collectoin. I go to a montissore school.
Morgan Nicole Davis
Dayton, OH, U.S.A..
- Fri Jan 17 23:23:59 GMT 1997 from dlp275.dayton.eri.net
Hi! I am visitor from Croatia! This is a nice URL!!
Nino Crnicki
Varazdin, Croatia,
- Fri Jan 17 22:29:36 GMT 1997 from a21-p10-zg.tel.hr
Dear Katie, February of last year my wife and I got our first ride on internet. While surfing one day, I came upon your site. It's great. There're so many links and other personal information that I'm as amazed every time I see the pages. I really like the weather reports you have listed and the graphs they produce. I'm anxious to share them with my teacher friends. My students have used your e-mail addresses to mail letters around the world. Each student has gotten a response and some are still writing although we began this prodject back in September. Best wishes. Bill
Bill Ray
Cranberry, PA, US.
- Fri Jan 17 18:19:37 GMT 1997 from dip-46.max-01.seneca.csonline.net
- Fri Jan 17 17:09:50 GMT 1997 from a003.zianet.com
Hi Kate, accidentally came to oyur guestbook #16, as I was looking up some URLs on Yamaha XS 650. Good Idea, your guestbook. Much reading ,though, isn't it? Bye Olaf
Olaf Linneberg
Hamburg, Germany.
- Fri Jan 17 16:08:26 GMT 1997 from www.rrz.uni-hamburg.de
My name is Ellie, I am also 9 yrs old. (snap) I ride every week at our local stables and I am jealous of you having your own pony!! My favourite Pony at the stables is Mossey, I ride him all the time, he is my baby. He was mine for a whole week in the Summer. I also ride a horse called Minstral who belongs to a friend of My Mums.
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
- Fri Jan 17 15:52:49 GMT 1997 from af089.du.pipex.com

This is GREAT PLACE !!

My homepage
I was here

Pavle Spoljaric
Zagreb, Zg, CROATIA.
- Fri Jan 17 10:39:38 GMT 1997 from
Hey it's kind of neat - we have the same name. I am 8 yrs. old. My hobbies are: surfing the net, drawing, crafts
Kate M.
Great Falls, Va, USA.
- Thu Jan 16 22:17:16 GMT 1997
I am also 9 years old. I am in the 4th grade. I like to swim, play softball, ride my bike and roller blade. I love to spend time at my grandparents cottage and go camping. I have 2 brothers--11 and 6--sometimes they are real pests. I keep asking my mom and dad for another sister but they won't adopt one for me. Please write back. emily
emily anne brown
Wyoming, MI, USA.
- Thu Jan 16 19:54:56 GMT 1997
Hi there Kate... Greetings from Iceland! I'm not even going to try and start explaining how I got here... but wish you all the best. I must say I'm amazed at some of the things I found on your page, especially the "You" thing... I'd love to get one of those. If you want a quote, then here you are: "I came, I saw, I wrote this stuff!"... and hope you have all the happiness you can, and a good life ahead, if only some people (I'm not naming any names) would get their act together! (I am refering all the criminals)... anyway, to a ll who read this: Have a good one, too!
Thor "TheStone" Ingason
Reykjavik, Iceland.
- Thu Jan 16 07:35:52 GMT 1997 from ras104.vortex.is
Hi Kate! My name is Anita and I'm the mother of an 8 year old boy. I saw your home page link on the Petry's home page and I wanted to visit the U.K. tonight! Thanks for having me!
Anita Caraker
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
- Thu Jan 16 05:30:47 GMT 1997 from www-ao1.proxy.aol.com
If you've got a minute or two, come see the page that everyone's RAVING about at: The 1966/67 Dodge Charger Club Home Page
Ralph M. Bohm
( http://www.geocities.com/~dodge_chargers)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA,
- Thu Jan 16 03:43:32 GMT 1997 from Ppp-24.odc.net
I'm a Kate too!
Kate Price
San Francisco, CA, USA.
- Thu Jan 16 03:38:53 GMT 1997 from A103014.sfo3.as.crl.com
Everything is on my own Homepage :)
Panu Ahvenharju
From, Cold, Finland.
- Thu Jan 16 00:22:29 GMT 1997 from kauhajoki.fi
I'm 9 years old and love horses and dolphins. We have a 1yr old Welsh Filly.
Cami H

Cle Elum, WA, USA.
- Wed Jan 15 23:37:32 GMT 1997
Rachel is 11 and sarah is 9. We like your home page and will come back here again.
rachel and sarah reisman
cincinnati , ohio, USA.
- Wed Jan 15 01:58:46 GMT 1997 from www-ad1.proxy.aol.com
Hi. I'm Robb, A.K.A. Mage Of Darkness, 5 Card Joker. I like surfing the web, writing e-mail, and chatting, (On the net.) How'd you mke this page? I wish i could make one. Hope to hear from you soon, Robb
Robb M.
Spring, Texas, USA.
- Tue Jan 14 19:22:37 GMT 1997 from hd33-083.compuserve.com
- Tue Jan 14 01:38:56 GMT 1997 from wan67.fs.cei.net
I am 2 years old and I like to pet dogs.
Cody Foster
Hawley, PA, USA.
- Mon Jan 13 22:16:50 GMT 1997 from cs1-04.haw.ptd.net
I like roller blading. I like to go to my dad's house in Roanoke, Virginia. I love DOLPHINS . My favorite hobby is GYMNASTICS. I'am 10 years old and I have 1 brother and sister. My brother is 14 and my sister is 7.Well got to go BYE! BYE!
Amber Vaughan
Nashville, NC, USA.
- Mon Jan 13 18:13:01 GMT 1997 from
bordeaux, france.
- Mon Jan 13 18:10:31 GMT 1997 from sungold3.fr.ibm.net
Hi Kate, I signed your guestbook over a year ago, while I was living in Germany. Just thought I would come back and say hi now that I'm home safe and sound in the States!!
Dave Whitinger
Knoxville, TN, USA.
- Mon Jan 13 17:25:40 GMT 1997 from ip09.kcdc.org
I am 10 and I live in a village called Dalwood just outisde Axminster in Devon.
Axminster, Devon, England.
- Mon Jan 13 11:50:35 GMT 1997 from www.devon-cc.gov.uk
- Mon Jan 13 04:01:54 GMT 1997 from www-ak1.proxy.aol.com
I'm 21 years old. I attended Athens Tech. I'm a computer programming major.
Chris Stephens
Watkinsville,, GA, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 23:37:44 GMT 1997 from ath-ga1-12.ix.netcom.com
Hello from Oak Ridge Tennessee USA. I have a sister and brother in law who live on a boat that they built called the Gallivant. It is in Whangarei harbor. My sister was originally from Oak Ridge, but after she sailed from the USA to Whangarei Cheri and Will liked it there so much that they decided to stay. It looks like you have a nice hobby here! you can E-mail us a message back if you like. Have a nice day!!
Terry & Pauline Jones
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 21:00:55 GMT 1997 from www-af1.proxy.aol.com
Hi. My name is Katherine and I go to school at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. I was looking for information for a project that I am doing on Astrid Lindgrin and that is how I found your home page. I don't know very much about computers, but you have a really neat homepage!
Katherine Holger
Ames, Iowa, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 20:29:23 GMT 1997 from akh166.residents.stolaf.edu
- Sun Jan 12 19:50:26 GMT 1997 from Cust28.Max22.Los-Angeles.CA.MS.UU.NET
Jamboree bear from Antarctica and a fresh telephone in a chocolate marmoset.
Daniel Slimmon
Fairfield, CT, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 17:39:07 GMT 1997 from usr9-dialup59.mix2.Boston.mci.net
Arielle Sewell
Cuddebackville, New York, U.S.A..
- Sun Jan 12 17:30:09 GMT 1997 from ts1ppp23.magiccarpet.com
Im 10,i play the flute,i like animals and music,i love to bread,i have a bird and a bunny.
Shayla Cubbins
Canal Fulton, Ohio, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 17:26:35 GMT 1997 from canton282.imperium.net
Hi Kate! I'm a 31 yr. old mother of two girls aged 6.5 yrs. and 3yrs. They LOVE horses. Your page is terrific. My older daughter Teddy is just starting to build a page. Do you have any tips for her?
Take care,
Dawn :)

Dawn Bell
columbia, missouri, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 15:42:41 GMT 1997 from mizzou-as9-39.missouri.edu
Hi, I came to your page by chance. It is very well done. I am old enough to be your grandmother! I have a homepage too, with lots of recipes and some music and Christmas stuff.
Judy Howle
Columbus, MS, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 04:18:47 GMT 1997 from pmcol6.EbiCom.net
Allison Kniesly
Arcanum, OH, USA.
- Sun Jan 12 03:34:34 GMT 1997 from dlp11.green.eri.net
Hi, my friend, I am a boy of six years old. I like special juice, hanbaga, toy car, etc. what about you?
wenhan wang
tsukuba, ibaraki, japan.
- Sun Jan 12 01:03:24 GMT 1997 from
- Sat Jan 11 17:39:18 GMT 1997 from kit3.aitec.it
Big pony fan!!! Age 11 - fave pony - Robin
Gail Newton
Derby, UK.
- Sat Jan 11 17:03:31 GMT 1997 from p16-courser-gui.tch.virgin.net
I am 7 years old I am a second grader at Abilene Elementary school In Valley Center Ks I like to play star wars with my older brother Matt (he's 12) I have a cat named "Piddy" Bye now, Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Valley Center, Kansas, USA.
- Sat Jan 11 04:33:53 GMT 1997 from fsb136.fn.net
Hi my name is Natalie Norris and I am 9 years old. I want to make friends with you! I like your home page alot. In the USA we don't wear school uniforms! Thanks... Bye P.S here is my friend's page and here is the URL:http://nick.com/nat/ Bye!
( http://weber.u.washington.edu/~jrallen/new_new.html)
Ferndale, WA 98248, USA.
- Sat Jan 11 03:06:40 GMT 1997 from ws08.lab04.wwu.edu
For your father: My hope is constant in thee.
- Sat Jan 11 00:20:19 GMT 1997 from proxy.srv.ualberta.ca
I am 8yrs. old and in the 2nd grade. I like school, gymanastics, roller Blading, and almost all sports. I have two sisters younger then me & a cat. I hope you will get back to me.
Your new friend,

Jessica Lynn Cupini
Weirton, West Va., United States.
- Fri Jan 10 21:03:44 GMT 1997 from pm2-d02.weir.net
Hi, My name is Jonathan, I am nearly 8 years old. I'm interested in playing on my Game-Boy, Rugby, Football. I have a sister called Alex, she is 5. My dad says your home page is EXCELLENT ! Keep in touch :-)
Jonathan Young
Ampthill, Beds, UK.
- Fri Jan 10 19:29:13 GMT 1997 from ld35-125.compuserve.com
Hi Kate,
Thank you for making the Ponies option available down here. It has been quite some while since I have been here, but I just updated my site again and made a link to your page. Happy New Year and Keep the good work up!

Joost van Gestel
Tuusula, Finland.
I would like more Ponies (:-) Joost) on Kate's Pages
- Fri Jan 10 14:55:07 GMT 1997 from ncsdhcp02he-dhcp-32-217.ntc.nokia.com
I am married and the mother of two. My son is 8 and my daughter is 6. I am originally from Lancaster, SC!!
- Fri Jan 10 01:57:36 GMT 1997 from
I'm only 18 months old. I like your pictures.
- Thu Jan 9 20:10:53 GMT 1997 from www-am1.proxy.aol.com
I am 10 years old. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. I love to dance and I love all forms of music. I am learning the guitar and the piano at the moment. I live in Perth, Australia and love surfing the internet.
Perth, W.A, Australia.
- Thu Jan 9 10:12:31 GMT 1997 from jazz2.dy.iinet.net.au
I am a hip hop producer who makes music and sell music. Know someone who like music or need music. someone who need music, I will send you free music if you spread the word about me.
doug richardson
phila, pa, usa.
- Wed Jan 8 19:39:01 GMT 1997 from ersatz.ocis.temple.edu
I go to school at Stuanton Elem. I am 10 years old. I love soccer. It is my favorite sport. Do you play soccer there?
Tracy Oliveira
Brazil, Indiana, North America.
- Tue Jan 7 21:40:58 GMT 1997 from ppp1.qrp.com
I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I am homeschooled. I would like to meet more girls my age through the internet. It gets pretty lonely being the only student in the classroom. Let me hear from you ...SOON, before I go crazy. My only communication is from my teacher - my MOM!!! Help......
East Bernard, Texas, USA.
- Tue Jan 7 14:44:31 GMT 1997 from ip37-48.intertex.net
I'm 10 years old, my dad is in the Navy so we move around alot. I loved your page, hopefully I'll have one soon you can check out!!!!!!!!!
Melissa Fournier
Jacksonville, NC, USA.
- Mon Jan 6 20:48:54 GMT 1997 from pdial29.onslowonline.net

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