Kate's Thirty Fourth Guest Book

I'm the second Mike Blackburn in your guestbook,you have a great page I think I'll help my son set one up too. Happy New Year to you and your family.
Mike Blackburn
Cheshire, england.
- Mon Jan 6 15:33:04 GMT 1997 from net.gpt.co.uk
I have green eyes and honey-colored hair. I am 10 years old and in fourth grade.I'm 4'8. I have 3 dogs. Duchess, Harley and Shana. I also have 1 mouse and 3 hamsters. I go to Summerwind School.
Angela Lynn Gorn
Palmdale, California, U.S.A.
- Mon Jan 6 03:27:39 GMT 1997 from lanc04-00.ca.qnet.com
I am 16 yrs. old; I live on a farm in Pennsylvania, USA
I like to ride my 4-wheeler
I like to hunt large and small game
I really love to fish and do a lot of it
Luv ya Kate!! ---Eric--- : -
a red rose for you @ok*--->----

Eric Robinson
Sarver,, PA, USA.
- Sun Jan 5 20:31:26 GMT 1997 from host52.americanteleport.com
I an 16 yrs old; Live on a farm with 2 dogs a cat and a 4-wheeler; I also like to hunt; I don't like school but I do like girls!! I like e-mail!! ---eric--- : - )
Eric Robinson
Sarver, PA, USA.
- Sun Jan 5 20:20:18 GMT 1997 from host52.americanteleport.com
I am 12 years old and I have a 10 year old Grey Welsh Mountain Section A. I'm too big for him and ride for an hour every week. I have been riding since I was 4 and I think that this Pony Page is COOL!!
Laura Morgan
Cardiff, Glamorgan, UK.
- Sun Jan 5 16:59:27 GMT 1997 from onelight.demon.co.uk
I am looking for a pen pal I am 11. This page is great!
Danielle VH
Strathroy, Ont., Canada.
- Sun Jan 5 16:33:38 GMT 1997 from ppp19.jupiter.execulink.com
I'm a junior school teacher, here in the West Midlands. I use the net for all kinds of things but I've never looked on a school site before, I think it's really great. Maybe we'll do one from our school - I'll give you a call again if we need some help. It's great to see you and your school using the technology- keep up the good work. Happy New Year.
Anne Potter
Wolverhampton, W Mids, England.
- Sun Jan 5 16:06:02 GMT 1997 from max10-090.enterprise.net
Hi!.Its me again. Pls, tell me how do you get the my address?. I saw you have it when I went to "YOU",

Our computer has to "know" your address, otherwise how could it send you the files you ask for. Kate

Best regards,
Angie Bayona
- Sun Jan 5 14:10:07 GMT 1997 from s2195.impsat.com.co

I'm 7 years old in 1st degree of Colegio Nueva Inglaterra. I'm from Colombia and my dad is helping me with exploring Internet. Congratulations!! your Home Page is very nice.
Angie Bayona
- Sun Jan 5 14:00:55 GMT 1997 from s2195.impsat.com.co
I am 7 years old and my friend is 12. We both have horses. We just ride in a ring and trail ride. No showing or pony clubbing yet.We really liked your web site and photos. Thanks.
Curry D'Ignazio & Caleigh Megless
Oxford, Pennsylvan, USA.
- Sun Jan 5 05:12:41 GMT 1997 from qrvl-67ppp66.epix.net
Your welcome!I'll contact you when I get an web adders.
Ashley Cora Kohlbrand
- Sat Jan 4 22:05:50 GMT 1997 from ppp-16.sierranet.net
This is my first time on the internet. I don't have an address yet. I'm using someone else's. I am an 8 year old girl. I like cats, because I have 3 cats. I also like horses.
Ashley Cora Kohlbrand
1000 Oaks, California, U.S.A..
- Sat Jan 4 22:00:02 GMT 1997 from ppp-16.sierranet.net
Kate, I very much enjoyed your site. I just retired as a fourth/fifth grade teacher (that's children between the ages of 9 and 11) and am now spending time on the Internet. I am just learning about writing web pages and I hope at some point to be able to do as nice a job as you have. Maybe your site could share ideas about putting together your own web pages. Maybe that's too complicated a task. As I say, I am just learning and do not understand all that is involved. Anyway, I still volunteer once a week at two schools and would love to help kids get on the W.W.W. My mother grew up in Birmingham, England. She was your age about 60 years ago. I will have to share your site with her although I'm sure it will make her terribly homesick. Keep, up the good work, Kate.
Vicki Claybrook
Kennewick, Washington, USA.
- Sat Jan 4 19:01:58 GMT 1997 from bigtca1012.3-cities.com
I am 16 , live on a farm, Like to live on the edge!! have 2 dogs a cat and hunt with a bow. do a lot of riding with a 4 wheeler!! My greatgrand dad McCarthy came from county Cork and was a Horse trainer.
Eric Robinson
Sarver, PA, USA.
- Sat Jan 4 09:14:26 GMT 1997 from host37.americanteleport.com
I was just curious about how much stuff there was on the internet with "Kate" in it. And I stumbled on your page. I saw your plea for people to sign your guestbook...so here I am being nice =) I'm am 18yrs old and I live in New Zealand, I'm mad about horses too, I have 3, a 15hh chestnut called Safari Bob, a 14.2hh grey called Ghost and a 16hh dapple grey mare called Paradise. I hope you're having a good new year!
( http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/5450/)
Tauranga, New Zealand,
- Sat Jan 4 03:14:09 GMT 1997 from tpower.internet.co.nz
I am 13 years old in grade 8. I own a QHx TB gelding named Labrynth. He is 15.3 hands high and we are starting to show in the hunter jumper circut.
Vivian Evans
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Sat Jan 4 02:12:35 GMT 1997 from gw17.icenter.net
I am 13 yrs old and very new to the internet. How many times have you been on the internet?
Crystal Deats :deats@ok*ce.net">deats@ok*ce.net
Seaford, Delaware, United States .
- Fri Jan 3 22:44:18 GMT 1997 from pool12.ce.net
HELLO KATE! I LUV YOUR PAGE! I am 12 yrs old and I luv to read. I am in the gifted 7th grade and I have a dalmation named Harlequin. I have green eyes and light brown hair. I am also a chocoholic and a shopoholic.
Alexandra Montealegre
Aventura, Dade/Fl, USA.
- Fri Jan 3 15:57:07 GMT 1997 from piweba4y-ext.prodigy.com
Hello, I am 10 years old. I love horses. My family owns 3 horses. Their names are Isis, Levi, and Tippin. Tippin is an Appolosia,;Isis is a running Quarter Horse; Levi is a ranch style Quarter horse. Our family has won many prizes(ribbons, spurs, silver buckeles, trophies, certificates, and other prizes) with our horses. We would like very much to get a e-mail from you.
Jennifer Currie :slyfox.webtv.net">slyfox.webtv.net
Cedar Hill, Texas, Dallas.
- Fri Jan 3 04:23:14 GMT 1997 from a1p14.connect.net
- Fri Jan 3 02:28:56 GMT 1997 from ppp03.silk.net
Hi Kate! I loved your homepage, and one of these days hopefully I can create one that is as creative as yours is! I am 16, and have only been riding horses for four years, but I will never give it up! I hope your Christmas and New Years was wonderful! Well, I have to go now! Keep up the good work! Bye-Bye
Erin :SaddleSoor">SaddleSoor
Dale City, Virginia, USA.
- Thu Jan 2 20:00:28 GMT 1997
I like to play tennis and soccer, listen to music, surf the net and go in chatrooms. I'm 11 years old and I would like e-pals and people to join my club.
( http://www.angelfire.com/me/HomepagefromMeghan/clubpage.html)
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
- Thu Jan 2 19:25:10 GMT 1997 from RAS2.nefc.forestry.ca
Married lady in her late twenties. Has always been mad about horses. Owns an 11 yr old flighty, spooky Hackney Horse cross gelding from whom I could never be parted. Owns three cats and a husband!
Vanessa Chesterton
Birmingham, West Mids, UK.
- Thu Jan 2 12:00:31 GMT 1997 from es6.ers.bham.ac.uk
Hellow my name is julia ann salter. I am 11 years old and love horses. I have riden them all my life. I love that picture. The name of my horses is Bubbles.She is around 16 years old. What is the name of your horses.I saw that you live in England. That is probly so cool. Ilive in Alabama.Talk to me please at j.salter@ok*mci2000.com
julia salter
- Thu Jan 2 04:31:40 GMT 1997 from usr8-dialup25.Atlanta.mci.net
I have brown hair,blue eyes,and no sisters or brothers. I have six wonderful friends whos names are Caroline Brown, R.Camille May,Charis Durden,Roger Newton, Lydia Lancy and Jeremy Slone.
Rachel Bunn
Ellijay, GA, USA.
- Thu Jan 2 00:34:05 GMT 1997 from
Hi Kate I'm 9 years old.I like barbies and I like your page too .I want to make a page just like yours. I was in England last year but not for very long. I was spending my summer in Ireland with my relatives. I loved my holiday last summer. Have you ever been to Canada? It's very cold here right now. How is the weather there? I hope you have had a very happy xmas and a happy new year too. Bye for now, Siobhan
- Thu Jan 2 00:08:36 GMT 1997 from client35.securenet.net
Hi Kate, I am also 9 years old I am just starting to learn about the world wide web. Thanks for having a web page. Have a happy new Year!!!!!
Kate Jacobs
Dayton, Minnesota, USA.
- Wed Jan 1 18:56:40 GMT 1997
Dear Kate, How are you doing? I am o k. I was brossing arond "Kids Corner" and I saw your sight. I went in it and I was shocked with all the hard work you put in it. You did a wonderful job. I was really impressed. Since I have already heard a lot about yourself, I am going to tell you alittle about me. I was born in Chico,California. I am almost 15 years of age. I do not have any brothers or sisters. Do you? So where did you get all of these ideas? How old were you when you started your own sight? Be sure to check out my moms sights on familyinternet.She is "Blondee" and I am on her cooking with kids section. Well I have to go but I hope to talk to you on the net!!!!! Please write back soon.
Your Friend,

- Wed Jan 1 02:28:31 GMT 1997 from whp-ny1-23.ix.netcom.com
Hi Kate, I'm a teacher and I also work for a company who puts printing and embroidery on t shirts and caps and things. I's a great job. It's minus 20 degrees celcius right now in Montreal with snow all over the ground. I just stumbled upon your home page when I was researching my family name. I'm trying to do a project on the geneology of my last name, Callander. Originally my family is from Scotland. I will definitely visit your site again. Have a very happy new year to you and all who may read this. Regards Maggie.
Maggie Callander Montreal, Canada,
- Tue Dec 31 23:10:03 GMT 1996 from client3.securenet.net
hi kate! I think your page is great. Do you know html or does someone else do it for you? please e-mail me and tell me how you put the wav file on you page? did you record it onto your hardrive, and put it on your page? i would like to do it to my page. bye
nathan higgins
( http://www.angelfire.com/nh/nh/index.html)
toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Dec 31 20:19:23 GMT 1996 from ppp150.oncomdis.on.ca
I am 7 have short hair. I have 2 sisters and one brother. Happy New Year
Aneirin Wenner
Cardiff, Wales.
- Tue Dec 31 11:37:06 GMT 1996 from lightd.demon.co.uk
Hello Kate! Happy New Year! Thank you for the wonderful stories and funny jokes. They really made me smile. You are so lucky to have a pony. I had a pony when I was little, but we moved and couldn't bring the pony. I am sending you some of my favorite links. I hope you and your family like them. E-mail me a letter if you aren't too busy. Thank you!
Monterey Bay Aquarium: http://www.mbayaq.org
Museum of Natural History: http://nmnhwww.si.edu
I will try to send more later!

Huy Evans
Mililani, HI, USA.
- Tue Dec 31 10:56:45 GMT 1996 from 34.san-francisco-005.ca.dial-access.att.net
I take riding lessons twice a week (Tues. and Thurs.) at FIELDSTONE PARK . I ride a Morgan named Cemeron. My 1st show is in March.
M Wilson
Arl., TX, USA.
- Tue Dec 31 03:52:37 GMT 1996 from iad_ppp0227.iamerica.net
LJ highland
Corvallis, USA.
- Tue Dec 31 01:58:23 GMT 1996 from fozzy.proaxis.com
I'm 8 in a half..and one thing: we Have No Province.. i just don't know What Home Page URL (If Suitable)...bye bye Gotta go
Scott Highland
corvallis, benton/or., USA.
- Mon Dec 30 23:07:31 GMT 1996 from fozzy.proaxis.com
I raise Quarter ponies and have just gotten a computer and on line and am trying to figure out the horse advertisment thing. Have ponies and horses for sale. Want a Web page but need to figure that out one of these day. Enjoyed your pictures. Santa brought me a scanner so I can do the photo thing. Happy New Year.
Barbara Webb
Cottonwood, California, US.
- Mon Dec 30 05:18:18 GMT 1996 from www-ai1.proxy.aol.com
I'm 8 years old,and I'm just learning about the Inter net. I realy like your page. PLEASE WRITE ME BACK.
Christa Dumas
B'ham, Al., U.S..
- Mon Dec 30 04:12:37 GMT 1996 from 220.middletown-57.va.dial-access.att.net
Like your home page just wanted to say hello.
Rodney Hargis
( http://www.netins.net/showcase/rhargis/hargis)
New Market, IA, USA.
- Mon Dec 30 01:41:53 GMT 1996 from desm-11-43.dialup.netins.net
I'm 9 years old and go to school at Camblesforth - I am at my Uncles in Shrewsbury for a Xmas visit
Katie Holden
- Sun Dec 29 15:33:08 GMT 1996
i'm 7 years old and I really like your page
Micheala Armstrong
Orangeville, ONT, Canada.
- Sun Dec 29 01:31:02 GMT 1996 from remote_156.headwaters.com
Hello Kate!! You've got a really great page here! MY page aren't that good, but please check it out anyway.
Anette Lind
( http://www.toptown.com/dorms/alys/index.htm)
Bjerred, Skane, Sweden.
- Sat Dec 28 11:10:41 GMT 1996 from dialup96-7-2.swipnet.se
I like your pony page. I am six years old and I like horses too.
okotoks, alberta, canada.
- Fri Dec 27 21:43:39 GMT 1996 from ppp4.canadianwebmaster.com
- Fri Dec 27 20:27:05 GMT 1996 from slip9.cyberverse.com
Hi!I like your site.Let's be friend!I'm 11.I have many friends! My city is very beautiful!I have a cat.It name is Lusa.It is black.I love my lusa!Write me a letter and tell me about you ! Bay!
Gorina Olga
Volgograd, Russia.
- Fri Dec 27 19:53:57 GMT 1996 from Volga1-A3.sprint-v.com.ru
I ride and train Whipporwill Morgans. I have been riding ever since I can remember.
Heather Lucas
Old Lyme, Ct., Usa.
- Fri Dec 27 18:15:58 GMT 1996 from

- Fri Dec 27 15:30:01 GMT 1996 from spg-as1s82.erols.com
I am a college student here in Hawaii. I am really enjoying your web page. Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Huy Evans
Mililani, HI, USA.
- Fri Dec 27 06:35:12 GMT 1996 from 81.los-angeles-006.ca.dial-access.att.net
Steph/I' m a fifth grader at Holy Trinity School. I have brown hair. I have blue eyes. I do gymnastics. Lauren/I'm a fifth grader also at Holy Trinity School. I have dirty blond hair and greenish-blue eyes. I'm on the gymnastics team. I have the same Birthday as Steph and we're also twins, and I'm older!
Lauren and Steph
Greenfield, MA, USA.
- Thu Dec 26 20:43:51 GMT 1996 from iplink121.crocker.com
Hi Kate! My dad showed me your file and i'm at home for Christmas Holidays. I'm 21 and at University studying acting. This is the first e-mail I have ever sent-so every time I ever send one, I will think of you. I also have a horse. He is Palamino and his name is Ulysses. I also acted in a play in August about horses called Equus. I have to go now but if you want, i'd love to hear from you. What did you get for Christmas? Bye Bye!
Melissa Jessica B. Lee
Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
- Thu Dec 26 09:36:31 GMT 1996 from alphab.hunterlink.net.au
I'm 38 years old, a computer graphic designer for an advertising agency here in the US. This is the first home page I have ever contacted. I liked the idea of talking to someone from England. You're obviously more at home on the Internet than I am. I've only been on the net for the past week. I'd like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I live with my best friend who is 77 years old, has an electric wheelchair and is always threatening to run over my toes. (She's just kidding of course!) We like to tease each other quite a lot and some people don't understand. I call my friend "Mom" because she is always telling me to dress warmly and take my vitamins. In return I claim all her grey hair is my doing. I've lived with her for the past eleven years and by now we are the closest family either of us has. My real father lives in Florida, my mom in Texas, and all five of my brothers & sisters live in Texas also. I don't think there is much more to say at present. Hope Father Christmas brought you many wonderful gifts. Goodbye!
Pamela Kaye Dutcher
Lansing, Michigan, USA.
- Thu Dec 26 03:09:55 GMT 1996 from lnngdial102.voyager.net
I am nine years old. brown hair blue eyes. I like to write Poetry and write songs. I have two dogs Lucky and Pongo.
Brianna Daniel
Conyers, Georgia, USA.
- Tue Dec 24 20:33:43 GMT 1996 from www-h2.proxy.aol.com

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