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space I'm Paul From Holland and by chance I found your page and I think it's a very beautifull one too! I found this page 'cause I was searching for a Swedish movie about Madita, written by Astrid Lindgren,. Somehow I feel very much at home when I see these movies! The high north is so beautifull, I wish I was born there (Santa lives there too you no....) Have a very nice X-mas and a very happy new year! BYE!
Paul Amende
Purmerend, NH., Nederland.
- Tue Dec 24 11:25:58 GMT 1996 from hd53-011.compuserve.com
I found your page some time ago when I was just learning to surf. I decided to come back to look for changes! I like your pages a lot. I'm a 40-year-old mom of three daughters, one of whom is also named Kate! My husband and I are both teachers; I also direct plays for our school and our local community theatre. My husband is also coach of our school's soccer (football) team. He is a big fan of English football league games on ESPN. Well, we both are! (hope this message isn't too long!)
Jan Bahner
Sedalia, MO, USA.
- Mon Dec 23 20:48:08 GMT 1996 from t2-12.murlin.com
Well, there not a whole lot to say about me. I am 16 years old and drive a car. I am kind of new to the internet and I am doing alot of exploring. Well there is not a whole lot to say so good-bye
Larry Ornelas
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
- Mon Dec 23 20:38:46 GMT 1996 from SL-6.ducomm.du.edu
Alyssa Hartel
Clayton, MO., USA.
- Mon Dec 23 19:11:49 GMT 1996 from
I'm a mom of two boys, Zach 3 and Corey 1. I found your page by way of news/mag web sites. I really enjoyed your site. Good work. What's the need for the 486? We do have one we might be willing to give up. However we live in San Diego. Keep up the good work. I worked as a Flight Attendant for Pan Am for a few years. I miss my London layovers. Bye
Fallbrook, CA, USA.
- Mon Dec 23 05:28:23 GMT 1996 from
I'm 13 years old... I love writing letters, making webpages, chatting on the computer, shopping, talking on the phone, and other things.
Jessica Roop
( http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/1480)
Hilliard, Ohio, USA.
- Sun Dec 22 04:12:35 GMT 1996
great page kate!!
Riner, VA, USA.
- Sun Dec 22 01:27:03 GMT 1996
I am 6 yrs. old. I have a dog named Stormy, two cats and 4 fish. My school is St. Johns. I love arts and crafts. You are lucky to have a horse. Please write me sometime!12
Dallas, TX, USA.
- Sat Dec 21 23:26:23 GMT 1996
I'm 16 years old, I like horses too, but I have not been riding that much. There is a big park here in San Francisco called Golden Gate Park and you can rent horses there, so I have ridden there before. Also, there is a nice place near where I live that lets you rent horses and take them out to ride on the beach. The only problem is those horses are really huge! Well, Merry Christmas! :)
Caitlin Phillips
( http://members.aol.com/Art7684/index.html)
San Francisco, California, United States of America.
- Sat Dec 21 21:58:18 GMT 1996 from
Good for you Kate, keep up the good work, and have a very Merry Christmas
Ooltewah, TN,
- Sat Dec 21 21:35:31 GMT 1996
I like horse jokes.
Doc Bunkenstein
- Sat Dec 21 17:38:46 GMT 1996 from client200-191-195.bellatlantic.net
Hi Ho Neighbor! I live on Cedar Lake. Mom of two boys 7 & 4. Love to Surf Net. I'll stop back soon. Write if there is time.Dianamarie
Lake Villa, Illinois, USA.
- Sat Dec 21 05:07:22 GMT 1996 from
blond male
David :DWCloth">DWCloth
- Fri Dec 20 00:29:24 GMT 1996 from
Not much to say - 46 (next week), English, here in America since 1977. 3 kids from 20 to 25. a 4 year old grand-daughter. Glad to see young people on the net. Nice to see a Merry Christmas message! Same back to you.
Peter Holman
Walthamstow, but now, Twinsburg Ohio.
- Thu Dec 19 23:35:29 GMT 1996 from proxy.picker.com
I am 2 and 1/2 years old. I live in a town called Gradisca D'Isonzo near the cities of Udine and Trieste (in the north of Italy) My dad works at the local university and is sending this message for me. He is impressed with your dad's scientific nonsense generator. He uses that sort of thing all the time.
Giada Tossi
( http://www.univ.trieste.it/tossi)
Gradisca, Gprizia, Italy.
- Thu Dec 19 13:08:07 GMT 1996 from bbcmrom.univ.trieste.it
I am 12 years old and I would like to have a penpal so E-mail me.BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
- Wed Dec 18 21:49:58 GMT 1996 from phd-as12s71.erols.com
Hi Kate. I'm 10 years old and I love horses too!! I also like cats and guinea pigs.

I like guinea pigs too! This is Eric our guinea pig

I like to read books and write stories and poems. Happy Holidays from Sara
Sara Gillbert
( http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/6938)
Bunnlevel, NC, USA.
- Wed Dec 18 11:54:34 GMT 1996 from Cust22.Max8.Raleigh.NC.MS.UU.NET

My name is Alf i4m living in sweden. Thats it.
- Wed Dec 18 10:21:00 GMT 1996 from kairos.algonet.se
Hi I'm Jesus. I'm almost 2000 years old and I don't have a father (not a real one anyway)
J. Christ
- Wed Dec 18 09:17:33 GMT 1996 from pc33.fys.ku.dk
I am a high school teacher in Alaska. I am originally from Scotland. I was born in Dunfermline and lived in Grangemouth until moving to the United States. I think your page is wonderful!!
Gayle Heywood
Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A..
- Wed Dec 18 01:10:42 GMT 1996
I am a children's librarian who likes ponies and is interested in working on a children's web site here at the Denver Public Librarian. I also like ponies. Growing up I had a white welsh pony named Folly. She was William's size. I am impressed by your page Kate. How much time do you spend maintaining it?

once its made it doesn't take much fussing - Kate.

Kristin Raban
Denver, Colorado, US.
- Tue Dec 17 00:22:11 GMT 1996

Michael Grossman
Houston, harris/TX, U.S..
- Sun Dec 15 21:53:00 GMT 1996 from Cust22.Max12.Houston.TX.MS.UU.NET
Come to my homepage! It's cool! Be my keypal! laugh alot! There's nothing much on the homepage but hey! you can be my keypal! I love horses ponies Horses ponies horses ponies..... and my favourite band is Pulp! so go on! and get a free homepage!
( http://www.angelfire.com/me/Emmas/index.html)
- Sun Dec 15 19:50:53 GMT 1996 from aj098.du.pipex.com
Nice page, Kate, come see my homepage
Fiona Hallinan
Cork, Ireland.
- Sun Dec 15 18:38:01 GMT 1996 from dialup19.cork.homenet.ie
Did you write this page yourself? Email me with the subject of FAO Matt Hamer
Matt Hamer :lsahs@ok*dial.pipex.com">lsahs@ok*dial.pipex.com
- Sun Dec 15 17:27:44 GMT 1996 from
- Sun Dec 15 04:45:46 GMT 1996 from www-aj1.proxy.aol.com
I am 14 years old and I have black hair and brown eyes and tan skin.
Shawn Spitaleri
( http://www.angelfire.com/tn/DirectoryofShadows)
Nashville, TN, USA.
- Sun Dec 15 01:02:21 GMT 1996 from d00016.bna.bellsouth.net
I'm 12 years old. I like to play soccer,basketbal,and ride horses. What do you like to do?l
Jacksonville, NC, USA.
- Sat Dec 14 21:14:56 GMT 1996
I am studying Nursing at Georgetown University. I just recently returned to the home page of my elementary school and I found a lot of great home pages by kids. Your's is great. Good luck with your pony campaign. Keep up your creative work on the net!! Have a Happy Holiday!!
Erin Elyse Abrahamsen
cobleskill, ny, USA.
- Sat Dec 14 17:39:41 GMT 1996
I am 48 years old, VP of a Bank, have 2 grown sons, a 4 year old Granddaughter and another Grandchild due next month
Allan Hazelrigg
Sullivan, Indiana, USA.
- Sat Dec 14 03:55:17 GMT 1996 from
I am 14, and my nick name is CUTTIE. I think this guest book thing is the bomb.
Monique Warledo
Red Rock, Ok, USA.
- Fri Dec 13 18:12:17 GMT 1996 from pc151.frontier.osrhe.edu
Hi Kate I am a student at Washington State University preparing to be an elementary teacher. I was looking for poetry on the internet and ran into your wonderful page!!!
Marie Kackman
Colfax, WA, 99111 (USA).
- Fri Dec 13 16:14:37 GMT 1996 from xtsd1014.it.wsu.edu
I like my sister Haley.
- Thu Dec 12 21:44:09 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0816020.smartt.com
Hi Kate, I thought I would look at your home page after seeing your sisters, I cannot decide which is best! I live in Yarm which is just on the border between North Yorkshire and Cleveland. Unfortunately I have to go to work each day because I am a bit older than you :-). I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. Don't eat too much turkey!
Paul Young
Yarm, in, Clevealnd.
- Thu Dec 12 21:06:35 GMT 1996 from am044.du.pipex.com
micheal j. skiba
chicago, IL., U.S.A..
- Thu Dec 12 02:00:32 GMT 1996 from www-l9.proxy.aol.com
i'm 11 . i live in toronto. i have 2 brothers.i love your site!!!!!!
- Wed Dec 11 17:16:02 GMT 1996 from firewall.sickkids.on.ca
Hi, Im 11 & in 5th grade. You have a Cool website. you can e-mail me if you would like.
Kris Dent
Kenai, Alaska, USA.
- Wed Dec 11 03:06:31 GMT 1996 from dialups-38.soldotna.ptialaska.net
I am ten years old. I do not have a pony.
louise winer
worcester, england.
I would like more Ponies on Kate's Pages
- Tue Dec 10 20:22:05 GMT 1996 from dial8.bham.ac.uk
i am 41 yrs old, have 2 children age 16 and 13. i sell real estate for a living and volunteer with our local library sponsored internet program called charlotte's web (www.charweb.org)
jim kluth
( http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jim_kluth2)
charlotte, nc, usa.
- Tue Dec 10 11:16:05 GMT 1996 from wilbur.charweb.org
Hi, Kate! I'm 34, and a computer programmer living just north of New York City, overlooking the Hudson River in Nyack, NY. Good luck with your web activities! -Hank
Henry R. Ewing-Crawford
Nyack, NY, USA.
- Tue Dec 10 03:56:08 GMT 1996 from mne.net
hi my name is erin. i'm 11 years old. i like to play the piano and swim.
erin :ldecapua@ok*together.net">ldecapua@ok*together.net
Essex Junction, Vermont, US.
- Tue Dec 10 00:08:16 GMT 1996 from PORT-56-MAX-BTV-02.ramp.together.net
I am 12 years old, and I live in North Carolina, USA. I like horses, reading, drawing, swimming, sewing, tennis and friends.
Laura W.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.
- Mon Dec 9 16:47:28 GMT 1996 from d00151.rdu.bellsouth.net
I'm 13 years old and I am interested in cars, computers, biking, and basketball. I have a sister that is 10 years old. We are busy getting ready for Christmas. We are putting our Christmas tree up tonight. Have a merry Christmas.
Mike :kennross@ok*ihorizons.net">kennross@ok*ihorizons.net
Napanee, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Dec 9 01:35:17 GMT 1996
I am a 16 year old girl with 1 brother, named Brent. I live with my parents and my brother in a country house. I also live with my dog and cat. I love to ski, dance, sing and read, but I'm not too fond of homework. I got to your homepage from another homepage (Hillyard). Congradulations for having such a cool homepage.

Malora McIntosh
Oxford, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Mon Dec 9 00:30:09 GMT 1996 from
Hi! I am an 11 female in the fifth grade. I loved your page! Keep up the good work!
Kathryn Kipling
( http://ccweb.com/creator/kidspage/kathryn44.html)
Duluth, GA, USA.
- Sun Dec 8 17:27:49 GMT 1996 from d00900.atl.bellsouth.net
I am 9 years old and I love reading and writing.I also love my sweet little hamster called Fluff! I like going on the internet alot. It is very fun!!!! Next year I might have my own small web site!! It will be just for girls aged 9-14. Mabye next year you might come across it!! Any way I've got to go now, see you soon!! Oops! I forgot to tell you, my favorite key is.....@ok*@ok*@ok*@ok*@ok*@ok*@ok*!

Mine is ########### or maybe ~~~~~~~~ Kate

You probably think I'm a bit strange don't you? Never mind! Bye! Joanna.
Huntingdonshire, Ellington, England.
- Sun Dec 8 15:12:12 GMT 1996 from client864c.globalnet.co.uk

Iam the best person in the world
Aylmer, Canada.
- Sun Dec 8 14:30:01 GMT 1996 from port054-73-yow.iosphere.net
I'm a computer programmer, but I wrote a science fiction novel that I am preparing to publish myself. I happened to find your page because I was looking for a GIF or JPG file of sheet music to the "Ode to Joy" part of Beethoven's 9th sympony for my own 8 year old daughter.
Carl Weidling
San Francisco, California, USA.
- Sun Dec 8 02:11:25 GMT 1996 from ppp076-sf2.sirius.com
Hi I am 6 years old and I liked you horse picture very much.
Ashley McKee :PMcKee7165">PMcKee7165
Williamston, N.C., USA.
- Sat Dec 7 22:40:41 GMT 1996 from pm-wsh1-59.coastalnet.com
I'm 9 years old and am Homeschooled by my mom. I really like this page.
Joanna Vance
Natrona Hts, PA, America.
- Sat Dec 7 14:19:49 GMT 1996
- Fri Dec 6 00:18:51 GMT 1996 from ip75.salisbury.dmv.com
I'm 12!
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Thu Dec 5 22:39:42 GMT 1996 from win-mb1-21.netcom.ca
i am ten,in the fith grade,redhair and blue eyes
valerie june wilhelm
va., king & queen.
- Thu Dec 5 21:31:52 GMT 1996
Student. at university of cincinnati
paul huseman
Bethel, Ohio, U.S.
- Thu Dec 5 06:43:19 GMT 1996 from cin-oh1-02.ix.netcom.com
I am a college student and since I am also a mother I thought that your page looked like a wonderful place for my children to visit as well- Nice work!
- Thu Dec 5 04:29:08 GMT 1996 from
Hi I'm 11 your page is pretty good.
Stephanie Durant
Maple Creek, Sask., Canada.
- Thu Dec 5 02:34:31 GMT 1996 from alf12.sk.sympatico.ca

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