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space I'm a 11 year old boy who likes video games and computers. I have one American Shorthair cat. I been looking for a penpal out of U.S.A.
David Nance :NanceD@ok*juno.com">NanceD@ok*juno.com
Raleigh, N.C., United States.
- Wed Dec 4 20:47:20 GMT 1996 from isabella-50.pagesz.net
Hello! My name is Daniel. You have a nice page! Would you please make a link to my page from yours? Thanks! My homepage is called Daniel's Page, and the adress is: http://www.worldkids.net/kids/daniel/ Bye!
P.S. I LOVE how this form is set up!! =)

Daniel :daniel@ok*worldkids.net">daniel@ok*worldkids.net
( http://www.worldkids.net/kids/daniel/)
Cottage Grove, MN, USA.
- Tue Dec 3 03:57:40 GMT 1996 from min-mn12-19.ix.netcom.com
HI! I live in Missouri. I'm in 6th grade. I think your page is really cool. Well, I like music (I play the viola), I like computers
Missouri, USA.
- Tue Dec 3 03:39:34 GMT 1996 from
Oak Harbor, WA, USA.
- Tue Dec 3 01:00:31 GMT 1996 from asn124.whidbey.net
Age 19, studying computing for real time systems (CRTS) at the university of the west of england. I think your home page is great, and i love your dads random scientific nonsense generator.

Chris Dodd :cjdodd@ok*csm.uwe.ac.uk">cjdodd@ok*csm.uwe.ac.uk
Bristol, South Glou, England.
- Mon Dec 2 17:37:35 GMT 1996 from portal.uwe.ac.uk
Hiya, Just passing through. Nice pages, seen any pics of thelwell ponies? Run into you on the net sometime, Ruddles,
Ruddles :ruddles@ok*bogo.co.uk">ruddles@ok*bogo.co.uk
Hatfield, Herts,, United Kingdom.
- Mon Dec 2 01:19:39 GMT 1996 from ts1.admin.web-uk.net
Science teacher grades 1 through 8 Jemicy School (for dyslexic kids) Baltimore, Md, USA A friend will be visiting London tomorrow (Dec, 2) for 12 days love airplanes, rappelling, caves, electronics 61 years old haven't decided what I want to do when I grow up !! :-)
Joe Chidester :joechid@ok*aol.com">joechid@ok*aol.com
Baltimore, Md, USA.
- Sun Dec 1 22:31:55 GMT 1996 from col-as1s15.erols.com
I started riding in western style gymkhanas in the early 1970's. I am curious about the British Games and European gymkhana. I would like to tell our local more about the history of gymkhana and games. I was wondering if you or your friends are interested in e-mail penpals from California gymnkhana riders. Also, could you find me a URL for the British Games? Cordially yours, Cynthia S.
Cynthia :fredncyn@ok*wco.com">fredncyn@ok*wco.com
San Jose (near San Francisco), California, USA.
- Sun Dec 1 20:10:32 GMT 1996 from octans57.wco.com
Dear Kate how do you get in the guestbook? From Erin Kelly bye :) :)

Just like this ;-) Erin Kelly
Pgh, Pa,
- Sun Dec 1 18:31:27 GMT 1996 from ehdup-j-6.rmt.net.pitt.edu

Hi Kate, I am 47 years old and have two children ages 2 1/2 and 6 months. I seen your nice looking page and just wanted to say hi from the Shenandoah Valley here at the top Va. You have a nice looking page. Have lots of fun with it. Tom Maphis Winchester,Va
Tom Maphis :tmaphis@ok*shentel.net">tmaphis@ok*shentel.net
Winchester, Va, USA.
- Sun Dec 1 01:20:34 GMT 1996 from eb4ppp9.shentel.net
I am 6 years old and go to Kindergarten. I have a black rabbit named Spook! I have a little sister named Courtney who is 3. I have an Aunt and Uncle who live in West Bromich, England. I would love to hear from you.
Crista Gibson :gibbers@ok*nb.net">gibbers@ok*nb.net
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
- Sat Nov 30 21:33:08 GMT 1996 from corn-29.nb.net
I am a mom in Seattle, WAshington, US and I am looking for nice pages for kids to visit. You have done a lot of work! Good for you. I like writing web pages, too. You can see our homeschool computer lab at http://www.halcyon.com/maywood/ and the pages I write for the kid's internet classes at: http://www.halcyon.com/dianes/
Diane Smith :dianes@ok*halcyon.com"> dianes@ok*halcyon.com
Seattle, WA, US.
- Sat Nov 30 18:51:27 GMT 1996 from blv-pm113-ip24.halcyon.com
Hi, my name is Kim Bonney and I am 11 and I own a kids webring called Kidz WebRing where we link all cool (& REALLY kewl) kids homepages together in a big ring. These pages will be from all around the world. The ring is so new that I need other founder (first) members to join. So if you have a kids homepage or your site has your kids page linked to yours, join now by going to the URL below and following the instructions carefully.
Hear from you soon! (I hope)
Kim Bonney
:) :) :) :-)
PS Remember you HAVE to do the steps in the following order:
1) Add your KIDS page's URL to the Kidz WebRing QUEUE here.... http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/6188/kidz.htm
2) You get an e-mail back of the code to add to your KIDS page. ADD THAT CODE TO THE PAGE **BEFORE** THE NEXT STEP below
3) e-mail me so that I can move you from the QUEUE and add you to the Kidz WebRing

Kim :kimb@ok*pixie.co.za">kimb@ok*pixie.co.za
( http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/1616)
Johannesburg, S Africa.
- Sat Nov 30 10:41:10 GMT 1996 from pm1-19.vp.pix.za
PYROWORDS is a cool literary magazine with great graphics. Forget about the meaning of words...Use the power of their imagery.
Miguel Lamiel
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Sat Nov 30 04:19:18 GMT 1996 from
I am 11 years old and am interested in Karate and like the Spice Girls and getting email
Jessica :mowat@ok*igrin.co.nz">mowat@ok*igrin.co.nz
Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.
- Thu Nov 28 02:07:49 GMT 1996 from ppp008.igrin.co.nz
im 23 italian living in london and a very interlectual guy also a computer programmer......
stephen :stephen@ok*shadow.saqnet.co.uk"> stephen@ok*shadow.saqnet.co.uk
london, london.
- Wed Nov 27 22:35:20 GMT 1996 from
- Wed Nov 27 18:18:57 GMT 1996 from
Thi sis at ddd
Rick Hyen :dmedia@ok*nanaimo.ark.com"> dmedia@ok*nanaimo.ark.com
Nanaimo, VBC,
- Wed Nov 27 18:10:45 GMT 1996 from nnim01m02-59.bctel.ca
I am cool
I rule
I do not drool

King Ricky Meadows :RickyM-BUG@ok*Juno.com"> RickyM-BUG@ok*Juno.com
Marmet, WV, USA.
- Wed Nov 27 16:52:20 GMT 1996
Born in Belfast, N.Ireland. Lived there for 13 months then moved to Southern Ontario, Canada. After 20 years, I moved to Tennessee, having recently completed one year in the Naval Reserve. I'm studying Ag. Education at the University of Tennessee. I've been hunting the name Twyford on the web, and this was one of the sites. I'm researching the genaeology. Take care mt
Marcus Lee Twyford :marcus@ok*utkux.utcc.utk.edu"> marcus@ok*utkux.utcc.utk.edu
Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A..
- Wed Nov 27 14:48:27 GMT 1996 from INSTR3.AG.UTK.EDU
We are two students from Walden Middle Years Programme in Atlanta, GA. We are new with e-mail and we just wanted to say hello. We are 12 and 11 years, respectively, we are in the 6th grade, and we are in an academically challenging program. We would like to hear from you and learn how you made your home page so that we can make one also. Please write back.
Kimonicia and Kevoris :picky@ok*mindspring.com">picky@ok*mindspring.com
atlanta, GA, usa.
- Tue Nov 26 14:44:29 GMT 1996
Hi my name is shannon. I an11years old. I have three sisters. I like baseball.
warren, MI, USA.
- Mon Nov 25 01:26:09 GMT 1996 from
I'm trying to get e-mail from people across the world.Signing guestbooks is a way to get E-mail from "keyboard Pals".
Nick McCollam :uft@ok*aone.com">uft@ok*aone.com
Rainier, Oregon, America.
- Sun Nov 24 22:35:32 GMT 1996 from
I am 6 years old. I am new to the net and like it a lot.
olivia :capbaha@ok*mail.batelNET.bs">capbaha@ok*mail.batelNET.bs
Freeport, bahamas.
- Sun Nov 24 14:12:19 GMT 1996 from ts2p10.batelnet.bs
I found this in the useless guestbook page

The Cheek of it :-) Kate.

Lindsey Didion
Shoreview, Minnesota, USA.
- Sat Nov 23 21:49:52 GMT 1996 from

I am 17 years old, am new at this and wish to have a pen-pal. Is it possible to help me find one of similar age? P.S. Your page is great!!!
sheri-anne ralph :alex.r@ok*pixie.co.za"> alex.r@ok*pixie.co.za
Oudtshoorn, Cape, South Africa.
- Sat Nov 23 20:39:34 GMT 1996 from net-3.grg.pix.za
I'm a 50 year old computer consultant; your Guestbooks are indexed by InfoSeek.
Donald Erickson :erickson@ok*csnsys.com">erickson@ok*csnsys.com
( http://www.zapnet.com/corona/co-vz.htm#word)
Riverside, CA, USA.
- Sat Nov 23 16:39:30 GMT 1996 from sl2.csnsys.com
I'm 11 years old, this is my first day on the internet. I'm in 6th grade. I have a couple pets.
Maggie Bobenrieth :dboben@ok*penn.com">dboben@ok*penn.com
St. Marys, PA, United States.
- Sat Nov 23 16:13:13 GMT 1996 from
I am almost 9,(in FEB)!!! I have my own page too. It's really "COOL". Yours is terific Kate!!! :):):) I help my dad do stuff for my site! It's FUN!! I think your page is soooo cute too. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!
Kyleen Heck :sweetpea@ok*comet.net">sweetpea@ok*comet.net
Charlottesville, Va., USA.
- Sat Nov 23 05:39:01 GMT 1996 from remote-04.modems.comet.net
I am 11years old I am turning 12 this January 21st. When is your birthday? I love all animals I want to be a Veternaren when I grow up. I also have a kitten. We found her out in the cold this November(1996) it was a couple days ago.Today is the 22nd of Nov. We don't now a name for it. So any ways how do you like ENGLAND? I herd it is SO COOL up there my sister went to England about 2 years ago with her German class. She said it was SO neat and BEAUTIFUL but you probly think AMERICA is BEAUTIFUL too. Well your kind of correct.It is mostly beautiful. Well I hope YOU WRITE BACK PLEASE I WOULD JUST LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET. I'LL BE WAITING. WELL IT IS 10:22PM WELL BYE, BYE
Tracie Lee Nelson :mnelso01@ok*mail.win.org"> mnelso01@ok*mail.win.org
St.Peters, Missouri, (U.S.A)United States.
- Sat Nov 23 04:30:09 GMT 1996 from winch-as1-05.win.org
- Fri Nov 22 22:00:47 GMT 1996 from rhsyts01c10.nbnet.nb.ca
hello Kate, quite a while since I last visited your lovely page! Are you still enjoying riding a lot? I just wanted to say that my URL is going to change, so perhaps you could change the link you've made to it. It's going to be: http://www.let.rug.nl/students/kim/icelandhorse.html

Done :-)

Have a horsey time; best wishes from Kim and Ljoska my pony
Kim Middel :k.p.middel@ok*let.rug.nl"> k.p.middel@ok*let.rug.nl
( http://www.let.rug.nl/students/kim/icelandhorse.html)
- Fri Nov 22 14:10:09 GMT 1996 from thok.let.rug.nl

I have a pony named Bart. I love eventing.
Maresa Manara :gcmanara@ok*ozemail.com.au"> gcmanara@ok*ozemail.com.au
Sydney, N.S.W., AUSTRALIA.
- Fri Nov 22 09:05:51 GMT 1996 from
What a beautiful page. You should be proud.
Alexei Russell :xdp091@ok*freenet.mb.ca"> xdp091@ok*freenet.mb.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.
- Thu Nov 21 16:38:22 GMT 1996 from winnie.freenet.mb.ca
year 6/7 teacher at a university with a group of students. saw your page - looks snazzy!
steve wood
bundaberg, qld., australia.
- Thu Nov 21 07:39:52 GMT 1996 from junior.cqu.edu.au
I am the mom of seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls. One of them is a 10 year old daughter named Katie. I am thinking about getting a pony or a donkey. Could you write some stuff on your page about what is required to take care of a pony? How much land do they need? What is it like to take care of them? If you get a chance, write to my daughter, Katie. She would love it.
Tena Snider :cha0s@ok*erols.com">cha0s@ok*erols.com
Stafford, VA, USA.
- Thu Nov 21 07:14:41 GMT 1996 from frd-as1s29.erols.com
Hi my name is Tyler and my favorite thing to do is collect Star War cards. I also like to ride my bike, roller blade and skateboard. We live on an Island in Washington State. I am 12 years old and in the 6th grande at North Whidbey Middle School. We just got our first snow of the season. Write back if you have a change.
Tyler Mason :mason@ok*whidbey.net">mason@ok*whidbey.net
Oak Harbor, Wa, USA.
- Thu Nov 21 04:06:20 GMT 1996 from asn9.whidbey.net
its a very nice home page to visit. thanks for the view.Cc loved the warning!

I hope you noticed that the background is the clan's Hunting Tartan ... Kate's Dad

keep up the good work mr.M.
stillwater, mn, u s a.
- Wed Nov 20 19:40:24 GMT 1996 from 227.minnesota-002.mn.dial-access.att.net

I would like to put a link for your page on mine, and I was wondering what section of pony you raise.Thank You.
susan gallagher :nawelshcob@ok*moshplant.com"> nawelshcob@ok*moshplant.com
( http://www.moshplant.com/nawelshcob/ ( Welsh Cobs))
Portland, OR, USA.
- Wed Nov 20 01:48:05 GMT 1996 from port3.exactimaging.com
Hi I'am 11 years old and in the six grade. I like dogs. I have a golden retriever. he is 8 months old. I play soccer. I play both striker and defense. We finished 7-1-1 this year. I play the violin in my school orchestra. Send me an e-mail and tell me about yourself. Erin
Erin O'Connor :myrules@ok*mindspring.com"> myrules@ok*mindspring.com
Lagrangeville, N.Y., USA.
- Tue Nov 19 01:36:21 GMT 1996 from ip203.poughkeepsie.ny.interramp.com
- Sun Nov 17 23:00:30 GMT 1996 from pool043.Max1.FFX1.VA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
- Sun Nov 17 22:08:44 GMT 1996 from mac112130.iccc.cc.ia.us
Iam 7 years old I have brown hair and blue eyes. My best hobby is swimming,riding my bike, ballet and I love playing with my, my little ponys
Anne-Marie Mcshane :bsurveyour@ok*mail.warp.co.uk"> bsurveyour@ok*mail.warp.co.uk
Chorley, lancs, England.
- Sun Nov 17 22:00:43 GMT 1996 from www.warp.co.uk
Um. Hi. 12/f. Athletic.
Nicole :ideasman@ok*ix.netcom.com"> ideasman@ok*ix.netcom.com
Athens, GA, USA.
- Sun Nov 17 21:34:29 GMT 1996 from ath-ga1-06.ix.netcom.com
A lot to tell, but the words are missing! See , English is not my own language, and bevore I am able to chat a bit , I will have to find my way to the study in Lancaster. Do you like horses? It seems like this, so try to find out the meaning of my first name. But to give the truth the honour I am riding not at all! Uh, that was fine german, but terrible english, I am shure ! Perhaps we will meet one day,who knows? I wish you a happy live and snow ( we nearly had some) Auf bald, Philip
Philip :philip.riel.uni-rostock.de"> philip.riel.uni-rostock.de
Rostock, Mecklenbur, N-E-Germany.
- Sun Nov 17 13:51:18 GMT 1996 from info2.uni-rostock.de
I am 9 years old and I like animals. My birthday is on the thirteenth of December. I like Christmas annd also on my birthday.
Perth, WA, Australia.
- Sun Nov 17 04:24:37 GMT 1996 from proxy.wantree.com.au
im 22 and have 2 boys aged 2 and 1.
melanie :filko@ok*enterprise.net">filko@ok*enterprise.net
Runcorn, england.
- Sat Nov 16 20:23:52 GMT 1996 from max01-059.enterprise.net
I am 13, I go to L.R.G.S I like your page.
Lancaster, Lancashire, England.
- Sat Nov 16 15:15:49 GMT 1996 from www-h2.proxy.aol.com
I found this book at the useless page of guest books from www.go2net.com/internet/useless
Benjamin :odelay@ok*aracnet.com">odelay@ok*aracnet.com
Milwaukie, OR, USA.
- Sat Nov 16 05:00:37 GMT 1996 from ppp-h3.aracnet.com
Just visiting again! I hope that you can check out my page (I have a link to your page from mine!) I ride dressage and hunter. I love horses! Have a nice day!!
Christina :horseland@ok*aol.com">horseland@ok*aol.com
Sudbury, MA, U.S.A..
- Sat Nov 16 03:11:21 GMT 1996 from pgersk.ma.ultranet.com
I Kim Porter age 9. I think your page is perfect the way it is, but if you want to know the truth I realy would like more horses on your page. I have blond hair blue eyes and go to highlands school. So E-mail me if you want! I would like that! Kim porter
Kim Porter :poter@ok*cyberlink.ca.bc"> poter@ok*cyberlink.ca.bc
B.C., Canada.
- Fri Nov 15 22:29:38 GMT 1996 from dial55.pm1.cyberlink.bc.ca
I am 10 years old, and love your page! Keep up the good work!! From your friend forever, Mandy stephason
- Fri Nov 15 14:47:20 GMT 1996 from dial54.pm1.cyberlink.bc.ca
Hi what country/state/province do you live in. I am in grade 7, in Highlands school in the Canadian Rockies please E-mail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyberlib :porter@ok*cyberlink.bc.ca">porter@ok*cyberlink.bc.ca
- Fri Nov 15 04:40:46 GMT 1996 from dial35.pm1.cyberlink.bc.ca
Well, I know that I am really into Jaye Davidson so if you or anyone has any information on him, please contact me, (02) 832-0042
Cherish :jaye%20gali@ok*hotmail"> jaye gali@ok*hotmail
- Fri Nov 15 03:41:06 GMT 1996 from isufw1.tafensw.edu.au
- Fri Nov 15 03:31:23 GMT 1996 from dialup-40.byu.itsnet.com
I like your homepage. What is your favourite subject at school?
Debbie Finucane :debfin@ok*maths.tcd.ie"> debfin@ok*maths.tcd.ie
Dublin, Ireland.
- Thu Nov 14 22:53:16 GMT 1996 from lanczos.maths.tcd.ie
I am actually from Tallahassee, Fl, but I go to the University of Florida in Gainesville. My dad found your homepage and he thought I might enjoy it. Your page is very impressive. You must know a lot about computers. Happy belated birthday.
Katherine Hazelrigg :hazelrig@ok*grove.ufl.edu"> hazelrig@ok*grove.ufl.edu
Gainesville, FL, USA.
- Thu Nov 14 17:25:21 GMT 1996 from gibson.ucet.ufl.edu
Rick Rebb :journey@ok*voyager.net">journey@ok*voyager.net
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A..
- Thu Nov 14 17:25:14 GMT 1996 from anar48.dial.voyager.net
I have just come to your homepage and I must say it looks nice. I found anyway some very good links. It is actually good to see there is already offspring from Bettws Coch-y-Bonddu on the web. I have personally always liked Bettws ponies. Anyway, thanks and maybe until later! (Below I can't select ponies, so I selected horses)
Joost van Gestel :joost.gestel@ok*ntc.nokia.com"> joost.gestel@ok*ntc.nokia.com
Tuusula, Finland.
- Thu Nov 14 11:29:09 GMT 1996 from pc-117-92.tele.nokia.fi
I like dolls.I am Hillary.I like to read.Surfing the 'Net is fun. I like talking to other girls all over the world.
- Thu Nov 14 00:54:08 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0712303.smartt.com
:-).Hillary does this: :-).Halay is Haley.
- Thu Nov 14 00:48:17 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0712303.smartt.com
- Thu Nov 14 00:45:32 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0712303.smartt.com
I am a second grade teacher in a public school here in Massacusetts.
Leslie Prizer :tchtwo@ok*earthlink.net">tchtwo@ok*earthlink.net
Brookline, MA, USA.
- Wed Nov 13 23:50:54 GMT 1996 from Cust65.Max2.Boston.MA.MS.UU.NET
- Wed Nov 13 15:31:34 GMT 1996 from dialup-86.byu.itsnet.com
Mom 41 years old. Daughter named Katie. Age 6. Nice drawing.
Karen C.
fairbanks, alaska, usa.
- Wed Nov 13 04:40:47 GMT 1996 from pm2-ip124.polarnet.com
I am 7 years old.
Alexzandra Bardwell-Morgan
Greenbelt, Md, USA.
- Wed Nov 13 01:36:44 GMT 1996 from cbardwel.clark.net
I am a teacher in Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada. I teach grade five. These students are about 10-12 years of age. If you would be interested in writing with one of them, please send an e-mail response to me, and I will pass it along to one of them. Take care
Tony Stanley
Grade five Teacher

Tony Stanley :lynnlake@ok*cancom.net"> lynnlake@ok*cancom.net
Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada.
- Tue Nov 12 23:50:37 GMT 1996 from
Kate, I teach second grade. I hope you receive a lot of guests.
Nancy Shuster :jholub@ok*weir.net">jholub@ok*weir.net
Steubenville, OH, USA.
- Tue Nov 12 18:52:50 GMT 1996 from pm1-d05.weir.net
My name is Laurie Kelley. Iam 13 years old I am in 7th grade. I like talking on the phone.
Laurie Kelley
- Tue Nov 12 13:37:57 GMT 1996 from ppp-29.isl.net
Hi, My name is Laura. I am eight years old. My favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and baseball. I have two horses I like to ride. I have two brothers Patrick and Steven.
Laura Brandt :jbrandt@ok*nrao.edu">jbrandt@ok*nrao.edu
Arbovale, West Virg., USA.
- Tue Nov 12 11:59:21 GMT 1996 from atlas.gb.nrao.edu
I Love You.I have Haley.I look like this: :-). Haley looks like This: :-(.
- Tue Nov 12 01:46:30 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0101111.smartt.com
I Love You.
- Tue Nov 12 01:43:08 GMT 1996 from burn-mx0101111.smartt.com
I like animals and I like surffing the internet. I think you have a great home page!
Oklahoma, U.S.A..
- Tue Nov 12 00:29:47 GMT 1996 from pm5-ppp129.webzone.net
I am 6 years old and am in the 1st grade. I like looking on the internet. I chose your web site because we have the same first name! I have a little sister that's 3 1/2. Her name is Briana. I like to ride my bike, do crafts, and roller skate.
katie maloney :maloneys@ok*worldnet.att.net"> maloneys@ok*worldnet.att.net
Middletown, NJ, USA.
- Mon Nov 11 11:32:29 GMT 1996 from 207.bridgeton-052.mo.dial-access.att.net
I support the web site for the Robert J. Burch Elementary School in Tyrone, Georgia (USA). I created a link to your page so the students at Burch could learn what life is like in the UK and what other children like to do and see.
Please extend my thanks to your father for the help he gave in creating your web pages. And, of course, thanks to you for keeping them going.

Ellen Morton :ida@ok*mindspring.com">ida@ok*mindspring.com
( http://www.mindspring.com/~ida/burch.html)
Tyrone, GA, USA.
- Mon Nov 11 08:01:25 GMT 1996 from irvk.vivid.net
I love your page keep it up!
candice robertson
Qualicum Beach, B.C, Cananda.
- Sun Nov 10 22:23:21 GMT 1996 from na2p5.ark.com

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