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space Kate, I just signed up to Voyager this week and am still looking around. I noticed your family is from England. Last semester, my middle daughter spent a year in England as an exchange student at Univ. of Surrey, in Guildford. She said it was very beautiful and is going back to spend Christmas there this year. You have a very nice homepage. It is really unusual. I don't have one yet, but I hope mine is as good as yours. Thank you for letting me visit. Wayne
Wayne M. Busby
Clinton Twp. , Mi., USA.
- Thu Sep 5 16:04:57 BST 1996

Hi! from Katie, Ginger & Elvis..COOL PAGE!

Katie's Basset Hounds

I Love Elvis!!!

Katie Curley
( http://www.nashville.com/wws111/ginger.htm)
Nashville, TN, USA.
- Mon Sep 2 18:54:26 BST 1996 from ip157.nash.edge.net
I play basketball and I like Andrew Keegan
- Mon Sep 2 05:20:13 BST 1996 from
My Mom is helping me with my homepage and I like your hello and goodbye. Please tell me how you did that or where we could get more information.I am almost 7 and in the second grade. I live in Iowa, USA.
Tori Watson
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages0/justmine/index.html)
Moorland, Iowa, USA.
- Mon Sep 2 03:44:36 BST 1996 from gwre-01-23.dialup.netins.net
I am 4 yrs. old and like to ride my horse, but he is only a rocking hourse, so I like to see your real horses... if you want to know more about me and my school and things like, check my web page. I really enjoyed looking at your web page. If you send me an e-mail with a attachment of your picture, I will put it on my page and horses too
John Taylor the Sailor
( http://www.eaglenet.com/JohnTaylor)
In the woods, Maryland, USA.
- Mon Sep 2 02:30:09 BST 1996 from eagle51.eaglenet.com
I'm 11 years old. I like Disney stuff, reading books, music and cheerleading. I'm in 6th grade at my parish school. I enjoy making signs, cards and stuff on my computer. I'm the oldest of three; I have a 7 year old sister Caitlyn (who gets on my nerves) and a 1 year old brother Tyler ( who I love a lot). I have a pool and love to swim in it. I'm using my dad's e-mail and he'll make sure I get my mail. hope to hear from you.
Aston, PA, USA.
- Sun Sep 1 22:57:05 BST 1996 from u013.ComCAT.COM
I have been riding horses for 4 years, I don't have a horse yet , but I hope to get one soon. I love your page, come & see mine (I have a link to your page there) Have a good day! -Christina
Sudbury, MA, USA.
- Sun Sep 1 17:57:56 BST 1996 from pgersk.ma.ultranet.com
Hi, Kate, It's me again (8/31/96). Thought your Mum and you would like to know some more about me. I am wife to Gary and Mum to Pam & Rick, Judy & Glenn, Amy & Omar, Cathy & Phil. I am Grandmum to Jenn & Darin, and Ricky. And I am clergy- woman to the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles. As you already know, I was named Charmian because my father's favorite author was Jeffery Farnol and his favorite books were about Charmian, Lady Vibart. As a young man, my father's favorite book was The Broad Highway. I own and have read only the 3 novels about Charmian. In fact, I did not know there were others until I saw your Farnol website. Does your Mum know if any of the others are still in publication and where I might obtain other titles by Farnol?
My favorite thing to know about and to talk about and to write about is Angels. I have collected over 500. I like to create unique computer greeting cards and my logo is Charm's Angelart.
I like your home page. You have created an inviting place to visit. Your friend, Charmian

Charmian Holahan-Cressy (The Reverend Mrs.)
San Pedro, CA, USA.
- Sun Sep 1 07:04:05 BST 1996 from ad70-025.compuserve.com
Hello Kate, I am a junior primary teacher training at the Magill University in Adelaide. I have 3 months until I finish my teaching degree. I am a mature aged student which means I began university when I was 23 and not 17. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My father was born in Scotland so one day I hope to teach in the United Kingdom. I have really enjoyed going through what you and your school have put on the Web.
Gaynor Howieson
Adelaide, S.A., Australia.
- Sun Sep 1 06:58:09 BST 1996 from Pelican.CITY.UniSA.edu.au
i am 12 years old . i hate the summer here it is so stinkin hot!!! i wish i lived in alaska. so hows life in england?? how old are you??? i love alligators, how about you????? i also love Harlys. my favorite sport is wrestling. i am really good at it to!!! if you think i sound weird so do my friends peace love and harmony
katie larkin
phx, arizona, usa.
- Sat Aug 31 23:57:44 BST 1996 from


Very nice page, keep up the good work.
Come visit my site and feel free to sign my Guestbook. Thank you.

Sorin Salcianu (SALCA)
Las Vegas NV. USA.

- Sat Aug 31 22:43:04 BST 1996 from lvmax2-ppp030.skylink.net
I am on the internet for the very first time! I am 12 years old and I like cats.(especially Tigger and Sylvester.)
Kristin Santose
Amelia, Ohio, USA.
- Sat Aug 31 19:59:59 BST 1996 from pa1dsp20.cvg.infi.net
Hi, I'm really pleased to see your home page as I was beginning to feel that I was the only girl in England that's involved with horses and computers. Everybody seems to be in Australia and America. I love your picture - it's beautiful - so full of expression of the love between girls and horses. I have a 17.3hh ex-racehorse (I rescued him after an injury to his tendon) called Major. He's a big, gentle and bold chestnut with a star. He's 10 years old and kept only as a pet for myself, my novice husband and 6 year old son to hack around on. I am currently studying with the British Horse Society for my qualifications and I take my first exam next month. I'm really nervous. I have also studied with Equi Study. My aim is to have my own riding school and livery yard - but I think I'll need to win the lottery first. So, I'm getting myself qualified just in case I get some luck. You'll have to send me an e-mail and tell me all about what's happening 'down South' with yourself and your horse.
Look forward to hearing from you - I love your site.
P.S. I'm 25, married and have a little boy aged 6.

Amanda Congo
Morpeth, Northumber, England.
- Sat Aug 31 03:13:06 BST 1996 from an114.du.pipex.com
i am 8 years old and live in ohio . i love soccer and dogs and cats and fish. i am learning about computers now and like it very much. it was nice to meet you. goodbye.
meagan n. moran
- Fri Aug 30 22:03:34 BST 1996 from
I suspect I am old enough to be your Grandmum. I was named for Jeffrey Farnol's character, Charmian, Lady Vibart. My Dad loved the books about her. He read them as a young man. I am trying to write to your Dad or Mum. At least, I think one of them has the interest in Farnol. Love your page (-:
Charmian Holahan-Cressy
San Pedro, CA, USA.
- Thu Aug 29 06:51:58 BST 1996 from hd38-145.compuserve.com
Hi Kate, I followed a link from the AltaVista search engine and reached your page. I think you have done a lovely job! Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Dody
Doris Skiba

Springfield, VA, USA.
- Wed Aug 28 14:30:18 BST 1996
I am very interested in old british motorcycle. Please show me more pictures. I would like to see Norton Manx especially.
Koichiro Iwahori
Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.
- Wed Aug 28 07:39:54 BST 1996 from surfchem.riken.go.jp
I love animals and reading and writing. I have two brothers. My family goes hiking a lot. I have a pet hamster and used to have a mouse but it died. My family owns some land in the praire. I have two storys on kidpub.
Katie Van Tighem
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Aug 25 03:00:18 BST 1996 from pcr-p7.supernet.ab.ca
I am eight and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have two brothers, Chris who is in London and will be 21 next week and Donovan who is 16. My birthday is on January 4th. I live with my mum and Don with my mum's boyfriend, Neil. Neil owns an airline and we get to travel a lot. Last week we were in Cape Town and Stellenbosch and I rode Neils horses there. He has six horses which are looked after by a friend of his. His friend has two girls, Chareldi who is 7 and Minnelie who is 11. They are Afrikaans. They are my friends. I hope you are well and that you will write back to me. Love from Leigh-Anne.
Leigh-Anne Strapp
Jophannesburg, RSA,
- Sat Aug 24 16:19:39 BST 1996 from 196-7-124-154.iafrica.com
I'd just like to thank you for making it possible for me to find a gift for my wife.. Let me explain. I think I may have found a person who know about a book that she's been looking for since she was little. The girl mentioned the book as one of her favorites and so I wrote her to ask her where she got it.. Strange.. but thanks.
Ken Ferguson
Detroit , MI, US.
- Sat Aug 24 06:33:26 BST 1996 from pool031.Max5.Cleveland.OH.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
I am 4 years old. i have a big sister named Kate. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. How about you?
Austin, Texas, USA.
- Sat Aug 24 04:37:40 BST 1996 from dd30-170.compuserve.com
I'm 4 and like donkeys
Karen Butler
Madison Hts., Va, USA.
- Sat Aug 24 02:53:57 BST 1996 from www-c09.proxy.gnn.com
Hi, I'm Jess. I'm Nine (just like you.) This year,in Girl Scouts we get to babysit! Today was my first day at Center Hill.I'm in fourth gd. Mrs. Ostrum is my teacher. In Oct.we get to go to the Brookfieald zoo in Chcago! We get to go cross coutry sking. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Andera is 6 Kelsey is 2 and steve will be 17 in Oct. KELSEY IS CUTE! you should see her!(ask mackenzie!)
See ya!
(well not exactly!)

Jessica Lynn Todd
Mt. Carroll Ill , Carroll C., U.S.A. .
- Sat Aug 24 00:57:57 BST 1996 from
i like to look at cd moves i have a metal detector go fishing
james bryan
norfolk, va, usa.
- Fri Aug 23 22:48:17 BST 1996 from pa5dsp5.orf.infi.net
I have taught pottery but now I like to travel and paint in watercolors. I have been to your country a number of times (the last time I took my grandson who was 9) painting as I went. England is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. It is my favorite place to go. Nice talking to you. Bye, Myra
myra kyle
stroudsburg, pa, usa.
- Fri Aug 23 19:54:30 BST 1996 from cs6-07.str.ptd.net
I am will be 8 on Sept. 15 1996, I am looking for pen-pals. I live in California. I have two sisters, a dog, a chicken and horse our rabbit ran away :-( good by from Melissa
Melissa Briones
Sebastopol, CA, USA.
- Fri Aug 23 19:49:48 BST 1996 from Portal-01-00.ap.net
Hi. Like your page. I've always wanted to find someone from North Yorkshire on the net.
( http://members.aol.com/alternity/)
Texas, USA.
- Fri Aug 23 18:04:11 BST 1996 from www-j1.proxy.aol.com
Great job you've done!
( http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/4588/)
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Fri Aug 23 13:50:12 BST 1996 from
Boy, are you way ahead of me on the Net!.. Well done! I found your homepage from the Arthur Ransome pages, where I visit with my 2 pirates, eldest of which is a 9 year old girl as well, learning to sail, as her dad (me) and mum are old racing sailors and Ransome enthusiasts. Keep up your wonderful Net works.
K. Davies
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- Fri Aug 23 06:02:35 BST 1996 from van0324.tvs.net
im 8 and im in 3rd grade. i dont have a page yet. my teacher is mrs. hooten.
stigler, ok, u.s.a..
- Thu Aug 22 23:47:16 BST 1996 from stigler2.cwis.net
Michael Wright
Louisville, Ky, USA.
- Thu Aug 22 23:28:01 BST 1996 from
i like to track hurricans and look at star trek on tv
norfolk, va, usa.
- Thu Aug 22 20:00:16 BST 1996 from pa2dsp2.orf.infi.net
Hi Kate Well, I don't know who you are, but I thought I'd write anyway - I saw your piccy at Bala Lake in Wales, which was how I found you - I'm going there soon, and was looking for info. Anyway, I'm 27, a software engineer working in Salford, and I like travel, Camping, Music (listening and playing in a band) and acting. BTW, It's a good page - I might get you to design our work page...! See ya! Shaun x
Shaun Penton
Manchester, UK.
- Thu Aug 22 15:44:06 BST 1996 from iad.demon.co.uk
we are new to the internet and really enjoying the family homepages
Gina Jennings
Eielson AFB, Alaska, USA.
- Thu Aug 22 05:02:17 BST 1996 from ppp89.mosquitonet.com
mother of two wonderful girls ages 6 and 10 looking for stories for them THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS
vickie neese
indianapolis, in, usa.
- Thu Aug 22 02:10:09 BST 1996 from ip72-158.ts.indy.net
I have children about your age, Kate. Glad to see a young woman of your age establishing a home page.
Janice Gathers
Mercer, PA, USA.
- Thu Aug 22 01:54:32 BST 1996 from ppp60.s5.pgh.net
I am 16 and I visited your homepage...It is VERY nice! It is extremely nicer than mine! I suggest you visit it. If it worries you any, It is suitable for all ages. Younger one's especially.
Jade Marie
( http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/2326)
Neosho, Missouri, US.
- Thu Aug 22 00:41:55 BST 1996 from
Hiya! My name is Michelle. I saw your photograph in Dunoon, where I grew up. I work here in the heart of Texas.
michelle harkins
Dallas, Texas, USA.
- Wed Aug 21 04:06:50 BST 1996 from 162.dallas-2.tx.dial-access.att.net
Well, I'm not a kid any longer :-( but I enjoyed your page and your sister's. I had ponies and horses when I was younger (now I have some cats), so I was interested in all the links to pony sites, and the photos and artwork.
Sara McAulay

Oakland, Calif., USA.
- Tue Aug 20 07:42:35 BST 1996 from ppp021-sf1.sirius.com
I am 10 years old and I like to:Read,write,surf the net and Write letters.

Mt.Shasta, CA, USA.
- Tue Aug 20 04:22:33 BST 1996 from sl0.mtshasta.snowcrest.net
Hello! NIce to know there is other Edmondson's out there... C-ya later!
Josh Edmondson
Springfield, Missouri, USA.
- Tue Aug 20 04:05:46 BST 1996 from 102.bridgeton-002.mo.dial-access.att.net
Hi - just came here to check out an example of Matt's Guestbook. ...But this sure is a cool home page. Well done!
Simon Peacock
Southport, Lancs, UK.
- Tue Aug 20 00:03:14 BST 1996 from mentat.u-net.com
Hi there I live round the corner at Greenfoot Cottages. I have just found the pages today and think they are really good.
Low Bentham,
- Mon Aug 19 20:09:09 BST 1996 from www-h4.proxy.aol.com
I am a girl of about 12. I live in jerusalem,Israel. My mums English and my dad is Palistinnian. I like drawing , reading Bunty,and listening to music. I think you did a nice job.
Samia Mansour
- Mon Aug 19 15:23:07 BST 1996 from ram02.palnet.com
I'm 12 years old. Are you still 9??? I'm interested in reading books. One my fav. are Nancy Drew. I have sandy blond hair, greenish blue eyes. I'm 5 ft 3. ps mail me back soon !!!!! in the us today is Aug.18
Jennifer Goodwin
usa, ID, Mt. Home.
- Mon Aug 19 02:41:31 BST 1996 from cmtn012p06.mtn.micron.net
- Mon Aug 19 02:04:41 BST 1996 from col-as11s18.erols.com
I am 11 years old. I am in the 6th grade. I like sunflower seeds and pancakes
Shanna Lindley
Ingleside, Texas, USA.
- Sun Aug 18 23:46:24 BST 1996 from wn-roc10.sat.net
Hi, your page is really cool! I like how you have stories on your page. I hope you will come visit my page and sign my guestbook. Come and meet the Carlson Septuplets! Well, bye. >*=o)
( http://www.id.net/~kmannist/jlm.htm)
Michigan, United States of America.
- Sun Aug 18 23:30:58 BST 1996 from ip20.id.net
I'm 14, I live in Vermont. I'm going into 10th grade and love art. I found you when I searched Kate & Art together.
Kate E.
Killington, VT,
- Sun Aug 18 20:43:38 BST 1996 from
well, i have blonde hair and i'm 14. like i have already mentioned to your sister i love watersports. most of all windsurfing!!
Hannah Russell
looe, cornwall, england.
- Sun Aug 18 15:34:39 BST 1996 from saline1.avel.co.uk
me? i've blonde hair, i'm 14 and i enjoy windsurfing/rollerblading and anything else thats sporty - especially water sports!!
Hannah Russell
looe, cornwall, england.
- Sun Aug 18 15:30:33 BST 1996 from saline1.avel.co.uk
I am new here and am just expireamenting. I'm 12. Have fun.
Fremont, Ohio, USA.
- Sun Aug 18 01:21:31 BST 1996 from
Hi Kate! My name is Lauren! I'm 8-years-old and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. I have an English Pointer bird dog named Sister because she was the only girl in her batch. I also have a mom and a dad and a baby sister or brother on the way. We don't know what it is yet. I like to play softball, swim, and read. My summer recess just ended last week and now I am back in school. I like your Web page. I hope to have one of my own some day. Today I just use my dad's e-mail address. If you want to send me a message, you can send it to my dad and he brings his computer home at night and lets me use it. Bye from the USA!
Lauren Turner
Tulsa, Okla., U.S.A..
- Sat Aug 17 18:31:10 BST 1996 from uvsgras4.uvsg.com
Hello Kate, my name is Deonie and I am 8 years old and live in Sydney. My best friend is Karina, she is 8 too. This is our first time on the internet and it was fun reading other kids messages. We play netball on the same team but have only won one game.
Karina & Deonie
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
- Sat Aug 17 03:36:14 BST 1996 from slip202-135-13-88.sy.au.ibm.net
I am 12 years old. I have two cats. melvin and katey..I have two dumb brothers....I live with my father.. you have a very nice home page I enjoyed visiting it. e-mail some time thank you
Holli Basham
Gahanna, oh, 43230.
- Fri Aug 16 23:42:00 BST 1996 from
Congratulations Kate!
Your site, Kate's Page, was awarded the A+ kids award by Kids On The Web. Your site was chosen by popular vote! Meaning that other kids voted your site to be "the best on the net".

The review of your site can be found at: http://www.worldkids.net/kotw/urls/hallfame.htm

While you are there, please don't forget to download the award emblem which you may place on your home page.

Thank you for your hard work, effort, and your wonderful contribution to all "Kids On The Web"!
( http://worldkids.net/kotw/kidsweb.htm)
- Fri Aug 16 23:10:18 BST 1996 from world137.worldaccess.com

I just want you to understand that a Harley Davidson is the way to go here. I do a lot of road time and i enjoy my big dresser would like to show it to you think you would feel the same way I do. I have rode about 18,000 miles so far this year and still have a lot of nice weather left. like your home page keep up the good work.
Don W. Allen
Junction City, Kansas, USA.
- Fri Aug 16 17:17:25 BST 1996

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