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space i'm 17. You're picture reminded me of happiness!
macon, georgia, united states.
- Sun Aug 4 23:37:00 BST 1996 from dialin7-5.hom.net
Hi! I'm Morgan, i'm 14/F! I love horse's, music, reading, computers, sports, and other things! I think you made a really cool page!!! <>
( http://www.angelfire.com/pg0/TGC/index.html)
- Sun Aug 4 19:12:34 BST 1996 from nyc-ny12-24.ix.netcom.com
I am 8 years old. I live on the island of maui. It is very beautiful here! Our home is in the country. My favorite hobbies are swimming, horseback riding, playing with my friends and cousins. I have two step brothers, Shayne (8) & Kyle (6). They bother me. My dad flies airplanes, and he is a police officer. My stepmom is a dental office assistant. My favorite color is blue. My lucky number is 7. I have a collection of barbie dolls and stuffed animals. I fly between the islands of maui and Oahu to visit my dad and stepmom. I live with my mom in Oahu most of the year. I visit my dad every summer and christmas on Maui. This is his computor. Bye for now...Alyssa
alyssa fernandez
kula, maui, hawaii, usa.
- Sun Aug 4 08:52:24 BST 1996 from mgate-130.mauigateway.com
Hi Kate, My name is Callie Stevens,and I'm 10 years old.My favor- ite sports are Football,baseball,hockey,Soccer,Rugby and competitive Swimming.I go to Eugene Coste school,and I'm going in to grade *****5*****.I don't mean to brag but I'm prety smart for my age,I get straight A's in school.Well, my mom is calling me for dinner. bye for now
Callie Stevens
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Aug 4 06:42:49 BST 1996 from cal-ab4-23.netcom.ca

- Sun Aug 4 05:37:09 BST 1996 from www-h4.proxy.aol.com
I am 8 years old. I really love to rollerblade. My dad's grandparents were born in England. I have a 3 year brother named Andrew. I really like your page.
caitlin willard
sylvania, oh, usa.
- Sun Aug 4 05:01:00 BST 1996 from www-f2.proxy.aol.com
Amanda B.
Florence, S.C., USA.
- Sun Aug 4 04:20:31 BST 1996 from dial-6.r1.scsctn.InfoAve.Net
I am 12, and live in Allentown, Pa in the United States.
Lauren Gadomski
( http://www.angelfire.com/pg1/LKW/index.html)
Allentown, PA, United States.
- Sat Aug 3 01:18:31 BST 1996 from gadomski.fast.net
I am a programmer in Washington DC. I work across from the whitehouse at the US Dept of Treasury.
Washington, DC, USA.
- Fri Aug 2 01:41:08 BST 1996 from jimshome.nova.org
Squible, squable, tible, toble, wible, wuble.
Andrew Levin
( http://www.princeton.edu/~adlevin)
Aspen, CO, USA.
- Thu Aug 1 18:18:37 BST 1996
I'm 11 years old & live in Florida..I have a 13 year old sister & a pet bird..
Linhda T.
( http://angelfire.com/pages0/linhda/index.html)
- Thu Aug 1 14:47:51 BST 1996 from gnv2.ifas.ufl.edu
I am a fourteen year old western rider. or visit my homepage.
Lindsay Braman
Parsons, Kansas, 67357.
- Thu Aug 1 03:42:17 BST 1996 from
These comment things are just so agh! Its as if you are talking to yourself...well frankly you are. Anyways... about me, who am I??Thats a question I would like to know. For starters I am 14 going on to 15 this year. This Fall I will be a freshmen in High School in southern california... glorious place ya know. Um, sports wise I have never really learned to stick with anything. I have tried almost EVERYTHING, I try it for a year or two and then I drop out. Lesson for all of you...DON'T DO THAT!! That way right when you are getting into it and winning awesome lookn' medals and junk you quit! Horrible habit might I add. Okay sorry, sorrta forgot...this is a comment section...not a life story section. So I leave you at the fact, " Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it. " Gotta Love that. Happy Living (by the way...i just LOVED your poems, they were to die for!
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages9/Devon/index.html)
- Thu Aug 1 01:12:56 BST 1996 from dialup225.abac.com
Thanks for the link to the Exploratory Home Page. When you are next redoing the page could you change the link to: http://www.exploratory.org.uk

Have Done - Kate

Same pages - but proper server. Thanks
Martin Glancy
- Wed Jul 31 23:25:03 BST 1996 from explor10.exploratory.org.uk

I am a teacher and I LOVE my work! I'm currently in a Masters program with 22 students. We just learned how to use the Internet and feel lucky to have foound you. My partners would like to say something also. Hello Kate, from sunnny California. My name is Ms. Jackson and I teach the sixth grade. Hopefully, in September, I can introduce you to some of my students. Hi Kate! My name is Sandy Boyd and I teach second grade. I'm really having an interesting time with this class. This shows that one is always learning no matter how old you are. We'd love to hear more about your school . Please Email us. Oh, by the way, my son (18 years old) is coming to Blackpool on August 2 to play soccer for one month. His team's name is Nomads. Talk yo you soon.
Sylvia Gallardo
San Diego, Ca, USA.
- Wed Jul 31 19:49:19 BST 1996
Just testing your guestbook... I enjoyed my visit to your Home Page!
Peter Schulte
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Wed Jul 31 08:11:17 BST 1996 from kairos.algonet.se
Nice Page!
Tokyo, Japan.
- Wed Jul 31 02:54:36 BST 1996 from gw.yri.co.jp
I am a teacher taking a class right now to learn how to use the internet. I found you while "surfing the net." Pretty impressive web site that you have here. I have a daughter about your age and her father really likes motorcycles. My mother's fiancee is originally from Nottingham! Bye-bye!
Susan Brown
Northfield, Ohio, USA.
- Tue Jul 30 18:05:19 BST 1996 from jcu_pc_10211.jcu.edu
I just turned 10. I like horses just like you but I've only ridden one once when I was 6. I have a brother and a sister named Ian and Katie. To reach me on E-mail write Mary as the subject because this is my Dad's E-mail adress.
Mary Cochran
Tappan, New York, America.
- Mon Jul 29 19:29:09 BST 1996 from ocean2-kbox-164.ldgo.columbia.edu
I'm sixteen and going into the eleventh grade. I got my drivers liscence two months ago, but my birthday is Oct.24.
Ashley Smith
Frederick, MD, USA.
- Mon Jul 29 17:57:44 BST 1996 from cpcug.org
Hi!!! I was surfing the net and found this. It's a very cool site : )
- Mon Jul 29 07:17:05 BST 1996 from c24.dialup.seanet.com
If I had originally started at your home page and realized where you were from I would have told you that originally I am from Blackpool, (Little Marton, actually) and that I emigrated to Canada in 1952. I have been back to England on holidays many times. On one of my trips I had a short visit to Lancaster and visited the site where the Pendle Witches were tried. I imagine that you are very interested in horses from the design on your home page. There, a little bit about me.
Mike Blackburn
Callander , Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Jul 29 01:46:17 BST 1996 from pme36-07.northbay.awinc.com
Like so many, just browsing, great thing to do when you are retired. Just saying hello like the others.
Mike Blackburn
Callander, Ont, Canada.
- Mon Jul 29 01:40:29 BST 1996 from pme36-07.northbay.awinc.com
hi I'm shelly and we were looking for pony things and saw your very nice page hello from australia!
shelly carter (12)
- Sun Jul 28 13:58:14 BST 1996 from sledgehammer.camtech.net.au
Phil Thomas
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales.
- Sun Jul 28 11:57:36 BST 1996 from slip26.bridgend.cymru.net
Hi Kate!!! I live in West Linn (that is a town near Salem), Oregon, USA. My Mom's name is Jo-Ann, my Dad's name is John, and I have a little brother named Gabriel (he is 2 years old, and he's a PEST!!!). I am 10 years old, my birthday is June 23. My hobbies are: Reading,Writing, Being with my family, Animals (I have a doggie named Nanook!!!!), Piano, Clarinet, and getting slug mail and e-mail!
Brittany Moss :-)
West Linn, Oregon, USA.
- Sun Jul 28 01:45:06 BST 1996 from ip-pdx02-02.teleport.com
Hi Kate ! My name is Christophe(male), I got my 15 years yesterday (26/07/96) and I live in Luxembourg.I'm a pupil of the Lycée Robert - Schuman in Luxembourg-City. My hobby is music (playing piano + percussion). My sister and my mother got a horse, and they ride regulary. I must say, your homepage is very beautiful. I am learning how to make my own homepage at the moment. You must be very intelligent and clever to create such a difficult thing.... I let you my E - mail address. Write me if you have nothing to do. You're welcome at any time !

Christophe Nanquette
Imbringen, Luxembourg.
- Sat Jul 27 19:55:59 BST 1996 from slip7.restena.lu
Hi Kate!!!!!!,
I love your pages. I wrote earlier but my message went wrong!! I LOVE horses and I read H&P. I am 11 years old and I own 2 cats and 1 dog. PLEASE write back. from Julie. P.S:I raised 128 pounds for Ponies in Need. I think it is a good idea to "spread the word"!

Juliet Dawkins
Summertown, Oxford, England.
- Sat Jul 27 19:35:00 BST 1996 from brad4.oum.ox.ac.uk
I am 5 and like your jokes page
Richard Waddington :106060,1006">106060,1006
Gillingham, dorset, England.
- Sat Jul 27 09:31:28 BST 1996 from ld44-231.compuserve.com
I am an 11 year old female and was looking at some peoples pages and saw yours so I thought I would come on in:)Just thought I would tell ya that your page is very cool:)!
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages0/Andiez/index.html)
Wauseon, OH, USA.
- Fri Jul 26 23:27:51 BST 1996 from fult1-s-5.dial.bright.net
I like HORSES,I like to do alot of collecting and outside activities.And I Love MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!!
Kristina Losch
Schaumburg, Illinois, U.S.A..
- Fri Jul 26 15:18:47 BST 1996
I was also born on Aug. 13. In our country, almost all of the peole go to visit there grandparent on 13 Aug. Therefore, everytime my parent planed my nice big birthday party, They have to give up to have on this day. Sound like a real winner, don't I? How about your birthday?
Hatsuki Hongo
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
- Fri Jul 26 09:50:22 BST 1996 from mic-mac1.bug.co.jp
I stumbled onto your page while running a search for a lost friend. Her name is Lisa Lauver and for some reason Lauver took me to your page. I am truly impressed with the number of people who have left messages for you, Kate. If you ever get a note from my friend Lisa would you let her know I am looking for her? I must return to my search, best of luck with your life.
ps: I was born in Lancaster, PA.

Beth Walton

Anaheim, CA, USA.
- Fri Jul 26 09:08:58 BST 1996 from www-c6.proxy.aol.com
Denise Rocks & Kathy O'Loughlin
Shannon, Clare, Ireland.
- Thu Jul 25 21:48:32 BST 1996 from netra2.HomeNet.ie
Just a visitor of other peoles pages on motorcycling. Currently I own a three year old 900 Trident and a BSA C11g 1955. Used to own 650 Triton c1960, BSA A10 1961
Graham Hough
Chorley, Lancs, England.
- Thu Jul 25 21:24:54 BST 1996 from ai120.du.pipex.com
Please add a link to my homepage
( http://web.profiles.com/joeyshomepage.html)
St.Cloud, MN, US.
- Thu Jul 25 17:16:35 BST 1996 from pm227.cloudnet.com
WA, Australia.
- Thu Jul 25 10:46:35 BST 1996 from eagle58.ois.net.au
McComb, M.S., U.S..
- Thu Jul 25 04:10:08 BST 1996 from
Hi, I'm a teacher of Yr. 5's (ten year olds ) looking for a school to set up a pen pal link. Any class of ten year olds who would like to write I woould love to hear about.
glenn wikinson
wa, australa.
- Wed Jul 24 16:04:59 BST 1996 from perth.DIALix.oz.au
I'm a commercial artist whose just recently gotten on the web, I was searching for a friend and I found your guestbook
Daniel Gill
Decatur, GA, USA.
- Wed Jul 24 05:45:19 BST 1996 from user-168-121-137-209.dialup.mindspring.com
Hello Kate.We are 7yr.twins who's dad has only been on the internet for one week.We both go to Yidara primary School in a suburb called Bateman.We are both in the same class,so when we find out the e-mail address of the school's computers, maybe you can send us a message to all the kid's in the class. I like to play golf,tennis and also on my Nintendo.My sister likes to take dancing lessons.She is in her 4th year at taking lessons,and has heaps of trophy's.Today is Wednesday the 24.7.96.On Saturday we are going to Bali in Indonisia for a holiday for one week,we are very excited.Well that's all for now,we would love to hear from you very soon in the near future. MATTHEW & MEGHAN
Meghan & Matthew Stasinowsky
Perth, W.A., Australia.
- Wed Jul 24 04:55:32 BST 1996 from
i was just playing in my new browser & came along your page so i thought i would just say hello!!!
bill vernier
garden city, mi, usa.
- Wed Jul 24 01:41:16 BST 1996
I'm 15 years old and love talking on the phone late at night, going to baseball games, seeing movies, MTV, The Beatles, and playing games on my computer. Thanx for your homepage!!:)
Sara Lubbes
St. Louis, MO, US.
- Tue Jul 23 18:25:51 BST 1996 from 151.st-louis-2.mo.dial-access.att.net
I'm 14 and I love horses, singing, dancing, and acting!
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages1/Becka/index.html)
Minneapolis, MN, USA.
- Tue Jul 23 17:23:50 BST 1996 from pool021.Max2.Minneapolis.MN.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
I'm a girl, 15 years old going into grade 10. i think your homepage is really great! i like reading and writing. I collect Peter Pan stuff, I have over 100! If you know of anything with peter pan on the internet please let me know. things
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Jul 22 22:38:38 BST 1996 from ip94-28.tor.interlog.com
Hello! I live in Fullerton, Calif. I like to play soccer (football) and I like to play softball. Last week I went to a soccer/football camp with coaches from England. This week I am also going to a soccer/football camp. I was born in Giessen, Germany. Last week I learned this verse from the Bible: "Jesus said, I am the door, the one who enters through me will be saved." John 10:9. I will be eight years old in about three weeks. I am going to go to San Clemente the week before my birthday. San Clemente is a city by the beach. From Jana. P.S. You can email me at my Dad's office, if you want.

Today I learned that Janus was the Roman God of doorways!
Janus Patulcius opened the door, Janus Clusivius closed it, they even had a god for the hinges.

Jana Balius
Fullerton, Calif., USA.
- Mon Jul 22 21:54:06 BST 1996 from mac234.admin.biola.edu

I am 26 years old and was looking up information on graduate school when, to my delight, I stumbled across the page of another Kate who likes motorcycles! I just wanted to leave a note to say "hi!" and to tell you I enjoyed the jokes on your page. Thank you for a pleasant break today! --Another Kate
Texas, USA.
- Mon Jul 22 15:38:43 BST 1996
My name is Jenny Caul and i'm 14 years old. I play soccer, basketball, and i run track. I love the internet (I love looking at people's homepages and finding penpals, which you can write to me and I'll gladly write back!!! )
Jenny Caul
Detroit, Michigan, USA.
- Mon Jul 22 03:36:21 BST 1996 from dam-as4s36.erols.com
I love sports especially Soccer and Gymnastics.
Lindsey A.
Mifflinburg, P.A., U.S.A..
- Mon Jul 22 00:34:43 BST 1996 from cs2-08.mil.ptd.net
I am 13 years old and I'm goanna be a freshamn in highschool I like to lbade evev if I suck at it
( http://members.tripod.com/~Celesti/index.html)
Hazelton, PA,
- Sun Jul 21 20:23:29 BST 1996 from raulind.microserve.com
I go to #2 school. I have a 5 year old brother namd Vincent. I go to dancing school. My favorite subjects are Library and Art.
Inwood, NY, Long Island.
- Sat Jul 20 17:21:35 BST 1996 from ppp-67.ts-3.nyc.idt.net
13/f/brown/brown/Tae Kwon Do-purple belt/swimming/tennis/Indiana/8th grade
Danielle Martin
Rushville, IN, USA.
- Sat Jul 20 05:06:57 BST 1996 from
I'm 10 years old, I'll be going into sixth grde this fall. I'm smart. I like reading, writing creativley, and helping out whenever I can.

N.Y., U.S.A..
- Sat Jul 20 00:58:11 BST 1996 from usr2-126.frontiernet.net
I am an eighth grader at St. Johns in Newburgh IN.I am 13 and this is my 1st time on the internet.I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Petals.Oh yeah I forgot I am a GIRL. HAVE TO GO, DANA DRURY
Dana Drury
Newburgh, Indiana, USA.
- Fri Jul 19 15:52:07 BST 1996 from pm07-s4-tier1.evansville.net
Christine R

Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Jul 19 15:04:26 BST 1996 from async09.ilap.com

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