Kate's Twenty Third Guest Book

space Not much really, just surfing and found your page
Michael Greenslade :9506025m@ok*lv.unisa.edu.au"> 9506025m@ok*lv.unisa.edu.au
Adelaide, S.A., Australia.
- Fri Jun 21 07:29:57 BST 1996 from Shrike.Levels.UniSA.Edu.Au

I'm close to 4 and I'm also doing some computing, games mostly and I discovered the alphabet and numbers with my keyboard. I'm going in France this summer to visit my grandparents. I surfed your web site with my dad and my older brother Ronan who is 9 and play also with his own computer. Bye. Adrien and Ronan.
Adrien Bocherel
New York, NY, USA.
- Fri Jun 21 06:54:28 BST 1996 from sea-wa7-06.ix.netcom.com
I am a teacher of middle school students in a small town in Kentucky. Our family is in the process of designing a home page and we were checking yours out. Good job!!
Kathy Siler
Bardstown, KY, US.
- Fri Jun 21 01:04:22 BST 1996 from Cust7.Max2.Indianapolis.IN.MS.UU.NET
I am 11 years old and I really love you home page!! I am sure that you are a wonderful kid and I am so glad that I found your page.
Leonora Stevens
Bellevue, WA, USA.
- Fri Jun 21 00:32:49 BST 1996 from Cust32.Max4.Seattle.WA.MS.UU.NET
We have POA's. We show and ride for fun. The ponies make great 4-H projects.
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA.
- Wed Jun 19 17:56:52 BST 1996
I have a five year old daughter that I will have to show your page to when she gets up in the morning!
Lisa Heitmiller
Mounds View, MN, USA.
- Wed Jun 19 04:20:05 BST 1996 from dialup-12-c-43.gw.umn.edu
I am a third grade teacher in South Bend, Indiana, USA. I enjoyed your picture and comments. Good luck to you when the new school year begins.
Nancy McBride
South Bend, St. Joe., United States.
- Tue Jun 18 21:21:32 BST 1996
Just wanted to recommend my daughter's page to you! URL below--Andrea's Land
Debbie Malewski
( http://www.angelfire.com/pg1/andream/index.html)
Eaton Rapids, MI, USA.
- Tue Jun 18 13:39:42 BST 1996 from ld-nas-013.sojourn.com
I have blonde hair and green eyes. I wear eye - glasses. I like to write stories, read, horseback - ride, and play sports like soccer and volleyball.
Leah DeBlock
Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada.
- Tue Jun 18 01:57:51 BST 1996 from dialin75.oanet.com
I am 12 yrs. old. I have a club called the KGB Club, which you can join. As long as you are 6~15 yrs. old, you can join!
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages0/kgb/index.html)
- Tue Jun 18 01:41:06 BST 1996 from h-adult.x31.infi.net
I just turned 11 on May 30.I love computers and the internet.I like bikes and Nintendo.I will be in the 6th grade in the fall.I have an older sister,Katrina,14 and a younger sister,Kayla,2 and a younger brother Erick, 4.I live with my mom,Karen.I also love to go fishing and do alot with my dad.He lives about a mile away.This is my 1st visit here.My mom put your page on my bookmark.I am very interested in your country.Can you write back?
Logan Doty
Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
- Tue Jun 18 00:34:45 BST 1996 from user-168-121-160-67.dialup.mindspring.com
Dear Kate, I am from Carlisle, Pennsylvania in the USA. I am 8 years old too. Maybe we could write letters back and forth and the computer. I have two sisters and a dog. My sister Cristina is six and she is wonderful and is going to go to my school, St. Patrick's, next year. My sister Daniela is one and a half. She is really cute. My dog's name is Sacco. He is two years old. He is a golden retreiver. My dad is a teacher at Dickinson College. My mom teaches Spanish at my school. She is from Spain. I will write more next time. Alma
Alma Aldrich
Carlisle, PA, USA.
- Mon Jun 17 22:48:54 BST 1996 from
I am a 16 year old dancer and soccer player who also loves to act. You have a really cool home page!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connie Blevins
Galesburg, IL, USA.
- Mon Jun 17 20:59:54 BST 1996 from pm1-23.misslink.net
Hi Katie, I stumbled across your page and I have to say that it is the cutest page I have run across. Keep it up! B)
Danny Hart
( http://www.odyssee.net)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Mon Jun 17 02:48:47 BST 1996 from cisco2_4.odyssee.net
It's 4:41 pm. and my arm hurts very bad. I fractured my arm 2 days ago on June 14th. I like your home page it is very nice. please e-mail me. your friend, Sasha
Sasha Freivalds
Bozeman, Montana, USA.
- Sun Jun 16 23:43:35 BST 1996 from bzpm01-034.MCN.NET
HI!!!!!!I'm twelve years old and I'm in grade seven.I love to play soccer(sports),go shopping,talk on the phone and hang out with my friends.I love the internet and enjoy playing their games. I want to become a marine biologist and hope to visit Hawii in the near future. !!!!!BYE FOR NOW!!!!!! Sara
Sara Mommerstegg
London, ontario, Canada.
- Sun Jun 16 18:01:23 BST 1996 from ts1-76.slip.uwo.ca
Hi Im 8years old I will be 9 in July.I have 2 brothers one older and one younger. I have 6 dogs 2 cats and a hamster. I live in Newport News Virginia. I am in Girl Scouts,I just bridged up to Jr's. I go to a Math Science and Technolgy school. Iam going to be in the 4th grade next year. I like country music,camping,riding bikes, rollerblading, watching t.v.,reading,writing stories, and school.I have blonde hair blue eyes (mom says I have a pretty smile) Iam looking for some penpales overseas to write to for a girlscout badge. If you want to email back and forth let me know at Kelley@ok*visi.net yours Truly

Kathleen Ann Murphy :Kelley@ok*visi.Net"> Kelley@ok*visi.Net
( http://geneva.visi.net/~murf)
Newport News, Virginia, USA.
- Sun Jun 16 16:55:51 BST 1996 from ppp-nn-1-10.visi.net
Hi! I'm 8 years old and in 3rd grade.How does it feel in England? who helped you make your page ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!hows yor life? Is school out yet?I have to wait until the 21. bye bye bye bye, Vivi
Vivian Lee :Sodoong@ok*.com">Sodoong@ok*.com
Mclean, Virginia, USA.
- Sat Jun 15 23:01:57 BST 1996 from pipe8.h1.usa.pipeline.com
Please add this link to your homepage Largest Chat Index On The Net http://www.cloudnet.com/~ckcj/chat.htm
Joey :ckcj@ok*cloudnet.com">ckcj@ok*cloudnet.com
( http://web.profiles.com/joeyshomepage.html)
St.Cloud, Minnesota, United States.
- Sat Jun 15 18:12:22 BST 1996 from pm251.cloudnet.com
hi kate im 9 years old iv got a cat called Tuppence a sister called Louise who is 6 and shes writtun to peggy
Sarah Evans
Oswestry, in, Shropshire.
- Sat Jun 15 12:45:02 BST 1996
Hie kate likeyour page and your horse!!!!!!!!
Oswestry, Shropshre,
- Sat Jun 15 12:39:37 BST 1996
This is for Kate and Peggy. I've linked both your pages to mine a few months ago but you never linked me back! Take a look at my page(address below)and tell me if you want me to take the link down or if you're going to link me!!! THANKS!!! Danielle
Danielle Coffey :whimzees@ok*infi.net"> whimzees@ok*infi.net
( http://www.infi.net/~whimzees/danielle.html)
Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A..
- Fri Jun 14 08:09:33 BST 1996 from pa6dsp18.orf.infi.net
I gues I'm also A Lancaster native, except from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. How did someone your age get a homepage set up?
Jason Rife :xavier@ok*poboxes.com"> xavier@ok*poboxes.com
Lancaster, Pa., U.S..
- Fri Jun 14 02:24:25 BST 1996 from col-as3s05.erols.com
write me and we can be pals, i told your sister to also
becky stork :storkj@ok*vivanet.com"> storkj@ok*vivanet.com
penn yan, ny, usa.
- Thu Jun 13 21:03:15 BST 1996 from ipny86.vivanet.com
I am a 13 year old girl. I use the computer at school. I have a brother and a sister both older than me. I love to read and play on the computer. I have been on the internet for about 3 months.
K-dee Anderson
Dickens, Texas, U.S.A..
- Thu Jun 13 17:02:26 BST 1996 from PattonSprings.HUB.ofthe.NET
I am a mother of 2, a 1 year old and a 4 year old. My 4 year old is interested in computers so I have been "surfing" the net to find her suitable pages to read. Any suggestions? -- Thanks. Jodi Randall
Jodi Randall :jrandall@ok*syr.edu"> jrandall@ok*syr.edu
Fayetteville, NY, USA.
- Thu Jun 13 15:34:12 BST 1996 from nutcracker.esf.edu
im age 9 my address is 3 broom hall lane oswestry shropshire sy10 7hg i have got a sister called louise who is age 6 iv got a cat called tuppence my hobbies are netball playing the piano swimming and sewing thats it from me bye.
sarah evans
oswestry, shropshire,
- Wed Jun 12 20:03:55 BST 1996 from
im age 9,i have got a sister called louise who is age 6 iv got a cat called tuppence my hobbies are netball playing the piano swimming and sewing thats it from me bye.
sarah evans
oswestry, shropshire,
- Wed Jun 12 20:03:55 BST 1996 from
WELL i'M 15 AND i LOVE THE NET! I play baseball and also the drums! so you live in england? this is the first book I've signed! well please write me back and I'll be waiting later!!!
Brodie... :)

Brodie LEdford :brodie@ok*fred.net"> brodie@ok*fred.net
Frederick,, maryland, U.S.A.
- Wed Jun 12 16:58:07 BST 1996 from brodie.fred.net
Nothing much to tell.
Ari Hauksson :arnid@ok*rhi.hi.is"> arnid@ok*rhi.hi.is
Reykjavk, Iceland.
- Wed Jun 12 12:18:51 BST 1996 from hekla.rhi.hi.is
My name is Polly & I will be 7 in July. I am English too but I was born in America. We live in a lovely town near the sea and in the hills. I just visited my Granny & Grandpa in England, they live in the Cotswold. I have to go to bed now. Goodnight!
Polly Ellis
Los Gatos, CA., USA.
- Wed Jun 12 04:39:42 BST 1996 from Cust59.Max18.San-Francisco.CA.MS.UU.NET
Hello, Katie. I'm in college and I am a theatre major. Right now I should be typing a paper, but it's more fun talking to you. Gotta run!
Ruth Helms :rhelms@ok*shrike.depaul.edu"> rhelms@ok*shrike.depaul.edu
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
- Wed Jun 12 03:51:41 BST 1996 from lab147.sac235.depaul.edu
I am 9 years old and I live in New Hampshire. I am just starting to use the internet and would like to talk with some other kids my age. If you are interested please write me back at my e-mail address. Megan.
Megan Elizabeth Monroe :mem87@ok*aol.com"> mem87@ok*aol.com
Newmarket, NH, USA.
- Tue Jun 11 19:53:13 BST 1996 from www-h4.proxy.aol.com
I'm 10. I love football, baseball,roller blading, legos and puzzles.
Megan :Pr3ma@ok*execpc.com">Pr3ma@ok*execpc.com
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States Of America.
- Tue Jun 11 02:06:28 BST 1996 from adam-selene.execpc.com
My name is Rene Romig and I am 8 also! I have golden hair and brown eyes. I am in the 3rd grade.
Rene Romig
Independence, Missori, United States of America.
- Tue Jun 11 01:29:41 BST 1996
hey my name is lauren im 10 years old i would like to write to somebody BOY or girl.i like music,BOYS,t.v.,friends,the internet,poetry and other stuff, WRITE ME!!
Luv Ya,
Lauren '>'

Lauren :jcameron@ok*istar.ca">jcameron@ok*istar.ca
- Mon Jun 10 22:44:37 BST 1996 from king.cc.sapmed.ac.jp
I think your page is great!! I love horses, Singing,acting and Pen pals So if you have any of those interests just let me know!!Thanks:)
SAM :dgemmell@ok*vt.edu">dgemmell@ok*vt.edu
Blacksburg, VA, USA.
- Mon Jun 10 16:49:13 BST 1996 from dgemmell.lar.vt.edu
I am 10, go to 5th grade, I live in peru, I play tennis, dance ballet and love to sing. I'm in the school choire. Tell me more about you. Bye Marisol
Marisol Tudela :jac@ok*amauta.rcp.net.pe"> jac@ok*amauta.rcp.net.pe
Lima, Lima, Peru.
- Sun Jun 9 18:39:31 BST 1996 from asy14.rcp.net.pe
I am a Japanese teacher. I like this homepage very much.
Yoshinori Ishikawa :nagisayi@ok*jsdi.or.jp"> nagisayi@ok*jsdi.or.jp
HItachi, Ibaraki, Japan.
- Sun Jun 9 13:51:24 BST 1996 from
Hi, Kate.I am 10 years old and I like reading,collecting foreign coins and biking.I have a cat called Poxy.I don't have any brothers or sisters, Anita.
Anita Patel :ramjet@ok*wn.planet.gen.nz"> ramjet@ok*wn.planet.gen.nz
New Zealand,
- Sun Jun 9 09:15:04 BST 1996 from ppp0-08.wn.planet.gen.nz
I'm 15 and in 9th grade. I go to Hancock Central School. I like to play basketball. My favorite team is the Chicago Bulls.
Kim Vetrone :vetrone@ok*hancock.net"> vetrone@ok*hancock.net
Cadosia, NY, USA.
- Sat Jun 8 19:54:07 BST 1996 from ninfil009.nortel.net
I am nine years old.I am coming to England in five weeks and six days. I might be able to come and visit you.Some people call me Kate or Katie. I have two cousins that live in Leeds
Kaitlin Alyce Newton
Perth, W.A, Australia.
- Sat Jun 8 12:31:22 BST 1996 from indiepop.iinet.net.au
- Fri Jun 7 17:29:52 BST 1996 from ma154-di.wlv.ac.uk
Hi Kate..I did not check out your page much (mostly your folks idea no doubt)

I make my dad do what I want - Kate

However, you're a world away. I was looking for cornish stuff; I'm Cornish. I live in the desert north of Reno Nevada USA. Right now at 7:00 AM the birds are waking up. also the rabbits..and the snakes; warming there selves on rocks. I live in a place where the Coyotes sound like they are in my bathroom, well almost! In any case I can send a music file (.wav) in zip format if you like. A good friend of mind is quite the musican. By the way I work for TCI cablevision here in Reno. I'm 38 Years old. Probaly older than your parents!

You aren't - Kate

I work at nite. Up a little late this morning. Like to hear from you! Best Regeards And Be Well! Bob Tregilus
Bob Tregilus :bob@ok*elaterite.reno.nv.us"> bob@ok*elaterite.reno.nv.us
Reno, Nevada, USA.
i'm 8.I like reading and playing computer.Ihave 2 sisters,and 1 brother.
Zoe Loew :merlin3@ok*airmail.net"> merlin3@ok*airmail.net
FortWorth, Texas, America.
- Thu Jun 6 22:36:28 BST 1996 from fw8-3.ppp.iadfw.net

Still waiting to hear from you. If you have too many pen pals to keep up with would you please give me the email address of another kid ...thanks Steven : )
Steven & Marky Casteel :emfd@ok*thefuture.net"> emfd@ok*thefuture.net
Spokane, WA, U.S.A..
- Thu Jun 6 06:08:37 BST 1996 from modem043.thefuture.net
David Long :dlong@ok*neosoft.com"> dlong@ok*neosoft.com
( http://www.neosoft.com/~dlong/hx.html)
Houston, Texas, USA.
- Thu Jun 6 03:23:35 BST 1996 from winnie-slip-k5.NeoSoft.com
Dear Kate: My name is Katie, Too. I am seven years old. I like to ride my bike. If in your country you have bikes, I like to ride them. I even like to jump rope. Please write back. Katie.
Kate Keena :jwkeena@ok*gomez.mkl.com"> jwkeena@ok*gomez.mkl.com
Unadilla, New York, USA.
- Thu Jun 6 00:35:38 BST 1996
I,m 11 and I study in riyadh. My religion is islam .I love to read alot of stories. My dad is a doctor (pediatric nephrologist)I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers ( Batool, Azhar, Nour, Fadel and kumail.). I do my prayers daily. I fast our holly month of ramadan. I have been to the holly mosque for 5 times in Mecca with my dad. please write me at my dad address.
fatema alabbad
riyadh, m.p., saudi arabia.
- Wed Jun 5 13:10:10 BST 1996
I am 7 years old and I go to Windom Elementary School which is south of Buffalo USA My mommy & daddy are from England and I was born in Canada. My Nana lives in Stockport and I miss her.

My grandad lives in Stockport, well Hazel Grove - Kate

Please write to me. Thank you
Lindsay Matthews :matthews@ok*buffnet.net"> matthews@ok*buffnet.net
Orchard Park, New York, USA.
- Wed Jun 5 03:25:22 BST 1996 from gppp15.buffnet.net

I have two horses and a dog. I'am 11 soon to be 12.I like your page.I have a sister that is 10.
Tony Damato
Murrieta, C.A, Amercal.
- Tue Jun 4 18:51:23 BST 1996 from ppp-10.ts-3.la.idt.net
We are both teachers at a primary school. We've just got a PC and modem, so we're starting to surf the Net. Thought your page was brill. Maybe some of our children could produce something as interesting and exciting as yours. Best wishes.
Andrew and Neil
Droylsden, Manchester, U.K..
- Tue Jun 4 11:19:14 BST 1996
Juan Rebollo :reboju@ok*wwc.edu"> reboju@ok*wwc.edu
College Place, WA, USA.
- Tue Jun 4 08:00:13 BST 1996 from krh-krhlab14.wwc.edu
I am 9 years old and in the third grade. I like your pony. Do you have a dog or a cat? I have a dog and cat. I have a brother. His name is Michael. He is 5 years old. I like your jokes. They make me laugh. I play the violin. Do you play an instrument?
Jessica Lynn Scheuerman :marks@ok*dreamscape.com"> marks@ok*dreamscape.com
Sherrill, NY, USA.
- Tue Jun 4 01:26:44 BST 1996 from ua1.dreamscape.com
Hello again! cool, well anyways, what do you like, kate? what type of games do you like? and what are the names? if ya wondering i would want to know about what types of computer games you like. anyways, I would want to know you more so we can email each other. So you know, you're cool. WEll l8r!
Richard Ong :zenneth@ok*atomicdog.com"> zenneth@ok*atomicdog.com
( http://atomicdog.com/zenneth)
Lexington, MA, USA.
- Mon Jun 3 23:04:58 BST 1996 from a009.atomicdog.com
Nice page and you're only 8. NIce Job! Well, I'm 15 years old and i am working on my home page. I am not finished with it quite yet. You're lucky that you have home pages right now cuz when i was your age i didn't have any until maybe a few years ago. But i like games, playing modem games, chatting, www, internet, and would love to be a programmer. I'm learning Java right now. I type around 140 wpm. So that means I type around 80+ wpm each word or something. even tho i like games it's not those simple tiny games like the shoot 'em up games or the mario types games. no none of that. I like those advanced type of games such as strategy games and those 3d type games. oh yeah, i like excersizing. do you have an internet? i do. NOt internet services (aol, compuserve, etc.). Just direct internet access. And if ya do u can like use pow wow to chat with each other. it's totally free to chat once you connect. pow wow is another chatting program. you can talk, transfer files (sounds, gif, jpg,etc.), profiles, pretty much a lot of stuff. another thing about pow wow is that you can chat up to 7 ppl at a time. with conference mode you can chat up to 50 ppl at 1 time. Well I guess that's that. must be amazed how fast i typed this whole thing up. i guess around 3 min. try visiting my brother's home page at http://atomicdog.com/milamber.
Richard Ong :Zenneth@ok*atomicdog.com"> Zenneth@ok*atomicdog.com
( http://atomicdog.com/zenneth)
Lexington, MA, USA.
- Mon Jun 3 22:57:58 BST 1996 from a009.atomicdog.com
I'm an engineer at Ford Motor. I have 10 kids. I'm in recovery for 4 addictions. I love your home page. I like to chat at ParentsPlace. Bye, keep up the good work!
RecoveringManDetroit :usfmcqfe@ok*ibmmail.com"> usfmcqfe@ok*ibmmail.com
( http://www.angelfire.com/pages0/Recovering/index.html)
Detroit, Michigan, USA.
- Mon Jun 3 22:21:09 BST 1996 from internet-gw4.ford.com
Im 12 years old and I love a horse named Cyril.
Sandra Henriksson :mats-rune@ok*mailbox.aalnet.aland.fi"> mats-rune@ok*mailbox.aalnet.aland.fi
Mariehamn, Aland, Finland.
- Mon Jun 3 21:45:50 BST 1996 from ts1-15.aalnet.aland.fi
I am in the First Grade at St. Leo the Great School in Lincroft, New Jersey. I have lots of friends at school. I would like to talk to you someday.
samantha :pacecs@ok*concentric.net"> pacecs@ok*concentric.net
Tinton Falls, NJ, USA.
- Mon Jun 3 21:12:59 BST 1996 from cnc803137.concentric.net
Hi! I'm a 24-years-old student from Turku (that's on the South-Western coast of Finland...). I study Finnish at the University of Turku and currently also work at the department of Finnish and general linguistics (unfortunately it's only a summer job for now). I like cats, Winnie-the-Pooh, chocolate, 101 dalmatians and sunshine. Oh, and Astrid Lindgren - that's how I found your COOL homepage. - If you wanna know anything about me, Finland, Finnish, Tove Jansson or my boyfriend or my two brothers, just let me now. By for now! Reeta (reelei@ok*utu.fi) PS: Sorry about sending this twice - I'm a perfectionist - hate those writing errors!
Reeta Leino :reelei@ok*utu.fi">reelei@ok*utu.fi
Turku, Finland.
- Mon Jun 3 19:07:46 BST 1996 from lk-3.pub.utu.fi
I am 28 and a Staff Sergeant in the US Army down here at Ft. Hood. I am from Duncanville, TX originally and want to let you know this is a really cool page. SEND E-MAIL everybody...
Erik B. Smith :ebsmith@ok*centraltx.net"> ebsmith@ok*centraltx.net
Killeen, TX, USA.
- Mon Jun 3 04:29:24 BST 1996
annie wilson
- Mon Jun 3 02:25:09 BST 1996 from
Hi Kate! I'm 9 and will be 10 on June 9th.You are a very lucky girl to have your own homepage.This is my 1st time to visit your homepage.I don't have my own yet.Well,have fun!
Jesstin :cbroadus@ok*ocean.st.usm.edu"> cbroadus@ok*ocean.st.usm.edu
Collins, MS, USA.
- Sun Jun 2 22:10:12 BST 1996 from ocean.st.usm.edu
Hi Katie! I am a second grade teacher in Northampton, MA USA. I really enjoyed your pages. Your stories were wonderful. Keep up the good work. I would love to hear from you.
Sara Patnode :angcc@ok*ix.netcom.com"> angcc@ok*ix.netcom.com
Northampton, MA 01060, USA.
- Sun Jun 2 21:48:33 BST 1996 from amh-ma1-02.ix.netcom.com
I am 9 years old and in Grade 4 at Westgarth Primary School. You can e-mail me if you want.
Nicole McIlwain :marilee@ok*netspace.net.au"> marilee@ok*netspace.net.au
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
- Sun Jun 2 13:02:00 BST 1996 from dialup-a3-60.Melbourne.netspace.net.au
I am a 35 year old mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly, Pomona. I found your web page by searching for a GXSR 750 Suzuki. I have a Kawasaki Zepher 550 and am searching for bike pictures. Cool page Kate, bye for now...
Guy G. Cox :112056.3107@ok*compuserve.com"> 112056.3107@ok*compuserve.com
Ontario, California, U.S.A..
- Sun Jun 2 08:55:39 BST 1996 from ad41-154.compuserve.com
Hi! I'm 14 yrs old. I like music, movies, talking in chat rooms, hanging with my friends. I write a free monthly newsletter called Teen Sunshine. It's filled with Stories, Poems, Artwork, Movie Reviews, and more. It's a new thing for me. My first issue will be coming out in July of this year. I like your homepage! It's very nice and creative. I hope that I can hear from you soon!
Jody Cumming :Sunshiner@ok*gnn.com"> Sunshiner@ok*gnn.com
Seattle, Washington, USA.
- Sun Jun 2 05:44:43 BST 1996 from 123.st-louis-1.mo.dial-access.att.net
I am 11 years old. I am very excited to communicate with other children (especially across countries) with a computer. I liked your introduction picture on the home page. I am of "cajun" descent. Cajuns are the people who inhabit the southern part of Louisiana. My grandparents speak cajun-french, eat alligator, love music, and love to dance.
Ashley Rochelle
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
- Sun Jun 2 04:39:36 BST 1996 from nola-proxy.entergy.com
Hi I'm Tiffy, 13 years old, just to say loved your page ;) ..keep it up
Tiffany :trippy@ok*starwon.com.au"> trippy@ok*starwon.com.au
Perth, W.A, Australia.
- Sun Jun 2 00:34:42 BST 1996 from
I'm 7 years old I'm in the second grade at Tokeneke school in Darien Connecticut. I have a Guinea Pig names Max and three Goldfish and a frog. My hobbies are riding my bikes camping (in my back yard)and taking neat pictures.Goodbye for now, Sean.
Sean Montellese :Voltaire@ok*tiac.com"> Voltaire@ok*tiac.com
Darien, Ct., USA.
- Sat Jun 1 21:28:06 BST 1996
I am just starting to HTML. Loved your page. I'm very interested in Kids on the Web.
psharp :psharp@ok*vcss.k12.ca.us"> psharp@ok*vcss.k12.ca.us
Camarillo, CA, US.
- Sat Jun 1 16:56:10 BST 1996 from www.vcss.k12.ca.us
Hi! My name is Yuka Soda. I am 9 years old,japanese girl. I like sports like swiming,cycling,rollerblading. Your Homepage is really COOL!!!!! I like it. I have a homepage too,take a look please!!!! See ya soon. SAYONARA from JAPAN
Yuka Soda :soda@ok*post.officenet.co.jp"> soda@ok*post.officenet.co.jp
( http://www.officenet.co.jp/~soda)
Misato, Saitama, JAPAN.
- Sat Jun 1 14:42:20 BST 1996
Hi, Kate! I LOVE your page! I am 11 years-old and live in California USA. Your graphics are so cute. I, too, love horses and would love to have one of my own. For now, I just visit others'. I also like to ride my bike, read, and visit nice people like you on the internet. Have a fun day! Katie ~
Katherine (Katie!) Brown :wlbrown@ok*cell2000.net"> wlbrown@ok*cell2000.net
Merced, CA, US.
- Sat Jun 1 06:47:26 BST 1996
I'm a 34 year old computer programmer living in Edmond (about 10 miles north of Oklahoma City.) I recently watched an interesting show on PBS about the Internet that made a reference to the Petry Family home page. So tonight, for kicks, while surfing the Web yet again, I thought I'd look for it. Found it but couldn't connect :( Instead I chased some links to your page via... (just had to back up thru the browser) the Falzett Family Home Page.Kid pages are always so cute to look at. The joke page is hilarious, like a time warp -- tho I'm sure my youthful jokes were much more sophisticated . I also jumped from your page to some interesting sites with beautiful pics about the Yorkshire Dales. My only knowledge of the Yorkshire Dales is from James Herriot and the 'All Creatures Great and Small' TV show which is fairly popular here on PBS. Well, I've more exciting, globe hopping, web surfing to do. You have a fun and interesting site and I shall make no criticisms of it. Gotta go -- goodbye!
Daniel Reinhold :DanielR17@ok*msn.com"> DanielR17@ok*msn.com
Edmond, OK, USA.
- Sat Jun 1 05:45:23 BST 1996 from Cust38.Max4.Dallas.TX.MS.UU.NET
A great page Kate. I am 13 years of age and in my first year of high school. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Acutually I have just started my own page (above) but it is not as good as this one a really good effort. I have helped my younger brother link a page and now my Sister wants to do the same so check it out sometime it will get better in the next week or two. Send an email if you like I will reply.
Omar Dobbs :sdobbs@ok*wantree.com.au"> sdobbs@ok*wantree.com.au
( http://www.wantree.com.au/~sdobbs)
Perth, WA, Australia.
- Sat Jun 1 05:17:15 BST 1996 from a1-dialin40.wantree.com.au
I have two kids, Whitney (15) and Kyle (11) who both play soccer. I manage a Golf & Tennis Facility for a small select college. My beautiful wife teaches Jr Hi English. Enjoyed your page. Wish I knew how to do more.
PAT SEARIGHT :searight@ok*vvm.com"> searight@ok*vvm.com
Belton, TX, usa.
- Sat Jun 1 05:13:54 BST 1996
I am 13 years old girl with a long dark hair and dark brown eyes. Love to make friends,hang'in out with friends and lots MORE!!!!!
Tracy :evin@ok*cyberway.com.sg"> evin@ok*cyberway.com.sg
- Sat Jun 1 03:19:39 BST 1996 from proxy2.cyberway.com.sg
I am a manager in a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. Before, I was working for a British Company. I lived in Canada a few years ago, in Vancouver, at the West Coast. My kids are almost grown up. I had to tell them lots of stories, when they were at your age. Therefore I have decided to write stories for children. The stories would play in British Columbia, Canada. What kind of stories would you be interested in ? Adventure, animals, fiction ? Your web page is one of the nicest I have met in the Net. Congratulations. Best regards. Traugott
Traugott P. Fischer :tfischer@ok*access.ch"> tfischer@ok*access.ch
Allschwil near Basel, Switzerland.
- Sat Jun 1 00:32:41 BST 1996 from redsea.access.ch
Umm....I'm 12 years old. I am a female as you can tell from my name. (I hope you can tell) I will be in the 7th grade next school year. It's summer break right now!! I enjoy reading, basketball, talking on the phone, hanging out with my friends, swimming, baseball, and photography just to name a few. I am almost 5', I have black,brown,auburn hair(it changes depending on the weather), brown eyes, dimples, a few faded freckles. Email me some time Kate!!! Gotta go....C-ya around!!
Mandy Hendricks :banae@ok*linknet.net"> banae@ok*linknet.net
Alexandria, Louisiana, USA.
- Fri May 31 18:14:52 BST 1996 from dsrvalex1-12.linknet.net
Im studying computing at loughborough university, I play tennis a lot and music also takes up a lot of my time.
Richard Fenn :R.J.Fenn-95@ok*student.lut.ac.uk"> R.J.Fenn-95@ok*student.lut.ac.uk
Stafford, Staffs, England.
- Fri May 31 10:45:29 BST 1996 from egate.lut.ac.uk
I was querying WebCrawler, searching for a friend (also named Kate), and followed a lead here to your very interesting home page. I like the random scientific garble, and the "you" feature especially. Cheerio!
Karl Jones :kgj@ok*gold.tc.umn.edu"> kgj@ok*gold.tc.umn.edu
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
- Fri May 31 04:29:15 BST 1996 from gold.tc.umn.edu
I left you a note a couple of days ago but I don't think you got my message. I am very new at this and now think I can receive e-mail from you. I am six years old and I went to the dentist for the first time the other day and I didn't have any cavities and I got a toy because I was so quiet. Today I went to the theatre and saw Toy Story. It was funny. Can you please write me a message?
Steven Casteel :emfd@ok*soar.com"> emfd@ok*soar.com
Spokane, WA, U.S.A..
- Fri May 31 04:09:59 BST 1996 from modem008.thefuture.net
Katie Curley
( http://www.nashville.com/wws111/ginger.htm)
Nashville, TN, USA.
- Fri May 31 02:36:34 BST 1996 from ip146.nash.edge.net
I'm not sure but I think that from some "roots" looking my father did at one time that all the schellenbachs are releated some near some far. Just a note to say HI..
Daniel Schellenbach :schellen@ok*tellabs.com"> schellen@ok*tellabs.com
Bolingbrook, IL, USA.
- Thu May 30 21:40:35 BST 1996 from sunk44.bb.tellabs.com
I have owned many bikes, British, Japanese and European but never any Italian ones. Don't know why this should be, It just worked out that way. I currently wobble around on an XS11 circa 1978 and sometimes scare myself on an FJ12 of 1986 vintage.
zizzin :zizzin@ok*zworld.demon.co.uk"> zizzin@ok*zworld.demon.co.uk
Wiltshire, UK.
- Thu May 30 20:58:18 BST 1996 from zworld.demon.co.uk

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