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I have 3 bikes - an FRZ600, a CB750 and an AR125 I found your page very interesting.
Heather Standring
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK.
- Fri Apr 26 10:46:41 BST 1996 from getafix.hrwallingford.co.uk
Just stopped by, to say hello. I have been watching "Life on the Internet" on Georgia Public Television, a weekly T.V. series. Your "Home Page" was listed, along with several others. Keep up the good work.
Bud Putnam

Bud Putnam
Thomson, Georgia, U.S.A..
- Fri Apr 26 02:33:02 BST 1996 from line081.csranet.com
hi, does any one like alternative?
Loretta H
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A..
- Thu Apr 25 20:08:30 BST 1996 from dialup212.express-news.net
Hannah Storer
- Thu Apr 25 16:32:15 BST 1996 from ps2-8.dpu.ucl.ac.uk
I am a comptuer teacher in our school district and looking for site of interest for the students in our schools. You may want to check out a page that some students in our middle school did about our area including the activities, animals and geography.
( http://www.sd54.bc.ca/schools/cpms/enrich/enrich.htm)
(I was born in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire and hence was drawn to your site listed among the others on the page.

Matthew Monkman
( http://www.sd54.bc.ca/tech/matthew.htm)
Smithers, B.C., Canada.
- Thu Apr 25 06:38:19 BST 1996 from mail.sd54.bc.ca
- Thu Apr 25 02:09:34 BST 1996 from pm5-30.apk.net
I am 6 years old. I go to kindergarten. I have a kitty and two dogs.
Alyssa Burton Mays Landing, NJ, USA.
- Thu Apr 25 01:39:09 BST 1996 from www-h4.proxy.aol.com
I help run the computer network at Richland College (that's the college home page address below). It is a 2-year college in Dallas, part of a group of 2-year colleges called the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD). I have a son who is in the Air Force and lives in Watford and works at Uxbridge. His father and I took our dream trip and visited him last summer. It was our first trip to England, and we loved it! We spent 2 weeks there, going to London, then up the east coast to Edinburgh and back down the west coast. We also went to Dover. Our son drove the car, since we can't drive on the "wrong" ;) side of the road! We will visit again as soon as we can.
Becky Ferguson (www.richland.dcccd.edu)
Dallas, TX, USA.
- Wed Apr 24 18:32:20 BST 1996 from
- Wed Apr 24 15:11:23 BST 1996 from sun.cum.qc.ca
I came to your page because my name is Kate, too. I have a daughter a bit younger than you, and we live in the mountains. I enjoyed your page, and I bet you get mail from all over the place.
Kate Chenier
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.
- Tue Apr 23 05:50:51 BST 1996 from bnffpx01-port-11.agt.net
female who loves horses and dancing.
emily :none">none
hoover, alabama, usa.
- Tue Apr 23 01:39:34 BST 1996 from bstfirewall.bst.bls.com
I have three Ponies (Annie,Jock, and Hambone) which I show on the "A" circut. I'll be 13 in June. I really enjoyed reading the guestbook on your Homepage. I have heard that the Ponies in England are GREAT. I hope to go there soon.
Sarah Harward
St. Cloud, Florida, USA.
- Mon Apr 22 03:40:02 BST 1996 from hd64-208.compuserve.com
My name is Amy Belair and I am from Brainerd, MN but I go to college in Fargo, North Dakota at North Dakota State University. I am a computer science major! :-) I am doing a final project on computers in school. Please e-mail me about computers in your school. :-)
Amy Belair
Fargo, ND, USA.
- Mon Apr 22 02:52:08 BST 1996 from ndts9.pt08.ndsu.NoDak.edu
I like your page,
amboy, washington, usa.
- Sun Apr 21 21:10:05 BST 1996 from world112.worldaccess.com
Hi My name is Tessa. I'm nine years old and in grade 4. This is a realy awsome page.
Kanata, Ont, Canada.
- Sun Apr 21 02:08:39 BST 1996 from user16.easyinternet.ca
I am a teacher, allready 36 years old. I have two children: Anna, 10 years and Ville, 8. I'm sure they will visit your page, too, some day. It was very nice to visit your page, I wish all the best for you.
Mikko Kamula
Espoo, Finland.
- Sat Apr 20 12:59:52 BST 1996 from nfs.megabaud.fi
I am a 44 yr old grandfather, I work in the electronics industry and I am just checking things out on the net to see what my children are getting into. Keep up the good work and be a good young lady.
John McCartney
Scappoose, Oregon, USA.
- Sat Apr 20 01:37:34 BST 1996 from
this is my first trip on the internet.I am also eight.When I know my e mail adress I will send it to you. I like building forts and climbing trees . I like all animals except poisnes snakes . Good by for now!
Emily Van Toever
P.E.I., Canada.
- Sat Apr 20 01:03:35 BST 1996 from ts1-d132.cht.atcon.com
I am 5 years old. I liked your homepage a lot. My favorite part was the pictures . I liked them the best.
rebecca caron
clinton, maine, u.s.a..
- Fri Apr 19 16:50:51 BST 1996 from slip-8.mint.net
jessica tinson

I would like more Pictures on Kate's Pages
- Fri Apr 19 01:58:12 BST 1996 from Perth-isdn1.ois.net.au
I am Jpanese . I thinkyou are very quit. When I was your age, I lived in NewYorkCity.
Hitoshi Nakagawa
- Thu Apr 18 21:08:46 BST 1996 from mito1-22.msn.or.jp
Hallo Kate. Nice homepage, have you done it your self?

My dad helps

I can see that you like horse, me too. But my favorite breed is icelandic horses. If you have the opportunity, try too ride an iclandic horse in tölt (high speed). By Per
Per Tollemark
Floda (outside Gothenburg), Sweden.
- Thu Apr 18 10:46:34 BST 1996 from trip182.tripnet.se

Hello. We hope all is well with you. Thank you for your wonderful home page,it'very fun!. We have opened a home page Wow Kids!" for children at NHK. This is an electrical square making a story book" by combining pictures and stories sent by children from all over the world, using the Internet. This is a square where children who loves to draw and think up of a story would surely have fun. This home page is characterised by linking with the NHK Satellite Broadcasting and would start as a television program from July.
The more and more children from various countries would join us, this home page will become fun. We sincerely hope that people who visit the home page, will also link to come and play with our Wow Kids!". And,please send your own work to "Wow Kids!", we'll wait!.
With our very best regards.
The address to Wow Kids!" http://www.nhk.or.jp/wawawa/kids.html For more detailed information, Email ***** Tel: 81(3)3466-2466 (Japan) Fax: 81(3)3468-8091

This is NHK TV station from JAPAN
( http://www.nhk.or.jp/wawawa/kids.html)
tokyo, JAPAN,
- Thu Apr 18 04:20:29 BST 1996 from
Kate VanDerSchaaf
Lancaster, PA, U.S..
- Thu Apr 18 01:00:24 BST 1996 from l57.redrose.net
We were surfing the net and found your page. We were thrilled to see an 8 year old on the net. Pam was in London last summer and loved it. She would like to visit England again soon.
Dwight, Mary, & Pam Becker
Lima, Ohio, USA.
- Thu Apr 18 00:38:01 BST 1996 from kali2-cs-6.dial.bright.net
Hi! I am 12 years old and I love dancing, babysitting, boyz, and my friends; Erica, KT, Courtney, Ashley and Kayla!! I also LOVE 2 shop!! I hate immature boyz who like 2 show off!!
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, America.
- Wed Apr 17 22:28:23 BST 1996 from Pboehlen.fdldotnet.com
We are learning about e-mail and the World Wide Web. We can't wait to see your web page. We'll do that now.
Mrs. Parker's First Grade Class
Princeton Junction, New Jersey, USA.
- Wed Apr 17 19:55:39 BST 1996 from ts1-29.njcc.com
I am 7 years old, I was born in Lakenheath, England on Oct 6. I am in first grade. I have a dog named Bo, and two cats, Tiger and Purry. I have a brother, Mark, age 9. I like drawing, playing Barbie, reading, and camping. I am a Brownie Scout, and I like playing soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. I also like to ice skate.
Kim Davidson
Uniontown, PA, USA.
- Wed Apr 17 18:10:54 BST 1996 from slip60.pennet.com
Hello Kate. I'm a student here and I'm VERY impressed with the home page. I'll be 14 years older than you in a couple of days and still can't work out how to do a homepage. Well done.
David Talbot
Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.
- Wed Apr 17 16:21:59 BST 1996 from lib4-057.ed.ac.uk
I Ride and Cart rare breeds of ponies
Shana Cozza
Federal Way, King/Wash., U. S. of A..
- Wed Apr 17 06:35:31 BST 1996 from Cust43.Max2.Seattle.WA.MS.UU.NET
HI my name is Alyssa Wilson, i'm 6 years old and in grade 1. I like bike riding, colouring,and playing my friends. It's fun to use my dads computer.You are the first person i sent e-mail to.
Alyssa Wilson
Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Apr 17 03:21:14 BST 1996 from nb1s6.netcore.ca
I don't want to go into to much detail, so E-mail me and ask!
Scott Schimpf
( http://home.ptd.net/~mannheim)
Frackville, PA, USA.
- Wed Apr 17 03:11:35 BST 1996 from cs1-10.pot.ptd.net
I am 12 years old in grade 6 ... I have 2 sisters aged 10 & 6 ...
Chris Churchman
Montréal, Québec, Canada.
- Tue Apr 16 21:48:22 BST 1996 from
I like horses too
Maggie Schorr
madison, wi., U.S.A..
- Tue Apr 16 20:30:46 BST 1996 from discovery.madison.k12.wi.us
We are a third grade class in St. Louis, MO and we are studying England. We would like to hear from you and have you tell us about yourself and your country.
Third Grade Rohan Woods School
St. Louis, MO, USA.
- Tue Apr 16 19:29:28 BST 1996 from slip102.inlink.com
Nice place... Greetings from South Korea
Jang Hee Yun
( http://soback.kornet.nm.kr/~pixeline/heeyun)
Yongin, South Korea.
- Tue Apr 16 18:44:20 BST 1996 from hehwa-c2511-2-po12.kornet.nm.kr
I am a mom who likes to visit kids' sites. I have an online kids' art gallery called Fridge Artz which is run by my very own kitty, Dave the WebCat. I love kids' art, stories, and poetry.
( http://www.go-interface.com/fridgeartz/)
Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
- Tue Apr 16 16:17:40 BST 1996 from nash-pm1-a20.telalink.net
Please could you put some more news on your page, I want to hear all about William. Gemma:-)
Hull, S.Yorks, England.
- Tue Apr 16 14:34:50 BST 1996 from p028.wilber.hull.ac.uk
I am a teacher, currently seeking a new position due to relocation, 2 years in Kindergarten and 10 years in 5th grade. More importantly however, I am a mother of 2 robust boys, ages 3 and 5.I like your page and hope you get many interesting visitors.
Louellen Kimberland
Cherokee Village, AR, USA.
- Tue Apr 16 04:45:15 BST 1996 from anxp12.hd.centuryinter.net
Enjoyed your homepage. I was looking for information on goosebumps for my 10 year old daughter and found your home- page on the search.
Nancy baker
Columbus, IN, USA.
- Tue Apr 16 02:27:50 BST 1996 from ppp22.cpbx.net
Hi! 28 years of age, riding since 16, owned superbikes GSXr1100wp, ZX10, Triumph Trophy 1200 and now a Harley Davidson Lowrider (oops!) which I love just the same.
colin greene
Harrow, Middx, HA1 2HA.
- Mon Apr 15 23:25:57 BST 1996 from tui.isw.intel.com
I'm 11 years old (I'll be 12 on June 14). A few months ago, I got hooked on the web, and I've done nothing but explore ever since. I have an older sister, a mom (not mum, mind you) and dad. We own 3 cats (or do they own us...), all of them grossly overweight, named Buddy, Lucy, and Lucky. I have a cousin going to college in England (London, to be exact). Well, those are the basics. Maybe I'll visit again, if I ever get an address and/or page of my own. (It's funny... my two aunts are named Kate and Peggy...)
Sorry, I'll only tell you that online, I write my name as BMan. El Dorado Hills, California, USA.
- Mon Apr 15 23:06:28 BST 1996 from allenm.sna.com
Bof who rides a VFR and employed as a torturer of children!!
Rod Souter
Skidby, N Humberside, UK.
- Mon Apr 15 23:05:42 BST 1996 from
I´m a computer science student from Sweden. I was looking for some information about Astrid Lindgren. Do you got some? Take care!
Satu Seppälä
Gävle, Sweden.
- Mon Apr 15 13:34:54 BST 1996 from
I am thirteen. I have put up a page with links to pages authored by Kids. If you are a kid please visit us and e-mail us your page and we will put it up.
Brain Tenace/Thompson
( http://pages.prodigy.com/coolbrian/kidsweb.html)
Torrance, California, USA.
- Mon Apr 15 06:39:40 BST 1996 from elay-18.ppp.hooked.net
Well, I love theatre and horses, and I'm 14/f. :)
Rebecka (aka 'Ponine)
Minneapolis, MN, USA.
- Sun Apr 14 23:46:35 BST 1996 from pool014.Max2.Minneapolis.MN.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
I'm 8 I'm nice and I'm going to git my own home page.
Ashley Montague Taylor
Eureka, USA, Ca.
- Sun Apr 14 23:25:08 BST 1996 from carlotta.northcoast.com
Hi Kate,I'm Hayley and I'm 12.I thought your page was nice,I loved your horse picture,it was cool.I love signing guestbooks!I haven't seen all of your site yet,so I'll carry on doing so in a moment.Firstly,I love drama, cats,horses,books,dancing and drawing!See you!You can write to me if you like!
Hayley Morgan
Birmingham, W.Mids, Great Britain.
- Sun Apr 14 20:54:18 BST 1996 from morgan.woden.com
i like basketball and tennis.my favorite color is blue to match the sky. i dont usually use a computer. my brother is a computer whiz he made his own home page. it is really cool. i have a bunny at home it is the cutest animal on earth. i like to draw and read and help people. i like school and all my friends.
chanel campbell
indiana, pa, usa.
- Sun Apr 14 19:55:46 BST 1996 from jdc411.cc.iup.edu
I am 8 too.My birthday was yesterday April 13. I live on a farm. We raise pigs, corn, soybeans, and wheat. I have a brother Luke who is 5. My friend Angie is here today and we are looking for kids places on the Internet. It was nice visiting your home page.
Emily Schnitker
Seymour, Indiana, USA.
- Sun Apr 14 18:49:21 BST 1996 from dialin27.hsonline.net
I am 9 years old. I like school,reading,horseback riding and Karate.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Apr 14 14:18:21 BST 1996 from
I am 11, and like to:read, swim, and play basketball
Anna Marie Mindicino
Sharon, PA, U.S.A..
- Sun Apr 14 13:35:46 BST 1996 from

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