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space My name is Jamie McKenzie, the author of a soon-to-be-published book about families and the Internet. I noticed your wonderful Web site and I am writing you because you are so very involved in the Web.
We are looking for families willing to share stories of their Internet experiences for possible inclusion in this book to be published by Songline Studios, an affiliate of O'Reilly & Associates
We want to tell others how families like yours have been enjoying the Internet and the World Wide Web. We are especially interested in hearing about ways that parents and children may have explored the Net together.
If you might be interested in participating, please drop me an e-mail response so that I can send you more information.
I hope to hear from you . . .
Best wishes,

Jamie McKenzie :mckenzie@ok*pacificrim.net"> mckenzie@ok*pacificrim.net
( http://www.pacificrim.net/~mckenzie)
Bellingham, WA, USA.
- Sun Apr 14 07:15:06 BST 1996 from whatcom-ppp47.pacificrim.net
- Sun Apr 14 02:49:17 BST 1996 from sfld46.dial.voyager.net
am 8 years old.how old are you i like your storys
- Sat Apr 13 21:04:39 BST 1996 from catalina.reg.rpi.edu
I am seven and go to Chillingham Rd School. I like chocolate, rowing and basketball! I am amazed to be talking to you on the net! Bye for now. Nathan.
Nathan Hesketh :richardhesketh@ok*pangaea.demon.co.uk"> richardhesketh@ok*pangaea.demon.co.uk
Newcastle on Tyne, Tyneside, UK.
- Sat Apr 13 17:12:58 BST 1996 from www-cache.demon.co.uk
I am 10 years old. Iam in the fourth grade. I have a nice teacher. I like to play the flute. I have 3 dogs and a pony. I feed our pony every day.
Bethany Bird :bird@ok*apollo.hp.com"> bird@ok*apollo.hp.com
Newton, New Hampsh, USA.
- Sat Apr 13 05:09:45 BST 1996 from amway.ch.apollo.hp.com
like music, school, french, & adore computers. i take it you must too
Christine Neejer :PKKX39C@ok*prodigy.com"> PKKX39C@ok*prodigy.com
Whitesboro, NY, USA.
- Sat Apr 13 04:00:21 BST 1996 from Cust12.Max26.New-York.NY.MS.UU.NET
I like sports,computer,and video Games
Bradley Ogbonna :Highlander@ok*POBoxes"> Highlander@ok*POBoxes
Roseville, Minnesota, USA.
- Sat Apr 13 03:46:36 BST 1996 from dialup-16-c-49.gw.umn.edu
9 years old and I like computers and reading...
Nathan Gregory :wgregory@ok*iglou.com"> wgregory@ok*iglou.com
Newport, Kentucky, USA.
- Sat Apr 13 01:50:54 BST 1996 from dp-2-38.iglou.net
I don't understand myself when I speak in english....... I look for a "roadbook" to mount on my Husky 610 TE. Can you help me with some address where buy it? Tks/rgds Eugenio
Eugenio Zampieri :parlapa@ok*mbox"> parlapa@ok*mbox
CHIOMONTE, Torino, Italy.
- Fri Apr 12 19:25:53 BST 1996 from susa-4.intelnet.vol.it
cool page....I spent my junior year abroad at Lancaster University... I miss eating at Nawaab's in the city center
Matthew LEWIS :mal11@ok*Po.cwru.edu"> mal11@ok*Po.cwru.edu
Dallas, TX, USA.
- Fri Apr 12 08:43:39 BST 1996 from tristan.computek.net
I'm a magazine editor currently working on a story about kids and the web.
Suzanne Frear :suzanne@ok*machome.com"> suzanne@ok*machome.com
San Francisco, CA, USA.
- Thu Apr 11 22:53:21 BST 1996 from host10.machome.com
Hi Kate My Name is also Kate. I am going to be 16 in May. My sisters middle name is Amelia, like yours. I like to draw, ski, swim, and hang out with my friends. I am learning French and Latin. I have been to England. I have also been to France, Germany, Greece, holand, Itally, and more Places in Europe. Although we spent the most time in England Because we really liked it. Is your Full name Kate or is it something else like mine? Please E-mail me and anwser my questions. I guess I should go now.

Kathleen Hicks :ghicks@ok*laidlaw.com"> ghicks@ok*laidlaw.com
Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
- Thu Apr 11 22:03:45 BST 1996 from g9-p1.wchat.on.ca
I'm a somphomore at george mason university in fairfax. If you've never heard of fairfax, it's a suburb of Washington D.C.I am nineteen and have a sixteen yr. old brother, eleven yr. old sister and a three week old baby brother! And to top it all off I'm going to be having a baby of my own in the fall. I can't wait, I'm so excited! Well nice talking with ya, later!!
fairfax, va, usa.
- Thu Apr 11 16:28:04 BST 1996 from
I am Roman , 17, a very interesting person study9ing in Finland now. YOu have to write me cos I like to make new friends.
MURMANSK, russia,
- Thu Apr 11 10:48:45 BST 1996 from openet.freenet.hut.fi
I'm 10 years old. I'm a good swimmer. Visit my page please, and if you can add me as a connection on yours, as mine is VERY new and I haven't had many visitors yet! Thanks!
Andrea Malewski :deborah@ok*sojourn.com"> deborah@ok*sojourn.com
( http://www.angelfire.com/free/andream.html )
Eaton Rapids, MI, USA.
- Thu Apr 11 01:38:14 BST 1996 from ld-nas-057.sojourn.com
I am new to the net. Loved your page!!! Are you really only 8? My grand father(Thomas Stephenson b.1876) lived in Stocton-on-Tees and was a tinker. I am interested in finding more about my english genealogy. My husband and I ride motorcycles too. We have a 1976 BMW and a 1995 Honda Goldwing.
Ruth Hankins :wings@ok*voyager.net"> wings@ok*voyager.net
Charlotte, Michigan, U.S. of America.
- Wed Apr 10 23:30:07 BST 1996 from horz13.dial.voyager.net
I'm 13. I like to dance,play sports, surf the net,read and write. I think your homepage is really neat!
Jennifer :harrist@ok*cheemat.chee.queensu.ca"> harrist@ok*cheemat.chee.queensu.ca
( http://www1.kingston.net/ik/jenny/pepsi.html)
Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Apr 10 20:55:20 BST 1996 from toll1-slip140.tele.QueensU.CA
- Wed Apr 10 18:36:44 BST 1996 from shs-110-07.ccsn.edu
I work at the Lancashire Evening Telegraph which is a local newspaper, my job is Newspapers in Education Co-ordinator
Rita Shaw :www//newsquest.co.uk"> www//newsquest.co.uk
Blackburn, Lancs, England.
- Wed Apr 10 17:09:49 BST 1996 from theboard.reednews.co.uk
I've named me Mike on the Internet. I'm a boy of 17 and live in Chemnitz, Germany. If you want to know more of me please write me. I'll write back soon. Ciao
Michael "Mike" Neubert :mne@ok*informatik.tu-chemnitz.de,neubert@ok*gausz.c.sn.schule.de"> mne@ok*informatik.tu-chemnitz.de,neubert@ok*gausz.c.sn.schule.de
Chemnitz, Germany.
- Wed Apr 10 15:52:54 BST 1996 from levin.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de
Just a bike lover and race fan.
Pete :phardman@ok*beaches.net">phardman@ok*beaches.net
Panama City, fl., USA.
- Wed Apr 10 07:47:58 BST 1996 from p1s13.beaches.net
I live in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver. I am in grade one at Sherwood Park school. I like soccer, baseball, playing with my brother and sister.
Mitchell Braam :dbraam@ok*nvancvr.schdist44.bc.ca"> dbraam@ok*nvancvr.schdist44.bc.ca
N. Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Wed Apr 10 05:49:43 BST 1996 from van-pm-1413.direct.ca
I have 5 kids and four horses
Omar Runolfsson :omar@ok*vortex.is"> omar@ok*vortex.is
Mosfellsbaer, Iceland.
- Wed Apr 10 00:00:50 BST 1996 from isgate.is
I am 10 years old. I have 2 sisters, Katie (like you) and Annie. I also have 2 dogs named Sadie and Stinky,and 2 parakeets named Poppy and Flutie. I have 2 of everything! I like your pages.
Christy Bahner :shparish@ok*murlin.com"> shparish@ok*murlin.com
Sedalia, Missouri, USA.
- Tue Apr 9 18:19:33 BST 1996 from tserv02.murlin.com
Hello, Kate English sent me, via her Web Page... Kate E. has a bunch of my drawings and paintings on her page and I've been trying to talk to her (She Lives in Bristol, UK, a proud, if sort of grey, city). Somehow all my Emails go to her, but she can never write back: She even left me a note, right on her page, saying "Please write again, I can't write back to the address you left me." It's sort of like a mirror story, tho' I DON'T know which of us is behind the mirror. Anyway: Kate English has YOUR beautiful and fun page listed in her Neat Places to go, so *I* went, and here I am. Thank you for all your Site work, and for putting this guest book right where I could leave a note! Bye! Michael
Michael Kaluta :rotvang@ok*earthlink.net"> rotvang@ok*earthlink.net
New York, New York, USA.
- Tue Apr 9 04:45:50 BST 1996 from pool020.Max20.New-York.NY.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
I am 11 years old and enjoy cooking, horseback riding (I show with a paint horse), playing French Horn and Trumpet.
Ian McDonald :jmcsmith@ok*worldaccess.com"> jmcsmith@ok*worldaccess.com
Vancouver, Washington, United States.
- Mon Apr 8 23:15:25 BST 1996 from world103.worldaccess.com
i am a teacher for k-3 graders. i help kids work with computers. i am impressed with your page.
susan grochowski
milwaukee, wisconsin, u.s.a..
- Mon Apr 8 20:00:56 BST 1996 from mstlyharmles.execpc.com
I have blue eyes and blond hair. 2 brothers and 2 sisters.I am 9 years old. I will be 10 in Nov. I love my family!
Jackie Brossoie :jackieb@ok*prudence.tesc.edu"> jackieb@ok*prudence.tesc.edu
Ewing, New Jeresy, U.S.A..
- Mon Apr 8 01:42:36 BST 1996 from
Mac & Kim McCoy :maccoy@ok*toltbbs.com"> maccoy@ok*toltbbs.com
Oregon, Ohio, USA.
- Mon Apr 8 01:29:32 BST 1996 from dialup-108.toltbbs.com
My name is Elana.I live in Gaithersburg,MD,USA. I really like your homepage.
Elana Kobilinsky :Elana@ok*Koblin.com"> Elana@ok*Koblin.com
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States.
- Sun Apr 7 23:59:13 BST 1996 from
I'm a 20 Yr old Male student at Edinburgh University. I've been keeping close tabs on your page for ages now, so thought I'd better sign this guest book BTW I study computers, amongst many other things, and am a Christian.
Paul Davies :pauld@ok*aisb.ed.ac.uk"> pauld@ok*aisb.ed.ac.uk
( http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~pgd)
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
- Sun Apr 7 23:59:09 BST 1996 from
I am 14 almost 15.I just got the internet so Im still exploring. I'd love for you to send me some E-mail I'm trying to meet people from all over the world.
Susan :wallbrid@ok*spots.ab.ca"> wallbrid@ok*spots.ab.ca
Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Apr 7 21:12:24 BST 1996 from pm122.spots.ab.ca
I am 12 years old and I enjoy fencing, playing the trumpet and anything colourful! I really like your page.:)
Andrea Meier :ameier@ok*telsys.com"> ameier@ok*telsys.com
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A..
- Sun Apr 7 21:07:06 BST 1996 from
I am 10 years old and have 2 sisters. We have moose in the back yard but no pets. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I play guitar and figure skate.
Brittany Davies :anderkat@ok*netshop.net"> anderkat@ok*netshop.net
Houston , B.C., Canada.
- Sun Apr 7 20:37:23 BST 1996 from houston-5.netshop.net
Kate, I am an 11 1/2 year old girl.I live on a kinda farm.I go to middle school.I love your page.I think you need a chat room though.Thanks for all. Chrissy
Chrissy :mjrose@ok*wcnet.org">mjrose@ok*wcnet.org
Portage, Ohio, America.
- Sun Apr 7 18:36:58 BST 1996 from
Hiya fellows! Sending some sunny greetings from Sweden! Feel free to look at my HOMEPAGE !
Ewa :sk95-eac@ok*amanda.ies.luth.se"> sk95-eac@ok*amanda.ies.luth.se
- Sun Apr 7 15:08:20 BST 1996 from baloo.dc.luth.se
im 12 and like your home page!
california, usa.
- Sun Apr 7 08:48:03 BST 1996 from ppp028-sf1.sirius.com
Hello! I really like your homepage! I have been riding for 4 years, I don't have a horse yet, but I hope to get one soon! You can learn more about me and my horse life at my homepage!
Christina :gersko@ok*aol.com"> gersko@ok*aol.com
Austin, Texas, USA.
I would like more Horses on Kate's Pages
- Sat Apr 6 16:44:58 BST 1996 from checker.com
Hi! I'm nine years old and have a twin brother (nothing like me at all!!) and a 5 yr old sister. We've lived in Alaska all our lives and really love it. We have lots of aunts/uncles/cousins/grandma etc. in England as my Mum grew up there. We've been there about four times and really love it too. My Grandma lives in Gillingham Kent. Would love to hear from you on E-Mail. I couldn't get your HELLO bit on our computer but I'm going to try the other stuff. I wish I had a horse, but have to make do with a cat called Clifford. If you have a horse here you have to ride indoors most of the year and thats EXPENSIVE! See Ya!
TARA PEPLOW :SLDB23A@ok*prodigy.com">SLDB23A@ok*prodigy.com

I would like more Pictures on Kate's Pages
- Sat Apr 6 10:07:58 BST 1996 from piweba6y-ext.prodigy.com
I'm 9 years old.My last name is the same as yours. Except it's spelled differently (Nobel.) I have very very long red hair and brown eyes. I love dogs and horses. I have a big brother and a littel sister.
Rachel Chloe Nobel :monetary@ok*primenet.com"> monetary@ok*primenet.com
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A..
- Sat Apr 6 05:46:53 BST 1996 from ip049.phx.primenet.com
Hi, I am 11 years old. I like to write letters and type. I think your home page is neat. I have 1 brother. I have 3 sisters.
Lynette Heimsoth :mikeh@ok*comsys.net"> mikeh@ok*comsys.net
Glenwood, Indiana, United States.
- Sat Apr 6 03:04:20 BST 1996 from
I am 10 I like cats, reading and drawing.
Michelle Taylor :fish@ok*tower.net.au"> fish@ok*tower.net.au
perth, WA, australia.
- Sat Apr 6 02:58:05 BST 1996 from aurora.tower.net.au
I am 8 also. I like baseball. I am on the Birmingham Mets team. I am in the 3rd grade. I just got glasses on March 1st. 1996. We just had a comet here in Michigan, and an eclipse of the Moon too. Did you see either of them? I am in a cyber cafe now with my Dad using their computers to write this email. He got espresso, I got hot chocolate. It's really good. Bye for now, cool home page!
Joseph Gibbs :fcvf84a@ok*prodigy.com"> fcvf84a@ok*prodigy.com
Birmingham, MICHIGAN, USA.
- Sat Apr 6 01:23:15 BST 1996 from
ROBBIE GRANVILLE MORRISON :irma_morrison@ok*mindlink.bc.ca"> irma_morrison@ok*mindlink.bc.ca
- Sat Apr 6 00:59:24 BST 1996 from line175.nwm.mindlink.net
Hi Kate! I really enjoyed your home page. I am 25 and work for the University of Illinois in the College of Agriculture. I am originally from Kentucky, which is of course one of the horsiest places in the world. I ride eventing horses. My first pony was a little paint pony named Dixon. Thanks for the pony photos! Reminded me of Dixon and myself!
Michele Douglas :mwdougla@ok*ux1.cso.uiuc.edu"> mwdougla@ok*ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
Champaign, Illinois, USA.
- Fri Apr 5 23:10:09 BST 1996 from bp-lab1.animal.uiuc.edu
I'm a 19 year old Finnish student.. Found your page from the Freenet link list. Good luck to you!
Heikki Vesalainen
Espoo, Finland.
- Fri Apr 5 22:00:33 BST 1996 from learnet.freenet.hut.fi
Hi! I'm 17 yrs old, love anything to do with horses and riding, and I like talking to people from other places, so feel free to e-mail me!
Kate Todd :kateemma@ok*golden.net"> kateemma@ok*golden.net
Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Apr 5 20:30:44 BST 1996 from
i like cartoons i like basketball i like all kinds of animals i have 2 brothers 1 sister and i'm the youngest i'm 8 years old i don't like math a lot my birthday is may 28th my faverit cartoon is rugrats i'm not a good speller i like to read my faverit book is goosbumbs i have a link to goosbumbs
kamica :kamica@ok*mailhost.net"> kamica@ok*mailhost.net
( http://www.dreamscape.com/utica2/barnett6.htm)
Mohawk, NY, USA.
- Fri Apr 5 16:31:03 BST 1996 from ua15.dreamscape.com
I am 4 and I like winnie the pooh. I have been using popas computer since I was 1. I lost my doll and I cant find it.
Taylor Campbell :mikeb@ok*arcos.org"> mikeb@ok*arcos.org
(http://www.arcos.org/mikeb )
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
- Fri Apr 5 13:53:37 BST 1996 from ppp22.arcos.org
Lovely homepage, Kate. I just signed your sister's book. I have spent over a fourth of my life in England (5 and a half years). I lived in Epsom, Reading, High Wycombe, London, Weybridge, Woking, and some other places. Do you write back to people who write in your book? I hope so, because I'd love to hear from you. I invite you to look at my homepage, too. As the English would say, your homepage is "smashing!"
Joshua Eyre :jeyre@ok*cougarnet.byu.edu"> jeyre@ok*cougarnet.byu.edu
Provo, Utah, USA.
- Fri Apr 5 07:05:43 BST 1996 from cnr094.byu.edu
I am 4 years old. I have just started playing soccer. I really think that it is fun. My dad is the coach. I have sister who is 2 years old, her name is Kellie. I like to look at the internet with my mom. We really enjoyed your home page. We will be back
Will Walker :kvwalker@ok*earthlink.net"> kvwalker@ok*earthlink.net
Katy, Tx, United States.
- Fri Apr 5 04:47:33 BST 1996 from pool002.Max1.Houston.TX.DYNIP.ALTER.NET
I am 32. I catnt red very good soo plesae xcuze my speling. i like yoour page. by four now.
lansanga, wa, usa.
- Thu Apr 4 21:00:29 BST 1996 from strg40.dial.voyager.net
Im 14. would someone please write me. cool page. gotta go. bye!
michele clouse :michele@ok*voyager.net"> michele@ok*voyager.net
sturgis, michigan, usa.
- Thu Apr 4 20:56:42 BST 1996 from strg40.dial.voyager.net
I am a primary school teacher. I teach also English. We start studying a foreign language at the age of 8 or 9. I really like your page.I will show it to my pupils.
Minttu Ollila :mollila@ok*freenet.hut.fi"> mollila@ok*freenet.hut.fi
Helsinki, Finland.
- Thu Apr 4 18:29:52 BST 1996 from smtp.inet.fi

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