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Your Name Here

My name is Lee Myoung Hee...
I saw you are 7 years old... but I am 22 years old
I am Korean, but now I stay in Thailand,,, Because I
applied to KOV... Do you know KOV. KOV is the initial of
Korea Oversea Volunteers.... I applied Thailand,,,
That's why I am in Thailand now...
I heard about American Volunteers..
I know the name, but I cann't the spelling of it...
I'm sorry...
Anyway,,, nice to write to you...
I do like "Don't worry, Be happy" ...
Kate,,, Don't worry and be happy forever...
then good bye.....

Lee Myoung Hee :myung@ok*nsu.nu.ac.th"> myung@ok*nsu.nu.ac.th
Yesan, Chung Nam, Korera.
- Thu Apr 4 11:21:42 BST 1996 from
Gunnar is my son...he is a baby but loves looking at the computer...i will post his picture soon...your page is very nice and i hope gunnar will have one soon.. please.e-mail my nephew jett...RMadgesty@ok*aol.com
Gunnar :bob1ook@ok*aol.com"> bob1ook@ok*aol.com
( http://members.aol.com/bob1ook)
rumson, nj, usa.
- Thu Apr 4 03:32:18 BST 1996 from www-j5.proxy.aol.com
I am four 1/2 yrs. old. I have red hair and brown eyes. I love to sing and dance and play dressup. I want to be a model when I grow up.
Alyssa G. :montred@ok*azstarnet.com."> montred@ok*azstarnet.com.
Tucson, Arizona, USA.
- Wed Apr 3 17:33:22 BST 1996 from usr5ip4.azstarnet.com
I am a school librarian in America. We have children in our school from ages 3 years to 11 years. We live in the foothill of the Cascade Mountains. My husband helps to make Boeing airplanes. I like the forms on your page. Your horse picture is nice. Did you help to put it on your page? I hope you will write back to me soon! Mrs. Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis :jolewis@ok*halcyon.com"> jolewis@ok*halcyon.com
Carnation, WA, USA.
- Wed Apr 3 05:32:44 BST 1996 from blv-pm15-ip25.halcyon.com
Just looking about the Web for all things Triumph and found your page. Well done! As the owner of a "73" Triumph 750 I particularly enjoy a page on "Trumpets" from the from the "Home Country" Thanks!
Farron Peffer :fpeffer@ok*coastalnet.com"> fpeffer@ok*coastalnet.com
Grantsboro, N.Carolina, U.S.A..
- Wed Apr 3 04:23:53 BST 1996 from pm-nb2-68.coastalnet.com

Chris lynch :cmlynch@ok*indiana.edu.iupui.us">cmlynch@ok*indiana.edu.iupui.us

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Wed Apr 3 01:26:39 BST 1996 from
I'm 12, have blond hair and am very tall. I really like your homepage!
Lauren :NA">NA
Spfld, OH, USA.
- Tue Apr 2 22:26:11 BST 1996 from PORT12.COAX.NET
Williamston, Michigan, USA.
- Tue Apr 2 17:17:48 BST 1996 from lans217.dial.voyager.net
Hello my name is Erica & Joe Stubblefield.We read your little story about where you live. We live around Lansing, M.I.We are going to be 12 years old on May 5, and August 23. We would like to get to know you a little bit more over the mail. Well, gotta go. It was very nice reading & writing to you .
Erica & Joe Stubblefield !!!!!
- Tue Apr 2 17:07:22 BST 1996 from
I am a retired NavalAviator, 3 children, 7 grandchildren and out daughter in Wisconsin told me about parentsoup. That is where I found you. Have a good day
Tom Jones :tnjones@ok*eagle1.eaglenet.com"> tnjones@ok*eagle1.eaglenet.com
Hollywood, Maryland, USA.
- Tue Apr 2 14:09:22 BST 1996 from eagle561.eaglenet.com


Hal :Hal@ok*Halki.com">Hal@ok*Halki.com
Kenner, LA, USA.
- Mon Apr 1 19:12:15 BST 1996 from HALKI-GW.Communique.Net
We are located near Atlanta and are getting ready to host the Olympics. Our school has over 1000 students k-5. We would love to hear from you.
Hopkins Elementary School :hes@ok*mindspring.com"> hes@ok*mindspring.com
Lilburn, GA, USA.
- Mon Apr 1 18:42:19 BST 1996 from user-168-121-110-173.dialup.mindspring.com
I'm a 14 yr. old girl with blond hair and green eyes. I love to read and play soccer. I'm in the 8th grade at Dean Rusk Middle School and play on the JV (junior varsity) girls soccer team. I like to listen to music espeacilly Oasis which I'm listning to right now. Well I gotta go soooo C-ya!! Nicky P.S. love your home page!!!!! bye
Nicole Strub
Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A..
- Mon Apr 1 03:35:07 BST 1996 from atl-ga10-12.ix.netcom.com
Hi, My name is Stephanie Parker. I am a 8 yr. old girl. I like the computer and sports. I think that you need a school picture of yourself in the page!
Stephanie Parker :slparker@ok*prodigy.com"> slparker@ok*prodigy.com
Renton, Wash., USA.
- Mon Apr 1 03:16:50 BST 1996 from piweba3y-ext.prodigy.com
Hi! My name is Katie Parker. I am a 10 yr. old girl from the US! I like alot of sports, and the computer! Would you like to be my PEN PAL? SNAIL MAIL or E-MAIL.
Katie Parker :ktparker@ok*prodigy.com"> ktparker@ok*prodigy.com
Renton, Wash., USA.
- Mon Apr 1 02:20:05 BST 1996 from piweba3y-ext.prodigy.com
I like to roller blade.....I am also 21/f
Angela :Roejx">Roejx
Jax Bch, FL, US.
- Sun Mar 31 20:44:48 BST 1996 from www-c8.proxy.aol.com
i live in calgary, alberta, canada, i am 6 years old. i enjoy playing the drums. i just went to England to see my grandma 4 weeks ago! she lives in harrogate N.Yorkshire.
steven foster :afoster@ok*internode.net"> afoster@ok*internode.net
( http://www.internode.net:80/~afoster)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Sun Mar 31 17:14:26 BST 1996 from dial28.Xpressnet.com
Martin Read :mar@ok*nanosoft.u-net.com"> mar@ok*nanosoft.u-net.com
( http://www.u-net.com/~nanosoft)
Cricklade, Wiltshire, England.
- Sun Mar 31 16:05:00 BST 1996 from
I want to be an actress. I'm 10.
Emily Suzanne Dunn :familyrm@ok*ix.netcom.com"> familyrm@ok*ix.netcom.com
( http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/4434)
Rialto, CA, USA.
- Sun Mar 31 08:30:36 BST 1996 from sbo-ca2-27.ix.netcom.com
found your web page by using metacrawler to do a search on jeffrey farnol. nice page, kate...
kim laird :lairdk@ok*medserv.east-tenn-st.edu"> lairdk@ok*medserv.east-tenn-st.edu
johnson city, tn, usa.
- Sun Mar 31 06:00:30 BST 1996 from MEDREF.east-tenn-st.edu
I'm 8 too. I live close to Montgomery, AL and I am homeschooled. Send me some e-mail please.
Jason D. Humble :dhumble@ok*cyhawk.com"> dhumble@ok*cyhawk.com
Millbrook, AL, USA.
- Sun Mar 31 04:54:30 BST 1996 from dialin19.wrldnet.net
page mail ?
GB2 :gb2@ok*mailbox.hol.nl"> gb2@ok*mailbox.hol.nl
Leiden, ZH, Nederlands.
- Sun Mar 31 00:00:47 GMT 1996 from dial026.hol.nl
I am 5 years old. My dad is writing this for me. I have a sister named Mila. I like computer games. Coloring, Playing, Science and I mostly like learning About Bugs. Thank you for having me over.
Ari Whiteley :bwhite@ok*dcez.com"> bwhite@ok*dcez.com
Arlington, VA, USA.
- Sat Mar 30 22:09:52 GMT 1996 from
I am the author of a new book "Willow RUN - Colossus of American Industry" When I was 14, about your age, when my mother and father had to give up our home so Henry Ford could build B-24 "Liberator" bombers to help England win the war against Hitler.The book is that story. Tonight,I was looking for someone to write to when I found your guest book. It is so nicely done I thought maybe you could help me improve mine. Would you take a look? If you do you will have a surprise. My picture is there? On May 30th I will be 70 years old and I have three little girls about your age. Laura is 9, Zamie is 8, and Eva is 7. If you write to them I will be sure they write back to you. Have a happy day,and love your mother and father, and your sister. Or do you have another sister or brother now?
Warren Benjamin Kidder :kft@ok*voyager.net"> kft@ok*voyager.net
( http://www.mid-pen.lib.mi.us/walden/commerce/cross/kidder/kidder.htm)
Lansing, MI, 48911 USA.
- Sat Mar 30 05:57:44 GMT 1996 from lans159.dial.voyager.net
I am 6 years old. I have a sister named Katy. She is 8, just like you. My little brother , Timmy, is 4 years old. I have a dog named Belle. I would like to have a horse someday. Bye Bye for now. Your friend, Avery.
Avery :tlord@ok*connix.com">tlord@ok*connix.com
- Sat Mar 30 01:08:14 GMT 1996 from tlord.connix.com
I am married to a lady named Judy and we have 3 kids. They are: Tommy (3 yrs.), Jordy (2 yrs.) and Rhubarb, our dog, who is 8 yrs. old. We live in a small white house on Stiles Road 8 minuutes N.E of Ludington. Judy is into crafts and takes classes at the college to become a nurse. She does this after work and will have to do it for 2 more years before she is done. I work for the U.S. Postal Service part time and play in a band in my spare time. We just got on the INTERNET a couple of days ago and think it's really GREAT!!! We would like it if you e-mailed us. We haven't got any yet. Besides, it would be like having a "pen-pal". We would love to see England someday. Hope to hear from you.... TOM & FAMILY
Tom Devaney :tdevaney@ok*voyager.net"> tdevaney@ok*voyager.net
Ludington, Michigan, USA.
- Sat Mar 30 00:06:45 GMT 1996 from pm148-27.dialip.mich.net
Hi Kate - I'm from Washington, D.C., but have been living in the UK for the past 7 months, with my wife and two little girls (Katie, age 2, and Emily, age 5). I like your home page. Will show it to Emily tomorrow!
Mark Roman :work@ok*dungeon.com"> work@ok*dungeon.com
Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK.
- Fri Mar 29 22:50:32 GMT 1996 from work.dungeon.com
I really liked your page I am just starting a page and I am going to put this page on one of my links :)
Emily Hodson :mhodson@ok*eagle.wbm.ca"> mhodson@ok*eagle.wbm.ca
Saskatoon, Sask, Canada.
- Fri Mar 29 22:20:17 GMT 1996 from dial197161.wbm.ca
Hi Kate, My name is Susanna and I am 6 years old. My mom is helping me in writing this mail: I will go to school next fall. i like books, cartoons, and Barbies, but I also like skating and going to gym classes. have you ever heard of a tale entitled "the mousehold cat"? I saw it on the tv but I could not find a book about it in Italy. Please can you help me to find it possibly on the web because I really loved that tale and of course I love all the cats.
Good night for now.

susanna sembiante :ltositti@ok*alma.unibo.it"> ltositti@ok*alma.unibo.it
padova, italy,
- Fri Mar 29 21:12:21 GMT 1996 from
Brit-bike fancier (and all-'round Anglophile) residing in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. I also have a '78 H-D XLCR (Cafe Racer)
Fast Fred :jverplan@ok*nova.umuc.edu"> jverplan@ok*nova.umuc.edu
- Fri Mar 29 19:20:39 GMT 1996
Manager at a McDonalds Rest. Enjoy Magic, Cooking, Gardening.Looking for Disney pictures.
Joseph A. Fortunato :Jf203@ok*aol.com"> Jf203@ok*aol.com
Greenwich, CT, USA.
- Fri Mar 29 18:59:44 GMT 1996 from www-h2.proxy.aol.com
- Fri Mar 29 12:49:22 GMT 1996 from explor1.exploratory.org.uk
I'm a very old person ( 20 ) and I think your homepage is very very good! Have a happy life.......
Beth :bjac02@ok*math.auckland.ac.nz"> bjac02@ok*math.auckland.ac.nz
( http://matu1.math.auckland.ac.nz/~bjac02)
Auckland, New Zealand.
- Fri Mar 29 05:26:03 GMT 1996 from matu11.math.auckland.ac.nz
- Fri Mar 29 02:52:17 GMT 1996 from www-h8.proxy.aol.com
If this isn't blatant advertising, I'm not sure what is...
Just click on my name and page as not shown above!

Jeremy :jml2@ok*cec.wustl.edu"> jml2@ok*cec.wustl.edu
( http://www.cec.wustl.edu/~jml2)
- Thu Mar 28 18:18:41 GMT 1996 from ligg97.wustl.edu
I am studying at Southampton and at present I am really bored!!!! I am a prisoner of my studies but that willl all be over soon as I graduate in May.
Rich Edmondson
Southampton, Hants, England.
- Thu Mar 28 16:20:10 GMT 1996 from titanic.southampton-institute.ac.uk
I can play piano
chicago, IL, united states.
- Thu Mar 28 13:18:36 GMT 1996 from ntcs-ip16.uchicago.edu
We surfed in from the Aberdeen equestrian page looking for horsey U.K. homepages. We have 5 eventers / jumpers down here on the edge of the new forest.
best wishes
Richard and Sally

Richard Hardy :richard.hardy@ok*dial.pipex.com"> richard.hardy@ok*dial.pipex.com
( http://dialspace.dial.pipex.com/richard.hardy/)
nr Bournemouth, Dorset, U.K..
- Thu Mar 28 09:48:13 GMT 1996 from am180.du.pipex.com
Hi ! I`m 34 year old student(Yes and I just started...) , I study computers and so on . In this moment I`m doing my own homepage and I`m looking examples of them . Your homepage looks great and I must say I can`t do page like yours. But I`m gonna try ! Ps.We have lot of snow down here (about 0.6 meter) Bye bye !
Jyrki :jykke@ok*poropel.pp.fi"> jykke@ok*poropel.pp.fi
Nurmijarvi, Uusimaa, Finland.
- Wed Mar 27 10:05:27 GMT 1996 from helu07.ktt.fi
I work for Walt Disney Imagineering. That's the company where we design things for Theme Parks--like Disneyland and Walt Disney World. My wife's name is Laurel, and I have 2 kids-- Rowena (age 6) and Duncan (age 18 months). I really enjoyed looking at your homepage--well done. I'll come back and visit again. Cheers, Michael Murray
Michael Murray :Michael_Murray@ok*cc.wdi.disney.com"> Michael_Murray@ok*cc.wdi.disney.com
Los Angeles, California, USA.
- Wed Mar 27 00:29:41 GMT 1996 from dewey.disney.com
I am 10 and I enjoy swimming ,baseball ,and football.
Dan Kyes :e0014@ok*eusd.stan-co.k12ca.us"> e0014@ok*eusd.stan-co.k12ca.us
EmpireCa.U.S.A, California.
- Tue Mar 26 21:30:27 GMT 1996 from
I am a girl who is very interested in math, reading,and fun. I am eleven years old and I am in the fifth grade and my teachers name is Mrs. Willoughby.
Vanessa B. :e0003@ok*eusd.stan-co.k12.ca.us"> e0003@ok*eusd.stan-co.k12.ca.us
EmpireCa.U.S.A., California.
- Tue Mar 26 21:29:46 GMT 1996 from
Hi, Kate! Great site... I enjoyed browsing around. I'm from Newcastle but now live in New York. I work for iGuide, a new Web service (look at our kids' section: http://www.iguide.com/kids/index.sml). I hope you enjoy it. Here we're getting the first days of spring, after a VERY snowy winter... Hope it's fine there, too.
joanne :jcamas@ok*newscorp.com">jcamas@ok*newscorp.com
new york, new york, usa.
- Tue Mar 26 21:21:51 GMT 1996 from throgsneck.delphi.com
I am moving to England in June of 1996. I just had my tenth birthday on 3/5/96. I am so excited that I found your page on the web.
Carley :Danceski">Danceski
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Tue Mar 26 17:29:14 GMT 1996 from www-b3.proxy.aol.com
- Fri Mar 15 10:26:15 GMT 1996 from hnj1114.bekkoame.or.jp
I'm a computer science student, very impressive page...
James M. Overturf
( http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~jaovertu)
- Fri Mar 15 00:56:26 GMT 1996 from leon-russell.CS.NMSU.Edu
I'm 10 years old and in fifth grade at Northwest Elementary School in Jackson,Michigan. I wear braces and glasses. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I really like to read.
Jenny Payler :kpayler@ok*voyager.net"> kpayler@ok*voyager.net
Jackson, Michigan, USA.
- Thu Mar 14 23:51:00 GMT 1996 from jxsn38.dial.voyager.net
I am looking for some good pictures of Ariel motorcyles, especially the Ariel square four
Steve MacSchwartz :macschwartz@ok*dph.sf.ca.us"> macschwartz@ok*dph.sf.ca.us
San Francisco, CA, USA.
- Thu Mar 14 23:17:53 GMT 1996 from
In a week take a look at my web page. It will be finished in a week. Look under Katy Coleman's Home Page. To find out about me make sure you see the page. I may have an E-Mail adress by the time I get finished with my web page.
Katy (Kate) Coleman
- Thu Mar 14 21:54:08 GMT 1996 from dial34.e-tex.com
Kate, was just looking around and thought I would pay you a visit. Your page is very nice. Hope you have a very good day.
Mary Hartery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Thu Mar 14 20:00:22 GMT 1996 from ottgate4.bnr.ca
MY sister looooooves ponys
Oliver Daly :egg2@ok*msn.com">egg2@ok*msn.com
Palo Alto, CA, USA.
- Thu Mar 14 04:47:16 GMT 1996 from Cust29.Max4.San-Francisco.CA.MS.UU.NET
I am 11-years-old. I live in a wonderful house, with my Father, my older sister, my older brother, two cats, and, my butler, Jeeves. My hobbies are singing, acting, and mural painting. I have just completed a really nice mural in our living room. It's a picture of Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Scouts. Do you have Sailor Moon in England? It's a Japanese cartoon. It's really popular in Canada. What else do you want to know? I am fluent in six languages, including French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, and English.I can give you a little demonstration, if you like. For example, Que Pasa? means " What's going on?",in Spanish. Or, " Deutsland ist ya wunderbar!" mens that " Germany is really great!" in German. Neat, eh? Oh well, I've got to go. Bye!
kate luther :beluther@ok*compusmart.ab.ca"> beluther@ok*compusmart.ab.ca
st. albert, Alberta, Canada.
- Wed Mar 13 05:11:47 GMT 1996 from
I like your page!
casey mccoy :casey.mccoy@ok*matramhs.fr"> casey.mccoy@ok*matramhs.fr
san francisco, california, U.S..
- Wed Mar 13 04:14:38 GMT 1996 from sfsu-nhumlab86.sfsu.edu
I love poetry,kids,and girlscouts. Today 3/12/96 we disected frogs in science. My birthday is March 20 1984. I will be 12. I go to harshman middle school. I am in the 6th grade but I do 7th grade work.
Beth Schoen (shane) :slim@ok*indy.net"> slim@ok*indy.net
Inpls, marion cty, Indiana.
- Wed Mar 13 00:09:44 GMT 1996 from ip56.slip.indy.net
Laurie :tiller@ok*oswego.oswego.edu"> tiller@ok*oswego.oswego.edu
Oswego, New York, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 23:42:54 GMT 1996 from mahar036.oswego.edu
Hi Kate! I love your page. And I liked reading the notes from people from all over the world. I'm a college student in Texas right now. Have a great day!
Charisse Hake :hakec@ok*letu.edu">hakec@ok*letu.edu
Lebanon, OR, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 21:17:27 GMT 1996 from novix.letu.edu

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