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space I'm 8 years old (almost), and i live in Nova scotia and in OTTAWA, THE CAPITAL OF CANADA. I have 8 cats in ottawa and 1 in nova scotia. have to go now . talk to you later.
katie ma.cleod-stroud
ottawa, ontario, canada.
- Tue Mar 12 20:45:48 GMT 1996 from ts2-02.ott.InfoRamp.Net
I like wearing red socks, and I try to play the guitar. I liked your homepage very much
Liverpool, England.
- Tue Mar 12 16:05:41 GMT 1996 from
a bit older than you, but not so much that you would notice well bye lots of things to do
delft, the netherlands.
- Tue Mar 12 09:19:33 GMT 1996 from dutoc87.io.tudelft.nl
Dear Kate:
My name is Sydney. I just turned seven years old.I like to go to gymnastics just for fun. Last week I won a gold medal on floor and a second place ribbon on trampoline. I was very surprised! I have a little sister named Lauren she is 3 years old. I have a little puppy named Howdy she is 1 year old.
Your frend Sydney

Sydney Jones
Lubbock, Texas, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 02:38:27 GMT 1996 from dialup2.nts-online.net
Hi Kate! I am 5 years old. I am just learning about the internet. My Dad is helping me. Your page is the first one I have visited. If you would like, write back to me at my Dad's E-Mail address.
Sean Mills
Germantown, Maryland, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 01:50:45 GMT 1996 from Cust58.Max5.Washington.DC.MS.UU.NET
Hi. I am 10 years old. I have 2 brothers 12 and 7. I live with my mom, brothers, step father and grandma. I play the clarinet. I have 2 hermit crabs. My favorite sport is swimming. I like riding my bike and bowling. Please write me.
Claire Fray
Charlotte, NC, USA.
- Tue Mar 12 01:02:20 GMT 1996 from lcreel.vnet.net
I am almost 8 years old. I have a pony. His name is Jonah. I like to ride my pony. I also like art.
Paula Oliver
chapel hill, NC, USA.
- Mon Mar 11 23:00:40 GMT 1996 from path-pc07.med.unc.edu
My name is Katie Mckay, I'm 10 and I loved your homepage.
Katie Mckay
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Mon Mar 11 22:55:43 GMT 1996 from ipdyne29.vir.com
I love Bikes, But I keep falling off them, careless really! I've got a Kawasaki z750 with a bent crank and a GT750 with bent forks. I hope to get the Z finished before the serious biking weather starts, and I'm aiming to put a lotus 7 front end on the GT to make a decent trike. So they all look similar to the exploded diagram! Have fun, and definatly pictures, more pictures.
Barnaby Dumbell
London, Hackney, England.
- Mon Mar 11 16:27:21 GMT 1996 from login27.pncl.co.uk
I'm Eleven and in the fith grade. I like horses, swimming,and scrape books. I like to hang out with my Friends and read alot
Bakersfield, California, U.S.A..
- Mon Mar 11 07:19:44 GMT 1996 from bak-ppp130.lightspeed.net
I am 11 years old and I am a girl. All my friends say I look like Alicia Silverstone, but I don't believe them!! I would like to make my own Home Page, but I do not know how!! Could you help me?
Kylene Shutes

State College, PA, 16827.
- Mon Mar 11 02:21:25 GMT 1996 from nb7ppp55.cac.psu.edu
I'm a 17-year-old backpacker. I'll be hiking from Georgia to Maine soon, which is about 2,159 miles. You can see my homepage at http://comet.net/apptrail, which will be all about my hike with my laptop and modem. You have a great page! I'm glad peoplebr> ( http://comet.net/personal/waldo)
Charlottesville, VA, US of A.
- Mon Mar 11 00:00:28 GMT 1996 from comet-linux.comet.chv.va.us
i am new to internet. i am only five years old. tomorrow i leave for holidays in new orleans and houston. my daddy is in the oil industry. i have been to england and scotland. bye for now.
melanie morrison
port williams, ns, canada.
- Sun Mar 10 21:37:23 GMT 1996 from han-d129.atcon.com
61 year old ex-Harley rider (now on 81 GL1100 Honda) Will probably visit Bristol, then Scotland spring of 97.
Skip Rawson
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553, USA.
- Sun Mar 10 19:36:48 GMT 1996 from www-j2.proxy.aol.com
I am 9 years old and in the 4th grade. I live near Cleveland, Ohio. My father works in an art museum. I love cats and animals. 88
Jessica Robinson

- Sun Mar 10 04:07:27 GMT 1996 from christopher.INS.CWRU.Edu
- Sun Mar 10 04:00:31 GMT 1996 from christopher.INS.CWRU.Edu
Hello, Kate. I am twelve years old and a sixth grade student. I am a person who likes sports like basketball and soccer. My sister, Lindsay, is a college student at Pacific Lutheran University in the state of Washington. She is hoping to study in Lancaster England next fall. Please write and tell us more about your area. I am also wondering if you play sports or enjoy them. It would be great to hear from you.
Joshua Tomac
Milwaukie, Oregon, United States.
- Sun Mar 10 03:54:07 GMT 1996 from ip-pdx05-19.teleport.com
I am 10 years old and am in the 5th grade. I am a cheerleader and like to take dancing lessons. I have a brother named Matt who is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. Please send me a note if you get a chance. Bye for now! Erin
Erin McCoy
Monroe, Michigan, USA.
- Sun Mar 10 03:30:02 GMT 1996 from
Dear Kate, I like what you did with you're page. I'm 9, in 3rd grade, am going to get a homepage, have a 3 year old sis, just lost a tooth, have 3 cats, have a couple of penpals, live on the first floor in an apartment, and that's about it. Bye!Heather
Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A..
- Sun Mar 10 00:06:11 GMT 1996 from ts2.port-6.quicklink.com
I'm called Demmie.I am american,but I live in England.I have lived here for 4 years now,and it's great!I own 2 ponies.One is a 12.2hh Dartmoor,called sally,who is bay.I've out-grown her,but I couldn't leave her,so I kept her and I now have a new welsh palomino who is 14hh.I have now had her for 2 months.I am now 11 years old.By the way,your page is cool,Kate!!
cumbria, tinkeney, Great Britain.
- Sat Mar 9 21:21:21 GMT 1996 from ak114.du.pipex.com
I'am a 32 year old motorcyclist. After a crash in Scotland last summer (driving on the right) and falling in love with my "nurse" (we were on a motorvacation through Scotland) I'am planning to visit Ireland this summer. I just bought a 1994 (december) Kawasaki Zephyr 550. My greatest love is a Triumph Trident 750.
Rene Koch

Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands.
- Sat Mar 9 19:10:41 GMT 1996 from
Hi! Have just written to your sister, so please see all about me there. When my class comes on line I'll get them to visit your page. Have fun Mrs. Craig
Mrs S A Craig
North Shields, Tyne & Wea, England.
- Sat Mar 9 10:03:16 GMT 1996 from la1.learning-world.ac.uk
Torbjörn Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Sat Mar 9 09:45:09 GMT 1996 from dialup106-5-15.swipnet.se
- Sat Mar 9 09:42:32 GMT 1996 from am076.du.pipex.com
I am 10 years old. I like to draw pictures and do art projactes
Rony Klein
Uvalim, Misgav, Israel.
- Sat Mar 9 08:44:34 GMT 1996 from p1.haifa2.actcom.co.il
I'm a web developer and have a site for children's art. I'm also a mom and an artist and a writer and a cat lover. I really like your home page.
( http://www.go-interface.com/fridgeartz)
Nashville, Tn, USA.
- Sat Mar 9 07:27:40 GMT 1996 from nash-pm3-a23.telalink.net
I just thought it was odd that my family name (Bentham) is the same as the town you live in. Cool !
Karen Raymond (nee Bentham)
Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Mar 9 00:26:26 GMT 1996 from www.enghouse.com
I like to meet people over the internet. You are very lucky to have your own home page! I am a 23 year old communications major. Keep up the good work!
Kimberly Dowd
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA.
- Fri Mar 8 16:47:12 GMT 1996 from modem11.net-gate.com
I'm a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, USA. I stumbled across your page when I was searching the internet for jokes to tell my 10 year old nephew Geoffrey who came on-line yesterday. Lady Margaret Thatcher spoke at my university yesterday. What a gracious and interesting lady she is!! Have fun with your home page.
Debbie Chatham
South Jordan, Utah, U.S.A..
- Thu Mar 7 04:57:56 GMT 1996 from www-b5.proxy.aol.com
We are a third grade class located in La Quinta, CA 30 miles east of Palm Springs and 130 miles east of Los Angeles. There are 1300 kids in our school. We have 7 third grade classrooms. Ourside our door are the Santa Rosa mountains. We have lots of palm trees and tons of sand, boy do we have sand! It is hot in the summertime. The temperature gets up to 110-115 degrees. This time of year it is perfect 85 today and 45 at night! That is perfect after over 100 degree temperatures the rest of the year! Our whole class is going to explore your web sites tomorrow. That should be exciting! We have never done that before! I liked your drawing! You are great at it! Keep it up! This world needs good artists! Thankxz! Mr. Reger
Teacher( Mr. Reger )
No web site, but we are exploring yours as a class. Our Third grade will be visiting your web site 3-7!)
La Quinta,, CA, Riverside.
- Wed Mar 6 23:27:21 GMT 1996 from
I love sports and animals. I am 10 years old. I think England is awesome.
- Wed Mar 6 23:21:32 GMT 1996 from www-c2.proxy.aol.com
- Wed Mar 6 18:30:00 GMT 1996 from ai115.du.pipex.com
If you insist.: Horticulturist, Classicist, Cellist, Computerist and avid Jeffery Farnol fan (your Farnol page came up on Alta Vista!). Tell your mum she's about 8 books ahead of me. My favorite is Peregrine's Progress which I first read when I was your age (I am now an Ancient of Days fifty years later).
Cheers to all. Nice Page.

Raydon Eiland Alexander
San Antonio, Texas, USA.
- Wed Mar 6 15:49:43 GMT 1996 from dnet03-13.sat.texas.net
Hi!I'm Kara.I live near San Francisco in California. I'm in 5th grade and go to school at El Carmelo. What's the weather like in England.
Kara Furlong
Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.
- Wed Mar 6 05:47:48 GMT 1996 from jeffreyh.vip.best.com
We are new on the internet and think that you are very cleaver. How did you make this home page?
Years4/5/6 Amamoor Primary
Gympie, QLD, Australia.
- Wed Mar 6 02:39:38 GMT 1996 from bri-du5-5.opennet.net.au
student in International realations and economics. Lived in Argentina for two years, will be living, working, and studying in Vienna starting this summer for a year
Aaron Stucki
Provo, Utah, usa.
- Tue Mar 5 23:52:22 GMT 1996 from www-k1.proxy.aol.com
I work at IBM in Somers, NY, about 45 miles up the Hudson River from New York City. I used to live in your country (in London) but never visited Lancashire. I'm told it's quite lovely. I have three little daughters and a little son and I hope they grow up to be as clever as you seem to be. Ta, love.
Michael S.
Binghamton, New York, USA.
- Tue Mar 5 23:03:46 GMT 1996 from mpngate5.ny.us.ibm.net
I am a 33 year old Computer/Network Specialist (Novell esp.). I enjoy tennis, skydiving, golf, motorcycling, bicycling, and of course...surfing the NET! Your site caught my eye because we have something in common!
Happy Surfing!!!!!!!! <<>>

Mike Edmondson
Washington, DC, USA.
- Tue Mar 5 23:00:10 GMT 1996 from www-d1.proxy.aol.com
I am a computer science major at lehigh university, play trumpet in the lu marching 97, love muons, come visit my page and see links and more links!
David Yussen
Bethlehem, PA, Etats-Unis.
- Sun Mar 3 22:25:38 GMT 1996 from dby2.res.Lehigh.EDU
I will be seven years old on April 9th. I have brown eyes and black hair. I am in Grade One and my teacher's name is Mrs. Ciccolella. I love playing outdoors and I like using our computer.
Kate Cleversey
Dartmouth, N.S., Canada.
- Sun Mar 3 19:06:51 GMT 1996 from
I am 7and 1/2 years old and I live in Ottawa Canada. I really liked your home page. I like skating, skiing, swimming and arts & crafts. It's snowing here today, but we hope spring will be here soon. I'd love to hear from you. Sinead
- Sun Mar 3 19:01:31 GMT 1996 from proxy.achilles.net
Super cool
Maxime Corriveau
( http://www.mercure.net/2sfc/maxime.htm)
Pintendre, Quebec, Canada.
- Sun Mar 3 16:44:49 GMT 1996 from
I am ten years old and I'm in forth grade. I have a little brother and I want to talk to kids on the Net.
Kelly Rafter
Jessup, P.A., U.S.A..
- Sun Mar 3 16:21:43 GMT 1996 from pipe12.h1.usa.pipeline.com
I'm 29 and I really like your page. I can hear your voice (just like your sister). Very creative. Danny
Danny Dowler
Santa Monica, California, USA.
- Sun Mar 3 02:37:31 GMT 1996 from A08.leonardo.net
I have brown hair,brown eyes, and I'm 7 years old. I haven't seen you'r page yet so I can't answer the next question.
Dahlia Grossman-Heinze
Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A..
- Sun Mar 3 01:58:28 GMT 1996 from kuts17p06.cc.ukans.edu
Iam a hydraulic engineer and actually I Am preparing a Master degree at LIEGE university in Belgium. I am from Algeria. I am a big fan of England, I am planing to come to start (and finish!) a PhD. Serious me? not at all... Let me now discover your page. see you. Tarik.
- Sat Mar 2 15:50:12 GMT 1996 from coyotte.msm.ulg.ac.be
I'm a french 22 years old boy, it's super for your young age contine to manage with future tools bye
borlänge, dalarna, sweden.
- Sat Mar 2 10:30:38 GMT 1996 from
My name is Rebecca Young. I am 11 years old. I love horses and swimming. I am home schooled and live on a farm. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Rebecca Young
Hanford, California, United States.
- Thu Feb 29 22:13:47 GMT 1996 from dialup-6.kingsnet.com
Ben is ten and goes to the North Dublin National School Project. His sports are windsurfing, gymnastics, tennis, swimming and different types of football (soccer and gaelic). His hobbies include reading, drawing, Lego and computers. He collects lots of things like stickers, phonecards and stamps. His elder sister (18), another Kate, likes many of the same things.
Ben & Kate Torode
Dublin, Ireland.
- Thu Feb 29 20:35:11 GMT 1996 from dialin120.tcd.ie
Computer teacher near Cincinnati - using Netscape to surf. Where exactly are you from?
Low Bentham, Kate. Mike Seibert
Loveland, OH, USA.
- Thu Feb 29 00:52:10 GMT 1996 from ip039018.iac.net
I am eight years old almost nine. I will be nine April 5. My full name is Liz Teara Denter. I play poino and do ballet. I go to St.mARY'S Elementry. I am in third grade.
Lia denter
kendall, W.I., U.S.A..
- Wed Feb 28 23:38:03 GMT 1996 from ppp2.lemonweir.mwt.net
Hi, Kate! My name is also Kate and I'm somewhat of a grown-up! I have a one-year old daughter named Hannah and my husband attends law school. We lived in Madrid, Spain last year, and 3 years ago my husband and I spent some time in England (London) before backpacking across Europe. I am so impressed that you have such a detailed web page! I am having a lot of trouble making my web page, and I remember my address, so it's going to be rather difficult to make improvements! I wish you luck with the web! Kate O'Malley
Kate O'Malley
Davis, California, USA.
- Wed Feb 28 23:29:05 GMT 1996 from www-c8.proxy.aol.com
Hi Kate, I am from Sussex , working as a weather forecaster. Great home page, well thought out and with lots of goodies. You obviously enjoy computers. I have a video film business, making film for other people, which I started in 1995. I like books and music (on your list).....so perhaps more music?? on your page.
Best of luck with the page-looks great
regards john

john bethune
Burgess Hill, Sussex, England.
- Wed Feb 28 19:55:47 GMT 1996 from poolb49.pavilion.co.uk
Dear Kate

jacksonville, USA, FL.
- Wed Feb 28 01:05:23 GMT 1996 from jaxfl2-34.gate.net
Hi Kate, I have an eight year-old daughter called Lara who would love to see your page! My name's Gerry, and I live near Boston, MA, but I'm originally from Read, near Clitheroe - not too far from you. Send me email and say hello! Cheers, -Gerry Hall
Gerry Hall
Waltham, MA, USA.
- Tue Feb 27 22:14:24 GMT 1996 from
hi Kate, I hope you had a good half term
angela crook
London, United Kingdom.
- Tue Feb 27 15:52:59 GMT 1996 from tpdyn44.mdx.ac.uk
I am a teacher and think that your page is great, Kate
terry russell
- Tue Feb 27 15:48:13 GMT 1996 from tpdyn44.mdx.ac.uk
Hello Kate, I think your pages are lovely and so are your sister's. I will add both your links to my Icelandhorse page, all right? My own Icelandic pony is going to be 21 this year, but she is full of life and can still walk all five the gaits. If you're ever going to be in Holland on a holiday you must come an visit me so we can go riding! Bye bye, Kim
Kim Middel
Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.
- Tue Feb 27 15:02:07 GMT 1996 from thok.let.rug.nl
- Tue Feb 27 13:23:48 GMT 1996 from oa1.bournemouth.ac.uk
Hello, Kate! My name is Ben and I am almost 6 years old. My mom and I were looking at the computer and we came upon your page. It was fun to read! I am learning to read now and love stories about nature. E-mail sometime for a chat--my Mom will help me with the spelling! ---Ben---
Benjamin Johnson :KimDMC">KimDMC)

Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
- Mon Feb 26 05:53:11 GMT 1996 from www-f6.proxy.aol.com
dgrtj :2324677">2324677)
- Sun Feb 25 15:22:20 GMT 1996 from am176.du.pipex.com
Hi,Kate!We lluuurrrvveee horses and ponies!We own our own pony called (funnily enough) William!!!!!!!!!He is Bay,a welsh,14.2hh,and loves jumping!! We are,Micha(age 11)+ Emma(age 12).We ride and keep Will at Lee Valley Riding Centre.Our fave bands are Pulp and Blur. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma Mackie & Micha Wells
London, Islington, England.
- Sun Feb 25 15:07:34 GMT 1996 from aj216.du.pipex.com
Hi Kate!As you've probably guessed,I'm Katy from BP!I love horses so I looked at your page.It's great!I hope to be doing a three day event in the summer so keep tuned in to Blue Peter.Bye!
Katy Hill ( see Blue Peter)
London, England.
- Sun Feb 25 15:07:01 GMT 1996 from aj216.du.pipex.com
kate england
perth, W.A., AUSTRALIA.
- Sun Feb 25 08:47:09 GMT 1996 from slip38.vianet.net.au
Congradulations on all the people from different countries. I'm 14 years old and in 8th grade.I like horses and the country side.
Kylin Skyla Long
Philadelphia, PA, United States.
- Sat Feb 24 23:12:18 GMT 1996 from d13.redrose.net
I'm 13 years old and amin the 7th grade. I love cats and space.
Alesis Aquiel Bentley
Lancaster, PA, United States.
- Sat Feb 24 23:00:59 GMT 1996 from d13.redrose.net
Hi Kate! I was 8 years old today (Feb. 23). I like to play soccer, read, and play the piano. I am a Brownie Girl Scout. I love animals of all kinds, but especially cats. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. If you would like to learn more about Massachusetts, I would be glad to help you. You have a great home page. Bye for now!
Allison P.
Wilbraham, MA, USA.
- Sat Feb 24 04:36:54 GMT 1996 from www-e7.proxy.aol.com

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