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- Sat Feb 24 03:44:29 GMT 1996 from p-235.flash.net
Ooops - I messed up my URL so I thought I'd go through all this lark again....sorry! :)
Rossy :rw106@ok*york.ac.uk">rw106@ok*york.ac.uk
( http://www.york.ac.uk/~rw106)
York, Yorkshire, The Good old UK.
- Thu Feb 22 22:27:52 GMT 1996 from cst136.york.ac.uk
Umm this box says tell me about you... Heck just check my web page - it's almost as good as yours :) I'm just browsing the web on a boring evening and filling in guest books and proving that people who say "MAIL ME" really do sometimes get people mailing them! Hello from myself and all the Yorkies, umm - right - I'm off somewhere else - see ya! Rossy
Rossy :rw106@ok*york.ac.uk"> rw106@ok*york.ac.uk
York, Yorkshire, The Good old UK.
- Thu Feb 22 22:26:15 GMT 1996 from cst136.york.ac.uk
28 y-s old, computer engineer Have a nice day.
Aleksey Fomin :alfom@ok*alfom.gamma.msk.ru"> alfom@ok*alfom.gamma.msk.ru
Moscow, RU, Russia.
- Thu Feb 22 15:45:25 GMT 1996 from slipe.srcc.msu.su
20 years old..... Into Rock Music, Bikes, VW's, Trucks Photography, Surfing the Net, Email, GIGS, Spending Money, Drinking, I was also attacked and lost an eye..... I want to ride a motorbike but no insurance company will touch me...... Oh dear....
Lee James ( Student) :sy1jaml@ok*doc.ntu.ac.uk"> sy1jaml@ok*doc.ntu.ac.uk
Nottingham, Notts, UK.
- Thu Feb 22 11:22:53 GMT 1996 from n506_09.ntu.ac.uk
I was netsurfing to find something about Astrid Lindgren, and I came across your page
Irene Snijder :no">no
Gouda, Zuid-Holla, Holland.
- Wed Feb 21 16:01:47 GMT 1996 from
I am 9 years old.I go to a riding school called Afterglow. I love Penguin the horse. My sister is named Casey and she is 4. Its kinda cold here now - about 70 degrees! Hope to hear from you. Love Aliya.
Aliya Smith :media@ok*100jamz.com"> media@ok*100jamz.com
Nassau, Bahamas.
- Wed Feb 21 02:18:23 GMT 1996 from ppp11.nsn.net
Hello, my name is Kate just like yours.I am seven years old and go to second grade at Oxford University School.
KATE SINERVO :csinervo@ok*mail.olemiss,edu"> csinervo@ok*mail.olemiss,edu
oxford, mississipp, usa.
- Wed Feb 21 01:39:03 GMT 1996 from ox1_47.teclink.net
carrollton, ga,
- Wed Feb 21 00:51:36 GMT 1996 from zummara.ed.westga.edu
CONGRADULATIONS for the home page!!! I am 27 years old,from Thessaloniki, Civil Engineer and I am working on GIS and Transportation. This page is a very very good idea!!!!
SOFIA DEMOULA :sofia@ok*hermes.civil.auth.gr"> sofia@ok*hermes.civil.auth.gr
- Tue Feb 20 16:46:53 GMT 1996 from hermes.civil.auth.gr
Dear Kate: I am a Police Lieutenant from the Midwest and just happened onto your homepage. I was very impressed, it is one of the best I've seen. Take Care:)
James Simpson :Lt208@ok*AOL.COM"> Lt208@ok*AOL.COM
Liberty, Missouri, U.S.A..
- Tue Feb 20 05:42:28 GMT 1996 from www-f1.proxy.aol.com
19 yrs, 13th August born boy, home: near KYOTO & NARA, Japan. I'm studying cartoon, MANGA in Japanese. DO you know the callendar of SIMPSONS '96 is not MADE?
KICK KIMURA :d05483@ok*dentsu.co.jp"> d05483@ok*dentsu.co.jp
Osaka City, Osaka, Japan.
- Tue Feb 20 03:40:49 GMT 1996 from
I'm 26 years old, and a senior at UCLA. I am majoring in anthropology and religion. I will spend next year as an exchange student at the University of Lancaster, and was hoping to find information about the area on the Web. I guess I'll see the place soon enough, but I was hoping to get a head-start. This is a great page.
Eileen Hunter :ehunter@ok*ucla.edu"> ehunter@ok*ucla.edu
Los Angeles, California, USA.
- Tue Feb 20 03:28:23 GMT 1996 from ts19-1.wla.ts.ucla.edu
hi to kate & peggy! i'm a mom with a 10 yr old boy who loves to perform in theatre. we live at the beach and have a big old house full of cats & dogs. we have just won a trip to scotland in June and are very excited. bye!
kathy :kkigin@ok*pen.k12.va.us"> kkigin@ok*pen.k12.va.us
colonial beach, va, usa.
- Tue Feb 20 00:37:01 GMT 1996 from www-c2.proxy.aol.com
Hello from Oakland California USA!!!
thy bun :thy@ok*ousd.k12.ca.us">thy@ok*ousd.k12.ca.us
( http://ousd.k12.ca.us/thybun/Default.html)
Oakland, CA, USA.
- Tue Feb 20 00:34:53 GMT 1996 from pmast207.ousd.k12.ca.us
age 48,born Washington,NC father Marvin Speight Edmondson born Tarbor City, NC My occupation IBM AS/400 computer programmer
Marvin Edmondson :medmondson@ok*hibbertco.com"> medmondson@ok*hibbertco.com
denver, co, usa.
- Mon Feb 19 22:51:15 GMT 1996 from hibbertco.com
I am 7. I live in Kettering, Ohio, I am in 1st. grade. I like riding my bike, playing Sega and Nintendo and computers. I have 1 brother,1 sister, I step brother, 2 mommies, and 2 daddies:) I like to write e-mail and make new friends: Michael Eck at Tambra v@ok*aol.com (My mommy's e-mail address)
Michael Christopher Eck :Tambra%20v@ok*aol.com"> Tambra v@ok*aol.com
Kettering, Ohio, USA.
- Mon Feb 19 20:02:05 GMT 1996 from www-j2.proxy.aol.com
I am 21 years old and I am studying german in the university of Iceland. My hobbies are volleyball, basketball and soccer. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My birhtday is 18th February.Im an Aquarius and I like to read about astrology.
bjarni magnusson :bgm">bgm
reykjavik, iceland.
- Mon Feb 19 11:46:49 GMT 1996 from hekla.rhi.hi.is
I am seven years old. I am in the second grade, I like second grade because sometimes we watch movies. The movies are about bats, outer space, and a lot of magic school bus. Magic school bus is a regular TV show about kids who go on weird field trips and have a weird teacher.
Jennifer :73114.1454@ok*compuserve.com"> 73114.1454@ok*compuserve.com
Washington, USA.
- Mon Feb 19 05:04:56 GMT 1996 from Cust46.Max7.Seattle.WA.MS.UU.NET
I am 32 years old and ride an old Yamaha XS650. I ride to work every day (even in the snow!) I have a seven year old son who loves to ride pillion. His name is Brenden and has two cats and a fish. Tomorrow, after he gets home from school, I'll show him your beautiful page. I know he'll love it! One of my favorite rides is a place called Deal"s Gap about 60 miles south of Knoxville TN on the North Carolina border. You can ride a stretch of U.S. 129 with 318 curves in 11 miles! Then you can stay the night at the motorcycle only campground. My dad and I rode there last August. Take care of yourself and good luck! Sorry, I'm new to this computer stuff and haven't figured out how to receive E-mail yet! When I do, my address will be: crobin@ok*NETAM.NET.
John Robinson :2847%20Lewis%20Ln.(street%20address)"> 2847 Lewis Ln.(street address)
Owensboro, Kentucky, (ZIP)42301 U.S..
- Mon Feb 19 04:02:51 GMT 1996 from ppp-1-15.oboro.netam.net
I just surfed on and am checking things out... Nice place... Keep up the good work! Greetings from South Korea
Kim Young Wook :pixeline@ok*soback.kornet.nm.kr"> pixeline@ok*soback.kornet.nm.kr
( http://soback.kornet.nm.kr/~pixeline)
Bucheon, South Korea.
- Mon Feb 19 02:57:45 GMT 1996 from hehwa-c2511-1-po2.kornet.nm.kr
Hello Kate; I am four years old, and I like horses too. My grandfather has a farm with horses and cows. I really like your site. Talk soon.
Carrie Downing :Duck61@ok*aol.com"> Duck61@ok*aol.com
Fayetteville, N.C>, USA.
- Mon Feb 19 02:12:06 GMT 1996 from www-k3.proxy.aol.com
I am smart and friendly. I like to stand up and speak for what I believe in. like to participate in lots of activities.
Mystery :Callie010">Callie010
Richmond, Virginia, United States.
- Sun Feb 18 20:30:48 GMT 1996 from www-d2.proxy.aol.com
- Sun Feb 18 04:16:04 GMT 1996 from slip129-37-153-28.on.ca.ibm.net
I am a new dad of a wonderful 13 month old son with Twins on the way. I was looking through some parenting stuff and saw a reference to your Home page.
greg frierson :frierson@ok*aol">frierson@ok*aol
stamford, ct, USA.
- Sun Feb 18 04:00:46 GMT 1996 from www-h8.proxy.aol.com

Kandi Green :gwg@ok*sat.net">gwg@ok*sat.net
Victoria, Texas, USA .
- Sun Feb 18 01:22:05 GMT 1996 from gwg.sat.net
Hi Kate, I'm 10 years old. I like your page very much. My brother let's me use him computer after he's finish with his work. He likes your page too. He says it's refreshing and funny. ( :) from him) He's getting a page like yours. He will give me a page too. He is helping me with this email too. We will tell you when OUR site is up.
P.S. Keep up the GOOD work.
Hakunamatata, David

David Hui :chui@ok*direct.ca">chui@ok*direct.ca
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- Sat Feb 17 23:19:56 GMT 1996 from van-as-09b14.direct.ca
I am 9 year old and I am looking for a new pen pal. I would like to hear from you. I love the outdoors, sports, reading, and my trampoline. I have a three year old sister, Brianna. Write me. See ya!
Jessica broadus :cbrodus@ok*ocean.st.usm.edu"> cbrodus@ok*ocean.st.usm.edu
Collins, MS, USA.
- Sat Feb 17 22:05:53 GMT 1996 from ocean.st.usm.edu
- Sat Feb 17 05:09:51 GMT 1996 from ttyC2.lanaudiere.mtl.net
just browsing your web site
Cindy :cwcs@ok*intrenet.net">cwcs@ok*intrenet.net

Harrisburg, Il, USA.
- Sat Feb 17 04:44:57 GMT 1996 from cwcs.ppp.intrnet.net
I will be nine years old on Feb. 25th. I like gymnastics and cheerleading. I also like reading and school. I like animals and the sea.
Lindsey Bavin :Benp@ok*argo.net">Benp@ok*argo.net
- Sat Feb 17 01:07:41 GMT 1996 from aegis3.argo.net
I am an American girl, 8 years old, now living in Modena, Italy with my mom and dad. My dad does research on children in preschool here in Italy. I am going to Italian 2nd grade. It is hard because I am just learning Italian, but I like the school a lot. We will be visiting England next July. Please tell me about some nice places to visit in your area. That's all for now. Sincerely, Veronica
Veronica Corsaro :mod053k1@ok*mo.nettuno.it"> mod053k1@ok*mo.nettuno.it
Modena, Italy.
- Fri Feb 16 19:23:43 GMT 1996 from mod053k1.mo.nettuno.it
I'm a Triumph advocate in the US. I have a 1967 and a 1970 Bonneville. Thanks for the neat Triumph pictures. Have fun!
Joe Koepfinger :koepfinger@ok*ppg.com"> koepfinger@ok*ppg.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
- Fri Feb 16 14:35:15 GMT 1996 from gateway.ppg.com
Kate, I enjoyed your home page. I too love horses. We have an arabian.
Leslie Palmer :LesPalmer@ok*aol.com"> LesPalmer@ok*aol.com
Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
- Fri Feb 16 04:57:01 GMT 1996 from www-f8.proxy.aol.com
I go the the Noble and Greenough School in Dedham Massachusetts. I am an aspiring Computer freek. You are obviously already one. I hope to learn as much about computers as I can over the next 1 and a half, so that I may have high hopes of making it in the computer field some day or otherwise.
Dusty Fahie :Dustine_Fahie@ok*Noblesnet.org"> Dustine_Fahie@ok*Noblesnet.org
Boston, MA, U.S.A..
- Fri Feb 16 03:48:31 GMT 1996 from nobles3.tiac.net
I am presently attending Mississippi State University in Starkville Mississippi. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I have to go for now maybe I can write you back later.
lisa pritchard :llp4@ok*Ra.MsState.Edu"> llp4@ok*Ra.MsState.Edu
Starkville, MS, USA.
- Thu Feb 15 15:20:05 GMT 1996 from
Well Kate...I am 66 years old, I am a retired steel worker. I live in Independence, Missouri U.S.A. I am married..my wife's name is Mary Alice. I must say that you have a very interesting home page...I enjoyed it very much..I plan to look in on your page again some time. soon..So I will say good bye for now..and thanks for the tour..Frank.
Frank E. Minard :fminard@ok*qni.com"> fminard@ok*qni.com
Independence , Missouri, U.S.A..
- Thu Feb 15 07:07:18 GMT 1996 from s31.qni.com

Hi from a Swiss in Sweden

Pearcin :di94men@ok*pt.hk-r.se"> di94men@ok*pt.hk-r.se
( http://www.pt.hk-r.se/~di94men)
Ronneby, Sweden.
- Thu Feb 15 01:57:16 GMT 1996 from rhea.pt.hk-r.se
I'm 47 years old. Married with no children. We have 4 pets. Two cats and two dogs. We are both gainfully employed. I'm trying out this new computer and the INTERNET. It is a great tool and I am enjoying "surfing" on it.
Spring Valley, San Diego,, U.S.A..
- Thu Feb 15 01:08:55 GMT 1996 from www-h2.proxy.aol.com
Hi, I'm josh I'm 13 and i'm new to this internet stuff so e-mail me and tell me some of the secret of the internet.. bye
josh :jay@ok*shianet.org">jay@ok*shianet.org
owosso, Michigan, U.S.A.
- Wed Feb 14 19:55:42 GMT 1996 from an29ow.tir.com
Hello, I'm from Nottingham but I'm now at Hull University studying German and Dutch. I like writing to people from all over the place so please write to me.
Catherine Davis :C.E.Davis@ok*ger.hull.ac.uk"> C.E.Davis@ok*ger.hull.ac.uk
Nottingham, Notts, England.
- Wed Feb 14 13:45:58 GMT 1996 from chabrol.ucc.hull.ac.uk
Aged but active in stock market, the reason I became interested in computer. Retired after 33 years from Dow Chemical Co, Midland, Mi. 4 children, wife, 4 grandchildren. Enjoy hunting, fishing pool-playing and stock charting. Hello: Kate. Bye Bye.
George Binder :binderg@ok*k2.kirtland.cc.mi.us"> binderg@ok*k2.kirtland.cc.mi.us
Sanford, Michigan, USA.
- Wed Feb 14 04:46:53 GMT 1996 from pm084-20.dialip.mich.net
I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to give the info. of where I live. Your page is really neat.
Kaity :roehrick@ok*metro.net"> roehrick@ok*metro.net
- Wed Feb 14 03:59:28 GMT 1996 from
Liked your sisters page, very good. I do like the use of the pictures. Keep it up.
Kevin Davies-Walters :kevindw@ok*globalnet.co.uk"> kevindw@ok*globalnet.co.uk
Bristol, Avon, UK.
- Tue Feb 13 23:07:39 GMT 1996 from client813a.globalnet.co.uk
I just had my ninth birthday. I like reading, bowling, chess, computers (of course) and playing the violin and the piano. Last summer my family visited England for a week. We spent a couple of days in London and then stayed with some friends who lived across the road from Berkeley Castle. We also visited Bath and Warwick Castle and Stratford. I live near Chicago.
David Sessions Lonoff :nbbx17c@ok*prodigy.com"> nbbx17c@ok*prodigy.com
Northbrook, Illinois, USA.
- Tue Feb 13 02:33:51 GMT 1996 from lonoff.pr.mcs.net
I am 22 years old and enjoy playing the guitar. I have 2 sisters, Andrea and Nicola. My girlfriend has three horses, one of which is a foal (Dilan). I forget the other horses names. You must be very clever to make this home page. I don't even know how to turn computers on! I must go now. Bye bye. Martin.
Martin Wells :Martinwe@ok*cogs.susx.ac.uk"> Martinwe@ok*cogs.susx.ac.uk
Edinburgh, Scotland.
- Tue Feb 13 01:53:55 GMT 1996 from tsunb-gw.susx.ac.uk
I come from Bradford, but I live in Hull at the moment because I am doing a degree in Business Studies at Hull University. I have a 14hh, Skewbald gelding called Cloud who lives at home. My sister, Anna has a 15.2hh Skewbald gelding called Murphy - he's so sweet and he has one blue eye and one brown eye. Cloud is 15 now, and is a real character. E - mail me if you want. I like horses (obviously), films, going to the theatre and books.

Gemma Teed :G.C.Teed@ok*msd.hull.ac.uk"> G.C.Teed@ok*msd.hull.ac.uk
Bradford, W. Yorks, England.
- Mon Feb 12 14:41:50 GMT 1996 from
It's far too late for my filling out guestbooks when I have work to do :)
Andy Blanco :ahb5@ok*cornell.edu"> ahb5@ok*cornell.edu
( http://blanco.resnet.cornell.edu)
ithaca, NY, USA.
- Mon Feb 12 08:37:11 GMT 1996 from J320773232.RESNET.CORNELL.EDU
I am 11 years old and a boy scout. I also like e-mail.
- Sun Feb 11 19:32:38 GMT 1996 from jsucc.jsu.edu
I am 8 years old. I live near the centre of Lancaster and go to Dallas Road Primary School.

My mum went there ! Then to the girls grammar. Kate

I have just been moved from Beavers to the Cubs.
Kathrine Robertshaw :gk53@ok*dial.pipex.com"> gk53@ok*dial.pipex.com
- Sun Feb 11 17:25:00 GMT 1996 from an143.du.pipex.com

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