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space I have 5 grand children. Heather 14 and Krissy 9. Meghan 14, brother Pat 12 and their sister Katie 9. This is the first time that I have written like this. Let me know how I did. Granpa and I like to travel. We like to cruise. We have been on 13 cruises. We have never been tp Europe. I like to oil paint on canvas. I have paintings in people's houses in Ireland, Venezuela, Canada and various states in the Usa. We enjoy taking our grandkids on vacation with us. Love Gramma O
Gramma O :gorbank@ok*mail.lnd.coretech.com"> gorbank@ok*mail.lnd.coretech.com
Lake Villa, Illinois, USA.
- Sun Feb 11 15:58:11 GMT 1996 from port27.lnd.com
I am originally from Blackpool, relatives live near to where you are, they probably went to your school. Do you have any Briggs's there?

YES, I'll tell them, Kate

I'm 35 years old came to Australia when I was nearly eight. Went to England in the early 80s lived at Morecambe, sorry much prefer Australia. Have four children three girls 7,5,1 and a boy 3. We live on a farm and have cows and sometimes pigs. Great page. Bye.
- Sun Feb 11 14:03:35 GMT 1996 from

!! Very !! nice page! Please visit my homepage and make a link to it! Bye!
Daniel :rpeters@ok*ix.netcom.com"> rpeters@ok*ix.netcom.com
( http://lookup.com/Homepages/62266/daniel/)
Cottage Grove,, Minnesota,, U.S.A..
- Sun Feb 11 01:03:17 GMT 1996 from ix-min3-04.ix.netcom.com
Hello Kate I have 12 years old and I'm in secondary 1. I love animals. I play clarinet. BYE!!!!!
Kim Lacroix
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada.
- Sat Feb 10 21:43:33 GMT 1996 from
My name is Lindsay And I have 9 pets I have 3 cats 2 dogs 2 hermit crabs and 1 bird! Your homepage is neat!
Lindsay Honaker :Lhonaker@ok*aol.com"> Lhonaker@ok*aol.com
( http://home.aol.com/Lhonaker)
- Sat Feb 10 19:39:19 GMT 1996 from www-f1.proxy.aol.com
Hi my name is Briana. I am 10. I live in Canada. If anyone wants a pen pal, write to me. Cool page, Kate!
Briana M. :morella@ok*interlynx.net"> morella@ok*interlynx.net
Dundas, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Feb 10 15:35:18 GMT 1996 from ppp22_max1.interlynx.net
Hi Kate, Really nice home page. Was nice visiting you! :-) Claudia
Claudia Morawetz
Toronto, Ont, Canada.
- Sat Feb 10 00:04:39 GMT 1996 from ALIAS.ALIAS.COM
I am 6 1/2 years old and I have 9 brothers and sisters, I am the 7th. My mom homeschools us. We have a trampoline in the back yard and I take gymnastics. I like using the computer for learning and playing. I have a 4-wheeler, guppies and an African Grey Parrot. I have green eyes and dirty-blonde hair.
Dorie Le (Lehan)-Buchanan :Hnkydory@ok*frii.com"> Hnkydory@ok*frii.com
( http://www.frii.com/~buchanan/t&dhome.htm)
Loveland, Colorado, USA.
- Fri Feb 9 19:32:01 GMT 1996 from fc-19.ppp.frii.com
Pres Napier Uni MCC
Stu "spider" Tomlinson :bsc5070@ok*dcs.napier.ac.uk"> bsc5070@ok*dcs.napier.ac.uk
( http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~bsc5070)
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
- Fri Feb 9 10:47:04 GMT 1996 from pcg82k.dcs.napier.ac.uk
i am 9 years old.i want to be friends with you. my hobbies are story writing and reading.
nisha and janhavi :shirali@ok*emirates.net.ae"> shirali@ok*emirates.net.ae
abu dhabi, u.a.e..
- Fri Feb 9 10:31:46 GMT 1996 from csb111.emirates.net.ae
We are a begining Internet class. We think it's pretty neat that you have your own Home page. We hope to have make our own soon.
Palermo School Internet Class :jsykes@ok*ben.bcoe.butte.k12.ca.us"> jsykes@ok*ben.bcoe.butte.k12.ca.us
Palermo, CA, USA.
- Thu Feb 8 22:52:31 GMT 1996 from pmdyn100.bcoe.butte.k12.ca.us
Hi Kate, I am a senior at Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska and am very impressed with your homepage. Even more so, since you are only 8 years old!! Tell you what Write me some e-mail, we'll talk more later.
Brian Hussey :husseyb@ok*chs.mat-su.k12.ak.us"> husseyb@ok*chs.mat-su.k12.ak.us
Alaska, U.S.A..
- Thu Feb 8 20:44:01 GMT 1996 from CHS.Mat-Su.k12.ak.us
I am a 38 year old computer graphic designer, and I think your page is a real breath of fresh air. And I have only followed a few of the links so far. Plenty more to try! Well done to you and your Dad.
Mark A Griffiths :drstupid@ok*celtic.co.uk"> drstupid@ok*celtic.co.uk
Penarth, South Glam, Wales.
- Thu Feb 8 17:10:52 GMT 1996 from cisiq92.demon.co.uk
Hi! I thought your home page was cool! :)
Alana :AlanaMay@ok*aol.com">AlanaMay@ok*aol.com
Palo Cedro, California, USA.
- Wed Feb 7 05:25:13 GMT 1996 from dyn03.c-zone.net
We are from Pleasant Hill Elementary School and we are really into the Internet. We are in 5th grade. Our teacher is Mrs. Shannon.
Michael, Crystal, Mrs. A and Ms. A :zonia@ok*tenet.edu"> zonia@ok*tenet.edu
Austin, , Texas, USA.
- Tue Feb 6 20:43:09 GMT 1996 from Gayle-Gaston.tenet.edu
Hello Kate - nice to see you relaxing in Crete!
Lynda :Lynda@ok*ravewood.demon.co.uk"> Lynda@ok*ravewood.demon.co.uk
Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
- Tue Feb 6 16:27:43 GMT 1996 from ravewood.demon.co.uk
I'm a Kate Too! I'm eight. I like drawing and I liked your page.
katie krause :Q104@ok*Soonet.ca">Q104@ok*Soonet.ca
Sault Ste. Mari, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Feb 6 12:46:20 GMT 1996 from PPP26.soonet.ca
I am very interested in british bikes. However I have very little money to spend. How can I own cheaply?
Steven T Pollock :captin@ok*cannet.com"> captin@ok*cannet.com
canton, oh, usa.
- Tue Feb 6 06:30:04 GMT 1996 from m26.cannet.com
I like to rollerblade and am 14 years old. My favorite food is Lasagne (like Garfield). and I don't like my 5 year old brother (much).
Jonathan Jones :Dude%20JON@ok*AOL">Dude JON@ok*AOL

Meridian, Idaho, America.
- Mon Feb 5 02:20:37 GMT 1996 from www-j2.proxy.aol.com
I'm writing on behalf of Nicola who is 2 yrs old. She very much liked the pictures of William, your horse and would probably like to have her own pony when she gets older. Nicola has some Aunts who live in West London (Uxbridge) and we will visit them sometime soon. Take care!
Samantha :S_Charlesworth@ok*mindlink.ba.ca"> S_Charlesworth@ok*mindlink.ba.ca
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
- Mon Feb 5 00:15:26 GMT 1996 from line294.nwm.mindlink.net
I was born on August 13th too! I have 2 cats called Remi and Boyfriend. I love rock'n roll and making pizza at home. Your home page is totally cool!
Lynda Akerman :slinger@ok*gnn.com"> slinger@ok*gnn.com
New York, NY, USA.
- Sun Feb 4 21:38:20 GMT 1996 from www-e2i.gnn.com
Viva La Metempsychosis
Tampa, FL, USA.
- Sun Feb 4 20:47:08 GMT 1996 from scotty.tsi.gte.com
This is my Dad's email and home page. Nice talking to you. Bye!
Ann :darksoft@ok*nwinternet.com"> darksoft@ok*nwinternet.com
( http://www.nwinternet.com/~darksoft)
E. Wenatchee, Washington, USA.
- Sun Feb 4 02:37:53 GMT 1996 from nw-ts1-p05.nwinternet.com
American, Harley Davidson rider, father of two....one female,twenty five, tattoo artist,....one male, four years old, bulldozer enthusiast.
J. D. Smith
- Sat Feb 3 21:33:43 GMT 1996 from ednet1.osl.or.gov
ashley E. Matier :qtip@ok*fox.nstn.ca"> qtip@ok*fox.nstn.ca
kingston, ontario, canada.
- Sat Feb 3 16:53:34 GMT 1996 from kingston-ts-28.nstn.ca
Hi, I'm just visiting! Nice page you've got.
Svein Knutsen :sv1@ok*arken.bbs.no"> sv1@ok*arken.bbs.no
Kopervik, -, Norway.
- Sat Feb 3 13:54:45 GMT 1996 from haugesund105.telepost.no
I am an 11 year old girl who loves horses and takes English riding lessons.
tara skinner :doc@ok*wycol.com">doc@ok*wycol.com

perry, ny, usa.
- Sat Feb 3 13:38:52 GMT 1996 from lavin.roc.servtech.com
Hello,Kate my name is Lauren.I am in 3rd grade. I was born in Forfar, Scotland. I am 8 years old too. Please come see my home page. We are still working on it. Lauren
Lauren Gibson :gibsonw@ok*imicom.or.jp"> gibsonw@ok*imicom.or.jp
( http://www.imicom.or.jp/home/gibsonw/index.html)
Camp Foster , Okinawa, Japan.
- Sat Feb 3 12:36:46 GMT 1996 from uncheba.imicom.or.jp
I was born in Panama,central america on 05-26-85.I am in fifth grade. I love animals;specially dogs,tigers.When I grow up I would like to be a veterinarian. I love music...I play guitar,violin and piano.Bye!!!
jillian [jj] :jj@ok*jillian.com">jj@ok*jillian.com

crofton, md., usa.
- Sat Feb 3 04:30:09 GMT 1996 from as1s28.erols.com
mother of a 9yr. old who THINKS she wants a horse.
gina jones :agj@ok*garlic.com">agj@ok*garlic.com

hollister, ca., USA.
- Sat Feb 3 04:30:06 GMT 1996 from e.hollister.garlic.com
I am 9 years old and like skiing, music and barbie dolls.
Monica Lynn Cornell :mcornell@ok*freeway.net"> mcornell@ok*freeway.net
Boyne City, Michigan, USA.
- Sat Feb 3 00:56:11 GMT 1996 from PM1-21.freeway.net
- Fri Feb 2 15:49:19 GMT 1996 from bsp107.staffs.ac.uk
I'm 9yrs old. I like TV. I have blonde hair & blue eyes. I also like swimming & animals.
Andy Reohr :CD%20Reohr%20MSN">CD Reohr MSN
Madison Hgts., MI, USA.
- Thu Feb 1 21:16:54 GMT 1996 from www-f7.proxy.aol.com
I love rollerblading and swimming. I love to read, write and play on the web!
rochester, ny, usa.
- Thu Feb 1 20:07:26 GMT 1996 from ppp-01-3-09.isc.rit.edu
I play drums in a band called Luscious Jackson. I live in New York City.
Kate Schellenbach :MRAA08A@ok*Prodigy.Com"> MRAA08A@ok*Prodigy.Com
New York City, New York, USA.
- Thu Feb 1 05:25:40 GMT 1996 from kates.dialup.inch.com
I like to read, do math, and play computer games.
Bakersfield, Kern,np CA, USA.
- Wed Jan 31 22:41:40 GMT 1996 from bak-ppp28.lightspeed.net
I am a 16-yearold girl. I am very fond of singing and playing piano. I don´t have an E-mail adress, but I would really like to have one. I`m sitting at my mother`s office right now.
Caroline Nilsson
Söråker, Sweden.
- Wed Jan 31 15:22:13 GMT 1996 from
I am actually Helen's mom. I can't wait to show her your page! She is 8 years old and in the third grade. She would love to hear from you. sarahg
Helen Greenbacker :sarahg">sarahg
South Boston, Va., USA.
- Tue Jan 30 17:48:29 GMT 1996 from sarahg.halifax.com
it's me again.
Uncle Malcolm
- Tue Jan 30 12:21:42 GMT 1996 from cyberiaMAN2.cyberiacafe.net
I am 6 years old and am just learning about the world wide web. I like your page, it's nice.
brittanie :cole@ok*utah-inter.net"> cole@ok*utah-inter.net
sandy, utah, usa.
- Mon Jan 29 21:26:25 GMT 1996 from
Um....... Pass Oh, actually.. well, no -I'd better not.
Phil Gleghorn :gleghorn@ok*unix.lancs.ac.uk"> gleghorn@ok*unix.lancs.ac.uk
( http://cent1.lancs.ac.uk/~mac102/liar.html)
Geordieland, UK, Earth.
- Mon Jan 29 16:16:17 GMT 1996 from unixb.lancs.ac.uk
I am Kate also. I live in Nederland, Texas, and you have an exciting, invigorating home page. I have a pug.
Kate :dch4020@ok*tamu.edu">dch4020@ok*tamu.edu
Nederland, Texas, TEXAS.
- Mon Jan 29 05:50:06 GMT 1996 from LibRef110-9.evans.tamu.edu
Im 12 , I take ballet , and I excel at art .
Elaine Walker :kdwalker@ok*iea.com">kdwalker@ok*iea.com
Spokane, Washington, USA.
- Mon Jan 29 04:05:53 GMT 1996 from c11.iea.com
- Mon Jan 29 02:00:37 GMT 1996 from
I love the internet, animals, the X-FILES and lots more . Please write me back. Buy!!!
Lisa Allen :ronallenaxionet.com"> ronallenaxionet.com
Vancouver, B.C.,
- Sun Jan 28 23:47:09 GMT 1996 from ncg3-140.axionet.com
Hello Kate! You have great home page!!! I have two sons at Taivallahti Elementary school in Helsinki. They Are Juha (12 years, 6th class) and Arttu (11 years, 5th class). They like skate board and computer games. I help in making a school magazine "TAIVIS" at their school. We hope to have some international material to our magazine. I think, thant the home pages of you and your school are so excellent, that I write something about them im our magazine. I hope to put TAIVIS in Internet some day or some year. Best regards from Finland! Matti Tiainen
Matti Tiainen :mtiainen@ok*pcuf.fi">mtiainen@ok*pcuf.fi
( http://www.pcuf.fi/~mtiainen)
Helsinki, Finland.
- Sun Jan 28 13:23:25 GMT 1996 from voltti.th.tele.fi
I love computers and am trying to figure out how to create a home page
Billy Noddin :Noddin@ok*skow-acc.com"> Noddin@ok*skow-acc.com
Skowhegan, Me , USA.
- Sun Jan 28 00:51:14 GMT 1996 from
Florence Archambault-Lafontaine :Lafgda@ok*mail.accent.net"> Lafgda@ok*mail.accent.net
Beloeil, Québec, Canada.
- Sat Jan 27 23:56:37 GMT 1996 from annex02-ppp-40.accent.net
Hi Kate! I am 10 years old, soon to be 11 and I'm in Grade 5 at school. I dance competitively in jazz and also take tap and ballet. My mom is teaching me to play the piano. I have a 15 year old brother who is in Grade 10 and a great sprinter. He plays the saxophone. Right now my brother is doing his grade ten exams and gets two weeks off while he does them. Talk about lucky!. I also like to do Track and Field but am more of a distance runner because I have long legs. I only do the track in school not competitively. I really liked your home page. It was very well done!!. Bye for now, Jennifer:)
Jennifer Clayton :rjc@ok*ca.dynix.com">rjc@ok*ca.dynix.com )
Kitchener, Ontario, canada.
- Sat Jan 27 23:19:12 GMT 1996 from
I am 10 years old and I have got blond Hair I am in form 1.
Kate :petco@ok*midland.co.nz"> petco@ok*midland.co.nz
Hamilton, NewZealand, NZ.
- Sat Jan 27 20:40:36 GMT 1996 from
Dear Kate, I am 7 years old. My twin sisters name is Chelsea. I like fashion, makeup and jewerly. I think science is kinda cool. I take dance and swimming. I like gymnastics. I can ice skate backwards, water ski, and rollerblade in circles.
Jaleesa :jhageman@ok*sioux.sodak.net"> jhageman@ok*sioux.sodak.net
Hoven, SD, USA.
- Sat Jan 27 01:41:33 GMT 1996 from
Hi, Kate. I am 7 years old and I have a twin sister. I like school. I LOVE science. I enjoy water skiing, rollerblading and ice skating. I love to study ants. I really enjoyed your homepage. It is COOL!
Chelsea :jhageman@ok*sioux.sodak.net"> jhageman@ok*sioux.sodak.net
Hoven, SD, USA.
- Sat Jan 27 01:36:20 GMT 1996 from
I run a business and teach psychology at a community college. I've visited England twice and loved it. Your home page is dynamite! Good luck!
Sherry Connelly :sconnelly@ok*vixa.voyager.net"> sconnelly@ok*vixa.voyager.net
Sturgis, MichiganUS, USA.
- Sat Jan 27 00:40:24 GMT 1996 from
I like your home page. It is a good one. I study telecommunication and information technology. I just came back from China, it was good trip. I like to listen Björk and U2 and works of Arvo Pärt Thank You for this home page, it made me happy.
Niko Elomaa :niko.elomaa@ok*rtol.hamkk.fi"> niko.elomaa@ok*rtol.hamkk.fi
Riihimäki, Häme, Finland.
- Fri Jan 26 23:15:37 GMT 1996 from kiosk-4-80.dial.inet.fi
my name is denise tillson.iam 9 years old .i love cats and fish.i was just in a car accedent but i am okay now i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.kim rachel sean and stephen.
denise :Lisa.Levine@ok*bell-atl.com"> Lisa.Levine@ok*bell-atl.com
florence, nj, usa.
- Fri Jan 26 22:36:05 GMT 1996 from
I loved reading your page. I also love getting email so I hope you and all your readers will send me a message.
gary Cahill :ugcahill@ok*bgu.edu"> ugcahill@ok*bgu.edu
chicago, il, us.
- Fri Jan 26 21:07:46 GMT 1996 from ip160-166.neiu.bgu.edu
Hi I'm 11 yrs old. I like gymnastics, reading, computers, art and drama Send me some mail. <;-) Bonnie
Bonnie Garrigan :bonnieg@ok*electrotex.com"> bonnieg@ok*electrotex.com
Dallas, Texas, USA.
- Fri Jan 26 19:09:19 GMT 1996 from

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