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space I'm a college student and I work full time. I like to perform magic, act, and play guitar. I also like to write poetry and learn new things
david friedman
( www.geopages.com/broadway/1603)
N. Hollywood, CA, USA.
- Fri Jan 26 04:38:48 GMT 1996 from slip135-106.bb.delphi.com
hi smart page i accessed your's and peggy's from the blue peter page have fun jen xxx
southampton, hampshire, u.k..
- Tue Jan 23 10:21:06 GMT 1996 from b46a-08.sucs.soton.ac.uk
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
- Mon Jan 22 02:25:13 GMT 1996 from www-b3.proxy.aol.com
I am a little 7 year old girl, with blue eyes and blonde hair. And I have a puppy named Betsy. We have a cottage on an island and I love to play there in the summer. All the best to you in England.
- Sun Jan 21 22:21:22 GMT 1996 from ts12-05.tor.InfoRamp.Net
Hello Kate. I visited your pages and I'll tell you in my best English language who I am. I live in the Netherlands in Apeldoorn, that's in the middle of the Netherlands. I am a director from a school for fairground children. In wintertime there among 50 children in my school. In summerperiod I travel with my school through the whole country. Internet is a medium I try, because there is a time that my fairgroundchildren get education by computer, CD-ROM of CD-I and radiocontact. Now we go and try the materials on Internet. I am looking around to see if there are more schools who use internet and I found your school. This week (thursday) I go to a meeting in Surrey where I speek with UK- and German teacher who work with travalling children too. So that's anough. Look on my homepage and you'll see more about the things I'm doing! I hope to hear something from you and I wish you a all the best and succes with your pages. The best wishes to your Dad too!! Emile Steffann
( http://www.xs4all.nl/~steffann)
Apeldoorn, Gld, The Netherlands.
- Sun Jan 21 21:55:56 GMT 1996 from asd08-10.dial.xs4all.nl
I am 8 and in the third grade here in Minnesota. I like cats and have a siamese/? mix and I named her Princess. Nice page. Bye
Missy Vanderwaal
Shoreview, Minnesota, USA.
- Sun Jan 21 21:55:04 GMT 1996 from ts0-16.webspan.com
I am in 3rd grade. I love horses, I don't know why but I always have. I take riding lessons and hope I get a horse soon. We used to have one, my Mom's but "spooky" got old and lame. I also love reading, any horse book. Have you read horse books by Jessie Haas, they are good. I like Black Beauty, King of the Wind too. In my class we are doing multipulation and division now. I'd rather be reading.. I also take guitar lessons and i belong to the Brownies, Have you ever been to the USA? My Mom & Dad have been to England but it was before I was born. I am reading The Secret of the Ruby Ring now it's very good. I have a dog, a German short haired pointer named Emily.ri
Christina Noel
Ashby, MA, USA.
- Sun Jan 21 21:33:09 GMT 1996 from face1.iii.net
Technician, own 79 Jota & 86 Yam Srx 600
Nick Hinchliffe
Soton, Hants, uk.
- Sun Jan 21 15:10:46 GMT 1996 from mbat-106.orc.soton.ac.uk
Just had a quick look at your front page. I have a daughter named Elizabeth who is 8 and a son named Michael who is 6. It is 11:30 pm here and they are sleeping. I will try to comeback tomorrow and see more with them. Good night.
Brookline, Ma, USA.
- Sun Jan 21 04:00:53 GMT 1996 from www-f1.proxy.aol.com
Hi, I'm Paul. I'm from Monroe, Washington, USA. I'm 11 years old.
Paul Isaak
( http://www.premier1.net/~disaak/family/pisaak/pisaak.html)
Monroe, WA, USA.
- Sat Jan 20 22:52:36 GMT 1996 from dynamic-50.premier1.net
Just a curious net-browser who came across your page via THE HUGE LIST. Then I read through your guestbook and noticed a message from a bluegrass band. So I went to their page and there discovered THE MANDOLIN PAGE. Which I didn't know existed but as I play the mandolin I am delighted to have discovered it. Anyway now I have returned to your page for a longer look.
Trevor Chalkley
London, UK.
- Sat Jan 20 22:16:24 GMT 1996 from gw4-065.pool.dircon.co.uk
eaton rapids, Michigan, usa.
- Sat Jan 20 19:50:44 GMT 1996 from dialup-061.sojourn.com
Hi, Kate I am from the US, and I am in college, at West Virginia Wesleyan College. It is located in Buckhannon,WV. However, my home is in New Jersey! I love photography, and I am a disc jockey on the radio. Please write sometime.
Toria Layne Avigliano
- Sat Jan 20 19:35:43 GMT 1996 from academ.wvwc.edu
I am retired. Here in Florida for 6 mos. a year and on Marthas Vineyard Island the rest of the time. Tell me how you knew so much about my computer and me? I enjoyed your page. Good Luck
(My computer has to "know" all about your computer, otherwise it wouldn't "know" what to send you or where to send it!) Marshall Cohan
Wellington, FL, USA.
- Sat Jan 20 19:03:08 GMT 1996 from wpb-113.magg.net
I am a good swimmer. I am 8 years old. I like school work. This is the 1st time I have used my dads new computer. I like doing quizes on the computer.
Lianne Armitstead
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs, UK.
- Sat Jan 20 12:22:58 GMT 1996 from www-cache.demon.co.uk
Hi Kate, Great homepage. You and your sister's home pages are just amazing. Thanks!
New Haven, CT, USA.
- Thu Jan 18 04:43:35 GMT 1996 from p6.som.yale.edu
Just saw your sister Peggy's page. You must have a pretty special Dad for him to help you with your pages! Have fun. John C. Bentham
John C. Bentham
Tempe, AZ, U.S.A..
- Wed Jan 17 19:34:38 GMT 1996 from dev.tsc.hh.avnet.com
I'm a horse crazy girl. I'm 11 years old. I go horse riding each Saturday at a horse riding school. I ride a horse called Ellsie who is a black Arabian which is 14.5 hands. I like your photos on your pony page.
!*Caitlin McKay*!
Canberra, ACT, Australia.
- Wed Jan 17 10:18:48 GMT 1996 from slipr39.anu.edu.au
hi! i have 4 cats 15 fish and a hamster. I really like your home page but your graphics are kind of slow. when i make mine it'll be similar to yours okay? i have to go now bye p.s. i am 8 years old bye :)!
april c. may
houston, texas, usa.
- Wed Jan 17 04:06:01 GMT 1996 from pasyn-31.rice.edu
I'm 9 years old, I love your photos!
Come see me at.......
Mandy's Page

Mandy Lovelace
Shreveport, La, USA.
- Wed Jan 17 03:50:22 GMT 1996 from tty003.softdisk.com
I'm a homeschooling mom who has created a website for other homeschooling parents, with lots of fun stuff for kids too. It started out with my looking for safe places for my son (he's 11)... but since I also enjoy computing and creating... the site was born. It has grown to over 60 pages. I call it Gyro's Adventures. Anywho... I like your page and will be adding a link on my site. Ta for now.
Darlene Burton
( http://www.aa.net/~thelady/cover.htm)
Tacoma, WA, USA.
- Sun Jan 14 21:32:47 GMT 1996 from s3c2p3.aa.net
I'm a Singapore student here in London and I ride a CBR400RRR back home ANy info on it would be helpful. Thanks
Markus Yong
London, U.K..
- Sun Jan 14 19:18:49 GMT 1996 from joule.ee.ic.ac.uk
I am six and a half years old. I like to play on the computer with my dad and my 4 year old sister. We just started exploring the Web and wanted to say hello.
Amelia Arbisser
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A..
- Sun Jan 14 18:03:56 GMT 1996 from crc1.cris.com
i found your page by doing a search for swallows and amazons, my family has read all the books and visits englands lake district for vacations.
Spike Bauer
homer, alaska, usa.
- Sun Jan 14 07:04:17 GMT 1996 from rasalgethi.xyz.net
Hi Kate, I am 10 years old and go to Seatoun Primary School. My Dad found your home page and told me about it.I am looking forward to exploring your home page. See you later.
Anita Patel
Wellington, New Zealand.
- Sun Jan 14 04:00:47 GMT 1996 from ramjet.wn.planet.gen.nz
I love gymnastics,football and the song WATERFALLS by TLC. I am ten years old and my friends call me B.J.My favorite movies are Major Payne, Clueless and dangerous mind. See Ya, Becky Lynn or B.J.
Becky Lynn
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Jan 14 03:47:32 GMT 1996 from swo-32.golden.net
- Sun Jan 14 03:43:50 GMT 1996 from SL7.elink.net
i have brown hair. i am in 1st grade. i love my family. i love to play on the computer.
ali wolfe
birchwood, mn, usa.
- Sun Jan 14 02:09:08 GMT 1996 from
Caroline and Laura go to the same school together and are both 8 8 years old.We both have sisters one is 3 and the other one is 5 and a half. laura and caroline
Caroline V.+ Laura R.
Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
- Sun Jan 14 01:21:02 GMT 1996 from www-e4.proxy.aol.com
- Sun Jan 14 00:32:08 GMT 1996 from piweba3y-ext.prodigy.com
hi i am 7 yrs. old.i have a dog named harley.my birthday is aug.1.i like to draw, play games,swim,rhymic gymnastics shh don't tell this, i like to take a bath. from kyra
montreal, quebec, canada.
- Sat Jan 13 23:10:13 GMT 1996 from DynamicPPP-139.HIP.CAM.ORG
I am 6 years old and in grade one. I like ballet and music.
Katiellen Petten
St. John's, Nfld., Canada.
- Sat Jan 13 19:34:16 GMT 1996 from newcd07.newcomm.net
I'm twelve years old and live in the USA. I'm new here on the Internet so I don't know anything about Email. I love your page! Keep up the good work!
Grantham,, NH, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 17:35:14 GMT 1996 from
I'm twelve years old and live in the USA. I'm new here on the Internet so I don't know anything about Email. I love your page! Keep up the good work!
Grantham,, NH, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 17:34:17 GMT 1996 from
Im 35 years old have two kids Brandy 3 years and Danielle 8 years, a sweet wife and a silly old dog. We are just now learning how to use the net. It is 3 Am. here and i am just fooling with our computer. bye and have a nice day.
Ron Peters
Keizer, Oregon, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 10:50:52 GMT 1996 from salempm1-25.cyberhighway.net
Hi Kate. I live in Orlando, Florida, near Disney World, but my grandfather was born in Brampton in Cumbria, England and I visit there often. In fact, I will be going there next month to trace some of my ancestors from the Noble family. Maybe we are even cousins! Good luck. (I have a daughter, Katherine, 14, that we sometimes call Kate)
Don Noble
( http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/noble)
Orlando, FLA, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 04:36:14 GMT 1996 from pm7-23.magicnet.net
An old fool who never gave up his CBX-1000 and CX-650 turbo. (A motorcycle nut)
Philip Johnson
Seattle, WA, USA.
- Sat Jan 13 01:03:12 GMT 1996 from www-fw-proxy.boeing.com
Hi, Kate. this is the first time I've surfed the web and I wanted to check out what kids were doing with home pages. I have worked with young children(1-6) for a long time. WE had some bad weather, an ice storm, and so I have a little extra time on my hands to write to you
pamela rolandelli :psrolans@ok*email,unc.edu"> psrolans@ok*email,unc.edu
chapel Hill, NC, United States.
- Fri Jan 12 22:42:14 GMT 1996 from login1.email.unc.edu
I am 6 and a half years old. I am a homeschooler in the first grade. I like Legos, sewing and playing video games. The weather is very wet here right now. Goodbye!!
Cody Bonney
Longview, Washington, America.
- Fri Jan 12 06:21:15 GMT 1996 from ip-longv1-11.teleport.com
JUST SURFING. I own a small retail bakery. My wife's name is Kathy, my daughters names are Annie(15), Donna(12), Kari(10), and Jamie(3). Nice talking to you!
- Thu Jan 11 18:42:13 GMT 1996 from www-f2.proxy.aol.com
Hi Kate!! I'm 12 years old, and I love your homepage!! I'd like to use some of the graphics on mine-may I? Nellie
Nellie Rash
( http://www.pitt.edu/~browning/nellie)
Titusville, PA, USA.
- Thu Jan 11 18:04:47 GMT 1996 from tmkdup-a-2.rmt.net.pitt.edu
Hello Kate. Just a quick word to say how IMPRESSED I am with your school's home page. I've just come across it for the first time. I teach Y6 children here in Newcastle upon Tyne and we are currently setting up a home page of our own. You have certainly given me many thoughts and ideas upon which I will ponder.
Bye for now,
Mr Thompson

Mr Thompson
Newcastle, Tyne/Wear, England.
- Thu Jan 11 00:24:26 GMT 1996 from ravewood.demon.co.uk
hello kate, I really like your homepage and I told my best friend to try it as well! uta
Uta Sailer
munich, germany.
- Wed Jan 10 13:11:48 GMT 1996 from sun7.lrz-muenchen.de
Hi, I'm an 27 years old guy from Rio de Janeiro, The Wonderful City. Bye.
Alexandre Leal
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.
- Wed Jan 10 03:12:51 GMT 1996 from
On a whim I searched for "Kate" and found you. We have the name in common.
Kate Beatty
Silver Spring, MD, USA.
- Tue Jan 9 23:14:10 GMT 1996 from ad01-010.compuserve.com
Father of two kids who will like looking at the pictures in your area. This site was recommended by a new America OnLine area called ParentSoup. Enjoy the traffic coming your way
Steven Dietz
Los Angeles, CA, USA.
- Tue Jan 9 19:45:49 GMT 1996 from www-c4.proxy.aol.com

chicago, ill., us.
- Mon Jan 8 22:07:21 GMT 1996 from slip164-129.on.ca.ibm.net
Hi. My name is Anna. I'm 11 years old. I go to Meigs Magnet school. What grade are you in? I am in fifth grade. If you want to see a picture of me, there is one on my home page. I like to swim,read,and I really like to sleep.
Anna Caitlin Gregory
( http://www.nashville.net/~egregory/family1.html)
Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
- Mon Jan 8 20:48:58 GMT 1996 from pm2-s2.telalink.net
Hey Kate spotted your sisters page too - I am 21 years old and at uni - still practicing with the system - I don't get enough emails so I thought I'd put myself about a bit on the hope of contact.
Graham Foulds
Carmarthen, Dyfed, Wales.
- Mon Jan 8 17:39:19 GMT 1996 from
My Dad works at the University of Central Lancashire and that is why I get an E-Mail address. I am 10 Years old and I want to work for NASA when I am older.
Lorna Gibson
Penwortham, Preston, England.
- Mon Jan 8 14:39:19 GMT 1996 from com2.uclan.ac.uk
I am 10 years old and don't have a home page or even a compu ter. But if you can write me my adress is 13803 Fairway Ln. Goshen Ky.
Grace A. Miller
Louisville, Kentucky,
- Sun Jan 7 21:49:30 GMT 1996 from dp1-016.ppp.iglou.com
I also am 8 eight years old. I was born in Madras, India and came to the USA when I was 4 months old. I have a 4 year old brother named James. I'm in 2nd grade at Bethany Christian Academy in Galesburg, IL.
My name is Jessica
Galesburg, IL, USA.
- Sun Jan 7 18:42:28 GMT 1996 from
I have 1967 Bonneville. You have a nice page.
Joyce K.Nigh
Bothell, WA, 98021, USA.
- Sun Jan 7 09:15:42 GMT 1996 from
I think you did a splendid job on your page. Bravo !
Hope you could visit my collection of kpchong@ok*pacific.net.sg
- Sun Jan 7 07:57:53 GMT 1996 from dyn107.ppp.pacific.net.sg
Hi, Kate. I enjoyed coming across & exploring your web page. I'm a medical student in the United States, and I hope maybe to go into pediatrics, because I love working with kids. I've taught preschoolers and taken care of children more your age (5-12) before. I always enjoy seeing what kids can do -- wonderful job on your web page! I thought your jokes and your pictures were great. Take care.
Brett Nishikawa
Rockville, Maryland, USA.
- Sun Jan 7 04:05:32 GMT 1996 from slip139-181.bb.delphi.com
I am almost 11, live in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and like acting, swimming, and reading.
Daniel :daniel.p@ok*tclbbs.com"> daniel.p@ok*tclbbs.com
( http://www.lookup.com/Homepages/62266/daniel/)
Cottage Grove, MN, USA.
- Sun Jan 7 02:47:44 GMT 1996 from ix-min6-09.ix.netcom.com
Projects: Take over the world!
Harf "NVA" Zatschler :N/A">N/A
Brussels, Belgium.
- Sat Jan 6 23:57:26 GMT 1996 from pc007.joh.cam.ac.uk
Retired USAF
O.T. Ridley
Mrrfreesboro, Tennessee, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 22:02:48 GMT 1996 from slip15.nashville.com
Kate, Great pages with lots of stuff. Looks like you must have been doing this for....about 8 years. Please vist us and sign our new Guest Book. Regards, The Bluefields - New Appalachian Acoustic \ Bluegrass Music
The Bluefields - New Appalachian Acoustic \ Bluegrass Music
( http://web.sunbelt.net/~Mturbyfill/Blue.htm)
Banner Elk, NC, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 21:57:22 GMT 1996 from dial-12.r2.ncbldw.sunbelt.net
I am almost six years old. I am in Senior Kindergarten at Tecumseh Public School. I like to play with my friends named Taylor, Cameron and I like my teacher Madame Jane.
joshua collins
london, ont, canada.
- Sat Jan 6 18:57:30 GMT 1996 from port7.odyssey.on.ca
Hi I'm 10 years old and I have a sister who is 8. Please visit my homepage. You can write me from there. Thanks! Colleen
Colleen Kirchharr
ensacola, Florida, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 17:31:28 GMT 1996 from ppp69.pcola.gulf.net
Hi, Kate -- My name is Kate too, but I'm a lot older than 8! I have 9 year old twin girls who have a pony that looks a lot like yours-- her name is "Pockets" -- it's because she's always in your pockets!
Kate Waldo
Stayton, Oregon, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 06:47:33 GMT 1996 from
I noticed your family name, and it struct my curiosity as to the resemblance of my own family's name. Many of my family come from your part of the world. Other associated family names such as Benthom, Woods, and Shook. Possibly a family connection?
Carl Thomas Edmison
Dallas, TX, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 05:31:25 GMT 1996 from dal26-07.ppp.iadfw.net
Just got my first Triumph -- a 1970 Bonneville in pristine condition with 10,000 original miles from the ORIGINAL owner. It was a Christmas present from my wife and goes along with the other bikes in my small but growing collection ( a 72 Norton Norvil racer, a 69 Bultaco Metrala, and a 93 BMW K1100 LT for those long trips. Am interested in more info on the Bonney and on Triumph events in the North East
Dennis Eklof
Arlington, MA, USA.
- Sat Jan 6 02:31:32 GMT 1996 from

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