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space I hope you are not disappointed. I am not a kid - I am a mother of two girls, and I just think the kids homepages are very interesting. My children are almost grown, I have a daughter Carrie, who is 15, and a daughter, Katy, who is 18. We visited England a long time ago, and I loved it. We went to a small city called Allenwick, which was up by Newcastle. We stayed with friends, the girls were very little then, but we enjoyed it very much. You have a beautiful country
Karen :Squeek@ok*frugal.com">Squeek@ok*frugal.com

Sumner, WA, USA.
- Fri Jan 5 09:17:35 GMT 1996 from
HI Caught your home page while surfing...Nice page see ya.. Chow.
thunder bay, ontario, canada.
- Fri Jan 5 01:57:14 GMT 1996 from
Hi, I enjoyed your home page very much. I teach science in grades K-6 in California. I'm hoping to have a hope page created for my school within a few weeks. I'd love to link your page to it. How would you like that? I accessed you via Project City Elementary.Have a great day!
Robert Sahli :sac36265@ok*saclink1.csus.edu"> sac36265@ok*saclink1.csus.edu
Sacramento, California, USA.
- Fri Jan 5 01:54:58 GMT 1996 from ed211-10.educ.csus.edu
Good morning Kate, Just to say that I really liked your page - fantastic for 8!! I used to go to menton when I was your age with my parents, staying at the old Ambassadeurs Hotel, which I think is gone now. Now I work in racing and do some journalism, marketing for various racecourses and run the odd syndicate -tell Dad in case he wins the lottery! Anyway must go - take care and well done. Nick
Nick Boyd
uk, oxon, uk.
- Fri Jan 5 01:37:22 GMT 1996 from raceweb.ftech.co.uk
You have all ready heard from me PLEASE WRITE
katie :www.remaxoa.ca">www.remaxoa.ca
ottawa, ont., canada.
- Fri Jan 5 00:46:30 GMT 1996 from ottawa-ts-03.nstn.ca
Just got a new Aptiva M-71 computer and learning how to use it. (Slowly, VERY Slowly)Found your page by accident but thought I'd say Hi anyway. Ta. Jan
Jan Kassab :jkassab@ok*gulf.net"> jkassab@ok*gulf.net
Pensacola, Florida, USA.
- Thu Jan 4 18:30:18 GMT 1996 from ppp24.pcola.gulf.net
I'm a bored Final year student at Hertfordshire University, studying computing
Mark Houlder :cs4bf@ok*herts.ac.uk"> cs4bf@ok*herts.ac.uk
- Thu Jan 4 17:52:21 GMT 1996 from m20.herts.ac.uk
I'm 9 years old and in the fourth grade. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers, plus a 1/2 brother. I would like to hear back from you. Thanks a bunch. :)
Angela Cage :iviacus@ok*solgate.com"> iviacus@ok*solgate.com
Rose Hill, Kansas, USA.
- Tue Jan 2 23:02:31 GMT 1996 from gt05.solgate.com
I am a high school teacher (Grades 9 to 12 - 14 to 18 years old)
Drew Taylor :Drew_Taylor@ok*nynet.nybe.north-york.on.ca"> Drew_Taylor@ok*nynet.nybe.north-york.on.ca
Agincourt, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Jan 2 22:29:27 GMT 1996 from port41.crso.com
- Tue Jan 2 20:42:54 GMT 1996 from cspace15.osc.on.ca
- Tue Jan 2 14:20:27 GMT 1996 from ottawa-ts-01.nstn.ca
Write to me...... :-)
Dan Persson :dan.persson@ok*mindator.se"> dan.persson@ok*mindator.se
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Tue Jan 2 12:05:00 GMT 1996 from dator44.mindator.se
Computer consultant specializing in net software teaching/support. I have 3 children, Tracy (24), Gordon (14), and Tonia (11).
Greg Fowler
( http://www.webgate.net/~gregf/gregf.html)
London, Ontario, Canada.
- Tue Jan 2 09:34:55 GMT 1996 from
Hi!!!My name is Derya Davenport. I am 10 years old. I live in Ankara/Turkey. I am the president of a club called "The Young Writers Club". You can see the details on my homepage...
Derya Davenport
Ankara, Turkey.
- Tue Jan 2 06:10:47 GMT 1996 from slip3.bcc.bilkent.edu.tr
hi my name is katie, i am 7 years old and i have 7 cats.i like skating we use to have 8 cats but one died. his name was earl. Our other cats names are Nappy, josie, mijjy, boo, patches,scaper,meg. my mommy is a teacher, my daddy is a lawyer. by for now.
katie macleod- stroud :www.remaxoa.ca"> www.remaxoa.ca
ottawa, ontario, canada.
- Mon Jan 1 22:39:11 GMT 1996 from ottawa-ts-03.nstn.ca
Male, 50, work for gas, elect. utility serving San Diego, (San Diego Gas & Elect. Co), Interested in just about everything. Like people that want to learn and expand their horizions.
Michael Spooner
Campo, near San Diego, California, U.S.A..
- Mon Jan 1 22:34:02 GMT 1996 from max-1-23.connectnet.com
I am a grandfather, who is looking for places to take my grandchildren on the Internet. My oldest grandchild's name is Katie. She will be seven on next St. Patrick's day. I am happy to find your home page and will be back someday with Katie thank you, Mr. Rogers
Al Rogers
Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
- Mon Jan 1 16:55:51 GMT 1996 from
I am 6 years old and in the first grade. I liked your jokes.
Winchester, Kentucky, USA.
- Mon Jan 1 14:13:53 GMT 1996 from screamer.gnn.com
Hi Kate: You have some really fun pages. I've enjoyed my visit! Happy New Year!
Raye br> (http://www.geopages.com/Paris/1516)
Massachusetts, USA,
- Mon Jan 1 08:46:43 GMT 1996 from slip-2-7.shore.net
Hi, I'm Marisa, 13 years old and living in California. I signed your sister Peggy's guestbook. I loved that part of your homepage where it tells you about yourself - that was really cool! Please scribble a little something back to me; I'd really appreciate it! :)Marisa Happy New Year's!
Marisa Louie
San Bruno, CA, USA.
- Mon Jan 1 06:52:19 GMT 1996 from dd24-010.compuserve.com
I really liked this homepage! I was wondering how your name was written on the top of your page. I love the K with the flowers around it! Is it a font? If so which one? Thanks!
- Mon Jan 1 00:47:02 GMT 1996 from m14.leba.net
My name is Sharon and I'm 11 years old. I go to Glen Shields Public School and I'm in grade 6. I have a sister and a dog. I love animals, especially dogs.
Sharon Dotan :dotan@ok*interlog.com"> dotan@ok*interlog.com
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Dec 31 23:01:00 GMT 1995 from botan.interlog.com
I am 8 years old,i live in ajax.I am in grade 3 and I like to listen to music.My teachers name is Mrs.Kozak.i really like your home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christine Roditis
ajax, ontario, Canada.
- Sun Dec 31 22:35:02 GMT 1995 from async05.ilap.com
I am 7 years old. I like your name. My mum was from England, and has been living here for 15years. She was from Leicester. I am Canadian and have a brother who is 5yrs old. I take stepdancing lessons and it is fun. My mum teaches and takes it too, and i started when i was 4, my mum started after me. I was on a local talent show on telivision last year and was a finalist. Next year i am going to try to get on again, only this time singing, "Can you feel the love tonight". Bye for now.
rebecca clare ardley
nepean, ont, canada.
- Sun Dec 31 18:14:04 GMT 1995 from a1p5.inasec.ca
I don't know what to say... yuk, yuk! I like to do bead art and karate. I am almost a purple belt and will be taking a test for my next belt in just a few hours. I like your home page and would like to have one myself someday. Would you visit my home page?
jenivieve herman
niceville, florida, usa.
- Sun Dec 31 14:27:09 GMT 1995 from screamer.gnn.com
I'm nine years old.I'm in fourth grade.I love horses too.
Katie Louderback
Harrison CITY, PA, USA.
- Sun Dec 31 03:27:21 GMT 1995 from ehdup-c2-4.rmt.net.pitt.edu
I am 16 years old.. I found your page through a series of links (of which I now forget!) Nice job!
Ryan Schram
Novi, Michigan, USA.
- Sun Dec 31 03:16:33 GMT 1995 from
Nice page kate Keep the rubber side down :) Happy ridin
Steve "H" :Casperz@ok*gnn.com"> Casperz@ok*gnn.com
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
- Sat Dec 30 16:20:04 GMT 1995 from screamer.gnn.com
I.am soon 16 years old. I have a twin sister. I love animals and I have three pets. I like your homepage.
Heidi Nygaard Bakken :gbakken@ok*oslonett.no"> gbakken@ok*oslonett.no
Oslo, Norway.
- Sat Dec 30 16:01:17 GMT 1995 from sinsen.sn.no
I'm Jack's dad, Kate - Well done on the smart page. Chris
Chris Baxter :rhopkins@ok*rmplc.co.uk"> rhopkins@ok*rmplc.co.uk
Galgate, Lancs, England.
- Sat Dec 30 10:54:30 GMT 1995 from scorpion.rmplc.co.uk
I am a computer consultant specializing in IBM's DB2. I've just installed Delrina CyberJACK. So far it looks like a good product. Bye!
Troy L. Coleman :TroyCCI@ok*cris.com"> TroyCCI@ok*cris.com
Lindenhurst, LAKE/IL, USA.
- Sat Dec 30 04:38:43 GMT 1995 from Cust40.Max9.Chicago.IL.MS.UU.NET
My name is Dierdre Shea and I'm 8 years old. I play flute and piano and I like soccer. I haven't seen your entire page yet, but I'm sure I'll like it!
Dierdre Shea
Pittsburgh, Pa, USA.
- Sat Dec 30 00:54:12 GMT 1995 from
I live in Houston Texas, USA. I manage a computer company here and was just eating lunch and browsing the net for kid's stuff. I have 2 kids. Brittany is 6 and Ryan is 9. If you would like to send them a picture of you, you can mail it to Ryan and Brittany, 14127 Tiff Trail, Houston Texas 77095 USA. I'll tell them to send you pictures if you enclose your address. I like your web site. I'll be sure to have my kids visit.
Bill Peterson :bpeterson@ok*clarkdat.com"> bpeterson@ok*clarkdat.com
Houston, TX, USA.
- Fri Dec 29 19:02:12 GMT 1995 from
I'm really cool!! Happy husband and a father of two, I have been to England 6 times in the past year. I like it there, very much. Merry Christmas and Hap Happy New Year.
Gabiel David Schwartz :gdavidusa@ok*aol.com"> gdavidusa@ok*aol.com
Battle Creek, MICHIGAN, USA.
- Fri Dec 29 17:52:39 GMT 1995 from
Hi there, I work in a computing site on the east coast of the United States. Happy New year to you and your family. =)
Kurt Grelak :rocco@ok*strauss.udel.edu"> rocco@ok*strauss.udel.edu
Newark, Delaware, USA.
- Fri Dec 29 17:23:53 GMT 1995 from copland.udel.edu
photographer, artist and website reviewer- here is my official statement, but first, unofficially, i think your site is great! please check out my webpage with a link to my three year olds page on it. now on to official business: Congratulations! Your site has been selected for possible review by Parent Soup, a new channel on America Online devoted exclusively to parents. We're looking for the best of the web to present to America Online's ever expanding 4 million subscribers(we'll also be on the World Wide Web at: http://www.parentsoup.com as of 1/15/96). Parent Soup will launch on January 2, 1996, so be sure to watch out for a review and screenshot of your site. If you are interested in supplying us with extra publicity materials or details concerning your website, please email us. We'll be sending a team of experts to your site at some point to select art and quotes for use in the review. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know at: PeaSoupJer@ok*aol.com.
Thanks in advance,
Parent Soup

jer dine :jeremiah@ok*inx.net">jeremiah@ok*inx.net
ny, ny, usa.
- Thu Dec 28 20:11:32 GMT 1995 from pm2-94.inx.net
hi kate i am really from glasgow scotland but have been living in the states for almost 16yrs. i have 3 children ages 18-16-15- 2 boys & 1 girl
mary :rhill@ok*exis.net">rhill@ok*exis.net
va beach, va, usa.
- Thu Dec 28 01:07:58 GMT 1995 from 48.Exis.Net
Please visit my daughter, Dylan's homepage! We like yours very much.
Pamala Wilson :pamalaw@ok*bev.net"> pamalaw@ok*bev.net
Orlando, FL, USA.
- Wed Dec 27 22:36:57 GMT 1995 from orlfl2-2.gate.net
I am a 14 year old girl...I live in Norway..AND I THINK YOUR HOMEPAGE I§ GREAT!!
Ingebjorg (14) :hovde@ok*telepost.no">hovde@ok*telepost.no )
Near Oslo, Norway.
- Wed Dec 27 21:55:33 GMT 1995 from asker111.telepost.no
i am 37 and l like sports and computers
Darryl Edmonson :edmonson_darryl@ok*nswses.navy.mil"> edmonson_darryl@ok*nswses.navy.mil
port hueneme, ca,
- Wed Dec 27 18:04:30 GMT 1995 from
Hello you have your own page and you are only 8 wow!! sorry I don't know my e-mail.If you know how to find it please tell me.I like your page.I hope you get a chance to read this bye, Christina :)
North vancouver, B.C,, Canada.
- Wed Dec 27 05:38:05 GMT 1995 from dialup509.Bloomington.mci.net
I'm a boy and I'm 8 years old. I play guitar and chess and also I'm enjoying computers with my Dad.
Ronan Bocherel :pbochgdf@ok*interlink.net"> pbochgdf@ok*interlink.net
Montreal, QC, Canada.
- Wed Dec 27 04:26:36 GMT 1995 from G1792.258.InterLink.NET
Hi, My name is Holly Cunnigham.I am 11 years old.I live in Tatamagouche,Nova Scotia,Canada.I like your homepage!
Holly Cunninham :mcunnig@ok*north.nsis.com"> mcunnig@ok*north.nsis.com
Tatamagouche, N.S., Canada.
- Tue Dec 26 22:45:50 GMT 1995 from
I LOVE SOCCER!!I think soccer rules. I liked your page even if i didn't mean to get in here
Melissa :garcila@ok*gnn.com">garcila@ok*gnn.com
Norcross, Georgia, USA.
- Tue Dec 26 20:59:52 GMT 1995 from screamer.gnn.com
Hi! How are you? When was your birthday? Well, Merry Christmas!!!!!
Kat :ab362@ok*freenet.durham.org"> ab362@ok*freenet.durham.org
Ontario,, Canada.
- Mon Dec 25 17:48:08 GMT 1995 from pool58.maple.net
Just a guy like everyone else... It's great, Kate ! You really don't know how lucky you are! I would pay all the money in the world, if I could be your age, right now ! There's a wonderfull world just there, Kate ! And it's waiting for you and your friends around the Earth. Enjoy it, and be Happy !
Carlos :cardoso@ok*unikey.com.br"> cardoso@ok*unikey.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
- Mon Dec 25 12:58:30 GMT 1995 from unikey.com.br
Happy Holidays, Kate. I'm from Japan. I've dropped in your page during surfing Arthur Ransome related pages by chance. I hope to visit your country some day. It must be nice to walk lake land fells. Bye!
Hidenori Yamada :hyamada@ok*rme.crl.fujixerox.co.jp"> hyamada@ok*rme.crl.fujixerox.co.jp
(http://www.fujixerox.co.jp/index.html (my company))
Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan.
- Mon Dec 25 09:43:11 GMT 1995 from fxwidegw.fujixerox.co.jp
Hello Katie, my husband and I are visiting our daughter, Kim, in Ottawa. We send you greetings from Canada and best wishes for the New Year. We have a nephew, John Fawcett, in Lancaster. Last September we were in England for two weeks and enjoyed a wonderful holiday. You would like our snow I think. We've had more than usual - nearly fifty inches before the beginning of winter! Regards and best wishes. - Heather
Heather Fawcett
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Mon Dec 25 02:50:55 GMT 1995 from dyna146.magmacom.com
I am four and a half years old. I like to play with toys. I liked looking at your pictures. I especially liked the one with the horse. I liked pig too. Dad says your pictures are too big to load quickly.
Talitha Templeton :djt2@ok*po.cwru.edu"> djt2@ok*po.cwru.edu
Shaker Heights, OH, USA.
- Sun Dec 24 21:50:11 GMT 1995 from djt2-ra.F-REMOTE.CWRU.Edu
I am 9 years old and am in the 4th grade at Greenwood Lab School. They have ahome page http://www.smsu.edu/contrib/greenwd/grnwood.htm
Kevin Bunn :kbunn02@ok*mail.orion.org"> kbunn02@ok*mail.orion.org
Ozar, Missouri, U.S..
- Sat Dec 23 19:24:15 GMT 1995 from Selkis.async.smsu.edu
I teach 6th Grade. Nice work on your homepage. I hope my students do such a good job
Jim Fergus :jfergus@ok*kusd.kusd.edu"> jfergus@ok*kusd.kusd.edu
Kenosha, WI, USA.
- Sat Dec 23 17:41:24 GMT 1995 from RAK-PPP-02.inc.net
I am 10 years old and I live in Los Angles California in the U.S.A. I love animals and I want to be a herpatoligst [someone who studies reptiles] or a vetranarian. I am taking care of the class Iguana, Whane now and I have 2 tortoises. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Christine Wagner
Los Angles, Usa, California.
- Sat Dec 23 00:00:14 GMT 1995 from comserv-f-35.usc.edu
I am 8 years old. my name is ariela. I want to make my own home page. I wanted to see what good ones look like. I love yours. Truly yours Ariela
Ariela Rotenberg :rrotenbe@ok*condor.depaul.edu"> rrotenbe@ok*condor.depaul.edu
Chicago, IL, USA.
- Fri Dec 22 22:20:44 GMT 1995 from dept66.ac-sia.depaul.edu
I'm a freshman this year at Georgetown University and I'm studying business. I had German, Accounting, Philosophy, English, and Government. I am really interested in politics and theology. I am originally from Portland, Oregon and have been stuck in DC for four months and I am going home tomorrow!! Yeah. Bye!!
Ray Pinkham :pinkhamr@ok*gusun.acc.georgetown.edu"> pinkhamr@ok*gusun.acc.georgetown.edu
Washington, DC, USA.
- Fri Dec 22 03:43:38 GMT 1995 from
I am *62* and I located your home page while searching for "Mardie," which is (1) a town in Australia and (2) the name of my Australian Cattle Dog. I found your page, but I can't find Mardie in it. Do you know how I got here? I think your home page is very attractive, by the way.
Bruce Barnett :bbarnett@ok*tfb.com">bbarnett@ok*tfb.com )
San Diego, CA, USA.
- Fri Dec 22 00:46:42 GMT 1995 from node3.tfb.com
I live in Pfafftown, North Carolina, USA. Married to Shirley & have two children Caroline 4, & Christopher 3. I work at home doing payroll for small business in my area. The rest of the time I play with my wild kids!!
Stu Miller :SMiller@ok*ols.net">SMiller@ok*ols.net

I would like more Art on Kate's Pages
- Thu Dec 21 21:53:13 GMT 1995 from
hello my name is joseph and i am 7 year old i have a brother that is 4 year old his name is timothee.
joseph o'donnell :ciaran@ok*trimedia.scs.philips.com">ciaran@ok*trimedia.scs.philips.com

sunnyvale, ca, usa.

- Thu Dec 21 20:35:05 GMT 1995 from helios.osc.on.ca
slovenija, slovenia, dsd.
I would like more Music on Kate's Pages
- Thu Dec 21 10:31:50 GMT 1995 from fovpc3.fov.uni-mb.si

- Thu Dec 21 10:28:51 GMT 1995 from fovpc3.fov.uni-mb.si

I would like more Pictures on Kate's Pages
- Thu Dec 21 10:26:42 GMT 1995 from fovpc3.fov.uni-mb.si
I am a long time biker. I have raced motocross, enduros, and hare scrambles with a Kawasaki Team Green Support ride from 1981-1993. I have a good friend who owns a Triumph. I am currently a returning student to college and still ride my 1983 Kawasaki Spectre to class every chance I get. I also like to ride my 1991 KX500 when ever time allows (between semesters) . Please E-Mail me when ever you can and tell me some more about you!
Ken Woodard :Coyote@ok*utdallas.edu"> Coyote@ok*utdallas.edu
Allen, Texas, U>S>A>.
- Thu Dec 21 04:31:23 GMT 1995 from infoserv.utdallas.edu
Ég er 10 ára
Elísabet Margeirsdóttir
- Wed Dec 20 20:32:59 GMT 1995 from tungl-41.centrum.is
Oh i am a student 22 years old and i want to tell you that you have a very nice home page!! Happy new year to you and a big kiss!! ciaoooo!!!!
mitja :mitja.zotti@ok*fov.uni-mb.si"> mitja.zotti@ok*fov.uni-mb.si
Ljubljana, EX YU, Slovenia.
- Wed Dec 20 19:31:07 GMT 1995 from k4-cyber3.sou.uni-lj.si

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