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space Hi This is my first time on the WWW. Thank you I enjoyed your home page.
Sylvia Willey :none">none
Alb., N.M., U.S.A..
- Tue Dec 19 21:41:08 GMT 1995 from bart.xrs.com
I am 12 years old. I live in Indiana but I,m moving to Oklahoma. I am in 6th grade at Roosevelt Elementary School. I like animals and reading. I have an 8 year old sister. You may get other letters from my classmates.
Sarah Kay
Elkhart, Indiana, America.
- Tue Dec 19 15:40:42 GMT 1995 from mac30.oshaughnessy.lab.nd.edu
Hi again Kate! Your page is getting better every time I visit it! By the way, if anyone wants to write to me they can! I am a very friendly person! Love Becky xxx
Becky :blewis@ok*cihe.ac.uk">blewis@ok*cihe.ac.uk
Cardiff, S.Glam, Wales.
- Tue Dec 19 14:42:54 GMT 1995 from alpha1.cihe.ac.uk
GSXR-750WN pilot, Delphi programmer, 5 gold starts on licence
Thomas AW Brown
Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland.
- Tue Dec 19 14:42:13 GMT 1995 from bup058.nerc-bush.ac.uk
Hi Kate,
compliments about your gorgeous home page ! I'm 32 and I live in a town called Como, in northern Italy. I was born in Rome, but now I do work here as a computer tech at the University.
Best wishes, and keep up with this good work !

Carlo "GP" Ferrari
Como, Italy.
- Mon Dec 18 14:22:43 GMT 1995 from pc_bib_1.ing.unico.it
We are just a Grandpa and Grandma trying to learn to "surf" the net. Bob was in England in the 1980s near Ipswich. We like your page. Keep it up and you will be ahead in the future. Happy Holidays and God Bless!
Bob & Lois Lee
Oscoda, Michigan, USA.
- Mon Dec 18 02:34:09 GMT 1995 from
I think that your picture is very cute.
And your page is very cool!

Gabrielle Dussault
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
- Sun Dec 17 14:36:24 GMT 1995 from slip56.crim.ca
I am a fifth grader at Monte Sano Elem. I LOVE the net and have my own home-page and hope to rebuild it soon. Bye! :)
Kerri Satterfield

Huntsville , Alabama, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 05:26:11 GMT 1995 from
I am ten. I am in fifth grade. I have a little brother. I really enjoy being a big sister.
Kerri Satterfield :WHNT98C">WHNT98C
Huntsville, Alabama, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 05:16:38 GMT 1995 from
I was looking at Christmas pages and ran across your page and because we are both from Cities called Lancaster, I thought I should sign your guest book. Cheers Barbara
Barbara Witt
Lancaster, Calif, USA.
- Sun Dec 17 02:58:03 GMT 1995 from dialup05.palm.ca.qnet.com
I am pretty cool
Jim Bolger :J.Bolger@ok*Parliment.wg.nz">J.Bolger@ok*Parliment.wg.nz
Wellington, New Zealand.
- Sun Dec 17 01:39:37 GMT 1995 from net.auckland.ac.nz

Thankyou Elísabet, but we can't translate this :-(

Elísabet Margeirsdóttir
- Sat Dec 16 18:06:12 GMT 1995 from tungl-70.centrum.is

Hi Kate!
Nice page. I'm just passing through, surfing the Net. You have a lot of neat links. I'm at work right now, so I'm not really supposed to be doing this. I'm 17 years old and in grade 12 at St. Pius X High School here in Ottawa. I have 3 younger sisters, a cat named Tinkerbell and a dog named Lovey. Merry Christmas! Jennifer

Jennifer Linnay
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Dec 16 17:20:36 GMT 1995 from ottgate3.bnr.ca
Retired university prof and youth worker .Grandfather .Dog lover and owner of yellow lab . Always glad to get email from around the world .Best wishes and a merry Christmas!!!!!
Chuck Griffith
Brockville, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Dec 16 16:02:27 GMT 1995 from ppp13.mulberry.com
You have wonderful WWW page. One may hobbies is WWW, by the way, other ones you can look from my homepage
Valdo Praust
Tallinn, Estonia.
- Sat Dec 16 14:36:20 GMT 1995 from vats.ioc.ee
- Sat Dec 16 09:11:08 GMT 1995 from dd07-019.compuserve.com
I'm a 13 year old girl and I don't have a homepage yet, but I'm making one, except that I have a problem. Do you by any chance know how I can change my file to a "Http" file??

A good HTML Tutorial

I love your page, it was really cool!!!!!
Nancy Tchou
Sydney, N.S.W, Australia.
- Sat Dec 16 09:09:34 GMT 1995 from dd07-019.compuserve.com

I am 8 years old.My class had a Christmas party today.We made reindeer necklaces.I am in the second grade. I read a book about Mathilda She lived in England too.
susan schuckhart :bobs@ok*phoenix.net">bobs@ok*phoenix.net
Galveston, texas, USA.
- Sat Dec 16 02:18:37 GMT 1995 from
I am 7 years old. I was born in Florida an still live in Florida. I love gymnastics, and am very good at it. I am also a Girl Scout Brownie. I have 1 brother named Daniel and he is 5. I am in the second grade, and my teacher is Mrs. Adams. I also love horses and cats. I think you picture is pretty. Did you draw it? I hope you write soon. Tell me all about England, and I will tell you all about Florida, USA. Bye Katelin Croker.
katelin croker :jcroker@ok*niven.imsweb.net">jcroker@ok*niven.imsweb.net
hudson, florida, usa.
- Sat Dec 16 00:24:23 GMT 1995 from v34l3.imsweb.net
i have blonde hair and really cute i am 8
- Fri Dec 15 01:25:12 GMT 1995 from Cust45.Max3.Newark.NJ.MS.UU.NET
Gray haired motorcyclist (GL1500 & ACE) Soon to retire from police force and ride into sunset.
Lance Cunningham
Lowell, MA, USA.
- Thu Dec 14 20:21:49 GMT 1995 from www-h3.proxy.aol.com
Hello Kate. You have a wonderful page. I enjoyed "surfing" your page. My husband is from England. He's from a small town called Winslow. It's in Buckinghamshire. Keep up with the page.
Trieste Fay
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A..
- Thu Dec 14 18:42:33 GMT 1995 from x186-139-175.micro.umn.edu
Hi! My name is Ewa. I´m 19 years old and I study at the University of Lulea. My hobbies are being with friends and surf on the net. The music I listen to is FGTH, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Queen and many more. Feel free to drop a few lines on my e-mail, ´cause that would make me happy. Bye!!!!!!!!
ewa :sk95-eac@ok*amanda.ies.luth.se">sk95-eac@ok*amanda.ies.luth.se
Lulea, Sweden.
- Thu Dec 14 12:49:04 GMT 1995 from baloo.dc.luth.se
Mine name is Jordan as you can tell in the heading I live in the state of Georgia and I am 8 years old. I like fishing,camping and I take karate. write back if you like my dad is always online. bye, Jordan
Jordan Weaver
gainesville, Ga., USA.
- Thu Dec 14 00:00:29 GMT 1995 from p12.intergate.net
Im 8 years old, too. I live in a small college town in Michigan. I go to a small school and am in the 2nd. grade. I love to read, play with my six cats and one dog. I have a twin brother, Chris, and an older brother, Tom, who is 18 this year. My mom works at home and my dad is a maintenance man in a local factory. I would love to hear from you. My brother, Tom, has a grandma that lives in Manchester, England. See ya, Katie Cass
Katie Cass
Olivet, Michigan, USA.
- Tue Dec 12 18:43:49 GMT 1995 from
I am an only child.I have a cat called Oliver.I'm 12 years old I don't know what else to say exept
WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy Barnett
Melbourne, in, Australia.
- Tue Dec 12 10:09:38 GMT 1995 from slmel3p16.ozemail.com.au
I am just learning about the WWW. This is my first visit to your page I play the violin, do you play any instruments?
Andy Henderson
Danville, Virginia, USA.
- Tue Dec 12 02:04:04 GMT 1995 from ns.gamewood.net
I am a school media specialist for a middle/high school. Naturally I like to read. I just found your page today.
Griswold, Iowa, USA.
- Mon Dec 11 21:13:12 GMT 1995 from s2046.netins.net
I'm a Computer Engineer at the University of Southern California. I I like your page, I need to learn how to do forms. :)
Kenny Smith
Los Angeles, CA, USA.
- Mon Dec 11 07:38:23 GMT 1995 from sal-sun2.usc.edu
I'm in college and I just wanted to commend you on your page. It's much better than the one that I've started to work on and I was just wondering which html editor you used to create it.
Notepad (Windows text editor) and rack of eye ;-) , Kate's Dad. ( Keep up he good work by the way!)

M.S. Gabston
Los Angeles, LA, USA.
- Sun Dec 10 20:48:18 GMT 1995 from SCRLAB8.AC.ScrippsCol.Edu
I'm 8 years old I have a sister that's 4 and a brother thats 4 months old. I like listening to music and i collect candles. I like visiting my grandparents and cousins in San Diego california.My grandma was born and raised in Blackburn Lancs.She still has six sisters that live in blackburn. and my greatgrandad lives in W.Sussex. some day I hope to come out and visit them and have a great time. your friend in Pittsburgh Heidi.
Heidi Carradus
Monaca, PA, USA.
- Sun Dec 10 00:48:59 GMT 1995 from dyn151.gator.usaor.com

Hello sunshine! :)

Da Zupa Babe
Ronneby, Sweden.
- Sat Dec 9 20:59:28 GMT 1995 from virgo.pt.hk-r.se
Dear Kate, I am wondering who made your homepage?

I wrote and drew the pages, my dad helped me put it on the computer

Jonathan West
Someplace, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Dec 9 14:27:37 GMT 1995 from ad53-139.compuserve.com

Terry Adams
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Sat Dec 9 02:30:48 GMT 1995 from cadb124.cadvision.com
I am 38 years old. My daughter is 11. I play guitar.
Tom Surface
Nashville, TN, USA.
- Fri Dec 8 17:48:11 GMT 1995 from
I am a lecturer at the University of Leicester and am interested in computers and things to do with young children.
Janet Moyles :jrm6@ok*leic.ac.uk.">jrm6@ok*leic.ac.uk.
- Fri Dec 8 15:10:15 GMT 1995 from mac6.schooled.le.ac.uk
Hiya, just thought I'd let you know this is a really cool home page Keep on computing.
Newcastle, the north, boring England.
- Fri Dec 8 14:04:59 GMT 1995 from bucket.ncl.ac.uk
I am 47 years old. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Panama and now California. When I was in Florida, my only interest was surfing. Twenty years ago today I was initiated into meditation. For the last couple of years that has become the only really important thing in my life. Computers and the internet are just for fun...
Jerry L. Pianka :jared@ok*megamed.com">jared@ok*megamed.com
Mountain, View, California.
- Fri Dec 8 05:52:51 GMT 1995 from mega229.megamed.com
Hello Kate. How's it going? All's well over here in good ole Germany, but a bit frigid weather. I'm ready to go back home to the states! Auf wiedersehen!
Dave Whitinger
Nurnberg, Bayern, Germany.
- Fri Dec 8 02:51:36 GMT 1995 from
I am 17 years old, and a senior at Lakeview High School. I play varsity soccer and am a varsity cheerleader. I am amazed that you ,only being eight years old, have your own homepage. Do you enjoy working on your computer? It was nice talking with you -- write back if you have a chance. See you! Julie
Julie Foist
Cortland, Ohio, USA.
- Thu Dec 7 15:01:25 GMT 1995 from tcjvs02.neomin.ohio.gov
Dear Kate; I am the pastor of a church here in Winnipeg (St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church). I enjoyed your Home Page it was very creative. Thankyou
Michael Mechsner
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
- Wed Dec 6 22:26:20 GMT 1995 from ts2dl71.escape.ca
I am 31 years old and I an the Director for a non-profit organization called Hope Technology Group. Our mission is to get underpriveleged children computers. We have given several kids their own computers and have started two computer labs for after school use. We are going to develope a web page for each lab and when we do I will be sure to put a link to your page as well as send you email letting you know when we are up. By for now, keep up the fun work.
Kroy Richardson
Redwood City, California, USA.
- Wed Dec 6 18:34:10 GMT 1995 from dd73-004.compuserve.com
Retired 50 year old who loves: snow skiing, photography, golf, fishing, ham radio, sailing, computers and the internet.
Charlie Brown
Bremerton, Washington, USA.
- Wed Dec 6 04:08:01 GMT 1995 from pm1-14.sincom.com
Hi.. Saw this home page while searching the net for 'Airdrie'.. That's where I'm from originally.I did"nt find too much but Ach well I left you this note... Bye for Now...
John Wynnes
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Dec 6 02:50:29 GMT 1995 from
Just caught a wave while surfin and the current brought me here!
Jim :polaris@ok*pelican.davlin.net">polaris@ok*pelican.davlin.net
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.
- Tue Dec 5 21:52:57 GMT 1995 from ip110.davlin.net
I give children with disabilities horseback riding lessons, so I looked at your pony page. I love horses and have 2 of my own, Morgans. Hope you have a Merry Christmas
Von Schroeder
Lawrence, Ks., USA.
- Tue Dec 5 21:47:52 GMT 1995 from kuts9p06.cc.ukans.edu
Kate- I am the technology specialist for Washington County School System in Georgia, USA. I am looking for ideas for children in my schools to use in creating their own home-pages. When we get set up we will let you know. We would love to hear from you. Beth
Beth :72162,1702">72162,1702
Wrightsville,, Ga., USA.
- Tue Dec 5 19:20:28 GMT 1995 from
Newbie biker
Sci-fi reader
Recently married
Senior lecturer (Computing)
My looks are improved by a crash helmet

Nic :N.A.Shulver@ok*soc.staffs.ac.uk">N.A.Shulver@ok*soc.staffs.ac.uk
Stoke, Staffs, UK.
- Tue Dec 5 18:21:33 GMT 1995 from sable.soc.staffs.ac.uk
I'm 12 years old and I need something to help me write my web page because the one listed abe web page and I never thought I would be asking a 8 year old for help.
Marc Miron
( http://miron.cucs.utoronto.ca/~marc.html)
Toronto Ont., Canada.
- Mon Dec 4 23:04:13 GMT 1995 from wave.scar.utoronto.ca
LOUISE BUTLER :gbutler@ok*homenet.ie">gbutler@ok*homenet.ie
- Mon Dec 4 22:15:39 GMT 1995 from NS.HOMENET.IE
I am 9 and I have a dog her name is Becky she is a poodle. I play the Harp and am in the 3rd grade in public school.
brooklyn park, minnesota, usa.
- Mon Dec 4 03:18:02 GMT 1995 from ppp2.tt.net
I am 6 year old girl and I want to be your friend. My Mom is helping me write this. I have a dog named Marlowe. He is a big Sheltie. I have a brother named Nathan. He is older than me.
Mackenzie Gray :gfours@ok*vixa.voyager.net">gfours@ok*vixa.voyager.net

Haslett, Michigan, USA.
- Sun Dec 3 23:01:48 GMT 1995 from

Rachel & Melissa Joachim :jrennie@ok*igc.net"> jrennie@ok*igc.net
Sunrise, Florida, USA.
- Sun Dec 3 17:01:03 GMT 1995 from runabout1-61.igc.net
I am 6.75 years old. I go to Bishop's Down Primary School. I want a home page of my own one day.
Aliide Naylor
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK.
- Sun Dec 3 15:51:50 GMT 1995 from ad70-008.compuserve.com
I am 8. I go to Bishop's Down Primary School. I've played in the school football team.
Simon Netherton :None">None
Tunbridge Wells,, Kent, UK.
- Sun Dec 3 15:49:32 GMT 1995 from ad70-008.compuserve.com
I'm an accidental visitor to your page...surfing...and love what you're doing on the net. Keep up the good work and have fun always. The best of luck
Steve :ace@ok*i1.net">ace@ok*i1.net
St Louis, MO, USA.
- Sun Dec 3 03:32:06 GMT 1995 from slip-235.i1.net
Hello Kate, cool www page of yours! Actually I was looking for pages with a young actor named Kate Maberly so I did a netsearch on the net and guess what - your name popped up!! :-) Nice drawings indeed but I wouldn't mind more pictures on your page. Yes I also visited your sisters' page which had some pictures but they are so small it is really hard to tell what you people look like. Optimum size of picture is 800x600pixels I would say. Tell that to the one who scanned your pictures :-) Oh yes they should also be in jpg format. Well it is time for me to sign off for now. This is my first visit just a stopping by I'm sure I'll return someday when I have more time to look through all the facilities with your site and your school :-) Write to me if you like I love emails and I reply to them all (except the nasty ones :-) It is 4.15am sunday morning here in Sweden I guess I'm heading for bed now!!! Goodnight Kate and Peggy!!!! JONAS
Aziz J AAberg
Sundsvall, SWEDEN.
- Sun Dec 3 03:15:37 GMT 1995 from dialup104-110.swipnet.se
hi there. my name is catie. I live in the cow state. -k-, bye
Catie :hi,%20there.">hi, there.
madison, wi, usa.
- Sun Dec 3 00:06:05 GMT 1995 from F180-199.net.wisc.edu
Ciao! I'm not a child, but not so far away: I'm a writer for children, an italian one. I also am the father of a delightful (for me) daughter: Angela. I am browsing all the sites for children that I find, to study them, before attempting to build a new italian one. This one of yours looks very smart, and cute (I wonder if they are right words...). I write poetries, and nursery rhymes: in italian, helas! Ciao, next time I will write to you together with Angela. Bruno.
Bruno Tognolini
Bologna, Italy.
- Sat Dec 2 23:54:22 GMT 1995 from tgnh27k1.nettuno.it
Hi Kate! I'm Heather Campbell and I'm a second grade student in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA . I really enjoyed your home page! Thanks!
Heather Campbell
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
- Sat Dec 2 14:07:05 GMT 1995 from ppp2.swcp.com
Owner of a 1964 BMW R60/2 - shipped from the U.S. to Prague. Planning a trip around Europe this summer '96. Student at Charles University in Prague Also interested in violin, rockclimbing, adventure of all sorts.
Michael Mullen
Prague, Czech Republic.
- Sat Dec 2 12:28:57 GMT 1995 from pc-vis-04.felk.cvut.cz
Hi everyone..write to me or whatever..:) I'm 13 and I'm from NY..
Liverpool, NY, USA.
- Sat Dec 2 09:59:06 GMT 1995 from ix-syr1-12.ix.netcom.com
I'm a little girl like you. I am 6-years-old.
Juliana Maaz Marcello
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
- Sat Dec 2 00:16:05 GMT 1995 from spider.usp.br

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