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space I am 34 years old, and live in Berkeley California, USA, the town I was born in, in a big old house that my family have owned for generations. I found your page because I was looking for Ogri! I'm glad I found *you*. I have a Triumph too, like your daddy, and I like it very much. I ride to work every day on my Yamaha Virago -- a big V-twin. I have a silly picture of me on my homepage; it might maybe offend your folks, (It Doesn't) but you'll probably think it's silly looking. ;) I play the fiddle, and work as a writer for a big software company, and like horses too. Take care, and when you get a bike of your own, I'd like to see a picture of you on it! ;)
Leigh Ann Hussey
Berkeley, CA, USA.
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Thu Nov 30 02:42:17 GMT 1995 from halon.sybase.com
I am a junior at Marietta College in Marietta Ohio. I am majoring in music education. I am a soprano in three choirs right now and am very busy with my classes. I am a sports fanatic and am especially in love with the sport of basketball and soccer. I have been on volleyball, basketball, soccer, and swim teams in the past...with swimming being my favorite. I was so happy to see that you had a homepage...it is great to see that an eight year old would do this so wonderfully! I am very impressed, Kate (and you have a great name). I have been to London once before and it still remains one of my all time favorite places to visit. I may study there next summer...we'll see though.
Kate McIlvaine
marietta, ohio, USA.
- Wed Nov 29 23:43:11 GMT 1995 from
We are a fourth grade class in Rapid City, South Dakota in United States. We would love to hear from other students from around the world. If you are interested in having penpals, please write to us. Thanks, Mr. Scully's 4th Grade
Mr. Scully's Fourth Grade Class
Rapid City, South Dak, United States.
- Wed Nov 29 20:25:01 GMT 1995 from p4.rapidnet.com
Dear Kate , how wonderful that you have your own homepage. You know I'm 24 years old and get just now intruduced to this great computer system, which what the world seems suddenly so very small, unbelievable. And you just grow up with it, the way I grew up with the telephone, magic-bone I heard once a 2 year old calling it! Right I'm sorry I've to go know, but I promised to cut my friend 's hair, as well as that must I get up again at 6 in the morning, because Ive got a teaching practice in a school almost 2 hours away from my flat in Stockholm. If you don't hear from me before x-mas and new year, I want to wish you a got one with good turkey and a lot of fun with your family. Good luck for your homepage as well, keep going. All the best and a cold x-mas from Santas country. Yours BINE (or Bena for all my English speaking friends)
Hamburg Germany, but, live in Stockholm Sweden.
- Wed Nov 29 18:18:40 GMT 1995 from
I am 8 yrs old. It's snowing here! There's no school today! I like horses. I have black hair. I like the Boxcar Children Mysteries (books), The Folk and the Faraway Tree, The American Girl Series, Horse books. I like art things painting and things. I am in the 3rd grade. I take riding lessons, I am in Brownies too.
Christina Noel Stanwood
Ashby, MA, USA.
- Wed Nov 29 12:37:54 GMT 1995 from face1.iii.net
Hello and greetings from Uppsala in Sweden1
Kenneth Lundkvist
- Wed Nov 29 07:48:17 GMT 1995 from klundkvist.sgen.slu.se
Nope- I'm not 10, 11 or 12. Just came across this due ot the amazing name similarity exhibited here!
Kate Hallberg
( http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~kolina/Home.html)
Boulder, CO, USA.
- Wed Nov 29 06:16:11 GMT 1995 from grok.cs.colorado.edu
I write kids books and I like to look at kids pages. I don't think my books are in England. You have a wonderful page.
Bob Munsch
Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
- Wed Nov 29 02:27:26 GMT 1995 from
First-Year Student, University of Warwick. Studying Mechanical Engineering. Dont have a home page as yet (Working on it!!) Own a 1980 Honda CB125T (Totally restored by me!!) Took a pre-university 'Year-Out' working for Ricardo Consulting Engineers (Engine Specialists) Other interests include: Singing/Musicals Cricket And obviously motorcycling
James Harrington
Brighton, East Sussex, England.
- Wed Nov 29 01:07:02 GMT 1995 from pc-pl-10.csv.warwick.ac.uk
Visit my homepage!
Henrik Sjölander
Goteboreg, -, Sweden.
- Tue Nov 28 11:43:00 GMT 1995 from sv46593.ios.chalmers.se
Your site was recommended as a place where I might find music for my son Daniel. He is two. He likes everything from Bach to the Beatles (ask your Dad about them, if necessary). What I can't seem to find are children's favorites such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Do you have, or know where I could find any such files? Just about any format would do (WAV, MIDI, AU, etc.) I like your site. Ray
Ray DeGennaro (Daniel's Daddy)
Knoxville, TN, USA.
- Tue Nov 28 03:55:03 GMT 1995 from TCHM05A8.RMT.UTK.EDU

I would like more Jokes on Kate's Pages
- Tue Nov 28 02:51:22 GMT 1995 from
Kate -- I'm impressed. You're eight, and you have your own homepage? I'm twenty, and it took me about a month to figure out my email account password. Keep up the good work.
Michael Royle

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I would like more Pictures on Kate's Pages
- Mon Nov 27 23:00:09 GMT 1995 from wc28.writer.yorku.ca
A German living in S.A. and teaching French at the German School Jhb, riding a Suzuki GSX 400 and being fond of your page! Keep well, Kate. Knut
Knut Thielsen
Johannesburg, South Africa.
- Mon Nov 27 15:32:53 GMT 1995 from anx_12.global.co.za
Hi! I'm 11 years old. This is my first day on the net.
- Sun Nov 26 22:33:27 GMT 1995 from
I,m from Norway. I'm 10 year old. I-m interested in riding horses. and a play C-flute. I live in Trondheim, in the middle of Norway. We do have winter already with snow.
Nina T. Persen
Trondheim, Norway.
- Sun Nov 26 13:46:03 GMT 1995 from trh-ppp18.interlink.no
Crazy!! You have had soooo many messages Kate - I really liked the letters you chose for your name! Wow
Mark Turner
- Sun Nov 26 12:27:57 GMT 1995 from ad21-008.compuserve.com
HI Kate I ten years old this is my first time on the Internet that's why I don't have an E-mail address
Justin Hoefflicker
Hobart, IN, United States.
- Sat Nov 25 04:01:38 GMT 1995 from
college student passing the hours on the internet......this is one of the best pages I've seen really great!!!!! smile
kevin cooper
fairmont, W Virginia, USA.
- Sat Nov 25 02:34:39 GMT 1995 from
I'm 8. I like to watch T.V.a lot. This is my first time sending E mail ever. I go to Wolf Branch School. I like it there. Do you like school? I like to read Goosebumbs books. Do you have Goosebumbs books there? I thought that the stuff I read was neat. I hope you write back to me. I had Thanksgiving yesterday at my grandma's. Thanksgiving is where everybody sits around and eats turkey until they're stuffed like pigs. Hope you have a good weekend. Sincerely, Erin :-)
Erin Sappington
Belleville, IL, USA.
- Fri Nov 24 21:24:10 GMT 1995 from bel-231.i1.net
Ex-GXSR750 owner, now impoverished thus have to look at bikes on web-pages etc for thrills. SIGH.
Neil Ferguson
Glasgow, Strathclyd, SCotland.
- Fri Nov 24 17:29:59 GMT 1995 from pc-119.mblab.gla.ac.uk
Yes my name is Bentham and I used to live in Wigan when it was in Lancashire. I Have two children who each in turn have three children, My son Raymond lives here in Tillamook and his three children are named Joseph, James and Nathan. Joe is 17, James is 15 and nathan is six. My daughter Christine lives in Maine near to the Canadian Border and her three children are Pauline aged 18, Jeffrey aged 15 and stephen aged 12. My father was a professional Rugby player in the 1920s and 1930s. He played for Wigan Highfield, Halifax and Warrington. He played for England and in 1933 he played in the Rugby League final at Wembley. He died in 1975. I enjoyed your home page and if I can help you or your school with your projects please let me know.
Raymond Thomas Bentham
Tillamook, Oregon, USA.
- Fri Nov 24 05:42:00 GMT 1995 from sneaker.oregoncoast.com
I am a 9 1/2 year-old girl and you know my E-mail adress. I was brousing around when I saw your home page. I would like it if you would write back to me, but I don't mind if you don't. I have short, strait, dark brown hair and green eyes. I can't think of any more to write. Very Sincerly, JOANNA SOKOL.
Joanna Sokol
Oakland, Ca., U.S.A..
- Thu Nov 23 04:23:15 GMT 1995 from ppp4-17.igc.org
We are both in Grade 4 at Maiden Gully Primary School. We are surfing the Internet with our teacher. This is the first time we have had a go. We like your page. Nicole is interested in horses and Tiffiny is interested in basketball. Nicole's family has got about 30 horses and she rides some of them in the shows. Tiffiny plays basketball for the Generals. We have written some email to another school that is in the same city but we would like to have an email friend in another country.
Tiffiny & Nicole
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
- Thu Nov 23 02:51:38 GMT 1995 from
- Thu Nov 23 02:33:06 GMT 1995 from dialup531.Bloomington.mci.net
I already left a long not on Peggy's page, but I thought I should say "Hi" to Kate as well. My daughter, who is now about twice your age, was very nearly a Kate (after a couple of favorite cousins), but ended up being a Thayer (after an even more favorite sister), instead. I took Thayer to England once, but we only went to London and Oxford, so we have a lot left to see sometime in the future. Thanks for your inviting homepage, it was very nice to meet you. -scott
Scott Preece
( http://www.prairienet.org/~sepreece/homepage.html)
Urbana, IL, USA.
- Wed Nov 22 22:50:11 GMT 1995 from ives.phx.mcd.mot.com

paul,gillian and spider
london, sw, england.
- Wed Nov 22 18:52:09 GMT 1995 from jupiter.ioe.ac.uk
Hi Kate I found your page by doing a search on 'Kate's on the Net and I found yours. It has to be said that there are a few of us about aren't there. I've only just started my home page and it isn't anything like as good as yours by a long stretch I'm fairly new at mucking about with computers, but I'm learning. So if you go to MY homepage it won't look very exciting I'm afraid. A very short bit about me:- I am 26, I work at Bristol University in Pathology and Microbiology as a Secretary. Bristol is a great city with lots to do for not much money which is always an advantage. I live in a shared house in an area called Montpelier, with 4 other people - Colin, Sylvia, Dom and Mark - who are all very cheerful, nice people. Anyway, I had better go and get on with some of my work. If you don't mind I might put a link from my page to yours if that's OK. Mail me if you like and let me know. Love Kate
Kate English
Bristol, Avon, UK.
- Wed Nov 22 14:35:46 GMT 1995 from pam24.pam.bris.ac.uk

Ksenija Pecenko
- Wed Nov 22 12:59:19 GMT 1995 from cmir.arnes.si
My name is Emma and I live in Long Preston, North Yorkshire. At the moment I am at university in Norwich reading law. I think your picture is really good and I hope you'll write back to me and tell me how things are going 'up north'........
Emma Wood
Norwich, Norfolk, England.
- Tue Nov 21 18:44:45 GMT 1995 from nc1D.nca.uea.ac.uk

Keep on the good work.

( http://www.pt.hk-r.se/~di94men)
Ronneby, Sweden.
- Mon Nov 20 21:59:19 GMT 1995 from sagitarius.pt.hk-r.se
Hello, I am 10 years old. I also like horses and I ride every week. My dad says he will make me a page like your's so, hopefuly soon you will be able to write back. I live with my mum, whose name's Peta and my dad, whose name's Kevin I also live with my brother, Jake who is 11. We have 3 cats called Mortimer, Poser and Mouli. We have a tortoise called Tallulah,she is now hibernating. She is 50! years old. My dad is a computing lecturer and my mum is an english teacher. I like art and poetry, but especially horses.My brother doesn't like horses much, though he did ride for a while. Bye for now!
Bethany Rowley
Chorley, Lancashire.
- Mon Nov 20 19:23:29 GMT 1995 from cisex46.demon.co.uk
Kate, I read your stories and liked them very much. I had done a name-search for Astrid Lindgren and your home page was listed. I don't know why but I'm glad I ran into it.
Doug Pond
St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A..
- Mon Nov 20 16:26:17 GMT 1995 from x185-5.coled.umn.edu
I got here from your sister's page but I don't know how I got there. Sometimes I feel like Alice (in wonderland) when I am exploring the WWW. Your pages are great !!!!!
( http://www.geopages.com/SunsetStrip/1502)
Aurora, Colorado, USA.
- Sun Nov 19 21:03:04 GMT 1995 from dialup2.tesser.com
Hi Kate, I am 12 years old and hope to have my own homepage soon. I think it is neat that you as well as other kids are getting thei own homepages. I like your page being so open to suggestion. keep up the good work.
Lucas Howerter
Galesburg, IL, USA.
- Sun Nov 19 20:37:21 GMT 1995 from
hi kate I am 8 years old. I live in Machesney Park, Il. I am talking to you on my Dad's computer, at his home in Beloit,Wi. I like your page. I like your picture on the homepage. Good Bye. Lauren Simonson
beloit, wi., usa.
- Sun Nov 19 19:51:06 GMT 1995 from bossnet8.bossnt.com
I like your home page, Kate. Put whatever you and your Mom and Dad Like on it
Ned Zimmerman
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
- Sun Nov 19 04:16:23 GMT 1995 from
I am 40 years old, my primary business is re-manufacturing Modular Office Systems Most people call them "cubicles". I also manage several artists-from rock to country My management company is Kensington Artist Management-send me a note when you can! Sammy T
Sam Thomas (Sammy T)
Dallas, Texas, USA.
- Sun Nov 19 01:55:42 GMT 1995 from a1p46.connect.net
Just popped in to say hi!!
Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
- Sun Nov 19 00:07:38 GMT 1995 from van-as-01c15.direct.ca
I like animals, I am 12 years old. I have a dog, six rats and lots of fish as my pets. I like to listen to music.
Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Nov 18 14:18:18 GMT 1995 from wilma.durham.org
I'm an 11 year old girl. I like to play soccer and baseball. I have a few pets. 6 domestic pet rats, 1 dog and and LOTS of fish. Please write me back. BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :) O:) }:( ,":o - K.J.
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Sat Nov 18 13:35:30 GMT 1995 from wilma.durham.org
Hi Kate. I have a little boy who will be three on November 26. I program computers for a living and do other computer stuff for fun. I also write, arrange, and play music for fun. I enjoy backpacking, but don't have a lot of time to do that.
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A..
- Fri Nov 17 21:39:46 GMT 1995 from gw1.att.com
Hello Kate, in brief: 44, one daughter, Sara (13), BMW R80G/S, R1100RS and waiting for my 1956 Norton, which is with Neville Evans in Port Talbot at the moment, biologist, sysadmin & webmaster at the Natural History Museum in Berne, Switzerland Cheers Marc P.S. and _no_ motorcycle page of my own, you wouldn't want to look at a bmw, would you?
Marc Nussbaumer
Berne, Switzerland.
- Fri Nov 17 12:00:25 GMT 1995 from fennec.unibe.ch
Kia Ora from Alys (again). I *can* spell "Correspondence" - see! - but my friend Jenny (who typed in the last message) can't. I was *really* embarrassed! Mum is singing in the bath at the moment - boy, are you lucky you can't hear her! (She's not *that* bad! - Jennyq) Do you like singing or ballet? Perhaps you could email me - I would love to get even a short message. Love, Alys :-)
Alys Cordeaux
Lyttelton, New Zealand.
- Fri Nov 17 09:05:58 GMT 1995 from ppp080.southern.co.nz
I am 7 years old and attend St. John's College. I am in grade 3. I like to read, play computer games, and use the computer. Some day I would like to visit your country.
Gerren Bethel
Nassau, Bahamas.
- Fri Nov 17 01:40:41 GMT 1995 from Cust48.Max1.Orlando.FL.MS.UU.NET
Hi, from Jonathan! I am 9 years old and in grade 4 at Elm Street School. I have a guinea pig named Gizmo. Things I like: Lego, Computers, Chess, Science, and reading! I would like to hear from you. Kate's Page is cool!
Jonathan Moulins
Summerside, P.E.Island, Canada.
- Thu Nov 16 04:58:15 GMT 1995 from sum-d133.atcon.com
I'm 11 years old going on 12. I have a hole bunch of animals. I like horseback riding and watching T.V. I am also in 6th grade. Bye!
Leslie Neal
Cookeville, Tennessee, USA.
- Wed Nov 15 23:51:43 GMT 1995 from

Why don't YOU visit Keller

Henrik Keller
( http://www.econ.cbs.dk/institutes/ikl/people/keller/)
Copenhagen, DENMARK.
- Wed Nov 15 11:31:13 GMT 1995 from
!!!!!!!!I like the Mumin troll!!!!!!!!
Kokkola, Finland.
- Wed Nov 15 07:31:07 GMT 1995 from www.kokpoly.fi
I'm 11 years old and go to Grasmere School. I'm in Grade 6.
Danica LeBlanc
Alberta Beach, Alberta, Canada.
- Wed Nov 15 00:09:59 GMT 1995 from remote98.compusmart.ab.ca
I'm a student at Sunderland University but I wish I was back in Liverpool. I've been riding bikes for about 7 years and at the moment I've got a Suzuki RG 250 which is well smart (coz it's jet black). Oh yeh I'm 22 in December (5th) so send us a birthday card!!! See ya later Kate and your home page is dead good.Keep it up.
Darren Biddlestone
( http://osiris.sund.ac.uk/~ca4pbi/bid.html)
Sunderland but occasionally back home in Liverpool, UK.
- Tue Nov 14 13:20:37 GMT 1995 from
work for cancer research campaign at paterson labs
- Tue Nov 14 12:36:36 GMT 1995 from pm6.cr.man.ac.uk
Hi Kate! I'm Adva. I am 13 years old and I live in Israel. I want you to put a link on your page to mine. If you do it, I'll do the same! My page is at http://www.geopages.com/RodeoDrive/1895/
( http://www.geopages.com/RodeoDrive/1895/)
Tel Aviv, Israel.
- Tue Nov 14 11:44:21 GMT 1995 from teleport13.shani.co.il
Hi Kate..great page..I'm a marketing executive working for a community internet service provider..Im going to tell others about your page so they come and visit too..keep it up!
Liz Inch
- Tue Nov 14 03:22:39 GMT 1995 from

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