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i am at present studing I.T. at Clarendon college. which is where I am sending this message from I also do some D.T.P. from home for bands and promotional companies. I am hoping to expand into Multimedia, using my D.T.P. skills to music. I'll be back here again on Wed/Thur this week. Bye for now.
nottingham, u.k.
- Mon Nov 13 16:55:55 GMT 1995 from gate.clarendon.ac.uk

Im learning about Internet at a Scool called Nordisk Datautbildning today. Im 28 years old, and I find this very interesting. I hope You have a really nice day where you live. Best Regards: Helene.
Helene Ovner
(http://Telia com.se)
Stockholm, Sweden.
- Mon Nov 13 10:55:55 GMT 1995 from
23 years old, engineering student at university of auckland.
Jeremy Edmondson
Auckland, New Zealand.
- Mon Nov 13 06:00:36 GMT 1995 from net.auckland.ac.nz
Hi, I couldn't resist anserwing your plea to sign your home page. Although I am 39, I am very new to the internet. Your page and links are very impressive for an 8 year old. I cannot do it yet...but if you can I can.
I grew up in England, in a town called LUTON county= Bedfordshire. Actually it was a small village near Luton call Round Green. I went to Stopsley Junior (and High School). Sometimes I wonder what happened to all my old friends.. Don Punter, Steven Higgs, Steven Webb, Graham Rosso, Linda Butler, Jacqueline Robinson, Micheal Hutchinson and the rest... My parents brought me to Canada when I was 13. I now live very near Ottawa, Canada's Capital. If you get a chance look it up on the map.

Fram Engineer
Gloucester, ontario, Canada.
- Mon Nov 13 01:25:05 GMT 1995 from a011m.worldlink.ca
I am a 12 year old blonde girl with blue eyes. I have a dog named Suzie, three domestic hooded rats named Templeton, Bubba and Venus. I also have a lot of tropical fish. I like alternative music.
Kat Burns
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Nov 12 19:31:22 GMT 1995 from wilma.durham.org
I am 39 years old and a have Triumph Bonneville 650 T120 RV 1972. I live in The Netherlands nearly by the city of Alkmaar. The village where a live exactly is called Bergen. My bike is a American style (petrol tank) it is the same model as your dad's bike! We have in Holland a motorclub called Triumph Owner Club Nederland and the have also a full colour motorpaper named TIGER. The club have 3500 members. I work by a big steel factory (Hoogovens) as an electrical engineer by a coldmill. If you interrested for the clubpaper then send I a example to you. regards, Roel
Roel Wittebrood
- Sun Nov 12 15:35:06 GMT 1995 from async4.purmerend.cybercomm.nl
Hi Kate! I am a construction electrican from a town about 50 miles south of Columbus Ohio. Hope this gets to you! -John-
John Allen
Chillicothe, Ohio, USA.
- Sun Nov 12 04:14:03 GMT 1995 from chil1-cs-3.dial.bright.net
Kia Ora, Kate! Still looking at your great page, but thought I'd say Hello first. I am nearly 13, attend NZ Corresepondence School, do ballet EVERY day with Fiona Tonkin Southern Ballet Company, Christchurch. I also play the piano, and sing!. Love reading but schoolwork etc takes up lots of time. Have 3 cats and a dog (- a Keeshond or Dutch Bargedog, called Ursel. She is very black and hairy, & looks like a bear.) My lunch is ready - salad and venison salami - must go. Please write to me at my friend Jenny's email address.
Alys Cordeaux
Lyttelton, New Zealand.
- Sun Nov 12 00:35:47 GMT 1995 from ppp010.southern.co.nz
Hey, I'm a thirteen year old female that likes animals and I have three rats, a dog and fish for my pets. I like your page a lot, Kate. Bye!
Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
- Sun Nov 12 00:34:07 GMT 1995 from wilma.durham.org
I am 7 years old. I have a brother who is 3. My dad is showing me your pages.
Jarad Keplinger
Woodstock, New York, United States.
- Sat Nov 11 23:07:50 GMT 1995 from ulster-port4.mhv.net
Hallo! My name is Eli. I'm 13 years old. I play handball after school almost every day. I'm not so good in Enlish, but I hope you understand this!!
Eli Hellberg
Trondheim, Norway.
- Sat Nov 11 16:58:16 GMT 1995 from trh-ppp9.interlink.no
Hi, I am Matthew and I am 6. I go to Queen Edith County Primary School in Cambridge. I like the internet and the computer.
matthew jones
- Sat Nov 11 15:31:27 GMT 1995 from mac-19.obgyn.cam.ac.uk
I am 8 years old. I like to swim, go to school, and I like to play games. I go to Lincoln Elementary School here in Fresno. Nice to have met you!
Elisha Shankel
Fresno, California, United States.
- Sat Nov 11 00:23:00 GMT 1995 from fat-21.cybergate.com
I own an FJ1200(3CV) & CB550/4(K4) and am thinking of setting a home page up I am a computer hardware engineer and have only been biking for 2 years this was viewed using microsoft internet explorer from work in my dinner hour. I enjoyed my visit .
Calne, Wiltshire, UK .
- Fri Nov 10 13:26:32 GMT 1995 from web6.infosys.co.uk

Andy the Pugh
Sheffield, UK.
- Fri Nov 10 12:38:16 GMT 1995 from pc057069.shef.ac.uk
I was searching for information about Astrid Lindgren and that's why I got to your homepage. You do have nice picture from one of her books. My favourite is Ronja and i also like very much about Emil. What about me?...I study medicine at Tampere Univercity so I'm a bit older than you:-) I've just started to learn Internet (two weeks ago) but I like it a lot. Have a nice winter. Bye!
( http://www.uta.fi/~bltila/)
Tampere, Hame, Finland.
- Thu Nov 9 14:54:13 GMT 1995 from juoru.uta.fi
I am a Biologist working for the Intitute of Brain research here at the University. In my free time Im very fond of Motorbike riding. My Bike is a 20 years old Yamaha XS 650, but my Dream bikes are all British made, at the Moment I try to get enough money together for buying me an old BSA A65 or A10. Ok. thats enought for the moment, Ive to go to work again. Bye Bernd
Bernd Lienstdt
Bremen, Bremen, Germany.
- Thu Nov 9 13:19:55 GMT 1995 from cell.ifh.uni-bremen.de

Forli, FO, ITALY.
- Tue Nov 7 11:31:09 GMT 1995 from infotel.shiny.it
Hi Kate! Your page is VERY nice! Tell your dad to fix the link to "formgest.htm" though: he missed putting in a " at the end of it, so it doesn't work :)
Many Thanks, Kate's Dad
I'll be making pages for my daughters soon, but they are still a bit young. Follow the link for a picture of them. The oldest is now two years, and the youngest is six months old. She just woke up screaming, so I have to run! Be good!

Gunilla Williams
( http://www.webcom.com/~witnet/gun/pinfo.html)
Gothenburg, SWEDEN.
- Mon Nov 6 05:20:19 GMT 1995 from dialup101-003.swipnet.se
Hello, my name is Matthew and I live in Los Angeles, California. My favorite sport is baseball and I like to ski. I am 9 years old.
Woodland Hills, California, USA.
- Mon Nov 6 03:59:50 GMT 1995 from swrl55.slip.gina.csu.net
I am 8. I like horses. Roanie is my favorite horse. He was 1 year old in April.I am in 3rd grade.

warrensburg, missouri, usa.
- Mon Nov 6 01:22:42 GMT 1995 from wrbg01-15.2sprint.net
I am a Dutch teacher. Soon my class will make a home-page. Then you can visit us. Now we are wishing you a lot of luck.!!!! Very, very.......nice home pace
Fred Leliveld :FDLeliveld">FDLeliveld
Schiedam, Z-Holland, The Netherlands.
- Sun Nov 5 19:02:54 GMT 1995 from ztm02-07.dial.xs4all.nl
i'm black & 9 and in the 4 grade i have 1 brother & 1 sister
jatea maddox
orlando fl.,
- Sun Nov 5 17:45:32 GMT 1995 from pm3-28.magicnet.net
Hello ! My name is Kate too ! I live in Australia at Bondi Beach. I also like to ride motorcycles. Bye ! PS Your home page is coool !
- Sun Nov 5 08:55:14 GMT 1995 from sydshiva1p2.comtech.com.au
I'm almost 8 years old, I love to read all kinds of books, I enjoy swimming, playing the piano and riding my bike. I also enjoy video games, movies and playing around on my mom's new computer. She is typing this for me. Write back to be soon, I'm sorry that I don't have a WEB page.
Tara Rin Burke
Chicago, IL., USA.
- Sun Nov 5 03:53:58 GMT 1995 from Cust44.Max1.Chicago.IL.MS.UU.NET
I am 7 years old. I have one brother. He is 11 years old. I am in second grade. I used to have goldfish.
Samantha Stauber
Wilmette, IL, U.S.A..
- Sun Nov 5 03:24:47 GMT 1995 from lstauber.pr.mcs.net
I am 8 years old and go to St. Josephs School. I have a brother and a sister. My 5 year old sister goes to St. Josephs school. My 11 year old brother goes to Hereworth School. We live on an apple orchard in New Zealand
Andrew Dames
Hastings, New Zealand.
- Sat Nov 4 21:59:37 GMT 1995 from josdames.inhb.co.nz
I've been here before, and we've linked to your page from The Press of Atlantic City Online. That address is: http://www.acy.digex.net/~acpress/acpress.html I can't remember exactly were, but follow the Just for Kids links.
David Benson
( http://www.acy.digex.net/~dobenson/benson.html)
Smithville, NJ, USA.
- Sat Nov 4 21:15:59 GMT 1995 from acy1.digex.net
Hi, my name is Yvonne LeFrancois, I am 8 years old too. I have two cats and one dog and two gerbils. I go to Poplar Glade Elementary School and I am in grade 3. I like to make all sorts of crafts and painting. I also like all sports. I was in Gymnastics but now I am figure skating and taking swimming lessons. My best friends are Shyla, Faren, and Jana. I am also in a choir. I love to sing and travel. My mom says we might go to England next year and visit our friends that live in Oxton, which is just outside of Birkenhead. I have bunkbeds in my room so friends can come and stay over. My room is small with lots of stuff in it. My favorite movie is Pocahontas. We don't have a home page yet because my mom hasn't figured out how to do it yet
Yvonne LeFrancois
Williams Lake, BC, Canada.
- Sat Nov 4 20:30:07 GMT 1995 from wlake-7.netshop.net
I am 11 years old and I love I repeat Love surfing the net in fact I absolutely adore it.
Jessamy Stursberg
Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
- Sat Nov 4 18:11:25 GMT 1995 from
Not much to tell - middle aged, two kids - one in 1st year at the University of Toronto and one just starting high school. Take care.
John Lougheed
Ajax, Ont, Canada.
- Sat Nov 4 05:15:41 GMT 1995 from
I am 8 years old, too. I'm in 3rd grade and I like to dance and to play T-ball.
Allison Kagan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
- Sat Nov 4 02:36:40 GMT 1995 from www-20-10.gnn.com
I work at the University oif South Carolina, where I am director of periodicals and teach fiction writing. I like your home page very much. You are very creative. I have a niece named Kate; I must show her your home page soon.
Bob Lamb
Columbia, S.C., USA.
- Fri Nov 3 21:05:09 GMT 1995 from
Iam 11.I play the flute . I like swiming and exersizng. My B-day is 2/28/84. I go to Sunrise Elem.Iam in 6th grade.
Trivona Gainer
- Fri Nov 3 19:32:12 GMT 1995 from oldcolo.com
30 years old blue vfr750 ogrite
paul whitehead
I would like more Motorcycles on Kate's Pages
- Fri Nov 3 10:46:40 GMT 1995 from mansell.gpsemi.com
Cool pages Kate!! Keep up the great work.
Larry Buchanan
Foster City, CA, USA.
- Thu Nov 2 23:00:19 GMT 1995 from larry.internet.net
Just your average nice guy!
Edward Mills
Tallahassee, Florida, USA.
- Thu Nov 2 21:48:15 GMT 1995 from fts4p6-bfs.scri.fsu.edu
Hi Kate I've been reading your homepage and I think it is really great. I'm 15 and I would like it very much if you would reply.
Barry Shearman
( http://austen.soc.staffs.ac.uk:8080/connor/jasper/index.html)
Stafford, England.
- Thu Nov 2 20:17:00 GMT 1995 from bsp111.staffs.ac.uk
Hi. My name is Mari Pettersen. I`m 11 years old. I play violin and swim. I also like skiing in winter. It was nice to visit your home page.
Mari Pettersen
Trondheim, Norway.
I would like more Pictures on Kate's Pages
- Thu Nov 2 20:05:17 GMT 1995 from trh-ppp2.interlink.no
Hello.My name is Haruo Hasegawa.I am a teacher in Toyano elementary school.My school is located at Niigata city in Niigata prefecture.It is the middle part of Japan.We can come to Tokyo with about 2-hour train ride.
Haruo Hasegawa
(http://toki.ed.niigata-u.ac.jp/~hasegawa/toyano.htm )
Niigata , Niigata , Japan .

- Thu Nov 2 14:04:08 GMT 1995 from matsu.ed.niigata-u.ac.jp
Hello.My name is Haruo Hasegawa.I am a teacher in Toyano elementary school.
Haruo Hasegawa
( http://toki.ed.niigata-u.ac.jp)
Niigata, Niigata, Japan.
- Thu Nov 2 13:53:14 GMT 1995 from matsu.ed.niigata-u.ac.jp
Hi Kate, I am "middle aged" - I am married and have a 21 year old daughter and a 20 year old son. I found your Home Page address in a newspaper published in our capital city - Wellington. It was part of an article about the "wired school". I write a 5-minute radio programme about computers and they way people use them. The programme is broadcast over shortwave from several stations, including one in Manila and another in Quito (Ecuador). Many of the listeners are in India and other parts of Asia. Keep learning about this wonderful world and the good things which technology can do.
John Lindsay
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
- Thu Nov 2 03:18:43 GMT 1995 from ppp64239.chch.planet.org.nz
Aaron Engelhart
( http://freenet.msp.mn.us/people/engelhar)
Eden Prarie, MN, US.
- Wed Nov 1 21:44:36 GMT 1995 from freenet.msp.mn.us
Kate- We really like your page. Did you draw the picture of the horse? It is very good. I'm afraid I'm much older than you are. But, I thought I'd sign in anyway. I have to get back to work now, but I hope you are staying warm and in out of the snow. It doesn't snow much in Georgia. Goodbye
Laura Hester
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
- Wed Nov 1 17:57:14 GMT 1995 from pedipc.physio.emory.edu
I'm 19yr's old and I am at University in Stafforshire I think you're homepage is cool!
Jasper Renow-Clarke
Stafford, Staffs, England.
- Wed Nov 1 16:57:41 GMT 1995 from bsm2ai.staffs.ac.uk
Hi, my name is Katherine. I have one cat named Scampi and seven fish. I like horseback riding and I love horses. My friend Laurin has a horse. I want to know what kind of animals you have. I would like to know if you could be my e mail pal.
Katherine Hoeger
San Bernardino, CA, USA.
- Wed Nov 1 04:53:24 GMT 1995 from ad10-003.compuserve.com
Hi Kate!!! I'm Danielle and I'm 11. I hope you'll put my page as a link!! ! By the way, I LOVE your page!!!!!!!!
Danielle Coffey
( http://www.infi.net/~whimzees/danielle.html)
Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A..
- Tue Oct 31 23:59:38 GMT 1995 from h-librarypolice.norfolk.infi.net
Hello- I just wanted you to know you had a visitor to your home page. I link on the Birthday web. Hope you have many more people sign your scrap book
Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA.
- Tue Oct 31 18:55:05 GMT 1995 from
- Tue Oct 31 16:30:20 GMT 1995 from card89.card.iastate.edu
Hi ! I'm aguy from Sweden and I study engineering at KTH (Royal Institute of Engineering)
Magnus Gustavsson
Stockholm, Sollentuna, Sweden.
- Tue Oct 31 13:06:33 GMT 1995 from
I am a Swedish teacher and I was looking for information about Astrid Lindgren When I found you. Have a nice day.
Gun Marklund
Hajom, Sweden.
- Tue Oct 31 09:59:56 GMT 1995 from
Hi, Kate. I'm an United States Air Force officer originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA and now stationed in Germany. I really enjoyed your home page. You're very creative. Keep up the good work!
Bob Osipov
Ramstein, Rhein-Pfal, Germany.
- Tue Oct 31 09:28:52 GMT 1995 from
I am 11 years old in 6th grade at B.F. Middle School.
Meg Behan
Ridgewood, NJ, USA.
- Tue Oct 31 02:10:51 GMT 1995 from intgate.raleigh.ibm.com
I'm a basic U.S girl fun loving,likes reading and writing short stories, loves horses [my mom says it must be in our blood,little girls and horses I mean],since I'm from texas people from out of state say I talk funny, both my mom and dad live in the same house[ witch is getting rare]. One thing seperates me from my friend I love the Earth. My dad says I have to go to girl scouts now but I'd like it if you'd be my pen pale gosh you must have alot by now, write me, Bye
Jessica Gentry
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A..
- Tue Oct 31 00:33:49 GMT 1995 from ft206.computek.net

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