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The Bibliography
[DJ PS] = Dust Jacket Plot Summaries
[DJ] = Dust Jacket

  1. The Broad Highway, A romance of Kent. Nov 1910
  2. The Money Moon, A romance of today. Nov 1911
  3. The Amateur Gentleman, A romance of the Regency. March 1913 [DJ]
  4. The Honourable Mr. Tawnish, The rollicking days of the eighteenth century. Oct 1913
  5. Chronicles of the Imp, My Lady Caprice. March 1915
  6. Beltane the Smith, A mediaeval romance. Oct 1915 [DJ PS]
  7. The Definite Object, A romance of New York. Sept 1917
  8. Our Admirable Betty, An early Georgian Story Oct 1918
  9. The Geste of Duke Jocelyn, A romance in Verse and prose. Dec 1919
  10. Black Bartlemy's Treasure, A stirring pirate story. Sept 1920 [DJ PS]
  11. Martin Conisby's Vengeance, Continues Black Bartlemy's adventures. Sept 1921 [DJ]
  12. Peregrine's Progress, In the author's original vein. Sept 1922 [DJ PS]
  13. Sir John Dering, A romantic Comedy. Sept 1923
  14. The Loring Mystery, A mystery story of "Merry England!". Feb 1925 [DJ]
  15. The High Adventure, Another intiguing mystery story. Aug 1926
  16. The Quest of Youth, A story of the Open Road. Sept. 1927
  17. Epics of the Fancy, A vision of Old Fighters. March 1928
  18. Gyfford of Weare, A romance of Sussex. Sept. 1928 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  19. The Shadow , And other Stories. March 1929
  20. Another Day, A modern mystery. Nov. 1929 [DJ PS]
  21. Over the Hills, A romance of the Fifteen. Oct. 1930 [DJ]
  22. Jade of Destiny, An Elizabethan Romance. Oct. 1931 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  23. Charmian, Lady Vibart, A romance of Paris. Sept. 1932 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  24. The Way Beyond, In the vein of The Broad Highway. Sept. 1933 [DJ]
  25. Winds of Fortune. Sept. 1934 [ aka Winds of Chance in USA ]
  26. John o' the Green. Sept. 1935 [DJ]
  27. A Pageant of Victory. Sept. 1936 [DJ PS]
  28. A Book for Jane. Feb. 1937 [DJ]
  29. The Crooked Furrow. Sept. 1937 [DJ PS]
  30. The Lonely Road. Sept. 1938
  31. The Happy Harvest. Sept. 1939 [DJ PS]
  32. New Book for Jane. Nov. 1939 [DJ]
  33. A Matter of Business. Jan. 1940 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  34. Adam Penfeather. Oct. 1940 last page of the manuscript.
  35. Murder by Nail. April, 1942 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  36. The King Liveth. Oct. 1943 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  37. The Piping Times. July 1945 [DJ PS]
  38. Heritage Perilous. Nov. 1946 [DJ PS]
  39. My Lord of Wrybourne. Sept. 1948 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  40. The Fool Beloved. Sept. 1949 [DJ]
  41. The Ninth Earl. Sept. 1950 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  42. The Glad Summer. Sept. 1951 [DJ] [DJ PS]
  43. Waif of the River. Oct. 1952
  44. Justice by Midnight, finished off by his second wife, Phyllis, Feb. 1956 [DJ] [DJ PS]

Illustrated editions

  • The Broad Highway, illustrated by C.E.Brock.
  • The Money Moon, illustrated by Edmund Blampied (sp?).
  • The Honourable Mr. Tawnish, illustrated by C.E.Brock.

  • The Amateur Gentleman.

    Michelle Souliere notes that there is an illustrated edition of

  • My Lady Caprice (a.k.a. Chronicles of the Imp), published October 1907 by Dodd, Mead & Company, featuring 5 full-color illustrations by Charlotte Weber Ditzler and decorations (borders on every page if you can imagine) by Theodore B. Hapsgood.

    Pat Bryan comments:

    I noticed in the bibliography that you also listed those books which had been illustrated. May I add the following:

  • Voices From The Dust - published 1932 by Macmillan of Canada, printed by R.&R. Clark of Edinburgh, has 14 illustrations by H.R.Millar (one for each story, plus frontispiece). They're in black and white, look to be pen and ink, and are of the "romantic" Brock school.
  • Chronicles of the Imp - published by Sampson, Low & Marston (undated!), printed by Purnell & Sons of Paulton, Somerset, has 7 illustrations by "Blampied" or "B. Lampied" (there's no artist credit in the book, and it's difficult to decipher the signature) These are all of the "Arrow Collar" school of illustration that you would see in ads of the period.
  • The Money Moon - published by William Briggs of Toronto in 1913, no printer listed, has a frontispiece by A.I Keller, printed in sepia.

Biographical articles

  • Jeffery Farnol, 1878-1952
    Novelist, Landscape Painter, Wood Carver Boxer, Master of Fence and Athlete. By Edward Farnol. - in Stevens Cox's Literary Repository No. 3/63 Beaminster, Dorset, England
  • More Memories of My Brother Jack (Jeffery Farnol) by Edward Farnol (His Younger Brother)
    Published by:
    Toucan Press, Rue Des Monts, Delancey Park, St. Sampson, Guernsey, Via Britain
    AFAWK this is out of print at present.
  • Jeffery Farnol - A Biographical Sketch by Harold Armitage
    Published by: Sampson Low
    Which is almost certainly out of print

Odds and Ends

Jaco A. Cebula's father tells us that :-

There is also "Portrait of a Gentleman in Colours", which is basically a short history of the Berger (paint) family produced presumably in bookform for advertising purposes written by Farnol. [DJ]

Portrait of a gentleman in colours : the romance of Mr. Lewis Berger. Published as a book in London by Sampson Low, Marston, in 1935 [ 85 p., [35] leaves of plates : ill., ports. ; 24 cm ]. [thanks to Mark Blanchard]

[Must be meant to supplement " A Century & a Half of the House of Berger 1760-1910 " by Thomas B. Berger. I.E-N]

Beth Davisson tells us that :-

You missed MY LADY CAPRICE in your bibliography, a sweet romance published in 1908. I read it about 20 years ago in the Kern County (CA) Library System. Not sure of the publisher or even if the library still carries it.

Mark Blanchard tells us that :-
My Lady Caprice was Originally published under title: Chronicles of the imp. Dodd, Mead, 1906.

Mark Blanchard :-

Here are a couple I didn't see on your list:

  Farnol, Jeffery, 1878-1952.
  Voices from the dust : being romances of old London and of that which
  never dies, the good lives on eternally, only the baser thing can die
  by Jeffery Farnol ; with illustrations by H.R. Millar.
  xi, 369 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.
  London :
  The London stone -- The sanctuary, Westminster Abbey -- The river
     Thames -- London Bridge -- The White tower -- St. Bartholomew's --
     Smithfield -- Tothill (Tuttle) Fields -- Whitefriars -- The banqueting
     hall at Whitehall --Plague -- Hyde Park -- The pilgrims. 

  Farnol, Jeffery, 1878-1952.
  Great Britain at war, 
  (Peter Clancy suggest that this is probably the American
  edition of 'Some War Impressions')
  by Jeffery Farnol.
  vii, 167 p. 20 cm.
  Little, Brown, and company,
  World War, 1914-1918   Great Britain.
  "Collected articles ... some of which have already appeared in the
     press both in England and America."--Foreword.  Foreword.--Cartridges.--
     Rifles and Lewis guns.--Clydebank.--Ships in making.--The battle
     cruisers.--A hospital.--The guns.--A training camp.--Arras.--The
     battlefields.--Flying men.--Ypres.--What Britain has done.

and another interesting item.

 Nichols, G. H. F. #q(George Herbert Fosdike)
 New York / #cby "Quex" ; with a preface by Jeffery Farnol.
    London : #bStanley Paul, #c1927.
     v, 7-157 p. : #bill. ; #c20 cm.
 New York (N.Y.) #xDescription and travel.
 Farnol, Jeffery, #d1878-1952.     

Here are a couple more items, the first a short story; the second a biographical feature:

TITLE: More great tales of crime & detection : short stories featuring the world's most famous detectives
PLACE: Secaucus, N.J. :     
PUBLISHER: Chartwell Books,
YEAR: 1994
PUB TYPE: Book        
FORMAT: 513 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES:Footprints / by Jeffery  Farnol

TITLE: The Saturday book :                34
PLACE: New York :
YEAR: 1975
FORMAT: 237, [3] p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
NOTES:  ....including --The world of Jeffery Farnol / E. S. Turner

Peter Clancy tells us that :-
  • another JF publication is "Hove". This was more a thick brochure that JF was commissioned to write by Hove and contains many pictures of the area accompanied by JF insisting that Hove was absolutely the place to come if you wanted a jolly nice holiday![DJ] [DJ PS]

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